WarGrowlmonGroup: Cyborg – Level: Ultimate – Attack Techniques: Radiation Blade/Plasma Blade, Atomic Blaster

WarGrowlmon is the Ultimate form of Guilmon, the Digimon partner of Takato. With powerful mechanical limbs and weaponry at his disposal, WarGrowlmon can fly through the use of rear-mounted jet boosters. He can charge the blades on his arms with energy (called “Radiation Blade” in “Grow Mon Grow,” but called “Plasma Blade” in “A World Apart” – and the attack is not referred to by name again, so neither name takes precedence over the other), and fire twin crimson energy beams from his chest cannons.

WarGrowlmon first appeared to battle the tiger Deva, Mihiramon. Mihiramon had summarily defeated Kyubimon and Gargomon, and Growlmon was at the end of his strength, when he and Takato communicated inside each other’s minds. He convinced Takato to keep fighting, and the strength of Takato’s determination made a Blue Card appeared, which allowed Growlmon to Digivolve into WarGrowlmon. WarGrowlmon took the tiger by the tail and destroyed Mihiramon with his Atomic Blaster.

When Takato went on vacation to Okinawa to visit his cousin, Kai, Guilmon came along for the trip – but the idyllic getaway was interrupted by a clash with the evil Mephistomon, who planned on using V-Pets to wreak havoc with Earth’s electronics network. The battle resulted in the death of their newfound ally, Seasarmon, but in dying he released the vaccine program that healed the damage Mephistomon caused. Mephistomon then proved he was not beaten, re-emerging in his Mega form of Gulfmon. Calumon’s terror caused the activation of his powers, allowing the Tamers Digimon to Digivolve to their Ultimate forms. WarGrowlmon combined his energy with Rapidmon and Taomon, creating the Trinity Burst attack, which destroyed Gulfmon.

When the horse Deva, Indramon, was rampaging through Shinjuku, the Tamers seemed powerless to stop him. Takato, at this point unaware of how to summon or find a Blue Card, thought all was lost, until Kazu attempted to convince him to use his own, homemade hand-drawn Blue Card. Takato’s desire to win made the card real, and Growlmon once again became WarGrowlmon, seizing Indramon, and blasting him across the cityscape with a point-blank Atomic Blaster, destroying him.

During Vikaralamon’s devastating attack on Shinjuku, the Tamers finally realised how to summon Blue Cards, and used them to Digivolve their Digimon to Ultimate. WarGrowlmon was quickly knocked out of the fight, however, getting pinned beneath one of the porcine Digimon’s Fusion Balls until Takato used the connection that existed between Tamer and Digimon to re-energise WarGrowlmon with a little primal scream therapy. WarGrowlmon shredded the Fusion Ball, and destroyed Vikaralamon with his Atomic Blaster. To get clear of the battle scene, he quickly burrowed underground.

WarGrowlmon did not reappear for some time, next showing his face when the Tamers confronted Beelzemon in a battle that cost Leomon his life. Takato was consumed with rage, and in response, Growlmon Digivolved into WarGrowlmon and attacked Beelzemon. To match his power, the enraged Takato demanded that WarGrowlmon Digivolve to Mega, but Takato’s anger corrupted the Digivolution, and WarGrowlmon became the monstrous Megidramon. Beelzemon was able to defeat Megidramon, but then Takato and Guilmon fused into Guilmon’s true Mega form, Gallantmon, and defeated Beelzemon, sparing his life at Jeri’s request.

Not long after, when the Tamers ventured into the castle of Zhuqiaomon, one of the Digimon Sovereign and master of the Devas, Guilmon quickly Digivolved into Growlmon and then into WarGrowlmon to join the other Ultimates in battle against the gargantuan foe. They could do little against a being with his power, although WarGrowlmon did manage to shield Lopmon from the tyrant’s flaming breath. Zhuqiaomon was seemingly defeated when Henry and Terriermon formed MegaGargomon for the first time, but he emerged from the rubble of his castle and renewed the hostilities, only to have Azulongmon arrive and stop the battle.

With the true nature of the threat facing human and Digimon, the deadly D-Reaper, revealed to them by Azulongmon, the Tamers returned to Earth, only to discover that the D-Reaper had followed them back. Guilmon became WarGrowlmon to battle a Pendulum Feet, one of the D-Reaper’s Agents, with the other Ultimates, but it was able to duplicate their attacks turn them back on them, including WarGrowlmon’s Atomic Blaster. It was the arrival of the repentant Beelzemon that turned the tide, as he severed the creature’s life cord, enabling the others to destroy it.

