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NohemonGroup: Puppet – Level: Armour – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Delusion Claw, William’s Arrow

Kenta was startled by a group of Nohemon, who silently appeared near the Tamers in the black-and-white area of the Digital World, but Ryo assured everyone that they were harmless.

Nohemon appear in “Goliath.” The Digi-Core of this Digimon is actually located within the crow, making it the Digimon itself, and the scarecrow body little more than an appendage. Note that Nohemon is Wormmon's armour form with the Digi-Egg of Sincerity.

Name: When sketching faces, Japanese artists often use the characters/letters “no,” “mo” and “he,” to represent the eyes, nose and mouth respectively. Nohemon’s eyes, nose and mouth actually are these characters.



Digimon Tamers episode #37

English version written by Seth Walther

Henry refuses to allow Suzie to go with the other Tamers, thinking that he has to fight this battle alone. The group traverse the Phoenix Gate, and engage Zhuqiaomon in battle, but they are no match for his powers. When Suzie’s D-Power pulls her into the fray, the others help Henry realise that they are there for him, and that he doesn’t have to do it alone – which results in his and Terriermon’s Biomerge Digivolution into MegaGargomon. MegaGargomon beats Zhuqiaomon back, but the sovereign is only temporarily out of the fight!

Episode Trivia – the title of this episode comes from the John Dunne quote, “No man is an island, complete unto himself,” which means that no-one can do everything on their own.



Rumiko NonakaRumiko Nonaka is the mother of Rika Nonaka, and a famous fashion model. Rumiko married and gave birth to Rika while she was still only a teenager, and it was not long before she and her husband divorced, leaving Rumiko a young mother, living with her own mother, Seiko Hata. Still a young woman, Rumiko is not on the surface a conventional mother, more interested in being Rika’s friend than her parental figure, and trying to get her to share in her interests, like female fashion. Despite her misgivings, though, Rika is everything to Rumiko, even if she has difficulty expressing it some times.

Rumiko first appeared when she attended a talk in Rika’s class along with several other parents, but had to leave in a hurry when she received a call for a fashion shoot. As Rika walked home, she recalled an instance prior to her victory at the card tournament where Rumiko suggested that she think about what she wanted to do with her life.

Some time later, while walking the city streets, Rika bumped into her mother, who soon drew a crowd of people who recognised her. Rika was holding Calumon at the time, and Rumiko commented on how cute the “toy” was. Later in the day, Rumiko tried to get Rika to wear a dress, but Rika refused. Seiko consoled Rumiko, telling her there were more important things to life than looking pretty.

When Seiko took Rika to the theatre, Rumiko phoned Seiko following the performance – but their subway trip was interrupted by the arrival of Sandiramon.

Later, Rumiko set up a camera test for Rika with her agent, Tsugai, and photographer, Coco, despite the fact that Rika made it clear she didn’t want to. During the shoot, when Coco said that Rika would be just like her mother, Rika pushed him over and ran out of the studio. Rumiko complained to Seiko later, but Seiko quite bluntly pointed out that Rika never wanted to do it in the first place. Rika avoided the issue when she returned home in the evening, and then, when Henry phoned her to let her know they had found Vajramon, she ran out, even as Rumiko called to her to come back.

At some point between this and the Bio-Emergence of Vikaralamon, Rumiko went to Paris on a fashion shoot. Just before she returned, she sent her mother an e-mail. However, on the flight back to Japan, a V-Pet wreaked havoc on the plane's guidance systems - but Rumiko slept through the whole thing, and awoke just as the situation was resolved, unaware she'd ever been in any danger.

Prior to the battle with Vikaralamon, Rika went out shopping with Seiko. When they met Henry, Rumiko called Seiko’s cell phone, asking if Rika had bought anything, but Seiko told her that all she had wanted was jeans. Rumiko suggested some “post-shopping shopping,” and Rika refused and headed off to the park with Henry. Seiko told Rumiko that Rika was just at an age where friends were more important than looks.

Following the destruction wreaked by Vikaralamon, Rumiko tearfully told Rika how worried she had been, which made Rika realise how much she cared for her. Before going to the Digital World with the other Tamers to rescue Calumon, Rika donned the dress she worn for her camera test, as a way to show her mother that she cared about her too.

Some time later, when Yamaki called all the Tamers’ parents together, along with the Monster Makers, to explain the situation to them, Rumiko doubted that she had ever had the belief of a child that could open the gate to the Digital World. Seiko told her that it would be necessary to find a deeper belief if they wanted to see Rika again.

