BabamonGroup: Ancient – Level: Mega – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Empress Haze, Dark Broom

Babamon and her husband, Jijimon, live in isolation on the barren, uppermost layer of the Digital World. Because they have nothing else to do, they generally fight with each other a lot – but when Kazu, Kenta, Rika and Renamon accidentally got blown through their front door during a storm, they were happy to have the company, and made dinner for them. While they slept, Babamon and Jijimon gave thanks for their visit, then, the following day, Kazu and Kenta asked them if they wanted to be their partners. However, Babamon and Jijimon got the wrong end of the stick, thinking that they would be the Tamers and Kazu and Kenta would be their “Digimon” – “BlackWarKazumon” and “MegaMightyKentamon.” The two of them started to fight as Babamon and Jijimon watched, egging them on, until Rika broke it up. They tried to stop them from leaving, and clung onto their glider as they away, then fell off, and wound up on their own at home again. They sang Kenta and Kazu’s bath time song, and then, as always, started to fight again.

Later, when Calumon released the energy of the Shining Digivolution, and Digivolved many Digimon to the Mega level, Babamon and Jijimon appeared again, flying overhead.

Babamon first appears in “Kazu and Kenta’s Excellent Adventure.” Her voice is supplied by Dorothy Elias-Fahn. This is a production in-joke, as her husband, Tom Fahn, provides the voice of Jijimon.

Names: “Baba” is Japanese for “old woman.”



BabelBabel – real name unknown – is a member of the Monster Makers, the group that designed and created the artificial life forms in the 1980’s that would become Digimon.

Roughly twenty years later, Babel and the other Monster Makers – sans Shibumi - were reunited by Yamaki and Hypnos, in order to learn more about Digimon, so that they could destroy them. However, when the Juggernaut system failed to destroy Vikaralamon, Yamaki was fired from his position.

Later, when Yamaki made contact with the Tamers, who had travelled to the Digital World to rescue Calumon from the Devas, he called Babel and the other Monster Makers together again so they could explain the situation to the kids’ parents. Babel and the others then started work on building an ark to bring the kids home. An attack by the D-Reaper on the Hypnos processor almost delayed their plans, but they were able to utilise the processing power of computers from all across the world to finish their calculations and send the ark into the Digital World to bring the children home. But it wasn’t over – the D-Reaper followed the kids back through to Earth, and immediately infested the Shinjuku area, causing the Monster Makers and Hypnos staff to flee the building. After they set up a new temporary base of operations, where Shibumi joined them, Babel was the one who used satellites to view the D-Reaper from above, and realised that it was staying away from areas of greenery.

The Monster Makers’ next challenge was to modify the ark – which had become sentient – into Grani, a “battle steed” of sorts for Gallantmon. It Bio-Emerged just in time to join the battle against the Optimizer. Later, Babel correctly identified the weapons employed by the Global Taskforce as magnetic jamming devices, before they had to move out of their temporary base and relocate. As their final strategy against the D-Reaper, the Monster Makers formulated Operation: Doodlebug, using MegaGargomon to create a vortex within the D-Reaper’s mass and activating the Juggernaut, returning the D-Reaper to the Digital World and devolving it to a harmless state.

Babel first appears in a flashback in “Duel with the Deva” (with a badass afro, no less). He first appears in real time in “Out of the Blue.” His voice is supplied by Neil Kaplan.



Digimon Tamers episode #16
“The Saga of the Devas,” Part Two
English version written by Seth Walther
Takato and Henry go on a school camping trip, and take Guilmon, Terriermon and Calumon with them. However, while they are there, Sinduramon, the Rooster Deva, appears, and begins to absorb electricity from the city, then heads for the nearby dam, and the hydroelectric plant there. The Tamers and their Digimon engage it in battle, during which Growlmon blasts it into the river, with explosive final results!

