HagurumonGroup: Machine – Level: Rookie – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Cog Crusher, Drag

Hagurumon inhabits the clockwork cloud plain of the Digital World, along with Clockmon. When Kazu, Kenta, Rika and Renamon found themselves on this plain, Rika accidentally freed Megadramon from his prison, and when Renamon went up against him, Hagurumon and Clockmon were very excited to discover she had been to the real world. Renamon became Kyubimon, and Hagurumon expressed his own desire to Digivolve, before Megadramon deflected Kyubimon’s Fox Tail Inferno, causing a blast to strike Hagurumon and knock one of his gears out. Cyberdramon and Ryo then appeared, and Cyberdramon defeated Megadramon. Ryo then replaced Hagurumon’s lost gear, and he and Clockmon heaped praise upon the “legendary Tamer.” Hagurumon wondered if one day he would ever go to the real world and get a Tamer.

Later, when Calumon released the power of the Shining Digivolution, Hagurumon and Clockmon were among those who were exposed to it. It’s not officially known what, if anything, Hagurumon became, but it seems quite likely he Digivolved into the Machinedramon that was seen shortly thereafter.

Hagurumon first appears in “Blame it on Ryo.” His voice is supplied by Beau Billingslea.

Name: From “haguruma,” Japanese for “gear.”



Group: Mythical Animal – Level: Armour – Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Wind Seeker, Silent Symphony

When the screeching Harpymon Bio-Emerged into the real world, she was confronted by Renamon, who was trying to prove her own power alone. Takato, Henry and their Digimon soon arrived, but were kept out of the battle, until Rika finally showed up. Renamon pounded Harpymon down without Rika’s aid, but as she reflected on the purpose of it all, Harpymon awoke and blasted her with a Wind Seeker. As she tried to claw Renamon, Rika did the best she could, and stabbed her with a pointed stick, causing Harpymon to turn on her. Renamon became Kyubimon and quickly destroyed Harpymon with her Fox Tail Inferno attack, but did not absorb her data, realising that her bond with Rika was all she needed.

Harpymon appears in “Divided They Stand.” Her voice is supplied by Dorothy Elias-Fahn. Note that she is Hawkmon’s Armour form with the Digi-Egg of Light. Despite the fact that, by all rights, this should make Harpymon a male, she has a female appearance, a female voice and is named after a female creature. She is another fan-created Digimon turned official (which might well explain the gender confusion).

Name: From “harpy,” a screeching monster from Greek mythology with the face of a woman, the body of a vulture and sharp claws.



Seiko HataSeiko Hata is the mother of Rumiko Nonaka, and the grandmother of Rika. She’s still comparatively young as grandmothers go, because Rumiko had Rika at such a young age. “People person” would be a good term to describe the easy-going Seiko, who is also the only techno-savvy member out of the household, spending plenty of time on her computer. But despite her modern skills, she still very much believes in the more traditional aspects of Japanese life, wearing kimonos when out, and has a serious belief in spirits and legends.

Seiko was first seen telling Rika to make sure she was back in time for dinner as she ran off – unaware to Seiko, of course - to battle Allomon. Later, when Takato visited her house to ask her some questions about Digimon after Guilmon began to disappear. Seiko offered to make them some snacks, but Rika refused. In the evening, Seiko was on her computer as Rika left with the other Tamers.

When Rika’s mother bought her a number of dresses, Rika refused to wear any of them, and Seiko consoled Rumiko with the fact that there are more important things in life than looking pretty.

When Renamon left after an argument with Rika over their partnership, Seiko could see something was wrong with Rika, and asked if she wanted to talk about it, explaining that people shouldn’t be alone – which helped Rika to come to her senses and aid Renamon against Harpymon.

At one point, Seiko took Rika to the theatre, where they saw a play that reminded Rika of how Renamon had come back for her. While they were in the subway station, Sandiramon Bio-Emerged in the tunnels, and Rika ushered her grandmother out of the area so they could battle him. After he was defeated, Seiko phoned her, and momentarily thought she’d been kidnapped when Henry answered, but Rika quickly calmed her down.

