Tadashi NakabayashiTADASHI

Tadashi Nakabayashi is a member of Miss Asaji’s class, and is regularly seen in the company of Taizou and Yuuji. Tadashi and his pals had a lot of theories on the cause of the soccer field vandalism, suggesting the supernatural was to blame. Tadashi was later introduced to Guilmon prior to the battle with Sandiramon, and went on the school camping trip. Much later, when the D-Reaper threatened the world, Miss Asaji’s class shouted their support for Gallantmon, and though Tadashi was not explicitly shown, it stands to reason that he was present.

Tadashi first appears in “Dream a Little Dream.”



Taizou Aoyama is a member of Miss Asaji’s class, and is regularly seen in the company of Tadashi and Yuuji. Taizou and his pals had a lot of theories on the cause of the soccer field vandalism, suggesting the supernatural was to blame. Taizou was later introduced to Guilmon prior to the battle with Sandiramon, and went on the school camping trip. Much later, when the D-Reaper threatened the world, Taizou was seen with the rest of Miss Asaji’s class as they shouted their support for Gallantmon. As Takato summarised the months that followed the D-Reaper’s defeat, Taizou was seen with Miki, Kazu, Kenta and Jeri in the park.

Taizou first appears in “Dream a Little Dream.”



TakatoYouthful, energetic and imaginative, Takato Matsuki is the tamer of Guilmon, a Digimon he himself created. Before Guilmon came along, Takato’s life was a simple one - living with his mother and father above their bakery, playing the Digimon card game with his friends, Kazu and Kenta, and quietly crushing on his classmate, Jeri. But that all changed with the appearance of the mysterious Blue Card...

After defeating Kazu in a card game, Takato was in a rush to get to school, and knocked over his box of cards. Amongst the scattered cards, he discovered the enigmatic Blue Card, which he slashed through his card reader. Musing on these strange events caused him to be late for class, and he got detention for responding glibly to his teacher, Miss Asaji. In detention, Takato drew a Digimon of his own, and dubbed it “Guilmon.” After school, Takato discovered that the Blue Card was gone, and his card reader had transformed into a D-Power Digivice, which scanned his notebook and the drawings of Guilmon in it. An egg appeared on the small device, and, as Takato clutched it in his sleep, he had a vision of Rika, another Digimon Tamer, and her Digimon, Renamon, battling a Lynxmon. Kazu and Kenta didn’t believe him when he told them about it, and then discovered that while he had been talking, the egg on his Digivice had hatched. Using it as a compass, he tracked down Guilmon’s point of Bio-Emergence, and arrived just in time to see the Digimon he had imagined emerge into the real world as a living, breathing creature. Takato was momentarily afraid that Guilmon was going to fry him with his flame breath, but Guilmon quickly proved to be an affectionate, if not especially intelligent, little guy. Takato brought him home, hidden in a box, and tried to explain that he was his Tamer. The next day, Guilmon followed Takato to school, causing havoc, leaving Takato fearful of what would happen, worried that he had lost Guilmon, and that he wasn’t a worthy Tamer. When he finally found him, they began to search for a new hiding place for him, but while looking in the park, they ran into Rika and Renamon – but this time, it wasn’t a dream! The ensuing scuffle between Guilmon and Renamon was disrupted by the arrival of another Tamer, Henry, and his Digimon, Terriermon, and Takato quickly became fast friends with the new boy. Together, they found a hiding place for Guilmon, and Takato returned home, to find that Jeri had stopped buy, and covered for him after he ditched school. The following day, Takato learned of the “Digimon Queen” from Kazu and Kenta, and deduced that she was Rika. He and Guilmon set out to find her, and quickly succeeded, getting pulled into another battle in an underground parking lot. In the midst of the chaos, Henry and Terriermon Takato finds his D-Powerarrived, but Terriermon Digivolved into the out-of-control Gargomon, and Guilmon and Renamon had to team up before he hurt Rika.

The next day, while out, Takato and Henry were pursued by a Digital Field, which trapped them in a construction site as Gorillamon Bio-Emerged, seeking revenge on Terriermon for past indignities. With aid of Takato’s Training Grips Modify Card, Terriermon was able to defeat him.

When the school soccer field was vandalised, Takato discovered the culprit in the form of Calumon, a Tamer-less Digimon. Calling Henry in, the two of them tried to think of a good Tamer for him – Takato suggested Kazu and Jeri, but after pausing to imagine the outcomes, decided they weren’t great choices. Meanwhile, Calumon and Guilmon had returned to the soccer field, where a Vilemon Bio-Emerged. After a brief battle, Rika and Renamon arrived to finish him off.

Early one morning, while Takato and Guilmon were walking by the entrance to the tunnel that ran underneath the city park, Guilmon began to fade away momentarily. Disturbed, Takato talked to Henry about it, and then even searched out Rika’s home, to see if she knew anything. On the way home, they passed by the same spot, but this time, Guilmon vanished completely. Takato rounded up Henry and Rika, and then ventured into the tunnel, where they discovered Guilmon, trapped in an energy field, and managed to free him before the Hypnos Yuggoth program deleted the whole area.

Reports of a “child” terrorising the park made Takato fear that Guilmon was behind the disturbances. In actuality, it was the trouble-making runaway Digimon, Impmon, who tried to turn Guilmon against Takato, and brought him along on one of his scares. Learning only that Guilmon had scared some people, Takato lost his temper, and ran off, telling Guilmon he’d had it with him. Right afterwards, Guilmon was caught up in a battle with a Devidramon, and was on the losing end, until Takato discovered the truth about Impmon, and shouted his support for Guilmon, causing him to Digivolve into Growlmon. However, once he had Takato watches as Guilmon Digivolves for the first timedefeated Devidramon, he was unable to De-Digivolve, and Takato spent the whole evening thinking up ways to get him to change, to no avail. He turned to Jeri for some help, carefully phrasing his question, but she didn’t quite get it. Growlmon slept in the tunnel beneath the park, but was forced out by Impmon, and wound up in the park, where Henry suggested that they try painting him in camouflage colours – an idea that was foiled by a rain shower. However, the rainbow that appeared in the wake of the shower somehow caused Growlmon to revert into Guilmon.

When Rika was captured by IceDevimon, Henry and Takato came to her rescue, and Takato used a card combination on Guilmon that enabled him to destroy the frozen fiend. He was able to use the same combo to defeat Kazu, whole then demanded a rematch and defeated him. Trying to compensate for losing, Takato told them about Guilmon, and took them to meet him to prove he was telling the truth. However, they ran away when Guilmon sneezed. A Musyamon then Bio-Emerged, but Takato’s card combination failed to work as it had before, and Henry allowed Terriermon to Digivolve into Gargomon to defeat Musyamon, realising that some battles have to be fought. The fight had been observed by Yamaki of Hypnos, however, and he soon approached Takato and Henry, giving them a warning. Henry pursued him, while Jeri asked Takato if she could meet Guilmon. Takato was hesitant at first, but Jeri’s reaction to the Digimon was suitably better than Kazu and Kenta’s, and they spent the day together. In the evening, a Harpymon Bio-Emerged, and Takato watched with the others as Rika and Renamon battled and defeated it.

After Takato and Guilmon beat a DarkLizardmon in battle one evening, Hypnos descended on the area, capturing the Digimon and taking it to be analysed. Takato recognised Yamaki from before, as the warning was repeated. Takato’s fear of Guilmon Digivolving even further had grown, and he feared what would come of it – it was all becoming more than just fun and games, and Takato fell out with Kazu and Kenta and got angry and Jeri when they couldn’t see this. Guilmon reassured Takato that no matter how much he would change, he would always still be himself, and would always be Takato’s friend, making Takato realised just how much he had grown. In the evening, as Hypnos activated their Juggernaut, Guilmon sensed the coming of a powerful Digimon – Mihiramon, who soon emerged from the Juggernaut vortex. The Tamers engaged him in battle, with Takato and Growlmon attacking third and last, but the first of the Devas was to powerful for them. Takato felt Growlmon’s pain and collapsed, but had a vision where he and Growlmon resolved to fight one more time. The strength of Takato’s resolve summoned a Blue Card, which he used to Matrix Digivolve Growlmon into his Ultimate form of WarGrowlmon. WarGrowlmon defeated Mihiramon, and Takato was able to reconcile with Kazu and Kenta, now that they believed Digimon were real.

