Keisuke and Satoe TachikawaKnown members of the Tachikawa family include: Mimi and her parents – her mother, Satoe, and her father, Keisuke. In “A Clue From The Digi-Past,” Mimi claimed she had a baby brother, but this was a dubbing error.

The Tachikawa family lived in Highton View Terrace for an undisclosed amount of time, at least four years ago. During that time, Mimi witnessed the battle between Greymon and Parrotmon, marking the moment when she was selected to become a DigiDestined.
The Tachikawas moved out of Highton View Terrace some time after that event but before August 1999, into another apartment in Odaiba. In August 1999, after the kids returned from the DigiWorld, Mr. Tachikawa met Mimi in park when returning from work in the evening, having been held up due to the fog bank that had appeared over the district – the work of Myotismon. He and Mimi returned to the family home, where Mrs. Tachikawa presented them with a strawberries and rice dish for dinner. However, the calm didn’t last long, as Myotismon’s invasion squads flooded the streets, capturing the populous and taking them to the city’s convention centre. In the convention centre, as Mimi’s mother had a quick breakdown and recovery, Mimi met Sora, and they formulated an escape plan. They used the chants Joe had utilised previously to weaken the Bakemon guarding the centre, but Phantomon arrived and destroyed the tape player they were using. Meanwhile, Togemon battled DarkTyrannomon, and Mimi’s father tried to help out, by driving a van directly into the beast’s foot. It had no effect, but he was thankfully able to escape unharmed. At this point, Mimi’s Crest activated and Togemon became Lillymon. Myotismon himself arrived and dispensed with DarkTyrannomon then paralysed Lillymon. Sora and Birdramon were able to rescue her and get to safety, but Mimi and her parents remained captives. The parents were put to sleep with the other adults by DemiDevimon as Myotismon tried to identify the Eighth Child, and then when Kari, Tai’s little sister, came forward and revealed herself to be the Eighth Child, Myotismon had DemiDevimon put all the other children to sleep as well. Mimi’s Crest overrode DemiDevimon’s powers, and she was able to join in the final battle against Myotismon, where he was destroyed by Angewomon. However, her parents still did not wake up – and in accordance with an ancient prophecy unearthed by Gennai, Myotismon rose again as VenomMyotismon. When the DigiDestined managed to defeat him, the parents all awoke, and watch as the kids returned to the DigiWorld to battle the Dark Masters.

While the kids’ battles with the four villains took them some time, on Earth it was merely a matter of minutes, and so Mr. and Mrs. Tachikawa watched the skies with the other parents – until Earth and DigiWorld time synchronised with the appearance of Apocalymon, and they watched their children battle and destroy the villain.

At some point over the next four years, the company that Mr. Tachikawa worked for shipped him abroad, and he, Mrs. Tachikawa and Mimi all moved to America. The couple were not actually seen again until Christmas, when the new DigiDestined sent Palmon to America to spend Christmas with Mimi. Then, wild Digimon began to appear all over Earth as Arukenimon opened all the Digi-Ports, and New York was selected as a meeting point for American DigiDestined to corral them to, to have them sent back to the DigiWorld. The Tachikawas tried to get out of the city, but Mimi managed to sneak away, and met up with Michael and Davis in Central Park. The distressed Mr. and Mrs. Tachikawa quickly followed, and Mrs. Tachikawa spotted Lillymon in the air, recognising her from Odaiba (she reacted with some measure of distress, which is peculiar, as she had previously been shown to be happy in Palmon’s presence in “A Very Digi Christmas”). The Tachikawas arrived in Central Park right after all the Digimon were returned to the DigiWorld, and Davis was stuck attempting to explain to Mr. Tachikawa where they went.A Tag

The Tachikawas were not at the summer camp with the other parents during the final battle with MaloMyotismon, as they were in America, naturally.

Mr. and Mrs. Tachikawa first appear in “Flower Power.” Mr. Tachikawa is voiced by Dan Woren, while Mrs. Tachikawa’s voice is supplied by Julie Maddalena.

See Mimi

A small pendant which hangs around the neck of the holder, bearing a plastic window behind which a Crest is inserted. The DigiDestined's tags were hidden in an underwater convenience mart by Devimon, but were recovered by the kids on their way to Server, with a little help from Whamon. When the kids were searching for their Crests, the Tags would glow with light if the holder's Crest was nearby. The Tag would then be held up to the indicated area, and the Crest would manifest itself, slotting itself inside the Tag. Myotismon created many duplicate Tags to hold the duplicates of the Crest of Light he had created to help him find the Eighth Child. The Tags, along with the Crests, were destroyed by Apocalymon.
The kids found their Tags in "Departure for a New Continent."

