This timeline is for the US version of the show, and only differs from the Japanese timeline in two ways, though they are important - namely, the third movie being in continuity and the change from 02 being set three years after "Adventure" to four years. The dub was not always consistent on the latter point - "A Chance Encounter" and the entirety of "The Battle for Both Worlds" saw the time difference being referred to as three years, though the first can be passed off on an editorial slip, and the second the result of a change in creative team - but I am taking it as read that the second American season takes place four years after season one.

Episode names included in italics and parentheses after an entry signify the episode(s) in which the information within the entry was revealed, be it in real time, flashback form, a story told by another character, or something else.


The Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC) - the very first computer - is built, and lays down the foundations of the DigiWorld (from Brave Tamer video game, see next entry).

The first patented digital computer, ENIAC (Electronic and Numeric Integrator And Computer), is brought on-line. With it's activation, the foundations laid by the ABC are built upon, and the DigiWorld is created. From the ABC and ENIAC, various multiple DigiWorld realities grow, which run parallel with the various multiple Earth realities in existence in the multiverse.

This information comes from the "Brave Tamer" video game. While continuity glitches between the games and anime mean that the video games may or may not be in continuity, this game explains that all the myriad "alternate universes" in Digimon - "Digimon Adventure," "Digimon Tamers," "Digimon Frontier," etc - all grew out of ENIAC and the ABC. Hence, the ENIAC explanation can be taken as canon for this and all timelines.

One iteration of the DigiWorld also runs closely parallel to two other unrelated dimensions - one, a kalidoscopic world that possesses the power to transform thoughts and dreams into reality, and the other, a grim, foreboding ocean that has the ability to make the dark thoughts of others come to life. While the dream dimension appears uninhabited, the World of Darkness is known to be occupied, at the very least, by Dragomon and his sevants. The DigiWorld is tied closely to both these worlds, and absorbs a fraction of the dream dimension's power to make thoughts reality. Meanwhile, as the years pass, databytes from Earth's Internet continue to add to the Digital World, while at the same time, the DigiWorld's portion of the dream dimension's power starts to give form to the thoughts, dreams, myths and spiritual beliefs of Earth's populace - combined with digital data, this merging produces Digimon, the inhabitants of the DigiWorld. ("A Million Points of Light," "The Ultimate Clash")

Yukio Oikawa and Hiroki Hida make contact with the DigiWorld as young boys via Hiroki's video game system. Hiroki's father, Chikara, puts a stop to what he considers childish games. Hiroki and Oikawa are heartbroken, but stay together, sharing their dreams of visiting the DigiWorld some day. ("BlackWarGreymon's Destiny")

An evil being comes from beyond the Wall of Fire, and the original five DigiDestined children are called upon to battle and defeat it. ("Now Apocalymon")

Another being comes from beyond the Wall of Fire (later to be known as Apocalymon). It has been said that the time-travelling Millenniummon was resposible for breaking the seal that allowed this being to enter the DigiWorld. It's presence, like the first being, causes the DigiWorld to warp, throwing its time out of synch with that of Earth, and creating evil Digimon, among them the Dark Masters. ("Now Apocalymon") This time warp effect, coupled with that caused by the first being, makes the DigiWorld a lot older than it would be under normal circumstances, hence the reason that older processes such as Armour Digivolving can be called "ancient." ("Kyoto Dragon")

At Highton View Terrace, in Tokyo, Japan, a Digi-Egg emerges through the computer of Tai and Kari Kamiya. The egg hatches into a Botamon, which Digivolves into a Koromon, an Agumon, and then a Greymon, to battle Parrotmon, who emerges from a gateway to the DigiWorld that exists at Highton View Terrace. During the course of the battle, it seems the two Digimon destroy each other, but in reality, they are drawn back into the DigiWorld, and Tai, Kari and six other children watching the fight are chosen by the Powers That Be of the DigiWorld to be the next DigiDestined. ("Digimon: The Movie," "Return to Highton View Terrace," "The Ultimate Clash")

At the same time, in Colorado, another Digi-Egg emerges from the computer of a young boy named Willis. It hatches into twin Baby Digimon. ("Digimon: The Movie")

Between 1995 and July 1999
In Japan, the eight children move out of Highton View Terrace, the memories of what they saw suppressed, the damage done by the battle blamed on a terrorist bombing. ("Return to Highton View Terrace")

