"The Adventurers' Battle"Disclaimer

This is not intended to be an absolute, exact to-the-letter translation of the original Japanese movie script, but rather, an English language adaptation that is written to have its dialogue sound and flow better, and in some cases, to better reflect the personalities of characters, than a by-the-numbers direct translation would. But don't worry - I haven't changed anything. Everything that's in the Japanese movie is represented here. It's just part of my attempt to make it all easier for you out there to read, understand and appreciate.

If you WANT an absolute, exact to-the-letter translation of the original, then download the Artlan Wolf/Wolf Pack Productions subtitled version of the movie. It's the top-quality translation upon which my adaptation is based.

Somewhere between Earth and the Digital World, in a black void glistening with digital symbols, an Omnimon descends into the midst of it. He looks around.

Omnimon: Show yourself! You can't get away from me!

A disembodied voice speaks.

Voice: Why do you pursue me?

As Omnimon answers the question, we see the owner of the voice - an Apocalymon.

Omnimon: You threaten the lives of all living beings on Earth. Digimon like you... must be destroyed.

Apocalymon flickers, and his data discorporates, then reforms into a new, different being - goat-like, with bat wings. Mephistomon.

Mephistomon: Hmph. Tell me something I don't know... but I will not allow you to stand in my way!

Mephistomon stretches his arms out, and shoots a blast of purple energy from his hands, its recoil pushing him backwards, as it strikes Omnimon and shoves him back, though not really appearing to harm him in any significant way. Omnimon unsheathes his sword, and flies toward Mephistomon. He slashes at him a few times, but misses as Mephistomon flits around. Mephistomon clenches his arms around his body and charges up another blast, unleashing it and several others at Omnimon. Omnimon dodges them all, then unleashes a blaster of his own.

Omnimon: Supreme Cannon!

Omnimon's blast slams into another of Mephistomon's, and quickly overpowers it, striking Mephistomon and throwing him backwards. Mephistomon slams into the wall of the void, which warps and opens into a portal, through which he is pulled. The portal closes, leaving only Omnimon.

Omnimon: He's... gone!

Fade to black.

- - -

Re-open on a pile of objects - clothes, a toothbrush, a leaflet. They're sitting on the floor of Takato's bedroom, as he struggles to fill a bulging backpack with all of it. Calumon flies around outside his window and looks in, watching him.

Takato: *struggling* This isn't my idea of a perfect summer vacation... nngh... going to... nngh... Oki-wherever...

Takato tries sitting on his backpack to force the stuff into it, and fall over onto his back.

Takato: And what am I going to do with Guilmon?

- - -

Cut to the park, just down the hill from Guilmon's hide-a-way. A group of children, one of them with a butterfly net, runs past. Hearing something, the last of the children, a little girl, look up the hill.

Guilmon (v/o): It's hooooottt!

The girl squeals in fright and runs off after the other kids.

In his hide-a-way, Guilmon rolls around on the ground, sweating profusely - he can't cope with the summer heat.

- - -

In the Matsuki bakery, Takato's mother is serving a customer.

Customer: Visiting his cousin?

Takato's mom: Yes, we have relatives in Okinawa. It'll be good for Takato to visit!

Takato's father walks by, carrying a tray of bread.

Takato's dad: He's going on his own, though...

Takato's mom: Oh, its fine, he'll be all right. I'm not worried in the slightest!

Takato's mom hits keys on the cash register as she talks, then stops suddenly to check what she's written.

Takato's mom: Ah, I think I made a mistake...

Takato's dad: *good-natured sarcasm* Yeah, you're not worried...

Round at the back of the bakery, Takato comes out the back door, carrying a large suitcase over his head. He's still muttering complaints to himself.

Takato: I don't even like the sea!

Takato goes up the stairs that bring him up to street level, and the camera pans up, past him, over the tops of the buildings, to focus on the blue sky, as the opening credits sequence begins. We switch to a view of the entire district, as a plane flies over it.