Tai in Season OneTaichi Kamiya, nicknamed Tai, is the leader of the DigiDestined crew. He holds the Crest of Courage, and is partnered with Agumon. Tai is brave, but he tends to rush into situations without thinking things through, and he's none too modest either. This has led to clashes, and even fist fights between him and Matt. It's apparent that he has some measure of feeling for Sora, who is his best friend back in the real world, and who he is on the school soccer team with.
Four years before the events of Summer 1999, Tai and his sister Kari and their first encounter with Digimon. A Digi-Egg accidentally fell through a warp between the two worlds, and manifested through the Kamiya's computer, promptly hatching into a Botamon and then Digivolving into a Koromon, and then an Agumon. The Agumon left the apartment to explore, with Kari in tow, and Tai chased after them, but was unable to track them down before a second, massive Digi-Egg appeared in the sky, which opened to reveal Parrotmon. The bird Digimon quickly engaged the Agumon in a scuffle, using his Sonic Destroyer to bring a bridge crashing down on top of him, Kari and Tai. However, as the rubble fell, the Agumon Digivolved into a Greymon, and shielded the kids, before tearing into Parrotmon. However, he was still no match for him, and was knocked out, only to be revived as Tai blew long and hard on Kari's whistle. As the Greymon attacked again with his Nova Flame, they two disappeared in a white light - they were presumed destroyed, but it was later revealed that they'd returned to the DigiWorld. Tai and Kari suppressed the memory of the event, and the damage done was blamed on a terrorist bombing. However, witnessing this battle marked both Tai and Kari - as well as six other kids who saw it - as the next generation of DigiDestined.
Four years later, Tai and the other six kids were sucked into the DigiWorld from their summer camp, in a summer when the Earth's weather systems were warping out of control. There, they met their Digimon - Tai's partner was Agumon, but still he did not remember the battle he had seen four years before. When Tai was menaced by Shellmon, shortly after the kids arrived, Agumon became the first of the kids' Digimon to Digivolve to Champion level, becoming Greymon and blasting Shellmon over the horizon with his Nova Blast. Later, when the kids were attacked by Devimon, the island was split up into different parts, and Tai found himself abandoned in Freeze Lang with Agumon, where he ran into Frigimon, though thankfully, Agumon was able to free him from the control of the Black Gear that had infected him. Frigimon then helped them find Matt and Gabumon, and deal with the Black-Gear-possessed Mojyamon. Once the kids beat Devimon, they set off for the continent of Server.
Upon arrival on Server, after a run-in with Etemon, Tai was he first to find his Crest, the Crest of Courage. He thought that as he was the only one with a Crest so far, it meant he had to look out for everyone, and take all the responsibility on himself. During another battle with Etemon, Tai tried to use his Crest to make Greymon Digivolve to his Ultimate stage. When that failed - as Tai had not mastered true courage - he tried to force the process, the end result being that the Digivolution became corrupted, transforming Greymon into SkullGreymon, an controllable Digimon who attacked the kids. Fortunately, his energy wore off before he could harm them, but after that, both Tai and Agumon were afraid to try Digivolving again, in case the same thing happened. With aid from Piximon, they overcame their fears.
When Sora was kidnapped by Datamon, Tai mastered true courage in coming to her rescue despite the odds, and standing up to Etemon, Greymon successfully Digivolved to MetalGreymon. He then destroyed Etemon and his Dark Network, opening up a rift to the real world in the process, which Tai and he were sucked into. Tai found himself back on Earth, and returned to his apartment to meet up with his sister Kari. It became evident that the weird weather conditions Earth had been experiencing were the result of Digimon crossing between dimensions. Agumon battled Ogremon, and Tai's Digivice then opened the portal to the DigiWorld again, which he and Agumon travelled back through.
Meeting up with T.K. at a lakeshore amusement park, Tai realised that time travels a lot faster in the DigiWorld than on Earth - several months had passed there in the few hours he had been on Earth. He and T.K. then found Matt and Joe working in Digitamamon's diner, and then he and Joe found Mimi in the palace of the Gekomon and Otamamon. Tai managed to get all of the DigiDestined together again, just in time to run smack into a confrontation with the malevolent Myotismon, who succeeded in opening a portal to Earth. He led his minions on an assault on central Odaiba, in his search for the Eighth Child - the foretold eighth member of the DigiDestined, who was revealed to be Tai's sister, Kari. Myotismon captured her, but Tai was able to find her Digivice, and gave it to her, which, along with her Tag and Crest, supplied by Wizardmon, allowed her to Digivolve her Digimon, Gatomon, into Angewomon. The other Digimon combined their powers with hers, and destroyed Myotismon.
However, Myotismon returned as VenomMyotismon, and to fight him, Tai and Matt had to let themselves be struck by Angewomon and Angemon's attacks, in accordance with a prophecy unearthed by Gennai. This allowed Agumon and Gabumon to Warp-Digivolve to their Mega stages of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, who went on to beat VenomMyotismon.
Tai returned along with the other kids, now with Kari in tow, to the DigiWorld, where they and their Digimon battled the Dark Masters. During the battle with Puppetmon, Tai and Matt had their ultimate confrontation, as WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon fought, as Matt had been tricked into it by Cherrymon. Matt left the team, realising that he wanted to try and find his own path in life, rather than simply following Tai's orders. Joe and Mimi did the same, no longer wishing to fight. Then, while fighting Machinedramon, Kari fell ill, and Tai blamed himself, recalling how she had almost died once due to his negligence several years prior. Her health was restored, and Machinedramon bested, and Tai and the others went on to prepare for battle against Piedmon. While they were fighting LadyDevimon, Tai dispatched Sora and T.K. to find Matt and the others and bring them back. They did so, but Tai and WarGreymon had already been badly battered by Piedmon. Matt's Crest of Friendship energised WarGreymon, restoring him to normal, and he and Tai realised that, despite all their differences, they were great friends. As the battle was joined by MetalGarurumon, Piedmon used his powers to transform WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon into key chains - quickly followed by Tai and Matt themselves! One by one the kids fell to the villain, until only T.K., Kari and Patamon remained. T.K.'s Crest finally glowed, allowing Patamon to Digivolve to MagnaAngemon, who used his MagnaAntidote to return everyone to normal. Mimi and her Digimon allies then arrived to help finally defeat Piedmon and his Vilemon horde.
Following that, they were plunged into battle with Apocalymon, who destroyed their crests and deleted their digital selves. However, the kids realised that the power was inside them, and it had been all along. They reconstituted their digital bodies, and their Digimon then Digivolved and defeated Apocalymon, restoring the balance in the DigiWorld. Tai returned to the real world with his friends, leaving the Digimon behind - but he knew that some day, the portal would open again, and they would return.
In November 1999, Tai heard the sound of Kari's whistle, but, knowing that it had been left with Gatomon in the DigiWorld, realised that a gate had once again opened. Through his father's computer, he communicated with Agumon, but the gate closed before Kari returned home to see it. This was revealed in a Japanese audio drama CD released three years after season one ended.
Eight months later, Tai and Sora had a falling out, when Sora interpreted his giving her a hairpin for her birthday as an insult. She refused to speak to him, and Tai attempted to e-mail her an apology, accidentally signed with “love,” which was then sent by Kari. The mail failed to go through, however, due to electronic disruptions created by Kuramon, a part-Digimon, part-virus creature who had hatched into the Internet, out of a Digi-Egg created by Willis, an American DigiDestined boy. Izzy had already learned of Kuramon’s existence, and raced to Tai’s apartment to inform him. As he explained the situation to Tai, Kuramon Digivolved into Tsumemon in front of their eyes, then, as they networked Izzy’s computer to Tai’s father’s, he became Keramon. Not knowing what to do, Tai wished Agumon was there – and his wish was soon granted, as Gennai and the Digimon contacted them from the DigiWorld. Unable to get in touch with any of the other kids, Tai and Izzy had to go it alone, as Agumon and Tentomon went into the Internet to battle Keramon. During the battle, he became Infermon and defeated their Digimon before escaping. Infermon then proceeded to shut down communications all across the world, as Tai tried again to raise the other kids, this time succeeding in contacting Matt and T.K., allowing Gabumon and Patamon to join the battle. As WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon faced off against Infermon with Tentomon and Patamon backing them up, the villain Digivolved again into his Mega form of Diaboromon, and quickly took down the two Rookies. As a result of the many e-mails of support they were receiving, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon’s processing speeds began to slow down, and when Tai bashed the computer in anger, it crashed and had to be rebooted. In that short space of time, Diaboromon defeated the two Megas and escaped again, activating nuclear missiles and multiplying himself many times over, intending to wipe out the DigiDestined utterly. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon faced off against him once again, and somehow, the bond between them and Tai and Matt was so strong, it pulled Tai and Matt into the Internet, where they were able to bolster the Digimon. Then, the two Megas absorbed the energy from the many e-mails they had been sent, and fused together into a Tai in Season Twonew, more powerful Digimon – Omnimon! Omnimon quickly obliterated the Diaboromon clones, and with one second left, impaled Diaboromon through the head, destroying him and stopping the missile detonation – also allowing Tai’s mail to get through to Sora.

