Group: Machine - Level: Mega - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Giga Cannon, Dragon Fire

When Calumon released the light of the Shining Digivolution, a Machinedramon was among the many Mega level Digimon who were created and converged on the area. It’s possible that the Machinedramon may have Digivolved from Hagurumon.

Machinedramon appears in “Janyu’s Ark.”

Name: From “machine,” and “dragon,” which “dra” is short for.





Group: Android – Level: Armour – Type: Vaccine  - Attack Technique: Iron Press, Lightning Spear

A Maildramon was seen chasing Calumon across the circuit-plain between Earth and the Digital World. As Calumon stumbled, the Maildramon advanced, but was tackled by a DarkTyrannomon. The two Digimon grappled, but then the DarkTyrannomon Digivolved into a MetalTyrannomon, and crushed the Maildramon with its hand. Subsequently, Takato and Kazu were seen playing this battle out in the Digimon card game.

Maildramon appears in “Guilmon Comes Alive.” Its voice is supplied by Kirk Thornton. Note that it is Gatomon’s Armour form with the Digi-Egg of Miracles.

Name: “Mail” is a form of armour. “Dra” is short for “dragon.”





Group: Exalted Beast – Level: Ultimate – Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Flaming Arrowheads, Vedaka

Majiramon is the dragon Deva, the largest of all the Devas, who carried Makuramon back to the point where the monkey had entered the Digital World and lost his hold on Calumon’s rage. Much to Makuramon’s furious dismay, however, they discovered Calumon had escaped. They searched across the physical plain of the Digital World, looking for him, eventually spying the glowing light of Digivolution, as Calumon’s powers inadvertently made some Woodmon Digivolve. Calumon fell into a chasm, but the Tamers and their Digimon were also nearby, and Cyberdramon immediately attacked Majiramon. The dragon unleashed his Flaming Arrowheads, bringing Cyberdramon to his knees, then easily fended off attacks from Leomon, Growlmon and Gargomon. Ryo slashed a Goliath Modify Card, causing Cyberdramon to grow to a Majiramon’s size, allowing him to grapple with the dragon and crush his head, destroying him.

Majiramon first appears in “Brave New Digital World.” His voice is supplied by Bob Papenbrook.

Name: From Majira, one of the twelve Devas from Sanskrit.



In a few instances in the first third of the series, Rika’s mother is referred to as “Makino,” in such a way that it appears to be her first name in the American version. However, after this, she is always referred to as “Rumiko,” which is her first name in the original Japanese version. The name “Makino” comes from the original Japanese version also, where it is the family's surname. As Rika's surname is "Nonaka" in the US, then so too is it her mother's - her name is not "Rumiko Makino" in the US, because this just *doesn't make sense.* “Rumiko” is used consistently after the instances where “Makino” is used, and makes more sense, so this name should be considered the correct one. An interesting theory - given that she only uses the name while talking to other members of the fashion industry, perhaps Makino is her modelling name?

Rika’s mother refers to herself as Makino in “O Partner, Where Art Thou?” Her agent, Tsugai, calls her Makino again in “Digital Beauty.” The recap for this episode in “Impmon’s Last Stand” also calls her Makino.



MakoMako and his sister, Ai, are the partners of the mischievous Impmon. However, being very young, Ai and Mako didn’t appreciate Impmon properly, and treated him more like a pet than a partner. Disgusted with them, Impmon ran away, and vowed that he’d never obey a human again – a lifestyle that he tried to force upon the other Tamers’ Digimon when he encountered them.

Not long after first meeting the Tamers, Impmon returned to spy on Ai and Mako, and watched them as they fought over a teddy bear, eventually ripping it. He shuddered as he remembered their similar treatment of him, and snickered at their misfortune.

When he was drawn into the Digital World by Chatsuramon, the dog Deva attempted to provoke Impmon by showing him Ai and Mako again, as they were given a new puppy by their father, and promptly started fighting over it again. It’s not clear if this was actually real or not – Impmon was not truly there, so it could have been an illusion created by Chatsuramon, or it may have been an actual image from the real world; Ai and Mako WERE shown to have a puppy in their next appearance.

Ai and Mako were visiting their grandmother when Impmon returned to the real world, but they left him a note. After he successfully got Henry’s sensei to read it to him, he tracked them down, and found himself welcomed back with open arms – Ai and Mako had decided to share all their toys now, because they knew that their fighting had been what had driven Impmon away. As they fed him, they turned the TV on, showing footage of the Tamers battle with the D-Reaper, and Impmon decided to go and help. Mako gave him his favourite toy gun, and Ai gave him a kiss – prompting his Digivolution into Beelzemon Blast Mode!

Some time later in the battles against the D-Reaper, when Beelzemon failed to rescue Jeri from the Kernel Sphere, he was struck down, Ai and Mako saw footage of him deleting on TV.  However, Grani was able to rescue him before he deleted completed, leaving him as Impmon again. He was soon reunited with them, as they took him on a bus away from the city. As they were all together, the air shimmered above them – and a single Digivice for the two children appeared.

After the defeat of the D-Reaper, Impmon brought Ai and Mako to the park, to meet the other children. He and Jeri made their peace, but then, the Digimon De-Digivolved, and Ai and Mako watched with the others as they returned to the Digital World. However, a portal to the Digital World was later discovered by Takato, allowing Ai and Mako and all the other Tamers to be reunited with their partners.

Mako first appears in “Divided They Stand.” His voice is supplied by Wendee Lee.



All hail the monkey king!Group: Exalted Beast – Level: Ultimate – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Primal Orb, Raurava

Makuramon is the cunning monkey Deva, apparent second in command of the Devas, and the rival of Chatsuramon, vying with the canine for supremacy, and praise from their master, Zhuqiaomon, the Digimon Sovereign. Makuramon’s Primal Orb can simply be hurled to strike opponents with, or can be energised to turn it into a flaming projectile – Beelzemon later displayed its ability to contain foes. Makuramon is also capable of teleportation, and can assume a less-than-entirely-accurate human guise.

Makuramon, like the other Devas, was sent to Earth to search for a new power source to replace the vanished Shining Digivolution. Assuming his human form, Makuramon got close to the Tamers, the humans who had already destroyed several of the other Devas, first appearing in the middle of a game of hide-and-seek, hiding in the bushes alongside Takato and Kazu. When Guilmon found them, all the kids just stared at Makuramon, before he screeched at them and ran off.

Makuramon again managed to get close to Takato, Kazu and Kenta as they walked through the park, and tried to snatch Takato’s D-Power, but fled when he failed. He was later seen spying on the battle between the Tamers and Indramon, expressing much interest in Calumon.

