JackieJackie is Gennai’s Chinese counterpart. When Digimon were appearing all over the Earth, Izzy and Kari headed for Hong Kong in order to round up the Digimon there. They met up with Jackie along the way, who then explained to the Poi Brothers about being DigiDestined when Izzy was unable to. In the original Japanese version, Jackie actually had to act as a translator, as Izzy and the Poi Brothers were speaking different languages, and couldn’t understand each other. While Izzy, Kari and one of the brothers headed to the India/China border, Jackie the brothers' grandfather some martial arts moves.
Jackie appears in “Digimon World Tour, Pt. 1.” His voice is supplied by Jeff Nimoy.
Name: It is thought that most of the counterparts are named after people relevant to the countries they represent – as such it is largely believed that Jackie is named for Jackie Chan, famous Chinese martial artist and movie star.

See Kido, Jim

Joe in Season OneJyou Kido, shortened to Joe by his friends, is a member of the DigiDestined, partnered with Gomamon and holder of the Crest of Reliability. Joe's father is a doctor, and more than a little controlling, desiring that Joe become a doctor also. Joe's brother, Jim, is a few years older than him, and is also planning on becoming a man of medicine, through choice. Joe is a hypochondriac and a pessimist, but, as his Crest trait indicates, he can always be counted on. Despite his cowardly attitude in some cases, he has risked himself for the other kids many times.
The Kido family lived in Highton View Terrace for an unknown amount of time, four years prior to the events of August 1999. During this time, Joe saw the battle between Parrotmon and Greymon. During the battle, Joe made some calls to other kids who lived in the apartment building, alerting them to what was going on. The dub of the movie has Joe refer to them by name, but that is incorrect, as he would not know them at this point.
Joe was totally freaked out upon arriving in the DigiWorld, but soon made friends with his Digimon, Gomamon. When the kids reached the foot of Infinity Mountain on File Island, Joe, realising that the others viewed him as a coward, decided he would prove himself to them by climbing the mountain on his own. While doing so, he was attacked by the Black Gear-infected Unimon, and Gomamon Digivolved to Ikkakumon for the first time to save him. After Devimon separated the kids, Joe and Gomamon found themselves adrift at sea, to be attacked by Ogremon, who knocked them into the water. Sora and Biyomon found them when Sora's fishing line snagged Joe, and, in order to help Joe's confidence, they let him lead the way through the jungles on the island they were on. They soon came across a church, and, apparently, more human beings! Joe was overjoyed at the idea there were other humans around - but it turned out that they were Bakemon in disguise! They captured Joe and Sora, planning to sacrifice them to their master, Lord Bakemon, but Birdramon and Ikkakumon freed them. Joe then used "mind over matter" chants to weaken Lord Bakemon enough for them to defeat him. Joe and Sora then arrived slightly late for the final battle with Devimon, wherein Angemon saved the day. After being contacted by Gennai, Joe was the first to voice his concerns about voyaging to the continent of Server, but soon, the kids were all on their way.
After arriving on Server, the kids clashed with Etemon, ruler of the deserts on the continent. During their second battle with him, in an arena, Joe found his Crest while Tai's Greymon battled another Greymon under Etemon's control.
When Tai was sucked back to Earth by a portal created when MetalGreymon destroyed Etemon, the DigiDestined soon split up without his leadership. Joe and Gomamon found their way to Digitamamon's diner, where they were forced into working in his kitchens to pay their bill after eating there. Soon, Matt and Gabumon showed up, and agreed to help him out - but thanks to 'accidents' created by the evil DemiDevimon, who made it seem as though it was Joe's fault, they both wound up working non-stop. When Tai returned, he and T.K. made their way to the diner, and were able to implicated DemiDevimon as the culprit. When Joe saved T.K. from Vegiemon, Matt's Crest glowed, and Gabumon Digivolved to WereGarurumon to defeat Digitamamon.
Joe and Tai then went off in search of Mimi, whom they found, being treated like a princess, in castle, being waited on hand and foot by Gekomon and Otamamon, who wanted her to sing, and rouse their master, ShogunGekomon from his deep sleep. Joe and Tai tried to convince her to leave, but when they tried to trick her into singing her song, she became so angry, she threw them in the dungeon. With a little unseen help from Sora, they convinced her to sing her song, and ShogunGekomon woke up - but he was somewhat unhappy about being woken! It took MetalGreymon to take him out.
When the kids returned to Earth to stop the plans of Myotismon, who was searching for the Eighth Child, the predestined eighth member of the DigiDestined, Joe found himself with the unenviable duty of being the one to phone around all their old school friends, to try and identify the Eighth Child before Myotismon. When Myotismon shrouded Odaiba in a mystical fog bank, Joe tried to get into the city via the subway, but then, after meeting up with T.K., had Gomamon Digivolve and carry them across. On the way, they were attacked by MegaSeadramon, Joe's Crest began to glow, and Ikkakumon Digivolved to Zudomon for the first time, defeating MegaSeadramon. Joe and T.K. then found Wizardmon, who had located the Crest of the Eighth Child - who was revealed to be Tai's little sister, Kari! Joe and T.K. brought Wizardmon and the Crest to Odaiba, and Kari was able to use her Crest to make her Digimon, Gatomon, Digivolve to Angewomon, who destroyed Myotismon.