Hiroki Hida dies, taking a bullet for an important political figure. ("Invasion of the Daemon Corps") He leaves behind a wife and son (Cody), and a shattered Oikawa. ("Oikawa's Shame")

In the DigiWorld, the mystery group that watches over it fashion the Digivices, Tags, Crests, and the Digi-Eggs that will hatch into Digimon that will belong to the eight new DigiDestined. A brutal attack by the Dark Masters leaves the whole group dead, save for Gennai. Piedmon steals the Crests and Tags, while Gennai escapes with the Digi-Eggs and Digivices. He loses one set as he flees, and hides the rest on File Island. ("The Ultimate Clash")

The Crests come to be scattered across Server. Devimon emerges and plots his takeover of File Island, coming into possession of the Tags, which he hides away. ("The Legend of the DigiDestined," "Departure for a New Continent")

The eight Digi-Eggs hatch, and, over time, the Baby Digimon Digivolve into In-Trainings - even Nyaromon, the Digimon who hatched from the lost egg. ("The Ultimate Clash," "The Eighth Child Revealed") As more time passes, the seven Digimon wait on File Island for the coming of their partners, but Nyaromon eventually becomes Salamon, and wanders the DigiWorld, looking for the person she was waiting for. She is found by Myotismon, who takes her under his wing, and trains her under a brutal regimen. With this conditioning, she naturally Digivolves into her Champion form of Gatomon. Her memories lost, she is sent out into the DigiWorld by Myotismon, to recruit an army of Digimon. Along the way, she meets and befriends Wizardmon. ("The Eighth Child Revealed")

After losing a battle with the Dark Masters, Azulongmon and the other Harmonious Ones are sealed away by the villains. ("Kyoto Dragon")

In Colorado, Willis's two Digimon (his only friends), Digivolve into their In-Training stages. ("Digimon: The Movie")

August 1st, 1999
Seven of the eight children - Tai, Sora, Matt, Joe, Izzy, Mimi and T.K. - are at summer camp, when the Digivices are transported from the DigiWorld to Earth. Upon touching the Digivices, the kids are swept up in a vortex which transports them to the DigiWorld, where they meet their Digimon, who Digivolve to Rookie and Champion to protect them from the dangers they face. After defeating Devimon, they are contacted by the aged Gennai, who tells them of their Crests and Tags, and of Server. They find their Tags, and head for Server, where they run afoul of Etemon. During their battles with Etemon, all the kids find their Crests. When MetalGreymon destroys Etemon, it creates a warp which drags Tai and Koromon back to Earth, where it is only minutes after he left. ("And so it begins..." to "The Earthquake of MetalGreymon")

Tai goes home, and meets Kari, who recognises Koromon, but does not know why (because she had seen a Koromon four years before). ("Home Away From Home")

Tai is in the real world for only an hour or two, but in the DigiWorld, many months pass. All of the DigiDestined go their separate ways: Joe and Matt are forced to work in Digitamamon's diner, Mimi stays at the Gekomon palace, and T.K. is left alone, all due to the machinations of DemiDevimon, a servant of the vampire Digimon, Myotismon. ("Forget About It!" to "Princess Karaoke")
While searching for Gennai, Izzy is trapped in the pocket dimension of Vademon, where he loses his curiosity. A connection somehow opens between Izzy's laptop and Tai's computer in the real world, but the zombified Izzy tells Tai not to bother coming back. ("No Questions, Please!")

Tai and Agumon return to the DigiWorld, and round up Matt, Joe and T.K., foiling DemiDevimon's tricks along the way, with some unseen help from Sora. They split up to look for Izzy and Mimi - as Matt and T.K. search, Izzy manages to free himself from Vademon's dimension with help from MegaKabuterimon, and then meets up with the brothers. Joe and Tai eventually manage to get Mimi to leave the palace, and the team then finally locate Sora, who has not been able to make her Crest glow. When Myotismon attacks, Sora realises her love for Biyomon, who Digivolves to Garudamon and fends Myotismon off. ("Forget About It!" to "Sora's Crest of Love")

Gatomon returns with an army, and Myotismon, now in possession of the Crest of Light - the Crest of the Eighth Child - opens a portal to Earth (It is not clear how he obtained the Crest - he may have found it when it and the other Crests were scattered about Server, or it's possible Piedmon may have given it to him, for some reason). Gennai appears in the flesh to give the kids advice on how to use the Key Cards to open the portal, which they successfully do, returning to Earth. They find that summer camp has been called off, and they are brought back to Tokyo. They go to Highton View Terrace, where they remember the events of four years previously, and then head for home. In the evening, Izzy picks up the signal of the Eighth Child's Digivice, but his attempts to locate it are foiled by DemiDevimon and Raremon. ("The Gateway to Home" to "The Eighth Digivice")