In May 2000, Tai and the other kids were called back into the DigiWorld by Gennai, who instructed them to release the powers of their Crests, forming a shield that would protect the DigiWorld against evil. As a side effect, Agumon and the other Digimon were left unable to Digivolve to their Ultimate forms.

As time went by, Tai met Davis through their joint love of soccer, and Davis apparently started to wear goggles of his own in emulation of Tai.

Four years after Apocalymon’s defeat, when the Digimon Emperor began his conquest of the DigiWorld, Agumon called on Tai for help. Tai was somehow able to enter the DigiWorld (it was never explained how, but it must have been via an already-open Digi-Port, as he would not be able to open one of his own with his Digivice), only to discover that Agumon was unable to Digivolve. Meeting up with Gatomon and Patamon, he discovered the Digi-Egg of Courage, and attempted to lift it. He was unable to, but at his touch, it released three fireballs, which proved to be three new D-3 Digivices, which transported themselves to the real world, where they were received by Davis, Yolei and Cody. Davis entered the DigiWorld with T.K. and Kari, in response to a summons from Tai, who was most surprised to see Davis there. Davis was then able to lift the Digi-Egg of Courage, and in doing so, released Veemon, his Digimon partner, who then used the Digi-Egg to Armour Digivolve to Flamedramon and defeat a Monochromon under the control of one of the Emperor’s Dark Rings. Davis’s goggles were destroyed in the fight, and Tai gave him his to replace them.

The following day, Tai called a meeting of the original eight DigiDestined, to discuss what should be done next. He, Izzy, and Sora decided to accompany T.K., Kari, Davis, Yolei and Cody into the DigiWorld, but when they were about to pass through the Digi-Port, Mr. Fujiama entered the room. Tai dragged him out of the room, saying he needed some advice, allowing the others to head for the DigiWorld.

After the destruction of the Control Spire at Santa Caria, Tai appeared briefly to assess the situation. It was learned that the Control Spires were responsible for inhibiting Digivolution, and with this in mind, Tai was able to have Agumon become Greymon to help destroy more of them.

When Kari was stranded in the Gardromon city, T.K. and Davis attempted to save her, while Yolei called on Tai for help. Tai went into the DigiWorld, to find Kari and the others under threat from Andromon, who had fallen prey to one of the Emperor’s Dark Rings. Tai and Kari were able to bring Andromon’s memories of their adventure four years ago to the surface, and light from Kari’s D-3 allowed him to overcome the Dark Ring’s powers. After returning to the real world, the group ran into Izzy, who was angry with Tai for not alerting him to the situation. Tai apologised, and Izzy unveiled some of his discoveries about the D-3s.

When Agumon was captured by the Digimon Emperor and fitted with a Dark Ring, he Digivolved into SkullGreymon again. After reverting to Agumon, the Emperor spirited him away, and continued his experiments, trying to make him Digivolve into MetalGreymon. The Emperor’s partner, Wormmon, wanted the Emperor to use him to fight, rather than Agumon, and so he freed Agumon, to no avail, as the Emperor pursued him. Tai and Matt had come to the DigiWorld with the new kids to track down Agumon, but Agumon found them, and there was a brief reunion between Tai and him, before the Emperor arrived, and attached a newly-created Dark Spiral to Agumon, which gave him the power to Dark Digivolve into a viral version of MetalGreymon, who the Emperor promptly took on a rampage across the DigiWorld. Tai and the others pursued him, and in a final battle, Davis activated the newly discovered Digi-Egg of Friendship, and Veemon became Raidramon, using his power to destroy the Spiral and free Agumon.

During the summer, Tai and some of the other older DigiDestined accompanied the newer kids into the DigiWorld in search of the Digimon Emperor’s base. When it was located, Tai formulated a plan to allow the newer kids to go into the DigiWorld and stay there until the Emperor’s base was destroyed – they would say they were going on a camping trip, with Tai, Matt and Izzy really did go camping to cover for them. After the kids’ first battle with the Emperor’s creation, Kimeramon, Tai, Matt and Izzy deliberated on what to do. Their Digimon helped set the Emperor’s base aflame using an oil pipeline, allowing the newer kids time to sneak in. In the ensuing battle, Magnamon defeated Kimeramon, and the Emperor reverted back to his persona of Ken Ichijouji. The kids returned to the campsite, where Tai and Matt were doing their best to get rid of June. On the trip home, Tai remarked to Izzy that the DigiWorld was in safe hands with the new kids on the job.

