#1 - “Enter Flamedramon”
Three new DigiDestined are chosen to save the DigiWorld from the clutches of the evil Digimon Emperor.
The storyline of this episode is too fast-paced for my liking - it’s obvious that the writers are attempting to set up the new status quo of the season as fast as they can. The storyline is choppy at best, but serves it’s purpose, introducing us to the new characters and setting up the basis for the first story arc. The animation style is notably different from the previous season - the art is not as angular, and is smoother for it. The episode lacks substance, presumably because the writers thought it would gain high viewing figures as it was a season premiere.
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

#2 - “The Digiteam Complete

Davis is captured by the Digimon Emperor, and Yolei and Cody must find their Digi-Eggs and Digimon to help free him.
This episode flows much better than the first, with a more solid story, and a proper introduction to the Digimon Emperor. It is especially nice to see the old DigiDestined again, and setting up the relationship between them and the new team, as well as gaining more insight into the personalities of the new kids. The animation is of the usual standard.
Rating: 3 out of 5

#3 - “A New Digitude”
T.K. and Kari discover their Digi-Eggs, and Patamon and Gatomon Armour Digivolve to save the new kids from the Emperor’s wrath.
This episode seems to serve little point other than to introduce Pegasusmon and Nefertimon. But that said, at least it has a smooth, uninterrupted storyline, plus it introduces us to Ken Ichijouji. The major drawback is that it is made glaringly obvious within the space of five minutes that he is the Digimon Emperor.
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

#4 - “Iron Vegiemon”
Matt and Gabumon join up with the new team to take on RedVegiemon and destroy one of the Emperor’s Control Spires.
Low on plot, high on action - even if most of the action is the result of Veemon’s desire to cheer Davis up, which is pretty dumb. Matt has matured since his 01 days, so he is a welcome addition to the cast this episode, able to actually do something, rather than spend most of the time arguing, as he used to do in the first season. Gabumon’s return is likewise enjoyable. This episode is important in that it introduces us to Control Spires, which play a major role in the rest of the series.
Rating: 3 out of 5

#5 - “Old Reliable”
Joe and Gomamon aid the team in battle with the Emperor in the frozen North.
Joe and Gomamon have always been a great double act, and it’s good seeing them on form again in this episode. The storyline is straightforward, and the animation is of the usual standard, plus this episode showcases the first new non-DD Digimon for this season, Ebidramon. Plus we are shown more of the relationship between Wormmon and the Emperor. This episode gets a higher rating not because it’s great, or anything, but simply because it is better than all that have gone before.
Rating: 3 out of 5

#6 - “Family Picnic”
Mimi goes on a picnic in the DigiWorld with the new team, but she and Yolei are separated from the team, and are attacked by the Roachmon Brothers.
The formula of this episode - bring back an old character, destroy a Control Spire - has been used in the previous two, and is now growing tired. The Roachmon Brothers make an amusing comedy act, but the Emperor’s involvement in this episode is limited, and will only decrease as his arc goes on (with the exception of the MetalGreymon three-parter). Yolei’s bizarre “Mimi fantasy” seems to be a major turn-off point for fans in this episode, resulting in it being considered one of the worst of the series, but really, it isn't that bad.
Rating: 3 out of 5

#7 - “Guardian Angel”
Kari is trapped in a city of Gardromon, and it’s up to Davis and T.K. to rescue her - but the Emperor sends Andromon to take care of them once and for all!
This episode is, happily, a departure from the formula of the previous three. It also helps to expand on the responsibility T.K. feels for Kari’s safety, which will play an important role in later episodes. It’s also nice to see Angemon and Andromon again, but this episode is still essentially filler material before the Emperor’s true identity is exposed - although anyone with half a brain will have figured out that it is Ken Ichijouji by now, thanks to the characters doing all but saying he is the Emperor.
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

#8 - “Ken’s Secret”
Davis plays the famous Ken Ichijouji in a soccer match, but is then subjected to mind-games by the Digimon Emperor. In a scuffle, the Emperor’s true identity is revealed.
This episode is certainly the best of the series so far. The animation is slightly above normal standard, and the soccer match scenes are well done (particularly thanks to the well done music-synching for the dub, at least). Ken is excellently portrayed here – his two-faced nature at this time is evident, due in part to some very good acting from Derek Stephen Prince. The Emperor’s threats to Davis are cruel, and a rather nasty concept so early on in the series.
I still have one BIG problem here, though.



This episode would have been SO much better if the writers had actually TRIED to hide the fact that Ken was the Emperor. They should have introduced a bunch of other supporting characters over the course of the opening episode, and made a few hints towards them, too. The revelation that Ken is the Emperor – being the big moment the series has been moving towards for the last little while – falls totally flat.
Rating: 3 out of 5

#9 - “The Emperor’s New Home”
Ken runs away from home to live in the DigiWorld, and then captures Greymon, who Digivolves into SkullGreymon and is unleashed upon the DigiDestined.
This episode’s major problem is that it wastes time. A lot of it is simply Ken remembering mostly extraneous things, and the DigiDestined sitting around and talking about him. If the pace had been picked up, it’s likely that this could have been
compressed with another episode to give a more “complete” story. SkullGreymon’s return is welcome, although the animators certainly didn’t break the budget with Greymon’s dull, uninspired Digivolve sequence.
Rating: 2 out of 5

#10 - “The Captive Digimon”
(No review)

#11 - “Storm of Friendship”
The DigiDestined are on the trail of the Emperor and MetalGreymon, and find the Digi-Egg of Friendship along the way.
“Storm of Friendship” is the perfect example of a Digimon episode that didn’t quite get the formula for a good story right. Davis’s issues with friendship - while they may be necessary character building - essentially come from nowhere, and are rammed home in a ham-fisted, cringe-worthy manner. No offence to Davis fans, but he and his problems basically get in the way of what could have been a much better episode. I know that I for one would much rather have had MetalGreymon razing some cities with a dominant sense of hopelessness, rather than listening to Davis whine. Also, the animation of this episode was sub-par, which does nothing to support it’s flailing storyline.
Rating: 2 out of 5

#12 - “The Good, the Bad and the Digi”
Biyomon is captured by Starmon, and Sora travels to the DigiWorld with the new team to help her.
It puzzles me that many consider “The Good, the Bad and the Digi” one of the season’s worst episodes. While it is clearly filler, it is one of the better examples of filler episodes in the season, as it is intended as nothing more than comedy. Starmon and Deputymon are walking jokes - so I suppose I can see why they would grate on people’s nerves - and the episode is full of sight-gags, such as Starmon’s lunch box, Armadillomon and Veemon’s drooling, and Starmon’s little “video-game” power-up action, which gave me a chuckle.
Rating: 3 out of 5