Eager to patrol the city early on morning, Takato couldn’t get either Henry or Rika to come with him, but was instead approached by Kazu, Kenta, Jeri and several of their other classmates, who all wanted to meet Guilmon. The whole group spent the day playing the park, until Impmon alerted them to Henry and Rika’s battle with the snake Deva, Sandiramon, in the subway tunnels below. Kazu gave Takato a Modify Card to help him out, and after Sandiramon was defeated, introduced the other Tamers and Digimon to his friends.Takato leads the charge

When Takato went on the school camping trip with the rest of his class, he managed to bring Guilmon along with him. Out in the forest, Takato and Henry detected the Bio-Emergence of a small Digimon, and decided to just leave it be, not realising it was Sinduramon, the rooster Deva, who soon grew to threatening size by absorbing the city’s electricity. Henry blamed himself for the situation, but Takato made him see that it wasn’t all down to him, and they then tracked the Deva down to the hydroelectric dam, where Growlmon crispy-fried the chicken by blasting him into the river.

The discovery of one of the mysterious Blue Cards turned Takato detective, as he and the other Tamers searched across Tokyo to find out where it came from. Guilmon was too big to ride on the subway, though, so Takato could do nothing to help when Vajramon and Pajiramon Bio-Emerged – but when Gargomon Digivolved to Rapidmon, he first realised Calumon’s connection to Digivolving. Pajiramon was destroyed, but Vajramon was able to reconstitute his data, and spirited Renamon away with him. When they reappeared the following day, Takato and the others faced off against Vajramon, and Renamon became Taomon for the first time to take him down.

At some point during the summer, between Taomon's appearance, and the Bio-Emergence of Vikaralamon, Takato went on vacation to the Japanese island of Okinawa, to visit his cousin, Kai. He didn't enjoy the prospect of the trip, and had to haul a large suitcase containing Guilmon around, but was accompanied by Henry and Terriermon, who were also going there. After arriving in the airport, Takato couldn't find Kai, but then encountered him when they both blundered into a televised interview with Ryuuji Tamashiro, the president of VP Labs. They managed to avoid trouble when Tamashiro took the opportunity for a bit of good PR. Later, while Takato was pushing the suitcase containing Guilmon to Kai's home, he got so tired that he fell asleep, and Guilmon had to push him the rest of the way, encountering Kai in the process. When Takato woke up, he met Kai's grandfather, and discovered that Kai and Guilmon had become quite friendly. They all went on a fishing trip the following day, after which Takato and Kai talked about the tourist attractions of Okinawa on the beach - but the chatter was interrupted by the sudden, violent arrival of Minami Uehara, who was being pursued by a Tylomon. Kai and Takato got Minami to safety while Guilmon dispatched the Tylomon, and while tending to her, Takato discovered her laptop, containing one of the V-Pets that had been sweeping the world as the latest craze. When Minami awoke, it was revealed that her father was the creator of the V-Pets. After a meal - during which Takato had trouble accepting various types of Okinawa cuisine - Minami took Takato and Kai to the beach across from the island base of VP Labs, where she said her father was being held by Digimon. As Takato looked at her V-Pet again, Minami explained that it was the original V-Pet, created by her father to replaced her dead dog, Mei. Takato tried to console her, saying that it was just as real as Mei had been, but Minami argued him down, asking him if he'd accept a simple computer program to take Guilmon's place if he ever lost him. The group retired for the night, but their sleep was interrupted by as more Digimon came in search of Minami, Takato and Guilmon battling and defeating a Scorpiomon while Kai and Minami fled from a Divermon. The appearance of Seasarmon from Minami's V-Pet turned the tide when he destroyed the Divermon, but then, a Mantaraymon appeared from the ocean and snatched up Minami, taking her to VP Labs. Takato, Kai, Guilmon and Seasarmon followed in Kai's boat, but when they entered a cave on the island, they were attacked by Mantaraymon and a Depthmon. Both Digimon were dispatched by Seasarmon and Growlmon, and the team then entered the lab complex, smashing into the industrial laser room that Minami was being held in, and defeating Baronmon and the other Digimon holding her, her father and Tamashiro captive. During the ensuing escape, Minami's father revealed that he had hidden a vaccine program for the V-Pets inside Seasarmon - but this information was also overhead by Tamashiro, who then shed his form, and revealed himself to be the evil Digimon, Mephistomon. He devolved Seasarmon to Labramon, and then, following the arrival of Rika, Kyubimon, Henry and Gargomon - teleported to the island by Mephistomon's nemesis, Omnimon - transported to the whole group into an illusionary world he had created in the image of mankind's future destruction. The Tamers and their Digimon battled and seemingly destroyed him, but in the explosion they created, Labramon was fatally injured shielding Minami. Minami finally accepted him as Mei, and called out his name, activating the vaccine program within him, undoing all the damage Mephistomon's malignant V-Pets had caused as he died. Takato wondered by the illusionary world was still intact if Mephistomon was dead, and soon got his answer - the villain emerged from the rubble, now having Digivolving into his Mega form of Gulfmon. The Tamers' Digimon Digivolved to their Ultimate forms and combined their energies to form the Trinity Burst attack, destroying Gulfmon and his world.

Just prior to the appearance of the horse Deva, Indramon, Takato and his classmates were playing hide-and-seek in the park, when they came across a strange boy, who quickly ran off. In the evening, Takato questioned Calumon about his connection to Digivolution, but Calumon didn’t understand what he was talking about. Then, Takato and Growlmon were held back from battling Indramon by Renamon, as Impmon challenged the horse and was quickly defeated. The reactivation of the Juggernaut encouraged Indramon to depart. The next day, Takato narrowly avoided having Kazu and Kenta tell his father about Guilmon, and then had to stop the strange boy he had seen the previous day from snatching his Digivice. Indramon then returned, and began rampaging in the city, with the Tamers Digimon powerless to stop him, until Kazu gave Takato a Blue Card he had made himself. Through Takato’s desire to protect the city, the card successfully allowed Growlmon to become WarGrowlmon again, and he destroyed Indramon.

When Jeri believed that a newly Bio-Emerged Leomon was her partner, Takato called in the other Tamers to investigate, but before that could happen, Kumbhiramon, the rat Deva, attacked, but was fended off by Leomon and Gargomon. Leomon departed, and Takato tried unsuccessfully to comfort the heartbroken Jeri. Subsequently, when Vikaralamon attacked Shinjuku, Takato and the other Tamers finally realised how to summon Blue Cards, Digivolving their Digimon to Ultimate to battle the pig Deva. The Juggernaut was once again reactivated, but an explosion instigated by Makuramon, the monkey Deva – who had been in disguise as the strange boy – shut it down. Takato gave his strength to WarGrowlmon via a little primal scream therapy, and WarGrowlmon destroyed the pig – but the battle wasn’t over, as Makuramon snatched Calumon, and headed back into the Digital World, despite the efforts of Leomon, who, it had transpired, was indeed Jeri’s partner.

Takato vowed that the Tamers would enter the Digital World and rescue Calumon, and in preparation for the trip, finally had to tell his parents about Guilmon. His mother was terrified, but his father accepted the Takato and Guilmonsituation, realising it was time to let Takato make his own decisions. The Tamers, along with Kazu and Kenta, were sent on their way with the good wishes of Yamaki, who had finally realised their side was the right one, and gave them a comm device, before they headed into the Digital World through a portal Guilmon and found beneath his hideaway. Once in the Digital World, they were almost immediately attacked by a Meramon, who was subdued by Leomon, and apologised for the mistake, only to be trampled to death by a stampede of Jagamon during the night. In the morning, Takato then questioned the lead Jagamon, showing him pictures he had drawn of Calumon and Makuramon, setting the Tamers off on the right track. However, they were soon separated by a Data Stream, which scooped up Rika, Renamon, Kazu and Kenta and deposited them elsewhere in the Digital World. While searching for them, Takato and co. came across a Chuchidarumon village that was being terrorised by the Behemoth motorcycle – while Takato was eager to help the Chuchidarumon, Henry did not want to get involved. In a battle with the rogue machine, Guilmon had his mind taken over by it, but Leomon successfully freed him. The group then decided to head back to the flag they had planted, to see if Rika and the others were there, where Guilmon picked up their trail, leading them to a cave, where they found themselves transported to a warped, monochrome city. In this region, they were re-united with Kazu and Kenta, who introduced them to Ryo, the legendary Tamer, and Cyberdramon, his partner, and then spent the night in a castle, where Takato found a note from his mother in the bottom of his backpack. The next day, they returned to the desert plain, where Cyberdramon battled and defeated the dragon Deva, Majiramon.