When the Tamers moved to save Alice from the D-Reaper’s Agents, Guilmon became WarGrowlmon upon the entry of a Creep Hands into the fray, grapping with the creature. Alice’s companion, Dobermon, then bestowed upon the Tamers and their Digimon the power to Biomerge in the real world, and WarGrowlmon merged with Takato into Gallantmon.

WarGrowlmon did not appear again following this.

WarGrowlmon first appears in “Grow Mon Grow.” His voice is supplied by Steven Jay Blum.
It’s believed that visually, WarGrowlmon owes some of his design aspects to Evangelion Unit 01 from the anime series, “Neon Genesis Evangelion” – his mouth and chin structure is very much like that of Unit 01’s when it enters it’s berserker mode, and the cable on his back seems to emulate the cable that attaches all Evangelion units to their power source.

Name: From “war” and “growl.”


Group: Puppet - Level: Ultimate - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Heat Break Attack, Bear Claw
A WaruMonzaemon was among the shadowed Digimon who wanted Rika to tame them. As seen in "O Partner, Where Art Thou?" The silhouette of another was later seen when Terriermon played the Digimon computer game. As seen in "Juggernaut."



See Urazoe, Wataru



Group: Sea Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Blasting Spout, Tidal Wave
A Whamon was among the many Digimon that were seen through the rip in the sky during Vikaralamon's rampage. As seen in "A World Apart."



Digimon Tamers episode #46

English version written by Dave Wittenberg

Justimon battles a Horn Striker with help from Kazu and Guardromon while Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon venture inside the D-Reaper to search for Takato and Guilmon, who are fleeing from the Jeri Type. Meanwhile, Calumon and Beelzemon discover the real Jeri, trapped within the Kernel Sphere. Kenta and MarineAngemon arrive to repel the Jeri Type, and everyone is able to escape the D-Reaper’s chaos, with Antylamon then showing up to help in the destruction of the Horn Striker.

Episode Trivia – The title of this episode is derived from the Biblical question, “When is a man justified?” The answer, as given in Paul's letter to the Romans, is: "when he believes."



The name used by Hypnos to classify wild Digimon that Bio-Emerge into the real world. First used in “Guilmon Comes Alive.”Woodmon



Group: Vegetation - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Twig Tap, Woody Smasher

While frolicking on the desert plain of the Digital World with some DigiGnomes, Calumon was observed by three Woodmon, who wondered what was wrong with him. As he danced on his merry way, Calumon’s powers activated, causing the Woodmon to Digivolve into Cherrymon, who were then sent scattering by a fireball that heralded the arrival of Majiramon and Makuramon.

The Woodmon appear in “Goliath.”

Name: From “wood.”



Mayumi WongKnown members of the Wong family are: Henry, Suzie, their older brother, Rinchei, and older sister, Jaarin, their father, Janyu and their mother, Mayumi.

The secondary members of the Wong family make few appearances, but are first seen when Henry remembers the first time he met Terriermon. Janyu had bought him the latest Digimon game as a gift, while Jaarin got a basketball shirt and Rinchei got shoes.

The family was later seen eating dinner together, when Janyu brought the family home takeout.

During the earthquakes that preceded the Bio-Emergence of Vikaralamon, Henry was forced to leave Suzie at the family’s apartment for a while, as all of the family was out. The original planning packet states that Mayumi is a graphic artist, though this scene is the only suggestion in the finished series that Mayumi has a job to go to.

Rinchei WongNot long after, Henry and the other Tamers ventured into the Digital World to rescue Calumon from the clutches of the Devas, but when Janyu, along with Yamaki, called the kids’ parents all together to explain the situation, he refrained from involving his own wife. When Suzie was inadvertently pulled into the Digital World soon after, he hid the fact from Mayumi, lying and saying that Suzie was in Hong Kong with her grandfather. Although she wanted to believe it, packing a suitcase of clothes for Suzie, she could tell that Janyu was lying, having seen in her dreams that Suzie was with Henry. She tearfully demanded to know where they were, but Janyu regretted that he could not tell her. Rinchei and Jaarin were also seen to be listening in on the argument.

