Professor Uchiharato
Professor at Miscatonic University, who participated in the televised news report on the D-Reaper's appearance in Shinjuku. He informed viewers about Hypnos, and explained that Digimon and the D-Reaper were data programs.
Professor Uchiharato appears in "The Messenger." His voice is supplied by Paul St. Peter. Strangely, the news anchor consistently refers to him as "Professor Harata."


See Minami



Takehito UeharaFather of Minami Uehara and creator of the V-Pets. Uehara designed the original V-Pet to replace his daughter’s dead dog, Mei, but when the idea was purchased by Ryuuji Tamashiro, the V-Pet went into mass production and was sold all over the world. Takehito soon discovered that a strange virus was laced within the mass produced V-Pets' programming, and created a vaccine program to cure it, only for VP Labs to be attacked by Baronmon and his lackies, in search of his vaccine program. Uehara hid the vaccine within the orignal V-Pet and bid his daughter to flee with it, to keep the program from their clutches. Minami was pursued by a Tylomon, but was rescued by Takato and Kai. During the night, more Digimon came for her, and during the battle, Seasarmon emerged from the V-Pet to rescue her. However, everyone was caught off-guard when a Mantaraymon emerged from the sea and scooped her up, taking her back to VP Labs, where she was placed in an industrial laser room, and her life threatened unless Uehara revealed the location of the vaccine program. Seasarmon and Growlmon burst into the room, however, destroying the Digimon captors, and in the ensuing escape, Uehara revealed that the vaccine program had been in the original V-Pet, inside Seasarmon. This information was overheard Tamashiro, who then revealed himself to be the evil Digimon, Mephistomon, and had been seeking the vaccine program to prevent it from being used against his plot to use the V-Pets to plunge Earth’s electronics network into chaos. After devolving Seasarmon into Labramon, he teleported everyone into an illusionary world of his own making, where he was apparently destroyed by the Tamers’ Digimon, and where a fatally wounded Labramon released the vaccine program, undoing the damage the V-Pets had caused. Mephistomon then reappeared, Digivolved into Gulfmon, but the Tamers’ Digimon assumed their Ultimate forms and combined their energies into the Trinity Burst to destroy him.

Takehito Uehara appears in “Battle of the Adventurers." His voice is supplied by Derek Stephen Prince.


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Watari UrazoeGrandfather of Kai Urazoe, Takato’s cousin, Wataru Urazoe is a simple man who doesn’t let much faze him. He is Kai’s guardian, and they both live in a temple on the island of Okinawa.

When Takato came to stay with Kai on summer vacation, exhaustion from pushing a suitcase containing Guilmon made him fall asleep, and Guilmon had to push him the rest of the way, meeting Kai and Wataru. Kai initial distress was quickly overcome, and he became friendly with Guilmon, while Wataru was simply content to think of Guilmon as a strange looking, talking dog. When questioned on his by Kai, after Takato had woken up, Wataru told them the idea wasn’t without precedent – the fabled guardian of Okinawa was a talking dog, too.

After a fishing trip, Kai and Takato returned with the injured Minami Uehara, who they had rescued from attack by a Tylomon. Wataru called upon a neighbour for clothes for the poor girl, and in the evening, as they ate, tried to soothe the sombre Minami with music, reassuring her that she could be honest with her emotions.

In the middle of the night, as everyone was sleeping, more Digimon came for Minami, and while Takato and Guilmon battled a Scorpiomon, Wataru confronted a Divermon as he instructed Kai and Minami to run. He prepared to use martial arts on the Digimon, but was simply struck and knocked aside by it, as it pursued Minami.

Wataru played no part in the ensuing battle in VP Labs’ island base, but was seen again during its aftermath, observing as Takato gave thanks in front of a Shiisa shrine, in memory of Seasarmon, who had died during the battle.
Wataru Urazoe appears in “Battle of Adventurers." His voiced is supplied by David Lodge.