Cable ReaperPart of the D-Reaper's last line of defence, the Cable Reaper - also known simply as "Reaper" - emerged from the portal the D-Reaper opened between Earth and the Digital World. While this would make it seem as though the Cable Reaper is the physical embodiment of the D-Reaper in the Digital World, as the Mother D-Reaper was on Earth, Chiaki Konaka's website states that the Cable Reaper is in fact the combined form of all the D-Reaper's Agents (excepting the Jeri Type, presumably, as it continued to act independantly). The Mega Digimon faced off against it, but after it shredded Gallantmon's cape, the others held it at bay while he focused on saving Jeri. As their individual attacks had no effect, Sakuyamon transformed her armour into energy, and used it to empower Justimon's Voltage Blade, which he used to hack the creature in two. It was a vain effort, however, as it instantly repaired itself - but then, the Digimon Sovereign attacked it from the other side of the portal it was protecting, taking it out of the fight and allowing MegaGargomon to activate the Juggernaut to devolve and defeat the D-Reaper.
The Cable Reaper appears in "Jeri Fights Back" and "Such Sweet Sorrow."




CalumonGroup: Micro – Level: In-Training – Attack Techniques: None

Calumon is no mere Digimon – he is, in actuality, the Shining Digivolution, the Catalyst, the source of power that supplies the energy which allows Digimon to Digivolve. Kept on the highest plain of the Digital World, where the Digimon Sovereign dwelled, the Shining Digivolution was transformed into a Digimon form by the DigiGnomes, at the behest of Azulongmon, who sought to abandon Digivolving as a means of protection against the D-Reaper, which had re-awakened and was in the process of attacking the Digital World. This Digimon – Calumon – somehow found his way to the circuit-like area between the Earth and the Digital World, where he was attacked by a Maildramon. When a DarkTyrannomon attacked it and Digivolved into a MetalTyrannomon, the resultant explosion hurled Calumon through a portal into the real world. It’s not expressly stated, but it makes sense that the DarkTyrannomon evolved as a result of Calumon’s powers (a point is made of showing Calumon reflected in it’s eyes).

When Rika and Renamon were battling Goblinmon, Calumon unintentionally wound up terrifying a kissing couple, and then, due to his proximity to the battle, his powers made the Goblinmon Digivolve into Fugamon. Soon after, Calumon was in the parking garage where Guilmon and Renamon fought – when Terriermon accidentally got into the middle of it, Calumon’s powers made him Digivolve into Gargomon. The following day, he watched some children walk to school.

Calumon’s interest the school continued, as he investigated the infirmary, only to be found by Jeri, causing him to run off. He then watched a bunch of kids playing soccer, and developed quite a fondness for the game, drawing his own lines on the field to play the game his own way during the night. He did the same the following night (the timing seems a bit skewed, as we are only shown Calumon drawing the lines the second time, but he’s acting like he’s never done it before). The next morning, Guilmon picked up Calumon’s scent, and he and Takato found him sleeping behind a pipe in the schoolyard. They took him to Guilmon’s hideaway in the part, where he and Guilmon played. Takato and Henry spent some time wondering would make a good Tamers for Calumon, but neither Kazu, Suzie or Jeri seemed to fit the bill. Meanwhile, Calumon convinced Guilmon to come to the soccer field, where they drew all over it again. However, as they did so, a Vilemon Bio-Emerged and attacked them. Rika and Renamon arrived and Renamon destroyed the Vilemon, but Rika had no interest in Calumon’s offer of thanks. Calumon then bounced off, looking for more people to play with.

What he found, later on, however, was Rika and Renamon once again, as they fought a Dokugumon. Calumon’s powers enabled Renamon to Digivolve into Kyubimon to destroy the Dokugumon. Later, he returned to Guilmon’s hideaway to play some more, then bounced off when Takato arrived and tried to ask him about where he went all the time.

Calumon's powers activateWhen Guilmon was fighting Devidramon, Calumon floated onto the scene, and his powers allowed Guilmon to Digivolve into Growlmon. That same night, as Growlmon slept, Calumon woke him up and insisted upon playing some more, taking him back to Takato’s house. Calumon flew off when Takato got angry.

