When “Snakes, Trains, and Digimon,” “Back to Nature, Back to Battle” and “Duel with the Deva” first aired on Fox Kids, they were collected as an hour-and-a-half-long special, under the collective title, “The Saga of the Devas.” They did not have individual titles during this first airing, and the first two episodes had special ending narrations telling viewers the story would continue after the commercial break.



SakuyamonGroup: Shaman – Level: Mega – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Spirit Strike, Amethyst Wind, Amethyst Mandala, Crystal Sphere

Sakuyamon is the Mega form of Renamon, created when she and Rika Biomerge. Sakuyamon is a very spiritual Digimon, possessed of an immeasurable compassion for life, which she protects with her ability to summon various forms of energy, including elemental spirits of fire, water, wind and lightning, through chanting spells. Gentle but forceful, Sakuyamon is also capable of flight.

Sakuyamon made her first appearance when the Tamers encountered the deadly D-Reaper for the first time. The beast’s chaos was rising up through the pit in which Calumon had been kept by Zhuqiaomon, and Rika, headstrong as ever, ventured down on her own to find him, followed by Renamon. After finding Calumon, Rika was pulled aside by Ryo, while Cyberdramon held the chaos back momentarily. But Rika realised that to run away was merely to kid themselves – they had to face it here and now, and so, she and Renamon took a literal leap of faith, off the pit wall, and Biomerged into Sakuyamon for the first time. Rika was nearly overwhelmed by the feeling of compassion that came over her, but Sakuyamon used her powers to draw the chaos in, and obliterated it with energy rings from her staff. Everyone escaped from the pit, and Sakuyamon then separated back into Rika and Renamon – but their victory was but a temporary one, as the D-Reaper re-emerged, and followed the Tamers as they returned to the real world.

At first the Tamers were no match for the D-Reaper’s Agents, as they were unable to Biomerge in the real world – but this was changed by the arrival of Dobermon, who brought them energy from the Digimon Sovereign that allowed them merge with their Digimon on Earth. While MegaGargomon battled a Creep Hands, Sakuyamon and Gallantmon destroyed swarms of Bubbles. Sakuyamon also used her Spirit Strike on a number of Pendulum Feet, but then, Gallantmon was pulled into the D-Reaper’s mass, as Sakuyamon tried to save him in vain. Justimon, Kazu and Guardromon then arrived, and took up the battle against a Horn Striker while Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon headed into the D-Reaper’s chaos to rescue Gallantmon., the two of them protected by one of Sakuyamon’s spells. Sakuyamon was injured by a flock of Searchers, but was then healed by MarineAngemon and his Kahuna Waves. Everyone returned to the battle with the Horn Striker, but Sakuyamon’s Spirit Strike had no effect on the beast, which was destroyed by Justimon and Antylamon.

Rika and Renamon next Biomerged into Sakuyamon to protect Tadashi Katou, Jeri’s father, from a Paratice Head Agent, but wound up entwined in it’s tentacles, only to be discarded as the Agent turned on Tadashi again. After Justimon and Guardromon destroyed it, and Gallantmon and Grani defeated the Optimizer that emerged after it, Sakuyamon split back Sakuyamon uses Spirit Strikeinto Rika and Renamon.

When it was deduced that Jeri was being held in the Kernel Sphere, Rika and Renamon became Sakuyamon to battle Agents while Gallantmon and Beelzemon struggled to rescue her. The rescue attempted failed, however, and Sakuyamon and the others were forced to retreat when the D-Reaper evolved into the Mother D-Reaper. Rika and Renamon withdrew to Tsukuba with most of the other Tamers, the Monster Makers and the Hypnos crew, but after a meal in a restaurant with her family, she and Renamon received a signal from Henry, and merged into Sakuyamon to fly to Shinjuku, where they separated, slashed the Red Card, then merged again and entered the D-Reaper’s chaos to wage the final battle. During the conflict, Sakuyamon destroyed an Optimizer, then focused on holding off the Cable Reaper while Gallantmon struggled to rescue Jeri. The Cable Reaper shrugged off all their attacks, and Justimon urged Sakuyamon to transfer her power into his Voltage Blade. Using one of her spells, Sakuyamon transformed her armour and staff into energy, which she channelled into the blade, enhancing it – but even this was not enough to take the Cable Reaper down, as it reconstituted itself after being hacked in two. Thankfully, the Digimon Sovereign removed the Cable Reaper from the fight from the other side of the portal, enabling MegaGargomon to activate the Juggernaut and start the D-Reaper’s devolution. However, as this happened, the effects of the Red Card began to wear off – Sakuyamon and Justimon were the first to feel the debilitating effects, as they split back into their component parts. MarineAngemon then arrived to carry everyone to safety in a bubble as the D-Reaper was sucked back to the Digital World and reverted into it’s harmless original state – by the victory came with a price, as the effects of the Juggernaut were felt on the Digimon, who reverted to their In-Training forms and had to return to the Digital World.

