Group: Exalted Beast – Level: Ultimate – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Treasure Bow, Thunder Stomp
Pajiramon is the sheep Deva, who Bio-Emerged in Akihabara alongside Vajramon. After knocking the humans in the area unconscious with a hypersonic bleat, Pajiramon joined Vajramon in consuming electrical equipment to stabilise their bodies. Terriermon took on Pajiramon with the aid of a Thor’s Hammer Modify Card, to little effect, then Digivolved into Gargomon and managed to break her horns with his Gargo Laser, before she brought him down with a Thunder Stomp, and pinned him with arrows. Henry defended him against her continued stomps with a Rock Armour card, then was convinced by Takato to slash the Blue Card, causing Gargomon to Matrix Digivolve into Rapidmon. Rapidmon easily evaded her attacks, and, as she tried to take a human shield, blasted her with a Tri-Beam, destroying both her a Vajramon. However, while Vajramon was then able to reconstitute his data, Pajiramon was not.
Pajiramon appears in
“Duel with the Deva.” Her D-Power analysis identifies her as a "Deva Beast" Digimon, but the Devas should all have the same Group classification, and this does not match Chatsuramon's later identification as an "Exalted Beast." "Exalted Beast" is a more appropriate name, working from the fact that the Devas were all "Holy" animals (Beasts, Birds, etc) in Japan, so I choose to apply that group to her. Her voice is supplied by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, performing the role as an homage to actress Kate Mulgrew.
Name: From “Pajra,” one of the twelve Devas from Sanskrit.

ParasimonGroup: Parasite – Level: Mega – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Electric Bind, Digicabolic Steroid
The spider-like Parasimon used his mind-controlling abilities to seize control of the train Digimon, Locomon, and sent him hurtling around Tokyo on an endless circuit, moving at such a high speed that he created a spatial distortion that opened a rift between Earth and the Digital World at Ichigaya station. Using a camouflage ability to remain hidden, Parasimon sat atop Locomon, and observed as the Digimon Tamers attempted to stop Locomon’s progress. When Takato, Rika and Renamon boarded Locomon, Rika attempted to smash his furnace with a wrench, but Parasimon’s tendrils emerged from it and entwined her, enabling him to control her mind, as well. Using memories of her father and a song she used to sing with him to manipulate her, Parasimon had Rika attack Takato and Renamon, but when the conflict made it’s way to the roof of the carriage, Parasimon revealed him. Guilmon was able to free Rika by severing the tentacle holding her with his Rock Breaker, but after Locomon Digivolved into GrandLocomon, Rika made an attempt to stop him from disconnect the carriage she was in, and was grabbed by more tentacles. Takato and Guilmon Biomerged into Gallantmon and severed the tentacles, then destroyed Parasimon. However, before he deleted completed, Parasimon sent a signal into the rift that summoned a massive swarm of other Parasimon to Earth. They began wreaking havoc in the city, and all the Tamers and their Digimon engaged them in battle, finding it easy to destroy the individuals, but nigh impossible to destroy the multitude, as they continued to pour through the rift. Even the arrival of Justimon and Beelzemon failed to sufficiently turn the tide, but then Gallantmon assumed his Crimson Mode, and flew into the heart of the rift, using his Crimson Light attack to obliterate all the Parasimon in one shot.
Parasimon appears in
“Runaway Locomon.” His voice is supplied by David Lodge.
Name: From “parasite,” an organism that lives by attaching itself to and feeding off of another.
Paratice Head