As Jeri and Calumon sat in the park, eating buns, Makuramon watched from the bushes as Kumbhiramon appeared and chased them. As Leomon then battled the rat Deva, Makuramon carefully watched Calumon as Terriermon Digivolved, and finally realised the truth – that Calumon was the Shining Digivolution given Digimon form. When Takato spotted him, he ran off, cackling, and although Renamon and Rika pursued him, he managed to lose them.

Makuramon in human formMakuramon appeared in the park again, getting a little too close to Jeri and Calumon. He sprinted away again, but Jeri gave chase, followed by the other Tamers. The pursuit was interrupted by the Bio-Emergence of Vikaralamon, the pig Deva, but as the Tamers battled him, Makuramon confronted Jeri, Kazu and Kenta, and told them how the Devas needed power to destroy those that threatened their world – a speech that was also relayed to the Hypnos control room via binary code transmissions. Shedding his human guise, Makuramon revealed his true form, and then used his Primal Orb to implode the Juggernaut’s data stream, which crashed the Hypnos system and destroyed a portion of the towers. After WarGrowlmon defeated Vikaralamon, Makuramon snatched Calumon from Jeri’s hands, and leapt for the closing warp into the Digital World. Leomon reappeared and attempted to stop him, but Makuramon cut him down, and vanished into the Digital World.

As he entered the Digital World, however, the cage Makuramon had put Calumon in got stuck halfway. DigiGnomes appeared and dematerialised the cage’s handle, sending Makuramon plummeting down to the physical plain. He soon returned with Majiramon, but they discovered that Calumon had already escaped, and set about searching for him, eventually spying the light of Digivolution, as Calumon’s powers inadvertently made some Woodmon Digivolve. Calumon fell into a chasm, but the other Tamers were nearby, and Makuramon kept clear as Majiramon battled them, fleeing when Cyberdramon destroyed him.

Makuramon returned to the highest plain, home of the Digimon Sovereign, to dwell on his next course of action. While there, he came across Suzie, who had been pulled into the Digital World, and just parted company with Antylamon, the rabbit Deva, who she had befriended. Makuramon seized her, thinking that the Sovereign might have a use of her, and that it might get him out of trouble for losing Calumon. Antylamon appeared and engaged Makuramon in battle, protecting Suzie from him, and when she diced his Primal Orb with her Bunny Blades, Makuramon teleported away.

During Beelzemon’s battle with Megidramon, Makuramon appeared to deride the biker for his poor performance in the fight. Beelzemon, enraged by the monkey’s insults, grabbed Makuramon by the head and crushed him, destroying him and absorbing his data. When Rapidmon and Taomon then moved to attack him, he used Makuramon’s Primal Orb attack in a fashion that Makuramon himself never did, sealing the two Ultimates inside spheres that threatened to destroy them. They were only able to escape when Rika and Henry slashed the Alias Modify Card, allowing Renamon and Terriermon to separate themselves from their Ultimate forms.

Makuramon first appears in his human guise in “Impmon’s Last Stand.” He reveals his true Digimon form in “A World Apart,” and is destroyed in “Give a Little Bit.” His voice is supplied by Joe Ochman, apparently performing a higher-pitched emulation of the late Roddy McDowall, in homage to McDowall’s role in the original “Planet of the Apes.”

Name: From “Makura,” one the twelve Devas from Sanskrit.





Group: Ancient Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Tusk Crusher, Freezing Breath

A Mammothmon was among the many Digimon that were seen through the rip in the sky during Vikaralamon’s rampage. As seen in “A World Apart.”

Name: From "mammoth," a prehistoric elephant-like creature.



The Man in Black


Hypnos field agent. The Man in Black first appeared when he approached Janyu Wong, and warned him that someone else was still working on his project from times past, before vanishing. He appeared again later to update Yamaki on the search for Shibumi, and was then seen with two other field agents, pursuing who they believed to be Shibumi through back alleys. “Shibumi” evaded them by vanishing in a cloud of smoke – he was, in actuality, a Mokumon in Shibumi’s form.

The Man in Black first appears in “Juggernaut.” His voice is supplied by Robert Martin Klein. A scene was planned for “A World Apart,” where he was to reveal to Yamaki that Shibumi was dead, but it had to be dropped to fit in a piece of music.



MantaraymonGroup: Sea Animal – Level: Armour – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Tail Booster, Torpedo Ray

A Mantaraymon was among the Digimon in pursuit of Minami Uehara, and was the one who succeeded in capturing her, bursting out of the ocean and scooping her up, catching everyone by surprise, as they had thought the battle was over. Mantaraymon returned her to the island base of VP Labs, but Takato, Kai, Guilmon and Seasarmon followed, and Mantaraymon and a Depthmon attacked them as their boat entered a cave on the island. Guilmon Digivolved into Growlmon, and made short work of Mantaraymon.

Mantaraymon appears in “Battle of Adventurers." Mantaraymon is the Armour Digivolved form of Patamon with the Digi-Egg of Reliability.

Name: From the aquatic animal, the manta ray.



MarineAngemonGroup: Pixie – Level: Mega – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Kahuna Waves, Smiling Face

MarineAngemon is the Digimon partner of Kenta. The unassuming little creature was created from the power of the Shining Digivolution, but it’s not known what Digimon he Digivolved from. He can spit glowing hearts from his mouth that can both vaporise matter and heal injuries, and is able to generate bubbles strong enough to carry multiple humans and Digimon

When Calumon released the light of the Shining Digivolution, MarineAngemon was among the many Mega-level Digimon that were created and converged on the sixth plain of the Digital World. MarineAngemon crash-landed close to Kenta, and took an immediate liking to him, but Kenta picked him up and tossed him up in the air to help him get flying again. However, MarineAngemon somehow snuck into Kenta’s pocket, and emerged, along with a freshly-materialised D-Power, aboard the ark the kids were using to return home. Kenta was thrilled to discover that he was a Tamer to a Mega Digimon, and wouldn’t even let Kazu touch MarineAngemon.

When the D-Reaper pursued the kids back to Earth, Kenta and MarineAngemon watched on TV as Gallantmon, Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon battled its Agents. The two of them headed for Shinjuku to join in the fight, but when they got there, they had no idea of where to go, until they saw MegaGargomon fly by overhead. The followed him, and ventured into the D-Reaper’s chaos, where MarineAngemon saved Takato and Guilmon from the Jeri Type Agent by scaring it off with his Kahuna Waves attack, which he then used to heal Sakuyamon.

Kenta and MarineAngemon hung out with everyone else at the temporary Hypnos base, where they were shown the D-Reaper’s original form by Tally and Henry’s father. When it was deduced that Jeri was being held within the Kernel Sphere, Kenta, MarineAngemon, Kazu and Guardromon battled a platoon of Bubbles, while Gallantmon and Beelzemon tried to rescue her. They were sorely outnumbered, however, and were only saved by the timely arrival of Antylamon.

