OctomonGroup: Mollusc – Level: Champion – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Spurting Ink, Octopus Trap
The three Octomon encountered by the DigiDestined were the Digivolved forms of three Syakomon, the Digimon partners of the Poi Brothers, three Chinese DigiDestined children. At Christmas, when wild Digimon were appearing all over the world, the Poi Brothers and their Syakomon saved their grandfather from a Mojyamon. Their Syakomon Digivolved to Octomon, and took the Mojyamon down with their Spurting Ink. They moved in to finish him off, but Kari and Izzy arrived in time to stop them, and to explain the situation, with a little help from Jackie, the Chinese counterpart of Gennai. Shortly thereafter, the eldest Poi Brother and his Octomon went to the India/China border with Izzy and Kari, to help an Indian DigiDestined named Mina cross the border with all the Digimon she had gathered. The Octomon used his Spurting Ink technique to draw the Chinese character for “hello” on a rock face, indicating they were coming in peace. The army responded and allowed them to pass.
The Poi Brothers' Syakomon were present during the final battle with MaloMyotismon, but did not Digivolve to Octomon during it.
The Octomon appear in “Digimon World Tour, Pt. 1.”
Name: From “octopus.”

Odaiba is a district of Tokyo in which many of the DigiDestined kids live. The district is surrounded by a bay, and is connected to the other parts of Tokyo by a subway system and bridges, including the Rainbow Bridge (where Zudomon and Megaseadramon battled). Other notable landmarks include the the Fuji TV station, the Tokyo Big Site convention centre, and the Palette Town amusement park..
In his search for the Eighth Child, Myotismon led an army of evil Digimon in an assault on Odaiba, searching out the predestined eighth member of the DigiDestined. After discovering that his lieutenant, Gatomon, was the Eighth Child's Digimon, Myotismon cast a massive mystical fog bank around Odaiba, sealing it off from the world. The focal point of this fog bank was the Fuji TV station. As his Digimon army ran rampant in the streets, Myotismon had the majority of Odaiba's populous captured, and sealed up in the Tokyo Big Site convention centre, in an attempt to identify the Eighth Child. When the DigiDestined destroyed Myotismon, he was able to reconstitute his body, in the process Warp-Digivolving to the Mega level as VenomMyotismon. The gargantuan VenomMyotismon then rampaged through Odaiba, causing massive property damage - in cluding the destruction of the distinctive ferris wheel in Palette Town - and draining off energy from numerous sources. He was again stopped by the DigiDestined.
Originally T.K. and his mother lived outside of Odaiba, but during the course of the next four years, they moved to an apartment building inside the district, where T.K. met Yolei and Cody. The only member of the new DigiDestined who did not live in Odaiba was Ken Ichijouji, who lived in the Tamachi district, and attended school there. Daemon and his corps later attacked Odaiba in search of Ken and the Dark Spore within him.
Click for photos of the real-life Odaibda district: Fuji TV station, Tokyo Big Site, Palette Town, Rainbow Bridge