The reactivation of the Hypnos system caused a storm in the Digital World, which briefly activated the comm device Yamaki had given Takato, enabling them to make contact with each other. When the storm passed, the comm shut off again, and Takato and the others all returned to their flag again, where they were finally reunited with Rika and Renamon, who had also found Calumon – but the reunion was interrupted by the appearance of Beelzemon, Impmon’s Digivolved form, who had made a deal with the Devas and their Sovereign to destroy the Tamers. The battle was halted, however, by a fierce storm created by the reactivated Juggernaut, enabling Chatsuramon, the dog Deva, to snatch Calumon away, and for Takato, Henry and Terriermon to be swept up by a Data Steam, and hurled across the Digital World, into a region entirely of water. They managed to find a cave to shelter in, where the comm device activated again, and Takato was able to communicate with Yamaki, and all the kids’ parents. Henry realised that the Digital World was subject to change, depending on their perception of it, and as such, he, Takato and Terriermon were able to breath the water. While searching underwater, they were attacked by a Divermon, who mistakenly thought they were attacking some Otamamon, but after the situation was straightened out, Divermon took them to a pipe, which then led them into some form of nexus point, where they discovered the library of Shibumi. Shibumi cryptically answered many of the questions Takato and Henry had for him, leaving Takato wonder what the implications of his connection to Guilmon were.

Departing Shibumi’s library in a large, Digivice-shaped craft, Takato and co. soon crashed back down to land into the middle of a battle between Makuramon and Antylamon, the rabbit Deva, who was in actuality the partner of Henry’s little sister, Suzie, who had also been pulled into the Digital World. Makuramon was repelled, but Antylamon’s powers were taken away by the Sovereign, and she reverted into Lopmon. As Henry and Takato deliberated about what to do next, they were suddenly attacked by Beelzemon. Rapidmon struggled with the villain, as Takato cried out – and through a Data Steam, Growlmon and the other Tamers and Digimon heard his voice, and rode the stream to the site of the battle. During the fierce conflict, Beelzemon killed Leomon, and Takato’s fury and rage caused WarGrowlmon to Digivolve into a corrupt, dark Mega form, the monstrous Megidramon, and also resulted in the shattering of Takato’s Digivice. As Megidramon and Beelzemon grappled, Takato realised what he had done to his friend, and underwent another dream-like vision, where he was given the chance to start all over again with another Guilmon – but he didn’t want another Guilmon, he wanted the one who had always been his friend. Megidramon reverted into Guilmon, and then, the ultimate evolution took place, as Takato and Guilmon Biomerged together into Gallantmon! Gallantmon and Beelzemon’s battle shook the entire area, but in the end, Gallantmon emerged victorious, and was ready to end Beelzemon’s life, until Jeri pleaded with him not to – it wouldn’t bring Takato BiomergedLeomon back, and it would make Takato as bad as Beelzemon. Beelzemon was spared, and Gallantmon separated back into Takato and Guilmon, as a new, golden Digivice appeared to take the place of Takato’s old one.

As the group prepared to enter the castle of Zhuqiaomon, the Deva’s Sovereign, Takato suggested that Jeri remain outside, as he could see the depression over Leomon’s death eating at her. Takato, Rika, Henry and their Digimon engaged Zhuqiaomon in battle, and MegaGargomon temporarily subdued him, though he soon recovered and renewed his attack. The battle was broken up by Azulongmon, who tried to convince Zhuqiaomon that humans and Digimon working together was the way forward, but Zhuqiaomon would not believe it, prompting Takato and Guilmon to merge into Gallantmon again to prove their power. Azulongmon stopped the fight, and then explained the true nature of the conflict, about the “true enemy” they faced – the deadly D-Reaper. The Tamers rescued Calumon from the D-Reaper by retrieving him from the pit Zhuqiaomon had placed him in, and then, after he released the light of the Shining Digivolution, Takato received a message on the comm device to tell the kids that the Monster Makers had constructed an ark to bring them back to Earth. The Tamers returned to the desert plain, where the ark soon arrived, but Takato would not board until Rika and Renamon returned from the mission they had gone off on. The ark began to depart, and the efforts of the kids and Digimon to form a human chain to grab Takato failed, but when Guilmon cried at the ark to stop, it complied. Rika and Renamon then returned, and grabbed Takato up before jumping into the ark, which headed on it’s way back to the real world. An attack by the D-Reaper almost foiled their plans, but Takato urged the ark on, and it managed to safely get them back home. Takato was reunited with his parents, and then volunteered to take Jeri on the train to Matsumoto, where her parents were. While on the train, Takato confessed his feelings to Jeri, blaming himself for the pain she had suffered – but Jeri didn’t reply, merely mumbling the ingredients to the boxed meal she held in her hands.

After leaving Jeri off, Takato and Guilmon were shocked to see on a news broadcast that Shinjuku had been engulfed in a red mass – the D-Reaper had followed the Tamers back to Earth. Takato phoned home to let his parents know that he was going into Shinjuku, telling his mother that he just had to do it. Once in Shinjuku, he was reunited with Rika, Henry and their Digimon, and they spent the night in Takato’s family’s bakery, baking bread for their breakfast the next morning. They were located by Yamaki, and then engaged a Pendulum Feet, one of the D-Reaper’s Agents, in battle, which they defeated thanks to the help of the repentant Beelzemon, seeking redemption for his past misdeeds. In the wake of the battle, Takato thought he glimpsed Jeri, who quickly disappeared.

The next day, the Tamers found a note that told them to go to Rika’s house, but on the way, Takato caught another glimpse of what appeared to be Jeri, but she vanished once more. At Rika’s house, they found that Takato’s parents, Rika’s mother and grandmother, and Henry’s mother had cooked a meal for them all. After eating, the Tamers picked up a signal on their Digivices – Takato’s parents told him that they didn’t want him to go, but knew that he had to. The Tamers tracked the signal, and saved a girl named Alice and her Digimon companion, Dobermon, from more Takato and Guilmon inside the D-Reaper Zoneof the D-Reaper’s Agents. Dobermon, it transpired, had been sent by the Digimon Sovereign, and sacrificed himself to give the Tamers the power to Biomerge in the real world. As the power transformed him, Takato reflected on the past, how he knew now what it felt like to be a part of something greater, and knew that he could succeed with his friends at his side. Takato and Guilmon became Gallantmon, and, together with MegaGargomon and Sakuyamon battled the D-Reaper’s Agents, but Gallantmon was seized and dragged inside the D-Reaper’s chaos, where he split back into Takato and Guilmon. Within the chaos, they discovered what they thought was Jeri – in but in actuality, it was revealed to be the Jeri Type Agent, one of the D-Reaper’s creatures that had taken Jeri’s form. It assumed it’s true form, and chased Takato and Guilmon through the park, bringing to the surface Takato’s memories of Jeri, both good and bad. Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon arrived to help, but it was MarineAngemon who saved them, repelling the Jeri Type with his Kahuna Waves.

When Jeri’s parents came to Shinjuku, Takato tried to stop her father, Tadashi Katou, from leaving the Hypnos headquarters, thinking he was angry at her, when he was actually going to make a vain attempt to save her. The Tamers followed Tadashi to the edge of the D-Reaper’s chaos, and Takato and Guilmon Biomerged into Gallantmon to help protect him from a Paratice Head Agent. Guardromon and Justimon destroyed the Agent, but an Optimizer appeared directly after it, and Gallantmon could not attain the necessary height to strike its life cord. The battle was won, however, when Grani, the newly modified ark, Bio-Emerged and carried Gallantmon high enough.