August 2nd, 1999
The kids ration that the Eighth Child Myotismon is looking for must have seen the battle four years ago, and so begin searching for kids they knew who lived in Highton View Terrace then. Gatomon takes an unhealthy interest in Kari, thinking she could be the Eighth Child, while during their search, Mimi and Sora are attacked by SkullMeramon. ("Gatomon Comes Calling")
In the evening, Matt, T.K. and Gabumon meet Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon, two of Myotismon's lackies. They prefer to goof off than search for the Eighth Child, and Myotismon destroys them for it. WereGarurumon and Angemon then repel him. ("Out on the Town")
Wizardmon helps Gatomon realise that Kari is the Eighth Child, and that she is her Digimon partner. Myotismon learns the latter fact, and captures Gatomon, planning to use her to flush out the Eighth Child. ("The Eighth Child Revealed.")
At dusk, Myotismon summons a mystical, electronic-disrupting fog bank, which shrouds Odaiba. ("Flower Power")

August 3rd, 1999
Myotismon's invasion squads flood the streets, capturing much of Odaiba's population, and holding them in the city's convention centre.
One of the captives is Davis, a boy who will become a DigiDestined as a result of this experience. ("Enter Flamedramon," "Samurai of Sincerity")
Also among the prisoners are Mimi and Sora, who try to engineer a breakout, but Myotismon foils their attempts. Thanks to Sora's mother's efforts, Sora, Birdramon and Lillymon manage to escape, and meet up with Tai. Izzy protects his family with a Digital Barrier, and heads to the TV station, where he meets Matt's father, and explains the situation to him. Kari gives herself up to Myotismon to stop the chaos, and in a final battle royale, Kari gets her Digivice and Crest thanks to Wizardmon's sacrifice, and Gatomon Digivolves to Angewomon, using the power of the other Digimon to energise her Celestial Arrow attack to destroy Myotismon. ("Flower Power," "City Under Siege," "Wizardmon's Gift")

However, the entranced captives at the convention centre do not wake up - and in accordance with an ancient prophecy unearthed by Gennai, Myotismon rises again, as VenomMyotismon, having used his bats to convert the bodies of his fallen followers into energy to resuscitate him. VenomMyotismon goes on a rampage, until the kids crack the final riddle of the prophecy, and Agumon and Gabumon become WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. With aid from the powers of the kids' Crests, they destroy VenomMyotismon. ("Prophecy," "The Battle for Earth")

A warp then appears in the sky, showing the DigiWorld, which has been corrupted and reformatted. The DigiDestined save a plane from crashing - and on board this plane are Cody Hida, and his mother and grandfather. Cody sees the Digimon, marking the moment where he became predestined to be a DigiDestined. ("The Battle for Earth," "Enter Flamedramon," "The Samurai of Sincerity")

While all this has been happening, Digimon have appeared all over Earth, and are seen by many children, who will also become DigiDestined - notably, Michael sees Gorillamon in New York. ("The Samurai of Sincerity")

During these three days on Earth, many years passed in the DigiWorld, during which time, the Dark Masters rose again, and took control of the DigiWorld, reconstructing it as Spiral Mountain. ("Enter the Dark Masters")

The DigiDestined realise they must return to the DigiWorld to stop whatever evil is happening there. ("The Battle for Earth") Their parents watch them go - as does Yukio Oikawa, stunned by the sight of the DigiWorld, and wishing more than ever that he could go there. Myotismon's digital "ghost" makes him a bargain, and then possesses Oikawa. ("Oikawa's Shame")

The DigiDestined return to the DigiWorld, and engage the Dark Masters in a series of battles. Many of their Digimon friends are lost, and dissention in the ranks results in Matt, Mimi and Joe going their separate ways. During the battle with Piedmon, Tai dispatches Sora and T.K. to track them down - Sora nearly falls afoul of the living darkness that almost consumed Matt, but it saved by Matt and Joe. They regroup, and engage Piedmon in conflict, but he uses his powers to change many of their numbers into key chains. MagnaAngemon temporarily bests Piedmon, and restores everyone to normal, and then Piedmon and his Vilemon are defeated in a stunning final battle. ("Enter the Dark Masters" to "Piedmon's Last Jest")

