JagamonGroup: Plant - Level: Ultimate – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Potato Smash, Fried Potato

While spending their first night in the Digital World, with Meramon, the Tamers were woken by the thundering sound of an approaching Jagamon stampede. The kids and their Digimon were able to get out of the way in time, but Meramon fired on the herd, and was trampled to death. The next morning, the Jagamon had ‘planted’ themselves in the ground – while the others make a marker for Meramon, the sleeping Kazu and Kenta awoke and pulled one of the Jagamon out of the ground. He explained that they hadn’t wanted to hurt Meramon; they were just trying to protect themselves. Takato showed them his pictures of Calumon and Makuramon, and they said they had seen the monkey Deva, and pointed them in the direction he had gone.

Months later, after the Parasimon conflict on Earth, when Locomon returned to the Digital World, a Jagamon was among the Digimon seen in the desert as he rolled past.

Jagamon first appear in “Brave New Digital World.” Their leader – the one who talks to the kids - is voiced by Joe Ochman. Note that Bandai of America’s Group for this Digimon is Vegetation, but their D-Power analysis states it to be “Plant,” so that’s what I’m using here. In the dub of this episode, it appears that the Jagamon have been written in imitation of the “Little Green Men” characters Disney’s “Toy Story” movies – strongly implied by their collective cries of “Oooo!”

Name: From the Japanese word, “jagaimo,” a type of potato.



Digimon Tamers episode #40
English version written by Terri-Lei O'Malley
Calumon releases the light of the Shining Digivolution and many Mega-level Digimon are created. The kids receive a message from Yamaki, telling them of the ark that they were sending to bring them home. The Digimon Sovereign say their goodbyes, and Azulongmon returns them to the desert plain to meet the arriving ark – but an attack by the D-Reaper on the Hypnos processor almost foils the plan. Fortunately, the Monster Makers are able to corral the processing power of computers all around the world to finish their calculations and send the ark into the Digital World – but when it arrives, Rika and Renamon are missing!

Episode Trivia - The title of this episode is an obvious reference to the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark.



See Wong, Janyu


JEREMY (and friend)

Jeremy (left) and friend (right)Jeremy is a boy from Takato's class, who is most frequently seen in the company of Kazu and Kenta, and another boy who is nameless (but looks a bit like Michael from season two, pictured on the right in the image at left). This boy was first seen during the gym class which Takato ditched to chase Guilmon, and was later observed losing a card game to Kazu. Jeremy himself first briefly appeared in class as Miss Asaji handed out test papers after the soccer field was vandalised. Later, and Takato worried over Guilmon's near-disappearance, Jeremy was sitting at the desk next to his. Jeremy and his friend were next seen discussing the 'mystery kid' who was terrorising couples in the park with Kazu and Kenta. The two were not among the kids who Takato introduced to Guilmon prior to the battle with Sandiramon, but they then helped to sneak Guilmon onto the bus in preparation for the school camping trip so they - and, indeed, the entirity of Takato's class - must have learned about him at some point. Later, Jeremy came into possession of a strange Modify Card, which he traded with Kenta, who then gave it to Henry, who discovered it was a Blue Card.
Much later, when Miss Asaji and the class shouted support for Takato during the battle with the D-Reaper, neither Jeremy nor his friend were seen, but it stands to reason that they were there.
Neither Jeremy nor his friend are actually visible in Miss Asaji's class in “Guilmon Comes Alive" (but then, none of the recurring non-Tamers are). While his friend first appears in "Digimon, Digimon Everywhere," Jeremy doesn't actually appear until "Dream a Little Dream" and even then, all you see is the back of his head - it's the same in "Now You See It, Now You Don't." You finally see his face in "A Question of Trust," as he is having the aforementioned conversation.



JeriJeri Katou is the Tamer of Leomon, and is a fellow classmate of Takato, who has a crush on her. A sensitive and caring girl, Jeri has more than her own share of problems, but almost always has a perpetually happy demeanour. When Jeri was young, her mother died, and her father subsequently re-married. Jeri shut out her stepmother, feeling that she wanted to replace her birth mother – but developed a good relationship with her stepbrother, Masahiko. An amateur ventriloquist, Jeri is rarely seen without her little dog puppet, which she uses to entertain Masahiko. Jeri’s puppet was not in her original character concept, and first appeared when design sketches of her were made. It was from the notion that Jeri used it to entertain her brother that the writers created the state of her family. Her father is a firm believer in tough love, but often puts a little too much emphasis on the “tough” part – ultimately, however, he only does it because he loves her. He and Jeri’s stepmother run a bar and restaurant, which the family lives above – Jeri often works there, serving drinks. In the original planning packet, Jeri’s name was “Mishio,” she had a younger sister, rather than a younger brother, and her parents’ profession was prostitution (not much of a surprise that that didn’t make it into the series, eh?).