Episode Trivia - When this episode first aired in the US, it was part of "The Saga of the Devas" special, and as such did not have it's own title, and including an alternate ending narration.
When Takato and Henry are on the bus, going after Guilmon and Terriermon, in the background, another man on the bus can be heard mumbling, “Yeah, yeah, definitely, definitely lost my ticket, yeah.” This is a parody of Dustin Hoffman’s character from the movie “Rainman.”



BaihumonGroup: Animal – Level: Mega – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Vajra, Iron Claws

Baihumon is the guardian of the west, physically the most powerful of the four Digimon Sovereign, who inhabit the highest plain of the Digital World and govern it. When Cyberdramon detected the scent of his greatest opponent, he and Ryo traced it to Baihumon’s domain, believing that Baihumon was their foe. However, as Ebonwumon explained to them, it was not Baihumon they were to fight, but the D-Reaper, which was currently battling Baihumon deep underground. When the D-Reaper left, Baihumon emerged, weakened from the fight. Shortly after, he and Ebonwumon joined up with Azulongmon and Zhuqiaomon, and helped Calumon release the power of the Shining Digivolution, Digivolving Digimon everywhere.

When the Tamers returned to the real world, the D-Reaper was able to follow them, and the battle continued there, even as Baihumon and the other Sovereigns battled with the D-Reaper in the Digital World. During the final battle, Baihumon and the Sovereigns managed to remove the Cable Reaper from the fight, enabling MegaGargomon to activate the Juggernaut program which won the day.

Baihumon first appears in “Song of Sakuyamon.” His voice is supplied by Steve Kramer.

Name: From the Chinese characters for "white tiger," which are pronounced “Byakko” in Japanese - Byakko is the tiger god of the Japanese city, Kyoto.


Group: Wizard - Level: Armour - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Dancing Meteor, Scarlet Hair, Storming Blades
Baronmon was one of the Digimon at VP Labs when Takato and Kai ventured there to rescue Minami. He, and his followers, Sepikmon, Pipismon and Ponchomon, held Minami hostage, in order to force her father to reveal the location of the vaccine program he had created for his V-Pets. Seasarmon and Growlmon then arrived on the scene, and Baronmon was able to hold them back with missiles from his chest, but while he dealt with Seasarmon, Growlmon blindsided him and destroyed him with a Dragon Slash.
Baronmon appears in "Battle of Adventurers." His voice is supplied by Jamieson Price. Baronmon is the Armour Digivolved form of Patamon with the Digi-Egg of Courage.
Name: "Baron" is short for "Barong," who, in Bali mythology, is the king of spirits.

Digimon Tamers theatrical presentation #1

English version written by Seth Walther

"Battle of the Adventurers" Japanese movie posterWhile on vacation to visit his cousin, Kai, in Okinawa, Takato encounters Minami Uehara, daughter of the creator of the V-Pet craze that's sweeping the world. Minami is being pursued by wild Digimon, and despite the efforts of Seasarmon, a mysterious Digimon who emerges from the original V-Pet - created to replace her dead dog, Mei - she is captured and taken to VP Labs, the company that produced the V-Pet. Takato and Kai venture there to rescue her, but they discover that the company president, Ryuuji Tamashiro, is in actuality the evil Digimon, Mephistomon, created from the data of an Apocalymon, who is searching for the V-Pet vaccination program within Seasarmon, to prevent it from stopping his plans to use the V-Pets to plunge Earth's electronics network into chaos. His foe, Omnimon, guardian of the real and Digital World, transports Rika, Henry and their partners away from conflicts with other Digimon, to come to Takato's aid, but Mephistomon hurls them all into an illusionary world that represents mankind's devastated future. There, the vaccination program within Seasarmon is activated, and the chaos wreaked by the V-Pets is undone, but Mephistomon Digivolves into his Mega form of Gulfmon. The Tamers' Digimon assume their Ultimate forms, and then combine their energies to form the Trinity Burst attack, which destroys Gulfmon.
Originally screened in Japan in 2001, this movie's script was translated into English for Saban by Grace Anderson in the year of it's release, but it was not broadcast in the US until 2005.
It was originally reported that this movie was out of continuity with the series, as a result of mistranslated promo material that made it seem that Mephistomon was responsible for creating Digimon, which would contradict the series. This was proven to be erroneous, but it still cemented the idea that the movie is out of continuity in the minds of many, even though there is very little to actually indicate that it is (really, just the lack of use of the Trinity Burst in the show - which does not truly mean anything - and the fact that Renamon absorbs data, when this occurs at a point after she vowed not to - which is surely just a writer's error). Additionally, Kai's appearance in the series, where is shown to already know
Guilmon (he first meets him in this movie), is a strong indicator that this movie is in continuity. For the purposes of the encyclopedia, the movie is taken as being in continuity, and if taken as such, logically comes somewhere between "Digital Beauty" and "The Boar Wars."