The being of darkness who emerged from the beyond the Wall of Fire takes on a physical form, and spreads his darkness to cover the entire DigiWorld. He - Apocalymon - confronts the kids and their Digimon, and destroys their Crests. He then deletes them, sending them to the Data World, where they realise the power of their Crests is inside of them. They reconstitute their bodies, and go on to destroy Apocalymon. The DigiWorld begins to reformat, and they must leave their Digimon behind. ("Now Apocalymon," "The Fate of Two Worlds")

November 1999
Tai hears the sound of Kari's whistle, which was left in the DigiWorld with Gatomon. He realises that a gate to the Digiworld has opened again, and he is able to briefly communicate with Agumon via his father's computer. The gate closes again before Kari, who is out shopping with their mother, returns home to see it. (from a Japanese audio drama CD released three years after season one ended)

March 2000
Willis attempts to create another Digi-Egg on his computer, so that he can have more Digimon, but it winds up on the Internet, and is infected with a virus, causing it to mutate, and hatch into a Digimon/virus hybrid creature that eats data.
Izzy, Tai and their Digimon attempt to stop it, but it Digivolves to its Ultimate form of Infermon. Matt and MetalGarurumon join the fight, but it Digivolves to its Mega, Diaboromon, and defeats them. Diaboromon makes over a million copies of himself, and launches nuclear missiles at Odaiba and Colorado, planning to wipe out the DigiDestined. It takes the fusion of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon into Omnimon to defeat the villain and stop the missiles.
However, the virus is somehow made corporeal, and infects one of Willis's Digimon, Kokomon, taking him away from Willis and mutating him. ("Digimon: The Movie")

One of the kids who sees this battle on the Internet is Ryo (adapted from the "Tag Tamers" video game). Another girl who sees the battle is Yolei, who will later become a DigiDestined too. ("Enter Flamedramon," "The Samurai of Sincerity")

May 2000
Gennai calls the eight kids back into the DigiWorld, and instructs them to release the Crest power from within themselves. The Crest power forms a shield around the DigiWorld, restoring peace and beauty to it, and protecting it from evil - however, the eight Digimon lose their ability to Digivolve to Ultimate. ("Fusion Confusion," Japanese audio drama CD)

August 2000
A Digivice emerges from the computer of Sam Ichijouji, in front of Sam, and his brother Ken. Sam puts it in his drawer, vowing to find out what it is, but Ken, with childish curiosity, touches it, and is sucked into the DigiWorld. There, he meets his Digimon partner, Wormmon, and encounters Ryo. Together, they battle and defeat Millenniummon - the events of the battle go unseen (but are adapted from the video game, "Tag Tamers," which was used to create back story for Ken in the anime). With Millenniummon's defeat, the Dark Spores appear, and fly through the air towards Ryo. Ken pushes him out of the way, and one sinks inside his neck. He becomes ill, and Wormmon cares for him for three weeks, until he is well enough to return to Earth. He returns, and it's still the same day. This is likely a Japanese writing error, as time in the DigiWorld and on Earth should be synchronised by this point - however, it *could* be passed off on Millenniummon's ability to warp space and time. ("Genesis of Evil," "Invasion of the Daemon Corps")

April 2001
In America, Michael, and several other American kids, receive their Digivices. Michael travels to the DigiWorld, and spends some time there, meeting his partner, Betamon. ("The Samurai of Sincerity," "Digimon World Tour, Pt. 1," Japanse audio drama CD)

Between August 2000 and April 2003
Sam Ichijouji dies when he is run over by a car. Ken is consumed by grief, and is observed at Sam's funeral by Oikawa, who is unaware that Myotismon is within him, manipulating him. ("The Crest of Kindness," "Genesis of Evil," "Dark Sun, Dark Spore")
Oikawa sends Ken an e-mail, telling him about the DigiWorld, which Ken has forgotten about. He urges Ken to use the Digivice to travel to the DigiWorld - but the Dark Spore within him instead opens the doorway to the World of Darkness. Ken dips his Digivice into the Dark Ocean, and it transforms into the Dark D-3. The Dark Spore within him activates, and, over time, his physical and mental capabilities are greatly enhanced. He gains a genius level intellect, and becomes a soccer and judo star, fast becoming a media darling. He quickly grows apathetic towards society, and his fawning parents, viewing them all as insects, beneath his notice. He returns to the DigiWorld, and begins to conquer it, assuming the guise of the Digimon Emperor. ("Genesis of Evil")
Ken is unknowingly moulded into the Emperor identity by Arukenimon and Mummymon, two Digimon/human hybrid beings created by Oikawa, when he transformed his DNA into data. ("United We Stand," "Duel of the WarGreymon")
The designs for the Dark Rings, Dark Spirals and Control Spires are implanted into Ken's mind via the Spore - but the Spires are the key, as they will disrupt the reality barriers, allowing Oikawa - and Myotismon - to bypass the shield set up by the kids' Crest powers, and enter the DigiWorld. ("Oikawa's Shame")