Calumon drew quite a crowd later on, when he happily sauntered down a city street, following Rika. When she got home, she told him to scram, sending him running off in tears. Later, he was floating in the air when he saw Takato, Henry and their Digimon running along, and decided to follow them to rescue Rika from IceDevimon’s clutches. Calumon’s powers allowed Renamon to Digivolve again to battle IceDevimon, who was destroyed by Guilmon. Rika declared that she hated Digimon, and Renamon left. Calumon went to Rika’s house during the night to try and convince her to see sense in his own unique way. The following day, his powers allowed Terriermon to evolve and defeat Musyamon.

Soon after, while Henry and Renamon has a discussion about partnership, Calumon showed up and played with Terriermon, who taught him some of Henry’s martial arts. He later paid another visit to Rika, and retrieved her flaring D-Power from the wastebasket where she had thrown it. He accompanied her to the site of Renamon’s battle with Harpymon, where his powers helped Renamon evolve to destroy her.

Some time later, Calumon somehow got inside the Hypnos base, and ran around, singing a little song, attracting the attention of Tally, who tried to prove to Riley that she had seen him. Later, outside the building, he was accosted by Impmon, who chased him through the city, trying to blast him and absorb his data, but they were interrupted by the activation of the Juggernaut program, which brought the Devas into the real world. They had been sent by Zhuqiaomon, to search for a new power source that would replace the Shining Digivolution and allow Digimon to Digivolve again. Calumon joined up with the other Tamers as they battled Mihiramon, using his powers to help Growlmon become WarGrowlmon.

Calumon next popped up in the subway as Sandiramon appeared, enjoying the attention of a couple of schoolgirls. He then accompanied Henry, Takato and their Digimon on their school camping trip, and had fun playing, swimming and generally just bein’ silly. The fun was interrupted by the arrival of Sinduramon, and Guilmon and Terriermon ran off to fight him – Calumon, Takato and Henry followed them, and Calumon’s powers allowed them to Digivolve and destroy him.

Calumon was in the area when Pajiramon and Vajramon Bio-Emerged, and his powers helped the Digimon Digivolve to fight them. When Henry slashed the Blue Card he had found earlier, Calumon’s powers activated again, and Gargomon became Rapidmon. Later, while Renamon conversed with Vajramon, Calumon appeared and was almost stomped by the bull Deva, who had no idea that he was the lost power source. Growlmon saved him, and then Calumon’s power helped Kyubimon become Taomon to defeat Vajramon.

At some point between Taomon's appearance and the Bio-Emergence of Vikaralamon, Calumon accompanied Takato on his vacation to Okinawa, and he and Guilmon very much enjoyed the change of scenery. When a Mantaraymon abducted their new friend, Minami Uehara, Calumon said he'd fly off to get some help, and either fly all the way back to Shinjuku, where he found Rika and Kyubimon, or was teleported there by Omnimon, who then transported them, along with Henry and Gargomon, to aid Takato against the evil Mephistomon. During their battle with his Mega form, Gulfmon, Calumon's powers activated, and the Tamers' Digimon assumed their Ultimate forms, combining their power into the Trinity Burst attack, to destroy Gulfmon.

At one point, while in a playground, Calumon was again set upon by a bunch of teenage girls, who repeatedly proclaimed his cuteness. They were scared away by Impmon, and Calumon then followed him around the city. By this time, Takato had noticed Calumon’s apparent connection to Digivolution, and in the evening, questioned him about it. Calumon genuinely had no idea, and then, after the first battle with Indramon, hung out with the others in the tunnel below the park. Jeri carried the weakened Calumon during the second fight with Indramon, during which his powers helped Growlmon become WarGrowlmon again.