After Rika ran out on a photo-shoot organised by her mother, Seiko told Rumiko to give her time to herself, as she hadn’t wanted to do it in the first place.

When the V-Pet craze swept the world, Seiko was caught in it, and got one of the digital critters for her computer. Shortly before the entire scenario came to a head, she received an e-mail from Rumiko, who had been on a fashion shoot in Paris.

A while later, Seiko and Rika were going shopping when they met Henry, and Rika went off with him, as Rumiko phoned, and Seiko covered for her, saying that her friends were more important than her looks.

After the battle with Vikaralamon, as the Tamers prepared to travel to the Digital World, Seiko finally met Renamon, and quite reacted quite calmly, long having thought that Rika had a guardian angel of some kind (in the Japanese version, she thought Renamon was a Kitsune, a mythical fox spirit upon which Renamon’s design is actually based). Seiko said that she would explain to Rumiko about the situation, and hoped that Renamon would protect Rika.

Some time later, as the kids were in the Digital World, Yamaki called all the parents together after receiving a message from the Tamers. When Rumiko doubted that she had ever had a child’s power of belief, Seiko told her she would need to find it if they wanted to see Rika again. When the Monster Makers sent their ark into the Digital World to bring the kids back, an attack by the D-Reaper on the Hypnos central processor almost foiled the rescue attempt, but they were then able to harness the processing power of computers all across the world to finish their calculations – Seiko was among the computer-users who received the e-mails they sent containing the necessary information. When the ark emerged in Shinjuku Park, Seiko and Rumiko were present to welcome Rika back, but D-Reaper soon followed into the real world, forcing Seiko, Rumiko and Rika to evacuate the area and stay in a hotel. When Rika left to join the others, Seiko reassured Rumiko that everything would be fine.

Later, Seiko and Rumiko got together with Henry’s mother and Takato’s parents, and cooked a meal for the kids, before they headed off to rescue Alice from the D-Reaper’s Agents, as Seiko wished all the kids well, telling them they were all proud of them. After a series of battles with the D-Reaper, Seiko and Rumiko went to the temporary Hypnos base with the other kids’ family members – it was there that they were shocked to discover that Rika and the other Tamers had combined with their Digimon.

A week later, when the Hypnos team pulled back to Tsukuba, Rika, Renamon, Rumiko and Seiko went with them. They ate a meal in a restaurant, where Seiko pointed out the importance of spending some time as a family. Soon after, Rika received a signal from Henry, and she and Renamon headed back to Shinjuku to face the D-Reaper in final battle.

Seiko first appears in “O Partner, Where Art Thou?” Her voice is supplied by Barbara Goodson.



HenryHenry Wong is Terriermon’s Tamer, as well as the son of Janyu Wong, one of the members of the Monster Makers, the group who created Digimon in the 80’s. Part Japanese on his mother's side and part Chinese on his father's, Henry has studied martial arts since he was young, as a way of asserting himself to stand out amongst his brothers and sisters, but used the skills on a neighbourhood kid, who was hurt. Henry vowed not to fight again – but the arrival of Terriermon into his life would force him to re-evaluate his position. Henry attends the same school as Takato, but he is in a different class.

Henry was among the many children all around the world who embraced the Digimon card and video games. When his father gave him the newest game as a present, Henry played as Terriermon, but began to suspect that there might be more to Digimon than met the eye, eventually concluding that they existed in a reality outside of the game. After Terriermon defeated a Gorillamon by Digivolving to Gargomon, Henry was appalled by the needless violence, and consolation from his father that it was “just a game” was not enough. As he expressed remorse for causing pain, a Blue Card appeared and transformed his card reader into a D-Power Digivice, causing Terriermon to Bio-Emerge into the real world, right into Henry’s bedroom.

