(Note: In Japan, this part starts with the 02 logo, and the voices of the kids shouting "Digimon Adventure Zero Two," follow by Willis saying, in English, "Let's start!")

- - -


English Language Adaptation by Chris McFeely

Additional dialogue by Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
Original Japanese Translator: Splash

- - -

We re-open on a signpost reading "Summer Memory." The sign below it reads "Sun Pabro Dr."

A swing-seat hangs from a tree.

Upamon: When are they going to get here, already?!

Cody: It *is* a little boring... hold on...

Upamon: What is it?!

A cloud of dust appears over the horizon.

Cody: It's Davis!

Yolei: They made it!

Willis is clinging onto the high-speeding Raidramon for dear life.

Davis: Sorry we're late, guys!

Time passes.

We see a bird house.

Davis: Whaddaya mean, Kari's not here yet?!

Willis: They ARE coming from New York, Davis.

Terriermon walks up the edge of the bridge that everyone else is standing on, trying to keep his balance.

Terriermon: Willis doesn't make stops...

Davis snaps.


Davis's yell makes Terriermon fall off the bridge and Poromon fall out of the air.

Cody: Don't mind him, he's always like this.

Yolei: We did get an e-mail from them - they think Kokomon stopped their train.

Willis, who has his back turned to the group, hears this, and quietly turns back around to listen.

Yolei: They're coming here by bus now.

Davis: Why me...?

Veemon helps to pull Terriermon back up onto the bridge.

Yolei: Oh, don't be such a drama queen.

Cody: It's not that bad.

Veemon pulls Terriermon up, and they both fall onto the surface of the bridge.

Willis: Your friends aren't coming.

Cody: Willis, please, you have to tell us - who or what is this Kokomon?

Davis: It's about time you spilled!

Yolei: Where are Tai and the others?


Terriermon looks at Willis in earnest.

- - -

Flashback. A voice whimpers in pain.

Kokomon: It hurls, Willis...

A young Willis carries the injured Kokomon in both arms. He sits on his bed, and bandages Kokomon's wound. Gummymon bounces up onto a chair beside the bed.

Gummymon: Are you okay, Kokomon?

Gummymon jumps onto the bed.

Gummymon: Kokomon?

Kokomon smiles as Willis finishes treating him.

End flashback.

- - -

Willis walks past an old scooter-bike, but Davis runs after him.

Davis: Hey!

Terriermon: Kokomon's probably looking for people with Digivices.

Davis stops and turns back to Terriermon.

Davis: Say what?

Terriermon: He wants to see Willis... but... the young Willis, like he was back then. It's how he knows him.

Davis: But we still have to find Tai and the others!

Willis stares at a water pump.

Fade into a flashback of Gummymon and Kokomon working the pump.

Fade back out.

Davis: Time you came clean! What does this "Kokomon" have to do with you?

Willis lifts his back pack over his shoulder again.

Willis: I have to go to the flower field. If I do, like Kokomon wants, he'll go back to normal... he's got to!

Terriermon: Willis...

- - -


Willis is on his scooter-bike, with Gummymon and Kokomon clinging on to him.

Kokomon: Where are we going?

Willis: To play!

End flashback.

- - -

Davis: Okay, time to go!

Yolei: Terrific, more hiking...

Davis: And we haven't even heard any more from Kari!

Veemon: Davis... weren't we supposed to do something?

A truck comes over the horizon. All the kids and Digimon are in it the back of it - they've hitched another ride.

Davis: Oh, that's right! Hey, Willis, did you call your mom?

Willis: I couldn't find a phone.

- - -

Night has fallen. In some woods, by a river, the kids make camp for the night. Willis and Terriermon are apart from them, and sleep under a simple, small brown blanket.

Terriermon: *mumble* Willis... not here... over there... I'm tired...

Terriermon rolls over, and goes to sleep. Willis looks down at him and smiles. He lifts his portion of the blanket, and puts it over Terriermon, then stands up and walks further up the hill.

Davis: Hold it.

Davis emerges from the shadows of the trees behind Willis.

Davis: Are you alone?

Davis walks towards Willis.

Davis: I've been thinking... and... I think I get it. Kokomon... he's your Digimon, isn't he? That's it, right?