It was deduced that Jeri was being held within the Kernel Sphere, the core of the D-Reaper, and Takato wasted no time in heading out, telling his parents no to worry. He and Guilmon became Gallantmon again, and, along with Grani and Beelzemon, attacked the Kernel Sphere. During the battle, Hynos was able to hack into the D-Reaper's signal, and see through the layers of the Digimon's data, shocking all the adults with the revelation that their children had merged with their Digimon - images of Takato were broadcast all over town. Yamaki hit upon the idea to transmit a message directly to Takato, directing him to use Grani's new Yuggoth Blaster. While Gallantmon engaged the Gatekeeper, and Grani destroyed the D-Reaper Ball, Beelzemon summoned the power of Leomon’s data, using the Fist of the Beast King to shatter the Kernel Sphere – but Jeri, having thought Leomon had returned to save her, was too terrified by the sight of Beelzemon to take his hand, and the sphere sealed up again, keeping her trapped inside. At that point, the D-Reaper obtained enough negative energy from Jeri’s mind to evolve again, becoming the Mother D-Reaper, and forcing the Tamers to retreat.

Takato rescues JeriA week later, the Tamers, their families, the Monster Makers and the Hypnos crew had pulled back to Tsukuba to plan their next attack. On the beach, Takato talked with Kai, who had come from Okinawa to give moral support, and realised Takato’s affection for Jeri, telling him that’s why it hurt so much. Takato could only ask if it ever got any better. His parents arrived soon after, as he felt Jeri’s pain, and received a signal from Henry to let him know the final battle was about to begin. Takato told his parents he loved them, and they told him they were proud he was their son. Takato and Guilmon became Gallantmon, and Grani flew them to Shinjuku, where they met up with Rika, Renamon, Ryo and their Digimon, slashed the Red Card, and ventured into the D-Reaper’s chaos one last time. Battling against swarms of Agents, Grani was injured, and had to be left behind, as Gallantmon vowed they would return for him. As they all approached the Mother D-Reaper, Takato reflected on how so much had changed, and yet how much had stayed the same, before they were attacked by the Cable Reaper, which emerged from a portal between Earth and the Digital World. As the others held it off, Gallantmon focused his efforts on rescuing Jeri, but was shot down by a giant Jeri visage that emerged from the Mother D-Reaper’s mass. As Gallantmon plummeted through the air, Grani appeared, and, as a gift to his friends, gave them the last of his strength... and his wings... transforming Gallantmon into the awesome Gallantmon Crimson Mode! Gallantmon tore through a group of Horn Strikers, and struggled with the fully evolved Jeri Type Agent, finally destroying it. As he made for Jeri, however, the effects of the Red Card wore off, and Gallantmon split back into Takato and Guilmon. To cover the final distance, Guilmon hurled Takato to Jeri with a whip of his tail, and he took hold of her. MegaGargomon, meanwhile, had activated the Juggernaut within the portal, and reversed the vortex rotation, which sucked the D-Reaper in and devolved it to Takato and Gigimonit’s original harmless state, as MarineAngemon pulled everyone out of the chaos and to safety in one of his bubbles.

But the victory cost the Tamers dear – as they stood in the park in the aftermath of the battle, the Digimon began to De-Digivolve, reverting to their In-Training forms as the effects of the Juggernaut were felt on them, forcing them to return to the Digital World or perish. Guilmon became Gigimon, and as he floated through the portal, Takato promised that they’d see each other again.

Time went by, and as the months passed, things returned to normal for Takato and the others. As Takato reflected on the time that had passed, he returned to Guilmon’s old hideaway, as he had several times before, where the memory of the promise always returned to the surface – a promise he feared he could not keep. But this time, as he walked by, a single DigiGnome flitted through the air, and Takato discovered the portal to the Digital World, still open... and realised that the adventures of the Digimon Tamers were not yet over. Thanks to this discovery, Takato and the other Tamers were reunited with their Digimon partners.

Months later, when Locomon appeared in Tokyo, Takato was attempting to explain to Rika why the Tamers had organised an unwanted part for her birthday. Locomon's sudden arrivel interrupted the phone call, though, and Growlmon proceeded to restrain the train Digimon long enough for Takato board it. As he attempted to deduce a way to stop Locomon, Takato was joined by Rika and Renamon, and, after another brief discussion about the party, gave Rika a Hydro Pressure Modify Card to try and cool down Locomon's furnace. The attempt failed, but the trio then received a phone call from Yamaki, who had taken control of the train network, and was planning to reroute Locomon to a rift that was opening between Earth and the Digital World at Ichigaya station, to send him back. As Takato talked to him, Rika took matters into her own hands, only to wind up falling prey to the real villain of the piece, Parasimon, who took control of her mind as he had Locomon's, and had her attack Takato and Renamon. Takato escaped to the roof of the carriage, and with nowhere else to go, was only saved by the arrival of Guilmon, who freed Rika from Parasimon's control with his Rock Breaker attack. Parasimon stood revealed, and Takato and Guilmon Biomerged into Gallantmon, destroying the spider-like creature with ease. However, as he died, he sent a signal into the rift, which summoned a massive swarm of his kind to Earth. The Tamers and their Digimon battled on, finding it ease to destroy individual Parasimon, but soon becoming overwhelmed by sheer numbers, until Gallantmon assumed his Crimson Mode, and fired his Final Justice attack into the heart of the rift, destroying all the Parasimon. Subsequently, Takato and all the other Tamers and Digimon attended Rika's party, but when she went off to be alone for a little while, Takato tried to follow her, only to be stopped by Renamon.

Takato first appears in “Guilmon Comes Alive.” His voice is supplied by Brian Beacock, but it appears that Brian Donovan provided his voice for the first Fox Kids promo for the series. Whether or not Donovan was ever cast to play Takato for the series is unknown.



Tally OnoderaTally Onodera is one of the Hypnos system operators, and friends with her fellow employee, Riley. Generally quite quiet, but nonetheless highly intelligent and technologically proficient, and an important part of the Hypnos machine, Tally isn’t as committed to Yamaki’s ideals as Riley is.

Tally and Riley were perpetually on-hand to announce and analyse the numerous Bio-Emergences that occurred in the early days of the Tamers’ adventures, including Guilmon, Goblinmon and Gorillamon. At one point, she and Riley talked about the mass amount of emergence that was occurring, and Riley theorised they’d soon see an unheard of level.

Several Bio-Emergences later, Yamaki planned to put his Juggernaut into action. Just prior to that, Tally and Riley picked up an erratic signal which seemed to be right under them, and Tally saw Calumon running around the room, immediately smitten by his cuteness. She tried to convince Riley of what she had seen, but Riley didn’t believe her. Later, as Tally wondered what the Juggernaut was, Riley assured it that whatever it was, it meant bad news. When the Juggernaut was activated, Tally couldn’t take the sound of screaming Digimon, begging for it to stop. Subsequently, the first Deva, Mihiramon, emerged through the vortex, and battled the Tamers, until WarGrowlmon defeated him.

Tally reacts well to CalumonWhen Tally and Riley detected the emergence of Sinduramon, they decided not to bother Yamaki, given the creature’s small size, but later had to call him in when it absorbed the city’s electricity.

During a brief break from their work, Riley and Tally were able to squeeze in some friendly conversation before the reappearance of Vajramon broke it up.

When Vikaralamon Bio-Emerged, the sheer size of his data almost caused Hypnos to crash, but Tally was able to shut down some non-essential programs to get the situation under control, and pre-emptively contacted the Chief Cabinet Secretary for Yamaki. In the ensuing battle between Vikaralamon and the Tamers, the Juggernaut was reactivated, but an explosion instigated by Makuramon shut it down and destroyed a substantial portion of the towers. Commenting that she knew something like this was going to happen, Tally quickly made her escape with much of the rest of the staff.

Consequently, Hypnos was shut down, and Yamaki, Riley and Tally were fired, and Yamaki saw the light, offering his aid to the Tamers before they departed for the Digital World by giving them a comm device. He and Riley were later reinstated when the unstable Juggernaut was reactivated by the head of national security, and they were able to get it under control. Tally was also reinstated, and was then seen with Riley, monitoring the disturbances the appearance of Megidramon created, quite distressed by the scale involved. Later, Tally was on hand to help corral the processing power of computers all over the planet when the Monster Makers required it to pilot the ark they had created to bring the Tamers back to Earth.