When Guilmon Bio-Emerged across town, Henry’s attention was drawn to the light by his little sister, Suzie. The following day, when Guilmon followed Takato to school, Henry and Takato and their first meeting, but Takato ran off, his guilt over not looking after Guilmon properly enhanced by seeing Henry and Terriermon happy together. Later in the day, Henry and Terriermon arrived to break up Guilmon and Renamon’s battle in the park, and Henry tried to convince Rika that Digimon did not exist simply to fight. Henry and Takato then made their proper introductions. The next day, however, Henry and Terriermon attempted to stop another fight between Guilmon and Renamon in a parking garage, but Terriermon was caught in an explosion, and Digivolved into Gargomon, much to Henry’s dismay, as he began to fire upon anything and everything he could see. Guilmon managed to subdue him and prevent him from hurting Rika, and Henry had him stand on his head in the park until he De-Digivolved. The day after, while in town, Henry and Takato were pursued by a Digital Field, which trapped them in a construction site. Gorillamon Bio-Emerged, seeking his revenge on Henry and Terriermon, but Henry would not let him Digivolve again, eventually managing to defeat him with a Training Grips Modify Card, but not allowing Terriermon to absorb his data.

When Calumon was discovered, Henry and Takato spent the day trying to think of a good Tamer for him, but couldn’t come up with one. Later, when Guilmon disappeared into a void between the dimensions, Takato went to Henry for help. Along with Rika, then ventured into the energy field, and rescued Guilmon before Hypnos’s Yuggoth deleted the data in the area.

After Guilmon Digivolved into Growlmon, he was unable to Digivolve back, and Takato once again turned to Henry for help after his own attempts failed, but Henry suggestion of camouflage ultimately failed, before Growlmon finally De-Digivolved.

Henry later helped teach Takato more about using Modify Cards, then joined in the effort to save Rika from IceDevimon. As a result of that conflict, Rika renounced Digimon and Renamon left to consider the nature of partnership. Henry attempted to help her, but then, the following day, he himself came to a realisation when he accepted Terriermon Digivolving to Gargomon to save a little girl from Musyamon – that there are some battles that are worth fighting.

After watching her defeat a trio of Flybeemon, Henry talked with Renamon again, trying to convince her that she and Rika deserved to be partners – friends and equals. Not long after, he and Takato were confronted by Yamaki, who warned them to stop playing their dangerous game. After Yamaki departed, Henry pursued him, but lost track of him. When the Juggernaut system was activated, but was then used by the Deva, Mihiramon, to enter the real world, Henry and Yamaki confronted each other again, and Yamaki attempted to throttle the boy, then just dropped him, saying he wasn’t worth it. After WarGrowlmon defeated Mihiramon, Henry and Terriermon were riding the subway when the snake Deva, Sandiramon, Bio-Emerged. Terriermon saved a baby from the train, then Digivolved to Gargomon to join Rika and Kyubimon’s fight against the snake. Takato and Growlmon soon arrived, and the Digimon combined their power to defeat him.

When Henry and Takato took their Digimon and Calumon along with them on the school camping trip, the fun and games were broken up by the arrival of Sinduramon, the rooster Deva. Not knowing he was a Deva, Henry simply though they should leave it alone – but when it absorbed electric power from the city, and grew in size, Henry felt guilty as Guilmon and Terriermon left to fight it. Henry and Takato quickly followed, and had their Digimon Digivolve to destroy Sinduramon.

When Henry received an odd-looking card in trade, he attempted to swipe it, but it transformed into a Blue Card, which he then asked his father to scan. The next day, in the park, Impmon attacked Henry’s father, who was shocked to learn that Digimon were living beings, but he was defended by Terriermon. During the battle with Pajiramon and Vajramon, Henry slashed the Blue Card, and Gargomon Digivolved into Rapidmon. In the evening, Henry’s father told him about how he had been part of the team that had created Digimon, and of the familiar code in the Blue Card. When Renamon departed with Vajramon, their forthcoming return was sensed by Terriermon, and Henry called Rika – the Tamers then headed to the emergence point for the inevitable battle.