When Jeri began to wonder if she could ever be a Tamer, she suggested to Calumon if he wanted to be her partner over a short meal of buns. They were then attacked by Kumbhiramon, but were saved by Leomon, who Jeri wanted to be her partner. Jeri and Calumon then chased him around the park, but they were attacked by Kumbhiramon again, and Calumon’s powers helped Terriermon Digivolve once more – much to the delight of the mysterious boy who had been watching.

Makuramon kidnaps Calumon (doesn't look too distressed, does he?)That boy’s interest in Calumon continued, as he spied on the kids again. When he was spotted, he ran off, but Jeri, Calumon, Kazu and Kenta followed him. While the others battled the newly Bio-Emerged Vikaralamon, the mysterious boy revealed his true identity – Makuramon, the monkey Deva! He had deduced that Calumon was in fact the lost Shining Digivolution, and, after destroying the Juggernaut system, he kidnapped Calumon and took him into the Digital World.

However, en route to the Digital World, Makuramon his hold on Calumon, who he’d put in a cage. Calumon was then freed by the DigiGnomes, and left to wander the Digital World in search of the Tamers. He was shortly swept up by a Data Stream, was seen being blown past Jijimon and Babamon’s house mere moments after Rika, Renamon, Kazu and Kenta left, and wound up in a forest. He eventually found his way to the flag that the Tamers had posted, and took it with him to show to other Digimon, to help him find his friends. However, the first Digimon he came across was Doggymon, who proved to be less than pleasant, scaring Calumon off. He then encountered Beelzemon, who just drove off and left him – but then, he found a Digital Tumbleweed, which he started playing with, which cheered him up considerably. As he ran, sang and danced with it and some DigiGnomes, his powers activated and caused three Woodmon nearby to Digivolve into Cherrymon. While fleeing from Makuramon and Majiramon, he fell down a chasm. He found himself in a forest by a river, where, soon after, his powers activated and Digivolved a swarm of Chrysalimon into an Infermon. He then saved Rika, who had fallen into the river, and his powers helped Renamon Digivolve to save them from a nasty fall. The Tamers and Calumon were all subsequently reunited, but were attacked by Beelzemon. The fight was interrupted by a storm caused by the reactivation of the Juggernaut, and then Chatsuramon appeared, snatching Calumon up. Calumon was then imprisoned in a cage which was transported to the sixth plain of the Calumon in the containerDigital World, and returned to the original holding place of the Shining Digivolution. Reflected in the glass of the container, he saw his true form. Soon after, as the Tamers battled Beelzemon again, and Leomon was destroyed, Takato’s rage prompted WarGrowlmon to Digivolve to Mega, and Calumon’s powers activated again, to the extreme, going so far as to cause him pain. But the Digivolution was flawed, and WarGrowlmon became Megidramon, a dark Mega for Guilmon.