- - -


English Language Adaptation by Chris McFeely

Original Japanese Translation courtesy of Artlan Wolf
In association with Wolf Pack Productions and #Anime&Digimon on DALNet
Translator: Splash

- - -

After the title screen passes, we see an aeroplane taking off. Takato and Henry are onboard, with Terriermon sitting in Henry's lap, doing his pretend-to-be-a-stuffed-toy routine. Takato looks out the window, then Terriermon falls forward off of Henry, and Takato jumps to catch him.

Down in the cargo hold of the plane, Takato's large suitcase falls off a stack of other cases and crates, and pops open, revealing Guilmon. A cardboard box with a picture of a small dog falls on Guilmon's head, scattering pink packages with the same image of them.

Back in Shinjuku, Rika walks through the city. On a large television screen on a building, a digital image of the dog from the box that fell on Guilmon frolics around on a simple green landscape. Rika watches it - it's an advert for the V-Pet, a new kind of virtual pet. Rika walks off, down into the subway.

Rika: Let's go, Renamon.

Renamon fades into view and walks beside Rika.

Back on the plane, Takato shows Henry a picture of him and his cousin, Kai, as kids. Kai is tugging on Takato's shirt.

Henry: *teasingly* Awww, that's so cute!

Terriermon looks up, and sees Calumon waddling up the aisle of the plane. Takato jumps out of his seat to grab him. Before he can, Calumon bumps into a stewardess, who turns around ready to apologise, thinking she's just bumped a passenger, but as she does so, Calumon flies around her, and knocks over the drinks on her cart, splashing orange juice over her face. Takato then grabs him as he flies back around, and rubs his head, laughing nervously by way of apology as the stewardess grimaces.

The island of Okinawa comes in view as the plane flies on, then, we cut to the airport, a little later.

Henry: Well, I gotta go.

Takato: Aw, Henry, no, come with me to my relatives' place!

Henry: Sorry, buddy, no can do - I came here to see the meteor.

Takato: *sighs* I knew it...

Takato's large suitcase starts bouncing around, as Guilmon struggles inside it.

Guilmon: Takato! Can I come out now?

The suitcase falls over, and Takato rights it.

Takato: Not yet, boy!

Henry: You figure out a place for Guilmon to stay?

Takato: I thought I did, but now, I don't know...

Henry: Yeah, well... I'll come visit after I'm done, okay?

Takato: Sure thing.

Henry: Seeya.

Henry walks off with a wave. Terriermon is perched on his head and waves with an ear.

Terriermon: Catch ya later, Guilmon!

Takato: See you guys later!

Takato looks around, and yelps in surprise.

Takato: Ah! Calumon!

Calumon is fluttering around, startling and surprising a few ladies, then flying down the hall, drawing attention from people.

Calumon: Wheee! Yaaay!

Takato chases him, pushing his suitcase in front of him.

Takato: Calumon, no! Wait up!

Takato goes through an automatic door, and stops beside a fish tank to look around. A group of people run past him. The view then cuts to what is shown on a television monitor, showing the group of people again. One of them is a cute young reporter, who stops in front of the camera, and speaks into her microphone.

Reporter: This is Nahako, here with the president of VP Labs, Ryuuji Tamashiro!

The camera pans over to show the rest of the group that ran past Takato, all standing around another man. This man, Tamashiro, is dressed in an orange jacket and green shirt, with yellow-tinted shades on. He has just got off his flight in this airport.

Takato wheels his suitcase along, as we see that the television this is occurring on is in front of a row of seats, with people sitting, waiting for their flights and suchlike. Takato looks around.

Takato: I was supposed to meet Kai here... where is he?

Takato turns and looks at the television as the reporter interviews Tamashiro.

Tamashiro: Well, Nahako, what we've done is evolve gaming, using a mixture of digital data and the internet.

Nahako: That's very impressive!

Tamashiro: Everyone will love our V-Pet, I guarantee!

Abruptly, a boy wanders into the middle of the broadcast, holding a sign reading "Takato Matsuki," looking around, not realising what he's done.

Nahako: Hey, get this kid out of here!

Kai, oblivious, turns to Tamashiro.

Kai: Hey, old dude, you seen a guy named Takato 'round here? 'bout my height, goggles...?

Tamashiro: "Old dude"?!

