Digimon Tamers episode #33

English version written by Terri-Lei O’Malley

Suzie is pulled into the Digital World, where she meets and befriends the rabbit Deva, Antylamon. When Makuramon attempts to kidnap her, Takato, Henry, Terriermon and Antylamon all arrive on the scene, and Antylamon beats the monkey back. A D-Power then appears for Suzie, shocking everyone with the revelation that she and Antylamon are partners – but the Digimon Sovereign does not take Antylamon’s treachery lightly, taking away her powers and devolving her into Lopmon.

Episode Trivia – The title of this episode comes from the Atari video game of the same name.



See Curly



RapidmonGroup: Android – Level: Ultimate – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Rapid Fire, Miracle Missile/Atomic Blast?, Tri-Beam

Rapidmon is the Ultimate form of Terriermon, the Digimon partner of Henry. Capable of flight and motion at high speeds, Rapidmon can fire missiles from his hands and project a triangular energy beam from his whole body. His third attack involves him firing a volley of missiles from his ‘backpack’. His D-Power analysis names it “Miracle Missile,” but that is not what he calls it when he uses it (in "No Mon Is an Island" and "Beelzemon's Big Day"). However, his voice is such a barely definable yowl when he says it that it's very hard to decipher - popular opinion is that it is "Atomic Blast."

Rapidmon first appeared when the Tamers were battling Pajiramon and Vajramon in Akihabara. As Pajiramon prepared to deliver the final blow to Gargomon, Henry slashed the Blue Card he had discovered earlier, and, accompanied by Calumon’s powers, it evolved Gargomon into Rapidmon, who blasted Pajiramon back, then used his Tri-Beam to destroy both her and Vajramon – though Vajramon was later able to reconstitute his data.

At some point after this, Rapidmon appeared to battle the evil Gulfmon, Mega form of Mephistmon, who had been using V-Pets to plunge the Earth's electronics network into chaos. After transporting the Tamers and their Digimon into an underwater illusionary world he had crafted, Mephistomon Digivolved into Gulfmon, prompting the Champion Digimon to become Ultimate. Rapidmon combined his energy with WarGrowlmon and Taomon, forming the Trinity Burst, which destroyed Gulfmon.

Rapidmon next appeared during the battle with Vikaralamon, when the Tamers realised how to summon Blue Cards. His Rapid Fire had little effect on the pig Deva, and he was engulfed in the beast’s Boar Bog, to be rescued by Taomon, only for them both to be caught up in another blast of the bog. Henry and Rika freed them with the Radiant Faith Modify Card, and Rapidmon launched a volley of missiles into Vikaralamon’s mouth. Meanwhile, the Hypnos organisation reactivated the Juggernaut, and as its effects began, Taomon protected Rapidmon and herself with a Talisman Spell. When Makuramon crashed the system and shut the Juggernaut down, WarGrowlmon took Vikaralamon on, as Rapidmon targeted the barrage of Fusion Balls he unleashed, blasting them before they could do any damage.

Rapidmon did not reappear for quite a long time, until Terriermon Digivolved into him to battle Beelzemon on the plain of the Digimon Sovereign. His attacks had little effect on the Mega, who blasted him. Things looked bad, until the rest of the Tamers and their Digimon arrived, riding a Data Stream to the site of the battle. When Beelzemon killed Leomon and Takato’s rage made Guilmon become Megidramon, the injured Rapidmon and Taomon prepared to attack Beelzemon, but he trapped them within Makuramon’s Primal Orb, which he was able to use after absorbing the monkey’s data. Henry and Rika separated Terriermon and Renamon from their Ultimate forms using the Alias card, and Beelzemon absorbed the remaining data. Rapidmon’s ear burst from his shoulder as he struggled to contain the influx of power.

After Beelzemon was defeated by Gallantmon, the Tamers ventured into the citadel of Zhuqiaomon, where Terriermon Digivolved into Rapidmon to battle the Sovereign alongside the other Ultimates. Despite the injuries he had been dealt by Beelzemon (and, as Terriermon, also by Chatsuramon), he fought on, even at the threat of his own deletion. A point-blank blast of Phoenix Fire from Zhuqiaomon reverted him into Terriermon, but then he and Henry Biomerged into MegaGargomon for the first time.

Upon returning to Earth, the Tamers discovered they had been followed by the deadly D-Reaper. Terriermon Digivolved into Rapidmon to battle a Pendulum Feet with the other Ultimates, but duplicated the effect of his backpack missiles with its projectile weapons. Beelzemon then arrived and destroyed the creature’s life cord, enabling the others to combine their attacks and destroy it. In the wake of the battle, Rapidmon teased Beelzemon by calling him Impmon.

When the Tamers moved to rescue Alice from the D-Reaper’s Agents, Gargomon Digivolved into Rapidmon upon the arrival of a Creep Hands. He was cut down before he could use his Tri-Beam on the Agent, but then, Alice’s companion, Dobermon, gave the Tamers the power to Biomerge in the real world, and they Digivolved to Mega.

Rapidmon did not appear again following this.

Rapidmon first appears in “Duel with the Deva.” His voice is supplied by Mona Marshall

Name: From “rapid,” meaning fast.



Red CardIn preparation for the final battle with the D-Reaper, Shibumi of the Monster Makers created the Red Card by writing an algorithm that would, when the card was slashed, alter the wavelengths of the Digimon’s digital matter to match that of the D-Reaper, enabling them to fight within it without suffering any of the normal debilitating effects. The Tamers met in the sky above Shinjuku, and all slashed the card, going on to engage the D-Reaper and its Agents. Shibumi found himself feeling he had forgotten something in the card’s design, and eventually realised that when writing the algorithm, he had neglected to take into account the nature of the Biomerged Digimon/human hybrids. The card’s effects eventually wore off and the Digimon split back into their composite parts, to be carried out of the chaos to safety by MarineAngemon, but not before Operation: Doodlebug had successfully achieved the D-Reaper’s devolution.

The Red Card first appears in “D-Reaper’s Feast.”



RenamonGroup: Animal – Level: Rookie – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Diamond Storm, Kohenkyo

Renamon is the Digimon partner of Rika. Agile, cunning, graceful and with a strength and appearance that belies her true Digivolutionary level, Renamon's most powerful ability is to generate a powerful barrage of sharp, crystal projectiles to cut down her foes. She can run at high speeds - at least fast enough to keep up with moving traffic - her senses are highly attuned, and has the ability to fold space around her, allowing her to “fade out” of visibility into interspatial pockets. Her connection to Rika is a more highly defined one than that shared by other Tamers and their Digimon, which lets her sense Rika’s presence, and allows them to communicate telepathically.

Renamon was among the many Digimon who wanted Rika to be their Tamer following her high profile victory at the Digimon card tournament. When Rika shouted that she only wanted one strong Digimon, Renamon stepped forward, and a Blue Card appeared that turned Rika’s card reader into a D-Power, and allowed Renamon to Bio-Emerge into the real world.

Renamon and Rika proved to be a powerful fighting team, but Renamon believed in the concept of partners and equals, while Rika did not, thinking that Digimon only existed to fight, not caring one way or the other. As a result, Renamon was unable to Digivolve, but still defeated many Bio-Emerged Digimon. Her battle with a Lynxmon was seen by Takato in his dreams, and the following night, she battled a Goblinmon, who Digivolved into Fugamon. After a drawn-out battle, Renamon defeated him and absorbed his data. The next day, Renamon and Rika attacked Takato and Guilmon in the park, but the fight was broken up by Henry and Terriermon, only to be resumed a day later, when Guilmon followed Renamon’s scent to an underground parking garage. Renamon accidentally blew up a car with her Diamond Storm, the explosion prompting Terriermon to Digivolve into Gargomon. Renamon and Guilmon worked together to stop the gun bunny before he hurt Rika.

Rika and Renamon later showed up to take out the Vilemon that Bio-Emerged at Takato’s school, and some time later took on an Allomon. Renamon was unable to match the Allomon’s power, but was irritated by Guilmon and Terriermon’s presence. Using Frozen Wind and Hyper Chip Modify Cards, she froze the dinosaur, and destroyed him, absorbing his data. In the evening, she was confronted by the mischievous Impmon, who tried to convince her that she didn’t need a human partner. Renamon tolerated his presence briefly, then left when a Dokugumon Bio-Emerged nearby. The spider inflicted much injury to Renamon, who took the full brunt of a Venom Blast to protect Rika, then collapsed. When Rika told her she didn’t want her to leave her, and cried out her name, Renamon Digivolved into Kyubimon for the first time and destroyed Renamon absorbs dataDokugumon, absorbing her data.

