A quick and easy reference list of Digimon's human characters.

The character's name, as given in the dub, is listed first - a / then follows, and their Japanese name is given, if it's different from their dub name. If they were not listed in the dub, just their Japanese name is given. If the age of the character is known, it is given in parentheses (if the age differs between dub and Japanese, a slash separates them - dub first, Japaenese second). A short description of the character follows, so you know who we're talking about.

Taichi “Tai” Kamiya/Yagami (11) – Agumon’s partner
Yamato “Matt” Ishida (11) – Gabumon’s partner
Sora Takenouchi (11) – Biyomon’s partner
Koushiro “Izzy” Izumi (10) – Tentomon’s partner
Joe/Jyou Kido (12) – Gomamon’s partner
Mimi Tachikawa (10) – Palmon’s partner
Takeru “T.K.” Takaishi (8) – Patamon’s partner
Hikari “Kari” Kamiya/Yagami (8) – Gatomon’s partner

The original Japanese version of season two is set three years after season one. However, the dub of season two is set four years later, advancing the ages of the DigiDestined by one year.

Davis/Daisuke Motomiya (12/11) – Veemon’s partner
Yolei/Miyako Inoue (13/12) – Hawkmon’s partner
Cody/Iori Hida (10/9) – Armadillomon’s partner
Ken Ichijouji (12/11) – Wormmon’s partner
Takeru “T.K.” Takaishi (12/11) – Patamon’s partner
Hikari “Kari” Kamiya/Yagami (12/11) – Gatomon’s partner
Taichi “Tai” Kamiya/Yagami (15/14) – Agumon’s partner
Yamato “Matt” Ishida (15/14) – Gabumon’s partner
Sora Takenouchi (15/14) – Biyomon’s partner
Koushiro “Izzy” Izumi (14/13) – Tentomon’s partner
Joe/Jyou Kido (16/15) – Gomamon’s partner
Mimi Tachikawa (14/13) – Palmon’s partner

Yuuko Kamiya – Tai and Kari’s mother
Susumu Kamiya – Tai and Kari’s father
Nancy/Natsuko Takaishi – Matt and T.K.’s mother
Hiroaki Ishida – Matt and T.K.’s father
Michel Takaishi - Matt and T.K.'s grandfather, Nancy's father, French
Haruhiko Takenouchi – Sora’s father
Toshiko Takenouchi – Sora’s mother
Yoshie Izumi – Izzy’s mother
Masami Izumi – Izzy’s father
Joe’s parents, unnamed
Jim Kido – Joe’s brother
Shin Kido – Joe’s eldest brother, combined with Shuu into Jim
Shuu Kido – the middle Kido brother, combined with Shin into Jim
Keisuke Tachikawa – Mimi’s father
Satoe Tachikawa – Mimi’s mother
Davis’s parents, unnamed
June/Jun Motomiya (18/17) – Davis’s sister
Yolei’s parents, unnamed
Mantarou Inoue (approx. 20) – Yolei’s brother
Chizuru Inoue (15/14) – Yolei’s sister
Momoe Inoue (18/17) – Yolei’s eldest sister, friend of June’s
Cody’s mother, unnamed
Hiroki Hida – Cody’s father
Chikara Hida – Cody’s grandfather, Hiroki's father
Ken’s parents, unnamed
Sam/Osamu Ichijouji – Ken’s brother

Michael - American (New York), friends with Mimi's, partners with Betamon/Seadramon
Willis/Wallace - American (New York, Colorado), partners with Terriermon and Kokomon
Phil/Sam - African-American, partners with Flarizamon
Maria - American, partners with Centarumon
Lou - American Indian, partners with Tortomon
Steve - American, Jewish, partners with Frigimon
Tatum - Irish-American, partners with Airdramon
Poi Brothers - Chinese, partners with Syakomon/Octomon
Yuehon - Chinese, partners with Apemon
Dien - Vietnamese, partners with Gorillamon
Mina - Indian, partners with Meramon
Derek/Dingo - Australian, partners with Crabmon/Coelamon
Unnamed Australian DigiDestined - partners with Bukamon, Divermon and Gizamon
Catherine - French, partners with Floramon/Kiwimon
Unnamed French DigiDestined - partners with Vegiemon, Gazimon and Vilemon
Rosa/Chichos - Mexican, partners with Gotsumon
Unnamed Mexican DigiDestined - unseen, but known to exist
Yuri - Russian, partners with Kuwagamon
Sonya/Lola - Russian, partners with Snimon
Anna - Russian, partners with Unimon
Unnamed Russian DigiDestined - partners with multiple Frigimon

Noriko – sick girl, spore flowered early
Hiroshi – brown hair, blue jacket, wanted to draw comics
Takashi – short, brown hair, green jacket, wanted to play baseball
Keiko – brown hair, wanted to be a baker

Gennai - digital being who acted as guide to the kids in their first adventure, later regenerated himself to a youthful form
Benjamin - American Gennai clone
Jackie - Chinese Gennai clone
Hogan/Eucalyptus - Australian Gennai clone
José - Mexican Gennai clone
Ilya - Russian Gennai clone
Yukio Oikawa – human host of Myotismon, creator of Arukenimon and Mummymon
Mr. Fujiama – teacher
Yutaka – “Teenage Wolves” member
Akira – “Teenage Wolves” member
Takashi – “Teenage Wolves” member

In the original version of season three, Takato, Rika, Henry, Jeri, Kazu and Kenta are 10 years old. The Fox Kids website for the US version, however, had them at 13 (except Jeri, who they listed as 12) – but in “The Journey Begins,” Yamaki’s computer lists Takato as being 12. This is in-show and therefore should be taken over the website, so the age is spread to apply to all those who should share it.