Takato gapes at the screen, recognising Kai.

Nahako: We're trying to do a show, here!

Kai: Hey, I'm just lookin' for my cousin, lady.

Takato looks around to try and figure out where the broadcast is occurring, and runs in its direction. Meanwhile, Kai is being dragged away by a security guard.

Guard: You're coming with me, kid.

Kai: Hey, don't crease the threads!

Kai wriggles out of the guard's grip, but another one appears and they both block his escape, as he tries to dodge them. Takato arrives on the scene, and Kai, still trying to dodge the guards, bumps into him. They both fall over.

Kai: Takato! 'Sup, bro?

Takato's suitcase jumps upright on its own...

Guard: You kids better scram, right now!

Tamashiro steps in to break things up.

Tamashiro: Now, now... don't be too hard on these kids. After all, children are our future!

Tamashiro puts his arms around Kai and Takato. Calumon watches from on top of a statue in the shape of a Shiisa (more on this later).

Tamashiro: This is the future of Japan, right here!

Cameras flash as photos are taken of Tamashiro's cunning bit of PR, and Takato and Kai squint from the light, while Tamashiro grins widely.

- - -

Back at the Matsuki bakery, Takato's mother fills up a sink full of dishes with water. The TV plays in the background, and she hears something on it that makes her turn around. She runs out into the hall, and calls Takato's dad.

Takato's mom: Come quick, Takato's on TV!

Takato's dad is removing a tray of buns from the oven when he hears the call, and almost drops them as he rushes to set them down and get into the room in time.

Takato's dad: On TV?!

Takato's mom: In here! Kai's on, too!

Takato's dad enters, just in time for...

Nahako: And now, the weather.

The weather comes up.

Takato's dad: Aah! Why didn't you call me sooner?!

Takato's mom: Well, at least we know he's all right!

- - -

Back in Okinawa, Takato and Kai are on a cruise ship. Kai looks out over the waves.

Kai: Righteous! C'mon up here, Takato!

Kai turns to look at Takato, sitting beside his suitcase, on the bottom deck, looking not-too-well.

Takato: I think I'm gonna barf...

Kai walks down the steps.

Kai: Dude, you're hopeless. This is what Okinawa's all about! And sitting there isn't gonna help you!

Takato: You'd...*urrp* ...be surprised...

Kai: Ah, you'll get used to it... just like me!

Up on the top of the ship, Calumon jumps off, and lands on the back of a seagull.

Calumon: Wheee!

The boat gets closer to pulling in, and Takato, feeling better, looks over the edge with Kai.

Takato: Wow, the water's so clear! I can see everything underneath it!

Kai: Wanna go for a dip?

Takato: Huh?

Kai: Fastest way there!

Kai climbs up onto the guard rail.

Takato: Kai, no!

Kai: Guess I'm on my own!

Takato gasps as Kai jumps off the boat and dives into the water. Everyone on the boat turns as they hear the splash, and the captain calls out.

Captain: Hey, what's the matter with you, kid, are you crazy?!

Kai waves to Takato.

Kai: Takato! I'll meet back up with you at the temple, okay?

Kai swims off, and Takato sighs, resting his chin in his hand.

Takato: He's just the same as he always was...

- - -

Cut to some time later. The boat has docked, and Takato has disembarked. He struggles to push Guilmon-in-his-suitcase up a hill.

Guilmon: Takato! I'm squashed!

Takato: Just a little further...

Guilmon: I want ouuut!

Takato: Sorry, boy... nngh...

Takato stops walking and leans on top of the suitcase. His eyelids droop as he murmurs tiredly.

Takato: Some vacation...

The suitcase bounces up and down underneath Takato and Guilmon squirms.

Guilmon: TAKATO!

Cut to Kai running along a path on the same hill.

Kai: Man, I hope he didn't get lost...

Kai spots the suitcase coming up the hill.

Kai: Hey, there he is! Hey, dude! Where'd you get to?

Kai runs towards Takato... but then stops abruptly and stares open-mouthed at the sight in front of him. Takato is asleep on top of the suitcase, and pushing the case is Guilmon. He stops in front of Kai, who backs away.

