Woah-KAY! We're fully back in business now with all the missing stuff restored - fanart, my icons, the "Published Material" section. Just those few fanfics left to get up now.

And even better, I've now seen "Runaway Locomon!" The Voice Actor, Writer, Episode List, Production Crew and Trivia pages have been updated with new stuff from this film, but I'm going to leave the updating of the encyclopedia pages themselves until "Battle of the Adventurers" airs. Similarly, I've been working on the Frontier encyc (you probably thought I'd forgotten about it, honestly, at the rate I'm going), but I've decided to hold off until the airing of "Island of Lost Digimon" until I updated any more, so I can make the changes before doing so - H is next, after all, and that's HippoGryphomon. Oh, and there's a new nugget on the "Pop Culture" page.

So, then, what did I think of the "Runaway Locomon"? Well, I definitely consider it to be one of the best movies, so it has immediately got that going for it over "Revenge of Diaboromon," but at the same time, while I was definitely looking forward to it, I have to say I just wasn't as excited about it, because Tamers is still comparatively fresh in my mind, wheras 02's been out of my thoughts for some time, and seeing the cast again was seriously nostalgic. It was still great hearing the Tamers dub cast again - Brad MacDonald's Kazu remains a delight, Terriermon was really on form, and I actively cheered at the return of
"Aw, nuts!"

Similarly, actually seeing the movie professionally translated made me realise how remarkably inept the fansub I had previously seen was, which completely failed to put across one of the main points of the movie - that the Digital Zone opens as a result of spatial distortion caused by Locomon's frenzied circuit of Tokyo. I haven't the foggiest notion who played the guy, unfortunately - the heavy electronic modulation made it next to impossible to deduce, but beneath it all, it seemed to be a Johnny Cash impression, which I really liked, because it was a deep, thundering, rrrrrolling, rrrrrrumbling voice, very good for a train character, and subtle - the fact it was an impression wasn't being beaten over your head like has sometimes occurred before, although his final line, paying homage to Cash's "Ring of Fire," took the joke one step too far and did that. Similarly, I'm unsure on Parasimon's voice actor (though I want to guess David Lodge, who I notice also voices the head operator, supporting that theory), but I don't think his goofy Texan accent worked for the character, who lacked any of the manic, sinister edge of the Japanese original (although that successfully comes across in the insane cackles of the Parasimon swarm a little later).  I never objected to impressions and sometimes goofy-sounding voices for guest character in the series, because that's just one episode or two out of fifty, but for the movie, it's standalone thing and something goofy like that can really pull you out of it.

There was a touch of unusual censoring at work - I wasn't surprised to see Gallantmon's graphic impaling of the main Parasimon be snipped, but it was strange to see large, full-screen white flashes occurring in the middle of each Biomerge to cover up the kids' naked forms, when there had been no problem with it before. And heck, Sakuyamon's boobie-bounce was still there.

The Frontier music was still in use, clearly signaling that they no longer possess the rights to the original tune. And what's weird is, I would have sworn up and down that Tamers required it's unique theme even more than 02 did, but the Frontier theme really, really worked for Tamers, complimenting the Digivolutions very well. Shows what I know! And speaking of music, you obviously can't discuss this film without talking about Rika's song. It's a big part of the movie, and I can't speak for anyone else, but as I've mentioned before - I'm not fond of Rika, so when I heard the original Japanese version, and for that brief, shining moment, genuinely cared about the character, the treatment of this song in the dub was going to be a big deal to me. And thankfully, it's been absolutely knocked out of the park. The song is completely new, but successfully emulates the melody and tone of the original, with some lyrics that are derived from it. Melissa Fahn gives a beautiful performance that genuinely left me as emotionally moved as the original Japanese song did. I get a little shiver thinking about it. Great, great stuff.

And of course, we must be thankful that Fahn returned to the role at all, as quite a few actors didn't -  Mary Elizabeth McGlynn took the role of Lopmon from Michelle Ruff, Mona Marshall stood in for Wendee Lee as MarineAngemon, and Philece Sampler occupied the roles of Riley and Jeri in the stead of Tifanie Christun (although oddly, Christun remains listed in the movie's credits as Riley, when it's clearly not her doing the voice) and Bridgette Hoffman, respectively. I was really hoping to hear Hoffman as Jeri again - one of my, if not my absolute, favourite performances from the series - but I guess she was busy... well, maybe she can do Minami in "Battle of the Adventurers." That would rock so very hard.

Overall, I remain unsure of my opinion on this movie. Yes, it is a good movie, and I definitely enjoyed the dub, as I always have done. But there's just something about it that I can't put my finger on. There's no doubting the quality of Mary Elizabeth McGlynn's script (despite her not having written many actual episodes of the series), but I think, in this case, the dub felt like it was "more of the same," with the same general tone as the Tamers and Frontier series, where as with "Revenge of Diaboromon," it was a serious, genuine effort by Jeff Nimoy to vindicate himself after four years, which really showed through and made the film stand out. "Runaway Locomon" is good, and as a film, is much better than RoD, but as a dub, RoD is still lookin' to be top of the pile.


Well, it's been a week at this point, and nobody's got a torrent of "Runaway Locomon" up yet, so obviously, I haven't been able to see it, and I'm not really down with updating the encyc if I haven't seen it yet (particularly the voice actor info, 'cause I'm hearing conflicting things). If anyone out there taped it, get it up, awready! I'm dyin' over here!

Meanwhile, "Battle of the Adventurers" is now in ToonDisney's listings for this Sunday, October 16th, although the 12 noon time was wrong for "Runaway Locomon," so it's almost certainly wrong here too.

Hey, Derek Stephen Prince's Internet radio show, WordPlay, how has previous shows up to listen to. So if you couldn't make the time to catch the show when it normally airs, here's your chance to hear the man himself.


Here's an interesting little news-byte courtesy of Ally , who left the message in my guestbook - on their official websites, actors Wally Wingert and Tara Platt have confirmed that they will be providing the voices of Hyppogryphomon and Darkmon (both spelled as they appear on the sites) in "The Island of Lost Digimon." Platt is a Digimon newcomer, while Wingert played the small role of Coco the photographer back in the Tamers episode, "Digital Beauty."
 Yuri Lowenthal (who fangirls are drooling over as Sasuke in Naruto right now) has also mentioned on his website that he will be appearing in a Digimon movie, but hasn't said what character he's playing. Well, I hope that Brian Donovan will be resuming the role of Kai for "The Adventurer's Battle," so that just leaves him with more "Island" characters. Dinohumon, perhaps?


