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AlphamonGroup: Warrior – Level: Mega – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Digitalize of Soul, Ultimate War Blade King Dragon Sword
Among the Royal Knights, there were legends of a thirteenth member of their group – Alphamon, the Lord of the Empty Seat, the mightiest of the knights and their destined, yet forever-absent leader. For Omnimon and Magnamon, the discovery that Dorumon, Yggdrasil’s experimental creation, was, in fact, Alphamon himself, was a shocking one.
Having had the gateway to Yggdrasil’s realm opened for him by Gallantmon X, Dorumon – in his Ultimate form of Dorugremon – was forced into a battle by Omnimon, during which his final Digivolution occurred. Assuming his Mega form, he stunned the other two Royal Knights with the revelation that he was the being of legend, and Omnimon’s own doubts over Yggdrasil’s intentions saw him immediately side with Alphamon. Magnamon, however, remained loyal to Yggdrasil, but was unable to stop them from passing him by, heading towards Yggdrasil. Their way was barred by Death-X-Dorughoramon, but Alphamon easily dispatched him with his Digitalize of Soul attack, allowing the duo to reach Yggdrasil’s inner sanctum. The computer remained silent, refusing to debate with them, and as they moved to destroy it, Death-X-Mon, the Digivolved form of Death-X-Dorughoramon, smashed his way into the chamber. The ensuing battle was violent as Alphamon blocked an attack meant for Omnimon, and then unleashed his Ultimate War Blade King Dragon Sword on Death-X-Mon - but when every injury he inflicted to Death-X-Mon was immediately mirrored on his own body, Alphamon came to the realisation that Death-X-Mon was his own dark shadow, having been created when Yggdrasil had previously split his data. Hurling his blade in a boomerang arc, he impaled both himself and Death-X-Mon on it, sacrificing himself to destroy him. Explaining his actions to Omnimon, he transferred his X-Antibody to him, and recombined with Death-X-Mon into Dorumon.
Although identified only as “Alphamon” in the movie, this character is, in fact, Alphamon in his Ultimate King Dragon Blade mode, identifiable by his wings and his use of the Ultimate War Blade King Dragon Sword attack. In the “Digimon Chronicle” storyline, Alphamon only obtains this form after merging with OuRyuumon, the partner Digimon of human character Yuuji.
Name: From “Alpha,” the first letter of the Greek alphabet. His team-up with Omnimon at the movie’s conclusion has a greater meaning in the Japanese, as Omnimon’s name there is Omegamon, from “Omega,” the last letter of the Greek alphabet – hence we have the Alpha and the Omega. Andromon

Group: Android – Level: Ultimate – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Gatling Attack, Lightning Blade
As one of the Digimon chosen by Yggdrasil to travel to the new Digital World, Andromon was a particularly vocal opponent of the X-Antibody Digimon, blaming them for causing trouble in the new world. When he and several other Digimon were called to a meeting by WarGreymon X, who hoped to turn them to his cause, he alerted Yggdrasil to the meeting’s location before attending, and gleefully revealed this fact to WarGreymon X as Omnimon arrived. In the ensuing battle, however, Omnimon turned on the regular Digimon, and when WarGreymon X attempted to protect them by launching one of  his Dramon Destroyers at Omnimon, the weapon was deflected by Omnimon and impaled Andromon, who died with a sad laugh, realising he’d been wrong all along.
Name: From “android,” a robot with a human form.

Group: Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Mega Bone Stick, Metallic Fur
An Apemon was among the Digimon who went with Andromon to a meeting called by WarGreymon X. When WarGreymon X attempted to explain to them Yggdrasil’s future goals, Apemon called him a liar – but was soon proven wrong when Omnimon arrived, having been previously alerted to the meeting by Andromon, and attacked not only the X-Antibody Digimon, but Apemon and the other normal Digimon as well, who were all struck down by Omnimon’s Transcendent Sword. Also, another Apemon was a member of the rebel Digimon group, who was injured and helped to safety by Silphymon when their cave base was attacked by Death-X-Dorugremon.
Name: From “ape.”