#13 - “His Master’s Voice”
Kari is sucked into a strange new dimension, and it’s up to T.K. to save her from it’s dark inhabitants.
“His Master’s Voice” is without question the best episode of the Emperor arc thus far. The storyline is dark and mysterious, and the above-par animation compliments this well, making the scenes in the World of Darkness very atmospheric and creepy. T.K. and Kari’s connection is enhanced (although the dub would have us believe that there is more to it than simple friendship). Also, for the dub, this episode featured the highest quality voice acting so far in the series, but that is largely because a lot of dialogue was added in where there had been silence in the original, meaning the actors did not have to lip synch. However, this episode loses points for setting up intriguing plot aspects which were never fully explored or explained in the series.
Rating: 4 out of 5

#14 - “The Samurai of Sincerity”

The new kids get into some trouble at Digitamamon’s diner, where they meet Mimi, and her friend Michael, a DigiDestined from America.
“The Samurai of Sincerity,” like “Storm of Friendship,” almost gets it right, but doesn’t quite make it. The episode essentially falls apart half-way through, when the focus is suddenly shifted around. Gorillamon’s appearance is brief and unnecessary, and Yolei’s outburst about sincerity is too sudden, clumsily done, and certainly not the normal reaction one would to such a situation. As with Davis in “Storm of Friendship,” Yolei and her issues get in the way of the more important aspect of the episode, which is to say, the existence of other DigiDestined in the world. Positive points in this episode, however, are explanation on how Davis, Yolei and Cody became DigiDestined, the highest quality animation in an 02 ep yet, and Shurimon’s slick Digivolve sequence. However, Shurimon’s first appearance seems rushed. Michael seems to be the reason a lot of people dislike this episode - and even then, it is only because of his dub voice and personality, which is a rather pathetic reason for disliking the ep (though there are plenty of other reasons to dislike it!). Yes, he is an over-the-top character, but is obviously intended as such.
Rating: 2 out of 5

#15 - “Big Trouble In Little Edo”

The Emperor takes control of ShogunGekomon’s village, and the DigiDestined are required to save the day.
This episode is filler in it’s worst form. The storyline jumps about all over the place, and the animation is only average, and doesn’t help to keep the sagging plot afloat. However, it is nice that Shurimon actually gets a decent showcasing this episode, as his first appearance in the previous one was hurried.
Rating: 1.5 out of 5

#16 - “20,000 Digi-Leagues Under the Sea”

The DigiDestined are trapped in an off-shore oil platform, and it’s up to Cody to brave his fear of the ocean to get help.
While this episode is hardly a masterpiece, when compared to the several low-quality episodes that have immediately preceded it, it is clearly a much better put-together
episode. The storyline is fluid, and there is much more “real” character interaction, rather than just cracking jokes and yelling orders in the middle of battle. Whamon’s return is nice (although in the original Japanese version, this Whamon is not actually the same Whamon that helped the kids in 01), and Submarimon’s introduction is well-executed, as he stays around until the end of the episode, not reverting back to Armadillomon the second the battle is over, meaning his showcase does not have the rushed feeling that Shurimon’s did.
Rating: 3 out of 5

#17 - “Ghost of a Chance”

As DigiDestined old and new celebrate the anniversary of the first trip to the DigiWorld, strange goings-on plague the Odaiba TV station.
A delightful, solid episode. It’s great to finally have all the DigiDestined together for the first time, and for 01 continuity to finally be well integrated into 02. Wizardmon’s return is exceedingly welcome, even if it is only limited. The In-Trainings also finally get full Digivolve sequences. However, this episode suffers from what is categorically the worst animation in an 02 episode thus far, which seriously detracts from the viewing experience.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

#18 - “Run Yolei Run”

The DigiDestined discover the location of the Emperor’s base, and plan to stay in the DigiWorld until they have destroyed it.
The Emperor has been practically for this latter portion of his arc, which does not help his reputation as a villain. He does slightly more than nothing this episode, but is still not appearing as much as an arc villain should. This episode is of fair quality, but Yolei’s actions and outbursts are more than just a little out of character for her, given what we have seen of her so far (and I swear to God, if the dub has Gatomon make another cat joke, I will SCREAM!)
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

#19 - “The Digimon Emperor’s Revenge,” Pt. 1 - “An Old Enemy Returns”
The Digimon Emperor voyages into the Dark Whirlpool, where he harvests Devimon’s data, and uses it to finish his own Digimon, Kimeramon, which he unleashes on the DigiDestined.
02 finally picks up with this quality episode. The animation is above average, and the storyline is exciting, bringing back the first villain of 01. However, Devimon’s appearance is largely unexplained, and later tied to the World of Darkness, but full revelations still elude us, which irritates. T.K. and Ken’s fist-fight, although cut down a tiny bit by the dub, is excellent - the animation is perfect; you can really feel the force behind T.K.’s punch. This particular confrontation also begins to hint at T.K.’s anger when it comes to darkness, which will be important later in the series. Kimeramon is nothing if not fearsome.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

#20 - “The Digimon Emperor’s Revenge,” Pt. 2 - “The Darkness Before Dawn”

The Digimon Emperor cuts a swathe of destruction through the DigiWorld with his fortress and Kimeramon, and the DigiDestined invade his base to shut him down.
Again, animation on this episode is above average, which certainly amplifies the atmosphere within the Emperor’s throne room, as he slowly becomes unhinged. The DigiDestined’s fights with the Bakemon squadrons are annoying though, because the second fight is identical to the first - the footage is simply played again, except the film is flipped. It has a sense of cheapness about it which should not be present for this exciting arc-ending trilogy. Also, the same feeling is present when we see that Veemon’s change into Magnamon is identical to the footage from the movie. None the less, the episode is a good one.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

#21 - “The Digimon Emperor’s Revenge,” Pt. 3 - “The Crest of Kindness”

Magnamon battles with the out-of-control Kimeramon, and Wormmon’s sacrifice leads to the Emperor’s reversion to his true persona.
This episode is a fitting end to the Emperor arc, with an exciting, well-paced plot, and animation of a higher quality than usual - check out those explosions inside the base near the start of the episode! The Emperor’s defeat comes at just the right time in the episode - not too early, so that the episode drag, and not too late, so that it’s rushed. Wormmon's death is quite shocking - he does effectively explode, after all. I imagine it would be even more shocking if you a) didn’t know it was coming, and b) didn’t know he was coming back in two episode’s time. And a little comedy from Matt and June rounds the episode out nicely. Perfectly balanced.
Rating: 4 out of 5