Digimon Tamers episode #36
English version written by Steve Blum
Gallantmon’s battle with Beelzemon is fierce, but Gallantmon eventually emerges victorious. He is about to destroy Beelzemon, but Jeri stops him, not wishing to see any more death. Beelzemon reflects on the events that led up to this moment, and leaves, dejected.



Johnny Beckenstein is an American ally of the Monster Makers. It’s not known how they know him, but he too is a technical wizard. When the D-Reaper was attacking the real world, Johnny worked with the Global Taskforce to counterattack with a series of magnetic jamming devices, which were dropped into the D-Reaper’s mass by stealth bombers. Johnny made contact with the Monster Makers via their computers, but he was then cut off as the jammers interfered with the transmission – but unfortunately, they failed to do much damage to the D-Reaper, as it destroyed them with it’s own heat. Afterward, they were able to get back in contact with Johnny, who informed them that a handful of the probes were still functional, and relaying information that allowed them to deduce that the D-Reaper was a quantum bubble. Johnny then left the Monster Makers to their calculations.

Johnny appears in “D-Reaper’s Feast.” His voice is supplied by Dave Wittenberg.



BeelzemonGroup: Demon Lord – Level: Mega – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Double Impact, Darkness Claw (both modes) Corona Blaster, Corona Destroyer (Blast Mode)

Beelzemon is the Mega form of Impmon, who Digivolved through the power bestowed to him by the Digimon Sovereign, as part of a deal with Chatsuramon. However, he did not Digivolve completely, and took on a "flawed," incomplete form – but he didn’t care, he finally had the power he had craved. Unfortunately, to complete his end of the deal, he had to destroy the Tamers and their Digimon.

Moments after his creation, Beelzemon was given the Behemoth motorcycle, which he was able to master control of. He proceeded to drive around the Digital World, until he bumped into Calumon, who asked him for help in finding the others, but he simply drove off, searching for an opponent to test his power on. He eventually came across a swarm of Chrysalimon, which he almost completely obliterated with his Double Impact. The remaining Chrysalimon merged together into an Infermon, which he easily destroyed with his Darkness Claw, and absorbed it’s data. Chatsuramon then appeared and instructed him to complete his end of the bargain.

Beelzemon tracked the Tamers down, and Kyubimon realised that he was Impmon. However, the ensuing battle was interrupted by a fierce storm, created by the re-activation of the unstable Juggernaut program, and Beelzemon fled.