Don't forget, "Runaway Locomon" airs on Toon Disney today - check your local listings for times! After all, if you don't watch it, who's going to make the torrent so's I can see it? :)


"Runaway Locomon" is now officially in Toon Disney's listings, airing on next Sunday, October 2nd, at 12 noon Eastern Time (check your local listings!). It runs for an hour, so there must be a fair amount of commercials to bring the half-hour movie up to that length.


Well, this news comes just a day too late for the birthday celebrations, but I've just received an e-mail from Jetix Network Exec Dan Evans, who informs me that - as claimed by other sources - the remaining three Digimon movies will be airing in October, beginning on the first weekend, and each weekend after. Unusually,  "Runaway Digimon Express" - apparently now titled "Runaway Locomon" - will be airing first, rather than it's predecessor, "The Adventurers' Battle," and Evans notes that a new song has been recorded for it by Melissa Fahn, who has returned to her role as Rika.



Happy Birthday to us! As of today, the Digimon Encyclopedia is five years old!

I'd planned to have that "special project" I keep obliquely mentioning to be ready for the birthday, but it just hasn't happened yet. Keep your eyes peeled!


Hey folks!

I've been back from my vacation for a little while now, and have been steadily restoring assorted parts of the site on our new server. Most of the site is now operational again, but there are still some things missing - alas, I have discovered that the "Published Material" section is not backed up on this computer, nor is my fanart, or my collection of little head icons and other relevant images, hence the big ol' X above this post, and the blank background of the site. Thankfully, it IS still all saved on my old computer - I just have to figure out how to get it all across. Watch this space. I haven't checked every single page for broken image links yet - if you spot any, drop me a line.

That is not to say, however, that I don't have updates for you! We're very centred around "Revenge of Diaboromon" for this update - the Voice, Writer and Episode lists are all updated with its information, as is the production crew page, and the relevant encyclopedia entries have also been touched up, most notably the entry for the movie itself, which has now been moved from under D as "Diaboromon Strikes Back" to R as "Revenge of Diaboromon."

Also, in addition to all of this, we're proud to present:


Returning to the pages of the Digimon Encyclopedia for a second interview, Mr. Nimoy shares more of his experiences while working on the series, and talks about his surprise return to the franchise with "Revenge of Diaboromon."


Phew, that was heavy bit of downtime, wasn't it? So much so that this update is coming at you from the past - Marc's been good enough to put it up for me, since as you read this, I'm on vacation in Canada. Server took a big ol' fart on itself and we had to wait until the higher-ups got it up and running again.

Consequently, of course, I was unable to remind you to tune in to "Revenge of Diaboromon" on Toon Disney and ABC Family, but I doubt any of you forgot about it, eh? I've even been able to see the movie myself, with major thanks to Marc (godofchaos to some of you out there), and I wanted to have the site updated before I left, but it wasn't being compliant. When I return, the Adventure encyclopedia entries, the Voice and Writer, and the Production Crew page will all be brought up to date.

Man, it feels GOOD to be able to update stuff like that again.

My opinions of the movie basically consist of it reducing me to a giant creamy puddle of orgasmic bliss. It was an unbridled joy for me to be able to take a little step back in time a few years and revisit some of the Digimon characters that I consider to be most endearing, and to hear their English voices once again. I've already seen the subtitled version of the movie, two years ago, but this was an even bigger treat than seeing that was. It was something that, at this point, no-one had any right to expect that we would ever see, and it's just a glorious coincidence that it also happens to be one of the best Digimon dubs to boot.

The feature was just-the-right-amount of accurate to the dialogue of the original, and with a grand total of one miniscule cut, the dub was pure pleasure to endulge in. Although, while the Season Four theme music worked well enough, and I understand the reasons it was used, I have to admit that I'm still a bit disappointed that we couldn't hear the classic 02 music - having imagined the dub of this move in my head for two years now, not hearing it was a bit of a let down, but one I can get over. Additionally, while his absence is an unfortunate one, Joshua Seth is admirably replaced in the role of Tai by Jason Spisak, who is a good match for the character's voice and performs him well, just as Bridgette Hoffman does a fine job of filling in for Laura Summer as Patamon.

The movie also heralds the return of Jeff Nimoy to Digimon, as he write and directs, and is once again behind the mic for Tentomon, also lending his voice to fill in for Gabumon and Hawkmon. Nimoy has been a controversial figure in Digimon in the past, but this movie most definitely vindicates him. It is highly notable that Nimoy has returned alone, without his constant business companion, Bob Buchholz, and its something of a revelation - the accuracy to the original, the fact that what few additional jokes there are are well-timed, non-intrusive and funny, coupled with Buchholz's recent work as the writer of the wince-worthy, lame-joke-crammed Rave Master dub, rather indicate that it was he who was responsible for most of the feeble humour that burdened 02. In truth, there was never any evidence to pin this on Nimoy - I've always rather thought that he caught the brunt of the flak because his name is easier to spell.

But, y'know what? The nostalgia factor of revisiting the old characters, hearing their old voices, and the excitement of just having this move dubbed tend to overshadow one thing - that Revenge of Diaboromon is actually not that good of a movie. It's too short, with a horribly rushed ending; much of the first half is a lame rehash of the first Diaboromon movie (head-stabbing gets really old really fast when you do it three times in twenty minutes), and it puts way too much focus on too limited a group of characters, particularly Matt and Tai, who really should have stepped aside to make way for the 02 cast. I was looking forward to the movie to see the old gang again and I can definitely say I enjoyed it for that, and for the dub, but what I'm really looking forward to is Runaway Digimon Express.

And now, with that said - Catch y'all in three weeks time when I get back from vacation! And hey, once again, if anyone out there is attending the Canadian National Anime/Comic Book/Sci-Fi/Horror/Gaming Expo, I'll be there, possibly dressed as a KaibaCorp security guard for one day to accompany my girlfriend, who'll be Kaiba him/herself. :)


Congratulations to Digimon voice actor and friend of the Digipedia, Derek Stephen Prince, who's now hosting and producing his own independant radio program, WordPlay, in which audience members define the content of the show. Want to participate? Then check it out!


Happy birthday to me!

Sorry, though - still no new updates yet. I've recently been a bit too involved in a Transformers-related project to work on the Frontier H's - specifically, I'm playing a fairly big role in the upcoming release of the anime, Transformers: Headmasters. It's one of the series from the 80's that was previously exclusive to Japan, and has never been released in it's entirety in the west before now - I've been providing advice and information for those working on the DVD, proof-reading the subtitles, and I'm writing the set's intro booklet. Also, if you've ever wondered what my voice sounds like, you might be interested in picking this sucker up, because I'm also featured in three commentary tracks.