OgremonGroup: Evil - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Pummel Whack, Bone Cudgel
When the kids first met Ogremon, he was serving the evil Devimon, and aiding him in his plan to conquer File Island with the Black Gears. Ogremon first appeared to battle his arch-rival, Leomon, at Devimon's command, atop Infinity Mountain, but their battle - which was borne from a rivalry which had lasted longer than either of them could remember - was stopped, as Devimon infected Leomon with a Black Gear, turning him into his servant. Ogremon and Leomon were then at Devimon's side when he first attacked the DigiDestined.
After Devimon split the kids up, sending them to different chunks of the shattered File Island, Joe and Gomamon were stranded in the middle of the ocean, floating on a bed. They came across a chest, and Joe pulled it on board in the hope it contained food. However, his hopes were soon dashed, as Ogremon smashed his way out of the chest, and sent them tumbling into the waters! They were shortly saved by Sora.
Meanwhile, T.K. and Patamon had been sent to Primary Village. Devimon dispatched Ogremon and Leomon to destroy them - Ogremon threatened one of the Baby level Digimon during the ensuing battle with the other kids. More Black Gears soared into Leomon's body, giving him more power, but the kids' Digivices were able to free him from their influence. Ogremon made himself scarce. Then, just prior to the kids battle with him, Devimon absorbed a multitude of Black Gears into his body, and then absorbed Ogremon himself! During the battle, Ogremon briefly popped out, acting as an extension of Devimon, to help fight the Digimon. When Angemon used his powers on Devimon, Ogremon was seen being shot free from his body, and was prevented from rejoining the fight by Leomon.
When Tai and Koromon were sent back to the real world following the final battle with Etemon, Tai learned that Digimon were phasing in and out of the real world, causing the massive climactic disturbances that had been plaguing the globe. An Ogremon - perhaps THE Ogremon, perhaps not - attacked them, and Koromon Digivolved into Agumon to fend him off before they returned to the DigiWorld.
Some time later, after the Dark Masters had conquered the DigiWorld, Ogremon was seen, fleeing from a tribe of Woodmon. It was indicated that the had been searching for Leomon, to continue their unending battle, but instead, when what was apparently a meteor crashed down into the digital world, he was caught in the blast wave, and hurled off a cliff. He was found with a broken arm and other injuries by Mimi and Joe (who had earlier left the DigiDestined because they no longer wished to fight). Despite Joe and their Digimon's protestations, Mimi tended to Ogremon's wounds, and Joe then helped set his broken arm. Ogremon was puzzled, but very grateful - he had never had any friends before. Happily, Mimi told him that he did now. However, the group was then attacked by Puppetmon - but then, MetalEtemon appeared (having emerged from the crater created by the supposed meteor, which was actually the remains of Etemon's Dark Network) and began battling Puppetmon. They all escaped, but MetalEtemon tracked them down again. With some help from SaberLeomon, Mimi, Joe, their Digimon and Ogremon were able to get away.
SaberLeomon brought them to Digitamamon's diner, where he De-Digivolved back to Leomon. Ogremon tried to fight him, but Leomon refused. Leomon explained how he had been searching for them, but then, MetalEtemon appeared again, and Leomon Digivolved to SaberLeomon to battle him. Ogremon tried to join the fight, but Mimi refused to let him. In the course of the battle, Zudomon shattered MetalEtemon's armour, allowing SaberLeomon to finish him off, at the cost of his own life.
Ogremon explained to Mimi and Joe that Primary Village, where Leomon would have reborn, was tainted with the Dark Masters' evil, and no Digimon could be reborn there until they were destroyed. The small group headed for the Village, coming across Frigimon and Meramon along the way. They then found Elecmon, and Joe decided he would leave for a while, to try to find the missing Matt. Ogremon continued on with Mimi and the small army that had been amassed, and they all arrived in the nick of time at Spiral Mountain's peak to help the others battle Piedmon and his Vilemon horde. After Piedmon's defeat, thanks to MagnaAngemon's Gate of Destiny, Ogremon and the other allies said their goodbyes.
After the kids defeated Apocalymon, the DigiWorld began to reformat itself to normalcy. Ogremon, among others, appeared to congratulate the kids on a job well done. Then, after a hail of Digi-Eggs rained down on Primary Village, Ogremon decided to take his leave, because he just refused to accept that he could be starting to LIKE hanging around with the kids. He walked off, and simply faded away.
Twenty-nine years into the future, another Ogremon with an arm wound was shown being treated by the adult Joe, who had become the DigiWorld's first doctor.
Ogremon first appears in "Evil Shows His Face." He returns in "Etemon's Comeback Tour." His voice is supplied by Beau Billingslea.
Name: From the word "ogre," an ugly creature from fantasy.

Digimon Adventure episode #47
English version written by Rebecca Olkowski and John Ludin
Joe, Mimi and co. are tracked down once more by MetalEtemon. In the ensuing battle, MetalEtemon mortally wounds SaberLeomon, and is destroyed by Zudomon. Ogremon and Leomon make their peace, as Leomon deletes. Meanwhile, MetalGarurumon destroys Puppetmon.