When Guilmon started to disappear, Takato sought out Rika to ask her help. Guilmon located Renamon’s scent, and then Renamon held him back out of view when Rika’s grandmother appeared during the conversation. When Guilmon disappeared completely, Rika and Renamon joined in the search for him, but Renamon departed when she too threatened to vanish.

Later, Renamon refused to get involved in the battle with Devidramon, deeming it Guilmon’s fight. When Guilmon Digivolved into Growlmon and won the battle, he found himself unable to De-Digivolve. Takato and Henry tried several schemes to hide him, but when they tried camouflage paint, Renamon was easily able to find him.

After refusing to fight with Impmon, and ignoring his attempts to make her fight with Terriermon, Renamon assured Rika that as her partner, she would protect her when the unseen force she felt she was being followed by. Rika turned on Renamon, telling her that she did not believe in partnership, and Renamon left to reflect on this. While Renamon was absent, Rika was captured by IceDevimon, who wished to challenge Renamon and prove himself superior, to take Rika for his own Tamer. Renamon arrived and Digivolved into Kyubimon, but was defeated by the frozen fiend. After Guilmon destroyed him, Rika renounced Digimon, saying she hated them all, and she and Kyubimon went their separate ways.

Renamon approached Henry for advice, trying to better understand partnership, but his answers were not enough for her. She battled and defeated three Flybeemon on her own, trying to prove to herself that she did not need Rika, as Henry tried to explain about being equals to her once again. Unconvinced, Renamon turned to Impmon, seeking an opposing viewpoint on partnership, and was told that the power to Digivolve was within her. Renamon then engaged Harpymon in battle, and beat her down, but became distracted when Rika arrived, debating on what she should do. Harpymon blindsided her, but Rika came to Renamon’s aid, stabbing Harpymon with a pointed stick. Harpymon turned on Rika, but Renamon Digivolved into Kyubimon and destroyed Harpymon with her Fox Tail Inferno. She did not load her data, however, and made her peace with Rika, explained that it was their partnership that made her strong, and that she would not need to load data anymore.

Prior to the activation of the Juggernaut, Renamon and Rika reflected on recent events and how their relationship had changed. Renamon was then the first to battle Majiramon, Digivolving to Kyubimon but being quickly defeated.

When Sandiramon appeared in the city subway, Renamon rushed to Rika’s aid and Digivolved into Kyubimon to battle the snake. Later, as Takato and Henry were going on their school camping trip, Renamon received her first gift from Rika – an Renamon and the energy drinkenergy drink.

On the trail of the source of a Blue Card Henry had wound up with, the Tamers went to Akihabara, where Vajramon and Pajiramon Bio-Emerged. Renamon took on Vajramon, leading with the power of a Crystal Fire Modify Card, but the two opponents could deal little damage to each other. Vajramon took quite an interest in Renamon, and, after being blasted by Rapidmon, reconstituted his data and returned to extend an offer to Renamon. Renamon departed with him, in an effort to learn more about the Devas and their plans, discussing them and their Digimon Sovereign. Once she had the information she needed, Renamon and the other Digimon battled him, Digivolving to Champion. During the course of the battle, Kyubimon Digivolved into Taomon for the first time to destroy the ox.

At some point between this and the Bio-Emergence of Vikaralamon, Rika and Renamon stayed at home when Takato and Henry went on vacation to Okinawa, but soon wound up in a battle with a Pteramon, which Bio-Emerged in an industral area. Renamon was able to destroy it with the aid of a Battle Tomahawk Modify Card, and could tell from absoring it's data that there was something different about it. No explanation is offered for why Renamon breaks her vow not to absorb data - it's just a writer error, though it's a weak, often-cited example of evidence for "The Adventurers' Battle" being out of continuity. Renamon was later able to get some amusement as Rika pretended she didn't care that her mother was coming home soon. The following day, Rika and Renamon were attacked by a BlueMeramon, and Renamon proved no match for his icy powers - but he was no challenege for her once she Digivolved into Kyubimon. After the battle, Rika and Kyubimon were teleported away by Omnimon, the guardian of both the real and digital worlds, and brought to the island base of VP Labs in Okinawa, where Takato was facing the evil Digimon, Mephistomon. Kyubimon helped to defeat Mephistomon, then Digivolved into Taomon to help battle and defeat his Mega form, Gulfmon.

When Indramon first Bio-Emerged, Renamon and Rika broke up his clash with Impmon, who, enraged, went on a rampage and was accosted by the police force. Renamon appeared to grab him and take him away – in the ensuing argument, Impmon let slip that he once had partners, which led to Renamon receiving a punch in the face when she became clued in to the fact. Indramon then reappeared, and Impmon was determined to battle him, but was badly injured. Renamon saved him from utter deletion, but he was then hurled through the air, clean across the district. Renamon Digivolved into Kyubimon to battle Indramon, but the conflict was broken up by the brief reactivation of the Juggernaut. Kyubimon reverted to Renamon after spending the night in the tunnel below the park, but then Digivolved back the next day to fight the horse Deva again.

When a Leomon Bio-Emerged and was thought by Jeri to be her partner, Rika and Renamon were the last to arrive on the scene as Leomon and Gargomon engaged Kumbhiramon in battle. Renamon did not hang around, however, electing to pursue the mysterious boy who had been observing the fight, but he eluded her.

When Vikaralamon Bio-Emerged, Renamon materialised and quickly Digivolved to join the battle, becoming Taomon again during the course of the fight. In the wake of that battle, Calumon had been kidnapped by Makuramon – the monkey Deva, and the true identity of the mysterious boy – and taken to the Digital World, leaving the Tamers no option but to follow. Renamon’s attempts to seek out a portal met with failure, and she tried to dissuade Rika from going to the Digital World, thinking it too dangerous. As Rika argued her case, her grandmother appeared, but reacted calmly to Renamon’s presence, looking upon her as Rika’s guardian angel. In the original Japanese version, she believed Renamon to be a kitsune (see below). Seiko meets RenamonGuilmon located a portal beneath his hideaway, and the kids and Digimon ventured through it. Renamon acted as a guide of sorts, teaching and warning everyone about the Digital World and its dangers. She prevented Kazu and Kenta from fleeing from a group of Digital Tumbleweeds, and lifted them to safety out of the path of a Jagamon stampede. The following morning, she, Rika, Kazu and Kenta were separated from the rest of the group when they were swept up by a Data Stream and deposited in a valley where they met Jijimon and Babamon. After spending the night in their home, Rika and Renamon set about building a glider to carry them out of the valley, while Kazu and Kenta staged a Digimon battle between themselves for Jijimon and Babamon. When Rika and Renamon returned to get them, Jijimon and Babamon didn’t want them to leave, and fought with Renamon. She kept them back, and the group was able to use the glider to return to the desert plain. They returned to the spot where the Tamers’ flag had been planted, in hopes that the others might return there also, but Rika became impatient, and she and Renamon went looking, only to be followed by Kazu and Kenta, and for them all to be swallowed up by another Data Steam and deposited in a land of clockwork and clouds. There, Rika inadvertently freed Megadramon, who attacked Renamon, planning on loading her data in hopes that he would be able to go to the real world himself. Renamon became Kyubimon, only to be defeated, then have Cyberdramon and his Tamer, Ryo, arrive to save the day. Angry at the praise Kazu and Kenta heaped upon Ryo, Rika left with Kyubimon in tow.

Kyubimon reverted to Renamon at some point, and she and Rika found themselves in a forest area, where Renamon identified DigiGnomes for Rika. Renamon went looking for food, but while she was away, Rika was washed away down the river and pulled out by Calumon. A tidal wave swept them all up and returned them to the desert plain, where Renamon quickly Digivolved to Kyubimon to give them safe landing. They were reunited with the rest of the group, but were then attacked by Beelzemon, and Kyubimon became Taomon to fight him, only to have the battle be interrupted by a storm caused by the unstable Juggernaut, which saw Takato, Henry and Terriermon caught up in another Data Stream.