Tally out of uniformWhen the D-Reaper followed the Tamers back to the real world, Tally and the other Hypnos and Monster Maker members had to evacuate the Hypnos towers and operate out of a van before moving into a temporary headquarters. Tally, Riley and Yamaki went to meet the Tamers at the Matsuki bakery, then watched as the Tamers’ Digimon battled with a Pendulum Feet, one of the D-Reaper’s Agents.

After a large battle with the D-Reaper’s Agents, Tally and Janyu Wong showed Kazu and Kenta the D-Reaper’s original programming. Shortly thereafter, she, Riley and Shibumi, co-ordinated the Bio-Emergence of Grani. Later, Tally grimly reported on the D-Reaper’s spread throughout the world, and was able to open a satellite connection that allowed Yamaki to directly communicate with Takato while he and Guilmon were in battle as Gallantmon. The outcome of that battle, however, saw the D-Reaper evolve into the Mother D-Reaper, forcing the entire crew to retreat to Tsukuba, where they formulated their final plan of attack.

A week later, as the Tamers went into battle with the D-Reaper zone itself, Tally and Riley helped Yamaki and the Monster Makers coordinate Operation: Doodlebug, which devolved the D-Reaper into it’s original, harmless state.

Months later, when Locomon appeared in Tokyo, Tally and Riley helped monitor the situation from the rebuilt Hypnos headquarters.

Tally first appears in “Guilmon Comes Alive.” Her voice is supplied by Peggy O’Neal. In the first episode, she has something of a clipped, almost British, tone that she soon loses.

Name: Tally’s surname is never given in any US material. Her Japanese name is Megumi Onodera, and while Megumi bears no relation to Tally whatsoever, it’s still fair to use her Japanese surname as no alternative was given for the US.



Ryuuji TamashiroOn the surface, Ryuuji Tamashiro appeared merely to be the president of VP Labs, the company that mass-produced the V-Pet designed by Takehito Uehara. In reality, however, he was a façade – the human disguise of the evil Digimon, Mephistomon, which he used to spread V-Pets worldwide, planning to use them to plunge Earth’s electronics network into chaos, allowing Digimon to Bio-Emerge freely and wreak havoc.

As Tamashiro, Mephistomon participated in a televised interview about the V-Pets at Okinawa airport, but Kai, unable to find his cousin, Takato, accidentally blundered into the middle of it, followed soon by Takato himself. The guards were ready to eject them, but Tamashiro was easy on them, taking the time to get a good bit of PR going, and proclaiming children to be the future.

When next seen, Tamashiro was being held captive in VP Labs’ island base along with Takehito Uehara by a group of Digimon lead by Baronmon, who threatened to harm Uehara’s daughter, Minami, if Uehara did not tell them where the vaccine program for the V-Pets was. The Digimon were subsequently destroyed by Growlmon and Seasarmon, and in the ensuing explanations, Takehito revealed that the vaccine program was inside Seasarmon. It wasn’t explicitly stated, but it’s evident that Baronmon and the others were working for Mephistomon, seeking the vaccine program for him while he remained hidden in his human guise to avoid suspicion. Upon overhearing this, Tamashiro shed his human disguise, revealing himself and capturing Seasarmon, who he reverted to Labramon – with the vaccine program in his possession, no-one could use it against him. The other Tamers arrived, and he transported them all into an underwater illusionary world he had crafted in the image of mankind’s future destruction – there, the Champion Digimon apparently destroyed him, though the explosion that consumed him fatally injured Labramon, who released the vaccine program within himself to undo the damage the V-Pets had done before he died. Mephistomon then re-appeared, however, in his Mega form of Gulfmon, prompting the Digimon to Digivolve to Ultimate, and combine their energy to form the Trinity Burst, which destroyed Gulfmon.

Ryuuji Tamashiro appears in “Battle of Adventurers.” His voice is supplied by Richard Epcar.



Janyu Wong’s Monster Maker codename.

See Wong, Janyu for further information.



TaomonGroup: - Level: Ultimate – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Talisman of Light, Thousand Spells, Talisman Spell, Talisman Dart, Ohm

Taomon is the Ultimate form of Renamon, the Digimon partner of Rika. More humanoid than her previous forms, Taomon is armed with a multitude of magically themed techniques. Using a giant paintbrush, she can paint symbols in thin air, which vary in their purpose, and include destruction and paralysis. She can also summon smaller symbols from the air for numerous purposes: to use in the conjuring of protective force fields, to throw like darts, or to hurl, flaming, at objects or opponents in her path. Somewhat more conventionally, she can also launch rapid-fire streams of explosive spell scrolls from the sleeves of her flowing robe, and is capable of flight. It’s quite clear that Taomon’s rather unassuming appearance masks a hefty dose of power!

Taomon first appeared during the Tamers’ second battle with the ox Deva, Vajramon. Vajramon had previously spirited Renamon away, to try and convince her to turn to the side of the Devas, but Renamon rejected the offer, having only gone with him to get information on the Digimon Sovereign. During the ensuing battle, Rika discovered a Blue Card amongst her collection, and slashed it, transforming Kyubimon into Taomon. Vajramon was repulsed by her more human-like appearance, but she was more than able to counter his angry attacks. When Vajramon threatened Rika, Taomon turned her Talisman of Light attack on the Deva, destroying him.

Some time after this, but priot to the Bio-Emergence of Vikaralamon, Taomon appeared to battle Gulfmon, the Mega form of Mephistomon. Having transported the Tamers to an illusionary world of his own creation, Mephistomon was seemingly destroyed as his plans to cause worldwide havoc using V-Pets were foiled, but he emerged from the rubble as Gulfmon. The Tamers' Digimon Digivolved to their Ultimate forms, and Taomon combined her energy with WarGrowlmon and Rapidmon to form the Trinity Burst attack, destroying Gulfmon.

Taomon next appeared during the battle with Vikaralamon, when the Tamers realised how to summon Blue Cards. When Rapidmon was engulfed by the beast’s Boar Bog, Taomon freed him with her Talisman of Light, but then both of them were caught in another Boar Bog blast. Rika and Henry freed them with the Radiant Faith Modify Card, and Taomon used her Talisman Dart to cut through the remainder of the bog, cleaving a path for Rapidmon to fire his missiles into the Deva’s mouth. Meanwhile, the Hypnos organisation reactivated the Juggernaut, and as its effects began, Taomon protected Rapidmon and herself with a Talisman Spell shield, but even it was not going to last much longer, when Makuramon, the monkey Deva, crashed the system and shut the Juggernaut down. As Taomon dispelled the streamers of Boar Bog that were filling the sky, WarGrowlmon took Vikaralamon on again, and defeated him.

Taomon did not reappear for some time, until Kyubimon Digivolved into her during the Tamers’ first encounter with Beelzemon. Just as this happened, the unstable Juggernaut was reactivated in the real world, and Taomon shielded the Tamers and their Digimon with her Talisman Spell, but the dog Deva, Chatsuramon, shattered it with his Howl of the Heavens in order to capture Calumon. Taomon was able to erect another shield, but not in time to save Calumon, and also not before Takato, Henry and Terriermon were swept up by a Data Stream.

Taomon next appeared when the separated Tamers were reunited, faced once more in battle by Beelzemon. Guilmon had Digivolved into the monstrous Megidramon, and Kyubimon Digivolved into Taomon so she and Rapidmon could strike at Beelzemon while his attention was divided. However, Beelzemon was able to trap them in Makuramon’s Primal Orb, calling upon the data of the monkey Deva, which he had just loaded. The orbs threatened to crush Taomon and Rapidmon, but Rika and Henry were able to save them by using the Alias Modify Card, separating the Rookies from their Ultimate forms. Beelzemon then absorbed their data, and Taomon’s shoulder armour burst from his own shoulder as he tried to contain the power.

After Beelzemon was defeated by Gallantmon, the Tamers ventured into the castle of Zhuqiaomon, the Digimon Sovereign, where Renamon Digivolved into Taomon to battle him along with the other Ultimates. After MegaGargomon apparently subdued the mighty Digimon, Taomon De-Digivolved, but when Zhuqiaomon re-emerged from the rubble of his castle, she quickly Digivolve into Taomon again and protected the group with a Talisman Spell, but she could not hope to match Zhuqiaomon’s power, and knew that she could not hold out long. Thankfully, Azulongmon appeared to break up the battle.

