RaidramonGroup: Animal – Level: Armour – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Blue Thunder/Thunder Blast, Electric Bite

Raidramon is the second Armour Digivolved form of Veemon, the Digimon partner of Davis of the DigiDestined. Veemon Armour Digivolves with the Digi-Egg of Friendship to become Raidramon, capable of hurling huge crackling bolts of electricity from the spines on his back and shoulders. This attack was originally called “Blue Thunder,” but was soon amended to “Thunder Blast,” and stayed that way for the rest of the series.

When MetalGreymon fell under the control of one of the Digimon Emperor’s Dark Spirals, the new DigiDestined, along with Matt and Tai, chased after him as he rampaged across the DigiWorld. During their pursuit, they came across the Digi-Egg of Friendship, and one by one, attempted to lift it. Davis, however, was unwilling, and barely even tried, despite pressure from everyone else to do so. Davis was having trouble accepting the fact that they would have to hurt MetalGreymon to help him, and as such, was of little use in the following battle when the Emperor and MetalGreymon arrived. When Veemon came under threat during the fight and Davis did nothing to help him, Veemon questioned his friendship. When Davis loudly proclaimed that he was Veemon’s friend, the Digi-Egg of Friendship activated, and Veemon became Raidramon. With help from Garurumon, Raidramon blasted the Dark Spiral off of MetalGreymon, freeing him.

Raidramon appeared again a little later to participate in the battle with Starmon, but Veemon instructed Davis to Digivolve him into Flamedramon, on the basis that he was “a better fighter.” Later, he and Digmon incapacitated ShogunGekomon when he was captured by a Dark Spiral.

When the Digimon Emperor unleashed Kimeramon, and began to cut a swathe of destruction across the DigiWorld, Raidramon and the others managed to penetrate his base. Raidramon participated in the battles against the Bakemon attack squads, but was reverted to DemiVeemon in a brutal attack by Kimeramon.

At some point between the discovery of the Digi-Egg of Friendship and the first appearance of ExVeemon, Davis and the others travelled to Colorado, where they met Willis, an American DigiDestined, and his partner, Terriermon. When Davis and Willis became stranded at the roadside as they attempted to reach Willis’ family’s vacation home, they were attacked by Kokomon, Willis other Digimon partner, who had been infected with a virus and driven insane. After Flamedramon and Gargomon dispatched Kokomon, Veemon Armour Digivolved into Raidramon, and carried Davis, Willis and Terriermon to their destination. Note that this adventure is supposed to be out of continuity, but has been shoehorned in by the dubbers.

Raidramon next appeared with all the other Armour Digimon to battle the unliving Golemon created by Arukenimon. Their attacks could not stop the creature, and he defeated them all. When Palmon explained that he was not truly a living Digimon, Stingmon and Aquilamon destroyed him. Raidramon next showed up to battle another of Arukenimon’s creations, a Minotarumon. While Nefertimon and Pegasusmon bound the creature, Raidramon finished him off with a Thunder Blast, but damage had already been inflicted to the bridge they had just repaired.

Raidramon was next seen carrying Davis to the site of the second Destiny Stone, but they arrived too late – BlackWarGreymon had already destroyed it. The same thing happened when Raidramon was seen taking Davis to the location of the third stone.

Raidramon appeared at the battle in Odaiba at Christmas, when Arukenimon brought a Control Spire and several wild Digimon through to Earth. The Digimon of the original DigiDestined were unable to Digivolve, so Raidramon and the other Armour Digimon destroyed the Spire. Everyone Digivolved, and sent the wild Digimon back where they came from. The next day, more Spires and Digimon appeared all over the world – Raidramon appeared briefly to carry Davis to Tamachi and to destroy the Spire there, so that Wormmon could Digivolve.

After the Digimon all across the world had been sent back to the DigiWorld, Raidramon appeared to pursue the truck which Arukenimon had taken Ken away in. He De-Digivolved to Veemon, and then became ExVeemon and merged with Stingmon into Paildramon when they had freed Ken, to battle Daemon.