Renamon returned to walking through the desert with everyone else, when they all wound up in another area of the Digital World, where they got involved in the events surrounding Orochimon and the Gekomon. During the battle, Renamon attacked with a technique she called "Power Paw," but the animation was the same as when she used a Crystal Fire Modify Card on Vajramon - it's not clear which of these is the incorrect instance. Her Diamond Storm could not harm the reptilian, but Leomon destroyed him with the aid of a LadyDevimon Modify Card.

Renamon, as Kyubimon, carried Jeri and Rika through the desert again as they continued their search for the missing Takato, Henry and Terriermon. They followed the sound of Takato’s voice through a Data Stream, which brought them to the site of Rapidmon’s battle with Beelzemon. After Beelzemon killed Leomon, and Takato’s rage made Guilmon become the monstrous Megidramon, Kyubimon Digivolved into Taomon to attack Beelzemon, only to wind up trapped in one of Makuramon’s Primal Orbs, as Beelzemon had earlier absorbed the monkey’s data. Rika used the Alias Modify Card to Renamon Biomerges with Rikaseparate Renamon from her Ultimate self, leaving her weakened as Beelzemon absorbed the Taomon data. During the subsequent battle between Beelzemon and Gallantmon, Renamon pulled Terriermon to safety out of a gorge after he had been injured and fallen into it in a tussle with Chatsuramon.

When the Tamers arrived at the castle of Zhuqiaomon, the Digimon Sovereign, Renamon ventured inside with Rika, Takato, Guilmon, Henry and Terriermon, and Digivolved quickly into Taomon to battle him. When MegaGargomon apparently defeated him, she reverted to Renamon, then quickly Digivolved back when he reappeared. When Azulongmon broke up the battle, she reverted to Renamon again to listen to his explanations. The Tamers and their Digimon were then taken to the pit that Calumon had been put in, where the chaos of the deadly D-Reaper was beginning to emerge. Rika jumped in ahead of everyone, followed by Renamon. Renamon assured Rika that a person’s destiny could be changed, but they could not change what had happened to Leomon. After finding Calumon and sending him back to the top of the pit with Ryo, Rika took a literal leap of faith, as she and Renamon plunged towards the chaos, and Biomerged into Sakuyamon for the first time to force it back.

After Calumon released the light of the Shining Digivolution, the Tamers returned to the desert plain to await the arrival of the Monster Makers’ ark that would bring them home, but Renamon sensed Impmon’s presence, and she and Rika set out to look for him, their compassion for living beings enhanced by what they had felt as Sakuyamon. After locating him, Renamon became Kyubimon to carry them back to the ark, and reverted to Renamon again as they entered it.

The battle was not done, however, as the D-Reaper had followed them back into the real world. Renamon pulled back with Rika and her family to Yokohama, but did not stay long, as she and Rika resolved to enter the conflict. Rika made her peace with her mother, and Renamon thanked her for allowing them to go, becoming Kyubimon to carry Rika back to Shinjuku, then turning back to Renamon in time to meet up with Takato, Henry and their Digimon. After they spent the night in the school building, they baked bread for breakfast in Takato’s family’s bakery, where Renamon encouraged Rika to participate. Renamon eats a mealRenamon then Digivolved into Taomon to battle a Pendulum Feet with the other Ultimates.

The kids were later called to Rika’s house, where they discovered that Takato’s parents, Henry’s mother, and Rika’s mother and grandmother had cooked them a large meal – Renamon sat aside at a small table on her own, giving thanks for the meal afterwards. When the Tamers’ D-Powers picked up a signal, Renamon scouted ahead to find out what the situation was, then Digivolved into Kyubimon and joined the battle, to save Alice from the D-Reaper’s Agents, becoming Taomon when a Creep Hands appeared. When Dobermon gave the Tamers the power to Biomerge in the real world, Rika and Renamon became Sakuyamon, and ventured into the D-Reaper’s chaos with MegaGargomon to rescue the captured Gallantmon.

Rika and Renamon combined into Sakuyamon again to battle a Paratice Head and protect Jeri’s father from it, explaining beforehand that its scan of him failed because it could not comprehend the notion of parents. When the Tamers moved to rescue Jeri from the Kernel Sphere, they combined once more, but were force to retreat when the D-Reaper evolved into the Mother D-Reaper. Withdrawing to Tsukuba, Renamon ate a meal with Rika and her family in a fancy restaurant, but was uncomfortable doing so. After the meal, Rika received a signal from Henry, and she and Renamon Biomerged and flew to Shinjuku, where they separated, slashed the Red Card, then merged again to enter the D-Reaper’s chaos and wage the final battle. Sakuyamon destroyed an Optimizer, and then she, MegaGargomon and Justimon battled the Cable Reaper while Gallantmon focused on saving Jeri. Justimon urged Sakuyamon to transfer her power to his Voltage Blade, which he used to hack the Cable Reaper in half, only to have it regenerate. After the four Digimon Sovereign removed the Cable Reaper from the fight, MegaGargomon entered the portal and put the Juggernaut, and Operation: Doodlebug, into action, sucking the D-Reaper back into the Digital World and reverting it back to it’s original, harmless state. As this was happening, the effects of the Red Card wore off, and Sakuyamon and the other Megs split back into their composite human and Digimon parts. Renamon carried Rika through the chaos, then everyone was brought to safety by MarineAngemon.

Victory did not come without a price, however – the effects of the Juggernaut were felt on the Digimon, who reverted to their In-Training forms, and had to return to the Digital World. As Renamon De-Digivolved into Viximon, Rika pleaded with her to fight it, telling her she loved her, and Viximon promised they would see each other again. And so they did, some time later, when Takato's discovery of a portal to the Digital World allowed Renamon and the other Digimon to be reunited with their partners. Months later, when Locomon appeared in Tokyo, Rika and Renamon were the first on the scene and quickly managed to board the train Digimon along with Takato. Using a Hydro Pressure Modify Card, Renamon attacked Locomon's furnace, but the water was evaporated by it's heat. Rika attempted to destroy it herself using a wrench, but was then overcome by Parasimon, the true villain of the piece, who was also in control of Locomon. With memories of her father used to manipualte her, Rika was made to attack Takato and Renamon, and Renamon evidently made no moves to defend herself, as she was smashed through a window and hurled out of Locomon. She was grabbed by Guardromon, who was propelling a train car containing the other Tamers, then leapt back into Locomon to grab Rika when she nearly fell of the carraige after Guilmon freed her from Parasimon's thrall. Gallantmon destroyed Parasimon, but not before he sent a signal into the approaching rift, which summoned a massive swarm of his kind to Earth. Renamon and Rika Biomerged into Sakuyamon to join the fight against the Parasimon swarm, which was eventually destroyed when Gallantmon assumed his Crimson Mode and used his Final Justice attack on them. After the victory, the Tamers threw Rika her birthday party, but at one point, she left the room, and Takato tried to follow her and speak to her, but Renamon held him back, knowing it was best to leave Rika alone with her memories.

Renamon first appears in “Guilmon Comes Alive.” Her voice is supplied by Mari Devon.

Name: From “renard,” which is French for ‘fox.’ Renamon’s design is based upon that of a kitsune, an energy-eating fox spirit from Japanese myth – a heritage which inspired several of her powers and actions. For more details, check out the site’s Trivia page.



Digimon Tamers episode #42

English version written by Seth Walther

As the military prepares to engage the D-Reaper, the Tamers must face their families and tell them that they have to fight again. As Jeri’s actions grow increasingly mysterious, the first of the Agents are spawned, and the Tamers reunite in Shinjuku to confront the creatures.

Episode Trivia – this episode sees Dana Tafoya-Booton replace Eric S. Rollman as executive producer in the opening credits, in the wake of the Disney takeover.



RikaRika Nonaka is Renamon’s Tamer, and is also known as the “Digimon Queen,” a title earned through winning the Digimon card tournament shortly before the Tamers’ adventures began. Rika’s mother, Rumiko, gave birth to her when she was still only a teenager, and as such is still a young mother who is more interested in being Rika’s friend than a parental figure – but the tough, tomboyish Rika dislikes her mother’s distinctly feminine profession and feels distanced from her. With the absence of her father following her parent's divorce, Rika and her mother live with Seiko Hata, Rumiko’s mother and Rika’s grandmother.

Rika was deliberately conceived as the strongest character of the Tamers group so that she would appeal to the target demographic of young males who watch the show (so that hence, they would buy merchandise relating to her). Chiaki Konaka notes that the character is cast in the mould of Carrie-Anne Moss’s character, Trinity, from the 1999 film, “The Matrix.”