Jeri made her first appearance in Miss Asaji’s class, when Takato arrived late, and then got detention. As he was writing an apology, Jeri returned to the classroom to fetch her flute, and her puppet ‘told’ Takato to hurry up writing. The next day, Jeri was measuring the distances covered in the long jump in gym class, when Takato had to run off to chase Guilmon. In the evening, she was shopping at Takato’s family’s bakery, and quietly told Takato he owed her one, because she hadn’t told his parents that he’d ditched school. In school the following day, when she overheard that Takato was looking for a girl – Rika – she wondered if she would do instead.

A little while later, after the school soccer field had been vandalised, Jeri told Takato that she had seen what had done it – while she had been in the infirmary earlier, she had seen what she had thought was a cat in a medicine cupboard, but when it Jeri and Takatopushed her over and ran away on the ceiling, she knew it wasn’t any cat. In actuality, she had seen Calumon, who was later found by Takato and Henry. The two of them then tried to think who would be a good Tamer for him – Takato considered Jeri, but quickly dismissed the idea.

Later, when Guilmon began to disappear, Jeri overheard Takato talking to himself about the situation. When Impmon was terrorising couples in the park, Jeri reassured Takato that no one thought it was him. After that fracas was resolved, Guilmon was stuck in his Growlmon form, and Takato turned to Jeri for some advice – though he had to word his question carefully, so not to give away the truth of the matter. Jeri thought that he was talking about him and her, and her puppet ‘told’ him that she only liked him as a friend.

When Kazu and Kenta demanded a card game rematch with Takato, Jeri and her friend Miki had a brief laugh at their expense. When Jeri then overheard them arguing with Takato over the “fake Digimon” he had tried to pass off as a real one, she wanted to see Guilmon for herself. Takato grudgingly agreed – but Jeri reacted a lot better than Kazu and Kenta did, hugging Guilmon, calling him cute, and putting a flower sticker on his nose. A short time later, she passed Takato a doodle of Guilmon she drew in class, and later tried to get Kazu, Kenta and Takato back together, causing Takato to snap at her when she implied that all he did was play. After WarGrowlmon defeated Mihiramon, Jeri, Kazu and Kenta all arrived on the scene, the differences between them and Takato reconciled.

Not long after, Jeri, Kazu and Kenta helped Takato to introduce several other kids from their class to Guilmon. They spent the rest of the day playing with him, until Takato and Guilmon left to join the battle against Sandiramon.

Jeri went on the school camping trip with everyone else, but, aside from feeding the stowaway Guilmon, did not have much involvement with the activities the Tamers and their Digimon got up to.

Some time later, Jeri, Kazu and Kenta played with Guilmon in the lake in the park while the others debated on what to do about the Devas. They later played hide-and-seek with him, when a mysterious boy appeared, and screamed at them beforeJeri crushes on Leomonrunning off. In the evening, Jeri briefly talked with Takato about how he could talk to her if he ever had any problems. The next day, Jeri carried the weakened Calumon while the Tamers battled Indramon – and expressed her own desire to become a Tamer.

A while later, after shopping at the Matsuki bakery, Jeri was dragged off to look for Takato by Kazu and Kenta. They found him and the other Tamers in the park, and eavesdropped on their conversation about the Devas and their Digimon Sovereign. Kazu and Kenta discussed how they wanted to be Tamers, but Jeri insisted she wasn’t into Digimon – just before several dozen Modify Cards fell out of her pocket. She then met up with Calumon, sharing some of the buns she had bought at the bakery, and decided that he would be a good partner for her. Calumon was baffled, and not keen on the idea, but the duo were then attacked by Kumbhiramon, and fled through the park. Kumbhiramon pursued them, but then a Leomon Bio-Emerged through a rainbow, and fended him off. Jeri instantly crushed on Leomon, decided that he was destined to be her partner. She and Calumon then chased him through the park, when Takato arrived, and quickly called on Henry and Rika. Kumbhiramon then reappeared, and Leomon and Gargomon teamed up to fight him. Jeri slashed a Modify Card through Takato’s D-Power, but predictably, it had no effect. After destroying Kumbhiramon, Leomon then left, and Jeri thought that she would never be a Tamer.