#22 - “Davis Cries Wolfmon"

Davis tries to trick Veemon into Digivolving, but only winds up annoying Tortomon.
This episode’s light-hearted nature is in direct contrast to the more serious trilogy of episodes beforehand, but that shouldn’t necessarily make it worse. However, this episode had some irritating flaws. Veemon’s crush on Gatomon comes from nowhere, and is mentioned only once more in the rest of the series (that’s 38 more episodes). There is the question of why Veemon does not Armour Digivolve to fight Tortomon, rather than just running from him. And why do none of Davis’s tricks work, anyway? Veemon thought the monster was real, and the bridge collapsing WAS real, so why could he not Digivolve
until Tortomon came along? Also, when Veemon finally does Digivolve, Davis holds up his Digivice expectantly, as if he KNOWS Veemon is going to be able to Digivolve. It was nice that ExVeemon stayed around to the end of the episode, making his introduction feel solid and not rushing (Shurimon! Argh!).
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

#23 - “Genesis of Evil”

Ken dreams of his past, and recalls how he became the Digimon Emperor.
This is definitely the darkest episode of Digimon. While I said that I would not make comments on dub changes, I just have to point out that this episode contained only ONE joke, AND it was written by Jeff Nimoy to boot. Animation quality is above par, and the sunset sequence in Sam’s bedroom is very pleasing to the eye - and I know that *I* was startled when Ken looked up at Sam and saw the Emperor looking back. Desire to slap the Ichijoujis remains, but they can’t help being idiots... This episode also begins the big “Ryo” issue - Ryo being the boy in Ken’s flashback. No explanation is ever given on him in the show, so many fans who do not know of the Japanese video games are left in the dark about him. This episode essentially marks the transitions from evil Ken to good Ken, and gets the ball rolling for the rest of the series. The only thing the episode is missing is an action sequence - and while I know not all fans would want one in such a meaningful episode, Saban’s target audience were no doubt bored by this ep.
Rating: 4 out of 5

#24 - “If I Had a Tail Hammer”

The DigiDestined continue their rebuilding, but as Armadillomon first Digivolves into Ankylomon, there are signs of another evil on the horizon.
There isn’t a lot to say about this episode. The plot, pace and structure are all fine - nothing is wrong, but nothing really leaps out at you either (aside from the fact that Digimon goes all out of proportion when he shifts around when Thundermon attacks). Ankylomon’s Digivolve is handled better than ExVeemon’s, but Ankylomon is drawn a lot bigger in this episode than he is later on. Stingmon is great, and Arukenimon, even in her role as the “mysterious woman,” oozes evil.
Rating: 3 out of 5

#25 - “Spirit Needle”

The mysterious woman’s influence is felt as a Golemon appears to attack a dam, and Yolei must confront her feelings about Ken.
Again, there’s not much to say about “Spirit Needle.” Pace and structure are good, but the plot is a little weak, although it does introduce us to Aquilamon (in a way which is better than certain other Digimon I could mention were introduced thus far in the season), and reveals a bit more about Arukenimon. And of course, there’s that Kenyako pairing evidence/foreshadowing...
Rating: 3 out of 5

#26 - “United We Stand”

The reactor to the Emperor’s base threatens to explode, and the DigiDestined need Ken’s help to stop it - but the mysterious woman isn’t about to let that happen. However, she hasn’t counted on the power of DNA Digivolving!
This episode marks another notable increase in quality. Davis’s character continues to evolve and deepen as he shows his faith and belief in Ken, who has to deal with his grief over his brother’s death, and the feeling of no control over his own life, as he learns that he was under Arukenimon’s control as the Emperor. Angemon finally gets to reappear, but it’s all too brief. The DNA Digivolve sequence for Stingmon and ExVeemon is visually impressive, marking the
arrival of CGI Digivolve sequences in 02 - but when you stop to think about it, ExVeemon and Stingmon have only been around for four and two episodes respectively. They went Ultimate kinda fast. Animation on this episode is above par, and the storyline is well put together.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

#27 - “Fusion Confusion”

Paildramon battles Okuwamon as the DigiDestined try to stop the explosion, and then learn more about DNA Digivolving from Izzy.
This episode is a great showcase introduction for Paildramon, who struts his stuff in style. The mysterious World of Darkness reappears, and it’s connection to Ken is hinted at a little more, which may seem good, but in the end, only winds up being annoying, as no closure was ever given on this topic. The plot device de jour, the Crest of Kindness, outlives it’s usefulness after this episode. Also, Omnimon makes his way into the series, as Izzy mentions him in a flashback sequence, which only serves to confuse fans who continue to wage the “Jogress vs. Fusion” argument. All in all, though, it’s a good episode which fully introduces a new and important concept - DNA Digivolving - to the series.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

#28 - “The Insect Master’s Trap”
The DigiDestined are lured to the Giga House by the mysterious woman, who then sends an army of insectoid Digimon against them, and uses her powers to take over Stingmon and Digmon’s minds!
Originally aired as part of a triple bill featuring “United We Stand” and “Fusion Confusion,” this episode stands out as having some of the best animation in 02 thus far – the inclusion of the “demon” head-enlarging effects on Davis and Cody are surprised, and amusing. The Giga House is a silly concept (not silly ha-ha, either), but despite a less-than-intelligent basis, the plot of the episode holds together well, although it’s really just one long fight scene. Some of the episode’s best scenes are between Ken and Cody – Ken is trying to make up for his past, but Cody isn’t buying it. It helps develop the character of Cody, who, by the end of the series, is clearly the most developed character from the cast. Davis seems a little dumber than usual in this episode, and it’s not through dub fault this time, as the original animation can show.
Rating: 3 out of 5

#29 - “Arukenimon’s Tangled Web”
The kids manage to break the mysterious woman’s hold over the insect Digimon, and in retaliation, she reveals her true form – Arukenimon, an Ultimate spider-woman Digimon!
An enjoyable episode, which picks up directly from the cliffhanger of the previous one – something that does not happen enough on Digimon. Arukenimon is finally revealed, although you would have to have been a fool not to have realised that she was a Digimon by now, thanks to the dub referring to her by name. What’s particularly good about this episode is the way that all the kids and Digimon get to beat up on Arukenimon in an intelligent series of moves – pepper, bug-spray, electric cords – rather than the usual mindless fight sequence of a Digimon episode. Mummymon’s last minute introduction is a bit “off” – it would have been nice if he had been introduced previously; as it stands, he just appears out of the blue.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