Guilmon: I'm hungry!

Kai: Wh-what ARE you?

- - -

The sun is setting over the sea, as the camera pans over the beach. The twanging sounds of a string instrument can be heard playing a simple piece of music. We see Takato sleeping on the floor of a temple, with an old man, sitting cross-legged with his back to Takato, playing the music. Takato stirs, and sits up. A few seconds later, the old man - Kai's grandfather - stops playing.

Kai's grandfather: Feeling okay now?

Takato: Uh, yeah... I'm fine...

Kai's grandfather: Good to know.

The sound of laughter makes them both turn to look as Kai comes around the corner of the wall in front of the temple.

Kai: I'm home! Oh, hey, you're up!

Guilmon follows Kai into view.

Guilmon: Takato!

Takato gasps.

Takato: Guilmon! How could you let him see you?!

Takato jumps up and runs over, getting in front of Guilmon in a vain attempt to hide him from Kai's grandfather's sight.

Takato: Kai's friendly!

Takato: Huh?

Kai: Guilmon's one interesting guy!

Guilmon holds up a fish.

Guilmon: I caught a fish!

Kai's grandfather fiddles with his instrument, not really caring.

Kai's grandfather: Sure is a weird-looking dog.

Kai's grandfather beings playing his music again.

Kai: Gramps, I told you - this is a DI-GI-MON.

Takato: You know what a Digimon is, Kai?

Kai: Sure! We get TV out here too, y'know! But I didn't know they were real! Man, Tokyo must be a riot!

Takato: Well, yeah, I guess its okay...

Kai's grandfather: Okinawa has dogs too, you know...

Kai: It's not a dog! Dogs don't TALK, Gramps!

Kai Grandfather: What about the Shiisa, eh, smart guy?

Cut to a closer portrait view of Kai's grandfather's face.

Takato: The what?

Kai's grandfather: Legend says it was a dog that protected Okinawa long ago - and it could talk, whether Kai here likes it or not!

Calumon suddenly flies in, interrupting a moment of silence that follows Kai's grandfather's little story.

Calumon: Guilmon, you wanna play?

Guilmon: Yeah!

Guilmon and Calumon run off.

Kai: Those guys are so cute!

Kai's grandfather grimaces.

Kai: *sarcasm, grinning widely* Just dogs, right, Gramps?

Kai's grandfather stands up suddenly.

Kai's grandfather: Aah, I've got stuff to do.

He walks off, and Kai grins in self-satisfaction.

Kai: Geez, it's so easy to get one over on the old dude!

Kai's grandfather (v/o): Kai! Go and get us some supper!

Kai: *sigh* Okay... see ya, bro.

Kai runs off, and Takato looks around before walking off in the opposite direction. He walks down to the beach, where Calumon and Guilmon are playing in the water lapping up on the shore. He sits down, and frowns.

Takato: This is gonna be a long trip...

- - -

Back in Tokyo, Rika is returning home.

Rika: Grandma, I'm home.

Rika's grandmother (v/o): Hi, honey!

Rika enters the house, and walks behind her grandmother, who's on her computer.

Rika's grandmother: You got an e-mail from your mom.

Rika: Hmn?

Rika's grandmother reads out in the e-mail.

Rika's grandmother: "Hope you're doing okay without me, Rika! I'll be flying home tomorrow - hope you're in the mood for shopping!"

Rika's grandmother laughs as she reads, and a V-Pet bounces its way across her computer screen, looking at the e-mail along with her. She moves her mouse, and we can see that her mouse mat is in the image of a V-Pet. She opens a picture attached to the e-mail, and a photo of Rika's mom giving the peace sign in front of the Eiffel Tower comes up.

Rika's grandmother: Ah, Paris... city of love!

Rika makes a face, and walks off, heading for her room.

Rika's grandmother (v/o): V-Pets are so cute!

Rika enters her room.

Renamon (v/o): Rika.

Rika looks to the side, and Renamon fades in.

Renamon: There's a Digimon nearby.