Kenta and MarineAngemon were not seen in Tsukuba with the other Tamers – they were next seen, along with Kazu and Guardromon, in Shinjuku, battling a Paratice Head, and being confronted by a police helicopter. They were told they were under arrest, but we did not see how they got out of it. The group then met up with Lopmon, and MarineAngemon carried them all into the D-Reaper’s chaos in one of his bubbles, pulling the other Tamers and their Digimon out in another one, as the Juggernaut devolved the D-Reaper into a harmless state and pulled it back into the Digital World.

Victory didn’t come without its price, however, as the Digimon had to return to the Digital World. MarineAngemon, unlike the others, did not revert to his In-Training form before floating through the portal. However, a portal to the Digital World was later discovered by Takato, enabling MarineAngemon and the other Digimon to be reunited with their partners. When Locomon appeared in Toyko, Kenta and MarineAngemon were shopping for presents for Rika's birthday party that same day, and MarineAngemon saw a news report on Locomon on TV screens. Kenta and MarineAngemon met up with Guardromon, Kazu and Guilmon, and headed towards Ichigaya station - the location of an opening rift between Earth and the Digital World, which Locomon was headed for. On the way, they met up with Henry and Lopmon, and used an abandoned rail car to catch up to Locomon. It was revealed that the evil Parasimon had taken over Locomon's mind and set him on this course, and Gallantmon destroyed him, but not before he sent a signal into the rift that summoned a massive swarm of his kind to Earth. In the ensuing battle, MarineAngemon was able to destroy a few Parasimon with his Kahuna Waves, and then, after Gallantmon Crimson Mode ended the battle by destroying all the Parasimon with one attack, MarineAngemon and Kenta attended Rika's part as planned.

MarineAngemon first appears in “Janyu’s Ark.” He becomes Kenta’s partner in “Homeward Bound.” His voice is supplied by Wendee Lee, except in "Runaway Locomon," where Mona Marshall stands in.

Name: From “marine,” relating to the water, and “angel,” a heavenly being from Christian belief.



Matrix Digivolving is the process by which a Digimon attains their Ultimate level. To attain the level, the power of a Blue Card (sometimes accompanied by a dose of Calumon’s powers) is required, as a level of power as high as (and higher than) Ultimate was not originally conceived by the Monster Makers – it was through the creation of Shibumi’s evolution algorithm that Digimon became able to obtain that power level. Matrix Digivolution via the slashing of a Blue Card allows a Champion to go to an Ultimate, and also for a Rookie to Digivolve quickly into Champion and on to Ultimate immediately.

Matrix Digivolving first occurs in “Grow Mon Grow,” when Growlmon becomes WarGrowlmon. In the Japanese version, Matrix Digivolving (or to be more accurate, Matrix Evolving) is also the name for what is known as Biomerge Digivolving in the west.



Eastern district of Tokyo where the Katou family were visiting relatives when the Tamers returned to Earth.



Yoshie MatsukiKnown members of the Matsuki family are Takato, his mother Yoshie and his father Takehiro. Takato’s parents are never named in dialogue in the US – however, Yamaki’s computer profile of Takato in “The Journey Begins,” shows their names. Yoshie’s name has been changed from the Japanese version, where she was "Mie."

At some point, Takehiro Matsuki quit his everyday nine-to-five job, and bought a bakery, starting up his own business with his wife, Yoshie. Takehiro is a good-natured man, but he's also quite soft, and as a result, in the early stages of the Tamers' adventures, he spends a lot of time under Yoshie’s thumb. Yoshie is the stereotypical ‘mom’ figure, being both a caring woman and a nag whenever the moment suits - and the moment usually suits the latter.

When Guilmon Bio-Emerges, Takato hid him from his parents under a cardboard box, but Takehiro didn’t take long to figure out that he’d brought some kind of animal home, and despite Takehiro’s requests, Yoshie insisted he take it back to wherever he found it, which led to Takato finding new ‘accommodation’ for Guilmon in the park.

When Guilmon disappeared into an energy field, Takato, Henry and Rika set about searching for him – they stayed out so late that Takehiro and Yoshie got progressively more worried, until they came out to look for him themselves.

After Guilmon became stuck in his Growlmon form, Takato turned to Jeri for advice, but when he got a rather nonsensical answer, Takato went to his parents for an explanation on the mystery of women. Later, when the Juggernaut system was activated, the couple knew nothing of what went on, beyond a bit of static during the televised baseball game Takehiro was watching.

Takehiro MatsukiWhen Henry was trying to locate Takato, to get his help in the battle with Sandiramon, Yoshie answered the phone, and told Henry Takato was in the park.

During the time that the Tamers engaged the Devas in a series of battles, Hypnos agent Riley paid one of her regular visits to the Matsuki bakery. Takehiro needed Takato to fetch him a roll of quarters for the register, and Yoshie then gave him a snack she had baked for him.

When Takato went on vacation to Okinawa, Yoshie put on a brave face, but was worried about him going on his own - so much so that she made mistakes using the bakery's cash register. However, when Takato, and his cousin, Kai, accidentally stumbled into the middle of a TV interview with VP Labs president, Ryuuji Tamashiro, Yoshie laughed it off, happy to know he was all right. She called Takehiro, but he came into the room too late to see it.

In the interim between the two battles with Indramon, Kazu and Kenta went to the Matsuki bakery, and asked Takehiro to make Guilmon bread for them. The conversation was interrupted by Takato, who dragged Kazu and Kenta out of there before they told his father anything more.

Prior to the battle with Kumbhiramon, Jeri visited the Matsuki bakery, and was served by Takehiro, who told her that Takato was out.

When Vikaralamon went on a rampage throughout Shinjuku, Yoshie refused to evacuate without Takato, not knowing that he was battling the beast. She and Takehiro went to the park to look for him, and found empty bags from their bakery in Guilmon’s hideaway. After Vikaralamon was destroyed, the Tamers had to travel to the Digital World to rescue Calumon from the clutches of Makuramon, and Takato had to tell his parents. Yoshie immediately panicked when Takato walked into the bakery with Guilmon, but after explanations were given, Takehiro gave Takato his blessing, and convinced Yoshie to let him go, promising to make Guilmon bread for Guilmon himself if he looked out for Takato.

Before the kids departed, Yoshie snuck a letter and a good-luck charm into Takato’s backpack. Some time later, while the group was spending the night in the warped black-and-white region of the Digital World, Takato found the note and the charm, and read his mother’s words of support and belief.

