The “Agents” are the spawn of the D-Reaper, creatures which are each created out of it’s mass and connected to the main consciousness via a life cord. Each one has a specific appearance and ability.

For information on individual Agents, see:

- Jeri Type

- Searcher

- Pendulum Feet

- Bubbles

- Creep Hands

- Horn Striker

- Paratice Head

- Optimizer

- D-Reaper Ball / Gatekeeper

The following are not Agents, but other manifestations of the D-Reaper:

- Cable Reaper

- Mother D-Reaper

In Japan, the Agents are known as “ADR”s, where ADR stands for “Agent of D-Reaper.” The name "ADR" was changed to "Agent" for the US to save confusion that would arise in production, because ADR also stands for "Automated Dialogue Replacement," the method used to dub the English language soundtrack for the show. The ADRs each have a numerical classification (eg: ADR-01, ADR-02, etc) – the list in this entry is assembled in order of these numbers, although they were not used in the American version of the show. The individual names by which the Agents are known were not used in the American version either, but I am using them for ease of identification.



AgumonGroup: Reptile – Level: Rookie – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Pepper Breath, Claw Attack

Reptilian Digimon partner of Tai, one of the DigiDestined children from the Digimon TV series. When Takato designed Guilmon, he noted that he would make him even more powerful than Agumon. As seen in "Guilmon Comes Alive." Later, after Guilmon became Megidramon, Takato had a dream-flashback, during which an Agumon toy was seen sitting in his room. As seen in "Give a Little Bit." It may or may not be there to symbolise Agumon's Dark Digivolution into SkullGreymon from seasons one and two, similar to Guilmon's becoming Megidramon.

Name: "Agu" is most probably short for the Japanese word "agurabana," which means a wide, flat nose.


AiAi and her brother, Mako, are the partners of the mischievous Impmon. However, being very young, Ai and Mako didn’t appreciate Impmon properly, and treated him more like a pet than a partner. Disgusted with them, Impmon ran away, and vowed that he’d never obey a human again – a lifestyle that he tried to force upon the other Tamers’ Digimon when he encountered them.

Not long after first meeting the Tamers, Impmon returned to spy on Ai and Mako, and watched them as they fought over a teddy bear, eventually ripping it. He shuddered as he remembered their similar treatment of him, and snickered at their misfortune.

When he was drawn into the Digital World by Chatsuramon, the dog Deva attempted to provoke Impmon by showing him Ai and Mako again, as they were given a new puppy by their father, and promptly started fighting over it again. It’s not clear if this was actually real or not – Impmon was not truly there, so it could have been an illusion created by Chatsuramon, or it may have been an actual image from the real world; Ai and Mako WERE shown to have a puppy in their next appearance.

Ai and Mako were visiting their grandmother when Impmon returned to the real world, but they left him a note. After he successfully got Henry’s sensei to read it to him, he tracked them down, and found himself welcomed back with open arms – Ai and Mako had decided to share all their toys now, because they knew that their fighting had been what had driven Impmon away. As they fed him, they turned the TV on, showing footage of the Tamers battle with the D-Reaper, and Impmon decided to go and help. Mako gave him a toy gun, and Ai gave him a kiss – prompting his Digivolution into Beelzemon Blast Mode!

Some time later in the battles against the D-Reaper, when Beelzemon failed to rescue Jeri from the Kernel Sphere, he was struck down, Ai and Mako saw footage of him deleting on TV.  However, Grani was able to rescue him before he deleted completed, leaving him as Impmon again. He was soon reunited with them, as they took him on a bus away from the city. As they were all together, the air shimmered above them – and a single Digivice for the two children appeared.

After the defeat of the D-Reaper, Impmon brought Ai and Mako to the park, to meet the other children. He and Jeri made their peace, but then, the Digimon De-Digivolved, and Ai and Mako watched with the others as they returned to the Digital World.
Takato's subsequent discovery of a portal to the Digital World several months later, however, meant that Ai and Mako were able to be reunited with Impmon.