On the case, with news in your face!

Derek Stephen Prince has recorded his roles for the first three movies, reprising his old characters (Ken, Veemon and his forms, Impmon and Beelzemon) for movies 4 and 6, as well as taking on the role of Takehito Uehara, Minami's father from "The Adventurers' Battle."


We gots the news rights heres, bunky!

Mona Marshall has shed a good bit of light on the process - she notes that she recorded Izzy with Jeff Nimoy as director last week, but will be recording Terriermon with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (the season 3 & 4) director NEXT week.

I must say, I'm really happy and *impressed* to see it being directed like this. They *could've* just got one or the other of the directors to do the whole job, but, no, they've specifically selected the directors with the most familiarity with each season to do the job, and that really makes me smile.


You want news? I got news! Colleen O'Shaughnessey confirmed today that she recorded her part as Sora (and a couple of miscellaneous characters) last Monday. Also, fans of "Naruto" will probably be interested to hear that she's playing Ino and Konohamaru in that show.


Yet more movie news!

Neil Kaplan confirms that he has yet to record anything, but that Michael Lindsay (Joe) was recording this week. However, what really surprised me was the news that Jeff Nimoy is directing!

I'm of two minds about that, myself. It's great to see him back associated with Digimon again, but after the much-more straight-played dubs of seasons 3 and 4, I must admit I'm kinda hoping if he's on writing duty that he's dialled back on the jokes. Actually, given his lack of familiarity with the Tamers and Frontier characters, I'd be surprised if he was writing.

More as it comes in...


Another nugget of undubbed movie news!

Word has reached my ears that the movies are apparently intended for broadcast - details are unclear, but probably on either ABC Family or Disney. No-one in the recording studio when the question was asked were sure.


Read about Grumblemon, Gigasmon, Grizzmon and lots more!



Although he had not heard anything at the time the news came out, I received an e-mail this morning from Derek Stephen Prince (voice of Ken/Veemon/Impmon and more), confirming that the four movies are being dubbed this month!

C'mon, get happy!


Hey, I *finally* got the FanFic archives up again! After FanFiction.Net dumped all my humour fics, they've been sitting on my harddrive waiting for me to get them back up here, and now I've finally done it. I'm still missing one or two - my movie parody, "The Wizardmon of Oz" and the first Christmas fic, but I have those Word files, so I'll recreate the HTML files soon enough.

Also, I think it has now become screamingly apparent that "The Mark of Factory Mark" is never going to get finished. It's frustrating because I have the idea of how I want it to end in my head - and have for a long time - but I can't get it out. I just don't have the creative urge any more. So, stay tuned for a special little project that'll show you all how it would have gone on to end...



It's a Digipedia news exclusive!

Not just "Diaboromon Strikes Back," but in fact, all four undubbed movies.

It was during my interview with Colleen O’Shaughnessey that I got the first hint that this might be happening – amidst the questions, she mentioned that one of her directors had inquired if she had been in the first season, because they had “some episodes coming in.” Colleen assumed that they were “some lost episodes,” but we all know there aren’t any of those. But what *other* undubbed Digimon animated projects are there? The four movies. Plus Colleen only ever voiced Sora, so that indicated to me that if nothing else, “Diaboromon Strikes Back” could well be getting dubbed.

I’ve sat on this for a little while now, but when Marc Levy pointed me in the direction of Megchan's Livejournal, I knew for sure. Under recent entries, Megchan states that she’s just translated movies 4-7.

Exciting times, my friends.


It's here! My:


I talk with the voice of Sora about her life, career, goals, and family. Join us, won't you?


Read about Gallantmon and Garudamon X!

Whipped these up to go with today's update since they're small, and there aren't any Es or Fs for the movie.


Read about Dorumon, Death-X-Mon and more!

The X-Evolution Encyclopedia has been updated again, and this particular update covers most of the meat of the movie, covering all of Dorumon's remaining evolutions, as well as the villain of the piece, Death-X-Mon and his other forms and creations.

Things have been quiet on the Colleen O'Shaughnessey interview front lately, but we're about to pick it up again. Still can't predict precisely when you'll all see this, but keep watching!

Also, to any UK readers and/or Transformers fans, check out the second of two Transformers: Robots in Disguise DVD box sets released last Monday for some crackin' good episodes, and another set of character profiles penned by me.


Geez, I mustn't be firing on all cylinders lately - a bunch of twiddles made to the F page, including the correct positioning of "From Dawn to Duskmon," the proper origin for "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," and the addition of FlameWizardmon, from the Frontier movie, who I forgot about. Also, after a bit of convincing prodding from Rkat3, I'm putting the tanks from the movie in, and have retroactively added Arka to the As.

Also, many thanks to Aaron Thall, from whom I received the Omnimon Warp-Digivolving figure yesterday - with the exception of the KendoGarurumon Spirit Digivolver, Omnimon was the only remaining American-released Digivolver mould that I didn't have. A review will be coming soon!



Read about Flamemon, the Spirits of Flame, Fractal Code, Franken and more!

Colleen O'Shaughnessey interview nearing completion, just a few more responses to wait for.

Hey, do you like Transformers? If so, check out these Dorling Kindersley Ultimate Guide style pages I've been making over the last few months. Yeah, THIS is what I'm wasting my time with when I should be doing the Encyclopedia. The first two suck, but you can see me improve over time. I think I might do a few Digimon ones.

Humans - - New Troops - - Future Autobots - - Japanese Series - - Quintessons
RiD Autobots - - Chaos Rising - - Cybertron Cities - - Energon Autobots

Sidebar: Thiis the Best Webcomic Ever.


Remember that I said you'd get the Frontier Es and Fs at the same time? Well, I changed my mind - as I was doing them, I stopped for a little while to do a bit to what I'd already got written for X-Evolution, and before I knew where I was, I had the As, Bs and Cs done for it. So, you're getting them instead of the Fs!

Read about EmperorGreymon, the Spirits of Earth, and more!

Read about Alphamon, Andromon, and a few more!

There is, of course, entirely too little to do for X-Evolution to warrant each letter getting a separate page, so I have this set up for now, which may be changed later on when I have more written, to balance things out a bit more evenly. Enjoy for now, folks!


Having now stewed in a pit of misery for a week since my girlfriend went home, I figured I'd better do an update just to let you all know I'm still alive. :) The Frontier E's and F's are coming along okay, as is the Colleen O'Shaughnessey interview - can't say exactly when they'll be done, but sometime in the near future (with the interview, of course, it can only be done as quickly as the interviewee responds, and Miss O'Shaughenssey's been fairly prompt so far).