Later, Jeri demanded that Kazu and Kenta teach her how to play the Digimon card game. They were more interested in trading her for her more valuable cards, and Rika offered to teach her instead. While they talked, Rika consoled her over the absence of Leomon. In the evening, the mysterious boy reappeared, intently observing Jeri and Calumon. As he ran off, Jeri suggested that they try to talk to him, and sprinted off after him, but lost him. As the others battled Vikaralamon, Jeri, Kazu and Kenta kept Calumon safe, but were then confronted by the mysterious boy once again, who revealed himself to be Makuramon, the monkey Deva. Makuramon then turned his attention to the Juggernaut, instigating an explosion that shut it down and critically damaged the Hypnos system, and then, after WarGrowlmon destroyed Vikaralamon, he snatched Jeri gets her D-PowerCalumon right out of Jeri’s hands. Leomon then appeared, attacking Makuramon to try and save Calumon, but the Deva knocked him back and disappeared into the Digital World. As Jeri called out to Leomon, a Digivice appeared for her, which she used to heal his injuries. Now, she was truly a Digimon Tamer.

The Tamers resolved to pursue Makuramon into the Digital World to save Calumon. The night before departure, Jeri and Leomon talked on the roof of her house, as she told him she feared she wasn’t good enough to be his partner. He reassured her, telling her she had a lion’s heart. She then apparently had him tell her father that she was leaving to go to the Digital World. The group then travelled through the portal to the Digital World beneath Guilmon’s hideaway, and wound up in a distortion area between the worlds where reality was only defined by the kids’ perceptions. Jeri decided which way was down.... which led to everyone falling, to land on the desert plain of the Digital World. After they got their bearings, Jeri feared that they might not be able to get back, but Takato rallied them. The group was then split up when Rika, Renamon, Kazu and Kenta were sucked up by a Data Stream, and Jeri and the others came across a Chuchidarumon village, which was being terrorised by the Behemoth motorcycle. When it possessed Guilmon’s mind, Jeri likened the situation to the fairy tale, “The Red Shoes,” but wasn’t able to remember the end of the story. FYI, it ends with the girl wearing the shoes, which make you dance continuously, having her feet cut off. A delightful little tale to tell the kiddies before bedtime, eh? Later, while searching for their missing friends, Jeri suggested they enter a cave that led them into the world’s monochrome plain, where they met back up with Kazu and Kenta – along with Ryo and Cyberdramon. They spent the night in a castle there, where Takato and Jeri talked about returning home.

A while later, when walking in the desert again, Jeri defended the missing Rika to Kazu and Kenta. When Rika and Renamon returned, a battle with Beelzemon ensued, which was interrupted by the re-activation of the Juggernaut. Takato, Henry and Terriermon were swept up by a Data Stream, which left the remaining Tamers wandering desert again, until they eventually fell through a warp to the forest plain, where they met Andromon, and witnessed him battling Orochimon. Orochimon took an interest in Jeri, but departed when Leomon threatened him. The kids then took the injured Andromon to a nearby Gekomon village, where Jeri recognised the smell of the drinks that they were making for Orochimon (sake in the original, milkshakes in the dub). As they used data packets to tend to Andromon, causing him to revert to Guardromon, Orochimon reappeared and captured Jeri, taking her to his island, where he demanded she serve drinks to him – a skill she already possessed, having done so at her parents restaurant in the past. She filled him full of milkshakes to make him sleepy – but the data in them made him stronger, ready to fight when the others arrived to rescue her. Jeri slashed a LadyDevimon Modify Card, and Leomon used Darkness Wave to destroy Orochimon.

After returning to the desert plain, the group was then able to ride a Data Steam to the site of Takato and Henry’s battle with Beelzemon. During the course of the battle, Leomon attempted to restrain the villain, but Beelzemon impaled him through the chest. As Leomon collapsed, he told Jeri with his final words that he would always be with her, and that she had a lion’s heart. Her D-Power screen dissolved into static as Leomon died, and had his data absorbed by Beelzemon. Jeri broke down, and Takato’s rage caused WarGrowlmon to become the monstrous Megidramon, who ferocious battle with Beelzemon almost destroyed the whole Digital World. Jeri refused to let Takato come near her, terrified that he had caused Guilmon to Jeri stops Gallantmon from destroying Beelzemonbecome a monster. When Takato realised his mistake, Megidramon reverted to Guilmon, and then the two of them Biomerged, fusing together to form Gallantmon. After a tough, lengthy battle, Gallantmon claimed victory, and was about to destroy Beelzemon when Jeri stopped him – she hated Beelzemon for what he had done, but killing him would not bring Leomon back. She blamed herself for his death – she did not think she had been a worthy Tamer.