At some point between this and the Bio-Emergence of Vikaralamon, Henry and Terriermon went on vacation to Okinawa at the same time as Takato. Henry and Terriermon went diving and took photos underwater, then, back at their hotel room, Henry got a phone call from his father, telling him that computer systems in Tokyo were going haywire, but the call was disconnected. The following day, Henry and Terriermon saw a ship being attacked by an Ebidramon, and Terriermon quickly became Gargomon to destroy it. Afterwards, Henry and Terriermon were contacted by Omnimon, guardian of both the real and digital worlds, and, along with Rika and Renamon, were transported to the island base of VP Labs, to help Takato battle Mephistomon, the evil Digimon responsible for the computer systems malfunctions, who had been using V-Pets to disrupt Earth's electronics network. Mephistomon transported them all into an illusionary underwater world he had crafted in the image of mankind's future destruction, where the Champion Digimon apparently managed to defeat him by bringing a wrecked ship down on his head in a fireball. However, he emerged moments later in his Mega form of Gulfmon, prompting the Digimon to Digivolve to Ultimate, and comine their energies into the Trinity Burst attack, which destroyed Gulfmon.

Henry and TerriermonSome time later, after martial arts practise, Henry’s sensei told him the Sanskrit legend of the Devas, and how good and evil can change based on your perceptions. Henry and Gargomon then participated in the two battles with Indramon. When Jeri met Leomon, Takato phoned Henry for his take on the situation. Henry arrived soon after, and then Terriermon Digivolved into Gargomon to help Leomon defeat Kumbhiramon.

After an earthquake, which preceded the Bio-Emergence of Vikaralamon, the boar Deva, Henry had to forcibly take Terriermon from Suzie, who was reduced to tears and wished that Henry wasn’t her brother. While walking along afterward, Henry spotted a Chinese calendar in a shop window, and asked to borrow it, then showed it to the other Tamers, having realised that the twelve Devas were represented by the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. During the battle that ensued when Vikaralamon Bio-Emerged, Henry and the other Tamers realised how to make Blue Cards appear, and did so, Digivolving their Digimon to Ultimate. Despite Henry’s father’s attempt to prevent it, the Juggernaut system was reactivated, threatening to delete all the Digimon. An explosion instigated by Makuramon crashed the system, and, following Takato’s lead, Henry and Rika gave their strength to their Digimon via a little primal scream therapy, enabling them to stop Vikaralamon attacks and destroy him. But Calumon was kidnapped by the Makuramon, and taken to the Digital World, and the Tamers knew they had no choice but to follow. Before leaving, he sent his father an e-mail to explain where he was going, and revealed to Suzie that Terriermon was alive.

Upon arrival in the Digital World, after meeting Meramon, Henry reflected that fighting seemed to be the way of life for all Digimon. Not long after, the group was split up when Rika, Renamon, Kazu and Kenta were swept up by a Data Stream. While searching for them, the others came across a village of Chuchidarumon, which was being menaced by the Behemoth motorcycle. Henry was unwilling to get involved in their affairs, or to let Terriermon fight the motorcycle, but when it attacked again, he let Terriermon become Gargomon to defend the Chuchidarumon.