A year before the Tamers’ adventures, Rika was defeated by Ryo Akiyama in the D-1 Tamer Digimon card tournament, but, a year later, she was able to claim victory thanks to his disappearance. However, the victory proved a hollow one – but she had little time to dwell on it, as she found herself approached by many Digimon, who all wanted her to tame them. She claimed to just want one strong Digimon, and a Blue Card appeared, which transformed her card reader into a D-Power Digivice and brought that one strong Digimon, Renamon, to Earth as her partner.

Rika and Renamon proved a powerful fighting team, defeating many Bio-Emerged Digimon, but Rika did not believe in the idea of partnership, thinking that Digimon only existed to fight. Their battle with a Lynxmon was seen by Takato in his dreams, and two nights later, they fought with a Goblinmon which Digivolved into a Fugamon. The next day, Rika and Renamon attacked Takato and Guilmon in the park, but the battle was broken up by Henry, only to be resumed the day after in an underground parking garage. When Renamon inadvertently blew up a car, Terriermon Digivolved into Gargomon and turned on her, threatening to shoot her before Renamon and Guilmon subdued him. That night, Rika wondered how Gargomon had been able to Digivolve, when Renamon had so far failed to.

Rika and Renamon appeared to take down the Vilemon that had Bio-Emerged at Takato’s school, but rebuffed thanks, and affection from Calumon.

Rika wins the final match of the card tournamentAfter Rika’s mother had to run out on a talk at school to attend a photo shoot, Rika spied a Digital Field as he walked home. After quickly changing, she and Renamon faced off against the newly Bio-Emerged Digimon, an Allomon, but even with a Frozen Wind Modify Card, couldn’t stand up to him. Angered by the arrival of the other Tamers and their Digimon, seeing it as interference, Renamon was able to freeze Allomon and destroy him, absorbing his data. In the evening, Rika reflected on the events that had led to her becoming a Digimon Tamer, and was then alerted by her D-Power to the presence of Impmon, who was conversing with Renamon. That conversation, however, was interrupted by the Bio-Emergence of a Dokugumon, which Renamon engaged before Rika arrived. During the course of the battle, Rika was caught in the spider’s web, but was freed by Renamon, who then took the full brunt of a Venom Blast to protect her, then collapsed. Rika told Renamon she did not want her to leave her, and cried out her name – prompting her Digivolution into Kyubimon for the first time. Kyubimon destroyed Dokugumon and absorbed her data, then explained to Rika that she had Digivolved because Rika had finally shown that she cared for her.

The following day, Rika reflected on this, still not convinced that Digimon were anything more than data. During the day, Takato and Guilmon visited Rika’s home, seeking advice on Guilmon’s recent near-disappearance. She didn’t have a lot to offer, as she thought that the disappearance of data was no great loss. When Guilmon then fully disappeared into an energy field in the tunnel beneath the park, Takato and Henry called on Rika to help them search for him. Venturing into the field, they located Guilmon, and managed to free him and get to safety before Hypnos’s Yuggoth program deleted the area.

When Guilmon battled Devidramon, Rika watched the battle, as Renamon would not get involved, deeming it Guilmon’s fight. Guilmon won the fight by Digivolving into Growlmon, but he found himself unable to De-Digivolve. As Takato and Henry tried out several schemes to hide him, Rika arrived to chastise their attempts at camouflage in the park. When rain washed off the paint they had used to hide Growlmon, Rika and Renamon left them to deal with it.

Later, as Rika reflected on Digivolution, she felt as though she was being followed, only to find that it was just Calumon. She then bumped into her mother, who thought that the “toy” was adorable, but after she got away, told Calumon to scram, sending him running off in tears... then felt the strange presence again. Returning home, Rika ignored her mother’s attempts at dressing her more femininely, and then once again felt the presence following her again. Renamon could find nothing, but promised, as her partner, to protect her – but Rika threw it back in her face, telling her she didn’t believe in partnership. When taking the subway, Rika found herself captured by the being which had been stalking her – IceDevimon, a frozen fiend who found Rika to be as cold-hearted as he was, and wanted her to be his Tamer. She refused, saying she already had a partner, and IceDevimon forced a confrontation between himself and Renamon, to prove that he was more powerful. Takato and Henry arrived with their Digimon, but IceDevimon held them back, and Renamon then arrived. Rika was unwilling to make her Digivolve, fearing that she could turn into a monster like IceDevimon, but when she showed her care for her once again, Renamon became Kyubimon – but even that was not enough, as IceDevimon defeated her. Guilmon was finally able to destroy the villain, and absorbed his data, but as his Digital Field faded away, Rika renounced Digimon, declaring that she hated them, and she and Kyubimon went their separate ways.

Rika and IceDevimonRika threw away her D-Power and Modify Cards, but later, during the night, she was visited by Calumon, who tried to cheer her up. Rika put on a brave face, but found herself missing Renamon, searching for her every so often to see if she had returned. When Renamon battled some Flybeemon in the park, Rika watched, but left before the battled ended, believing Renamon had only ever used her to gain data. In the evening, Rika refused to talk to her grandmother, who tried to explain that no-one can make it in the world on their own. As Renamon then battled a Harpymon, Rika’s D-Power alerted her to the fight, and Calumon convinced her to pay attention to it. Arriving at the battlefield, Rika watched as Renamon paused to deliberate Harpymon’s – and indeed, her own – fate, only to have Harpymon blindside her and try to claw her. Rika came to her air, stabbing Harpymon in the back with a sharp stick, and, as she then turned on Rika, Renamon became Kyubimon and destroyed Harpymon – but did not absorb her data, explaining to Rika that she did not need data because she had Rika. The two made their peace, and were reunited as equals and partners.

Shortly before the Juggernaut was activated. Rika and Renamon talked about partnership, and how it had changed them. When the Juggernaut was then brought online, it allowed the first Deva, Mihiramon to enter the real world. Renamon was the first to fight him, Digivolving into Kyubimon to do so, but she was quickly defeated. Gargomon then also fell, and Growlmon became WarGrowlmon to destroy him.

When Rika and her grandmother went to see a play, the performance reminded Rika of her relationship with Renamon, and she wondered how she could ever have thought Digimon were just data. On the way home, in the subway, Sandiramon appeared, and Rika summoned Renamon to her side to battle him. She became Kyubimon, and the two of them then pursued the snake down the tunnels, running into Henry and Terriermon, who then joined in the battle against the Deva. Takato and Growlmon then arrived, and the team’s combined power destroyed the villain. Rika and Kyubimon were then introduced to Takato’s friends.

While Takato and Henry headed off on their school camping trip, Rika gave Renamon her first gift – an energy drink. Some time later, Henry came into possession of a strange card, which turned out to be a Blue Card, setting the Tamers off on a search for it’s origins, which led them to Akihabara, where Vajramon and Pajiramon Bio-Emerged. Rika and Renamon took on Vajramon, and were fairly evenly matched, while Terriermon Digivolved into Rapidmon to destroy Pajiramon. Vajramon was also caught in his attack, and was apparently destroyed, but was able to reconstitute his data, and then confronted Rika and Renamon, demanding that Renamon come with him. Renamon agreed, leaving Rika to worry about her fate

Rika found herself roped into a photo shoot arranged by her mother, but when Coco the photographer told her she’d be just like her mother, she lashed out, pushing him over and running from the scene. Returning home late at night, she refused to discuss it with her mother, but then received a phone call from Henry when Terriermon detected Vajramon’s return. They all converged on the Bio-Emergence site, where Renamon was busy gleaning information on the Digimon Sovereign from Show me what you got, Rika baby!Vajramon. When she had all the information she wanted, she and the other Digimon then attacked him. Rika reached for a Modify Card, only to discover a Blue Card, which transformed Kyubimon into Taomon for the first time. Taomon easily bested Vajramon and destroyed him with her Talisman of Light. In the wake of the battle, Rika commended Renamon for her Digivolution and victory – but was most proud of how Renamon look standing in the moonlight.