When the team was set to venture into Zhuqiaomon’s castle, Jeri stayed outside, with Kazu, Kenta and Suzie. Rika explained to her that she didn’t like fighting any more either, but that some battles had to be fought. After the battle with Zhuqiaomon, Guardromon airlifted them to the site of the rubble. As Azulongmon then carried them to rescue Calumon, Takato talked with Jeri about how it saddened him to see her the way she had become, no longer kind and nice – but Jeri returned that she was not nice, and related how she had shut out her stepmother. She remembered how Leomon had said that everyone had their own destiny, and wondered if her destiny was to be alone. As they struggled to save Calumon from the D-Reaper’s chaos, Jeri murmured that they were destined to fail. After Sakuyamon fended it off, Jeri hugged Rika, fearing that she had nearly lost her. Calumon could see the sadness within her... but the reunion was interrupted as a gusher of the D-Reaper’s chaos burst up from beneath the ground. The D-Reaper was drawn to Jeri, as her thoughts were focused on death, and it planned to use her to learn more about humans. A small globule of the chaos managed to possess Jeri’s puppet, which told Jeri – who seemed to be nonplussed that her puppet had taken on a life of it’s own – that the tragedy was destined to happen, but that sadness was not necessary... it could be deleted. The puppet lured Jeri away from the group, and the D-Reaper was able to capture her, sealing her within the Kernel Sphere, the core of its consciousness, and creating from its own mass the Jeri Type Agent, which was sent to take Jeri’s place among the unsuspecting Tamers.

Jeri and Calumon in the Kernel SphereWhen the Tamers and their Digimon returned to the real world, the Jeri Type Agent went with them, and soon after, the D-Reaper’s main mass followed, emerging through the Hypnos network. The Kernel Sphere was camouflaged between the two Hypnos towers, with the real Jeri within it.

While the Tamers battled with the D-Reaper and it’s Agents, Calumon sensed Jeri’s presence, and he and Beelzemon (who had turned to the side of good, and sought redemption for destroying Jeri’s partner) investigated the Kernel Sphere, only to become trapped inside. Jeri simply sat, unmoving, not listening to Calumon’s attempts to break her free of her depression, as the D-Reaper forced her to relive the deaths of her mother and Leomon, telling her it was all her destiny, amplifying and feeding off of her negative emotions. When it was deduced that Jeri was being held within the Kernel Sphere, her father and the Tamers tried to rescue her, but she held by her belief that loneliness was her destiny, even thought Rika tried to tell her that you choose your own destiny.

When Beelzemon freed himself, he, Gallantmon and Grani struck at the D-Reaper once again. Grani destroyed the D-Reaper Ball with it’s Yuggoth Blaster attack, and Beelzemon was then able to shatter the Kernel Sphere using Leomon’s Fist of the Beast King attack – but because of that, Jeri had thought that Leomon had come to her rescue, and when she saw it was Beelzemon, she was too terrified to take his hand. The Kernel Sphere shut again, keeping her trapped, and Beelzemon was cut down by the Gatekeeper, denied his redemption. Too late, Jeri finally broke free of her fear paralysis, and began to beat on the Kernel Sphere – but then the Jeri Type Agent appeared, and explained that it was her despair that was energising the D-Reaper. Jeri blamed herself for everything, which gave the D-Reaper enough energy to evolve once more, as it transformed into the Mother D-Reaper.

The Tamers, Hypnos operatives and Monster Makers retreated to Tsukuba to plan a final attack. Calumon tried to make Jeri happy, but she felt that she didn’t deserve to be, and if she wasn’t around any more, the world would be better. She tried to strangle herself with her puppet, but Calumon pulled it off her hand, and was able to reach her and convince her that everyone wanted to see her happy again. Of course, it’s actually physically impossible to strangle yourself, but there you go. Somehow, a cry for help from Jeri mentally reached Takato, and he and the other Tamers reunited in the air above Shinjuku, where they slashed the Red Card, and ventured into the chaos.