Subsequently, however, Takato discovered a portal to the Digital World, which allowed the Tamers and their partners to be reunited. Months later, when Locomon appeared in Tokyo on Rika's birthday, Rika fell prey to Parasimon, who was controlling Locomon's mind, and did the same to Rika, making her attack Takato and Renamon. She was freed, and Gallantmon was able to destroy Parasimon, but not before he sent a signal into a rift that had opened between Earth and the Digital World, summoning a massive swarm of his kind to Earth. Rika and Renamon Biomerged into Sakuyamon and battled the Parasimon alongside the other Digimon, finding it easy to destroy the individuals, but nigh impossible to stop the constantly-growing swarm. She and Justimon were seized by the creatures' tentacles as Gallantmon assumed his Crimson Mode and flew into the heart of the rift, obliterating all the Parasimon with one attack. With the battle won, Sakuyamon split back into Rika and Renamon, and the Tamers then threw Rika her birthday party.

Sakuyamon first appears in “Song of Sakuyamon.” Her voice is supplied by Mari Devon and Melissa Fahn. It’s possible that you missed it – but most times when Sakuyamon recites a spell, she’s saying a haiku (traditional three-line Japanese poem with lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables). In the original version, she sang her spells, but with two voice actresses working separately in the US version, this wasn’t viable.

Name: From Princess Konohana no Sakuya, a character from the Kojiki, a book of ancient Japanese myths.



SandiramonGroup: Exalted Beast – Level: Ultimate – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Venom Axe, Krishna

Sandiramon is the snake Deva, the second of the Devas to come to Earth. Appearing in the subway tunnels beneath Tokyo, he attacked while Rika and her grandmother were waiting for a train. Rika managed to get her grandmother to safety as Sandiramon’s Digital Field filled the station, then Renamon arrived to battle the reptile. Her Diamond Storm had no effect, and Renamon then Digivolved into Kyubimon, as Sandiramon escaped through a tunnel, with Rika and Kyubimon in hot pursuit. Sandiramon attacked a train that got in his way, which just happened to be carrying Henry and Terriermon, who saved a child from Sandiramon’s wrath, then tried to contact Takato at Rika’s request, but when they failed, they rejoined the battle, which had been resumed at the next station. Impmon then alerted Takato, and he and Guilmon burrowed down into the subway, where Guilmon became Growlmon and combined his strength with Kyubimon and Gargomon, and took the snake down. Just before deleting, Sandiramon told the Tamers he had been sent by the Digimon Sovereign, and that he was one of the twelve Devas, who would destroy them all.

Sandiramon appears in “Snakes, Trains, and Digimon.” His voice is supplied by Lex Lang.

Name: From “Sandira,” one of the twelve Devas from Sanskrit.Scorpiomon



Group: Crustacean - Level: Ultimate - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Scorpion Storm, Tail Blade

A Scorpiomon was among the Digimon who were sent by Mephistomon to capture Minami Uehara, so she could be used to force the location of the V-Pet vaccine program out of her father. The Scorpiomon attacked the shrine that was home to Takato’s cousin, Kai, and his grandfather, but Guilmon engaged it in battle, managing to defeat it with the help of an Aero Wing Modify Card.

Scorpiomon appears in “Battle of Adventurers."

Name: From “scorpion,” a clawed arachnid. His physical appearance is based on that of the anomalocaris, a prehistoric sea scorpion (from which his Japanese name, Anomalocarimon, is derived).




Group: Sea Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Ice Blast, Ice Winder

A Seadramon was among the many Digimon that were seen through the rip in the sky during Vikaralamon’s rampage. As seen in “A World Apart.”

Name: From “sea,” and “dragon,” which “dra” is short for.




The Searchers are the second of the D-Reaper’s Agents, sinister bird-like creatures that have camouflage abilities and act as information gatherers – effectively flying cameras, which relay what they see to the main D-Reaper consciousness.

The Searchers were first encountered by the Japanese military as they attempted to analyse the D-Reaper. One soldier’s video camera was snatched from his hands by the D-Reaper, and as they went after it, they came across a swarm of Searchers perched on some tower blocks. The Searchers took to the air and located the Tamers, who were observing from nearby as the soldiers attacked a Pendulum Feet, and did nothing more than stare at them and observe their actions.

Later, another swarm of Searchers observed Gallantmon, MegaGargomon and Sakuyamon’s battle with a Creep Hands and groups of Bubbles and Pendulum Feet from a distance. When Gallantmon was pulled into the D-Reaper’s chaos, Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon ventured in to save him, but Sakuyamon was attacked by some Searchers, inuring her.

Another group of Searchers observed Gallantmon and Beelzemon’s attack on the Kernel Sphere, but Riley was able to hack into their signal, so they could see things from the D-Reaper’s point of view. Using the Searchers’ ability to see through layers of data, the adults realised for the first time that their children had actually merged with the Digimon.

Searchers first appear in “Reunion.”



SeasarmonGroup: Holy Animal – Level: Champion – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Tiidaiya, Sekkantou

Seasarmon is the Champion form of Labramon, and partner of sorts to Minami Uehara. Created as the first V-Pet, to replace Minami’s dead dog, Mei, Seasarmon was also programmed by Minami’s father with a vaccination program, in order to cure a virus he had discovered within the V-Pets mass-produced by VP Labs.