When the kids were in MaloMyotismon’s dream dimension, Davis was able to avoid the illusions created by the villain that ensnared the others, as he professed to have no desires. Davis used the power of the dimension to his own ends, making Veemon Digivolve into all his forms at once. The Digi-Egg of Friendship physically transformed into Raidramon, who freed Kari from her illusion. Then he, Flamedramon, ExVeemon, Paildramon, and both Imperialdramons joined the fight against MaloMyotismon. When the villain fled into the DigiWorld, only the “true” incarnation of Veemon could follow through the portal, hence Imperialdramon Fighter Mode went through, while the Raidramon avatar faded away.

Chronologically speaking, Raidramon first appears in “Storm Of Friendship.” In the US, “Digimon: The Movie” was released one day before “Storm Of Friendship” first aired – so for the US, Raidramon’s first appearance can be considered to be in the movie, though it is a) set after “Storm Of Friendship,” and b) not in continuity anyway. His voice is supplied by Steven Jay Blum.

Name: From “rai,” the Japanese word for “thunder,” and “dra,” short for “dragon.” However, his name is not pronounced correctly – “rai” should be pronounced “Rye” (as in the Pokémon, Raichu), rather than “Ray,” the way it is consistently pronounced in the series. While this is a mispronunciation, it is continuous, and should be taken as being canon.


Group: Warrior – Level: Armour – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Rapid Fire, Miracle Missile

Rapidmon is the Golden Armour Digivolved form of Terriermon, the Digimon partner of Willis, the DigiDestined from Colorado.

When in battle with Kerpymon, the Mega form of Kokomon, Willis’s other, rogue Digimon partner, Gargomon, and the Armour Digimon partners of the Japanese DigiDestined were reverted to their Rookie stages, and unable to stand up to Kerpymon’s power. A timely intervention from Angemon and Angewomon seemed to help matters, but it simply gave Kerpymon the encouragement to activate his time-reversal powers, transforming the kids back into toddlers. Angemon and Angewomon Digivolved into their own Mega forms of Seraphimon and Magnadramon, but they knew that Kerpymon’s powers would quickly begin to affect them too, so instead on battling him directly, they released the Golden Digi-Eggs, knowing that the Digimon they created would be unaffected by the age-reversal. Kerpymon cut down the two Megas as they released the Eggs of Miracles and Destiny and reverted back to Patamon and Gatomon, but the Digi-Eggs floated to Davis and Willis. Following Davis’s lead, Willis activated the Digi-Egg of Destiny and Terriermon Golden Armour Digivolved into Rapidmon. Rapidmon and Magnamon (Veemon’s Golden Armour form) then engaged Kerpymon in battle once more, but the virus within him healed the damage done by their attacks in seconds. Kerpymon then swallowed the two Digimon, but once they were inside of him, they destroyed the virus within him, reverting him to his Vaccine self. Without the virus to heal his wounds, he deleted, as Terriermon and Veemon floated down from the sky.

Rapidmon appears in the portion of “Digimon: The Movie” that is intended as being out of continuity, but which has been shoehorned into the timeline in the English version. His voice is supplied by Lex Lang.

Name: From “rapid,” meaning fast.

RaremonGroup: Evil - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Breath of Decay, Sttinking Gas
The first Raremon encountered by any of the kids was another of Myotismon's minions, who patrolled the waters of Odaiba Bay by night, searching for the Eighth Child, the predestined eighth member of the DigiDestined. When Miko, the Kamiyas' cat accidentally knocked the eighth Digivice out of the Kamiya apartment window, it wound up in the back of a truck, which then drove to a nightclub on the bay's edge. The Digivice caused the copy of the Crest of Light that Raremon was carrying to react, and he was drawn to the nightclub, where he became embroiled in battle with Kabuterimon, who had accompanied Izzy there, as Izzy's own Digivice was picking up the same signal. As Izzy went to search for the Digivice, but found himself menaced by DemiDevimon, Kabuterimon and Raremon battled over the bay, until Kabuterimon used his Electro Shocker attack to score a shocking victory.
Four years later, a Raremon was seen in New York City, when Digimon were appearing all over Earth. More Raremon were seen at the India/China border, and yet another one was spotted in Australia.
A Raremon first appears in "The Eighth Digivice."
Name: From the word "rare," meaning unusual, in reference to Raremon's unique body structure.