After entering a cave, the group wound up in the monochrome plain of the Digital World, where they met up with Kazu, Kenta, Ryo and Cyberdramon. After a night in a castle there, they returned to the desert plain and battled Majiramon. They returned to the point where they had posted their flag, but the reactivation of the Hypnos system caused a storm which forced them to take shelter in a cave. Rika and Kyubimon soon arrived, with Calumon, but then Beelzemon appeared, and engaged them all in battle. However, back in the real world, the Juggernaut was reactivated, and caused another, more ferocious storm, which led to Takato, Henry and Terriermon being swept up by another Data Stream, and deposited on the water plain of the Digital World, where they swam to the safety of a cave. When the soaked comm device given to them by Yamaki successfully functioned, Henry theorised that it worked because it did not “know” to get wet and break. By believing that they could breath underwater, they were able to do so, but were then confronted by a Divermon. After Henry used his martial arts to subdue him, he apologised and led them to a pipe, which took them to a strange library building. Inside, they discovered Shibumi, who Henry deduced was a member of the Monster Makers. Shibumi spun explanations, theories and outlandish tales about Digimon, humans, dreams and evolution, then sent them on their way to the sixth plain, where the Digimon Sovereign dwelled. Upon their arrival there, they landed in the middle of a conflict between Makuramon and Antylamon – the latter protecting Suzie, who had been pulled into the Digital World. After the monkey fled, Henry was shocked to discover that Antylamon – who then De-Digivolved to Lopmon – was Suzie’s partner! Despite this fact, however, he was unwilling to let Suzie get involved in their battles, but the arrival of Beelzemon, followed by the other Tamers, led to an intense fight which resulted in Leomon’s death. When Takato’s rage made WarGrowlmon become the demonic Megidramon, Henry realised that his presence was disrupting the fabric of the Digital World. When Takato and Guilmon Biomerged to form Gallantmon, Henry deduced that he was Guilmon’s true Mega form.

Henry BiomergedWhen the group arrived at the bridge to Zhuqiaomon’s castle, Henry refused to allow Suzie to come with them, despite her own desire to help – but he insisted that it was his job alone to fight. Rapidmon struggled valiantly against the awesomely powerful Zhuqiaomon, but could not win. Suzie’s D-Power pulled her to the castle, to Lopmon’s side, and Henry realised that he didn’t have to do things alone. He and Terriermon Biomerged for the first time, forming MegaGargomon, who temporarily beat Zhuqiaomon back. When Zhuqiaomon re-emerged, Azulongmon arrived to stop the battle, and to explain the true nature of the situation to the Tamers – that they were seeking to protect their world from their “true enemy,” the D-Reaper. After Calumon was rescued, the kids returned to Earth on an ark created by Henry’s father and the other Monster Makers, but the D-Reaper pursued them.

When the area was evacuated, Henry wanted to reunite with the other Tamers, to battle the creature. His mother was unwilling to let him fight, but Henry explained that he and the Tamers were the only ones who had a chance to defeat the D-Reaper. His mother likened him to his father, but realised that he had to go. He met back up with Takato and Rika in Shinjuku, and hid out in the school, before baking breakfast at Takato’s family’s bakery, and then engaged some of the D-Reaper’s Agents in battle, with help from the reformed Beelzemon. When Henry’s mother, Rika’s mother and grandmother and Takato’s parents, called them to Rika’s house for a meal, they then had to move to save Alice from the D-Reaper’s Agents. Henry’s mother still did not want him to fight – but realised that he had to. When Dobermon gave the Tamers the power to Biomerge in the real world, Henry reflected on his life, recalling his selfishness as a child, and how he came to think fighting was wrong, then resolved to fight on, knowing that fighting for a good purpose isn’t wrong. He and Terriermon formed MegaGargomon, and battled with a Creep Hands, then ventured into the D-Reaper’s chaos with Sakuyamon to rescue Takato and Guilmon.

Henry assisted Shibumi in his plan to make Grani, the modified ark, Bio-Emerge, giving him his Digivice. Shibumi slashed a Blue Card, making Grani appeared in the middle of the battle against the Optimizer, as Henry and the Monster Makers watched on the computer.

Henry and Terriermon formed MegaGargomon again to join in the effort to free Jeri from the Kernel Sphere – but his mother, and the other parents, were shocked to learn that their children had actually merged with their Digimon. After the mission to rescue Jeri failed, everyone was forced to retreat to Tsukuba.

