"Digimon Hurricane Touchdown/Supreme Evolution: The Golden Digi-Eggs!"


This is not intended to be an absolute, exact to-the-letter translation of the original Japanese movie script, but rather, an English language adaptation that is written to have its dialogue sound and flow better, and in some cases, to better reflect the personalities of characters, than a by-the-numbers direct translation would. To this end, I have made use of portions of dialogue from the official dubbed version of this movie - but only those which adhere to the original Japanese intent. Unlike the official dubbed version, however, everything that's in the Japanese movie is represented here - this is the full, uncut version of the movie.


English Language Adaptation by Chris McFeely

Additional dialogue by Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
Original Japanese Translator: Splash

- - -

In a field of yellow flowers, a young boy - Willis - runs and jumps around, followed by two Digimon, his twin partners, Kokomon and Gummymon. As they run out of shot, behind them, the air shimmers slightly, and a barley-perceptible mist forms. Willis turns to see it, and then looks around the field. Gummymon pops up beside him. As the mist dissipates, Willis cautiously takes a step or two forward.

Willis: Kokomon!

The flowers stir in the breeze.

- - -

Roll opening credits.

On a beach, Davis and Yolei play volleyball with Upamon. Veemon stands beside Cody as they both watch, and Poromon reclines on a sun chair. Davis flies off-screen as he dives for Upamon, and Yolei runs in to bounce Upamon back, but winds up knocking him over her head. Poromon flies into the air as Cody and Veemon run after Upamon. Davis comes running back in and goes after them.

Cut to a different shot of Davis and DemiVeemon watching a crab scuttle by.

(Note: Yes, that was an animation error, with Veemon suddenly becoming DemiVeemon.)

Yolei and Poromon sunbathe.

Cody builds a sandcastle as Upamon bounces in approval.

In the first of a series of scenes showing the older DigiDestined, we see Sora putting a flower arrangement together. Her Digivice is resting amidst a row of flowers. She finishes the assortment and sits back to look at it, but the longer she looks, the more displeased her expression grows.

Izzy is, as ever, busy with his computer. His Digivice sits on the desk in front of him, just beside his mouse mat.

Joe gets a drink from a vending machine.

Tai, with his Digivice clipped to his belt, kicks a soccer ball around.

Matt tunes his guitar.

End opening credits.

- - -

A series of images flash up on the screen - a street, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, with the World Trade Centre in the background, then one of T.K. and Kari together.

(Morbid note: Of course, this movie is set in 2002/03, and in the real world, the towers aren't there any more.)

The photo of T.K. and Kari disappears, replaced by an e-mail screen. All the images were being displayed on a laptop computer, which now reflects Mimi's face as she e-mails the pictures.

Mimi: There, all done!

T.K., holding Patamon leans in to look.

T.K.: Davis is going to flip when he sees these pictures, for sure!

Mimi: For sure!

Kari, holding Gatomon, who is standing in front of them, shivers suddenly.

Gatomon: Kari? What's wrong?

T.K.: What is it?

Kari: I can... feel a presence

Mimi: A presence?

Kari: It sounds like it's crying...

Mimi's attention is drawn by the beeping of her Digivice. She looks down at it, clipping to the hem of her skirt, as a familiar-looking mist swirls around it, its screen glowing red. Mimi drops the laptop, and it hangs from a lamppost.

T.K.: What's THAT?

Kari looks on in shock as Mimi gasps... and disappears.

Cut to a shot of Tai's soccer ball bouncing off the ground, then of Matt's unmanned amp, as one of the Teenage Wolves enters.

Teenage Wolves Member: You in here, Matt?

Swirls of mist surround Matt's guitar, as well as Sora's flower box, and Izzy's computer chair.

Joe sees the screen of his Digivice flash red, and picks it up, only to disappear like all the others in a swirl of mist.

Back in New York, a slow pan of a city street sees more of the mist appear, curling around a fire hydrant. A young boy steps backward, away from the mist - this is Willis, older, and he watches as the mist surrounds a mailbox, which crumples, and a set of traffic lights, which spark. A garage door rumbles in the wind, and a chain-link fence clatters as a newspaper blows past, clinging to it for a moment, obscuring the screen. When the paper blows off again, standing behind the fence is a massive shaggy beast of a Digimon - Endigomon.