After the reactivation of the Juggernaut at the hands of the Head of National Security, Yamaki was reinstated as Hypnos head, and called together the Monster Makers and all the children’s parents, in order to explain the situation to them. Yoshie comforted the weeping Mrs. Kitagawa, while Takehiro, Yamaki and Janyu Wong then communicated with Takato through Yamaki’s comm-device.

When the Monster Makers constructed an ark to bring the children back to the real world, Takehiro and Yoshie were present with the other parents and the Hypnos contingent in Shinjuku Park to welcome the kids back. Yoshie allowed Takato to take Jeri to Matsumoto, where her parents were – but when the deadly D-Reaper appeared in the real world, she tried to dissuade Takato from fighting it, only to have him hang up the phone on her, insisting it was something he had to do.

As Yoshie and Takehiro had been forced to evacuate Shinjuku with the rest of the general populous, Takato and the other Tamers used the bakery to bake their breakfast in the morning before their initial battle with the D-Reaper’s Agents. A day or so later, they found a note from their parents, telling them to come to Rika’s house, where they discovered that Takehiro, Yoshie, Henry’s mother and Rika’s mother and grandmother had made a huge meal for them – including Guilmon bread. When the Tamers moved to save Alice from the D-Reaper’s Agents, Takehiro told Takato that they didn’t want him to fight, but knew that it too important for them not to. The parents all then watched the battle on television.

In the aftermath of that lengthy fight, Takehiro and Yoshie stayed at the temporary Hypnos base with the other parents and family members. Takehiro drove the kids to the base in one of the Hypnos vans, and they arrived in time for another meal Yoshie had prepared. Following the discovery that the Jeri who had returned to Earth with the Tamers was actually one of the D-Reaper’s Agents, Jeri’s parents arrived from Matsumoto, and her father then stole Takehiro’s van, and drove out to confront the D-Reaper and demand the return of his daughter. It was subsequently deduced that Jeri was being held within the Kernel Sphere, and the Biomerged Digimon launched an attack to save her. The Hypnos computers were able to hack into the D-Reaper’s signal, and could see through the layers of data that made up the Digimon, revealing to everyone that the kids and their partners had merged.

Following the D-Reaper’s transformation into the Mother D-Reaper, the Tamers, the families and the Hypnos team retreated to Tsukuba. Takato’s cousin Kai arrived from Okinawa, but didn’t wait at the train station for Takato’s parents to pick him up, instead making his own way to the beach, where he and Takato talked about the current situation, before Takehiro and Yoshie arrived, just as Takato received a signal from Henry that the final attack was about to begin. Takato told his parents they loved him, and Takehiro said they understood, telling him they were proud he was their son. Takato Biomerged with Guilmon into Gallantmon, and flew off on Grani, as his parents watched.

After the D-Reaper’s defeat, as Takato summarised the following months, Takehiro and Yoshie were seen serving Yamaki and Riley in their bakery.

The Matsukis first appear in “Guilmon Comes Alive.”

Takehiro’s voice is supplied by Kirk Thornton, while Yoshie is voiced by Philece Sampler.



See Takato



See Alice


MegadramonMcCOY, ROB

See Dolphin



Group: Dark Dragon – Level: Ultimate – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Darkside Attack, Parry Force

After winding up in the clockwork cloud area of the Digital World, Rika, Renamon, Kazu and Kenta discovered a jammed clock, which Rika fixed – prompting the sudden appearance of Megidramon from beneath the ground. He turned on Renamon, planning on loading her data so he could go to the real world, but Renamon became Kyubimon to battle him, but he defeated her with his Darkside Attack. Suddenly, Cyberdramon appeared, and used his Desolation Claw on Megadramon, sending him sinking back underground. Cyberdramon’s Tamer, Ryo, reigned Cyberdramon in, then jammed the clock up again to keep Megadramon under wraps.

Megadramon appears in “Blame it on Ryo.”

Name: From “mega” and “dragon,” which “dra” is short for.



MegaGargomonGroup: Android – Level: Mega – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Gargo Missile, Power Pummel, Mega Barrage

MegaGargomon is the Mega form of Terriermon, created when he and Henry Biomerge. Equipped with a colossal level of weaponry, just about every part of the gargantuan MegaGargomon’s body is a weapon – his primary offensive tools are his shoulder-mounted missile launchers, which fire his massive Gargo Missile attack. He is also capable of flight, thanks to the jet pack mounted on his back and his extending wing-like ears.

MegaGargomon made his first appearance during the Tamers’ battle with Zhuqiaomon. Henry had made it his goal alone to defeat Zhuqiaomon, but when he realised he couldn’t do it all by himself, and that he needed his friends, he and Terriermon merged into MegaGargomon and faced off with the repulsed Zhuqiaomon once more. Using all his attacks on the sovereign, he blasted the ground out from under him, and, thinking him defeated, separated back into Terriermon and Henry – only to have Zhuqiaomon emerge from the rubble and threaten them with destruction. The ensuing conflict was interrupted by Azulongmon, who explained the true nature of the sovereign’s plight, and about their true enemy, the D-Reaper.

The Tamers and their Digimon return to Earth, but were pursued by the D-Reaper. They were little match for the beast’s Agents, as they were unable to Biomerge in the real world, but when Dobermon gave them the power to do so, MegaGargomon, Gallantmon and Sakuyamon were reborn. MegaGargomon went up against a Creep Hands, and blew it to bits with his Mega Barrage and Gallantmon’s Shield of the Just. Gallantmon was pulled inside the D-Reaper’s chaos, and Justimon then arrived to hold off a Horn Striker while MegaGargomon and Sakuyamon ventured in after him. Kenta and MarineAngemon also followed them in, and it was MarineAngemon who saved the day by fending off the Jeri Type Agent.

When it was deduced that the real Jeri was being held within the Kernel Sphere, a rescue attempt was mounted. MegaGargomon and the others held off the Agents while Gallantmon and Beelzemon tried to free Jeri, but when Beelzemon was cut down, the D-Reaper evolved into the Mother D-Reaper, and they were forced to flee.

A week later, operating in Tsukuba in preparation for the final strike against the D-Reaper, Janyu Wong uploaded the Juggernaut program into Terriermon. Henry was then given the Red Card by Shibumi, and called all the other Tamers together in the sky above Shinjuku. Everyone slashed the card, and then Biomerged and entered the D-Reaper’s chaos once more. After fending off some Agents, MegaGargomon, Sakuyamon and Justimon tangled with the Cable Reaper as Gallantmon focused on saving Jeri. They could deal no damage to the powerful creature, but then, the Digimon Sovereign took the Cable Reaper out of the fight from the other side of the portal it was guarding. Henry and Terriermon were given instructions by Janyu, Dolphin and Yamaki, and entered the portal, activating the Juggernaut and spinning around and around, reversing the rotation of the vortex, which pulled the D-Reaper, returning it to the Digital World and reverted it to it’s original, harmless state. When the deed was done, MegaGargomon separated back into Henry and Terriermon, who, along with everyone else, were pulled to safety by one of MarineAngemon’s bubbles.