Willis silently looks at Davis with a pained expression. He looks away without saying a word.

Davis: It's true, isn't it?

Willis takes on a determined expression, and turns back to Davis.

Willis: Kokomon came from the same Digi-Egg as Gummymon. They're twins... brothers.

Davis: Twin Digimon?

Willis: Hey, back then, I was as surprised as you.

Fade into a flashback of the scene from the start of the film, as Willis, Gummymon and Kokomon romp in the flower field.

Willis (narrating): Mom says that we were always together... but... eight years ago... when we were playing in the flower field... Kokomon just... disappeared.

End flashback. Davis takes a step or two forward.

Davis: Eight years ago? That's when Tai and Kari saw a Digimon for the first time... they happened at the same time...

Willis: Kokomon hasn't forgotten about that time... he followed me, all the way to New York.

Davis looks back over his shoulder at Willis.

Willis: I still don't know what happened to him to change him like this... but... I just want to help him.

Davis: Then... we're fighting one of your own Digimon? One of your oldest, closest friends?!


Davis: That's... man, that's rough, dude... I...


Davis walks past Willis and leans his head against a tree. Tears are forming in his eyes.

Davis: ...I wouldn't be able to do it. If Veemon... wasn't the same Veemon, no matter what happened... I'd never be able to fight him...

Tears run down Davis's cheeks, as he slumps forward further, and his goggles are pushed up off his head and fall to the ground.

Willis: Davis...

Davis: For us to save our friends... we've gotta destroy one of yours... we can't do that... what... what can we do?

Willis: It's not your problem...

Davis: But...

Willis picks up Davis's goggle and hands them to him.

Willis: I think... maybe... if we go back to the flower field... and see Kokomon there... he might go back... to the way he used to be.

Davis: Yeah!

Davis, better now, takes his goggles and puts them on.

Davis: You're right. I know you're right!

Willis: We might have to fight him... but if we do, we might be able to save your friends!

Davis: Yeah, we can fight him!

Willis: You recovered pretty fast...

Davis: Hey, what can I say - it's how I am! *grins* I just feel... great now!

Willis: *surprised* Doesn't take much to please you, does it?

Davis: I take life as it comes - can't keep me down for long!

Willis: *smirks* Is that a challenge?

Davis: I didn't mean it like that, dude...

Willis: Just a little joke...

A silent overhead view of the forest lingers onscreen.

Davis: Don't go to that field alone, okay?

Willis nods.

Terriermon (v/o): That's right!

Willis's eyes widen in surprise as Terriermon appears through the trees, the blanket draped over him.

Terriermon: I'm going too, Willis.

Willis: Terriermon...

Terriermon: Don't be a hero, Willis...

Willis: But Kokomon's not searching for you. I couldn't live with myself if something were to happen to you!

Terriermon: He's *my* brother...

Willis: I don't care!

Terriermon drops the blanket, and his ears fan out.

Terriermon: Willis, I'm your friend... and friends are always there for each other.

Davis: *smiling* You gotta choose, Willis...

Willis and Terriermon look at each other quietly for a second. Willis smiles.

Willis: Let's go back. It'll be nice to see Yolei again.

As a sight-gag, the glass in Davis's goggles cracks.

Davis: Dude, is one girl all you can think about?!

Willis walks over to Terriermon, picks up the blanket, and pulls it around him again.

Willis: C'mon, let's go back - you'll freeze to death out here.

As hints of sunlight begin to creep over the horizon, Davis watches Willis and Terriermon with a smile on his face.

- - -

A little later, dawn is breaking, over the flower field. Davis, Yolei, Cody and their Digimon stand in a group, and Willis and Terriermon stand in front of them by a little distance.

- - -

"Elsewhere"... the six older kids have been de-aged even further than before, to the ages they were eight years ago, during the battle between Greymon and Parrotmon and Highton View Terrace - the ages they were when Kokomon was separated from Willis

Kokomon (v/o): Willis? Willis?

Tai: Who's... that?

Kokomon (v/o): Willis? Willis?

Through the rainbow colours of the void, a little glowing shape takes form - that of Kokomon, the original, In-Training form Kokomon, who hops from kid to kid, giggling, and looking to see if any of them are Willis, chanting his name over, and over, and over. When he comes to Tai, he stops.