Willis: Kokomon, this has to stop!

Endigomon: Go back...

Willis: What do you mean, "back"?

As another Digimon, Terriermon - Digivolved form of Gummymon - appears at Willis's side, Endigomon lumbers forward, and smashes the fence down. Terriermon leaps up and bites his ear, being flung around as Endigomon tries to shake him off.

Willis: No!

Terriermon is hurled off, back over the remains of the fence, and Endigomon follows him.

Willis: Terriermon!

Endigomon leaps into the air to knock Terriermon out of it, but Terriermon glides back down easily on his ears. He has managed to back himself up to the end of the alley, as Endigomon continues to approach.

Terriermon: Bunny Blast!

Terriermon shoots a sphere of energy from his mouth, which slams into Endigomon and explodes, but the monstrous creature continues to approach. Willis shields himself from the shockwave of the blast as Terriermon fires another ineffective shot. Endigomon makes it to the end of the alley and reaches for Terriermon with both arms, but Terriermon jumps over his hands, which slam into the wall behind him, and glides up into the air. Kokomon turns and fires on him with blasters built into his abdomen.

Endigomon: Koko Crusher!

Terriermon flits to and fro in the air, avoiding the blasts, then launches another Bunny Blast, which smashes Endigomon square in the face. Endigomon runs clean up the side of the nearest building to try and get to Terriermon, who flies away from him as he leaps.

- - -

Back with T.K. and Kari...

Kari stares at the laptop, which beeps.

Kari: Mimi... went to the Digital World...

T.K. picks the laptop up.

T.K.: No... I don't think so... it... felt different. Do you think this has anything to do with that feeling you just had a minute ago?

Gatomon looks up at the silent Kari and blinks.

Kari: I'm not quite sure what it was... it needs our help, though... it's close, nearby...

Kari looks up suddenly as a signpost crumples like the mailbox before it.

Kari: I hate it when I'm right.

- - -

Endigomon is suspending himself in the air by stretching his arms between two buildings, as Terriermon stands on a ledge, not far from him, but just far enough so he can't get near him. Terriermon readies himself, and Endigomon roars.

Willis, meanwhile, clambers up a fire escape onto the rooftop, just in time to see Terriermon come flying past, having been struck by Endigomon, who dives after him. Endigomon again spreads his arms between two buildings to slow his descent.

T.K. and Kari come running down a street not far away, with their Digimon.

Kari: Hurry, T.K., it's over this way!

T.K. grabs the lamppost on the street corner to swing around and follow Kari.

Terriermon slams into a wall, and drops to the ground, as Endigomon slams his fist into the ground in front of him. Terriermon falls onto his back, as Endigomon approaches. Willis comes running up, and gets in between the two Digimon, just as Endigomon is about to grab Terriermon.

Willis: Kokomon, stop!

T.K. and Kari come running past on the other side of the chain link fence, but only T.K. sees the scene unfolding, and stops to look.

T.K.: A Digimon!

Kokomon growls and backs away from Willis and Terriermon.

T.K.: Kari, it's a Digimon!

Kari and Gatomon come running back up and look through the fence.

Kari: It's the crying presence I felt...

Willis steps forward and looks Endigomon in the eye.

Willis: Kokomon... it's me, Willis.

Endigomon struggles to stay his own hand, and then steps back, as the mist swirls around him.

Endigomon: Go back...

Endigomon vanishes from sight.

T.K.: He vanished! Hey, kid!

Kai: Tai's voice...

T.K.: Huh?!

Kari: Just now... I heard Tai's voice...

T.K.: Tai's voice? Maybe that kid knows something about this!

Before T.K. and mount the fence, Willis scoops up Terriermon and runs around the corner.

Patamon: Leave it to me, I'll find out where he's going!

As Patamon flies off after Willis, T.K. drops back down off the fence.

T.K.: Kari, are you okay?

Kari: I am, but he needs our help...

- - -

In a place that can only be described as "elsewhere," Tai tumbles through an incandescent void, mixing blotches of darkness with rainbow-coloured streaks. A light crosses over his body as he falls, and the same happens with Sora, Izzy, Matt, Mimi and Joe as they fall with him. The float calmly to the 'bottom' of the nothingness, where they stand, or kneel. Tai speaks... but not out loud, as the words echo around the kids.