Gennai de-ages himself (apparently by separating himself into multiple younger versions of himself), then he and his clones set about deleting information on the DigiWorld from government computers on Earth. ("Dramon Power")

Azulongmon and the other Harmonious Ones work from within their prisons to create the Digi-Eggs, and to select Digimon to be the partners of the new DigiDestined that will soon be called on to battle the Emperor. They rebuild the lost Crest of Kindness into the Digi-Egg of Miracles, which is soon discovered by the Emperor, and used in conjunction with a reactor-gateway to the World of Darkness to power his fortress base. ("The Darkness Before Dawn," "Fusion Confusion," "Kyoto Dragon")

Mimi and her family move to New York at some point prior to September 2001, as Mimi was in living in the city at the time of the 9/11 tragedy. Mimi meets and befriends Michael. ("Enter Flamedramon," "Samurai of Sincerity," Japanese audio drama CD)

Prior to the start of the new school year, T.K. and his mother move into a new apartment in Odaiba. ("Enter Flamedramon")

From April 2003 to June 2003
The new school year begins, and on his way to school, T.K. meets Yolei and Cody, two children who are fated to become DigiDestined. At school, he also meets Davis, who has a crush on Kari, and fears that T.K. is trying to steal her from him. ("Enter Flamedramon")
The Digimon Emperor kicks his takeover into high gear. In a scuffle with a Unimon, Gatomon loses her Tail Ring, which, unbeknownst to her, is spirited away by Gennai, so that without it, she will have the power to Armour Digivolve and DNA Digivolve in the future. Agumon calls on Tai for help. Tai arrives, and discovers that Agumon can't Digivolve due to the power of the Digimon Emperor's Dark D-3, which is generating anti-Digivolutionary energies that are being broadcast by his Control Spires. Gatomon, Patamon, Agumon and Tai find the Digi-Egg of Courage - when Tai touches it, it releases three new Digivices (which Izzy later dubs D-3s), which are received by Davis, Yolei and Cody. Davis, T.K. and Kari travel into the DigiWorld, and Davis meets his Digimon, Veemon. ("Enter Flamedramon")
The following day, Yolei and Cody travel to the DigiWorld, and meet their Digimon, Hawkmon and Armadillomon. ("The Digiteam Complete")
T.K. and Kari find Digi-Eggs of their own, which enable Patamon and Gatomon to Armour Digivolve. ("A New Digitude")
Many battles with the Emperor ensue, pulling the old DigiDestined back into the fight. ("Old Reliable" to "The Good, the Bad and the Digi")
At one point, the Emperor takes control of Agumon, and turns him into a viral version of MetalGreymon. ("The Emperor's New Home" to "Storm of Friendship")
On one occasion, Kari is pulled into the World of Darkness by servants of the evil Dragomon. She escapes with help from T.K., but the World of Darkness and its inhabitants are not yet through with the DigiDestined. ("His Master's Voice")

July 2003
The summer rolls around, and the kids have to sneak back into school to use the computer room there, continuing their battles with the Emperor. They meet Michael, and remember the events which led to them being picked as DigiDestined. ("Samurai of Sincerity" to "20,00 Digi-Leagues Under the Sea")

August 1st, 2003
The kids find themselves unable to use the school computer lab to access the DigiWorld any more. The DigiDestined get together to celebrate the anniversary their first trip into the DigiWorld. ("Ghost of a Chance")

August 2nd, 2003
Sora and Mimi show Yolei Tokyo Tower, where SkullMeramon attacked them, while Izzy successfully manages to open a Digi-Port program on the Kamiya's computer. ("Ghost of a Chance")

August 3rd, 2003
At the television station, Wizardmon's ghost appears, and gives the team a cryptic warning about the future. ("Ghost of a Chance")