Tai: Who are you...?

Kokomon: They're all wrong! Even when they're smaller... none of them are Willis...

Kokomon hops off again, and vanishes into the darkness. Then, a deeper, familiar voice echoes...

Endigomon: Wrong... THEY'RE ALL WRONG!

The void shifts, and the flower field comes into view, with Endigomon's silhouette stomping off through it, into the distance.

- - -

Back in the real flower field, there in a loud boom, and a footprint appears in the flowers, just like before, at the roadside. The air shimmers, and Endigomon appears, with a twisted grin on his face. Mist swirls around him and Willis. Endigomon's long arms stretch down to the ground, and we get a close shot of the bandage around his left arm - the bandage Willis tied to him eight years before.

Willis: Kokomon!

Endigomon: W-W-Willis... Willis...

Willis: Kokomon... do you know me?

Endigomon struggles to speak.

Endigomon: W... W... W-W... Willis...

Willis: We were always together... you remember?

Endigomon: Together...?

Willis approaches.

Willis: That's right!

Endigomon: Yes... go back... back to that time...

Endigomon shuts his eyes and smiles widely, rocking his head back and forth. His voice changes to the soft, high-pitched voice of Kokomon.

Endigomon/Kokomon: You came back... this place is warm... it's just us here...

Endigomon puts his arms on the ground on either side of Willis, and leans closer to him, eyes still shut. He reaches for him with one hand, but Terriermon pushes him back, out of the way.

Terriermon: Don't do this, Kokomon!

Endigomon's voice changes back.

Endigomon: Don't interfere!

Endigomon strikes Terriermon with his hand, hurling him off to the side, as he throws his head back and roars. Willis runs after Terriermon, and cradles him.

Willis: Kokomon, why did you do that?

Endigomon, eyes red, rocks his head back and forth, chanting almost insanely. Mixed in with his voice is that voice of Kokomon.

Endigomon/Kokomon: Go back, go back, go back...

The air around Endigomon shimmers, and everything takes on a purple tint, as a flower floats up past his face and crumbles, blowing away in the breeze. Endigomon continues to sway back and forth, chanting.

Endigomon/Kokomon: Go back, go back, go back...

Willis: Stop it, Kokomon! Stop it right now! We can't go back to that time!

Endigomon: I want to go back!

Willis: I... can't let you. I can't!

Endigomon throws his head back again.

Endigomon: NOOOO!

Endigomon's swaying stops, and the purple light fades from the sky, as everything takes on a dark colouration, like night.

(Note: The attentive among you will, of course, realise that this scene didn't make it into the American movie in this form - it did, however, get some pieces of it's footage reassembled to make the "Endigomon dancing" ending, namely, the swaying, roaring and smiling parts.)

Davis and Veemon run up to Willis, as Endigomon's roar echoes off the cliffs that the flower field rests atop.

Davis: He has a lot of issues...

Endigomon slams his fist into the ground, and a sphere of red energy materialises around him, levitating him into the air.

Willis: He's Digivolving!

The energy sphere shatters, and the new, Ultimate form of Endigomon appears - Antylamon.

Willis: Davis... do you think... we can destroy him?

Terriermon slowly approaches Antylamon, Digivolving into Gargomon as he does so.

Terriermon: Terriermon, Digivolve to...

Gargomon: ...Gargomon!

Antylamon sneers are Gargomon through narrowed eyes, as the air around him shimmers and distorts.

Davis: Veemon, your turn! Digi-Armour, Energize!

Digivolution sequence.

Veemon: Veemon, Armour Digivolve to...

Flamedramon: ...Flamedramon! The Fire of Courage!

Antylamon observes this.

Cody: Armadillomon, you too! Digi-Armour, Energize!

Digivolution sequence.

Armadillomon: Armadillomon, Armour Digivolve to...

Digmon: ...Digmon! The Drill of Power!

Yolei: Hawkmon, go for it! Digi-Armour Energize!

Hawkmon: Hawkmon, Armour Digivolve to...

Halsemon: ...Halsemon! The Wings of Love!

Antylamon straightens up, and looks at the other Digimon with contempt. The three Armours run towards him - Flamedramon leaps into the air, and his fists glow with flame. Antylamon takes a step and jumps up as Flamedramon bears down on him.