Tai: Where are we...?

Matt: I can't see a thing...

Izzy: I can't... think straight...

Joe: S-so... cold...

Mimi: Why are we here...?

Sora: How did we get here...?

Izzy: I don't know...

Matt: T.K.... be careful...

Tai: Kari... be careful...

- - -

Back in New York, as Patamon flies between the buildings, looking for Willis, we can hear Willis talking on a pay phone.

Willis: Hello? I gotta be quick - can you tell mom I'm going to Summer Memory? No, *Summer* Memory. Ah, I gotta go... I'll call you back, okay? I'll call you back. Bye.

(Note: In the Japanese version, Willis actually says these lines in English, with Japanese subtitles. I've still adjusted them, though, so they're not as stilted.)

Willis hangs up the phone and walks around the booth, picking up Terriermon and putting him in his backpack. He walks down into the subway.

Patamon has been watching from atop a traffic light post.

Patamon: Summer Memory?

Patamon flies off.

- - -

Back in Japan, on the beach where the other DigiDestined are, one of their D-Terminals bleeps. Yolei and Cody are still playing volleyball, with Poromon this time, and Davis is the first to hear the noise, turning and running, sliding along the sand to grab the D-Terminal.

Davis: It's from Kari!

Davis reads the message, and his face turns serious. DemiVeemon runs up.

DemiVeemon: Davis, what's up?

The others crowd around.

Yolei: Something wrong, Davis?

Davis: She thinks Tai's in trouble. Wonder what's goin' on?

Cut to an aeroplane flying as Davis narrates.

Davis: So, Tai, Matt, Izzy and the others are all missing... well, at least Kari's still around! Awesome!

Cody: I hope he's not going to be like this for the whole trip...

Yolei: Don't hold your breath.

As this exchange goes on, we cut to a road, as a red car drives down it. The kids have arrived in America, and need to get around. Cut to Davis holding out this thumb at the roadside, hitchhiking. Cody holds up a hastily-constructed cardboard sign that reads "With Monster."

Davis: You really think a sign like that is gonna score us any rides, dude?

Davis is proved wrong, however, when a car stops and offers them a lift. We cut to the car driving, rather erratically, down a road.

Driver: Neat lookin' monsters y'got there!

Davis: Oh, they're just... uh... um... Cody?

Cody: They're, ah, just toys.

Yolei: This guy is freaking me out...

The driver leans back.

Driver: So, you kids are Japanese, huh?

Davis: Uh, you wanna watch the road, dude?

Cody: I feel sorry for this guy's car...

Driver: Yee-haw!

Davis: The road, dude, THE ROAD!!

Driver: Yer Japanese cars are the best!

- - -

At a rail crossing, a young woman stands by a pick-up truck as a train rattles past. We cut to a view from inside the train - we can see that Willis has just jumped on board, after getting this far thanks to a lift in the truck.

Terriermon: Willis, I'm tired...


Terriermon: Willis... we're going back, aren't we? To the flower field?

Silence. The train rattles on.

Terriermon: Come ON, Willis!

Willis still does not respond, and stands up, walking to the other end of the train car, where his backpack lies.

Terriermon: Talk to me!

Willis: Just leave me alone.

Willis sits.

Willis: I don't know if Kokomon even knows what he's doing...

Terriermon: Trust me, he's knows! He's coming after you, Willis!


Terriermon: I know, because he's my brother. And I'll fight him if I have to.

Willis: I'm not sure what you mean... but you didn't have to attack him.

The train continues to slowly roll through the crossing.

Terriermon: He's not the same as he used to be.

Willis: I won't believe that.

Terriermon walks up beside Willis, and sits down next to him.

Terriermon: Okay. I won't mention it again.

The train rolls on.

A painted image of Terriermon, leaning against Willis's side, appears.

Terriermon: Your mom must be worried about you...

Willis: I'll call her later...

- - -

Time passes.

Willis and Terriermon trudge along a dusty roadside, past a gas station. The sun beats down on them.

Terriermon: It's hot... it's hoooot... it's hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot...

Willis: Will you stop?

Willis stops and is about to turn, but Terriermon just keeps on walking, knocking his legs out from under him.