Yukio OikawaYukio Oikawa was a sad and lonely child. His only friend in the world was Hiroki Hida, who didn’t laugh at or shun him, like everyone else did. Yukio and Hiroki spent a lot of time together, playing video games, when one day, via their games system, they somehow came into contact with the DigiWorld. They wanted to go there, but had no way. Hiroki’s father, Chikara, thinking that they were merely being childish, put a stop to their games. Hiroki and Yukio were heartbroken, but they continued to stay together as they grew up, never sharing their dreams of the DigiWorld with anyone but each other, fearful that, if they did, they would lose them. Oikawa was not one of the original five DigiDestined children.
Time passed, and the boys became men. Oikawa worked as a computer programmer, at the same company as Ken Ichijouji’s father, and Hiroki became a member of the police force. In 1995, when a Greymon and Parrotmon appeared at Highton View Terrace, Oikawa investigated it, knowing that it held some connection to the DigiWorld. He came into contact with Mrs. Takaishi at this point. Some time prior to August 1999, Hiroki died when he took a bullet for an important political figure, leaving behind a wife and son – Cody – and a shattered Oikawa. It is apparent that Oikawa and Hiroki were working on a project together, judging by the work they are seen to do on a computer together in a flashback. Likely, this project was a way for them to enter the DigiWorld (the computer screen is shown to focus on a spider, which is later shown to be related to the creation of Arukenimon, who was specifically made for the purpose of entering the DigiWorld), but Hiroki died before he could see its completion.
When Myotismon invaded the real world in August 1999, and was defeated by the DigiDestined, the DigiWorld appeared in the sky all over the world. Oikawa saw it, and fell to his knees, holding a picture of Hiroki into the air, trying, in some way, to show him the world they had always dreamed of. Oikawa saw the DigiDestined travelling back into the DigiWorld, and called to them to take him with them – but they were too far away to hear. However, someone did hear Oikawa’s pleas... Myotismon’s digital “ghost,” which was floating around after his destruction, with nowhere to go to be reborn. Myotismon made Oikawa a deal – if he “soothed his heart with darkness,” he would take him to the DigiWorld. Oikawa, not even fully understanding, accepted the villain’s deal, and Myotismon’s data entered his body and mind, possessing him. Oikawa continued to live his life, his memories of this seemingly blocked by Myotismon, as he apparently had no knowledge of the villain being within his mind.
Myotismon subtly manipulated Oikawa’s actions, allowing him to think he was doing them of his own accord. Firstly, Oikawa took his own DNA, and transformed it into data, created two Digimon/human hybrid beings – Arukenimon and Mummymon. They were able to travel to and from the DigiWorld via portals that Oikawa could open (using the Key Cards, which Myotismon knew how to operate), but the DigiWorld’s defences were too powerful to allow Oikawa and Myotismon to enter. Oikawa felt that seeing Arukenimon and Mummymon in the DigiWorld made him want to go even more, and then, at Sam Ichijouji’s funeral (which he had been invited to by his co-worker, Mr. Ichijouji), he first saw Ken Ichijouji, and immediately realised that he would become a DigiDestined – and knew of the Dark Spore that had implanted itself within him on Ken’s first trip to the DigiWorld. Oikawa sent Ken an e-mail, telling him about the DigiWorld, which Ken had forgotten all about. Ken used the Digivice that had emerged from his brother’s computer before, and was sucked into the DigiWorld. He found himself side-tracked to the World of Darkness, where he immersed his Digivice in the Dark Ocean, transforming it into the Dark D-3, and activating the Dark Spore within him. Under Oikawa’s orders, Arukenimon and Mummymon then shaped Ken into the Digimon Emperor. Oikawa was somehow able to implant the designs for the Dark Rings and most importantly, the Control Spires into Ken’s head – the designs themselves came courtesy of Myotismon, who obtain the Ring design from Gatomon’s tail ring, and Spire design from the World of Darkness.
As the Emperor, Ken set up Control Spires all around the DigiWorld, which disrupted and weakened the reality barriers, which would allow Oikawa – and Myotismon – to enter the DigiWorld. However, Azulongmon and the other Harmonious Ones recruited three new DigiDestined, who, with T.K. and Kari, put a stop to the Emperor’s plans, deactivating the Control Spires, also foiling Oikawa/Myotismon’s scheme without even knowing it.
It’s not clear if Oikawa ordered Arukenimon and Mummymon to destroy the Destiny Stones – Arukenimon had no idea what they were, it was actually Mummymon’s idea to destroy them. In any case, the destruction of the Destiny Stones achieved the same affect as the Control Spires did, albeit on a faster and larger scale. The DigiWorld’s reality barriers were disrupted when BlackWarGreymon destroyed six of the seven stones, but Azulongmon was freed by the DigiDestined, and he saw to their regeneration, once again stopping Oikawa/Myotismon’s plans.
At Christmas, Oikawa “accidentally on purpose” bumped into Mrs. Takaishi, who recognised him from eight years before. He gave her a warning, telling her that the current “monster problem” was related to both the Highton View Terrace ‘bombing’ and the Odaiba fog incident. He cautioned her about her sons, and she demanded to know what he knew about them. He laughed, and simply left, telling her to enjoy the holidays. He later observed the battle between Paildramon and a Triceramon. Then, when the DigiDestined left to travel over the world and round up the wild Digimon who had appeared in other countries, Oikawa gave Arukenimon and Mummymon their new orders.