Victory did not come without a price, however, as the effects of the Juggernaut were felt of the Digimon, who reverted to their In-Training forms, and had to return to the Digital World. A portal to the Digital World was later discovered by Takato, however, enabling the Tamers and Digimon to be reunited. During the Locomon/Parasimon conflict, Henry and Terriermon Biomerged into MegaGargomon to battle the massive swarm of Parasimon that had been summoned to Earth.

MegaGargomon first appears in “No Mon Is an Island.” His voice is supplied by Mona Marshall and Dave Wittenberg.

Name: “Mega.” “Gargo” is a corruption of “galgo,” a breed of dog.



MegaMightyKentamon. Raar. Scary.When Kazu and Kenta were pretending to be Digimon partners for Jijimon and Babamon, Kenta pretended to be “MegaMightyKentamon,” and battled “BlackWarKazumon” with his “Broom of Madness” technique.

Believe or not, this actually *was* in the original, sort of – he was named “MegaloKentamon,” after MegaloGrowmon, WarGrowlmon’s Japanese name. “MegaMightyKentamon” swept us off our feet in “Kazu and Kenta’s Excellent Adventure,” although at one point Babamon erroniously referred to him as “MightyMegaKentamon.”Megidramon



Group: Dark Dragon – Level: Mega – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Megid Flame, Dragon Howling

Megidramon is the “dark” Mega form of Guilmon, born from Takato’s rage and hatred. When Beelzemon killed Leomon, Jeri broke down, enraging Takato, who ordered WarGrowlmon to Digivolve to Mega and destroy Beelzemon – but the evolution was flawed, and Guilmon became the monstrous Megidramon, who’s very presence threatened to disrupt the balance of the entire Digital World. As Megidramon battled Beelzemon, both Earth and the Digital World felt the shocks of the battle, which ultimately did not last long, as Beelzemon used data from Rapidmon, Taomon and Makuramon to enhance his strength and defeat Megidramon. Takato realised his mistake, and was thrust into a dream-vision that offered him the chance to start all over again, but Takato didn’t want to start with a new Guilmon, he wanted the same one he always had – his friend. Megidramon reverted to Guilmon, who was somehow able to make Megidramon’s tail appear to deflect Beelzemon’s Double Impact attack, and then he and Takato Biomerged into his true Mega form – Gallantmon!

Megidramon appears in “Lionheart” and “Give a Little Bit.” His voice is supplied by Steven Jay Blum.

Name: From “Megiddo,” the place where the apocalypse is prophesied to begin. “Dra” is short for “dragon.”



MephistomonGroup: Dark Animal – Level: Ultimate – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Dark Cloud, Black Sabotage

When an Apocalymon attempted to cross over from the Digital World to Earth, he found his way blocked by Omnimon, defender of both worlds. Apocalymon’s data restructured itself, turning him into Mephistomon, and he and Omnimon battled, but one of Omnimon’s blasts hurled Mephistomon back, allowing him to escape to Earth.

Once on Earth, Mephistomon assumed a human identity, Ryuuji Tamashiro, and formed VP Labs, a gaming and electronics manufacturer, which mass-produced the V-Pet designed by Takehito Uehara. Mephistomon had great plans for the V-Pets, programming them to wreak havoc on Earth’s electronics network. The V-Pet craze swept the world, and the little creatures were soon everywhere. However, Mephistomon knew of the existence of a vaccination program which could undo all he had worked for, and so he employed other Digimon agents to seek it out for him, which he remained hidden behind his human guise. His agents captured Minami Uehara, and used her to force her father to reveal the program’s location. Thankfully, Takato, Kai, Growlmon and Seasarmon arrived and freed her, destroying the other Digimon, but as Minami’s father explained the reasons for all this, he revealed that the vaccination program had been within the original V-Pet – within Seasarmon. With this knowledge, Mephistomon shed his human form and stood revealed before them, attacking Seasarmon, De-Digivolving him to Labramon. With the vaccine program in his grasp, nothing could stop his plans, as all across the world, the V-Pets caused the network to erupt in chaos, allowing Digimon to Bio-Emerge freely. Omnimon intervened, teleporting Rika, Henry and their Digimon to VP Labs, but Mephistomon countered by transporting them all into an illusionary underwater world he had created, crafted in the image of mankind’s future destruction. There, he battled the Champion Digimon, but lost his hold on Labramon, who leapt from his grip as the Champions brought a cruise ship down on Mephistomon in a blazing fireball. Mephistomon was apparently destroyed, but Labramon had not survived the encounter either, releasing the vaccine program and undoing all the damage caused before he died. Mephistomon was not defeated, however – he emerged from the rubble, having Digivolved into his Mega form of Gulfmon. The Champion Digimon Digivolved to Ultimate, and combined their energies to form the Trinity Burst, which destroyed Gulfmon.

Mephistomon appears in “Battle of Adventurers.” His voice is supplied by Richard Epcar.

Name: From “Mephistopheles,” the name for the Devil in the German legend of Faust. "Mephistopheles" means "he who is not a lover of light."



Group: Fire – Level: Champion – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Magma Blast, Roaring Flame

Meramon was the first Digimon that the Tamers encountered after arriving in the Digital World. He attacked them, thinking them enemies, but when Leomon beat him down with his Fist of the Beast King, he apologised and told them how much he wished he could go to the real world. During the night, the kids narrowly escaped a Jagamon stampede, but Meramon was not so lucky, being crushed to death after firing upon them. Renamon rationed that he had been trying to take over their territory. In the morning, the Tamers made a marker in Meramon’s memory.

Meramon appears in “Brave New Digital World.” His voice is supplied by Peter Spellos, reprising the role of the character from the previous seasons.

Name: From the Japanese word, “meramera,” meaning to burn.



Digimon Tamers episode #44

English version written by Adele Lim

The media and military descend upon the D-Reaper situation, as the Tamers are reunited with their parents for a meal at Rika’s house. They then move to rescue Alice and Dobermon from the D-Reaper’s Agents, and Dobermon gives them the power they need to Biomerge in the real world.



Group: Micro – Level: Baby – Attack Techniques: Powder Blow

MetalKoromon was the rider of the Behemoth motorcycle when it attacked the Chuchidarumon village, it’s mind having been taken over by the machine. When Guilmon unwittingly jumped into the driver’s seat, MetalKoromon was knocked off, and explained to the others how the bike took over minds. Leomon subsequently freed Guilmon, and the bike became partnered with Beelzemon.