When the Tamers returned to Earth, they discovered that they had been followed by the deadly D-Reaper. Renamon became Taomon to battle a Pendulum Feet Agent with the other Ultimates, but it was able to deflect their attacks by duplicating her Talisman Spell shield. The arrival of the repentant Beelzemon turned the tide, as he severed the creature’s life cord, enabling the others to combine their power and destroy it.

When the Tamers moved to rescue Alice from the D-Reaper’s Agents, Kyubimon Digivolved into Taomon upon the arrival of a Creep Hands. She used her Talisman of Light attack, but the Creep Hands was shielded by a swarm of Bubbles. Then, Alice’s companion, Dobermon, gave the Tamers the power to Biomerge in the real world, and they Digivolved to Mega.

Taomon did not appear again following this.

Taomon first appears in “Digital Beauty.” Her voice is supplied by Mari Devon.

Name: From the religion of Taoism, an ancient Chinese school of philosophical thought. The symbol of Taoism, the black and white spherical symbol that represents Yin and Yang, adorns all of Renamon’s forms. Yin and Yang are polar opposites: Yin is female, darkness, earth, water, the moon, etc - Yang is male, light, fire, air, the sun, etc. All beings possess attributes of both Yin and Yang.

Note that the word “Tao” is pronounced “dow,” but “Taomon” is more often pronounced “Tow-mon.”



Group: Animal – Level: Rookie – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Waking Dream, Deleting Virus

A Tapirmon was among the shadowed Digimon who wanted Rika to tame them. As seen in "O Partner, Where Art Thou?" Later, when Suzie entered the Digital World, she briefly chased after a Tapirmon, but it outran her and disappeared underground. As seen in “Rabbit Transit.”

Name: From “tapir,” a mammal native to Asia and the American continent. His Japanese name, “Bakumon,” is named after a dream-eating creature in Japanese mythology, which itself is based upon the tapir.



See Yuuji



TerriermonGroup: Animal – Level: Rookie – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Bunny Blast, Terrier Tornado

Terriermon is the Digimon partner of Henry. Since becoming Henry’s partner, Terriermon has not fully managed to tame the fighting urge that he, like all wild Digimon, possesses within him, but if he can’t fight, then he’ll certainly make his position known! Small of stature but big of mouth, the tactless Terriermon doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind whenever and wherever he feels like it – normally, he doesn’t mean any harm, but just can’t seem to stop himself from saying something out of place, be it a quip he thinks is amusing, or an unintentionally insulting observation. But if Henry ever takes issue with it, Terriermon just tells him to “Moumantai!” When he does get the chance to get in on the action, Terriermon can unleash rapid-fire bursts of energy from his mouth, and can whirl his body fast enough to create destructive air currents.

Terriermon started out as a wild Digimon, fighting by the rules of survival of the fittest in the harsh realm of the Digital World. When Henry received the latest Digimon video game as a present from his father, he selected Terriermon to play with, because he identified with him – but during a battle between Terriermon and Gorillamon, Henry slashed a sequence of cards that caused Terriermon to Digivolve into Gargomon. When Henry saw how violent Gargomon was, he regretted turning Terriermon into him, seeing how hurt he was when he De-Digivolved back. As Henry cried, a Blue Card materialised among his collection, and when he swiped it through his card reader, it was transformed into a D-Power Digivice, and Terriermon Bio-Emerged into the real world.

Terriermon Bio-EmergesNaturally, Henry had to hide Terriermon from his family, pretending when he had to that he was a stuffed toy. Unfortunately, Henry’s little sister, Suzie, took quite a shine to the “doll,” and played with him at every opportunity, often dressing him up as “Princess Pretty Pants.” It was while Suzie was playing with Terriermon that she saw the light of Guilmon’s Bio-Emergence.

The next day, Terriermon accompanied Henry to school, where they met Takato and realised he was a Tamer. Terriermon commented that Takato’s mustn’t be a very good Tamer if he couldn’t keep track of his Digimon, which sent Takato running away in tears. Takato soon found Guilmon, however, and took him to the park, as Henry and Terriermon followed them, and broke up a fight between them and Rika and Renamon. Terriermon and Guilmon formed a fast friendship, but that night, Henry once again expressed his fears about Digivolving to Terriermon, but Terriermon reassured him that he wouldn’t do it. The lie was put into Terriermon’s words the following day, however, when he and Henry got caught up in another battle between Guilmon and Renamon, and Terriermon was caught in the explosion of a car, causing him to Digivolve into Gargomon. Gargomon went out of control and turned on Rika, but Guilmon and Renamon were able to take him down before he hurt her. It took most of the night for Gargomon to revert into Terriermon.

A day later, Henry and Terriermon were shopping with Takato, when a Digital Field appeared, and pursued them, trapping them in a construction site. The Digimon in question soon Bio-Emerged – it was Gorillamon, back for a rematch against Terriermon – but this time, Henry wasn’t going to let Terriermon Digivolve. Even with Guilmon’s help, Terriermon was losing the battle, until he was able to immobilise Gorillamon with Takato’s Training Grips Modify Card, and destroy him with a Bunny Blast. However, Henry forbade Terriermon to load Gorillamon’s data, in the hope that it might return to the other side.

When Takato and Guilmon discovered Calumon, Henry and Terriermon were called in to help find a Tamer for the little guy. Calumon and Guilmon played together while Terriermon, Takato and Henry investigated possible partners, but none of them seemed suitable. A little later, when Terriermon and Guilmon aided Renamon in a battle against Allomon, she was indignant at having been helped against her will.

When Guilmon disappeared, the Tamers were about to venture into the tunnel underneath the park to search for him, but Terriermon and Renamon were unable to go with them, as they began to fade out when they got close to the area as well.

As reports of a child causing trouble in the city park surfaced, Takato and Henry dispelled the notion that it was Guilmon, but Terriermon told them that everyone just thought it was a child because it was too small to be an adult. In actuality, it was the mischievous Impmon who was causing the trouble, and who duped Guilmon into helping him, causing Takato to get angry with his partner. When a Devidramon then Bio-Emerged, Guilmon engaged it in battle, but was weakened by the lack of Takato’s support. Terriermon was the one who discovered that Impmon had been behind the plot, however, and when Terriermon and Henry read togetherTakato discovered this, his renewed faith allowed Guilmon to Digivolve into Growlmon and destroy Devidramon. However, he found himself unable to revert to Guilmon again, even after a whole night, and so Takato turned to Henry and Terriermon for help once more. Terriermon ran off at the mouth as the boys tried painting Growlmon in camouflage colours, but a sudden rainstorm put a stop to that plan. Terriermon was most impressed at the sight of the rainbow which followed the storm – which somehow drew the excess data out of Growlmon and turned him back into Guilmon.

When Impmon returned to make trouble, he snooped on Henry and Terriermon, but found them doing nothing more than reading together. He confronted them in the park later, but Henry told Terriermon to leave him be. As Impmon hurled a Bada Boom at them, Terriermon shot back with a Terrier Tornado that blew Impmon out of the park. Then, when Rika was captured by IceDevimon, Takato, Henry, Guilmon and Terriermon came to her rescue, but Terriermon and Guilmon were frozen solid in a block of ice. Henry freed them by using an Expansion Modify Card on Terriermon, and Guilmon then destroyed IceDevimon.

When Musyamon was about to Bio-Emerged, Terriermon insisted on getting a close look, and Henry had to hold him back to stop him getting involved. The Hypnos organisation’s Yuggoth was able to stop Musyamon from emerging there and then, but in the evening, as he and Henry reflected on their differing opinions, Terriermon fell victim to Suzie’s clutches once more. The next day, Musyamon reappeared, and in order to save the life of a little girl, Henry had to allow Terriermon to become Gargomon again. Gargomon destroyed Musyamon, and Henry realised that some battles are worth fighting.

As a consequence of the IceDevimon battle, Rika had renounced Digimon, and she and Renamon had gone their separate ways. Terriermon and Henry observed Renamon in solo battle against three Flybeemon, and then, as Henry tried to convince Renamon of the benefits of partnership, Terriermon entertained himself by teaching Calumon tai chi. When they and Takato were approached by Yamaki of Hypnos, Terriermon and Henry gave chase, but lost him. Then, they observed Rika and Renamon battle Harpymon.