The duo located multiple children with problems – loneliness, illness, etc. – and told them that they could help them. The children were gathered into a truck, where they were introduced to Oikawa, who told them about the Dark Spores, and how they could make them superior beings – like the famous Ken Ichijouji.
The DigiDestined returned to Japan, but were almost immediately plunged into battle with Daemon and his corps, who wanted the Dark Spore for their own purposes. Arukenimon convinced Ken to come with her, saying she would release the children if he did so – but once inside the truck, Oikawa introduced himself to Ken, and told him about the Spores, his plans for them, and how the children WANTED this. Oikawa replicated Ken’s Spore and implanted copies in all of the children, but then, at Highton View Terrace, they were attacked by Daemon. Oikawa was prepared to hand Ken over, having no more use for him, but the DigiDestined arrived, and in the ensuing battle, Daemon was repelled to the World of Darkness. Oikawa told children to remember Highton View Terrace, as he would call them back there one day.
Oikawa, Arukenimon and Mummymon retreated to a cabin on Mount Fuji, where they hid out, waiting for the Spores to grow. However, BlackWarGreymon arrived on Earth and attacked the cabin, claiming to seek his creator. As he had been created by Arukenimon, and as Arukenimon had been created by Oikawa, that made Oikawa BlackWarGreymon’s creator. With this knowledge, BlackWarGreymon was determined to destroy Oikawa, considering him to be a “foreign object,” which disrupted the balance of both the real and digital world. WarGreymon prevented him from killing him, as the DigiDestined needed Oikawa to remove the Dark Spores from the kids. As BlackWarGreymon and WarGreymon battled, Oikawa, Arukenimon and Mummymon fled.
When the Dark Spore of a girl named Noriko was set to flower prematurely, Oikawa paid a visit to her home, where he was confronted by Cody, who he was shocked to discover was Hiroki’s son. Oikawa reminisced about his happier times with Hiroki, but resolved not to let his memory stand in the way of his goal. Noriko’s Spore then bloomed, and Oikawa absorbed the dark energy from it. Myotismon, energised by the dark power, temporarily took over Oikawa’s body, and fatally injured BlackWarGreymon. Oikawa then fled, ready to bring his plan to fruition. BlackWarGreymon, who now understood that Myotismon was controlling Oikawa, used the last of his strength to seal the Highton View Terrace DigiWorld gate with his body, to prevent the villain from using it.
Unaware of this, Oikawa called all the Spore children back to Highton View Terrace, where he once again planned to open a portal to the DigiWorld. Oikawa believed that the Spores within the children would convert their innocence into an energy Oikawa could use to bypass the DigiWorld defences and finally enter it – but he never got the chance, as Myotismon had him insert the incorrect combination of Key Cards, opening a portal to another dimension entirely. Oikawa still believed he had opened a portal to the DigiWorld, and he, Arukenimon, Mummymon and the children all ran through it. The DigiDestined followed them, but once they were in the dimension, the truth finally came out. Myotismon’s spirit exited Oikawa’s body, taking on its shape. Oikawa collapsed, having lost much of his energy to Myotismon. The villain then absorbed the power of the Dark Spores, transforming himself into MaloMyotismon, as had always been his plan.
After subjecting the DigiDestined to illusions of their greatest desires, which they managed to dispel, MaloMyotismon fled into the DigiWorld, where he absorbed the darkness that had grown there, and gained more power. He began to infect Earth with darkness, but the light of the DigiDestined and Digimon from all over the world countered him. The DigiDestined convinced the Dark Spore kids to realise that their dreams weren’t hopeless, and the power of the children’s hope weakened MaloMyotismon, discorporating his body. When they entered the DigiWorld, the Spore children became DigiDestined as well. Then, everyone united the power of their Digivices, energising Imperialdramon, who used his Giga Crusher attack to destroy Myotismon’s spirit, seemingly for good.
Cody attempted to carry the weakened Oikawa into the DigiWorld, to help him fulfil his dream – but Oikawa knew that he was not strong enough to go on. In a flare of light, Datirimon, Oikawa’s partner Digimon, who had been waiting for him for years, appeared. Oikawa couldn’t believe he had a Digimon... but he knew what he had to do. Using the power of the dream dimension, Oikawa began to transform his body into energy. As his body faded away in his arms, he told Cody to “hold on to his optimism, his dreams, and especially his friends,” like he had been unable to. Perhaps, Oikawa thought, if he had been more like Cody, he could have had adventures too. With those last words, the energy that had been Oikawa floated into the sky, and transformed into flock of butterflies, which spread across the DigiWorld, restoring all the peace and beauty MaloMyotismon nearly destroyed. And Oikawa’s spirit would remain inside the DigiWorld forever, protecting from darkness until the end of time.
Oikawa’s voice is first heard in “Genesis of Evil,” as a voice-over for the e-mail Ken receives. The same thing happens again in “If I had a Tail Hammer.” Oikawa first appears in the flesh in “A Very Digi Christmas.” His voice is supplied by Jamieson Price.
Name: In his first appearance, Oikawa’s name was misspelled as “Owikawa” on the Closed Captioning. Many thought that this was his official American name, but this was later proven to be incorrect when the correct spelling was used in the episode title “Oikawa’s Shame.” Curiously, in “Dark Sun, Dark Spore,” Oikawa introduces himself as “Oikawa Yukio,” with his last name first and his first name last, as is the traditional Japanese way of writing or saying one’s full name. This is the only instance of this being done in the US version of the show.