Flamedramon: Flame Fist!

The air in front of Flamedramon shifts and Antylamon appears there. He grimaces, and spins his body around, striking Flamedramon with his long arms, and sending him flying him away, to impact on a cliff-edge on the opposite side of the chasm. Davis gasps as Flamedramon comes tumbling out of the rocks and dust.

Halsemon leaps into a battle position, and Digmon runs past him, almost tripping over his own feet as he does so. Antylamon steps in front of them, and seizes them both, smashing their heads together, then hurling them away and smashing them off another cliff. Yolei and Cody gasp as they turn to watch them impact. Antylamon turns and looks up as Gargomon comes soaring down out of the sky.

Gargomon: Gargo Pellet!

Antylamon cartwheels backwards to avoid the stream of blasts that rips up the ground in front of him, until he flips off the edge of the cliff, and land on the rocky surface of the opposite cliffside. He deftly scales it, as Gargomon lands on it too, and fires after him. Antylamon leaps between the two cliffs to avoid the blasts, then manages to grab Gargomon around the head before he can fire another shot. He spins him around and flings him away, skimming him across the surface of the river at the bottom of the cliff, as if he were playing at skipping stones.

Davis and Willis run along the top of the cliff so they can see better.

Davis: Dude, does he think we're just playing games here?

Gargomon runs out of river, and slams into the rock face at the river's end, then slides down it, to land on the stones below. The river ripples as Antylamon lowers himself to hover above its surface, staring at Gargomon with pure venom in his eyes.

Silence as the two combatants stare back at one another.

After a moment, Gargomon levels his cannons at Antylamon. Antylamon turns as Flamedramon drops down through the air, and lands at the river's edge, splashing up water.

Flamedramon: Playtime is over, bunny-boy.

Davis: Wah-hoo, yeah!

Halsemon flies overhead.

Halsemon: You are strong... but we shall not give up!

Halsemon weaves between the cliffs as a cracking sound draws Antylamon's attention. He looks up at a rock face, through which Digmon suddenly bursts.

Digmon: Howdy!

Yolei: Aren't our Digimon fantastic?

Cody: Digmon isn't getting to put on much of a show...

Yolei: He's saving his best for later!

Silence as all five Digimon hold their positions. Davis moves to get a better look.

The water in the river below Antylamon ripples again, and, without fanfare or spectacle, he simply sinks below its surface. Davis looks confused. Flamedramon doesn't move from his battle-ready position.

Yolei: Did he run away?

Cody: No way...

Halsemon observes from the sky. Willis walks to the cliff's edge and looks down into the river.


Gargomon, smiling, breaks out of his battle stance.

Silence as the water calmly ripples.

But then, with no noise, but instead a chilling quiet to accompany it, water splashes up against the edge of the lake, and the droplets float into the air, transforming into tiny black spheres of liquid. As this happens, a blue-white light fills the whole area, as far as the eye can see, and when it fades, everything takes on an appearance not unlike a negative colour version of its actual self. Through the now-pink water's surface, a massive blue-black hand emerges, followed by a huge body, that rises clear out of the water, and suspends itself above its surface. This is Kokomon's Mega form - Kerpymon.

The only noise that breaks the silence is a faint bubbling, as Kerpymon swings his arm through the air, and more of the black droplets flow in its wake.

Willis: Is that... Kokomon?

Davis: Aw, dude! He's a Mega now... which that much power... he's a danger to the whole world! We've got no choice - we have to destroy him! If we can...

Cody looks at the black droplets that lazily float and fall out of the sky.

Cody: Black snow?

A sphere floats over Yolei's open palm, and her hands glows purple.

Yolei: Kokomon is generating them... they're coming from the darkness in his heart... they feel... so cold...

The droplets swirls in the air around Kerpymon. Gargomon stares at this sight.

Gargomon: You're not... my brother...

Kerpymon roars and the droplets fly out, in a perfect ring that radiates out with him as its centre point. They strike the Digimon, De-Digivolving them. Poromon falls out of the sky and into the river with a splash, then Hawkmon's head breaks the surface.

Hawkmon: I'm Hawkmon again!

Upamon bounces along the ground, and when he falls back into shot, he's Armadillomon.