Ai first appears in “Divided They Stand.” Her voice is supplied by Rebecca Olkowski.




Group: Mythical Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Spinning Needle, God Tornado

An Airdramon was among the many Digimon that were seen through the rip in the sky during Vikaralamon’s rampage. As seen in “A World Apart.”

Name: From "air" and "dragon," which "dra" is short for.



See Curly



Bustling commercial district of Tokyo where ‘Number Seven’ discovered a Blue Card, and where Pajiramon and Vajramon Bio-Emerged while the Tamers were investigating the mystery.



Ryo's fatherAKIYAMA

Known members of the Akiyama family are Ryo and his parents.

Ryo’s father was among the people gathered to meet the kids as they returned from the Digital World.  He seemed to be less than happy about his son’s long absence. The following day, as they drove home after escaping a throng of reporters, Mr. Akiyama expressed his displeasure at the situation, but made it clear that he’d been worried about his son’s safety.

Mr. Akiyama first appears in “Homeward Bound.” His voice is supplied by Michael Earl. Ryo’s mother never appeared.




See Ryo



Alice McCoyAlice is the granddaughter of Doctor Rob McCoy, aka Dolphin of the Monster Makers. Her father was the boy who drew the original designs that Dolphin used when beginning his experiments into artificial intelligence. She is connected in some way to Dobermon – the term “partner” has been used in description of the two, although Alice does not appear to have a Digivice of any kind.

It is not known how Alice first came into contact with Digimon or Dobermon. She made her first appearance in West Shinjuku, fleeing from a number of Bubbles, sent by the D-Reaper to stop her from reaching the Tamers. It was the Tamers themselves who came to her rescue, destroying the Bubbles, and the Creep Hands with them. Alice introduced herself enigmatically, and then watched sadly as Dobermon transformed himself into energy, giving the Tamers the power necessary to Biomerge. The tears Alice shed at his death showed that whatever the connection between them was, it was a deep and powerful one. After the Tamers Biomerged with their Digimon, a remnant of the energy Dobermon had become swirled around Alice, and reassumed his form for a moment to lick her cheek and say a final goodbye. As the battle raged, Alice simply walked away. Later, after a subsequent battle, Rika watched as Alice walked down a street, and looked back once, at another swirl of Dobermon’s energy, before it, and she too, vanished.

Alice appears in “The Messenger” and has short cameos in “The D-Reaper’s Disguise” and “When Is A Mon Justimon?”  Her voice is supplied by Philece Sampler.

Alice has a certain air of mystery around her, which stems from the fact that she may actually be dead. Chiaki Konaka, the writer of Tamers, notes that after he wrote the script for “The Messenger,” it occurred to him that it was possible that “Alice had stopped being this world” (poor translation courtesy of Babelfish). This is consistent with Konaka’s re-use of elements from other things he has written (in this case, the “dead” character idea from “Lain”), and Dolphin’s forlorn stares at Alice’s picture do seem to suggest something. However, Konaka only notes it as a *possibility*, and that it only occurred to him *after* writing the script, so it was not his original intent, and remains only his personal view of it – it’s not official or canon, but it’s possible. Basically, it’s entirely ambiguous, and that it’s up to the viewers to make up their own minds about her.Allomon



Group: Dinosaur – Level: Armour – Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Dino Burst, Dynamite Head

A ferocious dinosaur Digimon who Bio-Emerged into the real world, Allomon quickly found himself confronted by Rika and Renamon. Rika countered his Dino Burst attack by Digi-Modifying Renamon with a Frozen Wind Modify Card, but Allomon’s attack proved more powerful. With Renamon down, he seemed to be the victor, until Guilmon and Terriermon jumped in to distract Allomon. Renamon recovered quickly, and apparently offended that she’d been saved, told Guilmon and Terriermon to stay out of her way, as she froze Allomon solid, and then destroyed him with her Diamond Storm attack and loaded his data.