Digimon Adventure 02 episode #48
English version written by Seth Walther
Oikawa opens the portal to what he thinks is the DigiWorld, but when everyone goes through it, they find themselves in a bizarre dream dimension. There, it is revealed that Myotismon’s spirit is inside Oikawa. Myotismon emerges and uses the Dark Spores to transform himself into MaloMyotismon, and then he kills Arukenimon and Mummymon. The DigiDestined are terrified, but ExVeemon, powered by Davis’s faith, prepares to battle MaloMyotismon alone!
Episode Trivia - Upon this episode's first screening in the US, it was combined with "BlackWarGreymon’s Destiny" to make an hour long special which acted as the third part of "The Battle For Both Worlds."

See Oikawa

OkuwamonGroup: Insectoid – Level: Ultimate – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Double Scissor Claw, Beetle Horn Attack
The first Okuwamon the DigiDestined encountered was not actually a real one, but was instead an unliving Digimon, created from ten Control Spires by Arukenimon. It was created to battle the DigiDestined, and prevent them from stopping the imminent explosion of the reactor in the Digimon Emperor’s old base. The Okuwamon quickly defeated Angemon, Nefertimon, Ankylomon and Aquilamon, but then Ken and Stingmon arrived. ExVeemon and Stingmon managed to hold Okuwamon off while Davis slapped some sense into Ken, making him realise what had to be done – and then, ExVeemon and Stingmon DNA Digivolved into Paildramon! Paildramon battled with Okuwamon while the kids attempted to shut down the reactor. With the explosion only moments away, Paildramon obliterated the Okuwamon with his Desperado Blaster attack, and destroyed the base reactor.
Later, at Christmas, when Digimon were appeared all over the world, an Okuwamon was seen in New York City, and was sent back to the DigiWorld with all the other Digimon there. A little while later, another Okuwamon was also seen during the final battle with MaloMyotismon.
An Okuwamon first appears in “United We Stand.”
Name: “O” is a shortening of the prefix of his Japanese name, “Ookuwamon,” where “Oo” means “big.” “Kuwa” comes from “kuwagatamushi,” Japanese for “beetle.”