#30 - "Ultimate Anti-Hero"
Angered over her defeat, Arukenimon combines one hundred Control Spires to create the powerful BlackWarGreymon, who promptly defeats the DigiDestined in battle - but then turns on Arukenimon herself!
This is a good episode, with lots of character development of both our heroes and the villains, though the animation is out of the norm, and more "pointy" than usual - the opening scenes of this episode are rather reminiscent of the style used in "Digimon: The Movie."
Again, we see Cody and Ken refusing to work together, with Davis and Veemon as the butt of jokes early on in the episode - and very amusing jokes they are, too, perhaps because they (or something similar to them) existed in the original version of the show, and are not added by the dub. But at the same time, Davis's desire to see Cody and Ken as friends is clear - and this notion of teamwork that he has continues to develop as the series goes on (it is even present in the movie).
Mummymon's personality, and his relationship with Arukenimon, is clearly established in this episode, when she pushes him off a cliff, and when he hits the ground, he just wonders if it's love he feels. He will prove to be one of the series' more endearing characters, which is quite a feat for a villain!
BlackWarGreymon is a force to be reckoned with, and his refusal to follow Arukenimon's orders is a surprise, which leaves the viewer questioning him - right now, they might see him as just a warrior obsessed with fighting, but over the course of the next few episodes, that will definitely change.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

#31 - "Opposites Attract"
The search for Gatomon's tail ring inadvertently takes Ken, Yolei and Kari into the World of Darkness, and Gatomon and Aquilamon DNA Digivolve for the first time.
I feel that it was perhaps not the best strategy by the writers to introduce a brand new villain in the previous episode (BlackWarGreymon), and then to basically totally ignore him for the this one, beyond a few seconds at the episode's beginning, in favour of what is effectively a filler episode. However, despite that, this is a particularly strong episode, with above par animation, and further advancement of the Dark Ocean concept (though it is very irritating that no closure is ever given on the topic).
One VERY annoying thing is the infantile slapping of the characters that has been occurring lately. In "United We Stand," Davis slapped Ken, in "Ultimate Anti-Hero," Yolei slapped Ken, and in this episode, Kari slaps Yolei, then Kari slaps her back later on. It's stupid and childish - but then again, it is perhaps a better method of knocking some sense into a character than an emotional speech (which we still managed to get in this episode…).
Silphymon's introduction, I feel, was better orchestrated than Paildramon's - with Paildramon, it just sort of happened after Davis yelled at Ken for a few minutes. This time around, the whole episode has had Yolei and Kari interacting, bringing them closer together in preparation for the moment.
For filler - this rocks.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

#32 - "If I Only Had a Heart"
While Arukenimon and Mummymon turn their attention to the mystical Destiny Stones, BlackWarGreymon encounters Agumon.
This episode is slightly slow, but is integral to the current arc, in that it introduces the Destiny Stones, the driving force behind the next five episodes. We are also given insight into BlackWarGreymon's character - his exclamations during his battle with the Mammothmon are quite surprising (more for the fact that the dub included them, than anything else), and his talk with Agumon reveals more about his concerns. However, this talk tends to drag, and begins to become annoying after a while - you'd think that Agumon would be able to give some slightly more coherent answers than he does. The cliffhanger of the episode is a particularly exciting one… but read the review of the next episode to find out what went wrong.
Rating: 3 out of 5

#33 - "A Chance Encounter"
While on a class trip to the city of Kyoto, Yolei encounters Sora's father and Joe's brother - as well as BlackWarGreymon!
I was colossally let down by this episode from the very beginning, when I discovered that it didn't actually pick up from the cliffhanger at the end of the previous episode - it's not often that Digimon actually ends on a REAL cliffhanger, but when it does, I damn well expect the next episode to follow on from that, not just jump a day or two forward. Very annoying.
The rest of the episode is fine - while we do learn some information from Sora's father that will be important for the future, and while BlackWarGreymon manages to destroy another Destiny Stone, the episode on the whole smacks of filler material.
Point of interest: in episode 39, Kari says that it would be impossible for the kids to travel to other places around the world using the DigiWorld. Funny, then, isn't it, that Ken and Stingmon have absolutely no problem doing just that in this episode?
Rating: 3 out of 5

#34 - "Destiny in Doubt"
The kids race to stop BlackWarGreymon from destroying more of the Destiny Stones, and Angemon Digivolves to MagnaAngemon to battle him.
This episode is a little bland, beyond MagnaAngemon's reintroduction. There's no substance to the episode's plot - it's just BlackWarGreymon destroying two more Destiny Stones.
T.K. and Cody's interaction, however, is the episode's redeeming value. Cody continues to be the most developed character from the second season of the show, while it is good to see how the kids' first adventure has actually affected T.K. deeper than anyone thought. I know from experience, however, than little kids who watch the show simply don't "get" why T.K. is afraid.
Rating: 3 out of 5

#35 - "Cody Takes a Stand"
Another Destiny Stones is destroyed, and the DigiDestined have to mount a massive offensive to protect the next one - but it is all in vain, as BlackWarGreymon eliminates it.
Once more, the T.K./Cody interaction is dominant in the episode, which is good, as it means they are getting the biggest build-up to their Digimon DNA Digivolving. It's nice to see Ikkakumon, but I'm beginning to wonder why we so rarely get to see Gomamon.
The battle with BlackWarGreymon is great - everyone gets to let loose on him, and he STILL keeps coming, and defeats them all. It's an excellent showcase for BlackWarGreymon's power and determination.
BlackWarGreymon's talk with Cody is a little fudged by the dub, which doesn't explain properly the connotations between Cody and the flower that BlackWarGreymon is feeling - but perhaps more shocking is the fact that the dub actually included words like "kill" and "die," something that happens very rarely on kids' shows these days, due to those parents who like to shelter their children from reality.
T.K. and Cody's "moment" on the beach at the episode's conclusion proves that they understand each other now, setting the stage for the next episode.
Rating: 3 out of 5