A week later, the Monster Makers formulated their final plan, as the Tamers prepared to engage the D-Reaper in the climactic battle. Shibumi gave Henry a Red Card, which he slashed, sending a signal to the other Tamers, who rendezvoused with him in Shinjuku, where they all slashed the Red Card, allowing them to fight inside the D-Reaper’s chaos. They all Biomerged once again, and MegaGargomon took on the Cable Reaper along with Sakuyamon and Justimon. Communicating by radio contact, Yamaki, Janyu and Dolphin revealed to Henry that they had implanted the Juggernaut inside Terriermon – if he activated it within a vortex between the real and Digital worlds, it would suck the D-Reaper through, devolving it to it’s original harmless state. The plan was a success, and the D-Reaper was defeated... but that was not the end of it. The Juggernaut’s effects were felt on the Digimon, too, as they began to De-Digivolve. Henry turned on his father, demanding an explanation, which he sadly gave – the Digimon would have to return to the Digital World, or they would be cut off from it and die. Angrily, Henry accused his father of knowing this would happen – but there had been no other way. As the Digimon returned to their In-Training forms, and floated through the portal back to the Digital World, Janyu tried to convince his son it was for the best, but all Henry did was simply shake his head. Note that the intention of the scene in the original version is that when Henry shakes his head, he is telling his father that he does not need to apologise, because he has already forgiven him.

Thankfully, however, Takato later discovered a portal to the Digital World, allowing the Tamers to be reunited with their parnters. Months later, when Locomon appeared in Tokyo, Henry, Suzie, Terriermon and Lopmon were riding a train as the mechanical beast began his charge towards an opening rift between Earth and the Digital World at the Ichigaya train station. After getting off their train, they headed towards Ichigaya on foot, but Suzie quickly got tired, and Henry had to carry her, before leaving her at another station where she would be safe - though by accident, when he left, he grabbed Lopmon instead of Terriermon. Henry and Lopmon then met up with Kazu, Kenta and their Digimon, and used an abandoned train car, powered by Guardromon's jets, to catch up with Locomon, who Takato, Rika and Renamon had already boarded. It was revealed that the evil Parasimon was responsible for taking over Locomon's mind, and setting him on the course towards the opening rift, and Takato and Guilmon formed Gallantmon to destroy him, but not before he sent a signal into the rift that allowed many of his kind to emerge. Henry and Terriermon Biomerged into MegaGargomon, and together with all the other Digimon, battled the Parasimon swarm, until Gallantmon assumed his Crimson Mode and destroyed them all in one attack. In the aftermath of the battle, Henry attended Rika's birthday party.

Henry first appears in “Guilmon Comes Alive.” His voice is supplied by Dave Wittenberg.

Name: There was initially much consternation over Henry’s dub name, as fans believed that his Japanese name was “Lee Jenrya,” rather than the correct “Jenrya Lee,” hence not understanding how “Henry” had been derived from “Lee.”  The reason for this is that Takato regularly calls Jenrya “Lee-kun” in the original Japanese version, and led many to believe that Lee was actually his name. 



Digimon Tamers episode #47
English version written by Terri-Lei O'Malley
The Tamers protect Jeri’s father from a Paratice Head, but an Optimizer appears, and proves to big for the Digimon to handle – until Grani, the Monster Makers’ modified ark, Bio-Emerges and becomes Gallantmon’s steed, carrying him high enough to destroy the Agent.

Episode Trivia: The title of this episode is a reference to the Shakespeare play, “Richard III”, during which the title character proclaims “A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!”



Digimon Tamers episode #41
English version written by Adele Lim
The Tamers prepare to return to Earth in the Monster Makers’ ark, but some of them are left behind. Guilmon yells to the ark, pleading for it to stop – and to everyone’s surprise, it does, allowing everyone to get aboard. Kenta discovers he is partners with MarineAngemon, and an attack by the D-Reaper breaks the ark’s track, but the ark is able to pilot itself back into the real world, where it is met by Hypnos and the kids’ parents. Takato then accompanies Jeri to Matsumoto where her parents are waiting... but then, they discover that the D-Reaper has followed them back to Earth!




District of Tokyo in which Ai and Mako's grandmother lives, who they were visiting when Impmon and the Tamers returned from the Digital World.