Later, when the Tamers were separated, Beelzemon located Takato, Henry, Suzie and their Digimon, and took down Rapidmon. The other Tamers and Digimon were able to ride a Data Stream to the battlefield, and joined in the effort against him, but when Beelzemon was about to destroy Kyubimon, Leomon restrained him. In retaliation, Beelzemon impaled Leomon on his claws, destroying him and loading his data. Takato went into a rage, and WarGrowlmon Digivolved into Megidramon, a dark and evil Mega who promptly attacked Beelzemon. Makuramon appeared to berate Beelzemon, but Beelzemon crushed his head, killing him, and yet again, absorbed his data, increasing his strength, enabling him to fend Megidramon off. Taomon and Rapidmon went up against him, but he sealed them in Makuramon’s Primal Orb attack, and would have destroyed them, had Henry and Rika not used the Alias card to free them from their Ultimate forms. Beelzemon was still able to absorb the data of their Ultimate forms, however, growing even stronger, and knocking Megidramon out. He then turned on Takato, but Megidramon reverted to Guilmon, and he and Takato Biomerged into Gallantmon. The battle between the two was fierce, as Beelzemon summoned Behemoth, and unleashed a stream of drive-by attacks, until Gallantmon destroyed the machine with his Lightning Joust. Meanwhile, Chatsuramon arrived to destroy Lopmon, but Gallantmon destroyed him, and Beelzemon leapt in to load his data and increase his strength once more. The battle continued to rage, until Gallantmon defeated Beelzemon with his Shield of the Just attack. He was about to destroy Beelzemon when Jeri stopped him, not wanting to see any more killing. Beelzemon reflected on the events in his life that led up to this point, and left, utterly dejected.

As he wandered the Digital World, feeling worthless, the image of Jeri haunting his mind, Beelzemon came across another swarm of Chrysalimon, which attacked him. Even as they electrocuted him, he screamed that he didn’t want the power any more. When Calumon released the power of the Shining Digivolution, the Chrysalimon swarm Digivolved into three Diaboromon, which flew off – leaving behind a beaten and defeated Impmon.

Beelzemon Blast ModeImpmon was found by Rika and Renamon, and brought back to the real world with them, where he was eventually reunited with his partners, Ai and Mako. When the three of them forgave each other, Impmon left to join in the battle against the D-Reaper. Mako gave him a toy gun, and Ai gave him a kiss, and as he ran to the battlefield, he Digivolved again into Beelzemon... and then, onward, sprouting wings, Digivolving under his own power, into his complete, true Mega form – Beelzemon Blast Mode! He then flew to the site of the battle, and was able to convince the other Digimon that he was there to help. With a single shot of his Corona Blaster, he severed the life cord of the Pendulum Feet they were fighting, enabling the others to destroy it.

A short time later, as the Tamers battled with other D-Reaper Agents, Impmon met up with Calumon, who then sensed Jeri’s presence inside the D-Reaper. The two of them tried to save her, and Impmon Digivolved into Beelzemon Blast Mode again to fend off a number of Bubbles. Beelzemon and Calumon then found the Kernel Sphere, and Beelzemon shattered it – but as Calumon flew in to find Jeri, tentacles seized Beelzemon and bound him within the sphere. He remained trapped as the other Digimon outside battled against the D-Reaper, but eventually managed to sever the tentacles, only to be hurled back outside by the D-Reaper, to prevent him from freeing Jeri. Gallantmon and Beelzemon attacked the D-Reaper together, to no avail, and then the D-Reaper began an analysis of Beelzemon, repeatedly identifying him as the Digimon who destroyed Leomon. Beelzemon screamed in defiance, attacking with his Corona Destroyer, to no effect. His cannon was then destroyed by a blast from the D-Reaper. Grani destroyed the D-Reaper Ball with its Yuggoth Blaster, and the enraged Beelzemon then unleashed Leomon’s Fist of the Beast King attack, shattering the Kernel Sphere. As he reached for Jeri’s hand, she recoiled in terror, as he was not Leomon, who she had thought had returned to save her. The Kernel Sphere sealed again, keeping Jeri inside, as Beelzemon was struck by an attack from the Gatekeeper, and fell from the skies, on the verge of deleting. Grani swooped to save him as he fell into the D-Reaper’s chaos, and rose back up with Impmon – weak, but alive.

In the following week, Impmon returned to Ai and Mako, who took care of him – and when they made their peace, a D-Power appeared for them. Impmon brought them to meet the other Tamers, and then he himself reverted to his In-Training form of Yamon and returned to the Digital World with the other Digimon.

