Your guide to the manga adaptation of the TV series!

Seven kids at summer camp are unexpectedly transported by Digivices to a colourful and enigmatic world. Lost and alone, Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Joe, Mimi and TK are befriended by small digital monsters called Digimons. In times of crisis, these cute little creatures digivolve to defend the children from the dangers of the Digital World. Join Tai and his friends (with their Digimon pals) in their fight for survival as they search for a way home!
Digimon Vol 1
Lost but not alone, Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Joe, Mimi and TK are stranded in the strange land known as the Digital World with their very own Digimon at their sides. But the Digidestined kids are about to discover the secret of the Black Gear, the main reason why Digimon throughout the Digital World are going bad! But will they becable to help out in time before getting caught in the clutches of two of the Digiworld's worst villains?
Digimon Vol 2
The Digidestined and their Digimon must search for the remaining crests while avoiding the evil Etemon's far-reaching networks. When Tai is suddenly and mysteriously sent back to Earth, a host of new problems begin to appear: the vampire Digimon Myotismon surfaces, evil Digimon start passing into the real world, and the team discovers that a new Digidestined kid is somewhere on Earth! As the children fiercely battle to protect their world, their search for the eighth Digidestined begins!
Digimon Vol 3
The Digidestined find their homes and families in grave danger as their battle with the devious Myotismon moves from the Digital World to Earth! When the kids discover a mysterious prophecy regarding the power of the Vampire Digimon, they must race against time to find the eighth Digidestined. Will they be able to find the new kid in time to save our planet from digital doom? Meanwhile, new menaces lie in what back in the Digital World.
Digimon Vol 4
Matt has always been the loner of the group, but when his mind is clouded with dark forces, his already tenuous bond with the others is truly jeopardized. With inner turmoil threatening the ranks of the Digidestined, Apocalymon's devious plans of domination and destruction seem certain - especially with the insidious Puppetmon pulling the strings. Don't miss the action-packed conclusion to this exciting first series of Digimon!
Digimon Vol 5

Three years after the defeat of Apocalymon, dark powers begin to rise again in the DigiWorld. A mysterious foe calling himself the 'Digimon Emperor,' is on a campaign to enslave all Digimon. Armed with the power of his Dark Rings and his ominous Black Spires, this would-be DigiDictator will stop at nothing to achieve his goal of DigiDomination within the DigiWorld. Guided by previous members of the DigiDestined, a new team of kids must enter the dazzling Digital World and team up with the cute little creatures known as Digital Monsters to restore peace.
Digimon Zero Two Vol 1
Using their heads and their hearts, the new DigiDestined and their faithful Digital Monster companions have thwarted the Digimon Emperor. Unfortunately, the kids and their Digimon now face even greater challenges... including one very angry and confused BlackWarGreymon on a rampage. But even more worrisome is the devious Arukenimon, who seeks to destroy all of the DigiWorld's Destiny Stones - and open a gateway to Earth and total DigiDestruction!
Digimon Zero Two Vol 2

When three Digimon fans end up with real Digimon, they discover that taking care of a living creature is much more work than dealing with a few pixels on your TV screen. Each of our three would-be heroes must discover for themselves that being a Tamer means working together. Despite their differences, the Tamers strive to make life enjoyable for everyone!
Digimon Tamers Vol 1
Two worlds collide as the rift between the Digital World and our world grows unstable. It's a turf war as more and more Digimon start marking their territory on Earth. As further secrets about the invading Digimon are revealed, three new players get pulled into the Tamer ring.
Digimon Tamers Vol 2
As the six digital whix kids are thrust into the Digital Realm for the first time, it's going to take dexterity, determination and derring-do when the Tamers face off against the scariest monsters yet! With the help of some new friends - including Digimon legend Ryo Akiyama and even baddie Yamaki - Takato and company must rescue the kidnapped Calumon from the monkey-like paws of the sinister Makuramon!
Digimon Tamers Vol 3
Get ready to Digi-dive into this fantastic finale as the Tamers receive a full-on digital experience! The Tamers and Digimon merge - evolving beyond virtual and reality - to discover the ultimate Digivolution ... and more importantly the power of friendship and responsibility.
Digimon Tamers Vol 4