Seasarmon made his presence known when several Digimon attacked the home of Kai and his grandfather, where Minami was staying after Kai and his cousin, Takato, had saved her from a Tylomon during the day. While Guilmon battled a Scorpiomon, Kai and Minami fled from a Divermon, but it caught up to them, and seized Minami. At that point, Seasarmon Bio-Emerged through her laptop, and attacked and destroyed the Divermon, but Minami was then seized by a Mantaraymon and carried across the ocean. Seasarmon tired to swim after them, but couldn’t accomplish it. He, Guilmon, Takato and Kai set out across the ocean in a boat, heading for the island base of VP Labs, but when they entered a cave on the island, they were attacked by Mantaraymon and a Depthmon. Seasarmon was first to sense the danger, and was then dragged under the water by Depthmon, though he proved no match for Seasarmon, who quickly and easily destroyed him. Once they entered the lab complex, Seasarmon sensed Minami’s presence, and smashed through a wall to enter the chamber where she was being held by a group of Digimon. Dodging the chamber’s industrial lasers and an attack from Sepikmon, Seasarmon was then struck down by Baronmon, who himself was immediately destroyed by Growlmon. During the ensuing escape from the complex, Takato suggested to Minami that Seasarmon, created to replace her dog, Mei, might effectively BE Mei, but Minami refused to believe it. Her father then explained about the vaccine program within Seasarmon – but this was overhead by VP Labs president, Ryuuji Tamashiro, who revealed himself to be the evil Digimon, Mephistomon, who was using the mass-produced V-Pets to wreak havoc on Earth’s electronics network. Mephistomon attacked and injured Seasarmon, causing him to revert into his Rookie form of Labramon. With Labramon in Mephistomon’s clutches, the vaccine program could not be used against him. The other Tamers then arrived, and Mephistomon transported everyone into an underwater illusionary world that he had created, where the Champion Digimon were able to defeat him. Labramon saved Minami from the explosion that consumed Mephistomon, but was fatally wounded. As he died, Minami came to accept him as Mei, and by calling him by that name, she activated the vaccine program, which undid all the damage the V-Pets had caused.

Seasarmon appears in “Battle of Adventurers." His voice is supplied by Tom Wyner.

Name: An alternate romanisation of “Shiisamon,” which comes from “Shiisa,” a mythical dog-like creature said to protect the island of Okinawa. A similar example of this alternate romanisation can also be seen in the 1974 movie, “Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla,” where another monster based on the Shiisa was named “King Caesar.”



See Kurosawa, Seiji



See Hata, Seiko



Henry's senseiHenry’s sensei, who trains him in the martial arts, is a wise and philosophical man, to whom Henry turns when he has problems that he’s not sure anyone else can help him with.

Henry’s sensei noted that he was distracted during a martial arts session, and invited him to talk about it over tea. Henry spoke of the Devas, and his sensei related the tale from Sanskrit, of the creatures sharing the same name, which protected Earth from the demon, Asura. Henry took it that this meant the Devas were good, but his sensei pointed out how good and evil can change, depending on your perception.

When Henry and the other Tamers returned to Earth after their adventure in the Digital World, they were followed by the deadly D-Reaper, and Henry’s sensei allowed the Wong family to stay at his home. Speaking to Janyu Wong over the phone, he warned him to be careful, then, later, Henry explained to him how he had been right about the perception of good and evil. Sensei spoke further on the perception of truth, and absolutes and distinctions in nature.

Soon after, Henry’s sensei approached the troubled Impmon, offering to read a letter left to him by his partners, and directing Impmon on how to take the subway to get where he needed to go. When Impmon inquired why he hadn’t run away from him like everyone else, Henry’s sensei simply told him that what was on the outside didn’t matter – it was his inner goodness that was important.

Later, Henry’s sensei gathered together with all the other children’s family members at the temporary Hypnos base, but wasn’t seen when they pulled back to Tsukuba.

Henry’s sensei first appears in “Out of the Blue.” His voice is supplied by Michael McConnohie.



Group: Wizard - Level: Armour – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Spirit Boomerang, Charming Dancing

Sepikmon was one of the Digimon who invaded the island base of VP Labs, and held company president Ryuuji Tamashiro and programmer Takehito Uehara captive, threatening Uehara’s daughter, Minami, to make Uehara reveal the location of the V-Pet vaccine program. When Seasarmon and Growlmon burst into the complex to free Minami, Sepikmon was destroyed with one Pyro Blaster shot, along with Pipismon and Ponchomon.

Sepikmon appears in “Battle of Adventurers." Sepikmon is the Armour Digivolved form of Armadillomon with the Digi-Egg of Friendship.

Name: From the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea, which runs through an area where the native Aborigines wear the tribal dress that adorns Sepikmon.



Digimon Tamers episode #48

English Version written by Adele Lim

The D-Reaper ravages the Digital World and Earth, as the Tamers deduce that Jeri is being held in the Kernel Sphere, and while the others hold off Agents, Gallantmon and Beelzemon struggle to free her. Beelzemon summons the power of Leomon’s data and breaks open the Kernel Sphere with the Fist of the Beast King – but the terrified Jeri cannot take his hand, and the sphere seals up again. Denied his chance for redemption, Beelzemon is cut down by the Gatekeeper and begins to delete as he plummets from the sky...