However, Takato's subsequent discovery of a portal to the Digital World months later allowed Impmon and the other Digimon to return to Earth and be reunited with their partners. Some time later, when Locomon appeared in the real world, Beelzemon arrived to help try and stop the mechanical beast. Appearing in his "flawed" form, riding Behemoth (with no explanation offered for either), Beelzemon shot at Locomon, but his efforts did no good, and he was struck by Locomon's Wheel Grinder, which sent him spiralling away. Soon thereafter, when the conflict reached breaking point with the arrival of many Parasimon, Beelzemon reappeared in his Blast Mode and defended Suzie and Lopmon from the monsters. After the day was won, he reverted to Impmon, and gorged himself at Rika's birthday party.

Beelzemon first appears in “Motorcycle Madness.” Beelzemon Blast Mode first appears in “Beelzemon’s Big Day.” His voice is supplied by Derek Stephen Prince.

Name: From “Beelzebub,” another name for Satan. Bandai of America refer to Blast Mode as "Bluster Mode" - apparently they MEANT for it to be "Blaster Mode" and something got a little screwed up along the way. Doesn't matter for the show, though, as Beelzemon declares himself to be "Blast Mode beautiful!" meaning that the name "Blast Mode" is canonical for the US version of the show.



Digimon Tamers episode #43
English version written by Seth Walther
As the Tamers battle against a Pendulum Feet – one of the D-Reaper’s AgentsImpmon is reunited with his partners, Ai and Mako. When they forgive each other, Impmon leaves to join the fight, and Digivolves into his true Mega form of Beelzemon Blast Mode. After convincing the other Digimon he is there to help, he severs the Pendulum Feet’s life cord with his Corona Blaster, enabling the others to destroy it.



BehemothThe Behemoth motorcycle is a curious piece of equipment – an independently functioning motorcycle which takes over the mind of anyone foolish or unfortunate enough to sit on it. The Tamers encountered it when they found themselves in a village of Chuchidarumon – it attacked them, then drove off into the desert again, as the Chuchidarumon explained how it had been terrorising them. Later, it appeared again, and the Tamers and their Digimon fought it, though they could seem to do no damage. Guilmon leapt on the bike, knocking off MetalKoromon, who had been on it all along – but then Behemoth took over Guilmon’s mind, and made him attack the others. Leomon successfully managed to knock Guilmon off, and then, the bike vanished through a warp which appeared in front of it – a warp created by the power of the Digimon Sovereign. The warp then erupted – and out of it emerged Behemoth, being ridden by Beelzemon, who had mastered the bike and was in complete control.

Beelzemon proceeded to drive around the Digital World on Behemoth, until he tracked down the Tamers again, intending to kill them and fulfil his bargain with the Sovereign. However, the ensuing battle was interrupted by a fierce storm created by the re-activation of the Juggernaut program.

During a later battle, Beelzemon went up against the newly formed Gallantmon, and summoned Behemoth, boarding it and unleashing a series of drive-by attacks. In retaliation, Gallantmon let loose his Lighting Joust attack from above, destroying Behemoth.

Behemoth was apparently rebuilt, however, as, months later, Beelzemon rode it into battle against Locomon. However, when Locomon used his Wheel Grinder, Beelzemon and Behemoth were sent spiralling away, and an explosion followed, presumably Behemoth blowing up again.

Behemoth first appears in “Motorcycle Madness.” It is destroyed in “The Battle Within.”



“Bio-Emerging” is the process by which Digimon materialise in the real world. A portal between the two worlds opens – sometimes spontaneously, sometimes intentionally opened with a Blue Card - and a Digital Field forms, which transforms and rearranges the molecules within it, allowing the Digimon to synthesise false proteins and exist on Earth.

Bio-Emerging first occurs in “Guilmon Comes Alive.”