Group: Micro – Level: In-Training – Attack Technique: Hop Hip

Hopmon is the In-Training form of Cyberdramon, the Digimon partner of Ryo. After the D-Reaper was defeated, the Digimon had to return to the Digital World. Cyberdramon reverted into Hopmon, and floated back through the portal along with all the other partners.

Hopmon appears in “Such Sweet Sorrow.”

Name: From “hop.”


Horn Striker


The Horn Striker is the sixth of the D-Reaper’s Agents, and has one simple ability – incredible brute strength. When Justimon made his first appearance to aid in the battle against the D-Reaper, a Horn Striker appeared, leaping down from the sky. MegaGargomon and Sakuyamon ventured into the D-Reaper’s mass to rescue Takato and Guilmon, while Justimon and Guardromon battled the Horn Striker. It hurled a hunk of debris at Justimon, but Guardromon saved him by destroying it with his Guardian Barrage. Justimon’s Thunderclap smashed the Horn Striker into a building, but it re-emerged, having somehow grown to a massive height, and attempted to stomp Justimon, but even the return of Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon could not defeat it. Justimon then targeted its life cord, which Antylamon seized and pulled taut, letting Justimon sever it and destroy the Horn Striker.

Later, while the Tamers waged the final battle within the D-Reaper’s mass, Gallantmon Crimson Mode was confronted by a small army of Horn Strikers as he attempted to rescue Jeri, which he easily slashed his way through.

A Horn Striker first appears in “When Is A Mon Justimon?” Note that it is never referred to by name in the US – this is its Japanese name. Should a card be released in the US with a different name, the encyclopedia will be subject to modification.




Group: Sacred Beast – Level: Mega – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Star-Light Explosion, Crimson Flame

When Calumon released the light of the Shining Digivolution, a Hououmon was among the many Mega-level Digimon who were created and converged on the area. Takato’s D-Power displayed an analysis of her.

Hououmon appears in “Janyu’s Ark.” We do not actually see her analysis screen. Note that Bandai of America's Group for this Digimon is "Animal," but her D-Power analysis states it to be "Sacred Beast," so that's what I'm using here.

Name: “Houou” is the Japanese word for “phoenix,” a mythical firebird that rose from it’s own ashes. Bandai of America refer to this Digimon as “Phoenixmon,” but in the show it was given its Japanese name.




The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building - headquarters of HypnosLocated within the twin towers of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is Hypnos, a covert government organisation created in 2000/01 as a Japanese counter to the American Defence Department’s SIGINT program, “Project Echelon.” Sanctioned by a body of government officials, and headed by it's designer, Mitsuo Yamaki, Hypnos – the name of both the organisation and the computer system it uses (the former named for the latter) – intercepts communications of all shapes and sizes, maintaining a constant watch over the world’s information network. It employs a body of technicians and scientists, as well as system operators like Riley and Tally, plus a number of field agents, known simply as "Men in Black." Hypnos eventually became aware of Digimon, existing autonomously within the network, lablling them them “Wild Ones” and establishing protocols to deal with them as they Bio-Emerged into the real world. In the original planning packet, writer Chiaki Konaka said he was considering the possibility that it was the existence of Hypnos that created the window into the real world that allowed Digimon to Bio-Emerge in the first place. There's no evidence whether or not this made it through into the finished series, although at one point, Yamaki wonders if Hypnos could mark a weak spot between the worlds.

The Hypnos operatives Riley and Tally were continuously on hand to detect the Bio-Emergence of the many Digimon who arrived in the real world. After Guilmon and Renamon’s battle in the park, a contingent of Hypnos operatives were sent to the area to cordon it off and study it. At one point, Yamaki explained Hypnos's nature to the Chief Cabinet Secretary, one of the government officials. Subsequently, the organisation’s deletion program, Yuggoth, was deployed to delete data in the tunnel underneath the park when an energy field formed there and sucked Guilmon into it – the Tamers were only just able to rescue him before he was deleted. Yamaki continued to observe Takato and Henry, and warned them to stop playing their dangerous game. When Takato and Guilmon defeated DarkLizardmon in battle, Yamaki arrived with a Hypnos clean-up squad to take the Digimon back to their headquarters, where she was subsequently destroyed by the data scan inflicted on her, while a field agent approached Janyu Wong.

