Group: Vegetation - Level: Rookie - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Rain of Pollen, Stamen Rope

A Floramon was among the unfortunate Digimon see frozen in IceDevimon’s collection of defeated opponents. As seen in “The Icemon Cometh.”
Name: From "flora," meaning plants.





FlybeemonGroup: Insectoid – Level: Armour – Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Lightning Sting, Poison Stinger

A trio of Flybeemon Bio-Emerged into a baseball field in Shinjuku park, but were immediately confronted by Renamon. She destroyed one with ease, but was then hit by the stinger of another, weakening her, to then be hit by a double Lightning Sting. As the two Flybeemon closed in on her, she leapt past them, and destroyed them with her Diamond Storm, absorbing their data.

The Flybeemon appear in “Divided They Stand.” Note that Flybeemon is Hawkmon’s Armour form with the Digi-Egg of Knowledge.

Name: From “fly” and “bee,” two types of insect.





Group: Evil – Level: Champion –Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Evil Hurricane, Heavy Stick

When Renamon was battling a Goblinmon, Calumon was nearby and wandered over. His powers activated, and the Goblinmon Digivolved into a Fugamon. It attacked fairly blindly, smashing anything in it’s way as it tried to get to Renamon, who knocked it down with a volley of kicks and punches, then destroyed it with her Diamond Storm attack, and absorbed it’s data.

Fugamon appears in “Digimon, Digimon Everywhere.”

Name: Corruption of his Japanese name, "Fuugamon," which comes from "fuugai," a Japanese word meaning damage caused by strong winds (his attack being a hurricane, after all).