ShibumiWhen Goro Mizuno joined together with a group of fellow students from Palo Alto University and their professor, Rob McCoy, in 1984, to form the group known as the Monster Makers and experiment with the creation of artificial life, he took the codename, “Shibumi.” But unlike his more mechanically minded fellows, Shibumi always believed the group’s digital creations could become something more – not artificial life, but truly living creatures. Some might have said he wished to play God. After the funding was cut from the project, the Monster Makers disbanded, and left the project frozen... but Shibumi would not let it lie still.

After the project was shut down, the digital lifeforms the Monster Makers had created accidentally found their way into the digital network world – a world within our world, a parallel dimension created by the interlinked electronics and communications networks of Earth – where they began to grow, developing intelligence. Shibumi continued his work on them, writing an algorithm that would allow them to evolve beyond their original specifications. And thus, Digimon were truly born.

In 1993, Shibumi was involved in a car accident, which caused him to enter a pseudo-coma that allowed him to project his mind into the Digital World. Existing as little more than a spectre in the Digital World, Shibumi inhabited a library-like Shibumi in the comabuilding somewhere in a nexus point that connected the Digital World’s various “miniverses,” which he shared with a group of Mokumon. At some point, a Mokumon was sent to Earth, where it assumed Shibumi’s form, and carried out activities there. The DigiGnomes – early digital lifeforms – had found another use for Shibumi’s algorithm – sending it to the real world via Digimon game cards, creating Blue Cards, it was used to connect humans with Digimon partners, leading to the formation of the Digimon Tamers.

The Mokumon/Shibumi’s made itself known when it transplated a Digimon game card, already containing Shibumi’s evolution algorithm, into the collection of a young games player. The card eventually found it’s way into the hands of Henry Wong, son of Janyu Wong, one of Shibumi’s old Monster Maker partners. Janyu recognised Shibumi’s coding within the card, and, after Henry and the other Tamers failed to track down the card’s source, told his son about his past with the Monster Makers.

Meanwhile, Yamaki, of the Hypnos organisation, was intent on reforming the Monster Makers, in order to learn more about Digimon so that he might destroy them. He was unable to locate The Mokumon in Shibumi's formShibumi, despite the efforts of his field agents, one of whom had approached Janyu just prior to the activation of the Juggernaut.

In an early draft of the Japanese script for “A World Apart,” a scene was planned where the aforementioned field agent, the Man in Black, would reveal to Yamaki that Shibumi was dead. However, this scene had to be cut to fit in a special piece of music, and so the creative decision was made to keep Shibumi alive, for the Tamers to meet in the Digital World.

Some time later, when the Tamers had entered the Digital World to rescue Calumon from the clutches of the Devas, the group was separated by Data Streams, and Takato, Henry and Terriermon found their way to Shibumi’s library, where the tired Shibumi explained to them about the nature of Digimon, their D-Powers, the Blue Cards and his algorithm, the DigiGnomes, and the Digimon Sovereign – often leading to more questions than answers, as his mind wandered down the many possible paths destiny has to offer. As he returned to sleep, Takato, Henry and Terriermon were taken from his library by a massive D-Power-like craft, and deposited on the Digimon Sovereign plain. After the Tamers were reunited, and encountered Zhuqiaomon and Azulongmon, they were told by the latter of a mysterious force that had existed with Digimon and DigiGnomes in the Digital World’s early days. The DigiGnomes brought Shibumi to the plain, where he told the Tamers the force’s name – D-Reaper, a malign, mutated version of the original reaper program. Before he could finish his explanations, Shibumi’s mind was returned to the real world, as the dreamer awoke.

Shibumi in the Digital WorldAt the same time, the Monster Makers fashioned an ark to bring the Tamers back to Earth, but the D-Reaper followed them and immediately covered a large portion of Shinjuku with it’s chaos. As the Monster Makers set up a temporary headquarters in the Shinjuku Opera Tower, Shibumi arrived, much to their shock, and filled them in on the D-Reaper and it’s objective – to delete all beings that have exceeded their parameters... including mankind. Shibumi worked with the other Monster Makers to formulate ways to counter the D-Reaper, including the transformation of the ark into Grani – although he thought naming it Grani was “weird.” Once Grani was completed, Shibumi used Henry’s D-Power and slashed a Blue Card to allow it to Bio-Emerge. Later, when Grani was undergoing a systems check, Shibumi marvelled at how incredible it was.

After the D-Reaper evolved into the Mother D-Reaper, the Tamers, their families, the Monster Makers and the Hypnos crew were forced to retreat to Tsukuba. There, Shibumi cryptically promised to help in his own way, which proved to be the creation of a new algorithm, the Red Card, that, when slashed, would allow the Digimon to fight inside the D-Reaper zone. As the Biomerged Digimon struggled within the creature’s chaos, and Operation: Doodlebug was put into action, Shibumi was haunted by the feeling that he had forgotten something. It transpired that when writing the algorithm, he had forgotten to take into account the human-Digimon hybrid nature of the Biomerged Digimon, which led to the effects of the card wearing off in the middle of the conflict. However, everyone was pulled to safety by MarineAngemon’s bubbles, and Operation: Doodlebug successfully devolved the D-Reaper into its original, harmless form.