When the Monster Makers constructed an ark to bring the children home, an attack by the D-Reaper on the Hypnos processor almost foiled their plans, until they were able to corral the processing power of computers all around the world – among which was Seiko’s. As Seiko helped process the calculations, Rumiko watched, waited and hoped. Seiko and Rumiko were then at Shinjuku Park along with the other parents and the Hypnos contingent when the ark Bio-Emerged. However, the D-Reaper pursued the kids back to the real world, and Shinjuku was evacuated – Rumiko, Seiko and Rika stayed in a hotel, but it was not long before Rika had to leave to join in the battle against the D-Reaper. Rumiko did not want her to leave, but knew that she should be allowed to make her own decisions, the way that she had when she married. Before Rika departed, Rumiko gave her a shirt with a full heart on it, unlike her normal broken one, which matched a shirt of her own. Seiko told her she had done the right thing, but Rumiko wondered if love was enough to keep her safe.

You're a girl, right?When the kids found a note that instructed them to come to Rika’s house, they discovered that Rumiko, Seiko, Henry’s mother and Takato’s parents had cooked them a huge meal – Rika was particularly surprised to discover that her mother was even capable of cooking. When they moved to save Alice from the D-Reaper’s Agents, Rumiko wished that Rika had nothing to do with any of the chaos.

Rumiko and Seiko, along with the other parents, took up residence in the temporary Hypnos headquarters. When Jeri’s parents arrived from Matsumoto, Rumiko talked with Jeri’s stepmother about how hard it is to be a mother of any kind. Later, as the Biomerged Digimon struggled to rescue Jeri from the Kernel Sphere, Rumiko was shocked to discover that Rika and Renamon had actually merged together.

A week later, when the Hypnos team pulled back to Tsukuba, Rika, Renamon, Rumiko and Seiko went with them. They ate a meal in a restaurant, where Rumiko welcomed Renamon as a member of the family, seeking clarification on whether or not she was a girl. Soon after, Rika received a signal from Henry, and she and Renamon headed back to Shinjuku to face the D-Reaper in final battle.

A few months later, on Rika's birthday, Rumiko was aware of the party that the Tamers were going to throw for Rika, but Rika was annoyed that her family knew about it before she did. Rumiko and Rika were at the train station, to go gome, when Locomon appeared and thundered past, and Rika ran off to pursue the mechanical Digimon. After that conflict was resolved, the party was thrown, and Rumiko sang karaoke when Rika wouldn't.

Rumiko first appears in “O Partner, Where Art Thou?” Her voice is supplied by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

Name: In three instances within the first eighteen episodes of the season, Rumiko is referred to as “Makino.” See the “Makino” entry for an analysis of this. She is first referred to as Rumiko in “The Boar Wars,” and is consistently referred to as such thereafter.



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Digimon Tamers episode #9

English version written by Seth Walther

Growlmon is unable to De-Digivolve back into Guilmon, and Takato tries everything he can to solve the problem, to no avail. Growlmon is chased from the tunnel he is sleeping in by Impmon, and is found in the park the next day by Terriermon, where they then try to camouflage paint him, only to have the rain undo their work. As Takato fears that he’ll never De-Digivolve, a rainbow appears in the sky, and Growlmon turns back into Guilmon.

Episode Trivia – the title of this episode is a play on the popular advertising slogan.



Digimon Tamers episode #7

English version written by Steve Blum

When Guilmon almost disappears, Takato turns to Henry and Rika for advice, as the enigmatic Hypnos organisation closes in. Guilmon then vanishes utterly, and the Tamers team up and venture into the tunnel beneath the park where they discover an energy field containing Guilmon, and only just manage to rescue him before Hypnos’s Yuggoth program deletes them all.

Episode Trivia – the title of this episode is inspired by the catchphrase often implemented by magicians when they make something disappear.'Number Seven'



A Digimon fan with a fixation on the number seven, which he has emblazoned on his hat and shirt. It’s also the number of game cards that he has at any one time – so when he a found a mysterious eighth card in his collection after bumping into a man in a yellow jacket in the Akihabara district, he quickly got rid of it. The card wound up in the hands of Jeremy, who gave it to Kenta, but, doubting the card’s authenticity, he then gave it to Henry, who discovered it was a Blue Card in disguise. Trying to track down where it came from, the Tamers then talked to ‘Number Seven,’ who told them he’d found it after an encounter with a mysterious man in a yellow jacket.

‘Number Seven’ appears in “Duel with the Deva.” His voice is supplied by Tom Fahn.

Name: ‘Number Seven’ is not an official name – some fans took to calling him that after they mis-heard the line, “Yeah, he wore number seven” as “Yeah, you want Number Seven.” The boy was not named in the script, but director Mary Elizabeth McGlynn agrees that 'Number Seven' is as good a name as any.






Group: Mollusc – Level: Champion – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Party Time, Smash

When he received a copy of the new Digimon game, Henry passed over a Numemon as a playable character, instead electing to use Terriermon. The Numemon was then seen being destroyed alongside a Vegiemon by Gorillamon, who loaded their data.

Numemon appears very briefly in “It Came From the Other Side.”

Name: From the Japanese word, “numenume,” meaning soft and slippery.