RedVegiemonGroup: Vegetation - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Spike Punch, Stink Jet, Chilli Pepper Pummel
The first RedVegiemon the kids ran into were minions of Puppetmon, the Dark Master of the digital forest. Puppetmon managed to lure the DigiDestined into a field of RedVegiemon when they were chasing him, and they were quickly attacked by the vegetable Digimon. It was no hard task for the kids' Digimon to fend them off, but then, Puppetmon called out his mansion-robot. While the kids were distracted battling it, Puppetmon snuck away. One RedVegiemon cried after him, saying "Take me with you!" but Puppetmon simply retaliated by destroying it, saying he didn't want its company.
Four years later, a particularly tough RedVegiemon was captured by one of the Digimon Emperor’s Dark Rings, and took charge of the other slaves and prisoners in the village of Santa Caria. When Gabumon and some Gazimon attempted to escape, RedVegiemon attack them, beating Gabumon and hurling him off a cliff into the river below. Gabumon survived, and called on Matt and the new DigiDestined to help liberate the village. Veemon went up against RedVegiemon, but was being beaten very severely, until he managed to trick RedVegiemon into damaging the Control Spire in the village, which allowed Gabumon to Digivolve to Garurumon. Veemon Armour Digivolved into Flamedramon, and defeated RedVegiemon. Digmon then destroyed the Control Spire, freeing him and the others from the influence of the Dark Rings.

This RedVegiemon appeared again later on, helping Cody to cook up lunch for everyone who was helping to rebuild the damaged areas of the DigiWorld. At the same time, several other RedVegiemon were helping Davis with his reconstructive work – then they, and several Numemon, disguised themselves in a giant Digimon suit to put Davis’s plan to scare Veemon into Digivolving to Champion. It didn’t work, as the suit ripped and they all came tumbling out. They went off to tell T.K. and Kari what they’d been doing.

At Christmas, when Digimon were appearing all over the world, several RedVegiemon were seen in New York City, having been rounded up by Phil.

RedVegiemon first appear in "Ogremon's Honor." The RedVegiemon from Santa Caria (being the only one with a major speaking part) had his voice supplied by Dan Lorge. His voice was apparently styled after Jack Nicholson, for whatever reason. Puppetmon’s RedVegiemon never named their attacks, but the three attacks used by the Santa Caria RedVegiemon are different from the two attack names Bandai attributes to RedVegiemon – “Rotten Rainballs” and “Poison Ivy.”
Name: From the word "red," because of his colour, and the word "vegetable."

Alias used by Palmon to infiltrate Myotismon's castle, which consisted of her wearing a brunette dread locked wig.
Used in "The Gateway To Home."

The Crest of ReliabilityThe Crest of Reliability is the Crest of Joe of the DigiDestined. Joe was the second of the original kids to find his crest, which was disguised as a stone in the coliseum that Etemon trapped the kids in when he forced Tai's Greymon to battle a Greymon of his own. Joe obtained his Crest, but then Greymon became SkullGreymon, and he had little time to savour the fact.
Joe's Crest didn't glow until the kids had returned to Earth to stop the plans of Myotismon. The vampire Digimon had sealed off all of central Odaiba with a mystical electronic-disrupting fog bank, rendering the subway inoperable, and preventing Joe from getting inside. Joe met up with T.K., and the two of them sailed across the bay on Ikkakumon's back - but when they reached the bridge, they were set upon by MegaSeadramon. When T.K. was in peril, Joe realised he had to save him - and his Crest glowed, allowing Ikkakumon to Digivolve to Zudomon for the first time.
The Crest of Reliability, like all the other Crests, was destroyed by Apocalymon - but Joe and the others realised that the powers of the Crests had actually been inside their own hearts all along.
At some point over the next four years, Joe gave up the power associated with the Crest of Reliability, as the other DigiDestined did with their Crests, in order to seal the DigiWorld off from evil. As a side effect, Gomamon and the other Digimon lost their ability to Digivolve to Ultimate.
The Crest of Reliability first appears in "The Arrival of SkullGreymon." It was destroyed in "Now Apocalymon."
Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT known as “Faith” in Japan – it is actually called “Sincerity” there, while Mimi’s Crest, which we know as Sincerity, was called “Purity.” The reason so many people call Joe’s Crest’s Japanese name “Faith” is because Megchan referred to it as such in her original translations, to save the confusion that would be caused by referring to it as “Sincerity,” as there’s already a Crest most think of as Sincerity out there.


