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If a human character was named in the Japanese version (or in any Japanese source material), but did not get named in the dub (or any US material), then I employ their Japanese name, because there's nothing to contradict its use. This is most prevalent with the children's parents and other family members, and also certain members of Takato's class.

If a Digimon was named in the Japanese version, but not in the dub, then I use the name from the Digimon's American Digi-Battle Card, or D-Terminal entry, or whatever else.


In instances where the US version of the show contradicts US cards, the D-Terminal, or other Bandai of America materials, the information related in the show is used. This is most common with attack names, but there are also some Digimon names that this also applies to - eg: Choromon will be referred to as MetalKoromon in the encyclopedia. However, the information will NOT be used if it is an outright mistake - eg: MetalKoromon being called a Rookie.


The Devas are an annoying bunch, as few of them have US cards, and none of them have their full attributes given in their D-Power analysis. In Japan, all of them have the Group designation, "Holy Beasts," but that term is not used by either the dub or Bandai of America. Chatsuramon, however, is, on his D-Power analysis in 3.30, "The Imperfect Storm," referred to as an "Exalted Beast." And since all the Devas should have the same Group, this seems the most fitting one to use for all of them. Yes, it's true that it does contradict what few cards there are for the Devas, but the show does not seem to have had much of a problem with doing that before (it also contradicts Pajiramon's analysis, as her's is the only one to list a Group, naming her a "Deva Beast," but I think we can overlook that...). Thanks go to Megaraptor for this piece of advice. :)
All their Level specifications are Ultimate, and their Type spec can be derived from their Japanese information, as it does not change. Several of them have their attacks named in the show, but for those that do not, the Japanese names are used, because nothing contradicts their use.


The eight Tamers and all other children (ie: Alice and various members of Takato's class) are listed by their first names, because that is simply how everyone knows them best. Looking them up by their surnames (eg: Matsuki, Takato) will point you to the first-name entry.


There is an entry for the family name of each Tamer (eg: Matsuki, Wong). This entry contains the information on their parents and any siblings. The only exceptions to this are:

- Suzie, naturally, who has an entry of her own for obvious reasons

- Henry's father, as he is important enough to warrant an entry of his own

- and Rika's mother, who simply gets an entry to herself because she is the only other Nonaka family member in the series (Rika's grandmother is a Hata)


Adults who are not parents of Tamers are given individual entries, listed by surname, because that is how everyone knows them best (eg: Asaji, Nami). Looking them up by first name (eg: Nami Asaji), or by any other name they many be known by (eg: Miss Asaji, Miss Nami) will point you to the surname entry.

Yamaki is listed as "Yamaki." Looking up "Mitsuo Yamaki" will point you to this entry.

Riley and Tally are listed as "Riley" and "Tally." Looking up "Ootori" or "Onodera" (their Japanese surnames) will point you to these entries.

The Monster Makers - except for Henry's father - are listed by their codenames (Babel, Curly, Daisy, Dolphin & Shibumi), even those whose real names are known. Looking up the real names (by first name or surname) of any that are known will point you to these entries.


Having now finally seen the undubbed movies, information on them is being included in the encyclopedia. I am treating "The Adventurers' Battle" to be in continuity, because there is little to suggest it's not, and the idea that it is was born out of a mistranslation, cemented in people's minds by the fact that Megchan delivered that mistranslated information. Addtionally, Kai is in the freakin' series. Treated as being in continuity, the movie must fall somewhere between "Digital Beauty" and "The Boar Wars," because Taomon appears in it, and because after Vikaralamon's appearance, there's no time for it to occur.

"Runaway Digimon Express" takes place after the end of the series, and despite it's glitches - more evident that "The Adventurers' Battle" - it also is treated as being in continuity.


Individual Modify Cards are not listed.

Digimon who appear only on Modify Cards are not listed.