August 3rd, 2003 onward
The kids locate the Digimon Emperor's base, and Tai, Matt and Izzy go on a camping trip to act as a cover for the other kids while they go into the DigiWorld to destroy it. The Emperor unleashes Kimeramon, a genetically engineered Digimon made up of parts of other Digimon, but he has also included a portion of Devimon's dark data, and the powers of darkness corrupt Kimeramon, leaving Ken unable to control him. Kimeramon threatens to destroy the fortress on his own, but Wormmon leads Davis to the Digi-Egg of Miracles, which Armour Digivolves Veemon into Magnamon. Magnamon battles Kimeramon, but Wormmon is forced to sacrifice himself to make the Emperor realise that Digimon are living things, and to give Magnamon the energy to destroy Kimeramon. Ken realises what he has done, and the Dark Spore deactivates, reverting him to his normal personality. The Digi-Egg of Miracles reverts to the Crest of Kindness, which belongs to Ken. ("Run Yolei Run" to "The Crest of Kindness")

At some point during this time period, Kokomon, having reached his Champion form of Endigomon, and driven insane by the virus, steps up his search for Willis. T.K. and Kari witness a battle between him and Terriermon, Willis's other Digmon, while visiting Mimi in New York, and call Davis, Yolei and Cody in. The trio meet Willis on their way to Colorado, and they then confront Kokomon in a colossal final battle, where he Digivolves to his Ultimate and Mega forms. It takes Angemon and Angewomon Digivolving to Mega and releasing the Golden Digi-Eggs to allow Veemon and Terriermon to become Magnamon and Rapidmon to save the day. ("Digimon: The Movie")

From September 2003 to December 2003
The kids return to school, and set about rebuilding the damaged areas of the DigiWorld. Veemon Digivolves into his natural Champion form of ExVeemon. ("Davis Cries Wolfmon")
Ken awakens from a pseudo-coma, with amnesia. He can barely remember his parents or brother, and returns to the DigiWorld, to be confronted with angry Baby Digimon at Primary Village. There, he remembers the first time he came to the DigiWorld, and finds Leafmon - the reborn Baby form of Wormmon. ("Genesis of Evil")
At Oikawa's command, Arukenimon moves to try and destroy the DigiDestined, using her powers to transform Control Spires into unliving Digimon. The other Digimon manage to Digivolve to Champion to defeat her creations. When the reactor to the Emperor's abandoned base threatens to explode, ExVeemon and Stingmon DNA Digivolve into Paildramon to defeat Arukenimon's Okuwamon, and destroy the reactor. Arukenimon then lures the DigiDestined to the Giga House, where she attacks them with an army of mind-controlled insect Digimon, and then, in a fit of rage, reveals her true, Digimon form. She is beaten in battle, but then saved by Mummymon. ("If I had a Tail Hammer" to "Arukenimon's Tangled Web")
Arukenimon combines one hundred Control Spires together to create BlackWarGreymon, but the leftover programs within the Spires merge to give BlackWarGreymon a mind of his own, with thoughts and feelings. He turns on Arukenimon, and seeks opponents to battle to test his powers. ("Ultimate Anti-Hero")
Ken, Kari and Yolei stumble into the World of Darkness again, but manage to escape. ("Opposites Attract")
BlackWarGreymon cannot understand the notion of having a heart, and encounters Agumon, who tries to help him understand. Meanwhile, Arukenimon and Mummymon turn their attention to the Destiny Stones, mystic objects, which keep the DigiWorld in balance - with the Control Spires de-powered and unable to warp reality, they have to come up with another plan to weaken the barriers to allow Oikawa to enter the DigiWorld. BlackWarGreymon feels pain as the first Destiny Stone is damaged, and makes it his mission to destroy them all. The barriers of the DigiWorld begin to weaken, and Digimon appear in the city of Kyoto, as BlackWarGreymon continues his rampage. When the last stone is located, Paildramon, Silphymon and Shakkoumon hold off BlackWarGreymon, while the kids try to move it with their D-3s. This frees Azulongmon from his prison, and he explains most of what has been going on to them. BlackWarGreymon flies away, claiming that he is going somewhere "to disappear." ("If I Only had a Heart" to "Kyoto Dragon")

December 24th, 2003
Ken invites the other DigiDestined to his Christmas party, and they all happily accept. They all bring the Digimon partners of the older DigiDestined into the real world, to celebrate Christmas with them. Tai, Joe, Izzy and Sora got to Matt's concert, while Davis, Yolei, Cody, T.K. and Kari go to Ken's for his party. The fun is broken up when Arukenimon brings a Control Spire to Earth, and opens a Digi-Port, allowing wild Digimon to come through. The Armour Digimon destroy the Spire, and then the Digimon Digivolve to take down the enemies. ("A Very Digi Christmas")