Armadillomon: I need a nap...

Veemon rights himself and tries hard to Digivolve. He can't, and falls over.

Veemon: I think I strained something trying to Digivolve...

Terriermon looks up at Kerpymon in fear.

Willis: What are you trying to do?!

Kerpymon's eyes widen, once, quickly, and he raises his hand into the air. A red sphere glows in his palm, and the Rookies find themselves uncontrollably pulled in towards it, through the air. Kerpymon jumps up higher into the air, and spins, grabbing all four of them. He floats back down to just above the water, and Davis stares in disbelief as he starts to juggle the four Digimon.

Willis: Stop it...!

Davis: Put 'em down, you big jerk!

Kerpymon continues to juggle the Digimon idly.

Willis: Stop it! I said stop it right now!

Slowly, Kerpymon turns to look up at the Willis, then jumps up, and spins around again, this time hurling the Rookies away. They smash into the surrounding cliffs, and Willis sees Terriermon bounce back out of the cloud of smoke his impact creates.

Willis: Terriermon!

Kerpymon smoothly sinks beneath the surface of the river, and Willis watches it to see where he will next emerge. What none of them expect, however, is for Kerpymon to rise out of the ground behind them. They turn.

Davis: Willis, be careful!

Kerpymon floats towards Willis in a jerky fashion. Davis gets in front of Willis.

Davis: Watch out!

A bolt of green energy shoots past Kerpymon's head, forcing him to stumble back. It explodes on the ground behind him - it was one of Terriermon's Bunny Blasts. Terriermon towards Kerpymon.

Terriermon: Forgot about me, didja? Even if you're not the Kokomon we knew any more, I'm still going to keep Willis safe from you! Bunny Blast!

Kerpymon catches the blast in his hand.

Willis: Terriermon!

Kerpymon pauses for a second, then spits a black droplet at Terriermon. Terriermon tries to jump over it, and appears to succeed, but it brushes his underside as he jumps. When it hits the ground, a blackness spreads from it.

Willis: Terrier...mon?

Willis, running forward, stops in surprise as Gummymon bounces past him. When Gummymon hits the ground, he turns back into Terriermon, and bounces again. As Kerpymon watches him bounce, Terriermon hits the ground, and struggles to get up again.

Terriermon: You can do whatever you want... you won't stop me from protecting Willis!

Veemon: I know... what he means...

Veemon pulls himself up over the cliff edge.

Davis: Veemon!

Davis runs to the edge and pulls Veemon up, as Hawkmon unevenly flies down. Yolei runs towards him.

Yolei: Hawkmon!

Hawkmon: We all want... to protect the ones closest to us...

Hawkmon lands clumsily, and rolls over. Yolei's hat flies off as she grabs him and hugs him.

Yolei: Hawkmon! I'm so glad you're not hurt!

Hawkmon: Yolei... you're... choking me...

A burrow appears behind Hawkmon and Yolei, and Armadillomon bursts out of it.

Cody: Armadillomon!

Armadillomon: I'm here to protect you too, Cody!

Willis steps in front of Terriermon, with black droplets swirling all around them.

Willis: And I'll protect you. *to Kerpymon* I might have only just met Davis and the others... but you're not the Kokomon who I was friends with. My Kokomon was never lonely... never like this. I don't know what darkness is in your heart now... but you're not my Kokomon, not anymore. I'll fight you, and destroy you if I have to - if that's the only way to get my Kokomon - my friend - back!

A dark ripple of air blows past Willis.

Willis: But I don't have the power...

Terriermon comes to Willis's side.

Terriermon: That's what I'm here for - I'm your power, Willis!

Willis: Terriermon...

Davis walks up.

Davis: Willis... you gotta know, this isn't your fault. You've always tried to bring back the old Kokomon - you never gave up on him.

Yolei, Cody and their Digimon compose themselves for battle.

Davis: We ALL have people like that, people that we want to take care of and protect. And no matter how strong or weak we are - if we have someone worth fighting for, then we never give up the fight!

Kerpymon rises up into the air.

Veemon: Vee Headbutt!

Veemon slams into Kerpymon's stomach, pushing him back, as Terriermon flies up.

Terriermon: Bunny Blast!

