LabramonGroup: Animal – Level: Rookie – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Cure Liquor, Retrieving

Labramon is the Rookie form of Seasarmon. Designed as the first V-Pet by Minami Uehara’s father, Labramon was created to replace Minami’s dead dog, Mei, and was sculpted in the dog’s image, but Minami rejected the V-Pet.

When Minami fled VP Labs with the original V-Pet, she was pursued by wild Digimon, and Seasarmon emerged from the V-Pet to try and save her – in vain, as she was captured and taken back to VP Labs. Takato, Kai and Guilmon followed, but in the ensuing confrontation, it was revealed that the president of the company, Ryuuji Tamashiro, was, in actuality, the evil Digimon Mephistomon, and had been searching for the vaccination program Minami’s father had created for the V-Pets, which could stop his plan to use them to plunge Earth’s computer systems into chaos – a program that Minami’s father inadvertently revealed was within Seasarmon. Mephistomon attacked, De-Digivolving Seasarmon into Labramon, and seizing him. He then transported all the Tamers into an underwater world he had crafted in the image of mankind’s destruction, where he battled the Digimon in their Champion forms. At Growlmon’s urgings, Labramon broke free from Mephistomon’s grip as the Champions brought a cruise ship crashing down on him. Labramon shielded Minami from the following blast, fatally wounding himself, but she tried to say she didn't appreciate what he'd done. Labramon, having been designed to replace Mei, effectively was Mei, and told Minami that Mei's death wasn't her fault. Minami broke down, pleading with Labramon not to die, and by finally accepting him, and calling him Mei, the name always intended for him, Minami enabled the vaccination program within him to activate, repairing the damage done to Earth’s electronics network by the rampaging V-Pets, as he deleted in her arms.

Labramon appears in “Battle of Adventurers.” His voice is supplied by Richard Cansino.

Name: From “Labrador,” a breed of dog.



LeomonGroup: Animal – Level: Champion – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Fist of the Beast King, Beast Sword

Leomon is the Digimon partner of Jeri. Courageous and noble, and a firm believer that every living being has their own destiny to live out, the only existence Leomon knew before he met Jeri was one of endless conflict. From his fist he can summon a powerful flaming projectile known as the Fist of the Beast King.

Leomon Bio-Emerged into the real world via a rainbow, just in time to rescue Jeri and Calumon from Kumbhiramon, hurling the rat Deva across the park. Jeri quickly developed a crush on Leomon, insisting that he was her partner and chasing him through the park, proclaiming all the while that it was destiny. He hid in Guilmon’s hideaway, where he was found by Takato. As Jeri continued to chase him around, Takato called Rika and Henry in, but as they arrived, Kumbhiramon reappeared. Leomon and Gargomon went up against him, and Jeri attempted to help by slashing a Modify Card through Takato’s D-Power – but it had no effect, and she realised that she must not be Leomon’s Tamer after all. When Kumbhiramon used his Deva Clone attack, Leomon obliterated the copies with his Fist of the Beast King, and then destroyed the real Kumbhiramon with his sword. He then departed, before the crying Jeri’s tears forced him to stay.

A short time later, just after the Tamers had defeated Vikaralamon, Makuramon, the monkey Deva, snatched Calumon and leapt for the portal back to the Digital World. Leomon appeared, bounding across the rooftops, and lunged for the monkey, but he was cut down, as Makuramon made his escape. Jeri called out to him, and a D-Power appeared for her, which she used to heal his wounds – the two truly were meant to be partners.

Two nights before the Tamers entered the Digital World, Jeri brought Leomon a glass of juice, and voiced her doubts about being worthy enough to be his Tamer. Leomon assured her that she had a lion’s heart, and then talked to her father about where they were planning on going.

On the kids’ first night in the Digital World, Leomon felled the raging Meramon with the Fist of the Beast King, and then carried Jeri and Rika to safety, out of the path of the Jagamon stampede.

When the team came across the Chuchidarumon village, which was being menaced by the Behemoth motorcycle, Leomon saved a young Chuchidarumon from the maniacal machine. When the bike returned and took over Guilmon’s mind, Leomon was the one who freed him by knocking him from the rider’s seat.

Leomon and everyone else later wound up in the warped black-and-white region of the Digital World. After they spent the night, then returned to the desert plain the next day, Leomon, Gargomon and Growlmon went up against the dragon Deva, Majiramon, but were no match for him – he was then defeated by Cyberdramon, with the aid of a Goliath Modify Card.