When Jeri managed to free herself from the D-Reaper’s tentacles, the sight of the weakened Calumon was enough to make her finally come to her senses, and fully understand the meaning of Jeri is rescued by Takatowhat Leomon had said – everyone has a destiny that is important to the whole world. From her D-Power, an ethereal image of Leomon appeared to give a single affirmation nod - but it was too little, too late; the D-Reaper had already made its analysis of humankind from Jeri’s sadness, and deduced that they desired annihilation. As Gallantmon Crimson Mode soared to her rescue, Jeri’s resolution that the power to change one’s life lies within oneself activated her D-Power, shattering the Kernel Sphere, but chaos began to spill in. Calumon somehow shielded himself and Jeri with a forcefield, as MegaGargomon activated the Juggernaut within the vortex between worlds, sucking the D-Reaper in and devolving it to it’s harmless, original state. As the effects of the Red Card wore off, the Mega Digimon split back into their human and Digimon states, Guilmon hurled Takato to Jeri, who awoke in his arms, and hugged him. Kenta, Kazu, Guardromon and Lopmon then arrived with MarineAngemon, who carried them all out of the chaos in his bubbles.

As it all ended, the Tamers stood united in the park – even Impmon and his Tamers returned, as Impmon made his final plea for forgiveness, which Jeri happily gave. But then, the Digimon began to De-Digivolve to their In-Training forms – they had to return to the Digital World, or they would be cut off from it and perish. As they floated through the portal, Jeri called out her goodbye to Calumon, thanking him for all he had done for her.

As Takato thought about the months that followed, Jeri was seen with everyone else, happy again, with her puppet on her hand. Subsequently, he discovered a portal back to the Digital World, which allowed the Digimon to be reunited with their partners - Calumon apparently became attached to Jeri, and lived with her. As Rika's birthday approached, Jeri suggested that all the Tamers throw a party for her. While their plans were temporarily interrupted by the Bio-Emergence of Locomon and the battle with him and Parasimon that ensued, Jeri was not involved, as she and Calumon continued to prepare for the party, which then took place after the battle was won.

Jeri first appears in “Guilmon Comes Alive.” She is not referred to by name until “To Fight or Not to Fight.” Her voice is supplied by Bridgette Hoffman, except in "Runaway Locomon," when Philece Sampler fills in. Perhaps intentionally, perhaps not, the voice Jeri employs when performing with her puppet continuously changes throughout the series – sometimes it is a squawking voice, other times it’s a higher-pitched version of Jeri’s own voice, and when the D-Reaper possesses it, it talks with an almost New-York-sounding accent.



Digimon Tamers episode #50

English version written by Terri-Lei O’Malley

The Tamers reunite in the sky above Shinjuku, where they slash the Red Card and then venture inside the D-Reaper’s chaos, battling against legions of Agents. Jeri, meanwhile, comes to realise that she has the power to make her own destiny, and struggles against the D-Reaper, as Kazu and Kenta and their Digimon battle Agents in the city streets. The Tamers reflect on the changes they have had during their adventures, and Impmon and his Tamers make their peace, when a D-Power appears for them. While everyone else battles the Cable Reaper, Gallantmon strikes at the Mother D-Reaper, but is struck down, when Grani appears, and offers Gallantmon the last of his strength... and his wings... as they merge, forming the awesome Gallantmon Crimson Mode!

Episode Trivia – When this episode first aired in the US, it was combined with “Such Sweet Sorrow” to form a one-hour long season finale special.



Jeri TypeThe Jeri Type as JeriThe Jeri Type was the first Agent created by the D-Reaper, for the purposes of subterfuge and emotional manipulation. When a small portion of its chaos possessed Jeri’s puppet, the D-Reaper was able to lure her away from the other Tamers, capturing her, intending to study her and learn more about humans, creating the Jeri Type to take her place among the Tamers. The Jeri Type succeeded in infiltrating the group, and then returned to the real world with them aboard the ark created by the Monster Makers. Jeri’s parents were not at Shinjuku Park with the other families to greet the returning kids – they were staying with relatives in East Matsumoto, and Jeri’s father said that since she got to where she was now on her own, she could get back on her own. Takato offered to take “Jeri” to them, and while on the train, tried to apologise to her for dragging her into the fight, and then tried to tell her how much he liked her... but the Agent simply sat, unresponsive, until finally, it began to read the ingredients list from the boxed meal in it’s hands.

While staying with Jeri’s parents, the Agent absorbed information about humans, roughly handling Jeri’s stepbrother Masahiko, and then leaving the house to transport itself to Shinjuku, where it was briefly glimpsed by Takato.