The Digi-Egg of ReliabilityThe Digi-Egg of Reliability belongs to Cody of the DigiDestined, and is used on Armadillomon to Armour Digivolve him into Submarimon. The search for this sixth and final Digi-Egg led the kids to an off-shore oil platform, but once they were inside, they were promptly attacked by MegaSeadramon, who was under the control of the Digimon Emperor. MegaSeadramon crippled the oilrig, sealing them inside – as their oxygen supply began to dwindle. Cody – forced to overcome his fear of the ocean – was sent to get help in a submersible, while the others passed the time looking for the Digi-Egg, which they soon found. Cody returned with help in the form of Joe, Ikkakumon and Whamon, but didn’t want anything to do with the Digi-Egg, because he’d had to lie to get the help, and felt that meant he wasn’t worthy of it. Joe explained to him that he’d done the right thing, and Cody picked up the egg. Armadillomon Armour Digivolved into Submarimon, and then aided Ikkakumon in destroying the Dark Spiral on MegaSeadramon.

The Digi-Egg of Reliability remained in Cody’s D-Terminal, to be called on whenever it was needed, to Armour Digivolve Armadillomon into Submarimon (which wasn’t that often). During the final battle with MaloMyotismon, the Digi-Egg of Reliability physically transformed into Submarimon, and then faded away when it could not pass through the portal to the DigiWorld.

The Digi-Egg of Reliability first appears in “20,000 Digi-Leagues Under the Sea.” It is not explicitly stated or shown that it transforms into Submarimon in “The Last Temptation of the DigiDestined,” but the Digi-Eggs of Courage and Friendship both clearly do transform into Flamedramon and Raidramon, so it’s safe to assume the same applies to Reliability. It’s not clear if the fact that the Submarimon avatar faded away means that the Digi-Egg of Reliability ceased to exist, but it’s very likely.


Digimon Adventure episode #29
English version written by Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
The kids make it back to Odaiba, and their old home of Highton View Terrace, where they remember that, four years ago, they all witnessed a Digimon battle. Mammothmon shows up, but Garudamon takes him down.

Digimon Adventure 02 theatrical presentation #2

English version written by Jeff Nimoy
"Revenge of Diaboromon" Japanese movie posterThe DigiDestined discover that Diaboromon survived the clash with Omnimon four years ago, and has spent the time in between reproducing as millions of Kuramon. The Kuramon are appearing in the real world through e-mail, so while Tai, Matt and Omnimon enter the Internet to battle Diaboromon, the other kids try to round up the Kuramon. Soon, T.K., Kari and their Digimon enter the Internet to help in the battle, and Diaboromon is successfully destroyed - but Davis has already played into his hands, having demanded the gate be opened so he join Kari. Yolei opens the gate so wide that all the remaining Kuramon are able to enter the real world through it, and they gather in Tokyo Harbour, where they merge into the gargantuan Armageddemon. Omnimon appears in the real world to battle Armageddemon, but is immobilised by him, and Imperialdramon is similarly unsuccessful. Omnimon gives his energy to Imperialdramon, turning it into a holy ring, which becomes the Omni Sword and transforms Imperialdramon into his Paladin Mode. Imperialdramon destroyed Armageddemon, who splits back into the Kuramon, which are then captured by the DigiDestined's Digivices, and all the spectator's cell phones.
Set three months after the end of the second season of the show, this movie is the fourth Digimon movie overall. Originally released in Japan in 2001, the movie's script was translated into English for Saban by Grace Anderson not long after its original release, so it is evident that there was some interest in dubbing it before the company became Sensation Animation in the Disney takeover. For whatever reason, however, a dubbed version of the film did not come about until 2005. Premiering on Toon Disney, with a repeat on ABC Family, the dubbed version of the film featured the return of most of the cast, including the long-absent Jeff Nimoy, notably without the company of his business partner, Bob Buchholz. The most notable absentee is Joshua Seth, who is replaced in the role of Tai by Digimon newcomer, Jason Spisak.