Let's see, what else, what else... oh, well, the next DVD volume of Digimon is finally going to be out in the UK later this month, unfortunately only clocking in with a very unimpressive three episodes, which looks to be the norm for future releases. That's very disappointing.

Oh, here's something silly for you all to look at - I made some DVD-style covers for the CDs I burned my Frontier eps to, and for X-Evolution, as well. Check them out:

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 7

Haven't made 8 and 9 yet...

Oh, and here's a piece of fanart that has nothing to do with Digimon, but which I'm too pleased with *not* to show you. :-p
80's Supervillain Cram!


Updates will be on the down-low for the next two weeks, as my girlfriend is coming to visit! Yay! :)

However, as you can see above, I will have something coming up in the near future which I must confess to being very excited about - an interview with Colleen O'Shaughnessey, the voice of Sora. Stay tuned for that one!


Hey hey, now we're picking up speed!
Read about Duskmon, Dynasmon, the Spirits of Darkness and more,
including more "Revival of the Ancient Digimon" entries on D'Arcmon and Dinohumon!
Tried a little something with this page I haven't bothered to do before - justified the text. Hmmn. Looks okay. Might keep doing it. Might go back and change the other pages. We'll see.
  Other news - A tip of the hat to Gamer3589 from #digilegacy on IRC, who I downloaded the full-size subtitled version of "Digimon X-Evolution" from. Man, I burned that to a DVD and got comfy on my sofa to watch it. Awesome. Encyclopedia for it has a few entries written now.

Also, I have been crowned King of Stupid this week, after I sprained my ankle mucking around with my brother. Pretending I was going to kick him, unfortunatley twisted a little to far around, and ker-runch, my ankle gave way underneath me. That was on Thursday night, and it's Sunday afternoon now, and it's taken until now that I can walk on it without limping (though going down stairs is a bit fiddly). Still a bit stiff, but there's a heck of an impressive bruise coming up!


"Digimon X-Evolution," the eighth Digimon movie, aired on Fuji TV in Japan just under two weeks ago, and was very promptly transferred online, and subbed by Wolfpack Productions with surprising speed. There'll be an X-Evo encyclopedia some time in the future (I may work on it simultaneously with the Frontier encyc, as it WILL be small), and I may do out the full script for the Undubbed Movie page, but I'm not sure about that yet, since it may be dubbed. In the meantime, though, here's a summary for everyone who couldn't watch it. Also readable over at TVTome.Com.


  And so... after months of non-functioning CD burners, broken power cables and fried laptops... the time has come...
Read about Cherubimon, Calmaramon, Crusadermon and more!

Note that my new computer operates on a 1280x1024 resolution, and that's what this page is designed for. It *should* look okay on smaller resolutions, I hope, but that's the way it's gotta be,  otherwise it wont display correctly for me. I'll have to change some of the other pages on the site for this reason, too.
It's taken me a couple of days to get the last ten eps of Frontier downloaded once again, and I'd like to thank Kouichi_Kimura on #digilegacy on mIRC and DaDuke for supplying them, and Shining Celebi for advice and for making the clip I needed.
However, I would most certainly NOT like to thank all the absolute 'tards on dial-up connections on mIRC who successfully slowed down my acquisition of the episodes by forming large queues and taking ten hours to download single episodes.



It's just passed midnight here in Ireland, and as all Transformers fans are saying right about now, "It is the year 2005!" Have a good one, folks!

(Hey, I updated the 4th Tamers manga guide with pictures when you weren't looking!)


And lo, it came to pass that Saint Nick paid a visit to this household last night, and he didst bring with him a new computer... and it was GOOD.

Yee-ee-HEAH, baby!


Well, it's Christmas Eve, and I have now only one day's use of this infernal grey box left. Oh, my children, it will be such a joyous time. Doesn't look like I'm going to get to smash the old thing up, but we can't have everything, even at Christmas. :) Having now made this post to wish you all the best of everything this season, I'm off to wade through a dire Spyware infection to upload the files I want to keep from this machine, so I can get things going as soon as possible with tomorrow's new arrival. If everything's in order and I get it all up and running, I'll make an update to let you all know - rejoice with me, won't you?

Happy Holidays!


Christmas pic is now up! I'm quite pleased with it - I knew I wasn't going to be able to top last year's effort, so I didn't try, although the idea of an all-villains Christmas party did cross my mind. In the end, I settled on just the evil Hybrids from Frontier - I really like these guys, and I've barely drawn anything Frontier-related. When I was coming up with ideas for the picture, the one that really convinced me to do this one was Grumblemon's little Cherubimon plushie. That thing is adorable.
I was able to take this in to ex-work to scan it (my monitor's knackered, remember), but I couldn't add the coloured lensflares that I usually use for the Christmas tree lights there. So, I had to do that at home, and could only just manage it on the larger version of the picture- if they look like crap, it's because I was doing it colour blind. I'll go back and fix it after I get my new machine!
Also, I realised that I never archived my St. Patrick's Day picture on the fanart page. That's done now.

Made a few small updates of things to the fourth Tamers manga guide, as well.


The season is upon us once again, and it's time for the Christmas layout to make it's appearance! Only three weeks to go, folks, better get your lists ready! Look out for some Christmas fanart coming sometime in the near future!

And for today's update, now completing the Tokyopop Manga page to date, the guide for the final volume of Tamers is now up! As previously noted, though, it's currently without pictures, and will be until I get my new monitor so I can see to scan 'em up right.


And the bad news just keeps on comin'.

Everyone will probably now be aware of my laptop frying itself. It is still out of commission, pending repair. So the Frontier episodes, and what I have written of the encyclopedia, are still sealed off from me. However, to add the butter on the friggin' muffin, my PC's monitor died recently. I was able to obtain a replacement from a friend of my mother's, who had some old PC stuff lying around, only to find that the colour on it is knackered - it's missing the G part of RBG. So, I'm typing this on a distinctly purple-tinged screen right now. This screws up any hopes I have of scanning images for the moment (for example, I've just snagged the fourth and final Tamers manga volume, and will have a guide up soon - but it'll be sans pictures). Also, I haven't a clue what I'm going to do about my Christmas pic - I could take it into work and scan it, but I finish at the end of this week, and I haven't even started it yet.


