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Now, most of you out there know that there were more Digimon movies in Japan than were ever dubbed, but just in case you don't, then here's the movie run-down.

1. Digimon Adventure
2. Our Wargame
3. Digimon Hurrican Touchdown/Supreme Evolution! The Golden Digi-Eggs
4. Diaboromon Strikes Back
5. The Adventurers' Battle
6. Runaway Digimon Express

7. Revival of the Ancient Digimon

Movies 1, 2 and 3 were combined together and dubbed into "Digimon: The Movie" for the west. Movies 1 and 2 largely went by unscathed, aside from the inclusion of Willis in the second movie. And why was Willis in the second movie? To tie it into the third movie, which was cut down from it's original Japanese run-time of about an hour to just thirty minutes, and had chunks of it's plot re-written to create a connection to the second movie. Fight scenes were reordered, but the most notable cut was the removal of a sub-plot involving the season one DigiDestined, who were also captured by Kokomon and de-aged. However, despite the changes the dub makes, it preserves the basic story of the original surprisingly well, having taken out so much. Nevertheless, you will find the original, uncut version of the movie here.

Movies 4 to 7 were not dubbed. And now, I present to you their scripts.

Movie 3, Part 1:

Movie 3, Part 2:

The mysterious disappearance of the older DigiDestined kids sends Davis and co. on a mission to America, where they meet another DigiDestined boy named Willis - but although friendly, it's clear that Willis and his partner Terriermon are hiding something... do they know the truth behind the mysterious Digimon captor? And why are they going... back?

Get the full story with this uncut version of the movie script!



A strange e-mail virus is materialising Kuramon into the real world, and all the DigiDestined must team up to defeat the villain behind this scheme - Diaboromon! But what is Diaboromon real plan, and how can even all the DigiDestined hope to stop it?

This movie - the fourth overall, and the second and final Digimon Adventure 02 movie - takes place three months after the defeat of MaloMyotismon, in March 2003 (2004 if you go by the dub timeframe). It was apparently planned to be dubbed into English, as it's script was translated for Saban by Grace Anderson (Megchan), and figures of Imperialdramon Paladin Mode and Armageddemon were released in the US, but for whatever reason - possibly something to do with the Disney takeover - it has not materialised.




It's time for summer vacation, and Takato heads off to Okinawa to stay with his cousin, Kai, where an encounter with a girl named Minami puts Takato on the trail of VP Labs, creators of the V-Pet craze that's sweeping the world... but how are they connected to the increasing stream of Digimon Bio-Emerges?

The first Digimon Tamers movie - fifth overall - which also had it's script translated by Grace Anderson, but has similiarly failed to materialise. Originally - and still, by some - believed not to be in continutiy with the Tamers series because a poor translation of some promotional material made it seem that the movie contradicted the series' origins for Digimon, this movie, if you are a believer, takes place somewhere between episodes 18 and 22 of the series.



The Tamers have a party planned for Rika's birthday, but the festivities have to be put on hold with the train Digimon, Locomon appears and begins charging through Tokyo. But who is truly behind Locomon's rampage, and what does it mean for Rika?

Also popularly known as "The Digimon Express Runs Wild," the sixth movie is the second and final Tamers movie, taking place some months after the end of the series. It's evident that the Tamers have been reunited with their Digimon following Takato's discovery of the portal to the Digital World at the end of "Such Sweet Sorrow," but this issue is never actually adressed within the film.



The Frontier kids find themselves on an island where Human-type and Beast-type Digimon are perpetually at war, but all is not what it seems, as two-who-are-one seek to revive an evil from ancient times!

The seventh - and currently the last - movie is the only Digimon Frontier movie. Chronologically, it takes place between epsiodes 12 and 13 of the series, because BurningGreymon appears, but Bokomon is not carrying Seraphimon's egg, but is pushed out of continuity with the series because Zoe is in possession of her Human Spirit, which had been stolen by Grumblemon at this point.