Terriermon nails Kerpymon right in the face with his attack, and he begins to topple over. Hawkmon airlifts Armadillomon up to finish the job.

Armadillomon: Bombs away!

Armadillomon curls up and smacks Kerpymon in the face, pushing him over. He slowly falls.

Davis: Yeah, you got him!

Davis shuts up suddenly, as he sees that they do not - Kerpymon suddenly swings his body back upright, and grins evilly. He raises his open palm, and sucks the Rookies into it again, closing his fist around them. Davis yells at him as he lifts his hand to his open mouth, and drops the Rookies toward it.

Suddenly, a beam of golden light streaks through the air, and blasts Kerpymon's arm clean off. Another blast follows it, severing his left arm. The attacks have come from Angemon and Angewomon, who whirl and pose in the air. Black droplets spray from Kerpymon's wounds, as his arm falls to the ground, followed by the Rookies, who float down, with Terriermon carrying Armadillomon and Hawkmon carrying Veemon. T.K. and Kari come running across the field.

T.K.: Davis!

Cody: It's T.K.!

Kari: Davis!

Davis: Yeah! Kari, you made it!

The Rookies land on the ground as Kerpymon moves around, his wounds still bubbling with black droplets. Kari looks up at him.

Kari: He feels different... you're not the crying Digimon!

Angewomon flies around Kerpymon, avoiding a black droplet that he spits at her.

Angewomon: Celestial Arrow!

As Kerpymon's left arm comes flying off, Angewomon's attack pierces his side, releasing more black droplets. Angewomon twists to avoid the severed limb, as Angemon spins his staff and wipes out the black droplets around him.

Kerpymon's entire head dissolves into black droplets, as Angewomon lands on the ground and cartwheels backwards. As Willis watches, droplets rain down on the ground, each one creating a dark patch where they land. Kerpymon's entire body breaks down into them, and the entire landscape - including the sky - is dyed black.

After a few seconds, the absolute darkness fades, and dark clouds can be see filling the sky. Davis walks backwards into shot.

Davis: It's not over yet... but... where are we?

Cody: Is this... the Digital World?

Yolei: It's cold...

Willis: Kokomon is here... alone...

Kari: This is... still our world, I think... but it's... the world the way Kokomon wants it to be...

Out of the darkness, the kids' Digimon walk backwards, retreating. Hawkmon and Armadillomon have reverted into Poromon and Upamon. Upamon bounces into Cody's hands.

Cody: You're Upamon again... the fight must have really taken it out of you...

As everyone watches, Kerpymon's body begins to form again out of thin air.

Kari: This Digimon has no feelings...

Kerpymon's body totally reforms.

Davis: Watch out, Willis, this is gonna be trouble...

The final part of Kerpymon to heal is his severed arm, as black droplets fly in, reconstructing it.

Veemon: Davis... what should we do now?

Terriermon: Don't worry, Willis, I'll protect you - for Kokomon's sake!

Poromon squirms in Yolei's arms as Kerpymon glowers.

Yolei: Poromon, there's nothing you can do, stay here!

Angemon and Angewomon fly in, glowing with blue and pink light, respectively. The light surrounds Kerpymon, holding him back.

Angewomon: Where do you think you're going?

The ground changes - into the bright yellow flower field. Through the field marches a small boy - Davis, regressed into a young child.

Davis: If we're gonna fight, then let's fight!

Willis: Davis...

As Willis walks towards Davis, we can see Yolei and Cody, also regressed, behind him. As the camera angle changes to show Willis approaching Davis, Willis has been regressed back into the age he was at the start of the film.

Willis: Davis, you're... smaller!

Davis: You calling me short, you baby?


Davis: AH! I'm a baby, look!

Willis: Go... back...?

T.K. and Kari are still their current ages, but that ain't gonna last...

T.K.: This is bad! At this rate, we'll all... disappear!

Angemon: T.K... use the power of your Crest!

Angewomon: You too, Kari!

Angemon: If you do, a miracle will happen - a miracle of light!

T.K.: I understand.

Kari: Let's go!

Digivolution sequence.

Angemon: Angemon, Warp-Digivolve to...

Seraphimon: ...Seraphimon!

Angewomon: Angewomon, Digivolve to...