Tai didn’t appear again for a long time, and next showed up at Christmas time. The newer kids had brought Agumon and the other Digimon into the real world to celebrate Christmas with their partners, and Tai was overjoyed to see him again. Later that day, when he and the older kids were at Matt’s concert, before the show started, Tai found Sora by Matt’s dressing room, and asked her if she was going to the concert with anyone, evidently planning to ask her himself. When she replied that she was going alone, in case Matt was free afterwards, Tai was clearly saddened, but said nothing, merely encouraging Sora to go on into the room and say hi to Matt for him. As Agumon commented that he’s really grown up, Tai was promptly knocked off his feet as June raced past. Then, the concert was disrupted when a DarkTyrannomon and some Bakemon burst into the auditorium. Agumon found himself unable to Digivolve, as Arukenimon had brought a Control Spire and the wild Digimon through to the real world, so Tai quickly called on Kari, who arrived with the other kids. The Armour Digimon destroyed the Control Spire, and then everyone Digivolved to send the wild Digimon back to the DigiWorld.

When Izzy discovered that Control Spires were appearing all over the Earth, the DigiDestined quickly made contact with other DigiDestined kids in various different countries. Gennai appeared to organise the proceedings, and then gave each of the Digimon a power boost courtesy of one of Azulongmon’s Digi-Cores, restoring the original eight Digimon’s ability to Digivolve to the Ultimate level. The kids were then taken all over the world by Imperialdramon to destroy the spires and round up the wild Digimon. Tai, T.K. and their Digimon were taken to France, where they met with T.K.’s grandfather, and confronted Mamemon, BigMamemon and MetalMamemon at the Palace of Versailles. The Mamemons had taken Catherine, a French DigiDestined girl, hostage, and Tai and T.K. – both quite taken with her – freed her and her Floramon as Greymon and Angemon battled the misfits. Then, their boss, Giromon, appeared, and Greymon and Angemon Digivolved into MetalGreymon and MagnaAngemon to defeat them, along with a little help from Kiwimon, Floramon’s Champion form.

After returning to Japan, Tai talked to Kari about the future of the new DigiDestined – and the fact that they would have to destroy real, living Digimon some day. That day turned out to be the following one, as the Daemon Corps arrived in Tokyo, intent on finding Ken and the Dark Spore within him. Tai, Izzy, Davis and Ken all took on SkullSatamon with their Digimon, but the villain defeated them easily, and soon the other Digimon fell too. Agumon and the other gave up their power to Digivolve to Ultimate once again, using the power to energise Imperialdramon, who Mode Changed to his Fighter Mode and destroyed SkullSatamon. Then, despite the fact that there were evil Digimon running loose all over the city, Tai and the older kids... went home.

Two days later, Agumon called Tai and Kari into the DigiWorld, where they discovered mass destruction, courtesy of the returned BlackWarGreymon, who had travelled to Earth, intending to destroy Oikawa, the human who created Arukenimon and Mummymon, and hence had created him. Azulongmon restored Agumon’s power to Warp-Digivolve, and as WarGreymon, he and Tai took on BlackWarGreymon, trying to stop him from killing Oikawa, who they needed to remove the copies of the Dark Spore he had implanted in other children. With help from Imperialdramon, they managed to defeat BlackWarGreymon, and he left to think more on the friendship they had offered him.

Tai appeared again briefly when Oikawa absorbed the power of a Dark Spore. BlackWarGreymon defended Cody’s grandfather, but was fatally injured, and Tai and WarGreymon arrived in time to witness his sacrifice, as he used the remainder of his strength to seal the gate at Highton View Terrace.

When the other kids were all standing watch at Highton View Terrace, Tai was with Sora, as they trailed Noriko, the girl whose spore had flowered and been absorbed by Oikawa. Meanwhile, the newer kids pursued Oikawa, Arukenimon, Mummymon and the Spore kids through a portal they believed led to the DigiWorld – when in actuality, it led to Tai as an adulta completely different dimension... where the truth was finally revealed. The spirit of Myotismon had been within Oikawa for the last four years, manipulating his actions. Myotismon exited Oikawa’s body, and used the power of the Dark Spores to transform himself into MaloMyotismon. After an abortive attempt at seducing the kids with illusions of their greatest desires, the villain fled into the DigiWorld, where he absorbed the darkness there, boosting his powers – and began to spread a shroud of darkness across both Earth and the DigiWorld.

Tai, the other kids, and the parents of all the DigiDestined went to the summer camp where everything had started, and Tai attempted to open the gateway to the DigiWorld there, to no avail at first, but then the portal opened, and the DigiDestined and Noriko travelled through – as, at the same time, DigiDestined from all over the world travelled through similar portals, all congregating on the site of the final battle. The Spore kids were convinced to believe in their dreams, the positive energy weakened MaloMyotismon, discorporating his body, and then everyone used their Digivices to power up Imperialdramon, who used his Giga Crusher attack to destroy Myotismon’s spirit – hopefully for good.

Three months later, a photo of Tai as a child began circulating on the Internet, and led Izzy to the discovery that Diaboromon had survived his battle with Omnimon four years beforehand, and had used the time in between to reproduce as millions of Kuramon. The Kuramon was transmitting themselves via this e-mail, and manifesting in the real world. While the younger DigiDestined set about rounding up the Kuramon, Tai, Matt and Omnimon headed into the Internet to battle Diaboromon again. At first their path was barred by a Kuramon swarm, but some timely help from T.K., Kari, Angemon and Angewomon allowed Omnimon to destroy Diaboromon. However, just beforehand, Davis had learned that Kari had gone into the 'net, and demanded that Yolei open the gate for him to go to her - but in doing so, he played right into Diaboromon's hands, as the gate opened so wide that all the Kuramon were able to escape into the real world, and merge into the monstrous Armageddemon. Omnimon followed him back to the real world, but was quickly defeated, sending Tai and Matt into a state of shock. Thankfully, Sora's arrival snapped them both out of it, and they then watched as Imperialdramon Paladin Mode took Armageddemon down.

Twenty-five years into the future, the portal to the DigiWorld remains opens, and Tai becomes a diplomat, dealing with relations between the two worlds. Agumon works alongside him. In addition to getting a serious haircut, Tai is also married, and has a son, who has a Koromon for a partner.

Chronologically speaking, Tai first appears in "Digimon: The Movie." He first appears in the series in “And so it begins...” His voice is supplied by Joshua Seth, except in "Revenge of Diaboromon," where Jason Spisak takes over the role.