The Paratice Head is the seventh of the D-Reaper’s Agents, a towering beast with tentacles sprouting from its head, and many mouths all over its body, all of which speak with Jeri’s voice. Acting both as a warrior and an information gatherer, it has the power to fire energy beams.
A Paratice Head first appeared when one blindsided Justimon after he escaped from a swarm of Bubbles, but all that was seen of it was a tentacle. When it was discovered that Jeri was being held within the D-Reaper’s Kernel Sphere, her father appropriated a van and drove out to the edge of the creature’s mass and called out to her – but the only response he got was from a Paratice Head, which emerged from the chaos and attempted to scan Jeri’s father, but failed due to it’s inability to comprehend the concept of parents. Jeri’s father seized the tentacle, and was thrashed around by it, as Gallantmon and Justimon destroyed portions of the Agent, only to have them immediately regenerate. Jeri’s father drove his van directly into its legs, with zero effect, only serving to make the Agent turn on him. As Gallantmon intercepted it’s attack, Guardromon and Justimon combined their attacks and severed the Paratice Head’s life cords, destroying it.
Later, a Paratice Head was seen rampaging through the city streets as the Tamers waged the final battle within the D-Reaper. It blasted a police car, but was then destroyed by Guardromon.
A Paratice Head first appears in
“His Kingdom for a Horse.” The Paratice Heads are the only Agents that speak apart from the Jeri Type, and their voices, like Jeri and the rest of the D-Reaper, are supplied by Bridgette Hoffman.


Pendulum Feet are the third of the D-Reaper’s Agents. They are capable of flight, and have powerful hooks and scythes on the ends of their extendable arms and legs, which are put to dangerous effect when they spin their bodies around and whirl towards their enemies. Pendulum Feet are also armed with spherical flying weapons, which explode or generate energy beams - but the most deadly skill of these Agents is their ability to replicate the attacks and powers of the opponents they face.
The first Pendulum Feet appeared along with a flock of Searchers, hovering above the D-Reaper’s chaos, where the Tamers’ Ultimate Digimon engaged it. It defended itself with a replica of Taomon’s Talisman Spell shield, then struck WarGrowlmon with a copy of his Atomic Blaster. Beelzemon then arrived to help, and severed the Pendulum Feet’s life cord with his Corona Blaster, allowing the other Digimon to combine their attacks and destroy it.
More Pendulum Feet appeared during the Mega Digimon’s battle with Creep Hands, and tried to use their explosive projectiles on Sakuyamon, but her Spirit Strike attack took care of them and evaded their hooks long enough to bind and destroy them. Phantomon
A Pendulum Feet first appears in



Group: Ghost - Level: Ultimate - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Shadow Scythe, Father Time
A Phantomon was among the shadowed Digimon who wanted Rika to tame them. As seen in “O Partner, Where Art Thou?”


Gateway to Zhuqiaomon’s castle on the Digmon Sovereign plain of the Digital World, just beyond the South Gate, which is guarded by Antylamon. The Tamers go through the Phoenix Gate in “No Mon Is an Island.”

Group: Mutant – Level: Armour – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Crazy Sonic Blast, Sky Jacker
Pipismon was one of the Digimon who invaded the island base of VP Labs, and held company president Ryuuji Tamashiro and programmer Takehito Uehara captive, threatening Uehara’s daughter, Minami, to make Uehara reveal the location of the V-Pet vaccine program. When Seasarmon and Growlmon burst into the complex to free Minami, Pipismon was destroyed with one Pyro Blaster shot, along with Ponchomon and Sepikmon.
Pipismon appears in
“Battle of Adventurers.” Pipismon is the Armour Digivolved form of Patamon with the Digi-Egg of Love.
Name: From "pipistrellus," a genus of bat.

PlesiomonGroup: Dragon – Level: Mega – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Water Tail Blaster, Shaking Pulse
When Calumon released the energy of the Shining Digivolution, a Plesiomon was among the many Mega-level Digimon who were created and converged on the area, who was identified by Kazu.
<>Plesiomon appears in “Janyu’s Ark.”
Name: From “plesiosaurus,” a prehistoric aquatic reptile, whose name is Greek for "near lizard." Bandai of America refers to this Digimon “Preciomon,” a poor romanisation of his Japanese name, Plesiomon, which was corrected for the US version of the show.