As the group walked on through the desert, Kazu and Kenta talked about how they wished they had partners, and Leomon told them he believed they would find them in time. After the following battle with Beelzemon, which was interrupted by a storm caused by the Juggernaut, Leomon grabbed Kazu, Kenta and Jeri to stop them from being blown away, but was unable to catch Calumon before Chatsuramon snapped him up and spirited him away.

The remaining members of the group soon wound up in an area of forest, where they witnessed a battle between Orochimon and Andromon. When Andromon was injured, Leomon managed to force Orochimon back, and they then took Andromon to a nearby Gekomon village, where they convinced the Gekomon to give them some data packets to heal Andromon’s wounds, causing him to De-Digivolve into Guardromon. Jeri was then captured by Orochimon, and Leomon pursued, swimming after him through the lake, but Orochimon held him back with his Inferno Blast. Guardromon then hit on a plan to rescue Jeri, instructing everyone to hide inside the drinks barrels the Gekomon were delivering to Orochimon’s island. Upon arrival, everyone burst out and attacked Orochimon, managing to destroy several of his heads, only to discover that he could regenerate them. Jeri then slashed a LadyDevimon Modify Card, and Leomon destroyed Orochimon’s central head with a Darkness Wave attack. As everyone celebrated, a D-Power appeared for Kazu – he and Guardromon were partners!

Glurk... gack... choke... all... going... black...While once again walking through the desert, Leomon, Growlmon and Kyubimon discussed how they became partners with their humans. Jeri considered herself weak, but Leomon once again assured her of her lion’s heart. Growlmon said he wanted to become strong like Leomon, but Leomon told him that he had his own destiny, his own life to live. The conversation was interrupted as Growlmon heard Takato’s voice emanating from a Data Stream, which the team then rode to the site of Rapidmon’s battle with Beelzemon. A fierce conflict ensued, and, as Beelzemon prepared to deliver the final blow to Kyubimon, Leomon seized his arm to stop him. Leomon informed the ranting Beelzemon that to simply have power did not make him strong – but Beelzemon retaliated by impaling Leomon through the chest with his claws. Leomon collapsed, and slowly began to delete, as he told Jeri that a part of him would always be with her. Beelzemon absorbed Leomon’s data, as Jeri sunk into a deep depression, which would eventually make her a target for the deadly D-Reaper.

Some time later, when the D-Reaper had captured Jeri and pursued the Tamers back into the real world, the repentant Beelzemon struggled to free her from within the Kernel Sphere, seeking redemption for his evil deeds. Unable to break the sphere with his own strength, he called upon the power of Leomon’s data, using the Fist of the Beast King to shatter it. But Jeri had thought that Leomon had returned to save her, and was too terrified to take Beelzemon’s hand, and so the sphere sealed itself again, keeping her trapped inside. Jeri had come to believe that the destiny Leomon had spoken of was, for her, to be alone.

A week after this, as the Tamers waged the final battle against the D-Reaper, Jeri, with the help of Calumon, came to the realisation that everyone had the power to shape and change their destiny – to make their own future. Her D-Power, which had dissolved into static, reactivated, and an image of Leomon appeared, to give one, brief affirmative nod to Jeri, before disappearing.

Leomon first appears in “Jeri’s Quest,” and becomes Jeri’s partner in “A World Apart.” He dies in “Lionheart” (and his death scene subsequently becomes the singular most-repeated piece of non-stock footage in Digimon’s history). His voice is supplied by Paul St. Peter, reprising his role as the character from season one. At first, Leomon mostly speaks softly and genially, but as time passes, the voice and performance given by St. Peter gradually alter to become almost identical to season one Leomon.

Name: "Leo" is Latin for lion.



LocomonGroup: Machine – Level: Ultimate – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Wheel Grinder, Steam Bomb