Group: Vegetation - Level: Ultimate - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Spiral Flower, Thorn Whips
A Blossomon was among the Digimon who accompanied Andromon to a meeting called by WarGreymon X, who attempted to turn the regular Digimon to this way to thinking. Like the other regular Digimon in attendance, however, Blossomon had no lost love for the X-Antibody Digimon, blaming them for causing trouble, and pointing out how they had put Digimon children in danger. When Omnimon arrived, as a result of Andromon reporting the meeting to Yggdrasil, Blossomon slated Andromon for his decision as the battle between Omnimon and WarGreymon X tore up the landscape – and then, all the regular Digimon were forced to learn that WarGreymon X had been right all along, as Omnimon turned on them and destroyed them with his Transcendent Sword.
Name: From “blossom,” the flower of a plant.

Group: Warrior – Level: Mega – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Spiral Masquerade, Fist of Athena, Scarlet Tempest, Laser Lattice
Crusadermon is a member of the Royal Knights, whose voice was heard seconding Omnimon’s belief that a key factor in the conflict with the X-Antibody Digimon was making the first move.
Only Crusadermon’s voice is heard in this scene, and although (s)he goes unseen, (s)he is listed in the film’s credits. As in the Japanese version of Digimon Frontier, Crusadermon (here named RhodoKnightmon, also translatable as “LordKnightmon”) is male in the Japanese version of “Digimon X-Evolution,” but whether or not he would be changed to a female if this movie were ever dubbed is unknown.
Name: A “crusader” can refer to one who vigorously works for a cause, or one who engages in a holy war.Death-X-Dorughoramon

Group: Evil – Level: Mega – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Metal Impulse, Doru Diin
When Yggdrasil had the Royal Knights reclaim its experimental creation, Dorumon, it used him to move Project Ark into its second phase. With Dorumon in his Champion form of Dorugamon, Yggdrasil split his data in two, discarding Dorugamon and returning him to the Digital World, while the other half of his data began to grow, becoming the monstrous Death-X-Dorughoramon. Death-X-Dorughoramon proceeded to lay an innumerable amount of Digi-Eggs, which hatched into a massive swarm of Death-X-Dorugremon, which were sent to attack and wipe out the rebel Digimon group that was assembling against Yggdrasil. During that battle, Dorugamon Digivolved into Dorugremon, and was then sent into Yggdrasil’s realm by Gallantmon X, where he Digivolved into Alphamon, and stood revealed as the legendary leader of the Royal Knights. With Omnimon at his side, Alphamon dispatched Death-X-Dorughoramon with his Digitalize of Soul attack, shattering his body, but then, as the duo confronted Yggdrasil, the shattered fragments recombined into Death-X-Mon.
Name: From the obvious, “death.” “X” from the X-Antibody. “Doru” is an acronym for “digital or unknown.” “Ghora” means “terror” in Hindi.

Death-X-DorugremonGroup: Evil – Level: Mega – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Bloody Cave, Metal Meteor
In order to move its Project Ark scheme into its second phase, Yggdrasil had its Royal Knights reclaim the experimental being, Dorumon, that it had created for this purpose. In Yggdrasil's clutches, Dorumon – in the form of Dorugamon – had his data split in two, and was discarded and sent back to the Digital World, while the other, dark half of his data grew into Death-X-Dorughoramon, who proceeded to lay a massive clutch of Digi-Eggs, which hatched out into Death-X-Dorugremon. A massive swarm of these monstrous creatures was then unleashed on the rebel group amassing against Yggdrasil, attacking the caves that formed their base, slaughtering and even devouring many of the rebels that attempted to hold them back while the weaker members tried to escape through the cave tunnels. WarGreymon X and MetalGarurumon X soon arrived to join the fight, which was briefly thrown into confusion through the surprising Digivolution of Dorugamon – previously discovered and taken in by the rebels – into Dorugremon, almost identical to the Death-X-Dorugremon. Although the rebels then seemed to slowly gain the upper hand, their hopes were dashed by a new swarm of Death-X-Dorugremon, even larger than the first, which not even the reborn Gallantmon X could hold back entirely. As Alphamon and Omnimon moved to confront Yggdrasil, the second phase of Project Ark began, and the Death-X-Dorugremon swept across the Digital World, bringing a wave of uncreation in their wake. Where they flew, reality unravelled, and the Digital World ceased to exist, until Omnimon was able to destroy Yggdrasil, rebirthing the Digital World as it had been.
Name: From the obvious, “death.” “X” from the X-Antibody. “Doru” is an acronym for “digital or unknown.” “Gre” is short for Greymon. Death-X-Mon
Group: Evil – Level: Mega – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Process F, Process O
When Death-X-Dorughoramon, the evil Digimon grown from the dark half of Dorumon’s data by Yggdrasil, was destroyed by Alphamon, the shattered fragments of his body recombined into the even more powerful Death-X-Mon, in order to defend Yggdrasil against Alphamon and Omnimon. Smashing through the floor into Yggdrasil’s inner sanctum, Death-X-Mon seized Omnimon and delivered an energy blast that was blocked by Alphamon, who then unleashed his Ultimate War Blade King Dragon Sword, slashing Death-X-Mon’s arm and severing one of his wings. However, the injuries then immediately manifested themselves on Alphamon’s own body as well, and he realised Death-X-Mon’s true nature, that he had been created from his own data. Hurling his blade in a boomerang arc, Alphamon impaled both himself and Death-X-Mon, sacrificing himself to stop his dark shadow. After giving his X-Antibody to Omnimon, Alphamon recombined with Death-X-Mon into Dorumon.
Name: From the obvious, “death.” “X” from the X-Antibody.