MetalKoromon appears in “Motorcycle Madness.” Its voice is supplied by Melodee Spevack.

Name: From “metal,” and the Japanese word, “korokoro,” meaning something small, round and rolling. Bandai of America refers to this Digimon by its Japanese name, “Choromon,” which comes from the Japanese word, “choroi,” meaning simple. The name change was accompanied by several other changes, which are mistakes – the D-Power analysis states that MetalKoromon is a Rookie, when it is a Baby, and that it is a Machine Digimon, whenever all Baby and In-Training Digimon in the US are identified as “Micro.”


Group: Android – Level: Mega – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: River of Power, Giga Ice Blast

A MetalSeadramon was among the many Digimon who were seen through the rip in the sky during Vikaralamon's rampage. Later, when Calumon released the light of the Shining Digivolution, a MetalSeadramon was among the many Mega-level Digimon created who then converged on the area.

A MetalSeadramon first appears in “A World Apart.”

Name: From "metal," "sea," and "dragon," which "dra" is short for.




Group: Android – Level: Ultimate – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Fire Blast II, Nuclear Laser

When Calumon was being pursued by a Maildramon, he was saved by the timely arrival of a DarkTyrannomon, which began to battle the Maildramon. During the fight, the DarkTyrannomon Digivolved into a MetalTyrannomon, which crushed the Maildramon to death beneath its claws. Subsequently, Takato and Kazu were seen playing the same battle out in the Digimon card game.

Some time later, when V-Pets were wreaking havoc on Earth's electronics network, making it easier for Digimon to Bio-Emerge, a MetalTyrannomon was among some Digimon who tried to cross over to Earth, but were destroyed by Omnimon as they did so.

A MetalTyrannomon first appears in “Guilmon Comes Alive.” The other appearance of a MetalTyrannomon is in "Battle of Adventurers."

Name: From “metal” and “tyrannosaurus,” a type of dinosaur. “Tyrannosaurus” is Greek for “tyrant lizard.”



MihiramonGroup: Exalted Beast – Level: Ultimate – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Samurai Tiger Tail, Armoured Tiger Tail

Mihiramon is the tiger Deva, the first of the Devas to enter the real world and battle the Tamers. Able to morph his tail into blade and club weapons, Mihiramon flies on massive wings with deadly speed.

When Hypnos activated their Juggernaut program for the first time, it functioned as planned at first, pulling all the Wild Ones on Earth back into the Digital World. However, on the other side of the portal it had opened, Mihiramon was somehow able to enter the Juggernaut core and enter the real world through the vortex. The sky was torn asunder, as Mihiramon delivered a message to Yamaki, proclaiming the superiority of Digimon over humans. He Bio-Emerged atop the Hypnos towers, and was confronted by Renamon, who Digivolved into Kyubimon, but was quickly defeated and knocked from the top of the towers. Gargomon was next in line, and managed to identify Mihiramon’s pattern of circling prior to attack, before he too was defeated and sent crashing back to ground level. Growlmon then went up against the tiger, with Takato feeling his pain as he was struck down. The military stepped in to attack Mihiramon, but their guns would have no effect on the Deva. Takato’s determination to fight transformed one of his cards into a Blue Card, which Takato used to Matrix Digivolve Growlmon into WarGrowlmon. WarGrowlmon deflected Mihiramon’s attacks, then seized his tail, and pulled him in for a point-blank Atomic Blaster attack, destroying him.

Mihiramon appears in “Grow Mon Grow.” His voice is supplied by Bob Papenbrook.

Name: From “Mihira,” one of the twelve Devas from Sanskrit.



Miki NakajimaMiki Nakajima is a member of Miss Asaji’s class, and one of Jeri’s friends. She made her first appearance when she, Ayaka and their third, unnamed friend, met up with Jeri while Kazu, Kenta and Takato were having a discussion about fighting. When Impmon was terrorising couples in the park, Miki supported Ayaka’s belief that it was one of the boys that was doing it. Miki and Jeri later had a laugh at Kazu and Kenta’s expense when they questioned whether or not they ever got tired of Digimon. Miki was among the various kids that Takato introduced to Guilmon prior to the battle with Sandiramon, and also went on the school camping trip. Much later, Miki was present as Miss Asaji and her class shouted their support to Gallantmon during a battle with the D-Reaper.

Miki first appears in “To Fight or Not to Fight.” She is the only one of Jeri’s three friends who is ever referred to by name in the US version of the show.



Minami UeharaMinami Uehara is the daughter of Takehito Uehara, the man who created the V-Pets. While out surfing one day, Minami was caught in a storm, and her dog, Mei, drowned. She blamed herself, and in an effort to ease her suffering, her father created the first V-Pet, designed in the image of Mei. But Minami rejected it, refusing to accept it as a replacement for her beloved pet.

When Takehito’s V-Pet design was mass-produced by VP Labs, it became popular all across the world. But when VP Labs was attacked by Digimon, Minami was able to escape with the original V-Pet, which, unbeknownst to her, contained the V-Pet vaccination program the Digimon were seeking. She encountered Takato, Kai and Guilmon while they were on a fishing trip, and Guilmon dispatched the Tylomon that was pursuing her. She was taken to Kai’s home, where his grandfather called for a local nurse to give her some medical treatment. She soon came around, and quickly warmed to Guilmon, despite her initial distress. As the group ate a meal in the evening, Kai’s grandfather’s music saddened her. During the night, more Digimon came for Minami – a Scorpiomon attacked and was engaged by Guilmon, and Kai tried to take Minami to safety as his grandfather took on a Divermon. The Divermon caught up with them, but then, from Minami’s laptop, Seasarmon emerged and saved her. Everyone gathered on the beach, but suddenly, a Mantaraymon burst out of the sea, grabbed Minami, and carried her back to VP Labs.

In the lab complex, Minami was sealed within a room full of industrial lasers, as Baronmon and his cronies demanded that her father reveal the location of the V-Pet vaccination program. Takato, Kai, Seasarmon and Growlmon burst in and destroyed the Digimon, and Minami’s father explained that he had put the vaccination program into the original V-Pet – inside Seasarmon. As they fled the island, they found their way barred by the company president, Ryuuji Tamashiro, who then revealed himself to have masterminded the whole scheme – in reality, he was Mephistomon, and was using the V-Pets to plunge Earth’s electronics network into chaos. The vaccination program was the only thing that could stop him, and hence, he had sought it out. He attacked Seasarmon, causing him to revert into Labramon, and grabbed him, thinking his victory was assured. The arrival of Rika, Henry and their Digimon didn’t faze him – he teleported everyone into an underwater illusionary world he had crafted in the image of mankind’s future destruction, where he battled the Champion Digimon, who brought a cruise ship down on him in a ball of flame. Labramon shielded Minami from the ensuing explosion, but she tried to tell him she didn’t appreciate it. Labramon, created to replace Mei, effectively WAS Mei, and so told her that Mei’s death was not her fault. Minami broke down, and begging Labramon not to die, but he had no energy left in him. By crying out his name, calling him Mei, she activated the vaccination program, which repaired the damage the V-Pets had done to Earth’s network. The battle wasn’t quite over, though, as Mephistomon emerged in his Mega form of Gulfmon, prompting the Digimon to Digivolve to Ultimate, and combine their energies to form the Trinity Burst attack, which destroyed Gulfmon.

