Group: Mollusc – Level: Champion – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Spurting Ink, Octopus Trap

Two Octomon were among the many Digimon that were seen through the rip in the sky during Vikaralamon’s rampage. As seen in “A World Apart.”

Name: From “octopus.”



Japanese island that's a popular tourist spot, where Takato’s cousin, Kai, lives with his grandfather. Okinawa is also home to the VP Labs complex. Legends say Okinawa is protected by the Shiisa, a mythical, dog-like creature.
The Tamers visit Okinawa in “Battle of Adventurers."



OkuwamonGroup: Insectoid – Level: Ultimate – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Double Scissor Claw, Beetle Horn Attack

An Okuwamon was among the many Digimon that were seen through the rip in the sky during Vikaralamon’s rampage. As seen in “A World Apart.”

Name: “O” is a shortening of the prefix of his Japanese name, “Ookuwamon,” where “Oo” means “big.” “Kuwa” comes from “kuwagatamushi,” Japanese for “beetle.”



OmnimonGroup: Warrior - Level: Mega - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Transcendent Sword, Supreme Cannon

The guardian of both the real and digital worlds, it is the duty of Omnimon to protect both from danger. Danger came in the form of an Apocalymon, who attempted to travel from the Digital World to Earth, but was accosted in the void between the two worlds by Omnimon. Apocalymon’s data restructured itself into Mephistomon, and he and Omnimon battled, but during the brawl, one of Omnimon’s blasts hurled Mephistomon backwards, and he escaped to Earth.

Mephistomon assumed a human guise, and began to wreak havoc across Earth’s electronic network with V-Pets, causing wild Digimon to Bio-Emerge at an alarming rate. Takato was already in Okinawa, confronting him, when Omnimon, unable to act directly in the real world, teleported Henry, Rika and their Digimon through the void between worlds – destroying an Archelomon, a MetalTyrannomon and a Pteramon along the way – to Takato’s side, where they subsequently battled and defeated Mephistomon and his Mega form, Gulfmon.

Omnimon appears in “Battle of Adventurers." His voice is supplied by Lex Lang and Kirk Thornton, reprising the role from "Digimon: The Movie," although this time around, they speak alternately, rather than at the same time.

Name: From "omni," meaning "all" (as in "omnipotent," meaning "all-powerful").



See Tally



See Riley



Digimon Tamers episode #6

English version written by Steve Blum

After battling and defeating Allomon, Rika reflects on how she became a Tamer, while Renamon has a run-in with Impmon, who tries to convince her she doesn’t need a partner. Dokugumon then Bio-Emerges, and Renamon is cut down in the ensuing battle, but then Digivolves to Kyubimon and destroys the spider.

Episode Trivia – The title of this episode comes from the 1941 movie, “Sullivan’s Travels,” in which a Depression-era moviemaker goes on the road to research his next movie, which he plans to call "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"Chiaki Konaka's diagram of Operation: Doodlebug



Plan formulated by the Monster Makers to neutralise the D-Reaper. It involved loading the Juggernaut program into Terriermon, who, as MegaGargomon, activated it in the portal that the D-Reaper had opened between the real world and the Digital World, and then reversed the rotation of the vortex. When the reverse-spin exceeded the speed of light, a backward flow of time was created, and, as the Juggernaut’s miniature “Big Bang” effect shattered the D-Reaper’s quantum bubble and began to suck it through the vortex, that backward time flow devolved the D-Reaper into it’s original, harmless state. Unfortunately, the effects of the plan were then felt upon the Tamers’ Digimon, who were reverted to their In-Training forms, and had to return to the Digital World.

Operation: Doodlebug is employed in “Such Sweet Sorrow.” The picture at right was created by Chiaki Konaka.

Name: A "doodlebug" can be either a) a nickname for the V-1, the first flying bomb implemented by the Germans during World War II, b) the larva of the ant-lion, c) a divining rod, or d) a device for locating minerals. Take your pick, they all seem to make about as much sense as the other... though notably, the spiral vortex effect of Operation Doodlebug could be likened to the traps that ant-lions lay for their prey.





