I know that I said for episodes that I wouldn't be going on about edits and things, but there's no way around it for "Digimon: The Movie" - unlike the episodes, "Digimon: The Movie" had it's plot re-written from the three Japanese movies which make it up. But what can you do? I swear, if I hear the word "butchered" one more time...

Angela Anaconda Short

I don't mind the Angela Anaconda show. Really, I don't. I mean, it's WEIRD. But it's watchable, if there's nothing else on. But this little vignette made me want to cry. I just cringed in my seat in the theatre when I saw it, it was so horrible. Angela and her friends have been waiting in line to see the Digimon movie, but Nanette and her two followers get in ahead of them. However, when Angela bumps a sign, all the kids wind up in the wrong theatre, but they don't find out before Angela has one of her fantasty sequences where she and her friends Digivolve to bash Nanette about. God, just shoot me now, why don't you?

Opening Titles - Movie 1: "Digimon Adventure" or "Highton View Terrace, Japan, Eight Years Ago"

The CGI visuals were nice, but the bouncing stills of the Digimon weren't such hot snot. It also sounded to me like the Digi-Rap (which I don't mind, y'know) was sped up.
While the first part of the movie is definitely the most boring part (relatively speaking), that's not to say that it doesn't have it's plus points. For one, it helps the eyes adjust to the new animation style, as it is considerably far removed from what the TV show has to offer. And also, of course, it finally fills us in on the details of the Digimon battle witnessed by the kids which led to their becoming DigiDestined, as shown in the TV episodes, "Return to Highton View Terrace" and "The Ultimate Clash." Audiences had a long time to wait from these episodes until the movie, but their answers are delivered.
The "Big Agumon" intruiges me, because he is animated and written like a dumb animal, which I particularly like. He just sniffs around and reacts violently to anything that he doesn't like the look of. It's interesting to see how intelligence can be affected by Digivolving - he doesn't seem to really care that he's putting Kari danger when he's Agumon, but when he becomes Greymon, he wants to protect them.
I found the battle sequence between Parrotmon and Greymon to be intensely enjoyable - I think it was because I really like the remix job done of the Digimon theme tune for the movie, and felt that it complimented the scene well. "Going Digital," on the other hand, was not as well-placed.

Movie 2: "Our WarGame" or "Four Years Later"

Probably the most enjoyable of the three movies, the second portion of the feature tells the story of how a Digimon hatches out on the Internet, and begins to consume data, threatening all technology as we know it. It rapidly Digivolve to it's Mega stage of Diaboromon after battles with the DigiDestined's Digimon, and then launches nuclear missiles in an attempt to destroy the DigiDestined for good. Only the fusion of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon into the powerful Omnimon saves the day.
I despise when people call this movie "butchered." The only main change is that Willis, a DigiDestined from Colorado, created Diaboromon (whereas in the original, he was the personification of the Y2K bug). A few minor chages occur as a result of this one, but certainly not enough to consider the movie butchered.
Having grown used to the animation of the movie now, it's interesting to look for little animation "easter eggs" in this movie. For example, when WarGreymon punches Diaboromon in their first battle, if you pause your VCR, you can see Diaboromon's eyes bug right out of his sockets like a comedy cartoon. Other little things you can spot are the inclusion of future DigiDestined Ryo and Yolei, as well as errors like Keramon missing half his body when Agumon and Tentomon sneak up on him, and Diaboromon's head changing colour from time to time. The animation comes across as really smooth, particuarly on Matt and Tai when they are in the Internet, as they have no outlines, and move very realistically.
The music in this part of the movie is well synched and very complimentary - "One Week," "Here We Go," "All My Best Friends Are Metalheads," "Let's Kick It Up" and "The Impression That I Get" play mosty during montage and battle sequences, which work well.
I believe some things were editing in this part of the movie for the video release, as well. When Izzy says "That's the only way we have access to the Internet," in the theatre, he pronounced it "oxcess," while on the video release, it was "access." Similary, in the theatre, Omnimon said "Supreme Cannon" twice while shooting at the Diaboromon, and only once on the video.

Movie 3 - "Digimon Hurricane Touchmon/Supreme Evolution: The Golden Digi-Eggs" or "Present Day"

...and THIS is where it all goes wrong. This movie tells the tale of Willis, the DigiDestined from Colorado, who is on the run from his rogue Digimon partner, Kokomon, who has been infected by the virus which mutated Diaboromon four years prior. T.K. and Kari call the other 02 DigiDestined in to help, and together, they battle Kokomon, until he Digivolves to his Mega form. Angemon and Angewomon transform to their Mega forms of Seraphimon and Magnadramon, and release the Golden Digi-Eggs, allowing Veemon and Terriermon to become Magnamon and Rapidmon to finish Kokomon off.
Now, while that might sound okay written out like that, it's very annoying when you're aware of just how much was changed from the original Japanese version. Furthermore, this movie is not supposed to exist in the same timeline as the other movies and the series, so Angemon and Angewomon going Mega and the existence of the Golden Digi-Eggs does nothing but confuse those who don't know how much was changed (ie: The little kids Saban does it's damndest to cater to).
In the original version, Kokomon had not been infected with the Diaboromon virus (Willis had no hand in creating Diaboromon), but was sucked into another dimension. This happened around the time of the Parrotmon/Greymon battle, not the Diaboromon battle. In the dimension, a virus he had been infected with made Kokomon go slightly nuts, and then, in the present day, he began his search for Willis. Not knowing what Willis looked like, he set about capturing all the DigiDestined, and bringing them to the other dimension, which reversed ageing, turning them back into children - the age they were when Kokomon was separated from Willis. That is the reason the other 02 DigiDestined are called in by T.K. and Kari. Furthermore, the fight sequences in the movie were all chopped up and some were rearranged, and basically, the US movie stops making sense when Kerpymon appears, as the other dimension, the Angels going Mega and the Golden Digi-Eggs are not explained. And Kokomon was not dancing at the end! ARGH!
That said, the animation of this movie was superior to either of the other two, and I have to admit, for all the cutting up they did, they were able to put the movie back together rather well (there are still some holes, but Saban ain't perfect). The pace of the movie is rather fast, however - while it's easy enough to follow, the original melancholy feel of the Japanese version gets lost somewhere underneath "Run Around," "Strange" and "Hey Digimon."

End Credits

Hey, they misspelled Seraphimon, dagnabbit!


There were other things they could have done, one supposes - release the movies on video individually, show them as specials on TV... but what it all comes down to is money. Moolah. Greenbacks. Spoondoolicks. Saban makes more money by releasing the movie in theatres, then on video, and they'll assuredly show it on TV in years to come. To quote my friend Susan - "the biggest moneyspinner was the biggest disappointment for hardcore fans."

Rating: 3 out of 5 - if they just hadn't cut so much, it would have got 4.