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Nancy TakaishiKnown members of the Takaishi family include: T.K., his mother, Nancy (original Japanese name: Natsuko), and Nancy’s father – T.K.’s grandfather - Michel.

Takaishi is the maiden name of T.K. and Matt’s mother, which she returned to using after she divorced their father, Hiroaki Ishida. After the divorce, Nancy received custody of T.K., and took him to live outside of Odaiba – but this did not occur until after the Highton View Terrace incident, during which T.K. and Matt saw the battle between Greymon and Parrotmon.

In August 1999, when Myotismon shrouded Odaiba in a mystic, electronic-disrupting fog bank, T.K. knew that the others needed his help. He convinced his mother to take him to the train station, but they were unable to get into Odaiba from there, as the trains had shut down. T.K. met up with Joe, and they travelled across the bay on Ikkakumon’s back, even as Nancy called out to T.K. to try and stop him.

After Myotismon rose again as VenomMyotismon and was defeated, the fog barrier lifted, and Nancy was able to get into Odaiba, where she was reunited with T.K., Matt and her ex-husband. Hiroaki and Nancy overcame their differences as they watched T.K., Matt and the other kids return to the DigiWorld to battle the Dark Masters. While the kids’ battles with the four villains took them some time, on Earth it was merely a matter of minutes, and so Hiroaki and Nancy watched the skies with the other parents – until Earth and DigiWorld time synchronised with the appearance of Apocalymon, and they watched their children battle and destroy the villain.

As time went by, Nancy’s memories of Digimon and the DigiWorld – like the memories of non-DigiDestined people all over the world – simply faded away. At some point over the next four years, Nancy and T.K. moved again, into an apartment building inside of Odaiba, where T.K. met Yolei and Cody. On T.K.’s first day of school, Nancy was unable to drive him, as she had to finish an article for the newspaper she worked for.

Michel TakaishiWith the rise of the Digimon Emperor and the selection of new DigiDestined, T.K. kept the fact that Digimon had re-entered his life a secret from his mother, as he knew she would only worry. However, at Christmas, after a lunch with Mr. Motomiya, Nancy encountered Yukio Oikawa, who she had met eight years before when he had investigated the Highton View Terrace incident. He warned her that the current monster sightings were related to that incident, and the Odaiba fog of fours years past. Nancy’s memories of Digimon returned, and she began to fear for T.K.’s safety.

When the DigiDestined travelled all across the globe to round up wild Digimon that had appeared in other countries, T.K. and Tai headed for Paris, where they met up with T.K.’s grandfather, Michel. As they all travelled through the city on his motorcycle, he was shocked to see the gates of the Palace of Versailles were open, and immediately headed inside. T.K. and Tai followed, and they all discovered the Mamemon Brothers, holding Catherine, a French DigiDestined girl, prisoner. Agumon and Patamon Digivolve to battle the Mamemons and Giromon, while Michel saw to Catherine’s safety. When the Mamemons and Giromon were defeated, Michel showed T.K. and Tai the proper way to kiss a lady, by kissing Catherine’s hand. Michel was later seen eating Christmas dinner with Catherine.

Once the kids had returned to Odaiba, Nancy related her encounter with Oikawa to T.K., and then later helped the kids out by tracking down the names and addresses of the kids that Oikawa kidnapped and implanted with Dark Spores.

An illusionary version of Nancy appeared in the vision T.K. was subjected to by MaloMyotismon, when he saw his family back together again. The real Nancy, meanwhile, was at the summer camp with all the other DigiDestined’s parents and family members. In the aftermath of MaloMyotismon's defeat, Digimon could no longer be kept a secret from the world, and Nancy was instrumental in doing a lot of the reporting to let the public learn and understand about them.

Nancy first appears in “Flower Power.” Her voice is supplied by Barbara Goodson.

Michel first appears in “Digimon World Tour, Pt. 2.” His voice is supplied by David Lodge.


See T.K.



TakashiTakashi was apparently the first of the children gathered by Arukenimon and Mummymon. Sitting alone on a swing set, he was approached by Mummymon, and, figuring that the villain was all alone as well, asked him if he wanted to be friends.

When all the kids were together with Oikawa in the truck, and Ken was convinced to go with them, Takashi recognised Ken, who tried to prove to the kids that the Dark Spores would do them no good – to no avail, as Oikawa replicated his Spore and implanted copies within all the children.

After the children were rescued, Takashi was returned home, and finished all his winter break homework remarkably quickly. His parents immediately thought they could get a little press coverage of their “child prodigy,” but the Dark Spore had already taken root in Takashi’s mind, as he looked upon his parents as insects.

When Oikawa used the Spores to open the portal to what he thought was the Digital World, it was Takashi who realised that they were in another dimension. Takashi and the other children’s Spore then flowered, and were absorbed by Myotismon, who became MaloMyotismon. To defeat him, the DigiDestined made the Dark Spore kids believe in their lost dreams again, and in doing so, they became DigiDestined themselves – Takashi, who’s dream was to be a baseball player, became partners with a Poyomon.

Takashi first appears in “Digimon World Tour, Pt. 2.” In that episode, his voice is supplied by Wendee Lee. In the Daemon Corps episodes, he speaks with the voice that should belong to Hiroshi. After that, he is consistently voiced by Brianne Siddall.



Toshiko TakenouchiKnown members of the Takenouchi family include: Sora and her parents – her father, Haruhiko, and her mother, Toshiko. Mrs. Takenouchi’s first name can be Romanised as many things other than Toshiko, including Kiyoko, Sumiko, Yoshiko, Hideko and Itsuko. Megchan elected to use Toshiko in her profile for Sora, so I'm going with that.

The Takenouchi family lived in Highton View Terrace for an undisclosed amount of time, at least four years ago. During that time, Sora witnessed the battle between Greymon and Parrotmon, marking the moment when she was selected to become a DigiDestined.

Sora’s father, Haruhiko, works as a professor of mythology for the university. As such, he is often away from home, on location doing research, which led to strained relations between Sora and her mother, Toshiko. Toshiko wanted Sora to stop playing on the school soccer team, and come and work with her at the family’s flower shop, but Sora refused, thinking her mother didn’t understand her, when really, her mother simply didn’t want her to get hurt.