His mind under the control of Parasimon, the massive, train-like Locomon Bio-Emerged into the middle of Tokyo, and immediately began a continuous, high-speed circuit of one of the city's belt lines, circling the downtown area at high speed and creating a spatial distortion that opened a rift between Earth and the Digital World at Ichigaya station. Pursued by the various Digimon Tamers, Locomon was quickly boarded by Takato, Rika and Renamon, but their attacks on his engine furnace didn’t faze him. Beelzemon then arrived, driving alongside Locomon on Behemoth, and fired a few shots at the train Digimon, doing no damage. Locomon’s Wheel Grinder then struck Behemoth, knocking the bike out from under Beelzemon and sending them both spiralling away, before city railroad workers hastily laid new track that redirected Locomon towards the portal, with the intent of sending him back to the Digital World. Rika made another attempt to attack Locomon’s furnace, but Parasimon seized control of her mind too, forcing her to attack Takato and Rika. Guilmon was able to free her, but then, Locomon Digivolved into his Mega form of GrandLocomon, and Parasimon revealed himself, resulting in his destruction at the hands of Gallantmon, but not before he fulfilled his plan by sending a signal into the rift, summoning a huge swarm of his kind to Earth. A fierce battle ensued, which was ended when Gallantmon Crimson Mode eliminated all the Parasimon in one shot. GrandLocomon reverted back into Locomon, and, as the last vestiges of Parasimon’s control faded, disappeared back into the Digital World through the vanishing rift.

Locomon appears in "Runaway Locomon." His voice, supplied by Lex Lang, is a heavily-modulated impression of country singer Johnny Cash.

Name: From “locomotive,” an old word for a train.



LopmonGroup: Beast – Level: Rookie – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Blazing Ice, Tiny Twister

Lopmon is the Digimon partner of Suzie, able to glide on her ears and shoot blasts of ice from her mouth. Before meeting Suzie, Lopmon was Antylamon, the rabbit Deva, servant of Zhuqiaomon, one of the Digimon Sovereign, and guardian of the south gate.

When Suzie was pulled into the Digital World, she met and befriended Antylamon, eventually coercing her into helping her look for Terriermon. When Makuramon attempted to abscond with Suzie, Antylamon tried to save her, not even really understanding why she was doing so. After Takato, Henry and Terriermon arrived, Makuramon fled, and a D-Power appeared for Suzie, shocking Henry with the revelation that Suzie and Antylamon were partners. Then, however, a beam of light appeared from over the horizon, and struck Antylamon, reverting her to her Rookie form of Lopmon – as punishment for her treachery, Zhuqiaomon had taken from her the power to Digivolve.

Lopmon explained that Zhuqiaomon needed Calumon’s powers to protect the Digital World, but was unwilling to let them battle him, no longer wanting to fight. During Gallantmon’s battle with Beelzemon, Chatsuramon teleported in, having been ordered to destroy Lopmon by Zhuqiaomon. Terriermon defended them, and was injured, but Chatsuramon was then destroyed by Gallantmon. Gallantmon subsequently defeated Beelzemon, but spared his life in accordance with Jeri’s wishes.

When the Tamers traversed the Phoenix Gate, Lopmon went in with Takato, Henry, Rika and their Digimon, while Suzie stayed behind with Kazu, Kenta and Jeri. In the ensuing battle with Zhuqiaomon, the Sovereign extended an offer to Lopmon, to return to his side and destroy the humans alongside him. When she refused, he unleashed a blast of flame on her, but WarGrowlmon intercepted it, protecting her, but Suzie’s D-Power pulled her to the castle and Lopmon’s side. The weakened Terriermon insisted he fight on, to protect Suzie, and he and Henry Biomerged into MegaGargomon, and temporarily defeated Zhuqiaomon, but he soon re-emerged from the chasm they dropped him in. The continued battle was then broken up by Azulongmon, who spoke of the “true enemy” – which, Lopmon explained, was neither human nor Digimon. Shibumi then arrived, and revealed the name of the enemy: the D-Reaper.

After Calumon was rescued, he released the light of the Shining Digivolution, the Tamers prepared to return to Earth. Zhuqiaomon noted his continued disgust of their partner Digimon, but gave them his blessing, and Lopmon thanked him for his generosity. The Tamers then went back to the real world aboard the ark built by the Monster Makers... but the battles were not over, as the D-Reaper pursued them, immediately spreading across Shinjuku.

As Henry talked with his sensei, Suzie gave Lopmon a few lessons in speaking correctly. In the original, she was teaching Lopmon how to speak in a modern dialect, while in the dub, she taught her how to speak like a kid. Later, while the Mega Digimon battled with the D-Reaper, Lopmon and Suzie watched the battle on TV, and Lopmon insisted that they aid their friends. Her powers of Digivolution having been restored, she was able to become Antylamon again, and headed for the site of the battle – on the way, she saw Beelzemon and Calumon being pulled inside the Kernel Sphere. When she arrived, she helped Justimon destroy a Horn Striker, and then reverted into Lopmon, and in the evening, told Henry what she had seen happen to Beelzemon and Calumon.