Takato Matsuki/Matsuda (12/10) – Tamer of Guilmon
Rika Nonaka/Ruki Makino (12/10) – Tamer of Renamon
Henry Wong/Jianliang “Jenrya” Lee (12/10) – Tamer of Terriermon
Jeri/Juri Katou (12/10) – Tamer of Leomon
Kazu Shioda/Hirokazu Shiota (12/10) – Tamer of Guardromon
Kenta Kitagawa (12/10) – Tamer of MarineAngemon
Suzie Wong/Shaochung “Shiuchon” Lee (7) – Tamer of Lopmon
Ryo Akiyama (14) – Tamer of Cyberdramon
Ai and Mako/Makoto (4) – Tamers of Impmon
Alice McCoy – Granddaughter of Dolphin, companion of Dobermon

Mitsuo Yamaki (32) – Hypnos creator and section head
Riley/Reika Ootori (26) - Hypnos chief systems operator
Tally/Megumi Onodera (23) – Hypnos systems operator
Chief Cabinet Secretary – Government official, oversees running of Hypnos

Takehiro Matsuki/Matsuda (41) – Takato’s father
Yoshie Matsuki/Mie Matsuda (35) – Takato’s mother
Rumiko Nonaka/Makino (28) – Rika’s mother
Seiko Hata (49) – Rika’s grandmother, Rumiko's mother
Janyu Wong/Jiang-Yu "Janyuu" Lee (40) – Henry and Suzie’s father, Wild Bunch member, aka Tao
Mayumi Wong/Lee (42) – Henry and Suzie’s mother
Rinchei Wong/Lee (17) – Henry and Suzie’s brother
Jaarin Wong/Lee (15) – Henry and Suzie’s sister
Tadashi Katou – Jeri’s father
Shizue Katou – Jeri’s stepmother
Masahiko Katou – Jeri’s stepbrother
Hirofumi Shioda/Shiota – Kazu’s father
Takako Shioda/Shiota – Kazu’s mother
Shiyunsuke Kitagawa – Kenta’s father
Akemi Kitagawa – Kenta’s mother
Ryo’s parents, unnamed

Rob McCoy – Alice’s grandfather, Wild Bunch member, aka Dolphin
Goro Mizuno – Wild Bunch member, aka Shibumi
Rai Aishuwarya – Wild Bunch member, aka Curly
Babel – Wild Bunch member, real name unknown
Daisy – Wild Bunch member, real name unknown

Nami Asaji/Asanuma (26) – teacher of Takato’s class
Toshiaki Mori – P.E. teacher, has crush on Ms. Asaji
Seiji Kurosawa – school principal
Mr. Iwamoto – teacher
Ayaka Itou – Jeri’s friend, striped shirt, pigtails
Miki Nakajima – Jeri’s friend, blue dress, purple hair
??? – Jeri’s third friend, no name given in lineart book, brown bowl-cut hair, pink shirt, cream dungarees
Yuuji Terayama – Member of Takato’s class, brown hair, blue shirt
Taizou Aoyama – Member of Takato’s class, buzz-cut hair, red shirt
Tadashi Nakabayashi – Member of Takato’s class, chubby kid, yellow shirt
Jeremy/??? – Member of Takato’s class, yellow shirt, dark hair
??? – Member of Takato’s class, not in lineart book, blonde hair, red shirt

Sensei – Henry’s martial arts instructor
Ryuuji Tamashiro - VP Labs president, human guise of Mephistomon ("The Adventurers' Battle")
Wataru Urazoe - Kai's grandfather ("The Adventurers' Battle")

In the Japanese version, Takuya is identified as being in the fifth grade, but in the dub of "Lobomon: Warrior of Light," he states that he's in the 6th grade, and Zoe points out that she is, too. So, this makes them one year older than the original. While the temptation is to extend this to cover all the kids, it is not so. In the dub of "The Odd One Out," J.P. confirms that he's in the seventh grade, the same as the original version. And he is the oldest of the group, so Koji and Koichi must remain at their original ages to preserve this. And since we're not changing their ages, it doesn't make much sense to do it with Tommy.

Takuya Kanbara (11/10)- holder of the Spirits of Fire
Koji/Kouji Minamoto (11) - holder of the Spirits of Light, Koichi's twin brother
Zoe/Izumi Orimoto (11/10, three months older than Takuya) - holder of the Spirits of Wind
J.P./Junpei Shibayama (12)- holder of the Spirits of Thunder
Tommy/Tomoki Himi (8)- holder of the Spirits of Ice
Koichi/Kouichi Kimura (11) - holder of the Spirits of Darkness, Koji's twin brother, formerly Duskmon

Katsuharu - tall, light brown hair, bullied Tommy
Teppei - dark brown hair, glasses, bullied Tommy
Chiaki - brown-haired girl
Teruo - other brown-haired boy

Yuriko Kanbara - Takuya's mother
Hiroaki Kanbara - Takuya's father
Shinya Kanbara - Takuya's younger brother
Kousei Minamoto - Koji and Koichi's father, divorced from their mother, took custody of Koji
Satomi Minamoto - Koji's step-mother
Tomoko Kimura - Koji and Koichi's mother, divorced from their father, took custosy of Koichi
Koichi's grandmother - deceased
Mrs. Himi - Tommy's mother
Mr. Himi - Tommy's dad
Yutaka Himi - Tommy's elder brother
Zoe's family - unknown
J.P.'s family - unknown

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