I'm really sorry about all of this. I know that my updates have slumped off in the last year (since I started work, basically), and that lately, all I've had for you lately is really just manga guides, but I can do no more than ask for your patience and support. I know that Digimon websites are dropping like flies across the 'net right now, but I refuse to let the Digimon Encyclopedia be one of them. I'm still absolutely committed to this website, and to seeing the encyclopedia through to it's conclusion - and there IS a bright speck on the horizon. Aside from me finishing up my work, creating some free time to work on stuff before I get a new job, I will be getting... a NEW PC for Christmas! Yes, at last! Finally, the processing power to play the Frontier episodes, to make screencaps, to watch DVDs, to download STUFF! It will be most glorious, dear readers, and you'll all reap the benefits along with me as I can finally get things moving around here again.

And on Boxing Day?
Me and my old computer are going out into the backyard with only a sledgehammer between us, and it ain't going to be pretty.

...oh, and there's a bit of news about the new movie, "Digimon X-Evolution," too - I know it's pretty much old now, but I should chronicle (heh) it. Surprisingly, it turns out that it's a TV movie - it'll be airing on Fuji TV on January 3rd, at a length of 75mins. The upside of this? Fans'll have it online to download faster than you can say "Where can I download the new movie?"


Major league props to Bitstream, who's supplied me with the scan I needed to make the background for the 2004-2005 Toys page!

A correction to the last update - the second Digimon DVD volume was NOT released on the 25th of October after all. Some lists were mixed up and some stores and sites listed it as coming out then, but it didn't - it'll be out along with the next wave of budget "Best Sellers" titles, which is unfortuantely not until next March (it'd be sooner, but the upcoming festive season interrupts the regularity of the releases).

Okay, a real bitch of a piece of news regarding the Frontier C's - my laptop's is not in a state of good health. The power adapter has not been fixed and returned yet, so the technician that who's dealing with this for me got a new adapater for use in the meantime... only the bloody thing superheated my laptop (and it was the same voltage and everything, so there's no reason for this!). The laptop contains the Frontier C's to date, as well as all my Frontier episodes (though I've got them all on CD, except for the last 10, which I never got to burning), and I need it's higher processing and speed and all that to play the episodes at a decent rate and make screencaps from them, because my f____ing dinosaur PC can't handle that. Not exactly sure what's going to happen here...



Freedom is the right of all sentient beings!

No art for Halloween this year, but ye trusty layout still gets it's yearly bit of exercise!
And look, I've got an update for you, too! Finally, I've finished the Manga Guides for 01 - check out the guides for
volumes 2-5 on the Tokyopop Manga page!

In more irritating news, I THOUGHT I had my laptop cable fixed, but the absolute 'TARD at the repair shop put the wrong plug on the end of it - one that *doesn't fit my laptop.* So it's gone back AGAIN, and the Frontier C's are STILL inacessible... that's beginning to bug me.

In other news, though, UK fans will already know that the second Digimon DVD volume was released this past Monday (the 25th), containing episodes 6-9 of 01 (one volume had to contain four eps to get all 54 out, and this was the one). Also, in a shameless personal plug, check out the "Transformers: Robots in Disguise" boxset released on the same day for profiles written by me!



Just a reminder for fellow UK fans - "Digimon Rumble Arena 2" is out on PS2, XBox and Gamecube tomorrow, Friday the 15th October. Not sure what version I'll be picking up out of the PS2 or GC version, but a review will be pending. Also coming up as a review is "Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui," which I justed picked up on DVD today. As for other updates, once AGAIN, my laptop's power cable has packed up, so the Frontier C's (quite near to completion) are sealed off from me again.



Godammit. Time really seems to be slipping away from me more and more. It actively *annoys* me when I don't get as much done for the site as I want to. Ah, hell, anyway, updates today! Real ones! Not them fake ones likes ya sees on Tee-Vee!

The guide to Digimon Tamers Vol. 3 is now up on the Tokyopop Manga page! Volumes 2-4 of 01 will be up in the near future.

Since Digimon toys are now back on the shelves, the Toy Encyclopedia needed an update! Since there's no season to name this section after, what can I call it but 2004-2005 Toys. Oh, and hey - I knocked this background together quick-like, given that I don't have any of the toys to scan the packaging of. If anyone reading this has bought one of the new line's toys recently and still has the backing card (or plans to buy one), do me a favour - couldja scan it and e-mail it on over, please? You'll get credit!

Also, for the first time in a good while, the Pop Culture Page has been updated with a reference I've been meaning to add for a while, and a new one from Teen Titans!

And yeah, I know... I said it wouldn't be ten months before my next fic, and if I don't get one up by the end of next month, that'll make me a liar. No promises. This friggin' story doesn't want to go anywhere in my head.

Frontier C's still under construction... up soon!




Sorry about the recent lack of anything folks - but I do have an excuse. For the last few weeks, I've been on vacation in Canada, visiting my girlfriend (some of you might remember I did the same thing at the same time last year). I DID mean to do an update just to let you all know before I left, but I didn't get around to it. For that, I have no excuse. Sorry for leaving you in the dark, and if I worried anyone!

Mind you, since I've only just got back, I don't actually have anything to update with right now. But there will be some stuff coming up soon. Thanks to the help of my girlfriend, I've now acquired the four volumes of the 01 Tokyopop manga that I was missing, and also bought the third Tamers volume while I was away, so there's all of that to add to the Manga guide pages. The Frontier C's are underway and will be up soon, while I'm about to begin the script for "Revival of the Ancient Digimon."

I know that by now, some of you will also have noticed that my humour fanfiction series has disappeared off of FanFiction.Net. If you checked out my author page there, you'd see my thoughts on the matter. Yes, the total fucktards removed by fics because... shock... gasp... oh no! ...they were in SCRIPT FORMAT! Heaven forfend! The universe will surely spiral into a slow energy death if fics are written in script format! BAH. Anyway, I'll be getting them up on my webspace here in due time.

In other news (OLD news, now, which I never reported before, but hey, just for the sake of it...) check out the trailer to "Digimon Xevolution" HERE. You'll need to have Bitorrent to download it, and all those latest codecs and things to run it, or whatever. Don't e-mail me asking why it won't work, because I don't know. Since my last update, the movie's subtitle has been revealed - "The Thirteenth Royal Knight."

Also, in the wake of the launch of Bandai's new Digimon CCG, Digimon toys can once again be found on the shelves. They're almost all old toys re-released, but I'll be putting up a page for them (and the new video games arriving) in the Toy Encyclopedia once I get together all the information on precisely what toys are available again, if there are any in excess of what is now listed on Bandai's re-opened Digimon page.