Minami appears in “Battle of Adventurers.” Her voice is supplied by Stephanie Sheh.Minomon



Group: Micro – Level: In-Training – Attack Technique: Bubble Blow

A Minomon was among the shadowed Digimon who wanted Rika to tame them. As seen in “O Partner, Where Art Thou?”

Name: From "minomushi," the Japanese name for the larval form of an insect called "minoga."



See Asaji, Nami



See Asaji, Nami



See Yamaki



See Shibumi



Modify Cards are simply cards from the Digimon card game, used to give Digimon extra powers and abilities during play. However, when the Tamers slash them through their D-Power Digivices, they are able to use them to Digi-Modify their Digimon, giving them extra equipment, abilities and even the traits of other Digimon to use during battle.

Modify Cards first appear in “Guilmon Comes Alive.”

I had previously considered listing all the Modify Cards used in the series in this encyclopedia, but ultimately decided against it.



MokumonGroup: Micro – Level: Baby – Attack Technique: Smoky Blow

Mokumon were apparently employed by Shibumi as helpers while his consciousness was in the Digital World, given that two of them were seen in his library.

When a group of Hypnos field agents were pursuing a man they believed to be Shibumi through back alleys, he disappeared into a cloud of smoke, at the heart of which was a Mokumon silhouette – it is apparent that a Mokumon had assumed Shibumi’s form and was carrying out earthy activities, including getting the Modify Card that would become a Blue Card into ‘Number Seven’s’ collection.
The Shibumi-Mokumon first appeared in “Duel with the Deva.” Mokumon first appeared in their real forms in “Shibumi Speaks.”

Name: From the Japanese word, “moku,” meaning “smoke.”



Group: Dinosaur - Level: Champion - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Volcanic Strike, Slamming Attack

When he received a copy of the new Digimon game, Henry passed over a Monochromon as a playable character, instead electing to use Terriermon. The Monochromon was then seen being destroyed by Gorillamon, who loaded its data.

Monochromon appears very briefly in “It Came From the Other Side.”

Name: From “monochrome,” meaning one colour.



MonodramonGroup: Mini Dragon – Level: Rookie – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Beat Knuckle, Cracking Bite

Monodramon is the Rookie form of Cyberdramon, the partner of Ryo. The details of how he and Ryo became partners are not given in the anime, but according to the "Brave Tamer" video game, they met after Ryo was hurled into the past, and awoke, amnesiac, at the dawn of the Digital World. He and Monodramon went on a series of adventures in various universes, leading to a final showdown with Ryo's longstanding nemsis, Millenniummon, in the form of XeedMillenniummon. Millenniummon revealed that he was always to have been Ryo's partner, but with Monodramon as his partner now, that was impossible. Monodramon forced a DNA Digivolution between the two of them, which resulted in a Digi-Egg. The egg hatched into Ketomon, who Digivolved to Hopmon, then to Monodramon, and on to Cyberdramon. Millenniummon's influence is the seeming explanation for Cyberdramon's feral, uncontrollable nature.

When the Tamers were preparing to return to Earth, Ryo and Cyberdramon had to locate Rika and Renamon, who had gone to look for Impmon. When they returned, successfully, Cyberdramon De-Digivolved into Monodramon when he entered the ark, and returned to Earth with everyone else. When Ryo’s father then drove him home the day after their return, Monodramon irritated the angry parent even further by incessantly fiddling with the dashboard controls. Monodramon later Digivolved back into Cyberdramon, and Biomerged with Ryo into Justimon.

Monodramon first appears in “Homeward Bound.” His voice is supplied by Lex Lang.

Name: From “mono,” meaning one, and “dragon” which “dra” is short for.



The Monster Makers (Daisy, Babel, Dolphin, Curly, Tao)The Monster Makers is the collective name for the group of programmers who conducted a project into the creation of artificial life as part of the A.L. Movement. Five of their number were students at Palo Alto University, the sixth being the project’s creator, and an assistant professor at the university, Doctor Rob McCoy. The Monster Makers, as they called themselves, were all assigned codenames – McCoy became Dolphin, Janyu Wong was known as Tao, Goro Mizuno was Shibumi, Rai Aishuwarya was Curly, and the other two programmers were dubbed Daisy and Babel. Using drawings made by McCoy’s son as a basis for their work, the Monster Makers succeeded in creating primitive digital life, as well as portable devices that could be used to communicate with the digital creatures – but just as this success came, the project’s funding dried up, and it had to be shut down. However, by accident, the digital lifeforms found their way into the “Digital World” created by the Earth’s interlinked electronics systems, where they lived and grew as Digimon.

With the project’s conclusion, the Monster Makers went their separate ways, but received no credit when Digimon was transformed into a video game, card game and cartoon years later. The Hypnos organisation, however, discovered that Digimon were real, and set up protocols to deal with them as they Bio-Emerged into the real world, but when the organisation's numerous schemes failed, and Earth came under threat from the Devas, Yamaki reunited the Monster Makers, in an attempt to learn more about Digimon and deduce a way to destroy them. After being fired following the destruction wreaked by Vikaralamon, however, Yamaki turned to the side of good, and allied himself with the Tamers, helping them as best he could on their mission to rescue Calumon, calling the Monster Makers and the children’s parents together once again to explain the situation to all of them.

The Monster Makers’ next task was to design an ark to bring the children home. Using the design of their portables (which had already been used as the basis for the Tamers’ D-Powers), and programming it with the Digimon project’s core code, the ark was more than a success, become a self-aware machine that brought the Tamers back to the real world safely. However, they were pursued by the D-Reaper, and the Monster Makers used all the resources they had to help combat it, aided by the return of the errant Shibumi. Daisy redesigned the ark into Grani, and Shibumi helped it to Bio-Emerge to aid the Tamers in their battles.

