There's PG-13 stuff in here!

Pictures are arranged from newest to oldest. Watch the quality decrease as you go down the list! ^^;

*NE W!* NAUGHTY AND NICE *NEW!* - Hey, even bad guys can celebrate the season! Smaller version w/ text

SHAMROCKIN' ALL OVER THE WORLD - Lillymon feels the luck of the Irish in this belated St. Patrick's Day picture!

A *VERY* DIGI CHRISTMAS! - 2004's mega Christmas picture, featuring no less than fifty-two characters! Smaller version w/ text.

HELL ON HIGH HEELS - LadyDevimon's Halloween costume. Would you object to being tricked by this little treat? Smaller version w/ text.

THREE BLEEDIN' YEARS! - Happy third birthday, Digimon Encyclopedia!

TAMERS UNITE! - group shot of all the Tamers, as requested by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

A NONAKA FAMILY CHRISTMAS - Celebrate the holidays with Rika and family.

TRICK OR TREAT! - The Digi-crew get dressed up for Halloween!

LILLY AND LINGERIE - A racy little pic following on from the tred set in "Black and White." Pink is purty.

A CHRISTMAS STARMON! - A nice little Christmas pic. I couldn't decide whether to use a fairy, an angel or a star for this pic... so I used them all!

NOVASTARBATTLEMON vs. ROBOT DEVIMON! - Second hit gift pic, requested by Aaron Thall, of a scene from one of his DigiWars! stories. I was very pleased with how this one came out.

NEMIDESTINED! - My first hit gift pic, for Tech Weaver of AFD, who request (l. to r.) Amber, Snake and Steve - the evil doubles of Sora, Matt and Tai from the "NemiDestined" fanfic series, a sub-arc of the ongoing "DigiWars!" series.

VENOM vs. DEVIMON! - Claw meets claw and fang meets fang as two dark-hearted baddies go up against each other in MvD!

SHURIMON vs. DAREDEVIL! - A clash of honour! Two martial arts masters meet, in another MvD battle!

ARUKENIMON vs. SPIDER-MAN! - Everyone's favourite friendly neighbourhood super-hero takes on the eight-legged villainess that everyone loves to hate, as MvD roars ahead!

BLACK AND WHITE - A friend would best describe this one as "kinky!" Angewomon and LadyDevimon appease the fanboys - don't show it to your granny, kids!

ANGEWOMON vs. STORM! - The Marvel/Digimon crossover carries on in this airborne duel!

FLAMEDRAMON vs. THE HUMAN TORCH! - The first battle in the Marvel vs. Digimon crossover!

IMPOSSIBLE MAN AND DEMIDEVIMON - The cause of all the trouble over in Marvel vs. Digimon!

DIGITAL LOVE... or... THE ONLY *REAL* RELATIONSHIP IN DIGIMON! - Koushlene, baby! Don't get it? Go read my fics, you!

DIGIPENDENCE DAY! - I may not be American, but that don't mean I can't be patriotic! ^_^

MARVEL vs. DIGIMON - LET BATTLE COMMENCE! - The heroes and villains of the Marvel and Digimon worlds square off!

NURSE ANGEWOMON - I think it speaks for itself... rowrr!

BLASTING OFF AGAIN! - They've been compared to 'em... and now they're copying their fashion sense!

T.K.'s EASTER SURPRISE - Kari tries to get T.K. into the holiday mood...

THE REAL DIGI-KAISER! - DJ Wormmon and his posse in da howz, bangin' out da massive beatz and da phunky phlavaz.

TAI'S VALENTINE WISH - I think everyone knows my views on Sorato...

A VERY TAIORA CHRISTMAS - Christmas Card #2 - How I wish I were Tai in this picture... ^_~

MISTLETOE AND MIYAKEN - Christmas Card #1 - Yolei tries to have some festive fun with Ken, but he's not interested!

WIZARDMON'S GIFT - My rendering of the penultimate scene from the episode.