#36 - "Stone Soup"
The seventh and final Destiny Stone is located, in a spring that Digitamamon is using to make soup. BlackWarGreymon, Arukenimon, Mummymon and the DigiDestined converge on it, and Angemon and Ankylomon DNA Digivolve into Shakkoumon to fight!
It is unusual that this episode, which is effectively the beginning of the end of the "BlackWarGreymon arc," is so light-hearted, which is in direct contrast to the rest of the arc, but I think that it is a better episode for it. It also helps that this episode has the best animation from an 02 episode yet, brought to us by the same animation studio that worked on "The Insect Master's Trap."
This episode is not light-hearted in the same way that "Davis Cries Wolfmon" is light-hearted: this episode is genuinely funny, with lots of physical and verbal comedy from all the characters, and with Arukenimon and Mummymon being the focus of a large portion of this episode. They certainly live up to the fan notion that they are spoofs on Jesse and James from Pokémon's Team Rocket, cracking puns and performing over-the-top antics, and even "blasting off" after a fashion towards the end of the episode. Mummymon in particular continues to become a fan favourite.
Some fans are confused over Arukenimon's "black pearl" comment, misconstruing it as an actual desire to get her hands on something called "The Black Pearl." She is actually referring to BlackWarGreymon, who she needs to get to destroy the final Destiny Stone, so the DigiWorld can become her "oyster." See? Oyster… pearl… get it?
One issue I would have with this ep is Cody and T.K. finally having their Digimon DNA Digivolve. When it happens, they act as if they expected it would. Now, granted, DNA Digivolving is pretty common at this point, what with Paildramon and Silphymon appearing every episode, but, still, there's something about that scene that doesn't seem quite right to me.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

#37 - "Kyoto Dragon"
Azulongmon is freed from his prison, and tells the DigiDestined the story behind their selection, the Digi-Eggs, the Dark Masters, and more.
It's disappointing that the BlackWarGreymon arc ends with such a poor example of an episode. It's all just talk, talk, talk, talk, TALK. BlackWarGreymon's departure is fairly well done, but there's no explanation of where he goes to, not even when he returns later in the series.
Azulongmon is an annoying bastard, due more than anything else to the number of ridiculous, out-of-place jokes that the dub inserts into his speech. Poor acting from all the other voice artists really drag the dub of this episode down even further. And, y'know, if Azulongmon is such a wise fella, you'd think he'd know a bit more than he's letting on.
The notion of the other Harmonious Ones is never expanded on - you'd think the DigiDestined, or Azulongmon himself, would try and free them. And there's the question of how the Dark Masters were ever able to beat creatures with the powers of GODS anyway.
A disappointing episode, which really reveals little information of importance, beyond perhaps the Digi-Egg of Miracles/Crest of Kindness business, and the fact there's another evil out there. Sub-par animation doesn't help, either.
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

#38 - "A Very Digi Christmas"
The DigiDestined bring the partner Digimon of the old DigiDestined into the real world to celebrate Christmas with them, and then go to Ken's Christmas party, only to have the festivities cut short when Digimon appear in the real world!
Perhaps the most controversial episode out of the entire Digimon series, "A Very Digi Christmas" breaks all the rules, and actually introduces REAL romance into the series. However, more fans maligned this occurrence than loved it, as the romance in question was "Sorato," the pairing of Sora and Matt. The romantic couplings of "Taiora" (Tai/Sora) and "Taito" (Tai/Matt) are both infinitely more popular than Sorato in the fan community, and this episode kicked up a serious fuss.
This is, needless to say, the talking point of the episode. Some other stuff happens… Davis almost says "Strip Poker" in the dub (quite amazingly)… we get to hear the full version of "Turn Around" by Matt's band - Matt's voice actor, Michael Reisz, is quite the singer… we get to see the old Digimon Digivolve again… Oikawa's introduction is suitably spooky, and excellently done… uhm, and some other things happen. No one really cares… Sorato, man!
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

#39 - "Dramon Power"
Gennai arrives on Earth and bestows the power of Azulongmon's Digi-Core on the Digimon, restoring the original eight's lost ability to Digivolve to Ultimate, and giving Paildramon the power to Mega Digivolve to Imperialdramon.
Following on from the events of "A Very Digi Christmas," this episode sets up the "Digimon World Tour" trilogy. It's enjoyable fare, with Imperialdramon's Digivolution being one of the best orchestrated of the series - and mighty cool looking, to boot. Mummymon gets in on the action, which is always welcome, and Oikawa lurks in the background. Gennai essentially sets up the whole plot of the World Tour in about five minutes - though it's funny that he DOESN'T TAKE THIRTY SECONDS TO EXPLAIN WHY HE'S A YOUNG MAN AGAIN!! Rrrgh!
Retroactive continuity blooper - Why are Yolei and Cody so surprised when Poromon and Upamon Digivolve to Rookie in the real world? They've done it before, in "Ghost of a Chance" and "A Chance Encounter," and just last episode, in "A Very Digi Christmas," they Digivolved to Rookie, then to Champion, and then DNA Digivolved! A little slip-up, methinks…
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

#40 - "Digimon World Tour, Pt. 1"
While Davis meets up with Mimi, Michael and the other American DigiDestined to battle a Cherrymon in New York, Kari and Izzy team up with the Poy Brothers in Hong Kong, to help a girl named Mina cross the India/China border.
I'll say it now - the World Tour three-parter is unadulterated filler material, which is very annoying, as it takes up important time when there are plenty of loose plot threads to be tied up. However, that said, it's still fun filler, with lots of action and different settings.
Mimi sports yet another new hairstyle in the "New York" segment of this episode, which sees the animators pulling out all the old models sheets from season one and drawing just about any Digimon they can think of. Would it really kill them to put in ones that hadn't appeared on the show before? Odd things include learning that Seadramon and Sukamon can fly - and there's some explanation for Michael's slightly hoity-toity nature, when we learn that his father is a movie star. And Lillymon's back! Yay!
Retroactive continuity blooper - Why are Mimi's parents so distressed when they see Lillymon? They were quite happy to see Palmon in "A Very Digi Christmas," when the montage sequence at the end showed them smiling happily in her presence.
The dub rather fudges up the "China" section of this episode, when the Poy Brothers are made to speak English, instead of Chinese, eliminating the language barrier that was present in the original version of the episode - Izzy instead has trouble explaining about being DigiDestined, rather than just basic communication.
The whole "crush on Kari" thing is getting tiresome, at this point. Kari, once a character who had a lot of promise, has, over the course of season two, despite the whole "threat of the darkness" business, been reduced to a giggling tease, who messes with boys' heads, particularly Davis.
There's those model sheets at work again for the border scene…
The New York section of this episode is great fun, and really colourful and "Christmassy," but the dull nature of the Chinese segment lets it down. But that Mummymon epilogue is really creepy…
Rating: 3 out of 5