Calumon was somehow able to escape his container, and began to slowly climb up the crevasse. As he climbed, globules of the D-Reaper’s chaos began to rise behind him, drawn as it was to the power of Digivolution Calumon embodied. Soon, the Tamers, along with Azulongmon and Zhuqiaomon, arrived to save him – Sakuyamon held back the chaos as Ryo carried Calumon out. Azulongmon then explained Calumon’s true nature to him, and asked him to release the light within him. Calumon agreed, and the DigiGnomes sacrificed themselves to help him unleash the power of the Shining Digivolution – a glorious light which spread across the Digital World, touching many Digimon, Digivolving them to the Mega level. Azulongmon then told Calumon that he was free to live the rest of his life as a Digimon. Calumon returned to the real world with the Tamers and their Digimon, then stayed with Jeri – but it wasn’t truly Jeri, it was one of the D-Reaper’s Agents, which had assumed her form. A few days later, as the D-Reaper’s chaos was spreading through Shinjuku, Calumon was alone as the Jeri Type Agent left to plague the Tamers. He met up with Impmon, and then sensed the presence of the real Jeri within the Kernel Sphere. Impmon stopped him from blindly rushing into the chaos, and then the two of them headed towards it together. Impmon Digivolved to Beelzemon Blast Mode to fend off the Bubbles which attacked them, as Calumon located the hidden Kernel Sphere. Beelzemon made an opening in it, through which Calumon entered, and found Jeri, while Beelzemon himself was bound by tentacles. Unable to do anything else, Calumon spent his time trying and failing to keep Jeri’s spirits up, as she sunk deeper and deeper into depression, unwittingly feeding the D-Reaper with her sadness. Calumon’s yells eventually managed to wake the unconscious Beelzemon, but even with the help of Gallantmon and Grani, he was not able to save Jeri and Calumon from Jeri is savedthe Kernel Sphere. After he stopped her from strangling herself with her puppet (although, technically, it’s impossible for a person to strangle themselves), Calumon’s words were finally able to reach Jeri, as she fought back against the D-Reaper. As the final battle raged around them, Calumon somehow shielded himself and Jeri with a force field of some kind (there’s no explanation for where the field comes from, other than Calumon’s remark that he must think “happy thoughts”). As the D-Reaper was pulled through the vortex created by the Juggernaut, reverting it to it’s original harmless state, Calumon and the others escaped from the chaos... but it was not entirely over, as the other Digimon reverted to their In-Training forms, and they and Calumon had to return to the Digital World.
However, Takato's subsequently discovery of a portal to the Digital World some months later meant Calumon and the other Digimon were able to return to Earth and be reunited with the Tamers. It's apparent that Calumon became very attached to Jeri, as he was with her for the duration of the Locomon/Parasimon embroglio, helping to prepare for Rika's birthday party.

Calumon first appears in “Guilmon Comes Alive.” His voice is supplied by Brianne Siddall.

Name: A corruption of his Japanese name, “Culumon,” which can be alternatively Romanised as “Kurumon.” “Kuru” is from the Japanese, “Kurukuru,” meaning something spinning around.



See Calumon and Shining Digivolution



CatsuramonGroup: Exalted Beast - Level: Ultimate – Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Howl of the Heavens, Treasure Mallet

Chatsuramon is the Dog Deva, and the apparent leader of the other eleven, although it seems that he and Makuramon have a rivalry between them, vying for supremacy and praise from their master, Zhuqiaomon, the Digimon Sovereign. In addition to his lightning-summoning Howl of the Heavens, and his rather peculiar ability to transform into a large mallet, Chatsuramon is capable of teleportation.

After Indramon defeated Impmon in battle, Chatsuramon reached across the worlds, and extended an offer to Impmon, promising him the power to Digivolve. Impmon was pulled into the Digital World before Chatsuramon, who explained that he would give Impmon the promised power if he destroyed the Tamers and their Digimon. Impmon was repulsed, but was so desperate to Digivolve that he agreed. He became Beelzemon, and proceeded to drive around the Digital World, seeking out a chance to test his new power. He found a swarm of Chrysalimon, and after he destroyed them, Chatsuramon appeared to tell him to stop wasting time and to fulfil his part of the bargain. As Beelzemon engaged the Tamers in battle, a ferocious storm whipped up, created by the reactivation of the unstable Juggernaut program. As Beelzemon fled, Chatsuramon appeared and captured Calumon, taking him to the Digital World’s highest plain. When some of the Tamers made it to the highest plain, Chatsuramon appeared briefly, apparently to bring Beelzemon there. Chatsuramon was also apparently responsible for directing the Data Stream that brought the other Tamers to the same site. As Beelzemon engaged the newly created Gallantmon in battle, Zhuqiaomon instructed Chatsuramon to destroy Lopmon, the renegade Deva who had sided with the Tamers as Suzie’s partner. Chatsuramon teleported into the battlefield, and attacked Lopmon with his Treasure Mallet attack, but Terriermon leapt to protect her, taking the attack instead. Gallantmon stepped forward and unleashed his Lightning Joust attack, destroying Chatsuramon. Chatsuramon’s data was immediately loaded by Beelzemon, increasing his strength.
Chatsuramon's voice is first heard in "A World Apart," extending the offer to Impmon. However, in the Japanese version, it was actually Zhuqiaomon's voice that was heard, and he who made the offer. Chatsuramon first appears in "Motorcycle Madness." His voice is supplied by Tom Wyner.