When Gallantmon was pulled inside the D-Reaper’s chaos, he split back into Guilmon and Takato, and they were confronted by the Jeri Type, which Takato still believed to be the real Jeri. As it noted how the real Jeri was invaluable to the D-Reaper’s studies, it transformed into its true state, and forced Takato to relive many of the previous moments he and Jeri The Jeri Type begins to reveal it's true formhad shared. In it’s true form, it pursued Takato and Guilmon, but was fended off by MarineAngemon and his Kahuna Waves.

The Jeri Type later reappeared after Gallantmon and Beelzemon failed to rescue Jeri, wondering why emotions ever evolved, and explaining to Jeri that it was her feelings of sadness that were giving the D-Reaper it’s power. This revelation made Jeri blame herself for everything that was wrong, giving the D-Reaper enough energy to evolve into it’s next form. The Jeri Type was absorbed back into the chaos, as tThe Jeri Type in it's final formhe D-Reaper became the Mother D-Reaper.

As the Biomerged Digimon were waging final battle within the D-Reaper’s chaos a week later, the Jeri Type struck Gallantmon down by assuming the form of a massive Jeri visage, formed from the Mother D-Reaper's structure, and blasting him from the sky. He rose again as Gallantmon Crimson Mode, and obliterated the face, but then a new, more powerful version of the Jeri Type confronted Gallantmon Crimson Mode, claiming that humans and Digimon had no right to exist, as they desired annihilation – a warped conclusion the D-Reaper had come to as a result of it’s observation of Jeri’s sadness. It plunged Gallantmon into the Mother D-Reaper’s mass, but he tore his way free, plunging his fist through the Jeri Type, saying it was the one that’s existence was not deserved, as it was destroyed.

The Jeri Type first appears in the form of Jeri in “Janyu’s Ark.” It begins to transform into its true state in “The D-Reaper’s Disguise.” It’s true form is revealed fully in “When Is A Mon Justimon?” The more powerful version appears in “Such Sweet Sorrow.” It’s voice is supplied by Bridgette Hoffman - it normally speaks with Jeri's voice, like the rest of the D-Reaper, but when it assumes it's final form, it's voice sounds more like an adult.
Name: The Jeri Type has been termed the "J-Reaper" by fans, and this name is actually the one that is most often used in reference to it, even though it's not official.


“JERI’S QUEST”                                                                                           

Digimon Tamers episode #21

English version written by Adele Lim

Jeri wants to become a Tamer, and tries to convince Calumon to become her partner, when the two of them are attacked by Kumbhiramon. Leomon appears and rescues them, and Jeri decides that he is her partner, getting a crush on him, chasing him all around the park. The other Tamers soon arrive, and Kumbhiramon reappears. Leomon and Gargomon defeat him, and Leomon leaves... but the whole ordeal has been observed by the mysterious boy...



JijimonGroup: Ancient–Level: Mega–Type: Vaccine–Attack Techniques: Claw of Doom, Cat Cane

Jijimon and his wife, Babamon, live in isolation on the barren, uppermost layer of the Digital World. Because they have nothing else to do, they generally fight with each other a lot–but when Kazu, Kenta, Rika and Renamon accidentally got blown through their front door during a storm, they were happy to have the company, and made dinner for them. While they slept, Jijimon and Babamon gave thanks for their visit, then, the following day, Kazu and Kenta asked them if they wanted to be their partners. However, Jijimon and Babamon got the wrong end of the stick, thinking that they would be the Tamers and Kazu and Kenta would be their “Digimon”–“BlackWarKazumon” and “MegaMightyKentamon.” The two of them started to fight as Jijimon and Babamon watched, egging them on, until Rika broke it up. They tried to stop them from leaving, and clung onto their glider as they away, then fell off, and wound upon their own at home again. They sang Kenta and Kazu’s bath time song, and then, as always, started to fight again.

Later, when Calumon released the energy of the Shining Digivolution, and Digivolved many Digimon to the Mega level, Jijimon and Babamon appeared again, flying overhead.

Jijimon first appears in “Kazu and Kenta’s Excellent Adventure.” His voice is supplied by Tom Fahn–an in-joke, as his real-life wife, Dorothy Elias-Fahn, provides the voice of Babamon.

Name: “Jiji” is Japanese for “old man.”