Digimon Adventure 02 episode #19
“The Digimon Emperor’s Revenge,” part one
English version written by Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
The DigiDestined pursue the Digimon Emperor’s base out across the ocean, to the Dark Whirlpool. The Emperor voyages into the whirlpool, giving the DigiDestined time to free his captives – but in the whirlpool, he comes face to face with Devimon, who warns him to “beware the darkness.” The Emperor harvests some of Devimon’s data, and uses it as the final touch to his genetically engineered creation, Kimeramon. While Kimeramon battles Nefertimon and Halsemon, T.K. defeats the Emperor in a fistfight, and everyone manages to escape... for now.

Digimon Adventure 02 episode #5
English version written by Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
A distress call from Gomamon brings Joe and the new DigiDestined to the frozen north of the DigiWorld, where the Digimon Emperor is building a new Control Spire. Cody falls in a river, and Joe elects to stay behind and take care of him while the others destroy the Spire. Cody and Joe are attacked by the Emperor, who has Shellmon and Ebidramon on his side. Digmon defeats Shellmon, and then the others destroy the Spire, allowing Gomamon to Digivolve to Ikkakumon and take Ebidramon down.

OmnimonGroup: Warrior - Level: Mega - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Transcendent Sword, Supreme Cannon
Omnimon is the Digimon created from the fusion of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Eight months after the defeat of Apocalymon, a new, part-virus, part-Digimon creature called Diaboromon was unleashed on the Internet, and was consuming data at an exponential rate. Diaboromon initiated a missile launch on Odaiba, with intent to eliminate the DigiDestined, and WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon battled him in an attempt to stop it. However, the villain had multiplied himself, creating over a million copies of himself, and their combined power proved too much for WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, taking them both down. Tai and Matt were somehow converted into digital energy, and went into the Internet to help, telling the two Digimon how children from all over the world, watching the battle on their computers, were sending e-mails. The energy from the e-mails restored WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon - but had one more, even more amazing effect! WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon Digivolved together, into one, new, more-powerful Digimon - Omnimon! Omnimon used his Supreme Cannon attack to destroy all the copies of Diaboromon, but the original proved to fast for him. With only thirty seconds left until the nuclear launch, Izzy hit on the idea of re-routing the e-mails, to slow Diaboromon down. The plan worked, and, with less than one second left, Omnimon impaled Diaboromon through his head with his Transcendent Sword, apparently destroying him and terminating the launch.
Four years later, however, it was discovered that Diaboromon had survived the conflict, and had used the time inbetween to recuperate, and reproduce himself as millions of Kuramon. The Kuramon had begun to appear in the real world by transmitting themselves through e-mail, so while the newer DigiDestined kids set about trying to round them up, Tai, Matt and Omnimon headed into the Internet to battle Diaboromon once more. Omnimon was at first impeded by a massive Kuramon swarm that he could not get through, but soon, T.K., Kari, Angemon and Angewomon arrived to help. The two angels held Diaboromon down, enabling Omnimon to repeat the impaling of four years ago, destroying Diaboromon. However, just prior to this, upon learning that Kari had gone into the 'net, Davis had demanded that Yolei open the gate for him to follow her. Unfortunately, this was playing right into Diaboromon's hands - Yolei opened the gate so wide that all the Kuramon were able to escape through it, into the real world, where they merged into the monstrous Armageddemon in Tokyo Harbour. Omnimon emerged into the real world to do battle with Armageddemon, but quickly found himself no match for the monster, his Transcedent Sword failing to take care of him the way it had Diaboromon. Omnimon was immobilised, drained of his energy, as his arms fell off, and Imperialdramon took up the fight. Unfortunately, he fared no better, and Omnimon's fallen limbs stirred again, as he reverted back into Agumon and Gabumon, transforming the rest of his energy into a holy ring, which morphed into the Omni Sword, transforming Imperialdramon into his Paladin Mode. Imperialdramon destroyed Armageddemon, and everyone channelled their power through the sword - the DigiDestined using their Digivices, the normal spectators using their cell phones - to absorb and transmit the Kuramon to Izzy, for him to deal with them.
Omnimon first appears in "Digimon: The Movie."His voice is supplied by Lex Lang and Kirk Thornton. In "Revenge of Diaboromon," Jeff Nimoy replaces Kirk Thornton as Gabumon, and hence performs Omnimon with Lang.
Name: From "omni," meaning "all" (as in "omnipotent," meaning "all-powerful").