#41 - "Digimon World Tour, Pt. 2"
Joe and Cody meet up with Aussie DigiDestined Derek in Australia, while Tai and T.K. save Catherine, a French DigiDestined, from the Mamemon brothers and Giromon.
This episode is probably the best of the three World Tour episodes. The Australian section is a hoot, with Joe's usual wry wit (a dub creation, yet fun nonetheless) poking through. Joe and Cody is perhaps the only sensible pairing in the World Tour story, and it's probably because of the fact that they mesh well that this segment of the episode comes off as one of the best.
The dub's Australian accents are well done too, which is a LOT more than can be said for the French ones. The erroneous pronunciation of "Coelamon" tended to grate on more-educated fans' nerves.
The French section is good, too, once the fighting actually starts. Beforehand, T.K.'s Grandfather's voice acting leaves something to be desired, and the whole over-run joke about "grandma" is annoying. When the fighting starts up, it's good stuff, though. We get to see the full Digivolve sequences for MetalGreymon and MagnaAngemon (when coupled with Zudomon's sequence from the previous segment, that's something no other World Tour episode offers), and there's even a bit of rarely seen lip-action when T.K. and Tai both kiss Catherine. And the Arukenimon epilogue gives me the willies.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

#42 - "Digimon World Tour, Pt. 3"
Ken and Matt encounter Rosa and her Gotsumon in Mexico, while Yolei and Sora have to deal with the language barrier to save Russia.
Definitely the worst of the World Tour Episodes. Fangirls will, of course, like the Matt/Ken Mexico segment which begins this episode, for little reason other than it's got Ken and Matt in it - but there's little else to it. Rosa is whiny - though it's nice that the dub kept her speaking at least some Spanish - and Wormmon acts HORRENDOUSLY out of character (and yet, is probably at his most amusing). Rosa's Gotsumon's full Digivolve sequence was a nice idea, but it's done cheaply, and the quality is markedly lower than that of a "real" Digivolve sequence.
WereGarurumon's return is nice, though - it has been over fifty episodes since he last appeared. You have to wonder, though - TWO Digimon? They came all this way, and there were only TWO Digimon? Bit of a waste.
The Russian segment is very badly done. Yolei and Sora do NOT make a good pairing - the characters are just too different to mesh well together, despite what their ONE scene together at the beginning of the series might have implied. The language barrier thing is funny at first, but Yolei's moronic charades grow very annoying, very quickly. We don't get Garudamon's sequence. And bluntly, the girls were going to lose if Imperialdramon hadn't shown up when he did for a cop-out ending.
One thing I'll give this episode is that the "Jingle Bells" montage sequence at the end is very nice - I always find myself singing along. And the Arukenimon epilogue is great also, setting up the new few episodes very well and drawing the viewer in.
All in all, though, a distinctly average episode, which gets a distinctly average rating.
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

#43 - "Invasion of the Daemon Corps"
Back in Tokyo, an evil cadre of Digimon appears, and the DigiDestined engage them in battle, only to be defeated by SkullSatamon. The other Digimon have to give their power to Imperialdramon, to allow him to Mode Change and defeat the enemy.
This episode marks the departure of Jeff Nimoy and Bob Buchholz, as well as a shift in the tone of the show, becoming grimmer as the season finale looms. This episode is written by Michael Sorich, but it starts poorly, with some very bizarre, and totally out of place dialogue from Davis. It does nothing but get better, though - more secrets of Ken's past are revealed, and the battle between the Digimon and SkullSatamon is nothing short of awesome, as all the old Ultimate Digimon appear again together for the first time since the end of season one. This episode also has what is categorically THE best animation from ANY 02 episode, brought to us by the same animator group that did "The Insect Master's Trap" and "Stone Soup."
Dub voice notes - Bob Pappenbrook does an excellent job as Daemon this ep. His voice is less whispery and hissing in his next two episodes, but still good. Also, for some reason, Sora and Yolei have different voices his episode! Apparently their voice actresses were indisposed, and have been replaced by Wendee Lee and Bridgette Hoffman respectively.
Other dub sound notes - There's a very brief bit in this episode, where we see a guy in car driving through a tunnel, and you hear a few notes of music from his car's radio. Now, the dub's background music is generally much of a muchness (though it has a much wider range than your average American cartoon show), so I always think it's nice when a scene has a bit of 'exclusive' music that you don't hear re-used over and over and OVER again, as the BGMs tend to be. This radio music is such an example. In fact, the only two other examples I can think of are the "Jingle Bells" music at the end of the previous episode, and the short burst of samba music in Veemon's daydream in "Davis Cries Wolfmon."
Rating: 4 out of 5

#44 - "Dark Sun, Dark Spore"
Ken is confronted by Oikawa, who reveals his link to his past. As the other Digimon battle and are forced to destroy the Daemon Corps, Oikawa copies Ken's Dark Spore into the 'kidnapped' children, when they are attacked by Daemon!
The Daemon three-parter continues, vaguely reminiscent of the Myotismon saga of season one. Cody and Yolei are given a firm smack in the chops this episode, when their Digimon are forced to destroy LadyDevimon and MarineDevimon - and it's really about damn time. Not that Yolei's "skateboard thwap attack" on LadyDevimon wasn't cool, though. Most of this episode is given over to explanation from Oikawa, however, all done very well by his voice actor, Jamieson Price.
Weird animation note - how come, in the truck, Oikawa is fully lit up, but the kids around him are in darkness? It's a very noticeable flaw. However, despite this, the animation remains above par.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

#45 - "The Dark Gate"
The kids confront Daemon, and repel him into the World of Darkness.
The final instalment of the Daemon three-parter - above average animation continues, and will continue until the end of the series. Daemon finally got to get his hands dirty this episode, and quickly became a fan favourite because of it. It's funny, but surprisingly little actually happens in this episode, yet it's still a damnably enjoyable one.
Why IS it that the characters talk about the Dark Ocean like it's part of the DigiWorld? It's been established in several episodes that it is "another world," and yet in this episode, T.K. talks like it's somewhere in the DigiWorld. Indeed, back in "Samurai of Sincerity," even resident smart aleck Izzy talked about it that way!
Funky scene note - Maybe it's just me, but I love that little part where Veemon and Wormmon jump off the top of the truck and blindside Arukenimon. "Vee Headbutt!" "Sticky Net!" Heh, go get her, guys!
Bloody Annoying Character note - My GOD, I wish Mrs. Ichijouji would shut the hell UP!! If Ken goes ANYWHERE, she bawls and wails! What is this woman's PROBLEM? I thought she WANTED him to have friends! For God's sake, I'll bet she goes through whole box of Kleenex if Ken stays in the BATHROOM for too long! ARGH!
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