- - -

The camera pans across a factory complex of some kind. All is calm... until suddenly, a streak of fire shoots across the complex, turning it into an inferno. Towers collapse and smoke fills the air, and from out of the fire, a Pteramon emerges. It spies Renamon standing on top of a tower, and launches missile from under its wings at her. She leaps off the tower, darting in and out of the missiles. Rika, standing around a corner, slashes a card.

Rika: Digi-Modify! Battle Tomahawk, activate!

A battle-axe appears in Renamon's hand in mid-leap, and she hurls it at the Pteramon, just as it charges up it's jets and flies towards her. The axe cuts into it.

Renamon: Diamond Storm!

Renamon's attack rains down on the Pteramon, and it deletes. Renamon lands on the ground in front of where it was standing, and loads its data.

(Note: This movie occurs after Renamon makes her vow never to absorb data in "Divided They Stand," so this is an error by the writer.)

Rika approaches. Renamon turns to look at her.

Renamon: There's something different about this Digimon.

Rika: Different?

Rika and Renamon look at the flaming factory in silence. The camera pans out, and then up, over the tops of the factory towers. Mephistomon's voice can be heard echoing by the audience.

Mephistomon (v/o): My moment of triumph is close at hand... when humankind shall cease to exist! I shall bring... the apocalypse! (laughter)

- - -

In Okinawa, Kai, his grandfather, and Takato stand on the beach. Kai's grandfather is in a martial arts uniform, and makes a series of punches into the air. Kai copies him perfectly, while Takato struggles a bit. Kai and his grandfather make a high kick, and Takato falls over trying to do it. The camera pans over as he falls, and we see Guilmon fall over as well.

Later, the sun twinkles on the sea, as Kai, Takato and Guilmon float out on a fishing boat. Calumon sits on Guilmon's head, squealing happily, as fish leap out of the water around the boat. Kai brings the boat to a stop, and he - wearing flippers and goggles, holding a fishing trident - and Guilmon jumps into the water. Takato looks after them hesitantly, his shirt off. Kai comes back to the surface.

Kai: Come on in, the water's fine!

Guilmon emerges next to Kai, splashing him.

Guilmon: Jump in!

Takato gulps, and pulls his goggles down over his eyes. He puts a snorkel in his mouth, and jumps in. He's quite amazed by the beautiful underwater sights, and swims among the multi-coloured fish and plants.

Takato: Woah... feels like... I'm flying!

Calumon flies above the surface of the water, following Guilmon. He comes down to the water's surface and floats on it, giggling happily as fish swim up and nuzzle his butt.

Calumon: That tickles!

Calumon flies off, and meanwhile, Guilmon take an interest in a small octopus that he tries to pick up in his mouth. It squirts ink at him and wriggles out of his mouth, swimming away, but Kai follows it, and spears it with his trident. He and Guilmon swim back up to the surface, the octopus on the end of the trident.

A bit later, on the shore, bits of octopus are roasting on sticks around a fire. Takato, Kai, Guilmon and Calumon sit around the fire, eating.

Guilmon: Tastes good!

Takato: I had no idea this place was so great!

Kai: Yeah, bro! Okinawa's the best! *eats the last of the octopus on his stick* It's cause'a Mei-Chu.

Takato: What's "Mei-Chu"?

Kai: It's Okinawa's big tourist attraction. Gramps says that what makes Okinawa number one. You still got the brochure?

Takato: Huh? Oh... I don't remember...

Takato looks out at the sparkling sea... and the stillness is suddenly rent asunder by the sound of an engine and a plume of water in the distance.

Takato: What's...?

A pink Jet Ski comes into view, hurtling towards the beach, being driven by a girl.

Calumon: Who's that?

Takato: Something weird's going on here...

Guilmon growls and his eyes narrow into slits. The Jet Ski bounces around on the waves, and suddenly, behind it, a blue, serpentine form breaks through the water.

Kai: Woah! Shark!

The quartet leaps into Kai's fishing boat, and they motor out over the water. As they get close to the Jet Ski, the girl is finally swept off of it by the turbulence and falls into the water. Even before she hits the surface, Kai is in mid-air, diving into the sea after her, quickly spotting her and swimming after her. The serpentine creature follows him, but Guilmon leaps in and attacks it, holding it off as Kai gets the girl to the surface. Guilmon shatters the creature's fin with a slash of his claws, and blasts it with a Pyro Sphere.