The Roachmon BrothersGroup: Insectoid – Level: Champion – Group: Virus – Attack Techniques: Garbage Dump, Yard Sale Bombs

When Mimi returned to Odaiba to visit her friends, she joined the new DigiDestined team on a picnic in the DigiWorld, only to wind up stranded in the Night Forest with Yolei. The forest was under the control of the Digimon Emperor, who set the Roachmon Brothers, two squabbling sibling insect Digimon, after them. After Palmon helped Mimi, Yolei and Hawkmon escape from some Dark Ring-controlled Gekomon and Otamamon, they were all attacked by the Roachmon Brothers... or more precisely, they all stood around waiting as the Roachmon Brothers argued over how they should attack them. Eventually, they buried them under their Garbage Dump attack, and then sent them fleeing with their Yard Sale Bombs. They headed for the Control Spire in the area, and Mimi and Palmon used the spotlights near it to blind the Roachmons, causing them to crash into the Spire. Palmon was able to Digivolve into Togemon, and she and Halsemon blew up the Spire, freeing the Roachmon Brothers from their Dark Rings. After a moment to get their bearings, the Roachmons promptly started arguing again, and went off through the forest, fighting as they went.

Later, when Arukenimon lured the DigiDestined to the Giga House, an army of Roachmon were among the insectoid Digimon who attacked them at her command. Veemon erroneously referred them to as “Gokimon,” their Japanese name. ExVeemon, Stingmon and Ankylomon battled them, but there were too many to handle. ExVeemon managed to flush them down the drain of the kitchen sink.

The Roachmon Brothers appear in “Family Picnic.” Their voices are supplied by Jeff Nimoy and Bob Buchholz. The other Roachmon from the Giga House appear in “The Insect Master’s Trap.” These Roachmon were somewhat shorter and stockier, due to the differing style of the animation team who worked on the episode.

Name: From “cockroach,” the insect upon which their physical appearance is based.



Track 3 on the “Digimon: The Movie” soundtrack, by Fatboy Slim. It plays during Koromon’s scuffle with Miko. The version of the song on the soundtrack has a short edit. For the lyrics to this song (such as they are) click HERE.



See Golemon


Rookie level Digimon grow or Digivolve from In-Training Digimon. The Rookie form can be considered the default form of the DigiDestined's Digimon - it is the form they maintain for the majority of the time. The DigiDestined's Digimon use no energy while at the Rookie level, and are able to maintain it indefinitely if they do not Digivolve. The Digimon of the newer DigiDestined would automatically revert to In-Training upon arrival on Earth, but would instantly Digivolve back to Rookie when they returned to the DigiWorld.



RosaRosa is one of the DigiDestined children from Mexico City, partnered with a Gotsumon, who Digivolves into a Monochromon. When wild Digimon began to appear all over Earth, Matt and Ken, along with their Digimon, headed for Mexico City to round up the wild Digimon there. They were supposed to meet up with the other Mexican DigiDestined, but the curfew for children in Mexico meant that they were all at home. Rosa, however, was not – she had snuck out, and managed to hide inside the Mayan Ruins, where Matt and Ken then ran into her and her Gotsumon. Rosa was instantly smitten with Ken, calling him cute and suggesting he could be her boyfriend. Wormmon proved to be most aggravated by this, and he and Rosa took something of a dislike to each other – Rosa, at one point, called him “fish bait” in Spanish. Soon, with help from José, Gennai’s Mexican duplicate, they found the Digimon they were looking for – a Minotarumon and a Dokugumon. Matt and Gabumon persuaded them to chase them outside – as they ran, Rosa tripped, and was carried out of the ruins by Ken. Wormmon attempted to get the same attention, but wound up jumped smack into Gotsumon. Outside, Wormmon and Gabumon Digivolved into Stingmon and WereGarurumon, and began to battle the Digimon. Gotsumon Digivolved into Monochromon, and helped finish them off. They were then sent back to the DigiWorld, but Rosa was so exhausted that she wasn’t even awake to see it. In her sleep, she mumbled, “Stingmon, you’re the greatest,” much to Wormmon’s embarrassment. They then took Rosa home.