"Digimon X-Evolution"
Subtitled “The Thirteenth Royal Knight” on many official sources, but not in the feature itself, “Digimon X-Evolution” – or “Digital Monster X-Evolution,” to give it it’s full title -  is a CGI-animated TV movie which premiered on Japan’s Fuji TV on January 3rd 2005. Although not a theatrical release like the rest, it is the eighth – and longest - Digimon movie, lasting 75 minutes.
Based to some degree on the storyline of “Digimon Chronicle,” the storyline accompanying the latest Pendulum (digital
pet) releases in Japan (told through the mini-mangas packed in with the toys, and, predominantly,  on the official website), it tells the story of the mysterious Digimon, Dorumon, and how he gets caught in the battle between the Royal Knights – servants of Yggdrasil, the computer that runs the Digital World - and the X-Antibody Digimon, who stand in the way of Yggdrasil’s plans. With the second phase of the computer's deadly Project Ark scheme nearing, Dorumon must uncover the secret of his creation, and learn the role he must play in saving the Digital World... as well the role he will play in its destruction.
Press releases on the movie state that there are plans to bring it to the West, but no further news has emerged as of yet.
The original Digital World was cultivated and populated with Digimon by the intelligent computer, Yggdrasil. However, due to the continual multiplication of Digimon, Yggdrasil found itself  unable to handle the load, and the Digital World began to collapse in a cataclysmic event termed the “Digital Hazard.” With its world dying, Yggdrasil initiated Project Ark, the first phase of which consisted of unleashing the X-Program to delete all but a few Digimon that he had selected. These select Digimon were subsequently relocated to a new Digital World that Yggdrasil had created, comprised of three plains – Urd, Verdani and Skuld. But some Digimon were able to survive the X-Program, developing an antibody against it - the X-Antibody, which transformed them into new, more powerful versions of their old selves. These X-Antibody Digimon fled the destruction of the old world, and came to the new one, where they quickly became the targets of Yggdrasil’s elite guard, the Royal Knights.
As time went on, Yggdrasil prepared to initiate the second phase of Project Ark – the complete and utter deletion of the Digital World and all Digimon, both normal and those enhanced by the X-Antibody. When Alphamon and Omnimon prepared to confront the computer over this, the phase was begun. The Digital World began to die as Yggdrasil's Death-X-Dorugremon swept over it, reality crumbling in their wake, but when Omnimon destroyed Yggdrasil, the world was reborn as it was.
Names: The three plains of the new Digital World are named after the Norns, three female beings from Norse Mythology who represent the past, present and future, respectively.