Allomon appears in “O Partner, Where Art Thou?” His voice is supplied by Dave Mallow. Note that Allomon is Hawkmon’s Armour form with the Digi-Egg of Courage.

Name: From “Allosaurus,” a type of dinosaur, “Allo” means “different.”



Group: Android – Level: Ultimate – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Lightning Blade, Gatling Attack

Although he would like to think of himself as a humble servant in the fight for good, Andromon tries to do the right thing, but somehow, just can’t seem to manage it. Learning of how Orochimon had enslaved a group of Gekomon to mix drinks for him, Andromon tried to band them together to fight him. They refused, unwilling to rock the boat, and he went to battle him alone – and lost. Repeatedly.

The Tamers encountered Andromon just prior to another clash between him and Orochimon, during which he was seriously injured. The Tamers took him to the Gekomon village, where the head Gekomon grudgingly allowed them to use some of the data packets from Orochimon’s drinks to heal Andromon. Even though his wounds were healed, he had lost so much energy that he De-Digivolved into Guardromon. After he and Tamers defeated Orochimon, a D-Power materialised in Kazu’s hands, and he and Guardromon realised they were, in fact, partners!

Andromon appears in “Kazu’s Upgrade.” His voice is supplied by Richard Cansino.

Name: From “android,” a robot made to look human.



AntylamonGroup: Exalted Beast – Level: Ultimate – Type: Data – Attack Technique: Bunny Blades, Ashipatoravana

Antylamon may be the rabbit Deva, but she is also the Digimon partner of Suzie, and the Digivolved form of Lopmon. Assigned the job of guarding the south gate on the highest plain of the Digital World, it was there that Antylamon encountered Suzie, who had been pulled into the Digital World. At first, Antylamon simply ignored Suzie, instructing her to leave, but Suzie eventually got her to talk, and convinced her to help her find Terriermon. Antylamon relented, and carried her around the area, running after some DigiGnomes for kicks. Suzie soon wandered off to look for something to eat, but ran into Makuramon, who attempted to capture her for the Digimon Sovereign, to make up for losing Calumon previously. Antylamon came to her rescue, not even sure why she was doing it, facing off against Makuramon’s Primal Orb attack with her Bunny Blades. Makuramon fled, and a D-Power appeared for Suzie, signifying that Antylamon was her partner – but the Digimon Sovereign was unhappy with Antylamon’s treachery and drained her of her power, reverted her to her Rookie form of Lopmon.

When the Tamers and their Digimon subsequently met with the four Sovereigns, learned the truth behind what was going on, and returned to Earth, Zhuqiaomon restored Lopmon’s power, allowing her to Digivolve again. While Gallantmon, Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon battled with the Agents of the D-Reaper, Lopmon resolved to help them. She Digivolved into Antylamon, and headed for the battle site, but on the way, she witnessed Calumon and Beelzemon being sucked into the D-Reaper’s Kernel Sphere. Unable to do anything to help them, she continued on, and aided Justimon in his battle against a Horn Striker, seizing it’s life cord and holding it back, allowing Justimon to sever it with his Voltage Blade.

A short time later, when the other Digimon were once again embroiled in battle with the D-Reaper, Lopmon Digivolved into Antylamon again, and was given a power boost when Suzie slashed a Radiant Faith Modify Card. She then saved Kazu, Kenta and their Digimon from an army of Bubbles, and retreated with all the others when the D-Reaper assumed its Mother D-Reaper form.

Antylamon did not appear again after this.

Antylamon first appears in “Rabbit Transit.” Her voice is supplied by Michelle Ruff. In the Japanese version of the series, Antylamon and Lopmon are male, but were changed to female for the US version. It is largely believed that the reason for this is that early on, their gender was not easily distinguished in the Japanese version – they spoke in an antiquated dialect which used gender-neutral pronouns, meaning that he was not referred to as a “he” or a “she,” so there was no way to discern a gender from his speech. Factoring in that his voice was supplied by a woman in Japan, and hence sounded effeminate, it seems that the US production crew simply thought he was female, and wrote him/her that way in the US. It wasn’t actually stated that he was a male in the Japanese version until a later episode where Suzie was teaching him to speak modern, and referred to him with a male pronoun.

