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The numbering for the sets switches from Roman to Arabic with season three.

Set 39Digimon included in these sets who had been in previous ones were newly-moulded figures - notably characters like Agumon and several of his forms got properly proportioned 1.5" moulds for the first time.

Sets 44-46 contained a special figure of the Tamer in question, standing over 3" tall. The rest of the sets were made up of re-releases of their Digimon's forms.Set 43

Some of these sets were released in some areas of Europe, but which ones are not fully known.


2.5" Action Feature Guilmon2.5" ACTION FEATURE DIGIMON

Calumon IIEach of these figures came packaged with a sticker of the Digimon.

Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon II, Gatomon II, Togemon, MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon were re-released from the previous two years, now in season three packaging.

MegaGargomon's packaging erroniously identified him as "MegaGuardromon." This was changed for later releases of the figure.

It is believed that Guardromon and Beelzemon Bluster Mode may only have been available in Canada. Gallantmon Crimson Mode may not have been released in North America at all, though it was released in Asia.

Rapidmon, Leomon, Andromon, Cyberdramon, Guardromon, Gallantmon, Sakuyamon, MegaGargomon, Beelzemon, Justimon, Calumon II, Gallantmon Crimson Mode and Beelzemon Bluster Mode were not released in Europe.


Continued imports of Japan's D-Real line, only this year the Digi-Warriors paintjobs were inferior to the Japanese originals', as this year introduced the poor paintjobs that continue to plague the toyline, with many details being blantantly and deliberately left out in the painting process - although packaging and catalogues showed images of the toys fully painted. Pictures shown here are images used in advertising the D-Reals.

Digi-Warrior RapidmonGallantmon and MegaGargomon are slightly different to their Japanese counterparts, in that they did not come with some accessories. Gallantmon originally came with interchangeable forearms, while MegaGargomon had a set of smaller ears.

Digi-Warrior TaomonBeelzemon was first released with red guns, due to hypersensitivity on toy gun issues in the wake of 9/11. Later releases of the toy came with black guns.

Andromon and SaberLeomon were Bandai of America moulds, and received very limited distribution, reaching only a few areas, in highly limited amounts.

It is believed that Justimon, Gallantmon Crimson Mode and Beelzemon Bluster Mode were only available in Canada.

Some of these toys were released in some areas of Europe.


Each of these figures came packaged with one trading card, of the toy's higher form.

Digivolving Cyberdramon/JustimonWith the obvious exception of Agumon/WarGreymon, all these moulds are American made, evident from the new moulds' low-quality paintjobs.

This year introduced "metalized" toys - figures decorated with chromed metallic paint. WarGreymon, Digmon and Early model Digivolving MagnaAngemon/SeraphimonFlamedramon were re-released in season three packaging with this paint, and the three main Tamers Digivolvers soon followed.

The picture of MagnaAngemon/Seraphimon used on packaging and in catalogues was quite different from the finished product, moulded in a different colour of plastic (white instead of blue) and with a different set of wings. See this toy pictured at left.

It it thought that all these toys were released in Europe - however, while Guardromon, Leomon and Cyberdramon were all pictured in catalogues, thus far the only one that Digivolving Leomon/SaberLeomonanyone can confirm was definitely released is Leomon.

Additionally, in their part of the world, Bandai Asia advertised:

Note that Bandai Asia and Bandai Japan are not the same company. Bandai Asia releases the American toys for Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The four figures listed above are Bandai Asia products, but as you can see, are all made from moulds that had already been released in America. This American connection is why I choose to list these figures here. However, these figures are not listed on Bandai Asia's website, and as yet I can find no evidence that they actually saw release anywhere.

Warp-Digivolving Omnimon8" WARP-DIGIVOLVING FIGURES

All of these toys, except Omnimon, were American moulds. Omnimon was a Japanese mould, but did not include the original version's cape, and also had solid feet, instead of the Japanese version's poseable ones. And of course, it had a poorer Warp-Digivolving Guilmon/GallantmonWarp-Digivolving Terriermon/MegaGargomonpaintjob.

Gallantmon/Crimson Mode features metalized paint as standard.

The version of Gallantmon/Crimson Mode in purple window box packaging has only had one reported sighting, on Ebay. Nothing is known about it.

Omnimon was released in some areas of Europe. The other figures were apparently not.

Guilmon Deluxe PlaysetDELUXE PLAYSETS

Terriermon Deluxe PlaysetEach Digimon opens to reveal a diorama with miniature figures, and comes with additional pieces to Digivolve them.

As is the case with Bandai, the names of Ebonwumon and Zhuqiaomon are reversed.

None of these toys were released in Europe.


Action Interactive Guilmobn



As the only toy in the Digi-Interactive range, Interactive Guilmon is a 20" tall electronic figure of the character, who, via the use of two sensors on his head, can talk, jump and, by involving his one accessory, a cartoon meat-on-a-bone, "eat." He speaks over 13 phrases, though unfortunately, Steve Blum's voice is nowhere to be heard - instead, like the Season Two talking figures, it's just a random person doing a bad voice. Notably, the toy appears to have been somewhat rare - the fact that it took until 2004 for this writer to even learn of it's existence seems to validate that!



The D-Power Digivice was available in red (Takato), green (Henry) and blue (Rika). Each came with a card to swipe, and a connector cable and software that enabled users to play online.

The D-Power was released in Europe, but the European version had a smaller screen, different programming, and as a result, did not come with the online materials. The card included was also different from the US version.

"Digimon World 3"

"Digimon Rumble Arena""Digimon: Digital Card Battle"All of these games were for the Playstation console.

All three of these games were released in Europe, Rumble Arena topping the Playstation charts for a week or two.

"Digimon World 3" was renamed "Digimon World 2003" in Europe, as "Digimon World 2" had not been released there.