At some point between this and the Bio-Emergence of Vikaralamon, Rika stayed at home when Takato and Henry went on vacation of Okinawa, but she and Renamon sound found themselves in battle with a Pteramon. Renamon was able to destroy it, but knew from absorbing it's data that there was something different about it. Rika's mother was in Paris on the fashion shoot at the time, and though Rika had the date for her return marked on her calender, she attempted to pretend that she didn't care about it, much to Renamon's amusement. The following day, Rika and Renamon were attacked by a BlueMeramon, which Renamon was able to defeat after she Digivolved into Kyubimon. Then, the two partners were teleported away by Omnimon, the guardian of both the real and digital worlds, sent to the island base of VP Labs in Okinawa, where Takato was facing the evil Mephistomon, who was in the process of wreaking havoc on Earth's electronics network using V-Pets. Mephistomon transported the Tamers and their Digimon to an underwater illusionary world he had crafted in the image of mankind's future destruction, where the Champion Digimon were apparently able to defeat him, only to have him reappear in his Mega form of Gulfmon. The Champions Digivolved to Ultimate, and combined their energy into the Trinity Burst attack, which destroyed Gulfmon.

When Impmon first encountered Indramon, Rika and Renamon arrived on the scene, and Indramon departed, leaving Impmon annoyed at their butting in. Later in the day, when Indramon reappeared, Rika and Renamon were first on the scene, along with Impmon – but Renamon would not fight, as Impmon was determined to defeat him. But he was no match for the horse Deva, being resoundingly defeated. The Tamers’ Digimon Digivolved to Champion to fight him, but he departed when the Juggernaut was briefly reactivated. The following day, Rika and Henry went searching for Impmon, but were unable to find him, and Rika worried for his safety, much to Henry’s surprise. Rika and Renamon then participated in the second battle with Indramon.

After the Tamers discussed the Devas and the Sovereign, a Leomon Bio-Emerged in Shinjuku Park and was believed by Jeri to be her partner, prompting Takato to call on Rika to help. She and Renamon arrived in the middle of a battle between Kumbhiramon and Leomon and Gargomon, but rather than play spectator, they pursued the mysterious boy who had been watching the fight, only to lose him.

Prior to the Bio-Emergence of Vikaralamon, Rika was shopping with her grandmother, then went to the park with Henry, where she began to teach Jeri how to play the Digimon card game. When the mysterious boy reappeared, the kids gave chase but the pursuit was derailed when Vikaralamon materialised, and began to rampage through the city. The Tamers’ Digimon Digivolved to Champion, but couldn’t even scratch the pig, until the kids realised how to summon Blue Cards, allowing their Digimon to Digivolve to Ultimate. Then, the Juggernaut system was reactivated, threatening to delete all the Digimon, until an explosion instigated by the mysterious boy – in truth, Makuramon, the monkey Deva - crashed the system, and, following Takato’s lead, Rika and Henry gave their strength to their Digimon via a little primal scream therapy, enabling them to stop Vikaralamon’s attacks and destroy him. But Calumon was kidnapped by the Makuramon, and taken to the Digital World, and the Tamers knew they had no choice but to follow.

After a failed search for a portal into the Digital World, Renamon told Rika that she did not want her to come, considering it too dangerous. During the conversation, Rika’s grandmother walked in, but reacted calmly to Renamon’s presence, having always thought that Rika had a guardian angel taking care of her. Guilmon then successfully located a portal beneath his hideaway, and the whole team ventured into the Digital World.

After their arrival, they encountered a Meramon, who was then crushed in a Jagamon stampede. In the morning, when Kazu and Kenta uprooted one of the Jagamon, Rika turned on him, only to have Takato take over the interrogation and get some clues as to Makuramon’s location. However, as they walked through the desert, the Tamers were split up when a Data Stream swept up Rika, Renamon, Kazu and Kenta and deposited them in a valley where winds blew them through the front door of Jijimon and Babamon, who welcomed them in as a distraction from their usual fighting. After a meal, Babamon told Rika and Renamon how nice it was to have visitors. The next day, while Kazu and Kenta played partner with the two Rika and RenamonDigimon, Rika and Renamon constructed a glider to lift them out of the valley, but Renamon had to tussle briefly with Jijimon and Babamon to get Kazu and Kenta away. Using the glider, they returned to the desert plain, and waited at the Tamers flag to see if Takato and the other would return there, but to no avail. Rika and Renamon went searching, but Kazu and Kenta wound up following them, and they were yet again swallowed up by a Data Stream and landed in the clockwork-and-clouds area of the Digital World. There, Rika gave vent to her frustrations, pitching a brief fit over being stuck with Kazu and Kenta, before then accidentally freeing Megadramon by loosening up a jammed clock, despite warnings from Clockmon and Hagurumon. Kyubimon was quickly defeated by Megadramon, but then the ferocious Cyberdramon suddenly appeared with his Tamer, Ryo Akiyama, and beat the beast back. Rika recognised Ryo from their meeting at the card tournament a year before, still bearing a grudge against him for being so “perfect,” and also indignant that he didn’t remember her until she forcibly reminded him. At night, Rika, angered by the praise Kazu and Kenta were heaping upon Ryo, upped and left with Kyubimon to go her own way.

Rika and Renamon wound up in an forest area of the Digital World, where Rika found herself surrounded by DigiGnomes, that led her to water, only to have her swept up by a wave, and pulled out by Calumon. Another wave swept them both, and Renamon, back to the physical layer, where they met up with Takato and the others, but were then confronted by Beelzemon. The ensuing battle was interrupted by the reactivation of the unstable Juggernaut, causing a storm which saw Takato, Henry and Terriermon caught up in a data stream and spirited away.

Rika and the others were left wandering the desert again, during which Rika lost her patience a little with Jeri, telling her to toughen up. Right after that, the group fell through a warp into another area of the Digital World where they became caught up in a clash between Orochimon and Andromon, which led them to a Gekomon village, the inhabitants of which had been enslaved to mix drinks for Orochimon. Jeri was captured by Orochimon, and Guardromon – the De-Digivolved Andromon – formulated a plan to rescue her, by having everyone hide inside the drinks barrels as they were delivered to the island. The team’s attacks had little effect, as Orochimon regenerated his heads, but was then destroyed by Leomon, using a LadyDevimon Modify Card.

The group returned to wandering the desert, until they heard Takato’s voice emanating from a Data Stream, and rode it to the site of Rapidmon’s battle with Beelzemon. During the following fight, Beelzemon killed Leomon, sending Takato into a rage that caused WarGrowlmon to become the monstrous Megidramon, whose mere existence was enough to threaten the Digital World with destruction. As Beelzemon battled him, Rika and Henry had to use the Alias Modify Card to prevent Taomon and Rapidmon from being destroyed. When Megidramon reverted to Guilmon, he and Takato Biomerged into his true Mega form of Gallantmon, and engaged Beelzemon in a ferocious battle, in which he eventually emerged the victor, but was stopped from destroying Beelzemon by Jeri.

The Tamers continued on to the castle of Zhuqiaomon, the Digimon Sovereign, and Takato, Rika, Henry and their Digimon went in with Lopmon. While riding the bubble to the castle, Rika chastised Takato for putting a heart on the mail he had sent to her family in her name when he had been separated from the others. Once in the castle, the Digimon all Digivolved to their Ultimate forms to battle Zhuqiaomon, but could not stand up to his mighty powers. Terriermon and Henry Biomerged into MegaGargomon and temporarily held back the Sovereign, but it did not last, as he emerged from the rubble of his castle, and attacked the Tamers again, who were protected only by Taomon’s shield. Azulongmon arrived to break up the fighting, and after explaining the true nature of the situation, and about the Sovereign’s true enemy, the deadly D-Reaper, took the kids to the pit in which Calumon was being kept. There, they were reunited with Ryo, who had followed the D-Reaper from Baihumon’s kingdom, much to Rika’s chagrin. She and Renamon headed down into the pit ahead of everyone else, as Rika asked Renamon if it was possible to change your destiny. Renamon told her that it was so, but could not do so when Rika asked if the same was possible for Leomon. After finding Calumon in the pit, Rika gave him to Ryo, then she and Renamon took a literal leap of faith, jumping from the pit walls to the D-Reaper’s mass below – and Biomerged into Sakuyamon for the first time to temporarily restrain the chaos. After everyone got to safety, Sakuyamon split back into Rika and Renamon, and Jeri hugged Rika, having thought she’d lost another friend.