Through help from their old friend Johnny Beckenstein and the Global Taskforce, the Monster Makers discovered that the D-Reaper was a quantum bubble, and concocted a plan that could destroy it. Forced to retreat to Tsukuba when the D-Reaper became the Mother D-Reaper, the Monster Makers put this plan, Operation: Doodlebug, into action, uploading the Juggernaut into Terriermon, who, as MegaGargomon activated it within the portal the D-Reaper opened to the Digital World, and reversed the rotation of the vortex. The Juggernaut’s miniature “Big Bang” function disrupted the D-Reaper’s quantum bubble and began to suck it through the portal, back into the Digital World, while the reversed vortex devolved it into a harmless state.

The notion of the Monster Makers first arises in “Juggernaut,” when the Man in Black speaks to Janyu Wong about the project he worked on in the past. The Monster Makers themselves first appear in a flashback when Janyu explains about the project to Henry in “Duel with the Deva.” They first appear in real time in “Out of the Blue.”

Name: The original Japanese name of the Monster Makers is “The Wild Bunch,” but this had to be changed for the US version, as that name is already copyrighted.



Toshiaki MoriMr. Toshiaki Mori is a P.E. teacher at Takato’s school, appearing every once in a while, generally in the vicinity of Miss Asaji, whom he has something of a crush on.

Mori made his first, brief appearance just after Principal Seiji Kurosawa had his encounter with Guilmon in the school halls, as one of the teachers that the principal was trying to convince about what he had seen. Mori was less than ready to believe in a talking dinosaur.

Mori next appeared patrolling Shinjuku Park with Miss Asaji, when it was believed that a child was terrorising couples after dark. Mori got a little bit nervous around all of the kissing couples, and Miss Asaji couldn’t take any more of him, leaving to go home. A while later, Mori popped up to say good morning to a grumpy, headache-suffering Miss Asaji after she had lectured Takato on causing trouble, but she didn’t hang around to chat.

Mori and Miss Asaji were the teachers in charge of the school camping trip – on the first night, Mori told the kids a ghost story, only to wind up being terrified himself when he caught a glimpse of Guilmon. The following day, Miss Asaji declined Mori’s offer to rub suntan lotion on her back.Mother D-Reaper

Mori first appears in “Digimon, Digimon Everywhere.” His voice is supplied by Robert Martin Klein.



The towering Mother D-Reaper is the final form of the D-Reaper. After Beelzemon was cut down when he and Gallantmon were attempting to rescue Jeri from the Kernel Sphere, the D-Reaper had gained enough energy from Jeri’s mind to allow it to evolve further. Absorbing the Hypnos towers into itself, the D-Reaper became the Mother D-Reaper, forcing the Digimon to retreat, leaving the creature to spread itself further, and to begin making contact with the other D-Reaper masses that were located all across the globe.

When the Mega-level Digimon entered the D-Reaper’s chaos to wage the final battle, their path to the Mother D-Reaper was obstructed by armies of Agents, as well as the Cable Reaper. While everyone else took on the Cable Reaper, Gallantmon focused on the Mother D-Reaper, but was cut down as the Jeri-Type Agent emerged from it’s mass in the form of a huge head, and blasted him from the sky. Grani then appeared, and merged with Gallantmon, creating the awesome Gallantmon Crimson Mode, who destroyed the head, tore through an army of Horn Strikers, and defeated an advanced version of the Jeri-Type Agent in a fierce battle. Jeri had been able to crack the Kernel Sphere – located in the centre of the Mother D-Reaper’s “face” – with her Digivice, but chaos began to spill in, and, as Gallantmon moved to grab Jeri, the Mother D-Reaper’s tentacles reached for him, but before they could ensare him, the Mother D-Reaper - along with the rest of the D-Reaper's chaos - was sucked through the vortex back into the Digital World and devolved, thanks to MegaGargomon and the Juggernaut.

The Mother D-Reaper first appears in “D-Reaper’s Feast.” It’s voice, like the rest of the D-Reaper, is supplied by Bridgette Hoffman.



Digimon Tamers episode #27

English version written by Rebecca Olkowski

Takato and co.’s search for their missing friends brings them to a Chuchidarumon village, which is under attack from the Behemoth motorcycle. Henry is unwilling to get involved in the struggle, and the bike possesses Guilmon, who is saved by Leomon. Meanwhile, Chatsuramon extends an offer to Impmon – the ability to Digivolve in return for the destruction of the Tamers and their Digimon. Impmon accepts, and Digivolves into his Mega form of Beelzemon, who masters control of Behemoth.



Cantonese phrase, which means “take it easy,” frequently favoured by Terriermon. Terriermon first says “moumantai” in “To Fight Or Not To Fight.”



Digimon Tamers episode #11

English version written by Steve Blum

Musyamon tries to Bio-Emerge, but is prevented from doing so by Yuggoth. Henry once again expresses his desire for Terriermon not to fight, and then discusses the merits of partnership and Digivolving with Renamon. When Musyamon reappears, Henry realises that some battles must be fought, and Terriermon Digivolves into Gargomon to save a little girl and destroy Musyamon – but the whole ordeal has been observed by Yamaki.

Episode Trivia – the title of this episode comes from the Shakespeare play, “Much Ado About Nothing.”


Mummymon (human form) 


Group: Ghost – Level: Ultimate – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Snake Bandage, Necrophobia

A Mummymon, in human form, was among the shadowed Digimon who wanted Rika to tame them. As seen in “O Partner, Where Art Thou?”

Name: From “mummy,” the name for a corpse preserved in wrappings, as originated by the ancient Egyptians.




Group: Vegetation - Level: Rookie - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Fungus Crusher, Laughing Smasher

A Mushroomon was among the unfortunate Digimon seen frozen in IceDevimon’s collection of defeated opponents. As seen in “The Icemon Cometh.”

Name: From “mushroom.”




MusyamonGroup: Wizard - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Shogun Sword, Ninja Blade

A Musyamon was among the shadowed Digimon who wanted Rika to tame them. Later, another Musyamon’s attempts to Bio-Emerge into the real world were at first thwarted by Hypnos’s Yuggoth program, but upon his second attempt, he destroyed Yuggoth and appeared on Earth by the Shinjuku Guard Rail. After terrorising motorists, he was confronted by Takato and Guilmon; Takato attempted to re-use a Modify Card combo he had previously employed to defeat IceDevimon, but the tactic failed. Henry, meanwhile, was unwilling to let Terriermon fight, but when a little girl chased her balloon into the Digital Field, and Musyamon prepared to kill her, Henry realised that some battles must be fought, and allowed Terriermon to Digivolve into Gargomon to protect her. Gargomon dealt Musyamon a point-blank blast of Gargo Laser, destroying him, and then absorbed his data.

Musyamon appears in “Much Ado About Musyamon.” His voice is supplied by Beau Billingslea.

Name: "Musya" is an alternate spelling for "musha," a Japanese word meaning "warrior."