Takato hauls the girl into the boat, and Kai clambers up over the side after her. They look at the explosions rising up from the water.

Kai: What IS that thing?

Takato: It's a Digimon!

Suddenly, the water settles, and a cloud of smoke rises off its surface. There is silence.

Takato: Guilmon...

Guilmon's head pops through the waves - he has emerged the victor from the battle with the Digimon, a Tylomon. Takato sighs in relief.

Moments later, the group runs up the path to the temple, with Kai carrying the girl on his back. Takato has her backpack slung over his shoulder.

Kai: Hey, Gramps!

There is no response as the group runs up into the temple.

Kai: Aah, he must be out! Takato, gimmie a hand!

Takato: Sure!

Calumon and Guilmon watch as Takato sets out a blanket and pillow, and Kai lays the girl down on them.

Kai: Keep an eye on her, okay?

Kai gets up and runs off.

Takato: Hey, where are you going?!

Kai: I gotta find my grandpa! He'll know what to do!

Takato: Aw, man...

Takato looks around and scratches his head for a minute, then remembers the pack on his back. He slips it off, and looks down at the girl, mopping her brow with a cloth. Guilmon crawls over on all fours.

Guilmon: Is she okay?

Takato: Don't get too close, boy.

Guilmon nods, and Takato looks at her pack again.

Takato: Maybe there's something that can help her in this...

Takato unzips the pack.

Takato: Hope she doesn't mind...

Takato pulls a laptop computer out, sealed in a plastic bag.

Takato: A laptop?

Takato breaks the tape seal on the bag. Meanwhile, Calumon tugs on Guilmon's twitching tail. Takato opens the laptop just as Calumon bounces past, knocking it into the air. He manages to catch it again, and on its screen, a V-Pet appears. It barks.

Takato: A V-Pet!

- - -

Back in Shinjuku, in the Wong apartment, Suzie is sitting at Henry's computer, playing with a V-Pet on it. She's not doing so well.

Suzie: Aah! That's not what I told you to do!

We see that Suzie is playing a maths game with the V-Pet, which is wearing a mortar board, where she has to fill in the missing digit in the sum 6x?=30. She types in 4, and smacks her forehead, knowing she's got it wrong again. She pushes her chair away from the computer.

Suzie: I give up!

Suzie hops down from the chair.

Suzie: Pway by yourself! Hmph!

She flops onto Henry's bed, face down, then rolls over onto her back.

Suzie: Henwy is so mean, going on howiday by himself! And taking Tewwiewmon with him, too!

She gets up again.

Suzie: Oh well...

Suzie sits at the computer, and the V-Pet yaps at her.

- - -

Underwater in Okinawa, divers swim and explore. The camera pans up through the water, to rest on a boat. On the boat are Henry and Terriermon. Henry removes a diving mask from his head, and shakes down his wet hair. We see he's holding a camera.

Henry: I think I got enough pictures...

Terriermon: So what are we gonna do tomorrow?

Henry: Oh yeah...

Terriermon: I wanna play with Guilmon!

Henry: Yeah, sounds like a plan!

The boat drives off around the cove.

- - -

We cut abruptly to a scene of the girl Kai and Takato rescued, in a wetsuit, on a boogie board, being tossed around in the waves of a very rough sea as a storm rages. Blurring around the edges of the screen lets us know that this is a flashback, or a dream - it's not happening right now. She is thrown from the board and sinks under the water. A little dog - looking very much like a V-Pet - struggles on the surface as waves crash over his head. The girl swims back up to the surface, and calls to the dog.

Girl: Mei! Don't give up!

The girl fights against the waves to swim to her dog... but it is swept away from her, and vanishes beneath the unyielding waters. It does not rise again.

Girl: MEI!!

With a jolt, the girl wakes up in the temple - she's been having a nightmare. The first thing she sees is Guilmon, staring intently at her. He gets closer as she looks, and she screams and scrabbles backwards. Takato grabs Guilmon and holds him to stop him from moving any further forward.