Rika BiomergedAfter Calumon released the power of the Shining Digivolution, Rika and the others returned to the physical layer to await the arrival of the Monster Makers’ ark, which would bring them back to the real world. However, once there, Renamon sensed Impmon’s presence, her affinity and care for life enhanced by her time as Sakuyamon, and she and Rika set out to look for him, racing against the clock to return in time for the ark’s departure. They successfully located him and convinced him to return with them, but the ark had already arrived, and Ryo and Cyberdramon went after them and brought them back. The ark returned to Earth, and Rika was reunited with her family – but the adventure was not over, as the D-Reaper pursued the kids back to Earth, and immediately began to spread throughout the Shinjuku district, forcing Rika and her family to withdraw to a hotel in Yokohama. But Rika and Renamon could not sit idly by, and prepared to join the fight against the creature – but before they left, Rika’s mother gave them her blessing, telling Rika that she should be allowed to make her own decisions, and giving her a new shirt with a full heart to replace Rika’s old one. Rika and Renamon met up with Takato, Henry and their Digimon outside of the tunnel running under the park, and then entered the city via it – during the walk, Rika was embarrassed by Takato’s comments about her new shirt.

The Tamers spent the night in the school, then baked bread for their breakfast in Takato’s family’s bakery the following morning. Their Digimon Digivolved to Ultimate for the first battle with the D-Reaper’s Agents, but they found themselves locked in a stalemate with a Pendulum Feet until Beelzemon, now having fully evolved to his Blast Mode, arrived to turn the tide and help them claim victory.

Upon finding a note that told them to go to Rika’s house, the Tamers found that her family, Takato’s parents and Henry’s mother had cooked them a meal – Rika was considerably surprised to discover that her mother knew how to cook. After the feast, the Tamer’s D-Power alerted them to a developing situation – a girl named Alice and a Digimon, Dobermon, were being pursued by more Agents. After the Tamers and their Digimon saved her, Dobermon transformed himself into energy, giving them the power to Biomerge in the real world. Rika reflected on how much she had changed, and how she didn’t even want to fight at all anymore, but knew that this battle was not about fighting, but having the strength to do what needed to be done. She and Renamon became Sakuyamon, and engaged the D-Reaper’s Agents, then, after the arrival of Kazu, Guardromon and Justimon, ventured inside the chaos mass with MegaGargomon when Gallantmon was captured and pulled in. Kenta and MarineAngemon saw off the Jeri Type Agent, and healed Sakuyamon’s wounds.

Rika and her family stayed with the other Tamers and families in the temporary Hypnos base, where Rika reflected on her family life, and realised how easy she had it compared to Jeri. Rika and Renamon were among those who went to the aid of Jeri’s father as he tried to confront the D-Reaper, Biomerging into Sakuyamon to save him from a Paratice Head. When it was deduced that the real Jeri was being held within the D-Reaper’s Kernel Sphere, Rika and Renamon became Sakuyamon again to battle Agents while Gallantmon and Beelzemon tried to rescue her. The attempt failed, and the D-Reaper evolved into the Mother D-Reaper, forcing the team to retreat out of Shinjuku, and withdraw to Tsukuba. In Tsukuba, Rika, her family and Renamon ate a meal in a restaurant, despite how uncomfortable both Rika and Renamon felt about it. After the meal, Rika received a signal from Henry, and Biomerged to fly and reunite with the other Tamers in the sky above Shinjuku. The Red Card was slashed, and they Biomerged again, entering the D-Reaper’s chaos to wage the final battle. While Gallantmon attacked the Mother D-Reaper to save Jeri, Sakuyamon, Rika says goodbye to ViximonMegaGargomon and Justimon struggled with the Cable Reaper. After Ryo’s urgings, Rika complied with his wishes and had Sakuyamon transfer her power to his Voltage Blade, which he used to hack the Cable Reaper in two – but it was a vain effort, as it immediately regenerated. After the Digimon Sovereign removed the Cable Reaper from the fight, MegaGargomon was able to initiate Operation: Doodlebug by activating the Juggernaut in the vortex between worlds, sucking the D-Reaper in and devolving it. However, as this happened, the protective effects of the Red Card wore off, and Sakuyamon and Justimon were the first to separate back into their component parts. Everyone was saved by the arrival of Kazu, Kenta, Guardromon, Lopmon and MarineAngemon, who carried them all to safety in one of MarineAngemon’s bubbles.

But the victory was a pyrrhic one – the effects of the Juggernaut were felt on the Digimon, who reverted to their In-Training forms, and had to return to the Digital World. Renamon De-Digivolved into Viximon, and told Rika she knew they would see each other again, as she floated through the portal and Rika told her she loved her. Thankfully, however, Takato later discovered a portal to the Digital World, which allowed Rika and the other Tamers to be reunited with their partners.

Some months later, when Rika's birthday came around, the other Tamers were planning to throw a party for her. When Rika discovered this, she was quite opposed to the idea, irritated even further by the fact her own family knew about it before she did. While she and her mother were waiting for a train, she bawled Takato out over the phone, but then, quite abruptly, the train Digimon, Locomon, appeared in Tokyo, his frantic circuit of the city's train lines causing a spatial distortion that opened a rift between Earth and the Digital World at Ichigaya station. Rika and Renamon managed to board Locomon by jumping off of a railway bridge onto him, and discovered that Takato had also managed to get on board. Rika slashed a Hydro Pressue Modify Card of Takato's, for Renamon to use on Locomon's furnace, but the water jet was evaporated by the intense heat. A brief argument about the birthday party enused as they tried to think of another way to stop Locomon, but that was interrupted by the arrival of Beelzemon, who was unable to stop Locomon, and sent spiralling away by his Wheel Grinder. Subsequently, Yamaki called Rika's cell phone to instruct them to get off Locomon, as he attempted to change the train routes to alter Locomon's path, but Rika didn't like the idea, and decided to try to destroy Locomon's furnace herself. As she was about to smash it with a wrench, tentacles Rika under Parasimon's controlsuddenly emerged from it - she had fallen prey to the true villain of the piece, Parasimon, who was now in control of her mind, as he was with Locomon. Using memories of her father and a song she used to sing with him to manipulate her, Parasimon had Rika attacked Renamon and Takato with the wrench. Renamon evidently didn't defend herself, and was smashed through a window out of Locomon, while Takato escaped to the roof of the carriage. Rika followed him, and Parasimon revealed himself, but thanks to Gulmon's Rock Breaker, Rika was freed from his influence. Temporarily unsconscious, she nearly rolled off the roof, until Takato grabbed her, and she was pulled inside Locomon by Renamon. As Locomon, now Digivolved into GrandLocomon, detached his carriages, Rika ran to try and stop from being left behind, only to be grabbed by Parasimon's tentacles again. Guilmon and Takato Biomerged into Gallantmon and severed his tentacles, freeing her, and then destroyed Parasimon, but not before he sent a signal into the rift, summoning a massive swarm of his kind to Earth. Rika and Renamon Biomerged into Sakuyamon, and engaged the Parasimon in battle along with all the other Tamers and Digimon - destroying them individually was no trouble, but sheer numbers began to overwhelm the team; not even the appearance of Beelzemon and Justimon could turn the tide (and Rika was less than appreciative of Ryo's involvement!). The battle was finally won when Gallantmon assumed his Crimson Mode and used his Final Justice attack to oblierate all the Parasimon. Afterwards, Sakuyamon split back into Rika and Renamon, and despite her earlier protestations, Rika's birthday party was thrown, and she even casually blew out her cake's candles. She drew the line at karaoke, however, silently getting up and living the room. Takato found her watching the sunset, but Renamon stopped him from disturbing her, leaving her alone with her memories.

Rika first appears in “Guilmon Comes Alive.” Her voice is supplied by Melissa Fahn.



RileyRiley Ootori is the chief systems operator for the Hypnos organisation, constantly scanning the network with her partner, Tally. She is also in a relationship with her boss, Yamaki.

Riley and Tally were perpetually on-hand to announce the frequent Bio-Emergence of various Wild Ones into the real world, including Guilmon, Goblinmon, and Gorillamon. At one point, Riley remarked on how energy fluctuations indicated that they would soon be seeing a level of Bio-Emergence unlike anything they had seen before. Later in that same day, when an energy field was detected in the tunnel beneath the park, Riley questioned Yamaki’s use of the Yuggoth program, suggesting they study it, and noting that unapproved programs were forbidden, but was forced by Yamaki to activate the Yuggoth, which deleted the area.