Shibumi kinda-sorta first appears in “Duel with the Deva” – but it’s actually the Mokumon in his form. The actual Shibumi first appears in a flashback in the same episode. He first appears in real time in “Shibumi Speaks,” and finally appears in the actual flesh in “Azulongmon Explains It All.” His voice is supplied by Bob Glouberman.

Name: “Shibumi” means “effortless perfection.” Quoting from the book, “Shibumi,” by Trevanian, ‘shibumi’ is defined as: “a statement so correct that it does not have to be bold, so poignant it does not have to be pretty, so true it does not have to be real. Shibumi is understanding, rather than knowledge. Eloquent silence. In a man it is authority without domination. One does not achieve it, one... discovers it. And only a few men of infinite refinement ever do that.”



Digimon Tamers episode #32

English version written by Seth Walther

Yamaki gathers together the Monster Makers and the Tamers’ families, and they make contact with Takato, Henry and Terriermon, who have wound up in a watery region of the Digital World. Henry realises that the Digital World is shaped by what they believe, enabling them to breathe the water, only to have them run into a Divermon and some Otamamon. After a short battle, they are led to a pipe which takes them to a nexus area, where they discover a library and Shibumi, one of the Monster Makers, who explains to them about the nature of Digimon, their D-Powers, and much more.



The Shining DigivolutionThe Shining Digivolution is the energy that allows Digimon to Digivolve. It’s source is an inverted crimson crystal pyramid, which is kept in a container at the bottom of a massive pit, at the centre of the highest plain of the Digital World, where the Digimon Sovereign dwell, it’s energies transported across the Digital World by a system of connectors which run from the container.

In the year 200X, when the D-Reaper re-awoke, Azulongmon realised that it was the excess data created by Digivolving that had awoken the creature from its slumber. Since Digivolving was responsible, he rationed, Digivolving should be abandoned. His fellow Sovereign, Zhuqiaomon, did not agree, but Azulongmon paid no heed, calling upon the DigiGnomes to transform the Shining Digivolution into a Digimon form, to hide it. Thus, Calumon was created, the physical embodiment of the evolutionary force, and soon wound up in the real world, where he came into contact with the Tamers, his powers – of which he was unaware, as he had no memory of his previous existence – causing their Digimon to Digivolve.

Time went by, and so it came to pass that the Devas, servants of Zhuqiaomon, came to Earth in search of a new source of power that would allow Digimon to Digivolve and fight the D-Reaper. Makuramon realised Calumon’s true nature, and captured him, taking him back to the Digital World. Calumon wound up in the container that had held him in his previous life, as Zhuqiaomon told him of his past and purpose. Calumon wouldn’t believe it, and struggled to break free of the container. He was shown to be quite firmly sealed in, but when he next appeared, he had escaped with no explanation. Azulongmon arrived to break up a battle between Zhuqiaomon and the Tamers, and explained Calumon’s true nature to them – and also that the disguise was no longer effective, as the D-Reaper was closing in. The Tamers rescued Calumon from the pit, and then, at the urgings of the Sovereign, Calumon searched within himself, and brought to the surface the power of the Shining Digivolution, Digivolving many Digimon all across the Digital World to Mega. His task done, Azulongmon told the exhausted Calumon that he could live the rest of his life as a Digimon.

Calumon’s evolutionary powers are first incontrovertibly displayed in “Digimon, Digimon Everywhere,” but he may have used them in “Guilmon Comes Alive,” to Digivolve the DarkTyrannomon. Zhuqiaomon tells Calumon of his power in “Lionheart,” and Azulongmon explains the whole story in “Azulongmon Explains It All.” Calumon releases the light in “Janyu’s Ark.”



Western district of Tokyo where most of the Tamers and their families live. Home to the base of the Hypnos organisation, and the site of many Bio-Emergences. The city was heavily damaged during Vikaralamon’s rampage, then when the Tamers returned from the Digital World, the D-Reaper pursued them and engulfed a large portion of the district in it’s mass upon it’s arrival.



Hirofume ShiodaKnown members of the Shioda family are: Kazu, his father Hirofume, and his mother Takako.

Kazu’s parents first appeared when they were called by Yamaki to meet with the other kids’ parents and the Monster Makers, so they could all learn the truth about Digimon and the Digital World. Kazu’s father did not have the patience to wait, demanding an explanation and arguing with the other parents until Tadashi Katou silenced him. Kazu’s mother’s voice can be heard asking, “What’s the big secret?” from off-screen as the scene begins, but she is not actually visible in the room at any point during the episode.Takako Shioda

Kazu’s parents were both present in Shinjuku Park when the kids returned to Earth, and Kazu’s father greeted his son with a bop on the head. Later, after the D-Reaper had arrived on Earth, Kazu watched on TV as the Biomerged Digimon battled it’s Agents, while his mother was busy kicking Guardromon for standing in her flower bed. The duo left to help out in the battle, after which his parents joined up with all the other kids’ family members at the temporary Hypnos base.