See Beckenstein, Johnny



Digimon Tamers episode #24

English version written by Adele Lim

In the wake of the battle with Vikaralamon, the Tamers prepare to follow Makuramon into the Digital World and rescue Calumon. Rika’s grandmother meets Renamon, and Henry reveals to Suzie that Terriermon isn’t just a doll, as Guilmon uncovers a portal to the Digital World. After Takato, Jeri, Kazu and Kenta reveal their plans to Miss Asaji, Takato introduces Guilmon to his parents–his mother panics, but his father makes her understand, and gives them his blessing on their journey. The Tamers unite, and travel through the portal.

Episode Trivia - This episode features a shocking landmark moment for the dub, as Takato’s mother exclaims: “Oh, dear Lord!” and caused many fans to do double-takes when it first aired.



The Juggernaut coreThe Juggernaut is the ultimate creation of Yamaki and the Hypnos organisation – a computer program designed to act like a miniature “Big Bang,” opening a portal to the Digital World and pulling Digimon on Earth through, before sealing it off from Earth.

After the destruction of his Yuggoth program by Musyamon, the Juggernaut was Yamaki’s next course of action – but it’s untested nature meant that the chiefs of staff were unwilling to allow its activation. One of them simply suggested they activate it to see what would happen, and would deny any knowledge of it if something went wrong. The Juggernaut was activated, and performed as intended to begin with, pulling assorted Wild Ones from Earth and back to the Digital World. However, in the Digital World itself, the Devas, servants of the Digimon Sovereign, were able to enter the Juggernaut core and reverse the program, using it as a gateway to enter Earth. Mihiramon was the first, and battled the Tamers atop the Hypnos towers, before he was defeated and Juggernaut deactivated. However, the remaining Devas continued to appear on Earth, using the Juggernaut as a revolving door of sorts. When Indramon appeared, Yamaki ordered it Juggernaut is activatedreactivated, and it began to affect the horse Deva, before crashing when it failed to reach full power.

When Vikaralamon was wreaking havoc upon the city, Yamaki once again ordered the activation of the Juggernaut, and it again performed to its specifications, until an explosion instigated by the monkey Deva, Makuramon, caused it to shut down, crashing the Hypnos system and destroying a substantial portion of the towers. Yamaki was subsequently fired for incompetence, and took the side of the Tamers, giving them a comm device before they travelled into the Digital World.

As time went by, the Head of National Security organised the reactivation of the Hypnos system and Juggernaut. The Chief Cabinet Secretary was opposed to the idea, thinking it foolish to do so without Yamaki, but the Head did not listen. Hypnos was brought back on line, causing a storm in the Digital World, which subsided with the shutdown. However, when the unstable Juggernaut was then reactivated, the ensuing storm was more violent, breaking up a battle between the Tamers and Beelzemon – but Juggernaut was unable to be deactivated, running out of control. The Secretary called in Yamaki and Riley, who were able to get the system back under control and shut it down, and were reinstated.

Some time later, prior to the final conflict with the D-Reaper, Janyu Wong encoded the Juggernaut program into Terriermon, unbeknownst to either him or Henry. While MegaGargomon battled within the D-Reaper’s chaos along with the other Mega Digimon, Janyu, Yamaki and Dolphin instructed him on what to do. Entering the portal the D-Reaper had opened between Earth and the Digital World, MegaGargomon activated the Juggernaut, and reversed the rotation of the vortex by spinning around. The Juggernaut pulled the D-Reaper through, back to the Digital World, and the reverse-spinning vortex devolved it into its original, harmless state. The day was saved – but not without a price, as the effects of the Juggernaut were felt on the Digimon, who De-Digivolved to their In-Training forms, and had to return to the Digital World, or would be cut off from it, and would perish.

The Juggernaut first appears in “Juggernaut,” obviously enough.

Name: While normally automatically associated with a large truck, the name “Juggernaut” is derived from Hindu mythology, where it is the name of the eighth avatar of the god, Vishnu. A juggernaut can also be a belief to which one is sacrificed – this definition seems to best befit the Hypnos Juggernaut. This probably wasn’t intentional, however – more than likely the name was selected simply to replicate the ‘double-g’ sound of the Japanese name, “Shaggai.” Shaggai is the name for a planet outside of Earth’s solar system in H.P. Lovecraft’s tales of Cthulu.



Digimon Tamers episode #13

English version written by Adele Lim

Takato and Guilmon defeat DarkLizardmon in battle, but she is spirited away by Yamaki and Hypnos. Takato and Guilmon talk out their fears about Digivolving, and Yamaki convinces the chiefs of staff to allow the activation of his Juggernaut program. As Impmon turns on Calumon, the Juggernaut is brought online... and Guilmon senses the coming of a powerful Digimon!