Lopmon and Suzie then stayed with all the other Tamers, Digimon and family members in the temporary Hypnos base. When it was deduced that Jeri was being held inside the Kernel Sphere, the Biomerged Digimon attacked in an attempt to save her, after Terriermon asked Lopmon to stay behind and look after Suzie. Lopmon complied at first, but as the battle raged, she refused to sit by while everyone was in danger. She blasted out a window with her Blazing Ice, Digivolved into Antylamon, and, with a power boost courtesy of a Radiant Faith Modify Card, aided Kazu, Kenta and their Digimon in their battle against some Bubbles.

A week later, Lopmon and Suzie were in Tsukuba with the other Tamers, family members and Hypnos crew. They did not venture into battle with the Mega Digimon, instead staying behind to watch as the Monster Makers put Operation: Doodlebug into action. Lopmon, however, soon departed without telling Suzie, making her own way to Shinjuku, where she met up with Kazu, Kenta and their Digimon. As MegaGargomon activated the Juggernaut inside the D-Reaper, sucking it back into the Digital World and devolving it to a harmless state, MarineAngemon carried Lopmon, Kazu, Kenta and Guardromon into the D-Reaper’s chaos in one of his bubbles, and pulled everyone out to safety.

The victory did not come without a price, however, as the Juggernaut’s effects were felt on the Digimon, who were reverted to their In-Training forms and had to return to the Digital World. As Suzie arrived with Henry’s father, Lopmon De-Digivolved into Kokomon, and floated through the portal and Suzie tearfully said her goodbyes. However, a portal back to the Digital World was later found by Takato, enabling Lopmon and the other Digimon to be reunited with their partners. Months later, when Locomon appeared in Tokyo, Lopmon, Suzie, Henry and Terriermon were all on a train when the mechanical beast began his circuit of the city. Once they got off their train, they headed towards Ichigaya station, where a rift between Earth and the Digital World had opened, on foot, but Suzie soon got tired, and Henry had to carry her until they reached another station where she was left for safety’s sake – but in his rush, Henry grabbed Lopmon instead of Terriermon when he was leaving. Lopmon and Henry then met up with Kenta, Kazu and their Digimon, and caught up with Locomon using an abandoned rail car – as they went past the station where Suzie was waiting, Lopmon and Terriermon switched places. Shortly thereafter, when the battle erupted with the arrival of a massive swarm of Parasimon, Beelzemon defended Lopmon and Suzie against some of the spider-like monsters. Gallantmon Crimson Mode destroyed all the remaining Parasimon with one attack, and then, Suzie and Lopmon attended Rika’s birthday party, where Lopmon and Terriermon danced to Suzie’s karaoke singing.

Lopmon first appears in “Rabbit Transit.” Her voice is supplied by Michelle Ruff, except in "Runaway Locomon," where Mary Elizabeth McGlynn fills in. In the Japanese version of the show, both Lopmon and Antylamon were actually male – but because they spoke in an antiquated dialect which used gender-neutral pronouns, and had an effeminate voice, this was not particularly clear, and so it seems that the US production crew simply thought they were female, and so they were written as such for the US version. Note that Bandai of America lists her Group as “Animal,” but her D-Power analysis states it to be “Beast,” so that’s what I’m using here.

Name: “Lop” means to hang, or droop – like her ears. Also, a French Lop is a breed of rabbit.



Digimon Tamers episode #34
English version written by Adele Lim
Takato, Henry, Suzie, Terriermon and Lopmon are confronted by Beelzemon on the highest plain of the Digital World, and Rapidmon faces off against him. The rest of the team ride a Data Stream to the site of the conflict, and a fierce battle ensues. When Beelzemon is about to deliver the killing stroke to Kyubimon, Leomon restrains him, and Beelzemon retaliates by destroying him and absorbing his data. Jeri breaks down, and Takato’s rage causes WarGrowlmon to Digivolve into the terrifying Megidramon, whose very existence threatens to tear the Digital World apart!Lynxmon



Group: Animal – Level: Armour – Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Howling Buster, Wild Nail Claws

The night after his card reader was transformed into a D-Power, Takato saw Rika and Renamon battle a Lynxmon in his dreams. The beast pinned Renamon, who escaped with the aid of a Speed Modify Card, and then unleashed a Diamond Storm from behind the Lynxmon, destroying it with ease, leaving it’s data to be absorbed by her.

Lynxmon appears in “Guilmon Comes Alive.” Note that it is Gatomon’s Armour form with the Digi-Egg of Courage.

Name: From “lynx,” a short-tailed breed of wild cat.