Name: “Antylamon” is a corruption of her Japanese name, “Antiramon,” which comes from Antira, the Japanese name for Andira, one of the twelve Devas from Sanskrit.




See Taizou



Group: Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Mega Bone Stick, Metallic Fur

An Apemon was among the shadowed Digimon who wanted Rika to tame them. As seen in “O Partner, Where Art Thou?” The silhouette of another was later seen when Terriermon played the Digimon computer game. As seen in “Juggernaut.”

Name: From "ape."




ApocalymonApocalymon in "The Adventurers' Battle"Group: Unidentified - Level: Unidentified - Type: Unidentified - Attack Techniques: Darkness Zone, Reverse Digivolve, Virus Grenades, Total Annihilation

An Apocalymon was among the shadowed Digimon who wanted Rika to tame them. As seen in “O Partner, Where Art Thou?”
Some time later, an Apocalymon attempted to travel from the Digital World to Earth, but in the void between them, he was accosted by Omnimon, the guardian of both worlds. As they faced off, Apocalymon's data reconfigured itself, and he transformed into Mephistomon. Mephistomon then escaped Omnimon, and reached Earth where he initiated a plan to plunge Earth's electronics network into chaos using V-Pets. This Apocalymon appeared in "Battle of Adventurers."

Name: Derived from the word "apocalypse," meaning the end of the world. Bandai of America refer to this Digimon as "Apokarimon.".



Digimon Tamers episode #8
English version written by Terri-Lei O'Malley
When Impmon terrorises couples in the park, and the police investigate, Takato fears that Guilmon may be responsible. When a Devidramon Bio-Emerges, Guilmon is outmatched in the ensuing battle  – but when Takato finds out that Impmon was responsible for the trouble, Guilmon Digivolves into Growlmon and claims victory.





Group: Bird – Level: Champion – Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Grand Horn, Blast Rings

An Aquilamon was among the shadowed Digimon who wanted Rika to tame them. As seen in “O Partner, Where Art Thou?”

Name: From "aqulia," the Latin word for "eagle."


ArchelomonGroup: Reptile - Level: Armour - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Ocean Streamer, Fin Cutters
An Archelomon was among the Digimon in VP Labs when Takato and Kai ventured there to rescue Minami. It lunged at them as they emerged from the lab's tide pool, but Growlmon easily destroyed it in mid-air. Shortly thereafter, another Archelomon was seen in the void between Earth and the Digital World. It was destroyed by Omnimon.
Archelomon appear in "Battle of Adventurers." Archelomon is the Armour Digivolved form of Wormmon with the Digi-Egg of Reliability.
Name: From "archelon," a breed of prehistoric turtle.



Nami AsajiNami Asaji teaches Takato’s class, and a lot of the time, she’s worse off for it. She’s the worst kind of teacher - one who doesn't like teaching. In the Japanese version, she works as a teacher because it makes her look good in the community. For whatever reason, this facet of her character didn’t make it into the US version. From the antics of Takato and his friends to the unwelcome advances of her co-worker, Mori, Miss Asaji’s patience is often pretty stretched. Other members of her class, besides Takato, include Kazu, Kenta, their friend Jeremy, Jeri, and her friends Miki and Ayaka. There are plenty of other kids in her class who have gone nameless but have voiced their opinions on the various strange goings-on at the school.

It was in Miss Asaji’s class that Takato designed Guilmon. More correctly, it was while sitting out in the hall after arriving late. When he responded glibly to Miss Asaji’s comment on his drawing, she kept him in after school to write her an apology. The following day, Miss Asaji was teaching gym when the fire alarm rang – the school principal had triggered it after seeing Guilmon - and she ran off to see what was going on.