Mr. Shioda irst appears in “Shibumi Speaks.” His voice is supplied by Lex Lang.

Mrs. Shioda’s voice is first heard in “Shibumi Speaks,” but she doesn’t actually appear until “Homeward Bound.” Her voice is supplied by Michelle Ruff.



See Kazu



SinduramonGroup: Exalted Beast – Level: Ultimate – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Positron Pulse, Puyavaha

Sinduramon is the rooster Deva, the third of the Devas to come to Earth. He can enhance his powers and bulk by absorbing electrical energy, which he can also shoot in bolts from his backpack.

Sinduramon Bio-Emerged in the forest outside of Shinjuku at the same time as Takato and Henry were on a school camping trip there. They detected his signal, but not knowing he was a Deva, decided to leave him be, thinking him harmless because of his small size. At night, after Takato and Henry saw him for themselves, Sinduramon put the lie into their words, as he began to feed off Tokyo’s electrical grid, causing blackouts all across the city and enlarging his size. The next day, he attacked Takato, Henry and their Digimon as they played in the river, communicating with them via a hypnotised owl. Guilmon and Terriermon pursued the Deva, and Henry, Takato and Calumon gave chase on a bus, heading for the hydroelectric power plant, where Sinduramon had gone to power up. Guilmon and Terriermon Digivolved, and Growlmon was able to blast him into the river, crispy-frying the chicken.

Sinduramon appears in “Back to Nature, Back to Battle.” His voice is supplied by Richard Epcar, while Michael Sorich supplies the voice of the owl.

Name: From “Sindura,” one of the twelve Devas from Sanskrit.



Group: Skeleton - Level: Ultimate - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Dark Shot, Double Dark Shot

A SkullGreymon was among the many Digimon that were seen through the rip in the sky during Vikaralamon’s rampage. As seen in “A World Apart.”

Name: From “skull,” and “great,” which “grey” is assumed to be a misspelling of.




Group: Fire - Level: Ultimate - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Metal Fireball, Flame Chain

A SkullMeramon was among the shadowed Digimon who wanted Rika to tame them. As seen in “O Partner, Where Art Thou?” The SkullMeramon was wearing the hat and trench coat that were worn by the SkullMeramon in season one. Later, another SkullMeramon was among the many Digimon seen through the rip in sky during Vikaralamon’s rampage. As seen in “A World Apart.”

Name: From “skull,” and the Japanese word, “meramera,” meaning to burn.



Digimon Tamers episode #15

“The Saga of the Devas,” Part One

English version written by Alan Smith

The snake Deva, Sandiramon, Bio-Emerges in the subway tunnels beneath Shinjuku, and Rika and Renamon are pulled into a battle. Takato, meanwhile, has introduced Guilmon to several of his classmates, and Henry can’t find him to help in the fight. Surprisingly, it is Impmon who alerts Takato and Guilmon to the conflict, and they join in, adding their power and destroying Sandiramon – but not before he warns them of the other ten Devas who have yet to come!

Episode Trivia – the title of this episode comes from the 1987 movie, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.” When this episode first aired in the US, it was part of “The Saga of the Devas” special, and as such did not have it’s own title, and including an alternate ending narration.




Group: Insectoid - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Twin Sickles, Slamming Attack

A Snimon was among the many Digimon that were seen through the rip in the sky during Vikaralamon’s rampage. As seen in “A World Apart.”

Name: From “sniper.”



Digimon Tamers episode #39

English version written by Adele Lim

The Tamers set out to rescue Calumon from the D-Reaper, but the headstrong Rika heads down into the pit without the others. Ryo and Cyberdramon temporarily hold back the D-Reaper as she and Renamon find Calumon, but then Rika takes a literal leap of faith, and she and Renamon Biomerge into Sakuyamon for the first time, to hold the chaos back while everyone gets to safety.



Gateway into Zhuqiaomon’s area (the southern area, naturally) of the Digimon Sovereign’s plain of the Digital World, guarded by Antylamon.



Digimon Tamers episode #51 (season finale)

English version written by Adele Lim

"Such Sweet Sorrow"Gallantmon has been transformed into his Crimson Mode, and battles the Jeri Type Agent. Meanwhile, Jeri herself has snapped out of her depression, realising the meaning of destiny, while Sakuyamon energises Justimon in a failed attempt to destroy the Cable Reaper, which is then defeated by the Digimon Sovereign. It is revealed that Janyu encoded the Juggernaut into Terriermon, and MegaGargomon activates it inside the portal between the worlds, reversing the rotation of the vortex to devolve the D-Reaper. However, the effects of the Red Card soon wear off, and the Biomerged Digimon split into their composite parts, but everyone is carried to safety by MarineAngemon as the D-Reaper is pulled through the vortex, back into the Digital World, and rendered harmless. However, it’s a pyrrhic victory, as the effects of the Juggernaut are felt on the Digimon, who revert to their In-Training forms and must return to the Digital World as well. Months later, Takato makes a shocking discovery – a portal to the Digital World, meaning that the adventures of the Digimon Tamers are not yet over...