Name: From a corruption of “Catura,” one of the twelve Devas from Sanskrit. Note that Bandai’s name for this Digimon actually IS “Caturamon” – this is the spelling that appears on his D-Power analysis screen, but all the characters call him "Chatsuramon" (his Japanese name). Note that this spelling has been officially confirmed - it is pronounced with a silent H, as "Catsuramon."




Group: Vegetation – Level: Ultimate – Group: Virus – Attack Techniques: Pit Pelter, Illusion Mist

While Calumon was wandering through the Digital World’s desert, feeling rather miserable, he encountered a Digital Tumbleweed and a few DigiGnomes, and proceeded to run around and sing with them. Three Woodmon watching him wondered what was wrong with him. When Calumon finished his song, however, for some reason, his Digivolving powers activated, and the three Woodmon Digivolved into three Cherrymon. The Cherrymon then watched as Makuramon and Majiramon flew overhead. As the battle then raged between the Tamers and Majiramon, the Cherrymon were sent scattering by a blast of flame from the dragon Deva.

The Cherrymon appear in “Goliath.”

Name: From “cherry,” a fruit.



The Chief Cabinet SecretaryMember of the government body that sanctioned Hypnos, and the one chief of staff most involved with it's running. The secretary first appeared when Yamaki had to explain to him the nature of the Hypnos system. The secretary told him that stopping Digimon from Bio-Emerging was not enough, and that he had to find all the Digimon who had already appeared in the real world, and eliminate them.
When Yamaki contacted the chiefs of staff to seek permission to activate the Juggernaut, one of them (referred to as "the chief") spoke with the secretary's voice and had his personality, but it was not him (he had grey hair and clear glasses, while the secretary has black hair and dark glasses). Another character onscreen resembled the secretary fairly well (though his hair and glasses were a slightly different style, and he did not have the secretary's thick eyebrows), but spoke sparingly, in a different voice, and was eating his lunch in the middle of the meeting - actions which do not fit with the secretary's character. Possibly the animators drew the grey-haired man in place of the secretary.
Following the earthquakes that preceeded the arrival of Vikaralamon, Yamaki contacted the Chief Cabinet Secretary to alert him to the impending Bio-Emergence. The secretary warned him that he would not brook another disappointment - so when Vikaralamon deciamted a large portion of the city, the Juggernaut failed to stop him, and a portion of the Hypnos towers was destroyed in an explosion, Yamaki was fired.
However, some time later, the secretary and the Head of National Security clashed over what should be done about Hypnos - the head planned to reactivate the system, while the secretary thought it foolish to do so without Yamaki. The situation was deemed a matter of national security, and so the head was able to have both Hypnos and the Juggernaut brought back on-line, but Juggernaut was unstable, and would not shut down. The secretary called Yamaki in, and, much to the head's chagrin, he and Riley were able to shut the Juggernaut down.
When the D-Reaper followed the Tamers back to Earth from the Digital World, Hypnos could no longer be kept a secret from the public, as Professor Tetsuo Uchiharato spoke of it on a televised news broadcast. The secretary subsequently held a press conference in an attempt to claim Hypnos had no liability, but was faced with accusations of the system's intrusion into private information.
The Chief Cabinet Secretary first appears in "Now You See It, Now You Don't." His voice is supplied by Dave Mallow. He is never fully referred to by name in dialogue - the closest anyone gets is when Yamaki says "Get me the Chief Cabinet S..." but is cut off, in "The Boar Wars."



The supremely durable metal of the Digital World. Many Digimon have armour constructed from the metal, and Grani was also completely built from it.



ChrysalimonGroup: Unidentified – Level: Champion – Type: Unidentified – Attack Techniques: Data Crusher, Unconnect Buster

Beelzemon encountered the Chrysalimon while he was driving through the Digital World, seeking an opponent to test his new power on. The Chrysalimon were the unlucky victims, as Beelzemon unleashed his Double Impact on them, destroying many of their number. The remaining Chrysalimon merged together into an Infermon, which Beelzemon easily defeated.