Magnadramon: ...Magnadramon!

T.K.: Those are Angemon...

Kari: ...and Angewomon's...

The glow on the two Megas centralises on each of their chests as Magnadramon circles Seraphimon. T.K. and Kari look up, now reverted to younger ages.

T.K. & Kari: ...Mega forms?

Slowly, almost lazily (though that may be more to do with the feeling the drawl of music evokes than anything else), Kerpymon leaps into the air, and just as the glow of the two Megas reaches it's peak, he cuts them down, but then watches as two streaks of light - one blue, one pink - fly up and over his head. Patamon and Gatomon crash to the ground, as Kerpymon tries to seize the flying spheres of light, but they come free from his grasp, and fly to Davis and Willis.

Gatomon: Those are the Golden Digi-Eggs - the Digi-Eggs of Miracles and Destiny!

The blue streak, in Davis's hands, turns into the Digi-Egg of Miracles. The pink streak, in Willis's, turns into the Digi-Egg of Destiny.

Davis: This is our last shot...

Willis: What do I do with this?

Veemon and Terriermon charge Kerpymon.

Davis: You ready? Golden Armour, Energize!

Willis: Golden Armour, Energize!

(Note: Yet again, for whatever totally inexplicable reason, in the Japanese version of this movie, Willis says the activation phrase in clear, well-spoken English - a fact that is perhaps not immediately clear, as the phrase is "Digimental Up," an English phrase, but Willis says it with an English voice, rather than in Japanese - you can tell by the tone of the voice the actress takes, and the fact that Willis makes the L sound.)

The two Digi-Eggs glow brightly, creating a glow that bathes Terriermon and Veemon.

Veemon: Veemon, Golden Armour Digivolve to...

Terriermon: Terriermon, Golden Armour Digivolve to...

The Digimon fly past Kerpymon, who tries in vain to grab them.

Magnamon: ...Magnamon!

Rapidmon: ...Rapidmon!

The two Golden Armour Digimon waste no time, immediately flying around to either side of Kerpymon as he lunges for them. As he turns, Rapidmon flies in front of him.

Rapidmon: Rapid Fire!

Rapidmon's missiles imbed themselves in Kerpymon's forehead and explode, blowing his entire head into black droplets.

Magnamon: Magna Blast!

Magnamon's attack rips through Kerpymon, which each bolt of light tearing a new hole through his body. Kerpymon's smoking body topples backwards, but he stops his fall with his hands.

Davis: Did we get him?

Willis: I'm not sure!

Rapidmon and Magnamon regroup in the air. The smoke fades off of Kerpymon's body, and we can see that his head has actually been blown clean off.

Magnamon: We got him!

Putting the lie into Magnamon's words, however, is Kerpymon's head, which materialises out of the air behind them, and swallows them whole. Kari gasps.

Kari: He has such a black heart...

Kerpymon's head floats back towards his body.

- - -

Within Kerpymon, Magnamon and Rapidmon are floating through a sea of individual black droplets.

Magnamon: *weak* I can't see anything... I can't... feel anything...

Rapidmon: *weak* I have to... protect Willis... Willis... who is... Willis?

- - -

Back with the kids...

Willis: He... ATE them! Terriermon!


(Note: In the Japanese version, some lyrical music starts playing - FINALLY, making a friggin' nice chance from the dull, overdone stereotypical Midwestern America jazz-bluegrass-country instrumentals we've been getting straight through this film, even when it was completely inappropriate.)

All the kids and their Digimon surround Kerpymon, except for Poromon and Yolei, as Poromon struggles to get away, but Yolei holds him down, trying to bind a wound on his wing.

Poromon: Let me go!

Yolei: I'm sorry, but you're grounded!

Davis: Don't worry, Veemon - we'll save you, buddy!

Willis: You too, Terriermon, we'll get you both out of there!

- - -

Inside Kerpymon...

Magnamon: I hear someone...

Rapidmon: It's... nice to hear their voices...

Magnamon: Davis...?

Rapidmon: Willis...!

The golden glow returns to the Digimon's dulled armour.

- - -

Back with the others...

Gatomon: When I was lost and looking for Kari, I never gave up. I always believed that I'd see her some day!

Kari: You kept going, Gatomon. If it wasn't for you, we'd never have met!