Terriermon: Hotttt...

Willis tumbles onto his back, and Terriermon walks a few more feet before he realises what's happened.

Terriermon: Can't believe we have to go through this just so you can make a phone call...

Willis picks up his backpack.

Willis: Aah, it's not so bad.

Willis looks up at the sun, and wipes his brow.

Willis: Hey... do you think Kokomon will be back there... at the flower field? Tomorrow... waiting for us...?

Terriermon: If he is, I'll bet he didn't have to get this hot...

Willis resumes the trudge, walking past Terriermon in silence. After a moment, Terriermon floats into the air, and lands on Willis's head.

Terriermon: Wiiiiiiliiiiiisss....

Willis: Uh... what exactly do you think you're doing?

Terriermon: This way, I don't have to walk, and you can stay in the shade!

Terriermon puffs his ears up, shading Willis from the sun. Willis continues to walk.

Willis: You're heavy...

Terriermon: Like you can talk.

- - -

Kari types on her laptop. She, T.K. and their Digimon are taking a train to Denver, where they have (thought whatever means) deduced as the location of Summer Memory.

Kari: I got an e-mail from Davis and the others... they're on their way to meet up with us on... ah...

T.K.: Hmn?

Kai: ...something called... the "Denver Bird"?

T.K. rolls his eyes.

Suddenly, Kari's D-3 beings to flash with pink light.

Kari: Huh? Look! My Digivice!

Purple light bathes the train car, and T.K. jumps out of his seat to look out the window. The train is surrounded on all sides by the purple void, with no sign of the rest of the world through it. As T.K. watches, a shambling, shaggy figure becomes visible through the purple - Endigomon. Kari sees him, and jumps out of her seat. Patamon and Gatomon prepare for battle, but then Kari and T.K.'s Digivices begin to glow with beams of rainbow-coloured energy. Endigomon growls and the train grinds to a shuddering halt, hurling T.K. down the aisle, and Kari over the seat in front of her. T.K. retrieves his hat, while Kai swings herself over the seat. T.K. looks around - there's no trace of Endigomon or the purple light... or of any of the other passengers in the car.

T.K.: Where'd everybody go?

From outside, we see the train has stopped on a railway bride amidst some mountains (presumably the Rockies), as a few faint wisps of that familiar mist dissipate into the ether.

Kari runs past T.K., to the door to the next car, and opens it. The next car is totally empty, as a few more wisps of mist fade away.

Kari: There's nobody left on the train!

- - -

A plane's propeller starts up, and it takes off. Davis, Yolei and Cody wave goodbye.

Cody: Goodbye!

Yolei: Thanks for the lift!

Davis: Later, dude!

Fade to Davis leaning against a fencepost. DemiVeemon balances on the barbed wire, looking off at the farm on the other side.

Davis: That guy was a lousy pilot.

Yolei, Cody and their Digimon consult a map.

Cody: We're somewhere in the middle of Denver...

Davis runs over.

Davis: Yeah, but WHERE?

Yolei: *weak smile* Well, we know we're high up...

Davis: Aagh! When are we gonna meet up with Kari?

In frustration, Davis, clutching his head, runs to the side of the road, and yells out over the hills.

Davis: Kariiiiii! Wait for meeee!

A truck drives past, and comes to a halt, apparently in response to Davis's shout.

Cody: Nice work, Davis!

Davis: I meant to do that.

The kids run for the truck, only to see that another hitchhiker is climbing on board.

Yolei: Guess it wasn't you after all, huh, Davis?

As the other hiker's legs disappear inside the back of the truck, Davis runs up to the cab to speak to the driver.

Davis: Don't worry, I'll make a deal with the dude!

Seconds later...

Davis: Yeah, sure, we'll ride together, we're okay with that! Get in, guys!

Yolei: Let's go!

Davis lifts DemiVeemon into the truck.

Davis: Up ya go!

Everyone else gets on board.

Davis: Hurry it up, guys - don't want to keep Kari waiting!

The door shuts, and we get our first look at the other hiker - it's Willis. The truck drives off, and Davis and DemiVeemon crawl over to Willis, and Terriermon, who's standing stock-still beside Willis.

Davis: Hey pal! You musta had the same idea we did!

DemiVeemon sniffs Terriermon. Davis clonks him on the head.