While playing the Digimon game on Henry’s computer, Terriermon was found by Suzie, who gave him the Pretty Pants treatment once again. In the evening, just as Hypnos activated their Juggernaut program, Terriermon felt its effects, as it pulled him towards it. When the first Deva, Mihiramon, emerged through the Juggernaut vortex, Terriermon Digivolved to Gargomon to battle him. He was defeated, but discovered his weak spot, enabling WarGrowlmon to destroy him.

Princess Pretty PantsHenry managed to rescue Terriermon from another of Suzie’s playtime sessions, and took him out on some errands he had to run. While riding the subway, their train was attacked by Sandiramon, the snake Deva, and Terriermon protected a baby with a WarGreymon Brave Shield Modify Card. At Rika’s behest, they went searching for Takato and Guilmon, but were unable to find him, and so Terriermon became Gargomon to help Kyubimon battle the snake.

Thanks to his small size, Terriermon was easily able to accompany Henry on the school camping trip by masquerading as a backpack. Once at the campsite, he, Guilmon and Calumon were able to enjoy the freedom of the forest, but it was soon disrupted by the arrival of Sinduramon, the rooster Deva. Terriermon and Guilmon pursued him on their own to the hydroelectric dam, then, when Henry and Takato arrived, they Digivolved and defeated him.

When Henry received a strange Modify Card in trade, Terriermon suggested he swipe it through his D-Power, and when he did so, it was revealed to be a Blue Card. While attempting to track down the origin of the card, the group was confronted by Impmon in the park – but before a fight could start, Henry’s father, Janyu, appeared, shocked at the sight of real Digimon. Terriermon protected Janyu from Impmon, but then they all fled the scene. Then, in Akihabara, the Devas Pajiramon and Vajramon appeared, and Terriermon went up against Pajiramon, using a Thor’s Hammer Modify Card. Proving to be no match for Pajiramon, Terriermon became Gargomon, but even he couldn’t surpass the sheep’s power. When Henry slashed the newly discovered Blue Card, Gargomon became Rapidmon, and destroyed Pajiramon. In the evening, Janyu and Terriermon were properly introduced, and Henry apologised for not telling his father about Terriermon.

Vajramon, meanwhile, had spirited Renamon away with him, and when they reappeared, Terriermon sensed their return, and directed the Tamers to their location.

At some point between this battle and the Bio-Emergence of Vikaralamon, Terriermon accompanied Henry on vacation to Okinawa, at the same time Takato was going there to visit his cousin, Kai. Henry and Terriermon went diving, but then in the evening, as Terriermon showered, and Henry talked to his father on the phone, strange electrical disturbances began occurring. The following day, the boat Henry and Terriermon were waiting for was attacked by an Ebidramon, and Terriermon became Gargomon to battle and defeat it. Subsequently, Henry, Gargomon, Rika and Kyubimon were teleported to VP Labs by Omnimon, to battle Mephistomon alongside Takato.

When Indramon first Bio-Emerged, Terriermon became Gargomon to battle him, but the fight was cut short when the activation of the Juggernaut caused Indramon to depart. The scenario repeated the following day, as Indramon rampaged through the city, to be finally defeated by WarGrowlmon.

Following the Bio-Emergences of the rat Deva, Kumbhiramon, and a Leomon, Jeri believe the Leomon to be her partner. Takato called Henry to advise on the situation, but when he and Terriermon arrived, Leomon and Kumbhiramon were embroiled in battle again, and Terriermon became Gargomon to help out.

Heading out to investigate mysterious earthquakes that were wracking the city, Henry had to forcibly take Terriermon from Suzie. After deducing the Devas’ connection to the Chinese zodiac, the Tamers pursued the mysterious boy who had been snooping around them, but were then pulled into battle with the massive pig Deva, Vikaralamon. Terriermon quickly became Gargomon, but when the Champions couldn’t even scratch Vikaralamon, the Tamers figured out how to summon Blue Cards, and Gargomon Digivolved to Ultimate, along with the others. In the aftermath of Vikaralamon’s defeat, however, Calumon was captured by the mysterious boy – in actuality, the monkey Deva, Makuramon – and taken to the Digital World, leaving the Tamers with no other option but to follow.

Before departing for the Digital World, Terriermon revealed himself to Suzie at last, finally showing her that he was alive. Suzie reaction was positive, to say the least. The following morning, the Tamers headed into the Digital World, with the support of the reformed Yamaki, who gave them a comm device before they left.Terriermon expresses his displeasure at not being allowed to fight Behemoth

Immediately, the Tamers clashed with a Meramon, who was then trampled to death in a Jagamon stampede. The group was then split up when a Data Stream swept up Rika, Renamon, Kazu and Kenta, hurling them to another area of the Digital World. While searching for them, the remainder of the team found themselves in a village of Chuchidarumon, which was being menaced by the Behemoth motorcycle. Takato suggested they help the Chuchidarumon out, and Terriermon was in agreement, eager for a fight, but Henry didn’t want to get involved, much to Terriermon's irritation. However, when the bike attacked again, he allowed Terriermon to become Gargomon to defend the village.

Their continued search led the group into a cave, which brought them to a warped, monochrome region of the Digital World, where Terriermon and Guilmon learned not to eat everything they saw. The team was reunited with Kazu and Kenta, who introduced them to the legendary Tamer, Ryo, and his partner, Cyberdramon. After spending a night in a castle, they returned to the desert plain, where Terriermon became Gargomon to help Leomon, Growlmon and Cyberdramon battle the dragon Deva, Majiramon. They returned to the point where they had posted their flag, but the reactivation of the Hypnos system caused a storm, which forced them to take shelter in a cave, where Terriermon was the first to notice that the comm device Yamaki had given Takato had activated. Rika and Kyubimon soon arrived, with Calumon, but then Beelzemon appeared, and engaged them all in battle. However, back in the real world, the Juggernaut was reactivated, and caused another, more ferocious storm, which led to Terriermon, Henry and Takato being swept up by another Data Stream, and deposited on the water plain of the Digital World, where they swam to the safety of a cave. Terriermon attempted to burrow through the walls with a Digmon’s Drill Modify Card, but when water started to pour in, he froze with a Frigimon’s Sub-Zero Ice Punch card. When the soaked comm device given to them by Yamaki successfully functioned, Henry theorised that it worked because it did not “know” to get wet and break. By believing that they could breath underwater, they were able to do so, but were then confronted by a Divermon. Terriermon and Henry combined their skills to subdue him, and he apologised and led them to a pipe, which took them to a strange library building. Inside, they discovered Shibumi, the lost member of the Monster Makers. Shibumi spun explanations, theories and outlandish tales about Digimon, humans, dreams and evolution, then sent them on their way to the sixth plain, where the Digimon Sovereign dwelled. Upon their arrival there, they landed in the middle of a conflict between Makuramon and Antylamon – the latter protecting Suzie, who had been pulled into the Digital World. After the monkey fled, everyone was shocked to discover that Antylamon – who then De-Digivolved to Lopmon – was Suzie’s partner, but Terriermon was surprised by Lopmon’s resemblance to him. When  Beelzemon then arrived, Terriermon became Rapidmon to fight him, but it was a losing battle, until the other Tamers arrived to help. However, the battle led to Leomon’s death, and Takato’s rage made WarGrowlmon become the demonic Megidramon. While Beelzemon battled Megidramon, Rapidmon and Taomon moved to attacked him, but he trapped them within Makuramon’s Primal Orbs (having loaded the Deva’s data previously), and they were only saved by the Alias Card, which separated Terriermon and Renamon from their Ultimate forms. When Guilmon and Takato then Biomerged into Guilmon’s true Mega form, Gallantmon, and resumed fighting Beelzemon, Terriermon had to leap to protect Suzie and Lopmon from Chatsuramon, the dog Deva, and was severely injured by his Treasure Mallet attack. Renamon rescued him from the chasm he fell into, as Gallantmon finally brought Beelzemon down, but spared his life at Jeri’s request.