Kerpymon's head reattaches, and he swipes his arms. Gatomon leads the charge as she, Patamon, and even Poromon and Upamon, leap to attack him. The image we see is of them leaping forward, then of Kerpymon's arm punching forward and shattering this image.

Gatomon crashes to the ground, and Kari runs in front of her. Patamon is sent flying back through the air, and T.K. gasp in horror. Davis runs around waving his arms above his head. Upamon bounces along the ground, and Cody runs after him, crying. Poromon is the last to fall, and twitches as Yolei ties his bandage tighter and hugs him as Kerpymon looms above them.

And somewhere, inside the dark heart of Kerpymon, the part of him that knows kindness sees this... and remembers...

Willis snaps.

Willis: Kokomon! Terriermon! Kokomon! Terriermon!

Davis: Veemooonnn!

Davis runs straight at Kerpymon.

- - -


Magnamon: Davis...

Rapidmon: Willis...

Both Digimon look up suddenly, as, through the black droplets, the image of Endigomon appears. He makes hand motions, pointing at his own chest.

Magnamon: Terriermon... we have to...

Rapidmon: I know...

Endigomon smiles.

Rapidmon and Magnamon unleash their attacks on Endigomon, and as their energy overwhelms him, he fades away with the smile still on his lips.

- - -

Davis: Veemon!

Kerpymon's arm comes streaking down towards Davis... but then, suddenly, he convulses, and coughs, a cloud of pink energy coming from his mouth. He clutches his head, as Davis, on his back on the ground, looks up. Kerpymon groans and struggles... and then, a pink light glows from the cracks between his fingers. His evil, yellow eyes are replaced with friendly, sparkling black ones, and the rest of his body changes too - he's now in his Vaccine form. Willis looks up at him.

Willis: Kokomon? Kokomon... it's you, isn't it?

Kerpymon glows pink for a second, and then, he dissolves into data, which blows away in the wind.

Willis: *crying* Now I've lost both of them!

Terriermon (v/o): Willis!

Terriermon comes flying in, with Veemon holding onto his legs. Terriermon, too, has tears in his eyes.

Terriermon: Kokomon had a lot of sadness... but at the end... I heard him laugh...

Willis: Terriermon!

Willis wipes the tears from his eyes.

- - -

An undetermined time later - the kids all stand in the flower field, with everything back to normal, including their ages. Willis and Terriermon stand forward from the others. Davis walks up behind them.

Davis: Willis... Kokomon'll be back some day. I know it - and you gotta believe it.

Willis looks back at Davis, and smiles.

Willis: Yeah.

Terriermon smiles, as a gentle wind blows across the field.

- - -

Some time later, everyone has returned to New York to see Willis off.

Davis: Well, Tai and the others are back to normal!

(Note: Yep, that's all the coverage they're going to get. Some resolution to this "really important subplot," huh?)

Willis: Someday, I'll come visit you guys in Japan!

Davis: Yeah!

Willis: But I've got something to do that can't wait until then...

Willis walks up to Kari and Yolei, and before anyone can do anything about it, kisses them both on the cheek. They both blush.

Willis: I gotta get going!

Laughing, Willis picks up Terriermon and runs off as Davis yells after him.

Davis: Hey, where do you think you're going, dude?

Yolei: Heh, I think someone's a little jealous! I wonder if he'll really come to Japan...

Davis: He can try! I'm not letting him anywhere near Kari!

- - -

Later, Willis and Terriermon are at a phone booth on a roadside, by a river. Willis is on the phone to his mother.

(Note: This time, he DOES talk to her in English in the Japanese version.)

Willis: Hey mom! I'm gonna be home soon! No... no, I don't hate coming home... c'mon, mom, I miss you a lot... you know I love you...

Terriermon: *sigh* Willis sure spends a lot of time on the phone...

Nearby, in the waters of the river, a Digi-Egg washes up.

Willis: Huh?

Terriermon turns and gasps.

The egg washes around in the waves, as Willis and Terriermon run along the roadside towards it. Terriermon gets under Willis's feet and he falls over, but gets up and continues to run.

Roll credits.

There are only two images in the credits - a painted still of the trees in the forest, and one of Willis, Terriermon... and Lopmon.