Later, after he had killed Leomon, and was left feeling guilty and disgusted with himself, Beelzemon ran into more Chrysalimon, which began to swarm over him – but he didn’t fight back, screaming that he didn’t want the power any more. Meanwhile, elsewhere, Calumon released the power of the Shining Digivolution, and the Chrysalimon were exposed to it, merging into three Diaboromon, which flew off to join the other Mega Digimon created by the light.

Chrysalimon first appear in “The Imperfect Storm.”

Name: From “chrysalis,” a cocoon. Bandai of America refers to this Digimon as “Kurisarimon.”



ChuchidarumonGroup: Mutant – Level: Champion – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Heavy Punch, Mud Ball

The Tamers encountered the Chuchidarumon in their village in the barren desert, the earliest plain of the Digital World, where they were being terrorised by the Behemoth motorcycle. When Behemoth attacked the Tamers, a young Chuchidarumon appeared and was saved by Leomon. The other Chuchidarumon then appeared and welcomed the Tamers in, as an elderly Chuchidarumon explained that they were now in the “forgotten village of discarded data” – it and all the Chuchidarumon were formed from old, useless data which no-one cared about anymore. When Behemoth reappeared, the Tamers fended it off as the Chuchidarumon watched.
Later, the Chuchidarumon were among the Digimon exposed to the light of the Shining Digivolution when it was released by Calumon, but it is not known what they Digivolved into.
The Chuchidarumon first appear in “Motorcycle Madness.” The elder Chuchidarumon is voiced by Joey D'Auria. Their D-Power analysis notes that they have “a tendency to stare” – this *might* be a reference to the popular 80’s toy line and cartoon, “The Care Bears,” who could project energy beams called their “Care Bear Stare.”
Name: A corruption of his Japanese name, “Tsuchidarumon,” which means, “mud man monster.” Bandai of America refers to this Digimon as “MudFrigimon.”


Group: Machine – Level: Champion – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Tempus Fugit, Time Buster

Clockmon inhabits the clockwork cloud plain of the Digital World, and hangs around with Hagurumon. When Kazu, Kenta, Rika and Renamon found themselves on this plain, Clockmon shouted a warned that came too late, as Rika accidentally freed Megadramon from his prison. When Renamon went up against him, Clockmon and Hagurumon were very excited to discover she had been to the real world. When Kyubimon failed to bring Megadramon down, Ryo, the legendary Tamer, and his partner, Cyberdramon, arrived to defeat him, as Clockmon and Hagurumon heaped praise upon him.

Later, when Calumon released the power of the Shining Digivolution, Clockmon and Hagurumon were among those who were exposed to it. It’s not known what, if anything, Clockmon Digivolved into.

Clockmon first appears in “Blame it on Ryo.” His voice is supplied by Robert Martin Klein.

Name: From “clock.”


Yeah, baby, yeah!COCO
Photographer who took the pictures during Rika's camera test. When he told her she would be just like her mother, the already-nervous Rika lost her cool, and pushed him over before running out of the studio.
Coco appears in "Digital Beauty." His voice is supplied by Wally Wingert, and is an impression of Mike Myers's popular 'Austin Powers' character, from the film series of the same name - because in the films, as well as being a shagadelic secret agent, Austin is also a photographer.




Group: Crustacean - Level: Rookie - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Scissors Attack, Crab Meat Bomber

A Crabmon was among the unfortunate Digimon seen frozen in IceDevimon’s collection of defeated opponents. As seen in “The Icemon Cometh.”
Name: From "crab," a sea-dwelling crustacean.




Creep HandsThe Creep Hands is the fifth of the D-Reaper’s agents. Its spiralling arms can extend over massive distances with powerful force, and it can also extend the prongs on its elbows into binding cables. It can fire energy beams from its head-protrusion. The first Creep Hands appeared when the Tamers met with Alice and Dobermon, along with a swarm of Bubbles. Taomon, WarGrowlmon and Rapidmon struggled with the Creep Hands, but were no match for it – then, Dobermon gave them the power to Biomerge. MegaGargomon grappled with the Creep Hands, which bound him with its cables. A combination of his Mega Barrage attack and Gallantmon’s Shield of the Just destroyed the Creep Hands.