In my absence, Maximum Entertainment have released their first Digimon DVD, containing the first five episodes of the series. Downsized from it's original two-disc eight-episode specs to strengthen the cheaper, budget range of titles, the disc retails for
only £5. Also, in a shameless bit of self-promotion, check out their first volume of "Transformers: Robots in Disguise," which I've written a series of character profiles for.



Well... um... you never know what you're going to find when idly surfing around.
Check out this entry from UrbanDictionary.Com
Now... I have absolutely no idea who submitted that, to a site I never normally visit. It's got me pretty curious, but I also found it pretty darn hilarious. See that "thumbs up" vote? That was me. :)

Also, got some REAL news - the website for Bandai of America's new Digimon Collectable Card Game is now up!
Pay a visit to: DigimonCCG.Com



Hey, it's my birthday! 22 today - so I've got a present for you! (Wait, is that right...?)

The FRONTIER B'S are up!
Read about Beetlemon, Beowolfmon, Bokomon, BurningGreymon and loads more! Also in the first entries for "Revival of the Ancient Digimon," we've got Ball, Bearmon, Boarmon and Bullmon!

Also, some news on the UK DVD situation - in addition to having been pushed back four weeks to August 23rd, the first volume was also been downgraded to it's original specs: a one-disk release containing the first five episodes. No extra features are planned, as the disc is part of Maximum Entertainment's budget range of titles. Retailers have encouraged this move, as a strong title like Digimon only help to strengthen the budget range. On the plus side, it's only going to £4.99. It was bumped from the opening line-up of Digimon, "Transformers: Robots in Disguise" and "Hero Turtles: The Next Mutation" for "King Arthur and the Knights of Justice," to play off of the current movie, "King Arthur."
(Also, for those of you keeping track at home, this doesn't affect Transformers or Turtles, although both titles, along with King Arthur, have been pushed back a weektop the 2nd of August because production was really to the wire on them.)



Shock headline!
My local comic shop actually got a new Digimon manga in for once! I didn't have to drive two hours to get one!
So, check out the new guide for
on the Tokyopop Manga page!



Laptop's running again - so here's the

The second Tamers movie, and sixth Digimon movie overall, takes place after the end of the Tamers series, and gets all the characters together for a big send-off. And for me, this movie did what I thought was impossible - for this one, shining moment, I actually cared about Rika.

VirginMegaStores.Co.Uk has the cover image of first UK Digimon DVD volume up.

Click to pre-order on the site. They also have the second volume listed for release on 11th October. Pre-order it HERE.

However, this image is unlikely to be the finalised version, as it gives the wrong number of episodes, and may contain more extras. More news as we get it.

After a long time, my freeserve e-mail account has expired, so I'll now be operating out of my previously-existing but not-used-that-often hotmail address. The e-mail link in the menu bar has changed to reflect this. Also, if you sent me an e-mail in the last two weeks or so to be my freeserve address, I didn't get it.



My laptop is still kaputsville, so the Frontier B's are still a-ways off, but I've still got a proper update for y'all!

the voice of Lopmon and Zoemon, is now up! This lady's a fan-favourite actress in anime circles, and I've had the chance to discuss her Digimon roles and other work with her. Join us, won't you? :)

And now, the latest update from Japan regarding "Digimon Xevolution," the exciting new CGI animation coming in 2005. After some initial ponderings over what the nature of this animated project would be, all signs now indicate that it's going to be a movie. Immediately, that may make you fear that it won't see the light of day in an English-language format, like most of the other existing Digimon movies, but the press release (which has appeared on the Bandai of Japan website, confirming that this is definitely the real deal) on the project states that they're planning for it to reach the west. Although you've probably heard all this and seen these before, check out the info and images archived on Shining Celebi's site HERE.

More UK DVD news is pending - I had hoped to offer and exclusive preview of the package art for you, but Fox Kids has requested it be re-done, so we must wait to see what comes.



Well, I got my laptop working again briefly... only it turned out that the fools who "repaired" it's broken cable used the wrong resistance of wire, and the thing melted and split. Thankfully, before then I was able to get my new wireless connection working on it, and transferred all the Frontier encyclopedia files to my PC. And you know what that means...


Read about Agunimon, Aldamon, Angler, Arbormon and loads more!

And you know what the best thing about having nice, big downloaded copies of the episodes is? I can screencap them until the cows come home! This is the first time for any series that I've been able to do this, and it means that the Frontier encyclopedia will be the most image-extensive one. And that's a good thing, too, because decent screenshots are hard to come by online, and thanks to Toei creating a Flash site for the series, instead of a plain html one, model sheet (official, white background) images that *don't* look like crap are quite hard to come by (thanks to Angel-kun from the WtW boards for the Asuramon model sheet pic!). That said, my PC doesn't have the power to play the episodes at their full capacity, so I think the B's may have to wait until my laptop, which CAN play them well, enabling me to get better-quality images than my PC would allow, is working again.

Oh, and after covering all his episodes to write his entry, I must disturb you all by saying - I love Angler the Trailmon, and were it possible, would bear his giant, metal German-speaking kinder.

Up next on the news front - REALLY EXCITING NEWS FROM JAPAN!

Go check out THIS PAGE. What does it say, you ask? Here's the translation from the WtW messageboards:
Bandai to Start New "Digital Monster" Project Developing a Full Length CG Anime and Game Soft for 2005

Bandai has announced a new project with their "Digital Monster" characters. At the project's core will be "Digital Monster X-evolution", a new anime released in 2005.

"Digital Monster X-evolution" is a full length animation done entirely in CG. The creators include Kakudou Hiroyuki (director of the TV series "Digimon Adventure" and "Digimon Adventure 02") as director, and Itou Kazunori, who worked on "Gamera" and ".hack", and Kawasaki Miwa, who was in charge of the novelization of ".hack" and the script for "Air Master", as scriptwriters. Done entirely in CG, it will concentrate on the "digital" part of "Digimon".

Along with this new animation, there will be new games, cards, figures, etc. Nothing concrete has been revealed yet about these products, but a game based on "X-evolution" will likely be released sometime in 2005.

"Digital Monster" was originally introduced by Bandai as a type of "fighting Tamagotchi" handheld game. The first of these handheld games was introduced in 1997 and soon became a hit, selling 13 million units nationwide as of March 2004, and over a million units overseas.
Now, don't go screaming "Season five!" just yet - we don't fully know what this is. It may just be an OVA or a movie - which is still good news! And evidently, from the title, it'll somehow be tied in to the "Digimon Chronicle" mini-manga. All in all, it's exciting news, which is something that has long been overdue.
And in news closer to home, UK company Maximum Entertainment, who are bringing Digimon to DVD this summer, have reported that for their first release, they'll be bringing out a two-disc set containing nine episodes, an upgrade from the original report of five eps on a one-disc release. This will be consist for the rest of season one, splitting it up into six nine-episode installments. Currently slated extras are character profiles and stickers, with more likely to come. A cross-sell with the UK's official Digimon magazine is assured. Watch this space for more details as we get them!