When a Devidramon Bio-Emerged and made its arrival fairly public, Yamaki charged Riley with inventing a cover story. Later, she announced the Bio-Emergence of IceDevimon, and tried to once again dissuade Yamaki from using the Yuggoth on Musyamon, to no avail, ultimately only temporarily delaying his materialisation. Riley reported the destruction of the Yuggoth deployment when Musyamon returned, then identified his Bio-Emergence point, which Yamaki headed for.

When Riley and Tally picked up an erratic signal that was apparently right under them, Tally spotted Calumon running around the room, and tried to convince Riley of what she had seen, but Riley was having none of it. Later, she assured Tally that whatever the Juggernaut was, it was bad news for someone. When the Juggernaut was then activated, Riley fought through the sound of screaming Digimon while Tally cried out for it to stop. Riley then relayed to Yamaki that the first Deva, Mihiramon, had breached the vortex and was about to enter the real world through the Juggernaut. Mihiramon was subsequently defeated by the Tamers, but his fellow Devas were able to repeatedly use the Juggernaut as a gateway to Earth. Riley detected the Bio-Emergence of Sinduramon, but elected not to alert Yamaki due to his small size. When Sinduramon absorbed the city’s electricity, Riley engaged Hypnos’s back-up power, then called Yamaki in as Sinduramon began to grow.

Riley in uniformRiley announced the emergence of Vajramon and Pajiramon, after a Yuggoth deployment failed to stop them, then, when the Tamers destroyed them, tracked Vajramon’s signal as he reconstituted himself.

A little later, Riley was visiting a gym, and was the subject of a bit of gossip from fellow members. The dub has her turning down a date via phone on the pretense that she has to work, then suggesting the following night – but she’s dating Yamaki, so this doesn’t make sense. We don’t actually know she’s his lover at this point, though, so therein lies the reason for the flub. She proceeded to visit the Matsuki bakery while thinking about the fact that only the Tamers were ever successful in fighting Wild Ones, idly noting Takato’s goggles, then went into work, where a friendly conversation with Tally was interrupted by the re-emergence of Vajramon. During the Tamers’ battle with him, Riley analysed the energy increase when Kyubimon Digivolved into Taomon.

When Indramon and Makuramon Bio-Emerged, Riley launched a surveillance virus to tap the communications between the Devas. The Juggernaut was reactivated to deal with Indramon, but it crashed before reaching full power – Indramon departed, and Riley believed he had self-destructed. When Indramon reappeared the following day, Riley recognised his signal.

When Vikaralamon was about to Bio-Emerge, the sheer size of his data almost caused Hypnos to crash. In the ensuing battle between him and the Tamers, the Juggernaut was reactivated and threatened to delete all the Digimon, until Makuramon instigated an explosion that crashed the system and destroyed a substantial portion of the towers. Yamaki refused to leave, and, after a moment of silence between the two of them, instructed Riley to get to safety. The Tamers managed to destroy Vikaralamon, but Hypnos was shut down and Yamaki, Riley and Tally lost their jobs.

As a depressed Yamaki reflected on the situation, Riley made him realise that there had to be something he could do – prompting him to change sides, and help the Tamers out by giving them a comm device before they headed into the Digital World. It was at this point, when we see Riley in casual dress in Yamaki's apartment, that it became evident that Riley and YamakiRiley and Yamaki are in a relationship (although it is at no point ever stated in dialogue that they are). Chiaki Konaka notes that he thought it had been implied beforehand, but that even the Japanese staff were surprised by this revelation.

Some time later, as Riley was preparing breakfast, Yamaki received an e-mail from the kids – but then, the Juggernaut was reactivated by the head of national security, and, unstable, began to run out of control. The Chief Cabinet Secretary called Yamaki and Riley in, who were successfully able to shut the system down, and were reinstated.

As the Monster Makers worked on creating an ark to bring the Tamers home, Riley contacted all the kids’ parents to let them know they were returning, then asked Janyu Wong about the program used to create the ark. An attack by the D-Reaper on the Hypnos processor almost scuppered the plan, but the Monster Makers were able to corral processing power from computers all across the world, much to Riley’s amazement. The ark Bio-Emerged in Shinjuku Park, and Riley was among the team who were there to see it, regretfully having to report that Jeri’s parents had not come to meet her.

When the D-Reaper followed the Tamers back into the real world, Riley and the other Hypnos and Monster Maker members had to evacuate the Hypnos towers and operate out of a van before moving into a temporary headquarters. Riley, Yamaki and Tally went to meet the Tamers at the Matsuki bakery, where Takato recognised Riley as a regular customer. Riley, Yamaki and Tally then watched as the Tamers’ Digimon battled with a Pendulum Feet, one of the D-Reaper’s Agents.

Riley shows everyone the recording from GraniRiley later consoled Yamaki, realising that he blamed himself for the situation, and telling him that he was just the first person who was trying to control something uncontrollable. Then, she and Tally, along with Shibumi, co-ordinated the Bio-Emergence of Grani.

Riley and Daisy worked together to perform a systems check on Grani, and discovered recorded images from the Digital World, which was now in ruins. As the Digimon engaged the D-Reaper’s Agents again, Riley was successfully able to hack into the D-Reaper’s signal, allowing the adults to see what the D-Reaper saw, including what lay beneath layers of data, revealing to the parents that their children had merged with their Digimon. When the D-Reaper evolved to the Mother D-Reaper, everyone was forced to retreat to Tsukuba, where Riley re-established contact with Johnny Beckenstein, who relayed important information about the D-Reaper’s structure to the team. With that information, the Monster Makers formulated Operation: Doodlebug to disable and devolve the D-Reaper. Riley saw to the activation of the Juggernaut within MegaGargomon, which pulled the D-Reaper through the vortex, back into the Digital World, where it was reverted into it’s harmless original state.

As Takato summarised the months that followed the victory, Riley was seen with Yamaki in the Matsuki bakery. Later, when Locomon appeared in Tokyo, Riley and Tally monitored the situation from the restored Hypnos headquarters, and detected the Bio-Emergence of the Parasimon swarm and Justimon.

Riley first appears in “Guilmon Comes Alive.” Her voice is supplied by Tifanie Christun, except in "Runaway Locomon," where Philece Sampler fills in. Oddly, Christun remains listed for the role in the movie's credits.

Name: Riley’s surname is never given in the US, and comes from her Japanese name, “Reika Ootori,” if we take it that “Riley” is the Americanisation of “Reika.”



See Nonaka, Rumiko


Digimon Tamers theatrical presentation #2

English version written by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

"Runaway Digimon Express" Japanese movie posterThe Tamers are planning to throw Rika a party for her birthday, but their plans are derailed by the appearance of the train Digimon, Locomon, who Bio-Emerges in Tokyo and begins a frantic circuit of the city's train lines, moving at such high speeds that he creates a spatial distortion that results in the opening of a  rift between Earth and the Digital World at Ichigaya Station. The Tamers mobilise to stop him, with Yamaki and Hypnos aiding them by taking control of the train lines and redirecting Locomon to send him through the rift, but only Takato, Rika and Renamon are able to board Locomon, where Rika’s mind is taken over by Parasimon, the true villain of the piece, who is also in control of Locomon. With memories of her father and a song they used to sing together used to manipulate her, Rika is made to attack Takato and Renamon, but when the conflict moves to the top of the carriage, Parasimon reveals himself after Guilmon frees Rika. Locomon Digivolves into GrandLocomon, and Gallantmon destroys Parasimon, but not before he sends a signal into the rift that summons a massive swarm of his kind to Earth. All the Tamers and their Digimon engage them in battle, but the swarm’s numbers continues to grow – even the arrival of Beelzemon and Justimon helps little. But then, Gallantmon assumes his Crimson Mode, and uses his Final Justice attack to destroy all the Parasimon. Locomon disappears back into the Digital World, and the Tamers throw Rika her party.

"Runaway Locomon" was originally screened in Japan in 2002, but did not reach the US until 2005. Set some months after the end of the season, this shows us that that portal Takato found at the end of “Such Sweet Sorrow” did indeed allow the Tamers and their Digimon to be reunited. It is considered to be in continuity with the series, despite unexplained appearances by Behemoth (which was destroyed in the series), and Beelzemon in his “flawed” form.



RyoRyo Akiyama, partnered with Cyberdramon, is sometimes known as “the legendary Tamer” due to his famed skill in the Digimon card game. A clean-cut character, Ryo is the subject of much hero-worship and praise from his many fans, but his heroic tendencies and oft-clichéd and corny advice and moralising aren’t loved by everyone, least of all Rika.