Rosa re-appeared later on, when MaloMyotismon was attempting to infect both worlds with darkness.

Rosa first appears in “Digimon World Tour, Pt. 3.” Her voice is supplied by Dorothy Elias-Fahn.

Name: Rosa’s original Japanese name is “Chichos,” which, in actuality, makes very little sense, as it means “boys” in Spanish. The dub change to Rosa is one of the most popular, appreciated changes among fans that the dub has ever made.



Track 9 on the “Digimon: The Movie” soundtrack, by Jasan Radford. It plays during the battle with Antylamon. It is also a battle theme for Digimon Adventure 02, making its debut in “Enter Flamedramon.” For the lyrics to this song, click HERE.



Digimon Adventure 02 episode #18
English version written by Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
the DigiDestined locate the Digimon Emperor’s base, and vow to stay in the DigiWorld until it is destroyed. Yolei hides her reservations about this with hyperactivity, which leads to Hawkmon being injured by Dokugumon. Kari and Gatomon stay with Yolei and tend to Hawkmon – but then, the Digimon Emperor’s base reappears... and the Emperor’s newest plan is about to be put into action!

Episode Trivia: This episode first aired with the typo-ed title, “Run Yolie Run.” It was corrected for re-runs, but has caused many fans, even to this day, to spell her name incorrectly. The title itself comes from the 1999 Tom Tykwer film, “Run Lola Run.”



Ryo in "Digimon: The Movie"In Japan, the boy known as Ryo is the star of the Digimon video games on the system known as the Wonderswan. The sparing appearances he makes in the series and movie are effectively merchandising tie-ins, although the video games themselves suffer from some glitches in continuity with the anime and movie, which may or may not mean that they do not co-exist with them.

Ryo first appeared on a hillside, watching on his laptop as WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon searched for Diaboromon.

When the young Ken Ichijouji was sucked into the DigiWorld upon touching the Digivice that materialised through his brother’s computer, he and Ryo had an adventure there, battling and defeating the evil Digimon, Millenniummon. With his dying action, Millenniummon released the Dark Spores – one headed straight for Ryo, but Ken jumped in its path, and it sunk inside his neck.

Ryo in "Genesis of Evil"This was all that was ever seen of Ryo within the confines of the anime. However, the video games expand greatly upon the adventures of this character. As stated above, their place in continuity is in question, but they cannot be ignored as being important pieces of information on Ryo.

Ryo's first adventure was, with the help of Tai's Agumon, to rescue the original DigiDestined from the clutches of Millenniummon. Then, when the Diaboromon battle was raging, Ryo watched it with the young Ken from his bedroom (it's obvious how this contradcits the anime). The two of them were later pulled into the Digital World, and with the aid of a Veemon who would later become Davis's, battled and defeated Millenniummon once more.Ryo in "Invasion of the Daemon Corps"

Later, Ryo fought in a tournament against many of the other DigiDestined, whom he all defeated, only to discover that the tournament had been orchestrated by the Harmonious Ones as a means of training Ryo to fight Millenniummon, who had returned as Moon=Millenniummon. After a battle with Ryo, the villain tore open a portal in space and time, and Ryo was pulled along for the ride, winding up, amnesiac, in the DigiWorld's ancient past. There he met Monodramon and ENIAC, the computer that had created the Digital World, and was given the power to travel through the various DigiWorld realities, in order to stop Millenniummon's plan to conquer all of time. In the final confrontation with Millenniummon - now ZeedMillenniummon - it was revealed that Millenniummon was always supposed to have been Ryo's partner. Monodramon forced a DNA Digivolution between the two of them, resulting in a Digi-Egg. Ryo elected to live in a different DigiWorld reality than the one had originated in - where he would go on to have adventure with the Digimon Tamers.
Ryo first appears in
“Digimon: The Movie,” and then again in Ken's flashbacks in “Genesis of Evil” and “Invasion of the Daemon Corps.”For more information on Ryo, read his Tamers Encyclopedia entry, and also check out the site’s Digimon FAQ, Question 5.5, “Who is Ryo?”