During the final battle, another Creep Hands was seen, striking out at Grani, knocking Gallantmon and Justimon off it.

A Creep Hands first appears in “The Messenger.” It is not referred to as Creep Hands in the US version of the show, but I am using the name for ease of identification.



CurlyRai “Curly” Aishuwarya is the Indian member of the Monster Makers, the group that designed and created the artificial life forms in the 1980’s that would become Digimon.

Roughly twenty years later, Curly and the other Monster Makers – sans Shibumi - were reunited by Yamaki and Hypnos, in order to learn more about Digimon, so that they could destroy them. However, when the Juggernaut system failed to destroy Vikaralamon, Yamaki was fired from his position.

Later, when Yamaki made contact with the Tamers, who had travelled to the Digital World to rescue Calumon from the Devas, he called Curly and the other Monster Makers together again so they could explain the situation to the kids’ parents. Curly and the others then started work on building an ark to bring the kids home. An attack by the D-Reaper on the Hypnos processor almost delayed their plans, but they were able to utilise the processing power of computers from all across the world to finish their calculations and send the ark into the Digital World to bring the children home. But it wasn’t over – the D-Reaper followed the kids back through to Earth, and immediately infested the Shinjuku area, causing the Monster Makers and Hypnos staff to flee the building and set up a new temporary base of operations, where Shibumi joined them.

The Monster Makers’ next challenge was to modify the ark – which had become sentient – into Grani, a “battle steed” of sorts for Gallantmon. It Bio-Emerged just in time to join the battle against the Optimizer. Later, after they had to move out of their temporary base and relocate, the sensors planted within the D-Reaper by Johnny Beckenstein and the Global Taskforce revealed to the Monster Makers that the D-Reaper was a quantum bubble. With this knowledge, Curly immediately programmed a vortex that they could use to devolve the D-Reaper, and used it as their final strategy, having MegaGargomon create it within the D-Reaper’s mass and activating the Juggernaut, returning the D-Reaper to the Digital World and transforming it back into a harmless state.

Curly first appears in a flashback in “Duel with the Deva.” She first appears in real time in “Out of the Blue.” Her voice is supplied by Dorothy Elias-Fahn.



CyberdramonGroup: Android – Level: Ultimate – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Desolation Claw, Cyber Nail

The feral Cyberdramon is the Digimon partner of Ryo. Cyberdramon is always in search of the next fight, and when he finds it, he’s simply uncontrollable. It was because of Cyberdramon’s ferocious nature that Ryo had to stay in the Digital World, shortly after defeating Rika at that year’s Digimon card tournament – it just wasn’t safe to let Cyberdramon stay in the real world.

The “Brave Tamer” video game expands on Cyberdramon somewhat, revealing him to be a fusion of Monodramon and Ryo's longstanding nemesis, Millenniummon. Millenniummon, as XeedMillenniummon, was in the process of conquering all of time and space, and, having realised that he and Ryo could not destroy one and other, rationed that instead, they should have always been partners, but with Monodramon as Ryo's partner, that was impossible. To stop Millenniummon, Monodramon forced a DNA Digivolution between the two of them, resulting in a Digi-Egg which eventually hatched and Digivolved into Cyberdramon. It is the part of Cyberdramon that is Millenniummon which makes him so wild and hard to control.