- - -

Er, I missed saving a few updates here...

- - -


Congratulations to aaroNiGHTS, who got the 500,000th hit exactly! He hasn't told me what he wants for his pic yet, though.

However, just to let everyone know, it'll be a little while before you see it. See that icon of my head up there? While attempting to shoo away a stupid little yappy dog while I was walking home, a hedge branch caught me in the eye, and has scratched my cornea. I've got to wear this damn patch for a day or two, and can't draw with only one eye workin'. Stupid yippy dogs.


Some of you out there may remember when I briefly flirted with hit gift pictures, but stopped because I didn't have enough time to draw them. Well, the site is now less than 200 hits away from getting 500,000 hits - that's half a million! - and that'll be exceeded with the next 24 hours, so, I'm opening up the hit gift challenge again! Be the 500,000th visitor, and e-mail me a picture of the counter at 500,000, and you'll get a picture of your own choosing drawn for you by my own fair hand! The only stipulations are: no yaoi, no hentai, no gijinka. Cheesecake is fine - God knows, I draw my fair share of that! :)

If no-one sends the 500,000th hit image, the winner is the one who sends the nearest number to it - take a chance! And no constant refreshing! That's cheating!


Back to the regular layout now. And there's a new guestbook up! F*ck you, GuestOne, hello BraveNet!

Also, I've been doing something I've meant to do for a good long while now - watching old episodes. I happened to watch a couple of eps from the last arc of 02, and realised there's no denying it - that's not Laura Summer as Noriko (post World Tour) and Yolei's replacement voice, it's Bridgette Hoffman. That would make this her first identified Digimon role, before Jeri. Assorted pages are updated to reflect this.


A little belated, but I've just added "Digimon Battle Spirit 2" to the Season 4 Toy Encyclopedia.

Normal layout returning on Monday, and not before, dammit! ;)


It's just passed midnight here in Ireland, so HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

Now, don't let it be said that I haven't been putting my time off to constructive use! As we ring in the New Year, let's also ring in two new sections here at the Digimon Encyclopedia!

Read the scripts for the movies that didn't make it to the west! "Diaboromon Strikes Back" now up!

Your guide to the manga adaptation of the TV series! Digimon Volume 1 now up!

That oughta keep you all busy for a little while!

(and we'll be switching back to the regular layout soon!)


Phew! I cut it close with just one day left until the ol' fella with the white beard comes calling, but I finished my piece of Christmas fanart! I think you can see why it took this long - it features FIFTY-TWO, count 'em, fifty two, characters, including all the main DigiDestined, Tamers and Digimon from all four seasons of the show! Click it for a larger version!

Now, as a certain purple-skinned Myotismon-host once said... "Enjoy the holidays... it's the most wonderful time of the year!"


Proper Crimbo, I tell thee!

Finally... a new fic is HERE! Let's ALLLL ignore the ten-month gap, as the mystery of FACTORY MARK continues in "Rage Against the Machines!"

The promised piece of fanart is coming, I swear... but it's just *really* taking a long time. When you all see, you'll know why, believe me!


Christmas is getting close, folks, and the Digimon Encyclopedia is ready to help you celebrate!

First, we've got our merry ol' Christmas layout up, and you can while away this cold winter night with the Tamers Vs, which are up at long last! Read about Vajramon, Vikaralamon and Viximon, and since movie updates are already included, V-Pets are here too!

That's all for the minute, but there's more festive fun coming in the next just-less-than-two-weeks, as my latest fic FINALLY arrives, and we rejoin the Digi-crew at yuletide as the mystery of Factory Mark continues... and my Christmas piece of fanart is coming soon, too.! It's quite possibly the biggest Digimon fanart undertaking done - certainly tbe biggest I know of!



Well, I don't care for your tone, mister.

But I did it anyway. :)

The Tamers T's and U's are now updated with information for "The Adventurers' Battle" and "Runaway Digimon Express," bringing the existing encyc fully up to date. Find updates to:

and Terriermon

and new entries for:

Tamashiro, Ryuuji
Uehara, Takehito
and Urazoe, Watari

Keep an eye out for the V's - at least - to appear before Christmas, along with some more festive silliness, including the Christmas layout, some Christmas fan art... and... choke... glurg... yes... A NEW FIC!

I also plan to create detailed summaries - or perhaps full scipts - and screenshot galleries for the three undubbed movies in my possession, so that those who have not seen 'em can get the full picture in one go.

And you thought I was givin' up on you! ;)

Finally, yes, I know the guestbook isn't working, I don't know what happened to it, but I'll get onto fixing it, or, more likely, creating a new one. Damn, and I had over 200 sigs in there, too...


An off-topic, and surprisingly long and thoughtful (for me) review of "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie" is now up.

Sorry about the lack of all things Digi-related at the moment, but you'd be surprised how hard I'm finding it to work on the encyc. Something soon, I promise!


Finally got something done around here! Courtesy of the Cowboy Bebop movie DVD, a picture of Beau Billingslea has been added to the Voice List, and a newer Steve Blum pic has gone up with it.

Also, on the off-topic side of things, a review of the spiffy "Bionicle: Mask of Light" DVD is now up to read.

The Halloween picture, which has finally been belatedly titled, is added to the Fanart page.


Okay, okay you guys. Today, I'm Homestar Runner.


Happy Halloween, kids! :D


Puttin' the "Devi" in her name, LadyDevimon's the star of the site's Halloween pic! Would you object to being tricked by this li'l treat? :) Click for a larger, textless version! And I'm following her lead with my costume for today!


Told you you wouldn't be seeing updates just as regularly... and this ain't even much of a one. It's just to go along with the Halloween layout going up, and to say that finally, I've created an archive page for the site's updates. I should've done it ages ago. Also, I'm working on a Halloween pic for the site, though, so expect to see it in the next few days - I would have more of it done (and would have had this layout up yesterday), only I sprained my ankle yesterday, and had to lay around with it propped up all evening. Pain in the friggin' neck, I'll tell you.
I wish I had the enthusiasm to go and alter a screenshot of my head to give myself a NEW costume right now, but I don't. Watch for some later in the week. :)


The Tamers S's are now updated with movie info! Find updates to Sakuyamon and Suzie, and new entries for Scorpiomon, Seasarmon and Sepikmon!