Group: Beast Dragon – Level: Champion – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Power Metal, Cannonball
When Dorumon and Tokomon were caught in the middle of a battle between WarGreymon X, MetalGarurumon X and Omnimon, Tokomon received fatal injuries in a blast, prompting MetalGarurumon to transfer his X-Antibody to Tokomon, restoring him as Tokomon X. However, the transfer weakened MetalGarurumon, and he collapsed, while Dorumon, believing him to have died, Digivolved into his Champion form of Dorguamon to join WarGreymon in battling Omnimon. He was, of course, no match for Omnimon’s power, but thankfully the battle was interrupted by Gallantmon, allowing them to escape.
A short time later, Dorugamon and Tokomon were attacked by Magnamon, who captured Dorugamon and returned him to his creator, Yggdrasil, who split his data and dismissively cast Dorugamon back to the Digital World. Dorugamon’s unconscious body was discovered by a junkyard by Wizardmon and Mummymon, leaders of a rebel group of Digimon, who took him back to their hideout and safeguarded him when the Death-X-Dorugremon attacked. When WarGreymon and Tokomon arrived on the scene, Tokomon awoke Dorugamon, and when he saw the carnage in front of him, he Digivolved into his Ultimate form of Dorugremon.
Name: “Doru” is an acronym for “digital or unknown.” “Ga” is short for Garurumon.
Group: Beast Dragon – Level: Ultimate – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Metal Meteor, Bloody Tower
When Dorugamon, Champion form of Dorumon, was awakened from a long slumber by Tokomon, the first sight he saw was the rebel Digimon group that had safeguarded him involved in a battle – or more aptly, a slaughter – against a massive swarm of Death-X-Dorugremon, prompting him to Digivolve into Dorugremon. All those present – not least of all Dorugremon himself – were stunned by his resemblance to the foes they were now fighting, but his allies’ fears were allayed when he joined them in battle, proving that he was still on their side. Shortly, Gallantmon X entered the fray, and, in an attempt to give Dorugremon the answers to the mystery of his creation, opened the portal to Yggdrasil’s realm for him. Passing through the gateway, Dorugremon was immediately confronted by Omnimon and Mangamon, and Omnimon challenged him to a battle. Dorugremon refused, but Omnimon attacked anyway, outraged by what he perceived to be arrogance on Dorugremon’s part, believing that he could hold an audience with Yggdrasil when Omnimon himself could not. Omnimon severed Dorugremon’s wings, and as he prepared to deliver the final blow, Dorugremon’s final Digivolution occurred, as he evolved into his Mega form of Alphamon.
Name: “Doru” is an acronym for “digital or unknown.” “Gre” is short for Greymon.
DorumonGroup: Animal – Level: Rookie – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Metal Cannon, Dash Metal
The mysterious little Digimon known as Dorumon, characterised by the strange stone in his forehead, is, in actuality, not a natural Digimon, but an artificial being created by Yggdrasil, the sentient computer that controls the Digital World, with the intention of using him to bring about the second phase of its Project Ark scheme.
Released into the Digital World, Dorumon was ostracised for possessing the X-Antibody, and came under threat from other Digimon, including a Leomon, who sought to claim the X-Antibody for his own. Fleeing from the Leomon through a forest, Dorumon seemed doomed, until Leomon relented, knowing that even with the X-Antibody, he would live no longer. Asking Dorumon to live for him in the new Digital World, he died.
Bullied by a group of Mushroomon and forced to flee into a river, Dorumon came to rest in an old temple in a barren region of the plain, where he soon came into contact with WarGreymon X, who was in the middle of a battle with the Royal Knight, Omnimon, and requested that Dorumon look after Tokomon until he returned. Dorumon agreed, happy to have a friend, but soon, the duo witnessed another attack by Omnimon on a herd of innocent Digimon, and, although they both bravely attempted to fight back against the Royal Knight, almost became victims themselves, until WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon X arrived to save them. In the course of the ensuing battle, however, Tokomon was fatally injured, and MetalGarurumon used his X-Antibody to resurrect him as Tokomon X. Weakened by this, MetalGarurumon collapsed, and Dorumon, believing he was dead, was overcome with emotion and memories of Leomon, and Digivolved into his Champion form of Dorugamon.
Subsequently, Dorugamon was captured by Magnamon and had his data split by Yggdrasil, creating Death-X-Dorughoramon, who yielded Digi-Eggs that hatched into a swarm of Death-X-Dorugremon, which Yggdrasil would use to raze the Digital World. Dorugamon Digivolved into Dorugremon to battle them, and was then granted access to Yggdrasil’s realm by Gallantmon X, to learn the secrets of his creation. There, in battle with Omnimon, he assumed his Mega form, revealing at last his true form and destiny – he was Alphamon, legendary leader of the Royal Knights. Together, Alphamon and Omnimon destroyed Death-X-Dorughoramon, who then revived as Death-X-Mon and resumed the battle with them in Yggdrasil’s inner sanctum. Realising his connection to Death-X-Mon, Alphamon sacrificed himself by impaling them both on his blade, passing his X-Antibody to Omnimon before recombining with Death-X-Mon and forming Dorumon again. Omnimon subsequently destroyed Yggdrasil, re-birthing the Digital World as it had been, and allowing Dorumon and Tokomon to be reunited.
It is unclear what Dorumon’s specific connection to the legend of Alphamon is. There are two possible explanations – either Alphamon truly existed at a time in the past, and Yggdrasil used his data in the creation of Dorumon, or Dorumon was fulfilling the legend by becoming Alphamon for the first time.
Name: “Doru” is an acronym for “digital or unknown.”