Takato: It's okay! He won't hurt you!

Kai's grandfather calms the girl.

Kai's grandfather: It's okay, it's okay... it's just a dog, that's all.

Guilmon: Am I a dog, Takato?

Takato: No, no...

Kai's grandfather: Have a drink. It'll calm you down.

Kai's grandfather hands the girl a glass, and she drinks deeply. A woman walks past in the background. She smiles.

Woman: Guess I'll be leaving.

Kai's grandfather: Thanks for the help. *to the girl* She took care of you while you were asleep. Now, what's your name?

Girl: My name's... Minami Uehara. You... saved my life.

Kai, who has entered during this, sits down beside Minami.

Kai: Hey, I know you! Your dad created the V-Pets!

Minami: *nods* Uh-huh.

Kai: So what was up with that thing chasing you?

Takato: It was a Digimon, wasn't it? Why was it after you?

Kai's grandfather: Hey, hey now... let the girl eat something before you start asking questions.

A little later, night has descended, and from a long shot, we see a light click on inside the temple. Moths fly around it.

Kai (v/o): Bon appetit!

Guilmon (v/o): Oh boy!

We see Guilmon eating out a pot. Calumon flies in and lands on the pot's rim, making Guilmon move his head back from it.

Calumon: Let me try some!

Guilmon's having none of it, however, and keeps Calumon from getting at his food, stuffing his snout back into the pot and getting back to his meal. Calumon flies over to the table where everyone else is eating, and jumps in and around the plates of food there.

Takato: Calumon, get out of there!

Kai: Aww, now we can't eat that!

Calumon lands in Minami's lap, and she puts her arms around him.

Minami: *smiles* Don't do that.

Takato looks at the plates of food on the table.

Takato: Boy, this all looks great! *points at something* What's this?

Kai's grandfather: Those are ears.

Takato: ...ears?

Minami: Yeah, pig's ears.

Calumon jumps onto the table and dances around.

Calumon: Look at *my* ears!

Calumon spins around, and falls over, bumping some plates. Kai lifts one off the table to save it. He offers its contents to Takato.

Kai: Hey, wanna try one of these?

Takato reaches for the dish, then stops and makes a face as he studies what's in it.

Minami: Pig's legs.

Takato shakes his head rapidly and pulls back.

Takato: Ah! No thanks!

Kai: *laughs* They're good!

Guilmon sticks his head in from off screen, and grabs one of the pig's legs in his mouth.

Kai: Guilmon! Give that back! That's my dinner, man!

Kai tries to wrestle the leg out of Guilmon's mouth, and has no success. Minami watches this little scene, and giggles... but then, she stops, and becomes sombre, on the verge of crying. Everyone turns to look.

Takato: What's wrong?

Minami: I'm sorry...

Kai's grandfather: It's okay. Don't hide your feelings. This is a temple, after all... *sips his drink and wipes his mouth* ...inside these walls, we're all brothers and sisters.

Kai's grandfather picks up his instrument again, and starts playing the same simple melody. Minami begins to cry.

A firefly hovers outside the temple, and flies off into the night sky.

- - -

The camera fades into the Tokyo cityscape at night. All seems calm... until traffic lights begin blinking between colours uncontrollably. Two cars smash into each other violently. A crowd forms around the scene, and a news reporter speaks into the camera.

Reporter: Widespread reports of accidents on our roads continue to flood in...

The camera pulls out, and we see Janyu Wong watching the broadcast on Henry's computer. The computer's V-Pet watches with him. He is also speaking on the phone at the same time.

Janyu: Who would do something like this...?

Henry (on the other end of the phone): What's going on, dad?

The scene cuts to Henry's hotel in Okinawa.

Janyu (on phone): Computer systems across the city are going haywire.

Terriermon is showering in the bathroom, and slips and falls on his back. Henry sits out in the main room, by the coffee table with the phone on it.

Janyu (on phone): So, how are things there?


Henry: Dad? Hello? Dad? Hey, you there?

Terriermon walks out of the bathroom, towelling himself off with his own ears.

Terriermon: What's all the ruckus?