Jaarin WongWhen the Tamers returned to Earth, they were followed back by the deadly D-Reaper, which immediately infested the Shinjuku area. The Wong family stayed with Henry’s sensei, but Henry was torn over whether or not to fight. His mother told him she wouldn’t stop him, but that he had a choice. Henry assured her that the Tamers were the only ones who could truly make a difference, and Mayumi commented on how Henry had become so much like his father, recounting an experience when Janyu sacrificed his job to help a friend. She did not want Henry to go – but knew that he had to.

While in Shinjuku, between battles with the D-Reaper’s Agents, the Tamers discovered a note that told them to go to Rika’s house. There, they discovered that Henry’s mother, and Takato and Rika’s families had made them a huge meal. The feast was interrupted when the Tamers had to mobilise to save Alice from the D-Reaper’s Agents, and Henry once The Wong children at Henry's sensei's homeagain had to say goodbye to his mother, who now knew that the battle was too important for her to stop him from going.

As the ensuing battle progressed, Suzie and Lopmon decided to help their friends. When Jaarin came looking for Suzie, she was quite surprised to see that the little Digimon had become the gigantic Antylamon.

The Wongs later met up with all the other Tamers’ families when everyone regrouped at the temporary Hypnos headquarters, but during the ensuing attempt to rescue Jeri from the Kernel Sphere, when Riley was able to tap into the D-Reaper’s frequency and view the Biomerged Digimon through layers of data, Mayumi and the other parents were shocked to discover that their children had actually merged with the Digimon. When the outcome of this battle resulted in the D-Reaper evolving into the Mother D-Reaper, everyone was forced to withdraw to a new base in Tsukuba.

Except for Suzie and Henry, all the Wongs first appear in “It Came From the Other Side.”

Mayumi’s voice is supplied by Dorothy Elias-Fahn.

Jaarin’s voice is supplied by Wendee Lee.

Rinchei’s actor is unknown but inconsequential – the only line the character ever speaks is, “Hey hey!”



See Henry



Janyu WongJanyu Wong is the father of Henry and Suzie Wong. In his youth, as a student at Palo Alto University, Janyu joined Rob McCoy and a group of other students in an experiment to create artificial life. The group named themselves the Monster Makers, and they all took on codenames, with Janyu being dubbed “Tao.” The group’s experiment resulted in success when they created what would become Digimon, but abruptly was cut short when their funding was pulled, and the experiment frozen. Unbeknownst to them, however, their digital creations accidentally found their way into the Digital World, a parallel reality created by Earth’s interlinked electronics network, where they continued to grow and evolve.

Janyu and the Monster Makers received no credit for the creation of Digimon when a video game, card game and television series were created, but Janyu seemed to take it in his stride and accept the situation, going so far as to buy the latest version of the game for his son.

But Janyu could not escape the past, and soon found himself visited by a mysterious man in black, an agent of the Hypnos organisation, who warned him that there was someone who had not stopped working on the project. He vanished before Janyu could question him.

Knowing that his father had something to do with Digimon, Henry came to him for help when he discovered one of the strange Blue Cards. Janyu scanned its data, and was shocked to discover that it contained code that bore the signature of Shibumi, one of his former Monster Maker partners. He hid the fact from Henry, but the next day, found himself forced to reveal it after making another jarring discovery – that Digimon had come to exist in the real world. Accidentally running across his son, Takato, Terriermon and Impmon in the park, Janyu’s arm was scorched by one of Impmon’s fireballs, and Henry fled before his father could do or say anything. In the evening, Janyu fully explained to him his involvement with the origins of Digimon.

When Janyu found that his place of work had relocated him to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, he was fairly nonplussed, but when he arrived for work, he was left sitting alone in a conference room for hours. Eventually, he was approached by Yamaki, creator of the Hypnos organisation, and taken to its hub, where the system and the process by which Digimon were appearing on Earth were explained to him. All the other Monster Makers, bar Shibumi, had also been gathered there, in order for Yamaki to learn more about Digimon, so he could increase his chances of destroying them. The Janyu is reunited with the Monster Makershorrified group also bore witness to the Tamers’ battle with Indramon at this time.