Group: Ghost – Level: Armour – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Tequila Knuckle, Cactus Butt
Ponchomon was one of the Digimon who invaded the island base of VP Labs, and held company president Ryuuji Tamashiro and programmer Takehito Uehara captive, threatening Uehara’s daughter, Minami, to make Uehara reveal the location of the V-Pet vaccine program. When Seasarmon and Growlmon burst into the complex to free Minami, Pipismon was destroyed with one Pyro Blaster shot, along with Pipismon and Sepikmon.
Ponchomon appears in
“Battle of Adventurers.” Ponchomon is the Armour Digivolved form of Patamon with the Digi-Egg of Sincerity.
Name: From “poncho,” a blanket-like piece of clothing typically associated with Mexico.

Kurosawa, Seiji


In her younger years, Rika would sing this song with her father, before he left her mother. This incarnation of the song is as follows:

"Every morning, every night,
You watch over me like the sun in the sky,
Every morning and every night,
Will you promise me you'll be my guardian light?"

When her mind was invaded by Parasimon, this memory was used by him to manipulate her, making her attack Takato and Renamon even as she sang a revision of it, lamenting her father's absence. The lyrics to this song are:

"Promise that we'll stay for the sunset,
And when the moon shines through the darkness,
We can find the path that leads us home,
And on the way you'll...
...sing me a song.

Promise that you always will be there,
Hold my hand if ever I'm real scared,
Help me stand up tall if I fall down,

Make me laugh away all my bluest days!

How could you promise you always would be there?

Why'd you have to go away somewhere?

Every morning into every night,

Do you watch over me like the sun in the sky?

Am I all alone, or standing in your light?

I wish that I could...

...sing you a song...

You promised me we'd stay for the sunset...."

Both versions of "Promise" are sung in "Runaway Locomon." The song was written by John Majkut, and performed by Rika's voice actress, Melissa Fahn.


PteramonGroup: Dinosaur – Level: Armour – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Sharp Wing, Side Winder
At the time when Mephistomon was disrupting Earth’s network with his V-Pet plot, a Pteramon Bio-Emerged in an industrial area, where it was confronted by Rika and Renamon. Renamon destroyed it with a Battle Tomahawk Modify Card, but could tell upon absorbing it’s data that there was something different about it.
Shortly thereafter, another Pteramon was seen in the void between Earth and the Digital World, attempting to cross between the two, as the disruptions caused by the V-Pets had made it easier for Digimon to Bio-Emerge. It was destroyed by Omnimon.
When Mephistomon’s plan came to it’s ultimate fruition, and the V-Pets caused networks to collapse, another Pteramon was among the Digimon who Bio-Emerged in the resultant chaos. This Pteramon was then deleted with the activation of the V-Pet vaccine program.
Pteramon appear in
“Battle of Adventurers.” Pteramon is the Armour Digivolved form of Armadillomon with the Digi-Egg of Love.
Name: From the Greek word, “ptera,” meaning “wings,” as in the prehistoric flying reptiles, “pteranodon” and “pterodactyl,” upon which Pteramon is based.


PUKUMONSquint. It's Pukumon.
Group: Mutant – Level: Mega – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Needle Squall, Globefish Poison<>When Calumon released the energy of the Shining Digivolution, a Pukumon was among the many Mega-level Digimon who were created and converged on the area.
Pukumon appears in “Janyu’s Ark,” and is barely visible due to his small size - it's definitely proven that it is his him, however, by the fact that Bandai released a 1.5" figure in his likeness, and they only create such figures of characters who appear in the show.
Name: Apparently from some sort of corruption of the Japanese word, "fugu," meaning blowfish.


Group: Pumpkin - Level: Ultimate - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Trick or Treat, Pumpkin Smash
A Pumpkinmon was among the unfortunate Digimon seen frozen in IceDevimon’s collection of defeated opponents. As seen in “The Icemon Cometh.”
Name: From “pumpkin,” a vegetable.