When the other Digimon Tamers of Earth came to the Digital World, and wound up scattered across it’s plains, Rika inadvertently freed Megadramon from his prison in the land of clockwork and clouds. When Kyubimon failed to bring him down, Cyberdramon suddenly appeared on the scene and defeated him with his Desolation Claw attack. Ryo tried to stop his rampage, but Cyberdramon refused to listen until Ryo bound him with an energy lash from his D-Power. After Rika left in a huff, Ryo, Cyberdramon, Kenta and Kazu made their way to another plain, where they met up with Takato and the others – Cyberdramon didn’t react too well to Takato’s welcome. After spending the night in the area, they travelled back to the desert plain, where they encountered Makuramon and Majiramon, and Cyberdramon immediately attacked the dragon Deva, only to be beaten down by his Flaming Arrowheads. In retaliation, Ryo slashed a Goliath Modify Card, causing Cyberdramon to large enough to be Majiramon’s match, as he crushed the Deva’s head, destroying him. After returning to normal size, Cyberdramon desired to fight more, and ran off to find a new opponent, as Ryo followed.

Later, when WarGrowlmon became Megidramon, and his presence began to disrupt the Digital World, Ryo and Cyberdramon were seen briefly, wondering about the fate of the other kids. Shortly thereafter, Cyberdramon detected the scent of a new opponent, more powerful than anyone he had faced before. They travelled to Baihumon’s kingdom, thinking that he was the opponent, but when they arrived they encountered Ebonwumon, and discovered that the enemy Cyberdramon had detected was battling Baihumon underground – it was the “true enemy” of the Digimon Sovereign, the D-Reaper. After the D-Reaper left to seek out Calumon, Baihumon emerged, Cyberdramon and Ryo left to track the D-Reaper down, meeting up with the other Tamers. Rika and Renamon ventured into the chasm to rescue Calumon, and were followed by Cyberdramon and Ryo. Cyberdramon, using an Avenging Knight Modify Card and his Desolation Claw, created a barrier to hold back the D-Reaper’s chaos while they escaped with Calumon.

The Tamers were then set to return to Earth in an ark created by the Monster Makers, but Rika and Renamon had left to find Impmon, so they could bring him back with them. Cyberdramon and Ryo flew off to find them even as the ark was departing, and soon returned, successfully. As Cyberdramon flew back into the ark, he De-Digivolved into his Rookie form of Monodramon.
After the return to the real world, Ryo returned home, with Monodramon. At some point, Monodramon Digivolved back into Cyberdramon, and then Biomerged with Ryo, forming Justimon, to aid the Tamers in battle against the D-Reaper, which had appeared in the real world. It is not explained in the anime how Ryo and Cyberdramon could Biomerge in the real world, given that they were not present when Dobermon released the necessary energy, but the video games explain that Ryo is already at least partially data, which would make a Biomerge possible. After defeating a Horn Striker, he separated back into Ryo and Cyberdramon, then they combined again to do battle, and were blindsided by Paratice Head. After it was defeated, they separated again, and hung out in the Monster Makers’ temporary base of operations. Cyberdramon and Guardromon battled with a squad of Bubbles, before Cyberdramon and Ryo merged together again to up their chances.
A week later, Ryo and Cyberdramon answered Henry’s call to join the final battle against the D-Reaper, arriving as Justimon, then separating. The Red Card was slashed, and they merged again. After the battle, as MegaGargomon activated the Juggernaut program within the D-Reaper, Shibumi realised his calculations for the Red Card were off – the effects wore off, and the Digimon split back into their composite forms. Cyberdramon tried to carry the weakened Ryo out of the D-Reaper, and Kazu and Kenta arrived to airlift everyone out in one of MarineAngemon’s bubbles.
It seemed like it was all over – but the effects of the Juggernaut were felt upon the Digimon, and they were drawn back into the Digital World. Cyberdramon reverted to his In-Training form of Hopmon, and went through the portal with the other Digimon.
Takato's subsequent discovery of a portal to the Digital World, however, meant that Cyberdramon was later reunited with Ryo. Still, he and Ryo apparently continued to live in the Digital World, as they emerged from a portal connecting the worlds, merged as Justimon, to help battle the multitudinous Parasimon.
Cyberdramon first appears in “Blame it on Ryo.” His voice is supplied by Lex Lang. He is what has been termed a "fan-made Digimon" - his creator won the Suueisha Books Digimon Design Contest, and Cyberdramon became an official Digimon.
Name: From “cyber,” and “dragon,” which “dra” is short for.