After the school soccer field was vandalised, Miss Asaji talked to the class about it – before giving them a test. A few days later, she gave them a lesson on the tunnel running under the park, which gave Takato the idea to hide Guilmon there. A short while later, she told them about the reports of a child causing trouble in the park after dark – in actuality, it was Impmon, causing trouble as per usual, but Takato feared that Guilmon might be behind it. While searching the park that evening, he bumped into a patrolling police officer, but the timely arrival of Miss Asaji saved him. She then started to walk him home, but he ran off to find Guilmon.

A short time later, a headache-suffering Miss Asaji greeted Takato as he came into school (the day after he fought DarkLizardmon), then fended off a grinning advance from Mori, before teaching her class a lesson on vegetables. A few days later, she and Mori were in charge of the school camping trip – to sneak Guilmon on the bus, Takato distracted her by asking her to look at his camera. After she fell asleep during the bus trip, Guilmon was able to come out and even performed a little dance to Kenta’s less-than-melodious singing. In the evening, Mori was telling a ghost story when he caught a glimpse of Guilmon, Terriermon and Calumon, and spent the rest of the night hiding behind Miss Asaji. Next day, while sunbathing, she turned down Mori’s offer to rub sun-lotion on her back.

Some time later, after Calumon had been captured by Makuramon and taken to the Digital World, the Tamers vowed to follow and rescue him. As such, Takato was pre-occupied during another of Miss Asaji’s classes, and wound up with detention once again. Jeri, Kazu and Kenta all demanded they have detention as well, and she made them write essays after school. However, what they wrote instead were letters explaining that they wouldn’t be in school because they were going to the Digital World. When Miss Asaji read them, she ran after them to try and convince them not to go, fearing for their safety. However, in the Japanese version, in accordance with her personality there, she was more concerned with how allowing them to go off into a dangerous other world would reflect on her.

Miss Asaji and her class weren’t seen again for quite some time, as the Tamers had their adventures in the Digital World. When the D-Reaper appeared on Earth and began to spread it’s chaos, the kids Biomerged with their Digimon and battled it. Hypnos was able to hack into the D-Reaper’s signal, and saw through the Digimon’s data, realising for the first time that the kids had actually merged with their Digimon. The signal was broadcast all over the city, and among those who saw it were Miss Asaji and her class. They all ran out to watch the battle and give their support.

After the D-Reaper’s defeat, Takato summarised the following weeks, and Miss Asaji was glimpsed teaching class one more time.

Miss Asaji first appears in “Guilmon Comes Alive.” Her voice is supplied by Lara Jill Miller – apparently a US production in-joke based on the fact that Kari, who was also voiced by Miller, wanted to be a teacher.

Name: On a few occasions, Miss Asaji is referred to as “Miss Nami.” This is her first name, and it’s used in the credits, which read “Lara Jill Miller as Nami.” However, the number of times she is referred to as “Miss Asaji” far outweigh the number of times she’s called “Miss Nami.” Note that the actual spelling of “Asaji” is not confirmed by any official source as of yet – we cannot turn to the Japanese version for help, as her name is “Asanuma” there. Variations you’ll see others using include “Asagi,” “Isagi” and “Isaji,” because the pronunciation of her name tends to fluctuate in different episodes, although the Japanese name lends credit to spellings starting with ‘Asa.’



Digimon Tamers episode #23
English version written by Steve Blum
As the battle against Vikaralamon continues, and the city is evacuated, the Juggernaut program is activated once again, threatening all the Digimon. Makuramon sheds his human disguise and sets off a destructive chain reaction within the Juggernaut, destroying the Hypnos system, restoring Vikaralamon and the other Digimon. Takato shares his strength with WarGrowlmon, who destroys Vikaralamon – but Makuramon has kidnapped Calumon and escaped into the Digital World, leaving the Tamers with only one option... to follow!