Haruhiko TakenouchiAt some point prior to the events of August 1999, the Takenouchis moved out of Highton View Terrace and into another apartment building in Odaiba. When the kids returned from the DigiWorld, Sora’s mother was very vacant as Sora left to play soccer, but was shocked when Biyomon – who she had thought was a stuffed animal – protected her from one of Myotismon’s Bakemon squads, who were capturing the city’s populous. Toshiko and Biyomon headed for the soccer field, but arrived too late, and found Sora’s hat lying on the ground – she had already been taken by Bakemon. They quickly concocted a plan to disguise themselves a Bakemon and get into the convention centre where the captives were being held. Just before going in, Toshiko asked Biyomon if Sora hated her. Biyomon explained that that couldn’t be farther from the truth, and then they donned their disguises and entered the convention centre. Sora and Mimi, meanwhile, activated a plan of their own, using Joe’s chants to weaken their Bakemon guards. When Phantomon destroyed their tape player, Toshiko held off the Bakemon, allowing Sora, Birdramon and Lillymon to escape, but was then taken prisoner herself, and sent to sleep with all the other parents by DemiDevimon.

After Myotismon’s defeat, Toshiko was the first of the sleeping people to rise and evoke Myotismon’s name, before he rose again as VenomMyotismon. When VenomMyotismon was destroyed, the kids were returning to the DigiWorld, when Toshiko arrived, and called out to Sora.

While the kids battles with the Dark Masters took some time for them, on Earth it was a matter of minutes, and Toshiko watched the skies with all the other parents until Earth and DigiWorld time synchronised with the appearance of Apocalymon, and they watched their children battle and destroy the villain.

Eight months later, Toshiko answered the phone when Izzy called from Tai’s house to try and get her help dealing with Keramon. Toshiko told Sora that Tai wanted to speak to her, but Sora refused.

Over the course of the next four years, Sora and her mother grew closer, and Sora even took up flower-arranging. Toshiko taught her how to play tennis, and Sora picked the sport up, and heard for the first time stories of how her parents had met. During the adventures of the new DigiDestined, Toshiko remained largely unseen, but when Yolei was in Kyoto on a class trip, she met Sora’s father, Haruhiko, and his assistant, Jim Kido, Joe’s brother. Ever since Sora had been reunited with Biyomon in May 2000 (when the DigiDestined returned to the DigiWorld to released their Crest pwer), she and her father had entertained regular correspondance, involving regular conversations about Digimon and the DigiWorld, which fueled Haruhiko's research. BlackWarGreymon and some other Digimon had appeared in Kyoto after the destruction of the second Destiny Stone, and Yolei pursued them, encountering Haruhiko and Jim along the way. They introduced themselves, and Haruhiko related his theories about Digimon, and their connection to Kyoto. When Musyamon appeared, Poromon Digivolved to Hawkmon and then to Shurimon to battle and defeat him.

After Christmas, Haruhiko and Jim returned to Odaiba, and continued to help out the DigiDestined in tracking down Oikawa and the children he had implanted with copies of Ken’s Dark Spore. Toshiko was also seen taking photographs with him.

Toshiko and Haruhiko were present, along with all the other members of the DigiDestined’s families, at the summer camp during the final battle with MaloMyotismon.

Twenty-five years into the future, Haruhiko works on DigiWorld research projects with Jim and Izzy (and has curiously aged very little. ;) )

Toshiko first appears in “Flower Power.” Her voice is supplied by Elizabeth Rice.

Haruhiko first appears in “A Chance Encounter.” His voice is supplied by Robert Martin Klein.

See Sora

See T.K.

District of Tokyo where Ken Ichijouji lives. 

TanemonGroup: Micro - Level: In-Training - Attack Technique: Bubble Blow
Tanemon is the In-Training form of Palmon, the Digimon partner of Mimi of the DigiDestined. Mimi first met Tanemon almost immediately after she and the other kids arrived in the DigiWorld. When Kuwagamon threatened all the kids, Tanemon and the other In-Trainings all Digivolved to their Rookie stages to beat him back.
Tanemon did not reappear for a long time thereafter, until the kids were back on Earth. Palmon's Champion form of Togemon had Digivolved to her Ultimate form of Lillymon to battle DarkTyrannomon, but was paralysed by Myotismon. Once she was healed by Wizardmon, she participated in the final battle with Myotismon, after which she reverted back to Tanemon. Tanemon then Digivolved back into Palmon to battle some Bakemon, and to Togemon to help fight VenomMyotismon.
When the kids returned to the DigiWorld, Palmon Digivolved up to Lillymon for the first battle with the Dark Masters, but was blasted back to Tanemon by Puppetmon. After the kids all escaped from the Dark Masters with Piximon's help, Tanemon Digivolved back to Palmon to fight Shellmon. Palmon gained some more control over her Digivolutions at this point, and would only regress to Rookie after going Ultimate, and hence, Tanemon did not reappear.
Twenty-nine year later, Mimi’s son has a Tanemon for a partner.

Tanemon first appears in "And so it begins..." Her voice is supplied by Anna Garduno.
Name: From the Japanese word, "tane," meaning seed.Tankmon

Group: Android - Level: Champion - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Hyper Cannon, Machine Gun Arm
The Tankmon are minions of Machinedramon, the Dark Master of the digital city. They, like his other servants, the Mekanorimon, do not appear to be sentient, but rather, controlled remotely via the computer network spread throughout Machinedramon's city.
When the DigiDestined kids arrived in Machinedramon's city, searching for medicine for the ill Kari, their presence their was alerted to Machinedramon when Izzy tapped into the network with his computer. Machinedramon immediately dispatched his armies of Tankmon and Mekanorimon, along with Megadramon and Gigadramon, to seek and destroy them. Attacking Izzy and Tai in a nearby hospital, the machines sent them fleeing, but lost track of them. They located them again when Izzy once more tapped into the network. Izzy was then able to mask their location with a computer programming trick, and the Tankmon and Mekanorimon were rendered useless.
The Tankmon appear in "My Sister's Keeper."
Name: From the word "tank."