I don't have either of the two reviews that I mentioned recently done yet - I need to watch Cowboy Bebop again before I can put my thoughts into words, and haven't had the chance, while Unicron has thus far failed to arrive. Sorry, folks! I might review "Bionicle: Mask of Light," though...


Woah, it was a little quiet there for a while, huh? Fear not, fear not! We got mo' movie mojo! It ain't mo' mojo than befo', as only the Tamers P's and R's are updated, but it's still something, aye? Find updates to:


And new entries for:

and "Runaway Digimon Express"!

But that's not quite all - I missed a little update to the "Hypnos" entry for "Runaway Digimon Express," so I popped back and added that. And after a brief recent discussion on Alt.Fan.Digimon about where certain buildings and sights you see in Digimon are in real-life Tokyo, I've updated the Odaiba entry in the Adventure encyc with some photos of important places from the series.

Now, a bit of personal jazz - starting on the 20th of this month, I'm going to be a workin' man. I've got a six-month placement at a local printing shop, where I'll be working with computers and programs like Photoshop. It's a great opportunity to expand my skills. But, it's full-time work, five days a week, so odds are you're not going to see the ol' Digipedia be as hopping with life as usual. That said, there's not much left to the Tamers encyc now (as I've said before, Yamaki is the only truly large entry left to write), and I STILL can't begin the Frontier encyc, as it has STILL yet to air in the UK. It's fast becoming a pain in my ass. Anyway, though, there WILL hopefully be some more stuff up before I start working - specifically, I'll try to update another letter or two, and I just got "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie" on DVD today, and I think an OT review of that will be in order once I've watched it. And also on the OT review front, I think you can expect to see me salivating over Transformers Armada Unicron, once he finally arrives. This is the toy Transfans have waited seventeen years for, and now that I know he's so close to being in my grasp (it's been two weeks since he was sent, so it'll not be long before he's here now), I am literally obsessing over owning him. The anticipation is proving so distracting, I had actually forgotten it's my own mother's birthday tomorrow until my dad reminded me. Oy. Come to me, chaos bringer...

Oh, and the Halloween layout will be up soon!


More movie updates! Tamers H-O are now updated with information from "The Adventurers' Battle" and "Runaway Digimon Express." Find updates to:

Hata, Seiko
Nonaka, Rumiko
and Otamamon

And find new entries for:

and Omnimon!

Moved the third birthday pic to the fanart page.

Also, I've wound up with an extra copy of the issue of "Wickid" that contains my story, "Ryo's Story." If anyone out there would like it, y'all can buy it. Drop me an e-mail. First come, first served!


Woo-hoo, we passed 400,000 hits today! Onward and upward!

The Season Four toy list has been updated again, courtesy of Jonathan Altig, who's filled in the blanks for "mystery figure #4."

In other news, ARGH. I'm having an e-mail crisis at the mo, as I'm bombarded with attempts to give me viruses. I had literally over TWO-HUNDRED pieces of mail to download when I got online yesterday, each of them with an attachment that made them take a minute or two. Had another eighty this morning, too... like I said, argh. Ho hum, my imminent 5th volume of "Neon Genesis Evangelion" and reissue Transformers Soundwave shall cheer me up. :)


Happy Birthday, Digimon Encyclopedia! Entertaining and informing you for three years to the day!

My hand is killing me, because I had to knock that pic out in a day, but it was worth it - I got a real buzz out of drawing Tai and Davis again, which I haven't done in a long time, and it's also the first time I've drawn Takuya. Damn... three years. When I began the site, I never would've thought I'd have let this madness go on for that long! Ah, well - here's to another three!


Updated the Season 4 Toy Encyclopedia page with some more stuff about the Crystal Figures included with the most recent sets, courtesy of Ethan Poehlmann. If anyone can add to this, by the way, help would be appreciated! Also, Digimon Battle Spirit's European release has been noted.



You guys ever notice that I seem to get too "into" whatever new anime I'm watching at any given time? At the minute, it's "Excel Saga," which is bloody hilarious. Only have the first volume right now, but it's just another thing for me to spend money on...

That is all. Go about your business. Site turns 3 on Monday!


Rather than update the Tamers encyc with "The Adventurers' Battle" first, then go back and do "Runaway Digimon Express," I've decided to do both at the same time. And instead of doing all of the encyc, I'm doing it in chunks. So, Tamers A-G are now updated with info from the two movies! Dub names are used, even though the movies haven't been translated. Find updates to:

Digimon Tamers
and Guilmon!

And new entries for:

"The Adventurers' Battle"
and Gulfmon!

More coming soon!

Also, I'm mildly concerned that I may have been virused, so be wary of any funny-lookin' e-mails that might happen to have my name on them, 'kay?


"Ryo's Story" has been updated with the promised "Behind the Scenes" stuff - read the three script drafts, including my original plot, plus see some artwork I made!

Also, the mirror main page is up. View it at http://www.digibros.net/~digipedia - remember to bookmark, so if Angelfire goes down, ya just pop over there for all the news that's fit!

The site's third birthday is just under two weeks away!


Two big things this week! The Adventure Encyclopedia is now updated with information from "Diaboromon Strikes Back." Be aware that American names are used, even though the movie hasn't been translated. Find new entries for:

"Diaboromon Strikes Back"

and updates to:

All twelve DigiDestined
All Rookie DigiDestined Digimon, and Gatomon
Kuramon and Diaboromon
DemiVeemon, Poromon and Upamon
ExVeemon, Stingmon and Paildramon
Angemon and Angewomon
"Digimon: The Movie"
Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02
Mode Change

"The Adventurers' Battle" is next, and there's a lot to do for it!

"Notes For use" for the Tamers encyc are updated to reflect the movie stuff.

Also, I saw "Return to Highton View Terrace" the other day for the first time in years, and realised I'd made an error - Tai and Sora DID know each other when they both lived there. So I've caught any references to that in the encyc, and more importantly, the Fanatic's Guide.

Finally, I've heard the main page here's been going down a bit recently... I guess even just having one page on this sever has grown to be more than Angelfire can handle. I've grown awfull attached to this address, though, so rather than move outright, I'll create a mirror on the Digibros address. Watch for that!


It's Thursday.

It's August 28th.

UK Fox Kids magazine "Wickid" #43 is on the shelves.

And that means..."RYO'S STORY" IS HERE!

Click on through, and enjoy this published story that I co-wrote! It's a big landmark moment - and come back soon, when we'll hopefully be going beind the scenes, and you can read the various script drafts to see how it all developed! I'm as giddy as a freakin' schoolgirl, over here!