More often than not, it's Digimon that'll reference other aspects of pop culture, but when the tables are turned,
it's worth making a note of it!

"SPORTSCENTER" - not in the ESPN show itself, but in a commercial which aired in 7/01, in which Kenny Mayne specifies the (obvious) differences between Pokémon and Digimon.

Ultimate X-Men"ULTIMATE X-MEN" - Issue #7 (cover-dated 8/01) of this Marvel comic book series, titled "Return to Weapon X," Part One, sees Colossus tease Storm over her poor ranking on the "World's Sexiest Mutant" website. She shoots back: "Do I look like I care about an online poll by a million Japanese teenagers? They probably just thought you were the new Digimon or something anyway."

"GROUNDED FOR LIFE" - In episode #23, "Let's Talk About Sex, Henry" (o/a 2/1/02), parents Sean and Claudia are caught engaging in... a 'natural and beautiful act' on their son Jimmy's bed. When hearing about this, Sean's brother Eddie inquires: "On the Star Wars sheets?" to which Claudia sarcastically replies: "No, Eddie - the Digimon sheets."

"GROUNDED FOR LIFE" - This show makes another Digi-reference in episode #26, "Mr. Roboto" (o/a 30/1/02), when Sean over-engineers a robot for Jimmy's science fair, and after Claudia makes him tone it down, she covers the holes left with Digimon stickers. Sean's reaction upon seeing all the other more-impressive robots at the fair: "Rip off the damn Digimon stickers!"

"MON COLLE KNIGHTS" - Episode #32 of this Fox Kids/Saban anime dub, "Fairy, Fairy, Quite Contrary" (o/a 15/6/02), sees Mondo suggest, as a line to be spoken when leaping out of an exploding car, "Rats! I left my Digimon: The Movie CD in there!"
Keramon-like virus, "Teen Titans" episode, "Crash"

"GRIM AND EVIL" - Episode #8 of this triple-bill series (o/a 6/7/02) featured a Digimon reference in it's second cartoon, "Search and Estroy," in which terrorist Hector Con Carne steals his arch enemy, D. Estroy's, plans for a "Poké-Digi Tank." No need to explain the other part of the reference, but also note that D. Estroy is a parody of Destro from "G.I. Joe."

"TEEN TITANS" - In the show's third season, episode #30, "Crash," (o/a 18/9/04) robotic hero Cyborg is infected with a computer virus, and the other Titans have to enter his body to rid him of it. With it's manic eyes, wavy antennae, and general body shape and design, the virus (right) bears an astonishing resemblance to Keramon, and the colouring effects used mimic those in "Digimon: The Movie," right down the red outlines. And while one could perhaps argue that it's a coincidence, the fact that the virus proceeds to multiply itself exponentially, resulting in this scene, makes it seem pretty inarguable.

NEW! "JEOPARDY!" - Show #4848 of the long-running American quiz show (o/a 12/10/05) posed as it's $1600 answer in the Double Jeopardy round: "Puts your cards on the table when you tell us Digimon stands for these creatures." Shame on anyone who don't know that the question is "What are Digital Monsters?"

Thanks to Ryan H. Nelson, Nebs and Andrew Mark. Teen Titans pictures courtesy of Super Karoru.
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