December 25th, 2003
Izzy discovers that Digi-Ports are opening all over the world, and calls on the DigiDestined to help him get in contact with other DigiDestined kids around the world. Davis and Ken, meanwhile, battle a Triceramon and Mummymon. Gennai arrives, and explains his plan of action, using one of Azulongmon's Digi-Cores to restore the original eight Digimon's lost ability to Digivolve to Ultimate, and also giving Paildramon the power to Mega-Digivolve to Imperialdramon.
Imperialdramon, flying faster than the speed of sound, transports the twelve kids to six strategic locations around the world, where they team up with other native DigiDestined, as well as Gennai's clones, to round up the wild Digimon and send them back to the DigiWorld.
At the same time, in Japan, Arukenimon and Mummymon, at Oikawa's command, go about making offers to children with problems (loneliness, sickness, etc), convincing them to come with them.
When all the wild Digimon are rounded up, Imperialdramon takes everyone back to Tokyo, in time to celebrate Christmas with their families. (All in "Dramon Power" and "Digimon World Tour, Pts. 1-3")
In the evening, Tai warns Kari that the time will come when she and the other new DigiDestined will have to destroy a Digimon. Ken's memories of his time in the DigiWorld with Ryo begin to come back to the surface, when he dreams about the battle with Milleniumon and the Dark Spore. ("Invasion of the Daemon Corps")

December 26th, 2003
The Daemon Corps appear in Tokyo, searching for Ken. The DigiDestined battle SkullSatamon, but he immobilises Imperialdramon and defeats the other Digimon, some of whom De-Digivolve due to being in the real world for so long. The original eight Digimon (sans the absent Palmon) give their power to Imperialdramon, enabling him to Mode Change to his Fighter Mode and destroy SkullSatamon.
Arukenimon convinces Ken to come with her, saying she will release all the 'kidnapped' children if he does so. He agrees and is taken away in a truck, where he meets Oikawa, who explains to him about the Dark Spore within him. Oikawa copies Ken's Spore, and implants it into the other children at their own request. The kids know the spores will enhance their abilities, while Oikawa plans to use them to convert the innocence of the children into an energy he can use to enter the DigiWorld. Their true purpose, however, is to provide power for Myotismon, to allow him to be born again.
Meanwhile, Davis pursues the truck, and the other DigiDestined are forced to destroy the other members of the Daemon Corps to protect the city. At Highton View Terrace, their leader, Daemon, appears, and demands that Ken be handed over to him. Oikawa, having got what he wanted, is ready to comply, but Davis busts up the transaction. The Digimon all team up against Daemon, and Ken uses the energy within the Dark Spore to open a gate to the World of Darkness, through which Daemon is sent. Oikawa tells the children to remember Highton View Terrace, and then flees. The children are returned to their parents. ("Invasion of the Daemon Corps," "Dark Sun, Dark Spore," "The Dark Gate")

Agumon and co. return to the DigiWorld to discover some serious destruction, courtesy of the returned BlackWarGreymon. Azulongmon bestows more power on Agumon, restoring his power to Warp-Digivolve. ("Duel of the WarGreymon")

December 27th, 2003
The Dark Spores begin their work, enhancing the capabilities of the children. The DigiDestined begin to watch them closely, studying the effects of the Spores, with help from some of their parents.
Oikawa, Arukenimon and Mummymon hide out on Mount Fuji, but BlackWarGreymon arrives on Earth, with intent to destroy them all. ("Duel of the WarGreymon")

December 28th, 2003
BlackWarGreymon attacks Oikawa, Arukenimon and Mummymon, realising that Oikawa is his creator, as Oikawa created Arukenimon, who in turn created him. Tai and Kari intervene, and Agumon becomes WarGreymon to battle with BlackWarGreymon, defeating him with help from Imperialdramon. BlackWarGreymon leaves again, to think on what they have told him about life and friends. ("Duel of the WarGreymon")

December 29th, 2003
The Dark Spore of a girl named Noriko is about to flower prematurely, and Oikawa has to move to absorb its power before the DigiDestined get to her first. He encounters Cody, and recognises his surname, identifying him as Hiroki's son. He visits Hiroki's grave, and reflects on the past. ("BlackWarGreymon's Destiny")