Davis: Hey, would ya cut it out? That's rude! *to Willis* Uh, sorry about that... he's... a... space... cat... um...

DemiVeemon points at Terriermon.

DemiVeemon: Davis, guess what? He's a Digimon!

Davis: Huh? Aah!

Yolei: Then this guy must be...

Cody: The boy T.K. and Kari saw in New York!

DemiVeemon, Upamon and Poromon line up in front of the kids, smiling.

We cut to Willis, at the roadside again.

Willis: I never knew they had Digimon in Japan!

On the ground, Terriermon tells a joke to the three In-Trainings, who laugh.

Cody sits and writes another sign, as Davis sulks past.

Cody: He's a friendly guy.

Davis: Don't be so gullible, Cody.

Yolei: Oh, lighten up!

Willis: Y'know, this is kinda nice, being around others for a change.

Terriermon: Yeah, for as long as I can remember, it's just been me and Willis, all alone!

(Note: In the Japanese version, the last three lines consist of Yolei asking Willis how he knew Japanese, Willis telling her that a Japanese girlfriend taught him, and Terriermon saying that Willis was always with that Japanese girl. Obviously enough, when talking English, this doesn't really work.)

Yolei taps her chin.

Yolei: I wonder... you guys wouldn't know anything about why some friends of ours are missing, would you... uh...?

Willis: My name's Willis. And you're... Yolei? That's a pretty name.

Yolei blushes.

Davis walks between the two of them, and keeps on going.

Davis: Yeah, yeah... back off there, blondie.

Willis: What's the matter with you, Davis, did I say something wrong?

Davis: Gah! What's UP with this guy?

Cody: So, Willis, where did you get Terriermon?

Davis huffs and stuffs his hands back in his pockets.

Willis: My mom found this strange egg one day, on the Internet - she's always online.

Terriermon tries lifting Upamon and Poromon with his years.

Yolei: Have you ever been to the Digital World?

Willis: The... "Digital World"? What's that?

Yolei: It's... uh... well...

Yolei's a bit dumbstruck by the fact Willis doesn't know what the DigiWorld is, and it shows in her expression. Willis smiles.

Willis: Y'know, that's a good look for you, Yolei.

Davis jumps back in between the two of them again.

Davis: What are you trying to pull, kid?

Cody holds up his sign to face oncoming traffic.

Cody: Do you know any other Digimon, Willis?

Terriermon overhears this, and is distracted, falling over and taking Upamon and Poromon with him.

Willis: This is... the first time I've seen other Digimon. I don't know where that other Digimon could have taken those kids.

Davis: We never said they got taken by a Digimon! You know something! Quit tryin' to hide it!

As Davis makes his accusation, Cody's "Summer Memory" sign gets a motorist to stop.

Yolei: Guys, come on, let's go!

Willis: I've got to go.

Davis: We've got to save Tai and the others!

Yolei: Davis, hurry it up! This guy won't wait forever!

Yolei, Cody and their Digimon get into the back of the pickup that's stopped for them. Davis leans against it as Willis walks past.

Davis: And just why do you want to hike? Why are YOU going to Summer Memory, huh?

Terriermon: Because he told his mom that's where he was going! Sheesh!

Terriermon sticks his tongue out at Davis.

Willis: Terriermon...

Davis: Your mom? Heh, momma's boy... heh, heh...

Willis and Terriermon look oddly at Davis as he leans back on the truck. Then, its engine revs, and it drives away, right out from underneath him, as he falls flat on his back onto the road. Yolei waves to Davis as the truck speeds off.

Yolei: We'll see you at Summer Memory! Enjoy the walk!

Cody: Don't leave us waiting!

DemiVeemon stares after the truck, wide-eyed.

Terriermon: Willis, you think we can get there by tomorrow?

Willis: Well, I'll feel bad if we just leave Davis...

Davis picks himself up off the road.

Davis: Aw, dude... I just wanna see Kari! Is that so much to ask?!

- - -

In the "elsewhere" where the older kids are, Tai is walking around... except now, they aren't older any more. They have been regressed to the ages they were during their first adventure in the Digital World, wearing the clothes from that time, too. Tai looks at Matt as he wakes up from the slumber during which their transformations have occurred.

Tai: Everyone's... young...