Group: Animal – Level: Rookie – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Waking Dream, Deleting Virus

The first Tapirmon the kids met was a waiter in Digitamamon’s Chinese restaurant. He served Mummymon and Arukenimon their soup, but refused to divulge its contents when they wanted to know the recipe. When the DigiDestined arrived, a fight almost broke out, but Arukenimon and Mummymon left to chase down the fleeing Digitamamon and Tapirmon. They followed them to a nearby forest, where they came across a natural spring – the spring where Digitamamon got his soup from, which had been transformed by the power of the final Destiny Stone. As Mummymon bent over to sample it, Tapirmon and Digitamamon burst from the bushes to stop him, but he bandaged them up and drank from the spring, causing the Destiny Stone to come to the surface. When the DigiDestined and BlackWarGreymon arrived on the scene, Tapirmon and Digitamamon held of Arukenimon and Mummymon so the kids could protect the stone. Later, Digitamamon invited them all back to the restaurant for a meal.

Another Tapirmon appeared during the final battle with MaloMyotismon.

A Tapirmon first appears in “Stone Soup.” It's voice is supplied by Paul St. Peter.

Name: From “tapir,” a mammal native to Asia and the American continent. His Japanese name, “Bakumon,” is named after a dream-eating creature in Japanese mythology, which itself is based upon the tapir.



Tatum is one of the American DigiDestined children, partnered with an Airdramon. She and her Airdramon were seen at Niagara Falls, as she convinced a ShogunGekomon to come with them to New York, where all the Digimon in America were being taken so they could be sent back into the DigiWorld. She was then present in Central Park when all the Digimon were sent through the Digi-Port.

Tatum and her Airdramon appeared again during the final battle with MaloMyotismon, when the villain was attempting to infect Earth with darkness.

Tatum first appears in “Digimon World Tour, Pt. 1.” Her name is not given in dialogue – it comes from the “Digimon 02 Memorial Book.” Note that the book erroniously lists her partner as a Seadramon.



The Teenage Wolves are Matt’s band. They consist of Matt, and three of his friends, Yutaka, Akira, and Takashi. Matt is the band’s lead singer and bass guitarist, and the other three plays drums, keyboard and guitar (NOT respectively – it’s not known who plays what instrument). Yolei helps them out on occasion, offering her sound-mixing skills. Their signature song is “Turn Around.” They are apparently very popular in the district, as the two gigs they have been seen to play were packed. When they played a televised gig at Christmas, the concert was disrupted by the appearance of a Control Spire and several wild Digimon.

As popular as they were, however, rock stardom was not to be for Matt, who became an astronaut in his adult years. Maybe the Teenage Wolves continued on without him, or maybe they broke up all together. Who knows?

“Matt’s band” is first mentioned in the opening narration for “Enter Flamedramon,” and Matt mentions them in “The Digiteam Complete.” They first appear in “Iron Vegiemon,” performing “Turn Around.” They aren't referred to by their name until "Arukenimon's Tangled Web," when Yolei reveals her involvement with them. During the 2001 Digi-Bowl on Fox Kids, Terry Bradshaw erroniously referred to the group as "The Young Wolves."


TentomonGroup: Insectoid - Level: Rookie - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Super Shocker, Talon Attack
Tentomon Digivolves from Motimon, and is the Digimon partner of Izzy of the DigiDestined. Much like Izzy, Tentomon is an intelligent sort, and admires Izzy greatly for his curiosity. When you need information on a Digimon, Tentomon can probably tell you what you need to know. His hard shell and large talons are useful in a fight, especially when coupled with his devastating Super Shocker attack, when he shoots a blast of electric energy at his opponent. Tentomon's really gentle deep down, and tries his best to protect Izzy and his friends.
Tentomon, like the other kids Rookie Digimon, first appeared to battle Kuwagamon. He then first Digivolved to his Champion form of Kabuterimon to protect Izzy from Andromon, who had been possessed by a Black Gear. Tentomon continued to Digivolve whenever Izzy was in danger. When Tai went missing after the final battle with Etemon, however, things looked bleak for a while as Izzy was brainwashed by Vademon, though Tentomon helped him to snap out of it, and also managed to Digivolve to his Ultimate level of MegaKabuterimon. Tentomon went back to the real world with Izzy and the others in the ongoing battle with Myotismon, and developed something of an affinity for Earth, eager to learn about it. He had a lot of good things to say about Izzy's mother, too. He Digivolved to Kabuterimon to single-handedly save Izzy from Raremon, and then headed to the Odaiba TV station with him to try and discover the source of Myotismon's power. After Myotismon was defeated, Tentomon returned to the DigiWorld to help Izzy and the others battle the Dark Masters and Apocalymon.
Eight months after the defeat of Apocalymon, Tentomon and Agumon were dispatched to the Internet by Gennai to battle Keramon, the Rookie-level form of a peculiar half-Digimon, half-virus creature who had emerged from a Digi-Egg created by a chosen child from America named Willis. Tentomon Digivolved to Kabuterimon, and he and Greymon tried to fight him, but he Digivolved to Infermon, and blasted them before they could also Digivolve into Ultimate. They were then joined in pursuing Infermon by Gabumon and Patamon, but when he Digivolved to his Mega form of Diaboromon, and attacked Patamon, Tentomon was caught by his Cable Crusher attack and knocked out of the fight. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon went on to fuse into Omnimon to defeat the villain.

In May 2000, Tentomon and the other Digimon lost the ability to Digivolve to Ultimate when Izzy and the others gave up the power of their Crests to seal the DigiWorld off from evil.