December 30th, 2003
Noriko's Spore flowers, and Oikawa absorbs its energies. The dark power energises Myotismon, who holds Oikawa's mind back when Cody's grandfather offers him his hand in friendship. BlackWarGreymon is fatally injured protecting Cody's grandfather from Oikawa/Myotismon, and uses the last of his strength to seal the Highton View Terrace DigiWorld gate with his body. ("BlackWarGreymon's Destiny")

December 31st, 2003
Oikawa calls the children back to Highton View Terrace, where he attempts to open a gate to the DigiWorld. Instead, a portal to the dream dimension opens, through which Oikawa unwittingly travels, followed by the children, Arukenimon, Mummymon and the DigiDestined. In the dimension, Myotismon vacates Oikawa's body, and uses the energy from the flowered Dark Spores to transform himself into MaloMyotismon. He uses the powers of the dimension to create illusions of all the DigiDestined's greatest desires, but Davis wins through, and helps free the others. Then, they use the power of the dimension to their own ends, making all their Digimon Digivolve to their separate forms at once, and teaming up on MaloMyotismon.
The villain flees into the DigiWorld, and absorbs the darkness already there into his body, increasing his power. He begins to initiate the spread of darkness over Earth, when all the Digimon of the world's DigiDestined arrive to confront him. Acting as beacons, the bond between them and their human partners opens Digi-Ports all over Earth, bringing the DigiDestined into the DigiWorld. Using the power of their dreams, and belief in themselves (through which the Dark Spore children become DigiDestined themselves), MaloMyotismon's darkness is repelled, weakening and discorporating his body. His dark spirit tries to spread, but Imperialdramon's Giga Crusher attack destroys it, apparently for good.
Gennai returns Gatomon's Tail Ring, and Oikawa meets his Digimon, Datirimon. However, Oikawa has lost too much energy, and his body is too weak to go on. Using the power of the dream dimension, he fulfils a wish of his own, transforming his body into energy, which spreads across the DigiWorld, restoring the tranquillity that was almost destroyed by Myotismon's darkness. ("Oikawa's Shame," "The Last Temptation of the DigiDestined," "A Million Points of Light")

March 2004
It transpires that Diaboromon was not completely destroyed during the battle in the year 2000. Matt and Tai venture into the Internet again with Omnimon to destroy him, but he escapes to the real world in the form of a huge swarm of Kuramon. Once on Earth, the Kuramon merge together to form Armageddemon, a huge, alternate Mega for their line that is more powerful that Diaboromon ever was. Omnimon battles him and is defeated, and then Imperialdramon Fighter Mode takes him on. Omnimon gives his energy to Imperialdramon, transforming him into his Paladin Mode, who destroys Armageddemon. ("Diaboromon Strikes Back" movie, unreleased in US)

Subsequently, a new evil arises in the DigiWorld, and June Motomiya, Jim Kido and Momoe and Chizuru Inoue all become DigiDestined to combat it. This was related in an audio drama CD released two years after the second season concluded. The CD ends with Davis and the other 02 Chosen Children entering the DigiWorld to help.

By 2028...
Everyone on Earth has his or her own partner Digimon (but this does not mean that everyone on Earth is a DigiDestined).
T.K. becomes a novelist. He marries, and has a son.
Kari fulfils her dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher. She marries and has a son.
Tai and Agumon act as diplomats dealing with Real/Digital World relations. Tai marries, and has a son.
Matt and Sora marry, and have a son and a daughter. Matt becomes an astronaut, while Sora works as a fashion designer.
Izzy is appointed the head of DigiWorld research projects, working with Jim Kido and Sora's father. He marries, and has a daughter.
Mimi gets her own televised cooking show. She marries, and has a son.
Joe gets his doctorate, and becomes the DigiWorld's first doctor. He marries, and has a son.
Yolei and Ken marry, and have a son, a daughter, and another child of unknown gender. Ken is a detective, while Yolei is content as a housewife.
Cody becomes a defence attorney. He marries, and has a daughter.
Davis opens up the noodle cart he always wanted to, and it becomes a huge success, turning into a worldwide restaurant chain, and making Davis a very rich man. He gets married, and has a son, who now wears the infamous goggles. ("A Million Points of Light")

With a tip of the hat to Justin Lam, Megchan, Grimlockmon, Lady of Piedmon, and KaiKtarl for all the help!