Izzy gasps.

Joe: Tai...

Tai: I just... woke up...

Sora wakes up, and looks up to see Mimi. Mimi walks to Tai and studies him.

Mimi: You look different, Tai. Did you do something with your hair?

Tai looks at his own hands, and sees that he too is young again.

- - -

Terriermon looks up at a signpost, which reads "Interstate South Dakota 90." Willis is on a payphone.

Terriermon: Do we really have time for this?

Willis: *into phone* No, mom, it's not like that... no, listen to me...

A truck drives past.

Terriermon: Come ON, Willis...

Silence, as the gust kicked up by the truck's passing blows a few blades of grass around. Terriermon turns to DemiVeemon.

Terriermon: Willis needs to listen to me more often... *sigh* ...but I guess his mom is more important.

DemiVeemon: Davis doesn't think so!

Terriermon: *calls over* She is too, Davis!

Willis: *into phone* Mom, don't worry so much! I'm fine! No, I just got a little off-track, that's all.

Davis strolls past, fiddling about trying to kill time.

Davis: Wouldja hurry it up? Yolei and Cody are probably with Kari by now!

Terriermon: Hey, hey, this is Willis's mom.

Terriermon takes a deep breath and puffs out his stomach and cheeks to make himself look fat. DemiVeemon giggles like mad. Davis grins.

Davis: Heh, you don't say?

Willis: *into phone* No, really, I'm not hurt! I just run into some other kids, mom!

Davis: Mom this, mom that... what kinda man are you?

Willis: Ah, cram it! Oh, ah...! *into phone* No, no, I wasn't talking to you, mom. *shoots Davis a nasty look* I'll call you back later.

Willis hangs up the phone.

(Note: While Willis talked to his mother in English when he phoned her in New York, for whatever reason, he talks to her in Japanese for this entire scene - which is strange, since he has no reason to be talking to her in a language that's not their native one.)

Terriermon: Willis's mom sure can get mad.

DemiVeemon: That's scary!

Willis: *to Terriermon* You're a loud-mouth.

Terriermon: I know you are, but what am I?

Davis: Give it a rest, guys...

Willis: Maybe you just don't get it 'cause you're Japanese.

Davis: What's THAT supposed to mean?

Terriermon is smiling... but the smile fades as his ears are blown by a gentle wind... accompanied by wisps of mist.

A beeping noise can be heard, and Willis looks down at his waist, where we see that he has a Digivice clipped to his belt. Its screen is flashing red. The mist grows thicker around them.

Davis: What's happening?

DemiVeemon: *runs up* Davis!

With a loud boom, a footprint appears in the grass.

Willis and Terriermon know what is happening, and Terriermon steels himself for what he knows is coming next.

The signpost they are standing near to is bent by an invisible force, and out of the mists, Endigomon materialises. He roars.

Willis: Kokomon...

Willis and Endigomon stare at each other in silence. Davis comes running up.

Davis: This has gotta be that Digimon from New York! DemiVeemon, quick, Digivolve!

Digivolution sequence.

DemiVeemon: DemiVeemon, Digivolve to...

Veemon: ...Veemon!

Endigomon's eyes grow redder as Veemon charges at him.

Veemon: Vee Headbutt!

Veemon nails Endigomon in the stomach, which makes his eyes water a little, and pushes him back a small distance, but he still remains standing. Endigomon's massive arm sweeps through the air to grab Veemon, but the agile little Digimon leaps out of the way and jumps onto Endigomon's back, then up into the air.

Davis: Let's do it, Veemon!

Digivolution Sequence.

Davis (v/o): Digi-Armour Energise!

Veemon: Veemon, Armour Digivolve to...

Flamedramon: ...Flamedramon! The Fire of Courage!

Willis and Terriermon look on in awe at this transformation.

Davis: Go get him, Flamedramon!

Flamedramon: Flame Fist!

(Note: Or "Fire Rocket," if you prefer. The dub never got it right.)

Davis grabs Willis and drags him away Endigomon is silhouetted by flaming explosions. He emerges from the fire, and his eyes grow redder still.

- - -

"Elsewhere," the swirling void around the eight DigiDestined kids begins to turn a fearsome red colour. But once again, the children do not look the same as they did when we last saw them... now, they are even younger.