Episode Trivia – This episode’s title comes from the Shakespeare play, “Romeo and Juliet,” which contains the line, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” The meaning here is twofold – a reference to the parting between the Tamers and their Digimon, and to the parting between the audience and the show, as this is the final episode.

Upon it’s first airing in the US, this episode was combined with “Jeri Fights Back” to form an hour-long season finale special.



SuzieSuzie Wong is Henry’s little sister, partnered with Lopmon. Suzie is the youngest of the Tamers (except for Impmon’s partners), and is prone to temper tantrums and crying fits, but she’s fiercely loyal to her friends, and always wants to lend a helping hand, even if the protective Henry isn’t always keen on the idea.

Suzie was playing with Terriermon, who she believed to be a doll, when she saw the light of Guilmon’s Bio-Emergence, and alerted Henry’s to it. The next evening, she called Henry to dinner, requiring Terriermon to assume the doll-position until she left the room.

When Henry and Takato were attempting to think of a Tamer for Calumon, Henry suggested Suzie, but after watching her play with her dolls, Takato imagined that Calumon probably couldn’t handle the experience!

After Guilmon vanished, Takato immediately called Henry, but Suzie answered the phone, dubbing Takato an “angry kid” before getting Henry.

A while later, when Henry left the family apartment to chase after Renamon, Terriermon was left to Suzie’s tender mercies, which included being bottle fed, until Suzie fell asleep and Terriermon snuck off.

Just prior to the activation of the Juggernaut, Terriermon was playing the Digimon computer game when Suzie interrupted, forcing him to play the part of a doll again and be fully dressed up, then shown off to Henry and Janyu.

Suzie and TerriermonA short time later, Suzie once again answered the phone when Takato called in the morning, recognising the “angry kid” and waking Henry up by waving Terriermon in his face. Henry had to turn down Takato’s suggestion of patrolling, because of other plans. Before leaving, he quickly snatched Terriermon up to save him from more “fun” with Suzie.

Just before Henry asked his father to examine a Blue Card, Suzie showed off a hat she was wearing to her father, asking if she was pretty.

When Henry went on vacation to Okinawa, Suzie was angry that he'd taken Terriermon with him. She tried to keep herself entertained by playing a math game with a V-Pet, but couldn't quite get it right. Later, she and her father watched as the V-Pets, which had begun to wreak havoc on Earth's electronics network, were destroyed.

When a series of small earthquakes wracked Shinjuku, Suzie wanted Terriermon to stay with her while Henry left to investigate their possible connection to the Devas. Henry refused, and Suzie burst into tears, wishing Henry wasn’t her brother. In the aftermath of the resultant battle with Vikaralamon, the Tamers were faced with travelling into the Digital World to rescue Calumon. Before leaving, Henry finally revealed to Suzie that Terriermon wasn’t just a doll, to which she reacted ecstatically.

Later, after the Tamers had been in the Digital World for some time, Suzie was missing Terriermon, and convinced her father to take her to the playground. While Janyu and Yamaki conversed, the Digital World reached out to Suzie, and she caught a glimpse of the craft that Takato, Henry and Terriermon were aboard at the time. A warp opened, pulling her into the Digital World as Janyu and Yamaki could do nothing by watch. Suzie materialised on the Digimon Sovereign’s plain of the Digital World, where she started to look for Terriermon, first by chasing a Tapirmon, and then running along with some DigiGnomes. After she took her jacket off, a Kiwimon cut it to ribbons, then shot a Pummel Peck in Suzie’s direction before laughing and running off. She called out for Terriermon, and somehow, he was able to hear her, and their craft headed for the Digimon Sovereign plain. Meanwhile, Suzie had followed the sound of a river, and come across the South Gate, Suzie and Antylamonguarded by Antylamon, the rabbit Deva, who she was greatly taken by. Antylamon tried to shoo her away, but wound up complying with her wishes just to get a bit of peace, explaining where she was. Suzie convinced her to help her look for Terriermon, and although the search was fruitless, they had fun together, chasing after some DigiGnomes for kicks. Suzie went looking for something to eat, but was accosted by Makuramon, the monkey Deva, who planned to take her to Zhuqiaomon, in hopes of making up for losing Calumon. As Suzie struggled, Antylamon came to her rescue, not even really understanding why she was doing so. Just then, Takato, Henry and Terriermon’s craft arrived, and Antylamon fended Makuramon off. As the monkey fled, a D-Power appeared for Suzie, shocking everyone with the revelation that she was Antylamon’s partner! Zhuqiaomon, however, was not pleased with the treacherousness of his servant, and robbed Antylamon of her Deva powers, reverting her to her Rookie form of Lopmon – while Suzie was overjoyed to have a bunny of her own.

Lopmon explained were Calumon was being held, but Henry was unwilling to let Suzie go with them, while Lopmon didn’t want any of them to go. The sudden arrival of Beelzemon put their plans on hold, however, as Rapidmon engaged the villain in battle. The other Tamers and Digimon soon arrived to join in the fight, during which Guilmon became the monstrous Suzie gets her D-PowerMegidramon, then assumed his true Mega form of Gallantmon. While Gallantmon struggled with Beelzemon, the dog Deva, Chatsuramon, arrived to tie up a loose end, and destroy the traitor, Lopmon, putting Suzie in peril along with her. Terriermon leapt to their aid, and was struck down by the Deva, who in turn was then destroyed by Gallantmon. Henry told Suzie to let Lopmon go, thinking it dangerous to be near her, but Suzie refused, restating that Lopmon was her partner.