GallantmonGroup: Exalted Knight – Level: Mega – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Lightning Joust, Shield of the Just
 As one of Yggdrasil’s Royal Knights, Gallantmon gradually found himself questioning the computer’s goals, and the mission that he and his fellow knights have been charged with – to wipe out Digimon with the X-Antibody. What right, Gallantmon wondered, did the Royal Knights have to exist over Digimon with the X-Antibody? Gallantmon XThey were all still Digimon...
When the second phase of Yggdrasil’s Project Ark scheme neared, which would involve the complete elimination of all Digimon, Gallantmon rebelled against his master, refusing to support the genocide. He interrupted a battle between his fellow Royal Knight and friend, Omnimon, and WarGreymon X and Dorumon (in his Champion form of Dorugamon), informing the two opposing Digimon of Yggdrasil’s future plans. Omnimon pursued him and was forced to combat him – although he had to fight his friend, he could not allow anyone to challenge the will of Yggdrasil. In the course of the battle, Gallantmon allowed himself to be impaled on Omnimon’s blade, his body deleting as he told Omnimon not to grieve, as he had something that he needed to see for himself.
The destroyed Gallantmon’s Digi-Core was sent to the Data World, from which he was reborn with the X-Antibody as Gallantmon X, returning to the fray in the middle of a major battle between the rebel forces amassed against Yggdrasil and a colossal swarm of Death-X-Dorugremon, the computer’s creations. His powers now enhanced by the X-Antibody, Gallantmon scythed his way through masses of the Death-X-Dorugremon, and was soon joined in the fight by Dorugremon (Dorumon in his Ultimate form). To grant Dorugremon the answers he sought to the mystery of his creation, Gallantmon opened the portal to Yggdrasil’s realm, telling Dorugremon that it would not matter if he fell in battle, as he had accomplished this goal. Gallantmon continued to battle the Death-X-Dorugremon, but the second phase of Project Ark soon began, as the creatures swept across the Digital World, unravelling reality and destroying it. However, Omnimon, having sided with Alphamon, the Mega form of Dorumon, destroyed Yggdrasil, restoring the Digital World as it had been.
In the recreated world, Gallantmon and Omnimon reunited on a mountaintop, where Gallantmon explained that he had realised the reasoning behind Project Ark – Yggdrasil’s own simple desire to continue living.
It is unclear precisely what Gallantmon needed to investigate that necessitated his death – apparently, he either wanted to experience the X-Antibody himself, or in death, may have somehow discovered the connection between Dorumon and Alphamon, which drove him to aid Dorumon upon his return.
Name: “Gallant” means brave and chivalrous.
See Gallantmon
Garudamon XGroup: Bird – Level: Ultimate – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Wing Blade, Phoenix Claw, Great Spirit
As one of the Digimon possessing the X-Antibody who had survived the destruction of the old Digital World and fled to the new one, Garudamon X was among the small number of both normal and X-Antibody Digimon called together by WarGreymon X in an attempt to make them see reason and work together against the looming threat of Yggdrasil’s Project Ark scheme. Garudamon was quick to bring up the number of Digimon who had perished in the first phase of the project, but had no rebuttal when Blossomon blamed the X-Antibody Digimon’s presence for normal Digimon and their children in danger. It then transpired that Andromon had reported the meeting to Yggdrasil before attending, a revelation punctuated by the arrival of Omnimon, who attack the X-Antibody Digimon immediately. Garudamon took the sky, evading the knight’s attacks, stopping only to unleash her Great Spirit attack – a pause that cost her life, as Omnimon’s destroyed her with his Supreme Cannon and easily deflected her attack.
Garudamon X’s Great Spirit attack, which sees her hurl a large, ornate spear, is a new attack not seen or heard of before “Digimon X-Evolution.”
Name: "Garuda" was a half-bird, half-human creature in Hindu mythology.