Tai: What's that glowing?

Sora: It's getting brighter!

Joe: I though I... felt something...

Matt: What IS this place?

Mimi whimpers.

- - -

As Davis, Willis and Terriermon try to put some distance between themselves and the fight, Endigomon is hurled through a billboard. Davis stops, and turns to yell at him.

Davis: All right! *yells* Hey, hairy! What'd you do with Tai?!

Endigomon hauls himself out of the wreckage of the billboard, as Flamedramon comes diving down at him from above. Endigomon grins.

Endigomon: Cable Crusher!

Endigomon's arm telescopes out, and punches Flamedramon out of the sky. He hits the ground, and Endigomon comes charging towards him, but Flamedramon manages to shove himself aside just as Endigomon jumps and lands where he was lying. Flamedramon leaps into the air again, and Endigomon looks around.

Endigomon: Koko Crusher!

A hail of blasts fills the air as Flamedramon tries to weave between them on his way down, but his luck doesn't last, as he gets hit.

Davis: Don't give up, Flamedramon!

Flamedramon falls out of the sky, trailing smoke, and hits the ground hard, kicking up a massive dust cloud. Endigomon approaches, and roars.

Willis comes running down the hill, to get between Endigomon and the crater, which contains Veemon.

Willis: Stop it! Leave him alone!

Willis gets between the two.

Willis: Kokomon, don't do this...

Endigomon's approach is not stopped. Terriermon runs to Willis's side.

Terriermon: Be careful, Willis...

Willis: Where did you take those other Japanese kids? Why are you doing this?

Endigomon tilts his head and makes a few grunts.

Terriermon: Willis, don't... he's not the same Kokomon any more...

Willis: Kokomon... don't you know me? It's Willis.

Endigomon: W-Willis...? No... you're... not right... not Willis... Where... IS... WILLIS?!

Endigomon bellows in anger and raises his arm high above his head, bringing it down towards Willis, who is pushed out of the way by Terriermon. Terriermon spins to face the approaching Endigomon.

Willis: Kokomon... don't you recognise me? Kokomon...

Terriermon: Willis...

Terriermon spins and jumps into the air. On his belt, Willis's Digivice glows green. He looks down at it in surprise, as green energy swirls around Terriermon.

Terriermon: Terriermon, Digivolve to...

The sphere of energy around Terriermon shatters.

Gargomon: ...Gargomon!

Willis: You Digivolved!

Gargomon hits the ground, and leaps right back up, flying straight towards Endigomon, weaving around his extended arm.

Gargomon: Bunny Pummel!

Gargomon beans Endigomon on the head with one of his cannon arms, then smacks him on the side of the face with the other arm. Endigomon is sent flying off to the side, through a billboard for a bakery. Gargomon flies through the hole in the board after him.

Gargomon: Gargo Pellet!

Gargomon opens fire on Endigomon with his cannons, scoring many hits and hiding Endigomon in a cloud of smoke.

Willis: Stop it!

Gargomon ceases and the smoke clears. Endigomon has clearly been weakened, but as Willis watches, Gargomon stays in a battle stance. The mist starts to curl up around the area.

Willis: Kokomon... I'm going back... I'll be waiting at the flower field. I'll be waiting for you!

(Note: In the Japanese version, for whatever inexplicable reason, Willis says that last "I'll be waiting for you" in English.)

The mist swirls all around Endigomon, forming a cocoon, and when it dissolves away, he is gone.

Willis: He'll be waiting...

Gargomon is still holding his guns at the ready, not taking any chances.

- - -

"Elsewhere," the red glow fades from around the other kids.

Tai: Phew, it finally stopped...

Tai sits down, but just as he does so, the void beneath them changes, into a field of flowers, with a blue sky above it.

Tai: Huh?!

Joe: The sky...?

Sora: It feels like summer!

Mimi: It really does! Maybe I can work on my tan!

Matt: What's going on around here?

Izzy: I think this place is... someone else's world...

- - -

Willis walks down an embankment. Davis follows behind him, hands behind his head.

Davis: Why'd you try to stop the fight? There's something you're not telling us about that Digimon...

Willis: Mind your own business!

Davis: You called him... Kokomon?

Willis: I said, mind your own business! I gotta go!