Beelzemon was subsequently defeated, but had his life spared, and the Tamers continued in the direction of Zhuqiaomon’s castle. Henry feared for Suzie’s life, and refused to allow her to enter the castle with them, pushing her over in the heat of the argument. Kazu and Kenta stayed behind to look after her and Jeri, but when Lopmon came under threat from Zhuqiaomon during the battle inside the castle, Suzie’s D-Power activated, and pulled her through the air, to the castle, as Guardromon watched her go. Suzie reached the castle just after Terriermon was struck down, and Henry realised that he always had his friends to help him. He and Terriermon Biomerged into MegaGargomon for the first time, and temporarily beat Zhuqiaomon back, but the Sovereign soon re-emerged from the castle’s rubble and attacked the Tamers again. Azulongmon broke up the fight, and, after some explanations, the Tamers rescued Calumon from the deadly D-Reaper, and returned to Earth aboard an ark the Monster Makers had constructed. The battle was not over, however, as the D-Reaper pursued them back to Earth.

Henry’s sensei allowed the Wong family to stay at his home during the early period of the D-Reaper scenario, where Suzie gave Lopmon lessons on how to speak the way she thought she should. When Henry’s mother was busy cooking a meal with some of the other parents, sensei looked after Suzie, but when Henry and the others were pulled into a battle with the D-Reaper’s Agents, Suzie and Lopmon realised that they couldn’t just sit by while their friends were in trouble. Suzie Digivolved Lopmon into Antylamon again, and she and her sister watched as she headed off to join the fight. Suzie kept in contact with her as she went on her way, but before she reached the battle site, she saw Calumon and Beelzemon be pulled inside the D-Reaper’s Kernel Sphere. After the battle was won, Suzie related this information to Henry, and Ryo gave Suzie a Radiant Faith Modify Card.

Suzie and LopmonAs the spread of the D-Reaper continued, the Tamers and their families all gathered together in the Hypnos temporary base, where Suzie again related what she had seen to her father, and Curly complimented her for it. When the Tamers mobilised to rescue Jeri from within the Kernel Sphere, Lopmon and Suzie first remained behind, but then, at Lopmon’s urging, Suzie slashed her new Modify Card, and Lopmon Digivolved into Antylamon to help Kazu, Kenta and their Digimon battle a swarm of Bubbles. However, everyone was forced to retreat from the city when the D-Reaper evolved into the Mother D-Reaper, to a new base in Tsukuba.

A week later, the Tamers returned to Shinjuku to confront the D-Reaper in final battle, but Suzie remained behind at Tsukuba, looking on as the Monster Makers initiated Operation: Doodlebug. Lopmon, however, snuck away, and met up with Kazu, Kenta and their Digimon, who then rescued the others from within the D-Reaper’s chaos, carrying them to safety in MarineAngemon’s bubbles as the D-Reaper was sucked back into the Digital World and reverted to it’s original, harmless state.

The victory was tainted, however, for as Suzie and her father arrived, the effects of the Juggernaut were felt upon the Digimon, as they reverted to their In-Training forms, and had to return to the Digital World. Suzie and the others said their tearful goodbyes as the Digimon floated through the portal. Thankfully, however, a portal to the Digital World was later discovered by Takato, which allowed Suzie and the other Tamers to be reunited with their partners.

Months later, when Locomon appeared in Tokyo, Suzie, Lopmon, Henry and Terriermon were on a train when the mechanical Digimon began his charge towards a rift between Earth and the Digital World that was opening at Ichigaya station. They quickly got off their train and headed for Ichigaya on foot, but Suzie soon got tired and claimed she couldn't walk any further. Henry carried her part of the rest of the way, and then decided she should stay at another train station to keep out of trouble - except when he left, he was in such a hurry that he grabbed Lopmon instead of Terriermon! Suzie told the rather insulted Terriermon not to worry about it, and not long after that, Locomon came thundering through the station, followed by most of the other Tamers, riding a train car that was being propelled by Guardromon. As they rolled past, Lopmon and Terriermon switched places. The conflict then erupted with the arrival into the real world of a massive swarm of Parasimon, but Beelzemon appeared to protect Suzie and Lopmon from the monsters. The Parasimon were destroyed by Gallantmon Crimson Mode, and then everyone attended Rika's birthday party, where Suzie sang karaoke and Lopmon and Terriermon played the part of her back-up dancers.

Suzie first appears in “Guilmon Comes Alive.” Her voice is supplied by Peggy O’Neal, but she doesn’t start speaking with her speech impediment until “To Fight or Not to Fight.”

As with Kenta, it was not originally planned for Suzie to become a Tamer. The creative decision for her to become a Tamer was made after the animators drew her into a group shot of various kids holding D-Powers (which features in the closing credits of the American series).