See Biomerge Digivolve



The process by which a Tamer and their Digimon fuse together to create a new Mega level Digimon in a moment of unity. Takato and Guilmon were the first to do so, forming Gallantmon, followed by MegaGargomon, then Sakuyamon.

After they had returned to the real world, the Tamers were unable to Biomerge with their Digimon, as they were flesh and blood again, but the Digimon were still data. Dobermon provided the energy that allowed the Tamers to become data, enabling them to Biomerge again. Shortly after this, Ryo and Cyberdramon Biomerged to form Justimon (the series does not explain why this is possible, given that Ryo was not present when Dobermon released the necessary energy, but the apparent reason is that Ryo is already at least partially data).

Biomerging first occurs in “Give a Little Bit.”



BlackWarKazumon and MegaMightyKentamonBLACKWARKAZUMON

When Kazu and Kenta were pretending to be Digimon partners for Jijimon and Babamon, Kazu pretended to be “BlackWarKazumon.” Then, back in the real world, during a battle with the D-Reaper, Kazu told it to “feel the wrath of BlackWarKazumon!”

Believe or not, this actually *was* in the original – except it was “BlackWarHirokazumon,” as Hirokazu is Kazu’s Japanese name. Kazu first calls himself “BlackWarKazumon” in “Kazu and Kenta’s Excellent Adventure.”




Digimon Tamers episode #28
English version written by Seth Walther
Rika, Renamon, Kazu and Kenta find themselves in a clockwork part of the Digital World, where they meet Clockmon and Hagurumon. When Rika accidentally frees Megadramon from his prison, Ryo, the legendary Tamer, and his partner, Cyberdramon, arrive to defeat him. Angry over the amount of praise Kazu and Kenta heap upon Ryo, Rika leaves in a huff.

Episode Trivia - The title of this episode is based on the 1984 movie, “Blame it on Ryo.”




Blue CardThe Blue Cards originated as an algorithm written by Shibumi of the Monster Makers that would allow Digimon to Digivolve beyond their original specifications. However, the DigiGnomes found a better use for the algorithm, transporting it into the real world, where it manifested via the cards of the Digimon card game, creating Blue Cards. Takato, Henry and Rika each found a Blue Card, which transformed their card readers into D-Powers, and allowed their partner Digimon to Bio-Emerge into the real world.

Later, the Blue Cards were instrumental in allowing those partner Digimon to Matrix Digivolve. During the battle with Mihiramon, when Takato became determined to defeat him, a card transformed into a Blue Card, allowing Growlmon to become WarGrowlmon. Next, Henry was given a card in trade that had been found by ‘Number 7’ (which had actually been deliberately dropped by the Mokumon Shibumi had sent to Earth to assume his place), and when he tried to slash it, it became a Blue Card. When his father scanned it, he recognised Shibumi’s code within the card’s programming. Henry later slashed the card, allowing Gargomon to become Rapidmon. Finally, during the battle with Vajramon, when Rika reached for a Modify Card to help Kyubimon, a Blue Card appeared for her, allowing Kyubimon to become Taomon. In all of these instances, Calumon’s powers were also employed alongside the power of the cards to make the Digimon Digivolve. Later, his energy was not necessary.

The Tamers did not understand that it was simply the power of their minds and wishes that had created the Blue Cards for them, and so they were left without any. However, when Kazu created a Blue Card of his own by colouring a normal card in, it still functioned during the fight with Indramon because of Takato’s desire to win.

In the middle of the battle against Vikaralamon, the kids finally realised how to make the Blue Cards appear, and had their Digimon Digivolve to battle the Deva.

Shibumi later explained the origins of the cards to Takato and Henry when they were in the Digital World, and slashed one of his own to make Grani Bio-Emerge.