Veemon comes running down the hill, with Terriermon sitting on top of him.

Veemon: Davis, check this out!

Davis: Huh? What are you guys doing?

Veemon stops running and lifts his feet off the ground as the wind catches Terriermon's ears, and lifts them both into the air.

Davis: Hey, looks like fun!

Davis runs around on the ground below them, as they go past Willis.

Willis: Be careful, Terriermon.

Terriermon: Loosen up, Willis! It's fine!

Willis: Just be careful...

Davis comes running up the embankment past Willis.

Davis: Dude, wait for me!

Willis: Watch out for that...


The damaged signpost from earlier spins slightly as the noise of a collision can be heard.

Willis: ...sign.

Davis, Terriermon and Veemon (who has reverted to DemiVeemon because of the impact) have run (and flown) smack into a sign for an airline. Davis peels himself off it, and flops onto the ground beside the two Digimon.

Davis: I meant... to do that...

Willis covers his face.

Willis: I tried to warn you...

The three of them look up at Willis with red, swollen faces.

Davis: Next time, you wanna speak up a little...

DemiVeemon: I'm DemiVeemon again!

Terriermon: Willis is too quiet...

Willis: Shut UP, Terriermon. Anyway, are you all okay?

Terriermon: Like I said, I'm fine.

Davis staggers around, clutching his nose.

Davis: Yeah, well I'm n... uh....

Davis looks up, sees Willis, and cuts himself off. He strikes a manly, muscle-flexing pose to show that he's fine.

Willis: Japanese kids are so weird sometimes...

Willis walks down the embankment a little.

Willis: So, you can Digivolve too, Terriermon... come on, let's get hiking! We might catch another truck!

Terriermon: Willis... there might not be another truck... just look at what we did to the road.

We see several smoking craters blasted into the road and surrounding greenery. Terriermon jogs over to Willis and takes his hand.

Terriermon: Y'know, I wish you were a little shorter... anyway, we should all go together.

Davis looks on, as the wind blows his hair a little.


Time passes - the sun hangs low in the sky.

Davis: Why do you want to go to Summer Memory? What's there for you?

Veemon and Terriermon are running around as before, with Terriermon on Veemon's shoulders, only this time, they're not really flying, they're just messing around.

Terriermon: Whee! I'm flying!

Veemon: I'm not as good at it as you are!

Terriermon: At least you're doing all the work!

Davis and Willis sit in the shade of a billboard.

Davis: I heard you say something about a flower field, before. What did you mean?

Terriermon hears this, and as he turns to look, the wind catches his ears and blows him off of Veemon, who falls over and rolls along the ground.

Terriermon: Sorry, Veemon!

Veemon: That's okay. Hey... that Digimon, Kokomon... you guys know something about him?

Terriermon: Kokomon... is...

Willis: Terriermon!

Terriermon runs over to Willis.

Terriermon: Willis... if you tell them... it might help bring the other kids back...

Davis: Whaddaya mean?

Terriermon: Kokomon wants something from those kids.

Davis: How do you know that?

Terriermon: Because... he's...

Willis and Terriermon look at each other.


Davis realises they don't want to talk, and respects that.

Davis: Ah, either way, we'd better get to Summer Memory!

Veemon: No problem, I can handle that!

Digivolution sequence.

Davis: Digi-Armour, Energise!

Veemon: Veemon, Armour Digivolve to...

Raidramon: ...Raidramon! The Storm of Friendship!

Davis: Anybody call for a ride?

Terriermon: That's cool!

Willis: He looks different than he did before...

Raidramon carries Davis and Willis on his back, with Terriermon hanging onto his tail, across the fields, leaping over fences, as the trio whoop their approval. Three young children spot them, and run alongside for a little while.

Davis: Hey, which way to Summer Memory?

The kids all point in the same direction.

Davis: Hey, why so quiet?

Willis: Oh, uh...

Davis: What?

Willis: ...all those kids are looking. Your Digimon IS cool, though - he can Digivolve so many ways!

Davis: You know it! *laughs* Kari! Wait for me!


(Note: In Japan, the length of this movie meant it was split in two and aired as a double-feature. This part ends with the 02 logo, and the voices of the kids shouting: "Digimon Adventure Zero Two," follow by Willis saying, in English, "To be continued!)