Four years later, when the Digimon Emperor began his conquest of the DigiWorld, Tentomon was seen with the other Digimon, fleeing from a Snimon. The next day, when Izzy came into the DigiWorld with Sora, Kari, T.K. and the three new DigiDestined, Davis, Yolei and Cody – he was reunited with Tentomon, but the happiness didn’t last long, as they were attacked by the Digimon Emperor’s minions, and Davis and Veemon were captured. While in the forest, they came across a temple, where Yolei and Cody found their Digi-Eggs and Digimon partners, and then saved Davis from the Emperor’s clutches.
When Agumon was captured by the Digimon Emperor, Tentomon was asked to help in the search for him. After insisting that the kids stay out of his treehouse, he set out looking for Agumon, and soon located him in Rail Town - but when the kids got there, so did the Emperor, and he attacked a into a Dark Spiral to Agumon, forcing him to Dark Digivolve viral version of mine-car MetalGreymon. As the Emperor and MetalGreymon absconded, the DigiDestined pursued in a train, and Tentomon soon followed, hitching a lift for a short while, before he was then sent to search for Garurumon, so he could aid in the coming battle. After avoiding a squad of and brought him Pagumon, he successfully located Garurumon, back to help in the battle, which was ended when MetalGreymon.Raidramon destroyed the Dark Spiral and freed

During the summer, the kids were searching for the Digimon Emperor’s base, and it was located by Tentomon, Izzy, Cody and Armadillomon. When the Emperor’s forces attacked them, Tentomon tried to Digivolve so they could escape, but the Emperor himself used his Dark D-3 to stop him. After Digmon dug them an escape tunnel and got them out of range, Tentomon Digivolved into Kabuterimon and flew them to safety – inadvertently allowing the Emperor to sample his data, and use it in the creation of his genetically engineered Digimon, Kimeramon. Later, when the Emperor’s base disappeared, Yolei turned on Tentomon, thinking he was covering up something. However, the Emperor’s base later reappeared – it had been cloaked and airborne. The base then began to move out across the ocean, heading towards the Dark Whirlpool, as Tentomon, T.K., Pegasusmon, Cody and Submarimon followed. Cody and Submarimon made it into the base, and then, once it entered the Dark Whirlpool, Tentomon, T.K. and Pegasusmon followed. Tentomon proceeded to help Digimon free the Emperor’s captives, as T.K. engaged the Emperor in a fist fight, and the other arrived to battle Kimeramon.

Later, as the Emperor took his base and Kimeramon on a destructive rampage across the DigiWorld, Tentomon, Agumon and Gabumon, following a plan thought up by Izzy, opened an oil pipeline and ignited the resulted stream, setting the Emperor’s base aflame, giving the kids enough time to get inside and have their final battle with the Emperor and Kimeramon.

Some time later, when Arukenimon and Mummymon had appeared on the scene, after they created BlackWarGreymon, Mummymon suggested they turn their attention to the Destiny Stones. Tentomon overheard their conversation, and informed the kids, who headed to the site of the first stone, and battled the villains.

At Christmas, the younger kids brought Tentomon and the older kids’ Digimon into the real world, so they could spend the holiday with their human partners. Tentomon and Izzy were present at Matt’s concert, only to witness its interruption by a DarkTyrannomon and some Bakemon. The younger kids and their Armour Digimon arrived to destroy the Control Spire that had appeared, and then Tentomon and the others Digivolved to defeat the wild Digimon and send them back to the DigiWorld. However, Izzy and Tentomon were soon shocked to discover that the same thing was happening all over the world, as Control Spires and wild Digimon were popping up all over the globe! The following day, Tentomon and the other original Digimon had their ability to Digivolve to Ultimate restored by a power boost from one of Azulongmon’s Digi-Cores, courtesy of Gennai, and then they and their partners were all carried to different locations around the world by Imperialdramon. Izzy, Tentomon, Kari and Gatomon went to Hong Kong, where Tentomon became MegaKabuterimon, and they all encountered the Poi Brothers, three Chinese DigiDestined boys. They then headed to the India/China border, where they helped make peace with the military to allow an Indian DigiDestined girl, Mina, cross over with all the wild Digimon she had with her.

After they returned to Tokyo, there was no time to rest, as the Daemon Corps appeared, in search of Ken Ichijouji and the Dark Spore within him. Tentomon became MegaKabuterimon again, and he, MetalGreymon and Paildramon all took on SkullSatamon, but were quickly bested by him. The other Digimon soon fell too, and then they all De-Digivolved, as a result of having been in the real world for too long. Tentomon and the others then sacrificed their power to Digivolve to Ultimate once again, using the power to energise Imperialdramon, who Mode Changed to his Fighter Mode and destroyed SkullSatamon. Tentomon and the others returned to the DigiWorld.

Tentomon appeared again later with Gabumon, Palmon, Biyomon, and Gomamon, attempting to seal the DigiWorld gate at Highton View Terrace. The seal they created was then energised by the dying BlackWarGreymon, closing the gate off.

Tentomon then appeared again during the final battle with MaloMyotismon, rallying a portion of the Digimon partners of the world’s DigiDestined. Acting like beacons, they drew energy from their partners’ Digivices, and used it to re-energise the fallen Imperialdramon, Silphymon and Shakkoumon, then drew their own partners into the DigiWorld. The kids implanted with Dark Spores were made to realise that their dreams were not meaningless, and the positive energy created by this destroyed MaloMyotismon’s body. Imperialdramon then used his Giga Crusher to destroy Myotismon’s spirit, hopefully for good.

Three months later, when it was discovered that Diaboromon had survived his battle with Omnimon four years beforehand, Tentomon was on hand to aid Izzy in co-ordinating the DigiDestined's plan of action, primarilly keeping track of the numerous emergences of Kuramon into the real world. Afterward, he briefly travelled to the real world to get together with all the Japanese DigiDestined and their Digimon.

Twenty-five years into the future, the portal to the DigiWorld remains open, and Tentomon is still at Izzy’s site. Izzy now acts as a researcher for the DigiWorld, and Tentomon presumably helps him in his work.

Tentomon first appeared in "And so it begins..." For the first few episodes, his voice is supplied by Joshua Seth, who uses two different voices for him – the Motimon-like voice heard only in the first episode, and then the voice used in the next two or three episodes, which strongly resembles the voice of Jeff Nimoy, the actor who would then perform Tentomon for the rest of the series and for most of season two, until he departed (the remarkable similarity between the second Seth voice and the Nimoy voice makes it hard to determine exactly when Nimoy takes over, but he is definitely performing the role by "Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker"). The last episode in which Nimoy performs Tentomon is “Digimon World Tour, Pt. 1.” The role is then taken over by Robert Martin Klein, starting in “Invasion of the Daemon Corps,” and carrying on until the end of season two (during which time Klein only delivers three lines as Tentomon). Nimoy returned four years later for "Revenge of Diaboromon."

Name: From the Japanese word, "tentomushi," meaning ladybug.