The full story of Ryo’s past is not divulged in the anime – it lies in the Japanese video games for the Wonderswan system, which have never been released in the West. There are some continuity glitches between the games and the various seasons of the animated series, meaning that they may or may not co-exist with each other, but they reveal much more of Ryo’s past.

Ryo originates in another dimension – the dimension the Tamers believe to only be a television series. Ryo’s first adventure was, with the aid of Tai’s Agumon, to rescue the original eight DigiDestined from the clutches of the evil Millenniummon. Some time later, when Millenniummon returned, Ryo teamed up with a young Ken Ichijouji to restore the shattered DigiWorld, defeat him and seal his darkness within a crystal. Ryo then participated in a tournament against several of the other DigiDestined, defeating them soundly, only to discover that the tournament had been fixed by the Harmonious Ones, to train Ryo for battle against Millenniummon, who had returned again, now as Moon=Millenniummon. After a battle, Moon=Millenniummon tore open a portal in space and time, and Ryo was pulled along for the ride.

Ryo awoke in the Digital World’s distant past, having lost all his memories, where he met Monodramon and ENIAC (Electronic and Numeric Integrator And Computer), the first patented computer and creator of the Digital World. ENIAC explained that many different Digital World realities existed, having grown from him, and that Millenniummon, having now become ZeedMillenniummon, had conquered the future, and was now intent on conquering the past. Given the power to travel between the dimensions, Ryo and Monodramon had a series of adventures in various continuities, eventually confronting ZeedMillenniummon, who revealed that he was always supposed to have been Ryo’s true partner, but now, with Monodramon, that was impossible. Monodramon forced a DNA Digivolution between himself and ZeedMillenniummon, which resulted in a Digi-Egg. Ryo elected to live in the Tamers universe, and the egg hatched and eventually Digivolved into Cyberdramon.

The continuity glitch here is that in the anime, Ryo is shown to have parents in the Tamers world. It is not beyond the realm of belief, however, to simply assume he somehow was able to bring them there later on.

A year before the Tamers’ adventures, Ryo won the D-1 Tamer Digimon card tournament of that year, defeating Rika in the process, leading her to bear something of a grudge again him. At some point after winning the card tournament, Ryo was forced to travel into the Digital World because Cyberdramon was too feral to fully control, and it was no longer safe for him to exist on Earth. Ryo was in the Digital World for months, his absence allowing Rika to claim victory at the card tournament of the following year.

When the Tamers arrived in the Digital World, to rescue Calumon from the clutches of the Devas, they were separated by Data Streams, and Rika, Renamon, Kazu and Kenta found themselves in a clockwork cloud area, where Rika inadvertently freed Megadramon. Kyubimon was defeated by him, and Cyberdramon then suddenly appeared and beat him back, followed by Ryo, who had to rein Cyberdramon in with an energy lash from his D-Power. As Kazu and Kenta heaped praise upon him, he replaced Hagurumon’s missing gear and reactivated the mechanisms of the area. In the evening, Ryo explained why he had come to the Digital World, and Rika then had to jog his memory and remind him of the card battle they had fought a year before. Insulted by the praise Ryo was being given, and still bearing her grudge despite Ryo’s friendly Strike a pose!advances, Rika upped and left with Kyubimon.

Ryo then led Kazu and Kenta to the warped monochrome plain of the Digital World, where they met up with Takato and the other Tamers. Ryo was unable to help in the search for Calumon, but took them all to a castle where they spent the night. The following day, Ryo brought everyone back to the physical layer, where they promptly clashed with Majiramon, the dragon Deva. Ryo slashed the powerful Goliath Modify Card, causing Cyberdramon to grow to immense size and destroy the dragon by crushing his skull. But it wasn’t enough for Cyberdramon, who ran off in search of more opponents, forcing Ryo to follow, leaving the other Tamers behind.

A short time later, when Megidramon’s presence was threatening to tear the Digital World apart, Ryo and Cyberdramon appeared briefly to wonder on the fate of the other Tamers.

Still searching for his greatest opponent, Cyberdramon led Ryo to the highest plain of the Digital World, where the Digimon Sovereign dwelled, into Baihumon’s kingdom. There, they encountered Ebonwumon, who explained that the enemy was neither him nor Baihumon, but was the deadly D-Reaper, who Baihumon was at that moment battling underground. When the D-Reaper departed, Ryo and Cyberdramon followed it, and met up with the other Tamers, who were above the pit that Calumon had been placed in by Zhuqiaomon, which the D-Reaper was beginning to rise up out of. Rika and Renamon suddenly headed into the pit without warning, and found Calumon while Ryo and Cyberdramon used an Avenging Knight Modify Card to block the flow of the D-Reaper’s chaos, but it didn’t last, as it began to seep through, deleting Ryo’s gauntlet. Rika and Renamon decided to face the chaos alone, Biomerging for the first time into Sakuyamon and beating the chaos back temporarily.

After Calumon released the power of the Shining Digivolution, Ryo and the other Tamers then returned to the physical layer in preparation for the arrival of the Monster Makers’ ark to bring them back to the real world. Rika and Renamon left when Renamon sensed Impmon, but failed to return before the ark arrived. Ryo and Cyberdramon went after them, and soon returned with them in tow. Cyberdramon De-Digivolved into Monodramon, and all the kids and their Digimon went back to Earth. Ryo was met by his father in Shinjuku Park, and they then returned to their home in Kyushu, after Ryo was accosted by reporters and fans at the airport. Ryo tried to joke about the situation, but his father was angry, though still made it clear he had been worried.

But the battle was not over – the D-Reaper had followed the Tamers back to the real world, and engulfed much of Shinjuku in its chaos. Ryo and Cyberdramon Biomerged into Justimon, and arrived on the scene to help the other Digimon battle the creature’s Agents. Ryo was not present when Dobermon gave the other Tamers the power to Biomerge in the real world, but the video games imply that Ryo is already at least partially data, which would make a Biomerge possible. Justimon defeated a Horn Striker with help from Guardromon and Antylamon, and as everyone recuperated in the wake of the battle, Ryo gave Suzie a Radiant Faith Modify Card.

Ryo BiomergedThe following day, Ryo and Cyberdramon were gone when the other kids woke up, having Biomerged and gone out to battle Agents on their own. After escaping a swarm of Bubbles, Justimon was blindsided by a Paratice Head, then helped save Jeri’s father from it.

Ryo stayed with the other Tamers and their families in the temporary Hypnos headquarters, Biomerging with Cyberdramon again to battle the D-Reaper when it was discovered that Jeri was being held within its Kernel Sphere. However, when the D-Reaper evolved into the Mother D-Reaper, the Tamers were forced to retreat. Oddly, Justimon was not seen when the other Biomerged Digimon departed the scene.

Ryo did not go to Tsukuba with the other Tamers, but met up with them again in the skies above Shinjuku in preparation for the final battle. They all slashed the Red Card, and ventured into the D-Reaper’s chaos. While Gallantmon focused on getting to Jeri, Justimon, Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon battled the Cable Reaper. Ryo had Sakuyamon channel all her energy into Justimon’s Voltage Blade, which he used to hack the Cable Reaper in half, but the move was in vain as it immediately restored itself. Thankfully, the Digimon Sovereign then removed it from the fight, enabling MegaGargomon to put Operation: Doodlebug into action. The effects of the Red Card soon wore off, and Justimon and Sakuyamon were the first to split back into their composite parts, but they were all carried to safety by MarineAngemon as the D-Reaper was pulled through the vortex and devolved into its original, harmless state.

Victory had a price, however – the effects of the plan were felt on the Digimon, who were reverted into their In-Training forms and had to return to the Digital World or would be cut off from it and would perish. Cyberdramon De-Digivolved into Hopmon, and floated through the portal as Ryo said his goodbyes. However, a portal to the Digital World discovered by Takato some time later allowed Ryo and the other Tamers to be reunited with their partners. It would seem that Ryo still elected to live in the Digital World, though, as months later, when a Parasimon swarm was attacking Tokyo, he and Cyberdramon - merged as Justimon - emerged from the rift the swarm had used to get to Earth, and helped battle them. After the battle was won, he and Cyberdramon attended Rika's birthday party, where he and Kazu had a discussion about the responsibilities of being a Tamer.

Ryo first appears in the series in “Blame it on Ryo.” His voice is supplied by Steve Staley.



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