Tan-Ta-Raa! It's Justimon!Group: Android – Level: Mega – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Justice Kick, Justice Burst, Thunderclap, Voltage Blade

Justimon is the Mega form of Cyberdramon, formed when he and his Tamer, Ryo, Biomerge. Justimon’s mechanical arm can transform into three configurations – a normal arm, from which he can fire bolts of energy, a massive elongated mode that can send shockwaves of energy through the ground, and a form that can project an energy blade. Despite some indications otherwise, Justimon is capable of flight.

Justimon first appeared to join the other Digimon in battling the D-Reaper. It is not explained how Ryo and Cyberdramon were able to Biomerge in the real world, as they were not present when Dobermon gave the other Tamers the power that allowed them to do so. However, the inference from other media is that Ryo is already at least partially data, which makes this possible. While MegaGargomon and Sakuyamon ventured into the D-Reaper’s chaos to rescue Gallantmon, Justimon and Guardromon went up against a Horn Striker. Guardromon was able to save Justimon by blowing up a hunk of debris the Agent hurled at him, and Justimon then nailed it with a Thunderclap, which only resulted in it growing to a massive size. MegaGargomon and Sakuyamon returned to join the fight, then Antylamon arrived and was able to seize the Horn Striker’s life cord, enabling Justimon to sever it with his Voltage Blade, destroying it.

Justimon later appeared battling a squad of Bubbles, which he soon fled from and successfully evaded, only to be blindsided by a Paratice Head. He then helped Gallantmon and Sakuyamon battle it, and combined his Voltage Blade with Guardromon’s Guardian Barrage, destroying it by severing its life cord. Justimon helped battled the Optimizer which Thunderclapimmediately appeared, but it was the arrival of Grani that won the day.

Justimon appeared again to battle swarms of Bubbles while Gallantmon and Beelzemon attempted to free Jeri from the Kernel Sphere. Oddly, Justimon was not seen fleeing the scene when the D-Reaper transformed into the Mother D-Reaper.

A week later, as the Tamers once again rallied in the skies above Shinjuku to confront the D-Reaper in final battle, Justimon arrived and split back into Ryo and Cyberdramon. After the Red Card was slashed, they combined again, and ventured into the D-Reaper’s chaos, carried by Grani. Justimon destroyed several Bubbles with his Justice Burst, but Grani was then grounded by a Creep Hands, leaving Justimon and Gallantmon to run on foot to the Mother D-Reaper. Before they made it, the D-Reaper opened a portal to the Digital World, to make a connection with the portion of itself there, and the Cable Reaper emerged. Justimon, MegaGargomon and Sakuyamon took it on while Gallantmon focused on saving Jeri, but their attacks had no effect. Justimon transformed his arm to Voltage Blade mode, and instructed Voltage BladeSakuyamon to use her power to energise it. Transforming her armour into energy, she empowered the blade, which Justimon then used to hack the Cable Reaper in two... only to have it immediately repair itself. Thankfully, however, the four Digimon Sovereign took it out from the other side of the portal, enabling MegaGargomon to activate the Juggernaut within the portal to devolve the D-Reaper. As it began to disappear through the portal, the effects of the Red Card wore off, and Justimon split back into Ryo and Cyberdramon, along with the other Digimon. MarineAngemon carried them safely out of the chaos in his bubbles, but the effects of the Juggernaut were soon felt upon the Digimon, who reverted to their In-Training forms, and had to returned to the Digital World.

Some time later, however, Takato discovered a portal to the Digital World, which allowed the Digimon to be reunited with their partners. Ryo and Cyberdramon, however, apparently decided to continue living in the Digital World, as months later, when a swarm of Parasimon were attacking the real world, Justimon emerged from the Digital World, through same rift as they had done, to aid the other Tamers in the battle against the spider-like creatures. When Gallantmon Crimson Mode dispatched all of their foes, Justimon then split back into Ryo and Cyberdramon, and they both attended Rika's birthday party.

Justimon first appears at the end of “The D-Reaper’s Disguise,” which leads directly into his proper introduction in “When Is A Mon Justimon?” His voice is supplied by Steve Staley and Lex Lang.

Name: From “justice,” based on the fact that Justimon’s design (especially his scarf-cape) is inspired by classic Japanese superheroes, such as the Masked Rider.