A Blue Card first appears in “Guilmon Comes Alive.”BlueMeramon


Group: Fire - Level: Ultimate - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Ice Phantom, Cold Flame
A BlueMeramon was among the Digimon who Bio-Emerged when Mephistomon was using V-Pets to crash Earth's electronics network. He battled Renamon and Rika, and had Renamon outmatched with his ice powers, but then she Digivolved into Kyubimon, and quickly destroyed him with a Fox Tail Inferno attack.
BlueMeramon appears in "Battle of Adventurers."
Name: From the colour, blue, and the Japanese, "meramera," meaning "to burn."



Digimon Tamers episode #22
English version written by Seth Walther
After a small earthquake, Henry deduces that the Devas are connected to the Chinese zodiac. Then, the cause of the earthquake appears, as Vikaralamon, the boar Deva, Bio-Emerges in the middle of the city. The Tamers realise how to summon Blue Cards, and their Digimon Digivolve – just as Hypnos engages the Juggernaut program once more!


Episode Trivia - The title of this episode is a pun on the real-life Boer War, which ran from 1899 to 1902.



Group: Android – Level: Mega – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Tomahawk Crunch, Tomahawk Knuckle

When Calumon released the energy of the Shining Digivolution, a Boltmon was among the many Mega-level Digimon who were created and converged on the area.

Boltmon appears in “Janyu’s Ark.”

Name: From “bolt,” as in metal bolts, like those which decorate his body.



Digimon Tamers episode #25
English Version written by Alan Smith and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Seth Walther is incorrectly credited onscreen for writing this episode.
The Tamers and their Digimon arrive in the Digital World, and are attacked by Meramon, who think they are enemies. After they explain the situation, a stampede of Jagamon pass through during the night – but Meramon is caught in it, and trampled to death. The Jagamon apologise –genuinely sorry – and point the Tamers in the Makuramon’s direction. Makuramon, meanwhile, has lost Calumon, and is pursuing him with Majiramon. As the Tamers walk through the desert, Rika, Renamon, Kazu and Kenta are swept up by a Data Stream.
Episode Trivia - The title of this episode is based on the title of the 1932 book,“Brave New World,” by Aldous Huxley.



BubblesThe Bubbles are the fourth and most frequently employed of the D-Reaper’s Agents, and can fire energy blasts from their multiple gun arms. They first appeared in pursuit of Alice and Dobermon, trying to stop them from reaching the Tamers. They were destroyed by Growlmon, Gargomon and Kyubimon, but more soon showed up with a Creep Hands. Taomon destroyed many of them, and Dobermon then sacrificed himself to give the Tamers the energy they needed to Biomerge, allowing them to defeat the rest of the Bubbles and the Creep Hands.

When Impmon and Calumon were trying to find Jeri, they were attacked by a swarm of Bubbles, which were destroyed by Beelzemon. Later, another group of Bubbles were seen pursuing Justimon through the city. He avoided them, but was then blindsided by Paratice Head. When the other Digimon joined the fight and defeated Paratice Head, the Optimizer appeared, unleashing a veritable army of Bubbles from within itself, constantly replacing them as they were destroyed. When Gallantmon and Grani destroyed the Optimizer, the Bubbles were destroyed with it.

After it was deduced that Jeri was being held within the Kernel Sphere, the Tamers headed to her rescue, but were once again attacked by a group of Bubbles. They Biomerged and engaged them in battle, holding them off while Gallantmon and Grani attacked the Kernel Sphere.

During the final battle inside the D-Reaper, a platoon of Bubbles were the first opponents the Biomerged Digimon faced. Justimon blasted several of them, and Sakuyamon then destroyed the Optimizer producing them.

Bubbles first appear in “The Messenger.” They are not referred to as Bubbles in the US version of the show, but I am using the name for ease of identification.



Phrase uttered by Davis, a DigiDestined boy from the Digimon animated television show, upon the defeat of Daemon. Takato emulates him by using this phrase when he achieves success in certain actions. Takato first says “Bull’s-eye, baby!” in “Guilmon Comes Alive" - they are the very first words he speaks. This was not in the original version.