#46 - "Duel of the WarGreymon"
The kids keep watch on the Dark Spore children, but BlackWarGreymon arrives on Earth, intending to destroy Oikawa - problem is, the DigiDestined need Oikawa to remove the Dark Spores, so ol' BWG's going to have to go through WarGreymon first!
This episode is all about butt-whup, boys and girls. WarGreymon and BlackWarGreymon's brawl is a regular clash of titans - once again, maybe it's just me, but I love a good "evil twin" fight. Negaduck... Venom... Captain Pollution... the Psycho Rangers... evil twins rock. This battle is done just right, not drawn out, and not too short. And I'll confess to getting giddy-happy upon seeing Agumon Warp-Digivolving again for the first time since the movie...
For the dub, Mummymon is at his comedic best. "It's going to be a good fight, maybe we should stay and watch!" A mon after my own heart!
And who's ever going to forget "No, no... it's my teddy bear, you can't have it!"
It would, however, have been nice to get some clarification of just where BlackWarGreymon has BEEN for the last nine episodes. Methinks there weren't actually any plans to use him again, but when the Japanese writing team moved around, and brought writers on who were going to end the series and start season three, he was plucked back from character limbo. But that's pure speculation, of course.
I also love that scene where Arukenimon and Oikawa are watching TV, and there's a conspiracy theorist on, talking about the monsters.
"The government got to you too, DIDN'T IT?!"
Rating: 4 out of 5

#47 - "BlackWarGreymon's Destiny"
Cody discovers that his father and grandfather knew about the DigiWorld, and then discovers that Oikawa knew his father when they were younger. Noriko's Dark Spore blooms, and Oikawa absorbs its energy, fatally injuring BlackWarGreymon, who, in the last moments of his life, seals the Highton View Terrace gate with his body.
A mushy, talky episode is this one, yet still a very entertaining, very creepy one. I remember being considerably wowed upon watching some clips of this in Japanese... all screaming and stuff. It carried over pretty well, though Oikawa yells, rather than screams. Some of the dub dialogue when he is on the railway bridge is absolutely excellent.
"Happiness is an illusion, life's ugly and cruel..."
Rebecca Olkowski, I think you're my favourite dub writer.
The scene where Oikawa visits the graveyard may well be my favourite scene in a Digimon episode ever. The bats in the trees... BlackWarGreymon's voiceover... Oikawa's Arukenimon and Mummymon hallucinations... it's all pure ferking brilliance.
"What's the matter? Afraid to face the truth?"
"We represent the essence of your ugliness!"
"...you're nothing by a foreign object..."
"You're WRONNNNG!"
Damn, that's treading the line of kid-friendliness for the dub - which makes it all the better! I got chills.
Something that also gave me chills was the scene where Noriko's Dark Spore bloomed. The screams of her Japanese voice actress were more effective than those of Bridgette Hoffman's, but still... geez, man. When I saw the Japanese clip, I wasn't even sure if Noriko was still alive or not after Oikawa took her energy. Scary stuff.
However, after all this infinitely cool stuff, the episode takes on a very rushed feeling. BlackWarGreymon pops out of nowhere, and WarGreymon just suddenly appears as well. There's actually no NEED for WarGreymon either, as he doesn't do anything at all in the episode. Agumon would have been fine; he didn't need to be WarGreymon. Plus the fact is, he just seemed to be WarGreymon already, just sitting about waiting for something to happen.
Feeble Acting Note - Just *listen* to T.K.'s voice after BlackWarGreymon dies. Did he just inhale some helium, or something?
Other dub sound notes - Palmon doesn't have her normal voice this episode for the one line she speaks at the beginning ("I'm getting frostbite") - indeed, I didn't realise it WAS Palmon, until I noticed there was no-one else there who the voice would fit with. It appears to be Philece Sampler replacing Anna Garduno, because it sounds just like Cody. Funnily, Garduno also does not record Palmon's line in "A Million Points of Light," so some might theorise that she left the show, but her name is still included in the credits, unlike the departed Jeff Nimoy and Bob Buchholz. Also, at the very end of the episode, one minute, WarGreymon is screaming out BWG's name, then the next, Agumon's voice is heard saying goodbye, as if Agumon was with the other Digimon in the DigiWorld.
Anyway... geez, this was a LONG review... shows how much I liked it.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

#48 - "Oikawa's Shame"
Oikawa puts his plan into action, and tries to open a portal to the DigiWorld, but instead winds up in another dimension, where the truth at last comes to light, and the DigiDestined's deadliest enemy is reborn!
One tends to find that fans are sorely split into two camps over the final three episodes of Digimon 02 - there are various reasons, and a lot of it hinges on whether or not your like Myotismon. 'Cause love him or hate him, he's back, and he's large and in charge with this episode.
Reasons people don't like this episode - Myotismon comes back. MaloMyotismon kills Arukenimon and Mummymon, the two most popular "villain" characters on the show, excepting possibly BlackWarGreymon, who wasn't *really* a villain. For the dub, MaloMyotismon is kind of a dumb name (personally, I got used to it).
Reasons why people like this episode - Myotismon comes back. The dub didn't edit out Arukenimon and Mummymon's (rather gruesome) deaths. Spanky animation, well put together plot.
Reasons why *I* like this episode - Myotismon comes back. Spanky animation, well put together plot. I'll tend to like pretty much any monologue Oikawa gives, because he is a really interesting, heartstring tugging character, with a some damnably great dialogue, and he talks his ass off in this ep.
On the other hand, it can't be denied that Myotismon's return is a writing ploy to pull in older viewers and go for high ratings on the season finale. Some of the writing of the next two episodes is VERY clumsy, as the writers toss care out the window, and do all then can to end the series.
But this episode doesn't suffer from that.
Also, great to see Richard Epcar back as Myotismon.
Rating: 4 out of 5

#49 - "The Last Temptation of the DigiDestined"