When the group arrived at the castle of Zhuqiaomon, the Digimon Sovereign, Henry refused to allow Suzie to come with them, acting as if the responsibility of the battle was his alone. Terriermon’s own determination reflected Henry’s, as he – as Rapidmon – and the other Ultimates battled Zhuqiaomon, despite the injuries sustained at the hands of Chatsuramon. Eventually, however, his injures overcame him, and he reverted into Terriermon. Henry realised that he wasn’t alone – he had all his friends, and of course, Terriermon. With that revelation, Terriermon and Henry Biomerged for the first time into Terriermon’s Mega form, MegaGargomon, and buried Zhuqiaomon in the rubble of his own castle. They separated, thinking the battle one, by Zhuqiaomon re-emerged and began the battle anew. Terriermon and Guilmon tried in vain to hurt him with their attacks, but thankfully, Azulongmon appeared to stop the battle, and to finally explain the truth behind the Terriermon and Henry BiomergeSovereign, the Devas, and their true enemy, the deadly D-Reaper. The Tamers rescued Calumon from the pit Zhuqiaomon had kept him in, and then, after he released the light of the Shining Digivolution, the Tamers returned to Earth in an ark built for them by the Monster Makers.

But the battle was not over, for the D-Reaper pursued the Tamers back to the real world, where it immediately began to consume Shinjuku. Terriermon and the rest of the Wong family stayed at Henry’s sensei’s home, but eventually, Henry realised that he had to fight again, and he and Terriermon reunited with the other Tamers, hid out in the school before baking breakfast at Takato’s family’s bakery, and then engaged some of the D-Reaper’s Agents in battle, with help from the reformed Beelzemon. When Henry’s mother, Rika’s mother and grandmother and Takato’s parents called them to Rika’s house for a meal, Terriermon impressed Henry’s mother with his appetite. The Tamers then had to move to save Alice from the D-Reaper’s Agents, and the power to Biomerge in the real world was bestowed upon them by Alice’s companion, Dobermon. As MegaGargomon, Terriermon and Henry battled a Creep Hands, then ventured into the D-Reaper’s chaos to rescue Gallantmon.

When Henry assisted Shibumi in facilitating the Bio-Emergence of Grani, the modified ark, Terriermon watched, constantly asking questions about the how the process worked. When it was deduced that Jeri was being held within the D-Reaper’s Kernel Sphere, Terriermon and Henry formed MegaGargomon again to join in the effort to free her, but when the mission failed, and the D-Reaper evolved into the Mother D-Reaper, everyone was forced to retreat to Tsukuba.

A week later, Janyu subjected Terriermon to what was apparently a data scan, professing that it was an attempt to learn more about the physiology of digital beings. Terriermon complained that his ear felt funny. Meanwhile, Shibumi gave Henry the Red Card, which would allow the Tamers to fight inside the D-Reaper’s chaos without harm. The group reunited in the sky above Shinjuku, slashed the card, and then Biomerged and entered the chaos to wage the final battle. As MegaGargomon, Terriermon and Henry were mainly occupied by the Cable Reaper, which guarded the portal between Earth and the Digital World that the D-Reaper had opened, but the Digimon Sovereign stepped in to dispatch the creature. Then, Janyu, Yamaki and Dolphin gave Henry and Terriermon their instructions – they were to enter the portal, and activate the Juggernaut, which had been loaded inside of Terriermon during the alleged scan. They did so, and then reversed the rotation of the vortex, sucking the D-Reaper in and devolving it to its original, harmless state. As this process went on, however, the effects of the Red Card wore off, and MegaGargomon split back into Henry and Terriermon. Thankfully, their job was done, and they and the others were plucked from the chaos and pulled to safety by MarineAngemon.

However, the victory came with a price, as the effects of the Juggernaut were felt on the Digimon, as well, De-Digivolving them to their In-Training forms, and forcing them to return to the Digital World. Terriermon reverted to Gummymon, and, before floating through the portal, told Henry to Moumantai one last time. Thankfully, however, Takato's discovery of a portal to the Digital World some time later meant that Terriermon and the other Digimon were reunited with their Tamers.

Months later, when Locomon appeared in Tokyo, Henry, Terriermon, Suzie and Lopmon were on a train when the mechanical beast began his charge towards an opening rift between Earth and the Digital World at Ichigaya Station. They quickly disembarked and headed for Ichigaya on foot, but Suzie soon got tired, and Henry had to carry her... and Terriermon, and Lopmon. Leaving her at another station for her own safety, Henry accidentally grabbed Lopmon instead of Terriermon as he ran off - and Terriermon was most indignant about the whole affair. A little later, as Locomon thundered through the station they were waiting at, Terriermon and Lopmon switched as the other Tamers came rolling past in a train car propelled by Guardromon. When the true villain of the piece, the mind-controlling Parasimon, stood revealed, summoning a massive swarm of his kind to Earth, Terriermon and Henry Biomerged into MegaGargomon, and helped battle the overwhelming number of creatures, until Gallantmon assumed his Crimson Mode and destroyed them in one attack. Subsequently, Terriermon and the others all attended Rika's birthday party, where he and Lopmon acted as back-up dancers for Suzie's karaoke routine.

Terriermon first appears in “Guilmon Comes Alive,” masquerading as a doll. He first speaks in “Digimon, Digimon Everywhere.” His voice is supplied by Mona Marshall, reprising the Terriermon role from “Digimon: The Movie.”

Name: From “terrier,” a breed of dog. Despite this name, there are numerous references to Terriermon and Gargomon being rabbits (and while MegaGargomon is unquestionably canine, Rapidmon is clearly rabbit-based). Similarly, Terriermon’s twin, Lopmon, has an undeniably rabbit-based Digivolution line, with Antylamon being the rabbit Deva, no less.



See Uchiharato, Tetsuo



Digimon Tamers episode #3

English version written by Terri-Lei O’Malley

Guilmon and Renamon’s battle is interrupted by Henry and Terriermon, and Takato becomes fast friends with them. Henry is fearful of what will happen if Terriermon Digivolves, and his fears are realised the next day, when, in the midst of another clash between Guilmon and Renamon, Terriermon becomes the out-of-control Gargomon, and nearly turns his power on Rika!

Episode Trivia – the title of this episode is a play on the famous "To be or not to be?" soliloquy from William Shakespeare's "Hamlet."



Group: Reptile - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Strong Carapace, Spinning Attack
A Tortomon was among the many Digimon that were seen through the rip in the sky during Vikaralamon's rampage. As seen in "A World Apart."

Name: From "tortoise."



See Mori, Toshiaki Tsubumon



Group: Micro - Level: Baby - Attack Technique: Bubble Blow
A Tsubumon was among the shadowed Digimon who wanted Rika to tame them. As seen in "O Partner, Where Art Thou?"

From the Japanese word, “tsubu,” meaning a grain or a drop.




Rumiko Nonaka’s modelling agent. At her behest, he set up a camera test for Rika, which she promptly ran out on.

Tsugai appears in “Digital Beauty.” His voice is supplied by Lex Lang.



Location to which the Tamers, their families, the Monster Makers and the Hypnos crew retreated when the D-Reaper evolved into the Mother D-Reaper. The Monster Makers and Hypnos crew co-ordinated Operation: Doodlebug from the Tsukuba Communications Research Centre.



Group: Dinosaur - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Slamming Tusk, Horn Buster
A Tuskmon was among the shadowed Digimon who wanted Rika to tame them. As seen in "O Partner, Where Art Thou?"

Name: From "tusk."




TylomonGroup: Sea Animal – Level: Armour – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Torpedo Attack, Shark Fin Blade

A Tylomon was among the Digimon sent to capture Minami Uehara, so she could be used to force the location of the V-Pet vaccine program from her father. The Tylomon chased after her as she fled the island base of VP Labs, and the pursuit interrupted a quiet fishing trip that Takato, his cousin Kai and Guilmon were on. Guilmon attacked the Tylomon, and they disappeared beneath the sea, but Guilmon emerged through the waves a short time later, the victor.

Tylomon appears in “Battle of Adventurers." Tylomon is the Armour Digivolved form of Gatomon with the Digi-Egg of Reliability.

Name: From "Tylosaurus," a prehistoric sea-dwelling reptile. From the Greek, "tylos," meaning "knot" or "knob."




Group Dinosaur - Level: Champion - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Blaze Blast, Scratch
Two Tyrannomon were among the many Digimon that were seen through the rip in the sky during Vikaralamon's rampage. As seen in "A World Apart."

Name: From "Tyrannosaurus," the dinosaur upon which Tyrannomon is based. "Tyrannosaurus" is Greek for "tyrant lizard."