Ayaka ItouAyaka Itou is a member of Miss Asaji’s class, and one of Jeri’s friends. She made her first appearance when Jeri met up with her and her other friends while Kazu, Kenta and Takato were having a discussion about fighting. Later, Ayaka was seen in the crowd that surrounded the defaced soccer field. When Impmon was terrorising couples in the park and a child was suspected, Ayaka noisily voiced her belief that it was one of the boys. She was among the children who were first to learn about and play with Guilmon, and, much later, was among the children seen when Miss Asaji and her class shouted their support to Gallantmon during a battle with the D-Reaper.

Ayaka first appears in “To Fight or Not to Fight.” Her voice is supplied by Wendee Lee.




AzulongmonGroup: Holy Dragon - Level: Mega – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Lightning Whip, Aurora Force

Azulongmon is one of the four Sovereign Digimon who reside on the highest plain of the Digital World and govern it. When Shibumi first told Takato and Henry about the Sovereigns, Takato was immediately reminded of the Azulongmon character from the Digimon television show – a comparison which proved to be more than accurate.

When the D-Reaper returned to threaten the Digital World, Azulongmon and Zhuqiaomon had differing ideas on how it should be dealt with. Azulongmon rationed that since it was the excess data created by Digivolving that had re-awakened the D-Reaper in the first place, then they should abandon Digivolving all together, to show the D-Reaper that they would not evolve enough to be a threat to him. Despite Zhuqiaomon’s disagreement, Azulongmon had the DigiGnomes transform the Shining Digivolution – the power source that supplied the energy which allowed Digimon to Digivolve – into a Digimon form – that of Calumon, who was soon expelled from the Digital World.

When Calumon was brought back to the Digital World by Makuramon, the Tamers followed, intending to rescue him, unaware of Zhuqiaomon’s intentions. Zhuqiaomon’s hatred of humans led to a fierce battle between the Tamers and himself, which was then interrupted by the arrival of Azulongmon, who attempted to once again turn Zhuqiaomon to his way of thinking. Gallantmon attacked Zhuqiaomon again, but Azulongmon interrupted the battle once again, and accepted the Tamers’ offer of help, explaining to them the history of the Digital World and the D-Reaper. He and Zhuqiaomon then took the Tamers to the holding place of the Shining Digivolution, where Calumon was being kept, even as the D-Reaper crept closer to them. Rika and Renamon Biomerged into Sakuyamon to fend off the D-Reaper’s chaos and save Calumon, and then, Azulongmon explained to him his true nature, of which he was not even aware. With the help of the DigiGnomes, Calumon released the Shining Digivolution energy, Digivolving the Digimon in the Digital World. Azulongmon returned the Tamers to the point where they entered the Digital World, where they boarded the Monster Makers’ Ark and returned to the real world.

But the D-Reaper was able to follow the Tamers into the real world, and the battle continued there, even as Azulongmon and the other Sovereigns battled with the D-Reaper in the Digital World. During the final battle, when the D-Reaper opened a portal between Earth and the Digital World, Azulongmon and the Sovereigns managed to remove the Cable Reaper from the fight, enabling MegaGargomon to activate the Juggernaut program which won the day.

Azulongmon first appears in “Azulongmon Explains It All.” His voice is supplied by Michael McConnohie.

Name: “Azu” is from “azul,” the Spanish word for "blue." “Long” is from the Chinese character for “Dragon.” His Japanese name, "Qinglongmon" has the same meaning, as it comes from the Chinese characters for "blue dragon," which are pronounced "Seiryuu" in Japanese. Seiryuu is the dragon god of the Japanese city of Kyoto.



Digimon Tamers episode # 38
English version written by Seth Walther
Zhuqiaomon’s battle with the Tamers is interrupted by Azulongmon, who explains to the Tamers about the “true enemy” that threatens them now. Meanwhile, Baihumon battles with the true enemy, as Ryo encounters Ebonwumon – and Shibumi arrives with the DigiGnomes, to tell the Tamers the name of the enemy: D-Reaper.

Episode Trivia - The title of this episode appears to be a reference to the early 90’s Nickelodeon series, “Clarissa Explains It All.”