Track 6 on the “Digimon: The Movie” soundtrack, by the Barenaked Ladies. It plays close to the beginning of the second portion of the movie, during the montage sequence showing all the DigiDestined, after Tai’s e-mail fails to send. The song is included on the soundtrack for its relevance to Tai and Sora’s situation in the movie. For the lyrics to this song, click HERE.

Digimon Adventure 02 episode #31
English version written by Terri-Lei O’Malley and Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
During the search for Gatomon’s lost tail ring, Kari, Ken and Yolei accidentally stumble through a phase warp, into the World of Darkness. Arukenimon and Mummymon, on the trail of BlackWarGreymon, have no time to deal with them personally, and Arukenimon creates a Blossomon from some Control Spires. However, removing the Spires breaks the warp, allowing the kids back into the DigiWorld, where Gatomon and Aquilamon DNA Digivolve into Silphymon for the first time to destroy the Blossomon.

OtamamonGroup: Amphibian - Level: Rookie - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Stun Bubble, Slamming Attack
The Otamamon live in a castle with the Gekomon, where they tend to their sleeping master, ShogunGekomon. ShogunGekomon had fallen into a deep sleep, three hundred years prior, and the Otamamon and Gekomon were desperate to wake him up. When DemiDevimon told them about Mimi's wonderful singing voice, they found her and brought her to their castle. Mimi began to make excuses for why she couldn't sing, and soon had them treating her like a princess. They didn't like it - but there was nothing they could do! When Joe and Tai came to the castle, they explained their plight, and the guys tried to trick Mimi into singing. However, when she found out, she was so angry that she locked them in the dungeon. It was thanks to some help from Sora that Mimi realised how spoilt she was being, and agreed to sing. ShogunGekomon was woken, but he was angry at being roused, and MetalGreymon had to deal with him.
Some time later, when the Dark Masters were in the process of conquering the DigiWorld, the Otamamon and Gekomon's castle was attacked and destroyed. ShogunGekomon was apparently killed, and the Otamamon and Gekomon fled. One Otamamon and one Gekomon hid in the ruins of Digitamamon's diner, until they were found by Mimi and Joe, with Leomon and Ogremon. After the small group defeated MetalEtemon, Mimi allowed them to come along with them - as long as they stopped calling her "princess." They agreed, and on the way to Spiral Mountain's peak, to do battle with Piedmon, they gathered up a much larger number of Otamamon and Gekomon to help them. The Otamamon and Gekomon then helped in battling Piedmon's Vilemon horde. After Piedmon was defeated, the Otamamon and the Gekomon said their goodbyes.
Four years later, all the reborn Otamamon and Gekomon unfortunately fell under the control of the Digimon Emperor. They attacked Mimi, Yolei and Hawkmon in the Night Forest, but they were saved by Palmon, and freed when the Control Spire in the area was destroyed.
Later, the Emperor set up another Spire in the village where the Otamamon and Gekomon were now living under the rule of the reborn ShogunGekomon. They saved the DigiDestined from the Mushroomon and Floramon who had fallen under the influence of the Emperor's Dark Rings by taking them to an underground hide-a-way, but then, ShogunGekomon was captured by a Dark Spiral, and the DigiDestined had to subdue him and destroy the Control Spire to free him.
After the Emperor was defeated, the Otamamon and Gekomon were seen helping Kari and Gatomon to water and fix up the field areas of the DigiWorld.
The Otamamon first appear in "Princess Karaoke." The voice of the "main" Otamamon, who accompanies Mimi and Joe, is supplied by Dorothy Elias-Fahn.
Name: From the Japanese word "otamajakushi," meaning tadpole.

Digimon Adventure episode #33
English version written by Mark Ryan and Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
Matt and T.K. run into Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon, who are supposed to be working for Myotismon, but would rather just have fun. They and the kids 'play' for a while until Myotismon shows up and destroys the slackers, prompting Patamon to Digivolve to Angemon for the second time to aid WereGarurumon in seeing him off.