The Optimizer is the eighth of the D-Reaper’s Agents, a colossal beast that carries legions of Bubbles Agents within its body. An Optimizer first appeared after the Tamers rescued Tadashi Katou from a Paratice Head, the immense number of Bubbles holding back the Tamers. Gallantmon was unable to leap high enough to damage the Optimizer, but then Grani Bio-Emerged, and carried Gallantmon through the air, allowing him to destroy the Optimizer with his Lightning Joust.

Another Optimizer appeared when the Biomerged Digimon ventured into the D-Reaper’s chaos to wage the final battle. MegaGargomon’s attacks had no effect, as more Bubbles were released and the Optimizer blasted at the Digimon with a beam from its mouth. Sakuyamon then used her Amethyst Mandala to obliterate the Optimizer.

An Optimizer first appears in “His Kingdom For A Horse.”





OrochimonGroup: Dark Dragon – Level: Ultimate – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Inferno Blast, Clouds of Heaven

Orochimon is an eight-headed serpentine Digimon, who took over the lake in the Gekomon’s area of the Digital World, and enslaved the Gekomon, forcing them to mix drinks for him. In the original version, the drinks in question were sake, Japanese alcohol, but in the dub, it was changed to milkshakes. When Andromon discovered this, he repeatedly engaged Orochimon in battle, but was defeated each time, usually causing damage to Gekomon village. When a group of the Tamers and their Digimon arrived in this area of the Digital World, they witnessed a battle between Andromon and Orochimon, and helped to fend Orochimon off, but not before he took an interest in Jeri. While the Tamers were taking care of Andromon’s injuries, Orochimon returned and captured Jeri – Leomon attempted to save her, but Orochimon held him back by heating the lake with his Inferno Blast, and then took Jeri to his island in the middle of the lake and forced her to serve drinks to him. Jeri complied, thinking that if she fed him enough, he would get sleepy, but when the others snuck onto the island inside the Gekomon’s drinks barrels and faced off against him, it turned out that the data packets in the drinks had increased his strength. In the battle, several of Orochimon’s heads were destroyed, but they immediately regenerated, as everyone focused their efforts on the central head. Jeri slashed a LadyDevimon Modify Card, and Leomon then destroyed the central head – and the rest of Orochimon - with a blast of Darkness Wave.

Orochimon appears in “Kazu’s Upgrade.” His voice is supplied by Lex Lang.

Name: From “Yamata no Orochi,” an eight-headed serpent from Japanese myth.



OtamamonGroup: Amphibian - Level: Rookie - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Stun Bubble, Slamming Attack

An Otamamon first appeared alongside a Gekomon, watching as Doggymon chased Calumon on the desert plain of the Digital World. Later, Takato, Henry and Terriermon encountered a group of Otamamon in the Digital World’s underwater miniverse. They were attacked by a Divermon who thought they were trying to hurt the Otamamon, but after Henry subdued him with a brief martial arts display, he apologised and took them to a pipe that would lead them out of the water. Discovering that the pipe would electrically shock anyone that went into it, Henry hit upon the idea to have the Otamamon create a bubble for them to travel in.

Months later, when Locomon returned to the Digital World after the Parasimon conflict on Earth, an Otamamon was among the Digimon seen on the desert plain as he thundered past.

An Otamamon first appears in “Goliath.”

Name: From the Japanese word, “otamajakushi,” meaning “tadpole.”



Digimon Tamers episode #20

English version written by Steve Blum

Indramon defeats Impmon, and then departs after the Juggernaut system is activated, but crashes. The next day, after Kazu shows Takato his homemade Blue Card, the horse Deva reappears, and begins to wreak havoc in the city. As Janyu Wong watches from the Hypnos headquarters, the Tamers battle Indramon in vain, but then, Kazu convinces Takato to use his Blue Card, and Growlmon became WarGrowlmon and destroys Indramon.