Janyu and the Monster Makers continued their work, only momentarily fazed by some small earthquakes – which, it turned out, preceded the Bio-Emergence of the pig Deva, Vikaralamon. Janyu opposed Yamaki’s activation of the Juggernaut to destroy the Deva, knowing that it would destroy the Tamers’ Digimon too. He swiftly overpowered the security guards with his martial arts knowledge, and headed for the battle site to help the Tamers’, trying to get them to a safe place. Makuramon deactivated the Juggernaut, leading to WarGrowlmon’s destruction of Vikaralamon, but Makuramon then captured Calumon and escaped into the Digital World.

Janyu’s interest in studying Henry’s D-Power, realising how like the Monster Makers’ original portable designs it was, prevented Henry from telling his father that the Tamers were planning on going after Makuramon, and in the end, he learned through an e-mail his son had sent him. Yamaki, turned at last to the side of reason, gave the Tamers a communication device before they left, which they were later able to use to re-establish contact with Earth. Yamaki contacted Janyu and the Monster Makers, and they gathered everyone’s parents together to explain the situation to them – except for Mayumi, Janyu’s wife, who he deliberately hid the truth from. During the meeting, they received another communiqué from Takato and Henry, who had become trapped in an underwater cave. Janyu validated Henry’s idea that in the Digital World, all they needed to do was believe that they could breath underwater, and they were able to escape.

When Janyu took Suzie to the park to play, they encountered Yamaki, and while the two men talked, Suzie fond herself pulled into the Digital World. Janyu also hid this fact from his wife, telling her that she had gone to stay with his father in Hong Kong, but Mayumi saw through the deception, and demanded to know the truth. Janyu regretfully informed her that he could not tell her yet, and was forced to leave to go to Hypnos when destructive energy waves began emanating from the Digital World due to the appearance of Megidramon there.

Subsequently, the Monster Makers began construction of an ark to bring the Tamers back to the real world, utilising, as Janyu explained to Riley, the core code from their Digimon program to make it function. An attack on the Hypnos processor by the true foe of Digimon and human alike, the deadly D-Reaper, almost foiled their plans, but they were able to harness the processing power of computers all across the planet to succeed. The ark Bio-Emerged in Shinjuku Park, but the Tamers soon discovered they had been followed by the D-Reaper, which immediately infested the Shinjuku area, forcing the Hypnos crew and the Monster Makers to pull out of the towers, and operate out of one of the organisation’s vans. Janyu spoke to Henry and his sensei over the phone. Later, the group set up a new temporary headquarters, where Shibumi rejoined the Janyu and co. during the D-Reaper crisisteam, and where Janyu received data on the original version of the D-Reaper program from a colleague in Germany. When the Tamers and their families all gathered at the temporary headquarters, Janyu and Tally showed Kenta and Kazu the original D-Reaper program, and then Suzie told Janyu how she had seen Calumon and Beelzemon vanish inside the D-Reaper’s chaos during an earlier battle. An analysis of that area led to the revelation that Jeri was being held within the Kernel Sphere, but after the rescue attempt failed, the D-Reaper evolved into the Mother D-Reaper, forcing the entire group to withdraw to Tsukuba to formulate a new plan of attack. The plan was finalised over the following week, but Janyu kept its details a secret from Henry – pretending merely to be scanning Terriermon, Janyu was, in actuality, uploading the Juggernaut program into him. He feared that his son would never forgive him, but proceeded, seeing it as the only way to claim what would be a pyrrhic victory. When the Biomerged Digimon entered the D-Reaper’s chaos for the final battle, Janyu, Dolphin and Yamaki instructed Henry and Terriermon, as MegaGargomon, to enter the portal the D-Reaper had opened between Earth and the Digital World, and to activate the Juggernaut, reversing the rotation of the vortex. This action destabilised the D-Reaper’s quantum bubble, sucking it through the vortex, which devolved it into its original, harmless state.

However, there was a sacrifice to be made – the effects of the Juggernaut were also felt on the Tamers’ Digimon, who reverted to their In-Training forms and were pulled back into the Digital World as well. As a tearful Janyu tried to explain to his son that it was the only way, and that it would get better, in time, all Henry could do was shake his head. Note that Chiaki Konaka explains that Henry’s headshake is his way of saying to Janyu that he does not need to apologise – he has already forgiven him.

Janyu Wong first appears in “It Came From the Other Side.” His voice is supplied by Jamieson Price.



See Suzie