The Hypnos control roomIn an effort to return all Digimon to the Digital World, after convincing the government officials, who retained their plausible deniability, Yamaki ordered the activation of Hypnos’s ultimate creation, the Juggernaut program. It functioned as intended to begin with, but its power was overridden by the Devas, who then used it as a gateway to enter the real world, where they wreaked havoc. To find a way to stop them, Yamaki reunited the Monster Makers, the programming team who had created Digimon in the first place. When Vikaralamon Bio-Emerged, Yamaki ordered the re-activation of the Juggernaut, which almost destroyed both Vikaralamon and the Tamers Digimon, before an explosion instigated by Makuramon crashed the system and destroyed a substantial portion of the Hypnos towers. Yamaki was fired for incompetence, and elected to side with the Tamers, giving them a comm device before they ventured into the Digital World.

A short time later, two of the government officials - the Chief Cabinet Secretary and the head of national security - were at odds – the latter wanted to reactivate Hypnos and the damaged Juggernaut, while the secretary thought it foolish to do so without Yamaki. Despite his wishes, the system was reactivated, and caused a violent storm in the Digital World, before the secretary called Yamaki and Riley in. The duo got the Juggernaut back under control, and were reinstated. As Yamaki then saw to calling the Monster Makers together again to explain the situation to the childrens' parents, a group of field agents led by the one who had previously approached Janyu pursued a man they beleived to be Shibumi, the errant Monster Maker - but lost him when he disappeared into thin air.

Hypnos’s central processor was then put at the Monster Makers’ disposal, as they used it to perform the required calculations during the construction of the ark, to return the children to Earth. An attack by the D-Reaper on the processor almost foiled their plans, but they were able to corral the power of computers all across the world, and brought the children home. The ark emerged in Shinjuku Park, where it was met by the Hypnos contingent and the kids’ parents.

When the D-Reaper pursued the kids back to the real world, it emerged through the Hypnos network, and the Hypnos towers became its focal point, as it kept the Kernel Sphere between them. Yamaki and the other operatives retreated to a temporary base, but there was no way to hide Hypnos from the world now, as Professor Tetsuo Uchiharato spoke of it’s existence on a televised news report. The Cheif Cabinet Secretary subsequently had to conduct a press conference, attempting to deny Hypnos's responsibility, but was faced with accusations of Hypnos’s intrusion into private information, and inquiries into what secrets it was trying to hide.

When the D-Reaper had drained enough energy from Jeri, it mutated into a new form, the Mother D-Reaper, at which point it absorbed the Hypnos towers into itself. The Hypnos operatives, the Monster Makers and the Tamers retreated to Tsukuba, where they planned their final attack, using the It's REEEEAL!Juggernaut one last time to activate Operation: Doodlebug, reverting the D-Reaper into it’s original, harmless state.

Months later, during the Locomon/Parasimon conflict, Riley and Tally were seen monitoring the situation inside the Hypnos control room, so it had evidently been restored in some fashion after the towers were asborbed into the Mother D-Reaper.

The Hypnos organisation first appears in “Guilmon Comes Alive.” Its nature is properly divulged in “Now You See It, Now You Don't.” Note that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is a real edifice which does actually exist in the Shinjuku district - see picture at right.

Name: Hypnos is named for the god of dreams from H.P. Lovecraft’s tales of Cthulu. In these stories, it was Hypnos’s job to prevent dreams from moving beyond Earth’s “dreamscape” – i.e.: to prevent them from moving from one world to the next, the way that the Hypnos organisation in Tamers attempts to prevent Digimon from doing the same.