MaloMyotismon subjects the DigiDestined to illusions of their greatest desires, but Davis wins through, and the kids use the power of the dimension to make all their Digimon Digivolve to all their forms at once.
This is where the writing starts to slip. The DigiDestined's illusions are very interesting, and deal with the issues that have been brought up surrounding the characters during the series - for T.K., it's seeing his family together, for Kari, it's humans and Digimon living in peace, for Cody (who is definitely the best-developed of all the 02 kids, character-wise), it's being able to show his father the DigiWorld, and for Ken, it's being with his brother, and on a deeper level, seeing himself punished for his acts as the Digimon Emperor. And for Yolei...
...for Yolei, it's being able to eat lots of dessert. As she herself might say... oy vey. Now, of course, it's actually a clever metaphor for her wanting to be an only child, but, really, when was the last time you heard Yolei complain about her family? In fact, the only time I can EVER think of her doing that is in "Big Trouble in Little Edo," when her dad changes the channel on the TV and her brother trips on Poromon and tells her to "pick up her toys." But other than that, Yolei's never seemed to actually HAVE any issues with her siblings, so it's a pretty damn weak illusion compared to the others the kids have.
Oh, and Davis? Davis, with his crush on Kari, his desire to be a champion soccer player, and (as seen next episode), his dream to open a noodle cart... Davis apparently doesn't HAVE any dreams. MY ASS! That is the biggest plot convenience in this entire three-parter, and man, it's a HUGE one.
The triple-Digivolve sequences are very nice (though Wormmon gets the shaft), but the second-biggest plot convenience creeps up when the two Imperialdramons blast MaloMyotismon, and it creates a rift in reality, which just happens to drop the villain into the DigiWorld. What a happy coincidence.
And would someone mind telling me just where all this darkness in the DigiWorld came from?
That said, the sheer fun and enjoyment factor of the ep does help you to overlook the writing inconsistencies.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

#50 - "A Million Points of Light"
In the shattering season finale, all the DigiDestined from across the globe unite against MaloMyotismon, to use the power of their hopes and dreams to exterminate the villain for good!
If ever there was a controversial episode of Digimon, that so sorely split the fans into two, then "A Million Points of Light" was it. Steel yourselves, o faithful readers, for a review of epic proportions...
Firstly, to begin, one cannot deny that as a season finale, this episode is much better orchestrated than the final battle with Apocalymon in Season One. With Apocalymon, he killed himself after about three minutes of fighting, and the rest of the ep was left for emotional waffle. With this, however, the battle goes on JUST the right amount of time, and then, as many loose ends as the writers can be bothered with (which was very few, unfortunately) are tied up in some form or fashion.
However, on the other hand, it rather sucks that they beat MaloMyotismon by talking. I mean, I'll accept that the Dark Spores make things like darkness and light more than just moral concepts, and turn them into actual forms of energy, but really, would it have hurt to have all the Digimon beat the Digicrap out of MaloMyotismon after he was weakened? ALL the DigiDestined's Digimon, from ALL over the WORLD were there - can you imagine how COOL it would have been if they'd all attacked at once?
Well, at least Imperialdramon got to blast the bugger. Hurray for gigantic badly timed CGI explosions!
By the way, how exactly is it that Noriko was able to travel through the digital gate when she didn't have a Digivice? Sure, Sora was holding on to her, but that doesn't mean squat. It's been said, several times, that you can't travel through the digital gates if you don't have a Digivice. Yet another of this trilogy's plot-holes. I'll overlook the kids stepping through the reality hole from the dream dimension to the DigiWorld, because it's only ever been said you needed a Digivice to cross over from *Earth.* Plus the apparent point of the Earth-based Digi-Ports was to dematerialise and rematerialise the user, and that's not necessary here - in fact, it's already happened to the kids (in "Oikawa's Shame,") so maybe they don't have to do it again. The dream dimension appears to be an extension of the DigiWorld anyway. That, and I'm sure they all wanted to go to the DigiWorld, so the power of the dream dimension allowed them to. Or something.
All fans will agree how touching the moment when Oikawa sacrifices himself is, though. I had no idea it was coming when I watched Japanese clips of the episode, and it nearly made me cry. It was a beautiful moment.
But after that... ohh, after that...
The epilogue.
Insert crash of thunder and lighting here.
We take a jump forward, 25 years into the future, to see what the DigiDestined have got themselves up to. Points of conflict are:
- Matt is an ASTRONAUT. This is beyond ridiculous to many fans. What happened to the rock star gig? Now, people will argue "he can change his mind!" but really - would it have killed them to just let him BE a rock star? They let Davis and Kari become a noodle guy and a kindergarten teacher, it's not like letting Matt fulfil his dream would be any less realistic.
- Sora and Matt's marriage. The number of people who deny it has slowly decreased since the episode aired, but you still find 'em. Okay, sure, they didn't SAY they were married, but just look at their stinking, bastard children, would you? I'm a Taiora fan, and I don't deny it! I don't LIKE it, but I don't deny it...
- Yolei and Ken's marriage. You'll find a large amount of support for this, and it's understandable, but really, Ken never showed a drop of interest in Yolei. Now, I'll say this - I'm not a "fan" of Kenyako per se, not am I a fan of Daiyako - but as the series went on, Yolei's interest in Ken simply went away. For all intents and purposes, she seemed more interested in Davis. I'm not saying she WAS interested in him, just that the evidence is there, if you want to believe it. Her feelings for Ken were nothing more than an immature, fangirlish crush, which largely disappeared after the end of the Emperor arc. It's annoying to many fans that the writers went back and used them again, after ignoring them for a long, long time by putting the two of them together.
- Yolei as a housewife? Does the ambitious, go-getting, hyperactive, tech-head Yolei strike you as someone who'd be happy as a housewife? Didn't think so.
- Maybe this last one is just me, but, whatever happened to Davis's big-time dream to become a soccer player? All of a sudden this episode, his dream is to own a noodle cart. Either Davis really lowered his ambitions, or someone smashed that boy full on in the face with a sack full of reality bricks when we weren't looking. And also:
Japanese Writer #1 - "Hey, I know, let's make the star of the show a millionaire!"
Japanese Writer #2 - "Any reason?"
Japanese Writer #1 - "Nope."
Japanese Writer #2 - "I like the way you think!"
Ah well... what can ya do, huh? They were trying to close the book on the world of "Digimon Adventure," so they could write "Digimon Tamers." Maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to do, but they did it.
And I admit - I get a little shiver every single time I hear, read, or just think about T.K.'s closing lines from the epilogue, and the Adventure series. I miss these guys, a lot. But we just didn't need the epilogue to kick us all square in the nuts, that's all.
Sans Epilogue: 3.5 out of 5
With Epilogue: 3 out of 5