Henry hangs up the phone.

Henry: The phone went dead... there's something going on with the computer systems...

Henry walks to the window and stares out. Terriermon hops up.

Terriermon: Nice view!

Back with Janyu...

Janyu: We were disconnected... but why? Huh?!

Janyu looks up with a start at the computer screen in front of him - and sees the V-Pet eating its way through the video window of the news broadcast!

Janyu: It... can't be!

The V-Pet barks happily at Janyu.

- - -

We open on a calendar - Wednesday the 1st is marked in red. Rika looks at it - it's on the wall in her room. She's about to walk off, but then she stops.

Rika: Renamon...?


Rika: Did you just... laugh?

Renamon fades into view.

Renamon: No.

Rika doesn't turn around, and keeps walking.

Rika: Hmph. Well, even if you did, it's not like I care. So what if my mom's coming home tomorrow?

Rika leaves. Renamon stands in silence for a moment - and then laughs at Rika's denial.

- - -

A Europe Air plane flies through the night sky. On board is Rika's mother, asleep in her seat with a blanket covering her. A stewardess lifts the fallen corner of the blanket back up over her shoulder, and walks off down the aisle. The plane flies on.

- - -

Back on the beach in Okinawa, Minami points a lighthouse on an island just off the coast out to Takato and Kai. Guilmon and Calumon also look on. It blinks with a red light.

Minami: There are Digimon on that island... they have my dad... he gave me this... *hugs her laptop* ...told me to run...

Minami jolts suddenly and is about to run off, when Kai holds her back.

Kai: Hold on!

Minami: My dad'll be worried about me!

Kai: You can't go on your own! We'll go with you - tomorrow.

Minami: You know what that island is?

Kai: Yeah - it's VP Labs, where they make V-Pets.

Kai turns and runs off. Calumon flies after him.

Kai: I'll tell Gramps about it!

After a moment of silence...

Takato: Uh, hey, Minami... can I see the V-Pet again?

Minami looks at her laptop.

Minami: What, this?

She hands it to Takato. He sits on the sand and opens it.

Takato: Been a while since I saw it...

Takato hits a few keys, and the V-Pet appears onscreen. It barks at him.

Takato: Hold on, little guy, I'll give you something to eat!

A dish of food appears in front of the V-Pet and it eats it.

Takato: Heh, he musta been hungry!

Minami: That one's the original V-Pet... my dad created it for me... his name was Mei.

Takato: *not understanding* Your... dad?

Minami: I still love him...

The lighthouse blinks again, and waves crash up against it, leading into a familiar flashback. We see the little dog - Mei - barking on the shore as the waves crash around him. A wave takes him, knocking him into the water.

Minami (v/o): I got caught in a storm... and Mei... my dog... tried to save me...

Cut back to Minami on the beach as tears well up in her eyes.

Minami: It's my fault.... that Mei... it's my fault that he's gone!

As Minami cries, waves gently land on the beach, moving a seashell around. On the laptop, the V-Pet goes to sleep.

Minami: My father... made the V-Pet for me after that... but in the end... it's just a program, just data...

Minami stands up and walks to the water's edge.

Takato: Hey, hold on! Guilmon's "just data" too, and he's real! This V-Pet... it's as real a pet as Mei...

Minami: Takato... if you were to lose Guilmon... would you be willing to have a V-Pet replace him?

Guilmon, not listening, yawns and goes to sleep on the sand beside Takato. Takato looks at him silently.

Minami: Guilmon is Guilmon. Nothing can replace him... in your heart.

Takato's eyes widen when he hears this, then he closes the V-Pet, and turns off the laptop.

Takato: I'm sure that Mei knows how you feel, and he was happy to have you as an owner.

Minami is silent, and Takato stands.

Takato: And... I hope that you'll realise it's not your fault that...

Minami cuts him off abruptly.

Minami: Don't say it!

This cry wakes Guilmon, and he sits up. Waves lap around Minami's feet. She is silent, then looks up at Takato.

Minami: Thank you. You're very kind.

Takato smiles awkwardly. He, Minami and Guilmon silently walk up the path to the temple.