Joe found his brother, Jim (see Kido, Jim), who, while helping him to inspect the populous of Odaiba (sent into a deep sleep by DemiDevimon), told him that he didn't have to be a doctor if he didn't want to. Joe wasn't so sure, but he didn't have time to dwell on it, as the kids found themselves in battle with Myotismon's Digivolved stage of VenomMyotismon!
After VenomMyotismon's defeat, the kids returned to the DigiWorld, to free it from the control of the Dark Masters, who had arisen in the years that had gone by in the DigiWorld in the short time the kids had been back on Earth. After they defeated MetalSeadramon, while matching wits with Puppetmon, there was dissention in the ranks of the DigiDestined, as Matt and Tai began to fight. Matt was afraid that he would never be able to grow as a person - that he would always be the same - if he didn't follow his own path, instead of following Tai. Matt left the team, and Mimi also refused to go any further, fearful that more of their Digimon friends could die along the way. Concerned for Mimi's safety, Joe stayed with her - but they soon ran into trouble, in the form of the newly returned, now more powerful MetalEtemon! With help from Ogremon, whom they befriended after Joe used his medical knowledge to deal with injuries he had suffered battling Woodmon, and Leomon, they defeated him, but Leomon died in the process. Joe and Mimi went to Primary Village, to discover that it had been poisoned with the Dark Masters' evil, and no Digimon could be reborn there until they were destroyed.
Joe realised then that his brother had been right - he didn't have to be a doctor; he had to follow his own path. Joe went in search of Matt, hoping that in doing so, he could find himself, as Matt was trying to do. Matt, meanwhile, had problems of his own, as his negative feelings manifested as a dark energy (quite how this happened was not explained), trapping him in a cave. Gabumon helped free him, and he then met up with Joe. Sora, fearing her own inadequacies, fell prey to the same cave, but Joe and Matt were able to rescue her, and they then headed to help Tai in the final battle with Piedmon, the last of the Dark Masters. During the conflict, Joe was transformed into a key chain by the villain, but restored by MagnaAngemon's MagnaAntidote. After defeating Piedmon and his Vilemon by casting them through MagnaAngemon's Gate of Destiny, the kids were immediately thrown into battle with Apocalymon, the greatest evil of the DigiWorld. He destroyed their Crests, but they realised that the power had always been within them, and were able to make their Digimon Digivolve to beat him down. The power of the kids' Digivices then turned Apocalymon's Total Annihilation attack back on him, destroying him. As the DigiWorld was reformatted to normalcy, the kids' bid their Digimon a fond farewell.
Eight months later, when Diaboromon menaced the Internet, Tai and Izzy were unable to reach Joe for help, because he was at summer school. However, a pink, heart was seen above Mimi's overflowing mail box (as she was on vacation in Hawaii at the time), which read "To Mimi, from Joe." Although this was a dub addition – it was originally the house nameplate.
Joe in Season TwoIn May 2000, Joe and the other kids gave up the powers of their Crests to seal the DigiWorld off from evil. However, this left Gomamon and the other Digimon unable to Digivolve to their Ultimate forms.
Also, whatever affection may have been brewing between Mimi and Joe, there was no chance of it growing, as, a year or two later, Mimi and her family moved to New York.
Four years later, Joe had continued his studies to be a doctor – all the pain and death he had seen in the DigiWorld, and had been powerles to do anything about, had convinced him that he truly did want to be a doctor, and to help people. He met up with the other seven DigiDestined to discuss the threat of the Digimon Emperor, and the appearance of Davis, Yolei and Cody, the three new DigiDestined.
A little later after this, Joe received a distress call via his Digivice from Gomamon, and met up with the new DigiDestined, to head into the DigiWorld. They found Gomamon, and Joe formed a fast friendship with Cody, helping to take care of him when he fell into an icy river. When the Control Spire in the area was destroyed, Gomamon Digivolved to Ikkakumon, and destroyed the Ebidramon who was putting the squeeze on Digmon.
During the summer, when searching for a new Digi-Egg, the kids were trapped in an oil platform by a MegaSeadramon. Cody escaped using a submersible, and called on Joe for help. He had Izzy contact Whamon, who smashed his way into the oil platform while Ikkakumon kept MegaSeadramon busy. Joe then convinced Cody to pick up the new Digi-Egg, the Digi-Egg of Reliability, and with it, Armadillomon Armour Digivolved to Submarimon, to destroy MegaSeadramon’s Dark Spiral.
A very short time later, Joe and all the other DigiDestined got together to celebrate the anniversary of their first trip to the DigiWorld – although he apparently had to go to class halfway through the day.
Joe didn’t appear again for a very long time – he didn’t show up again until the Teenage Wolves Christmas concert. When a DarkTyrannomon and some Bakemon disrupted the concert, the Armour Digimon destroyed the Control Spire which had appeared, and then Joe and the others had their Digimon Digivolve to take down the wild Digimon, and send them back to the DigiWorld.
Digimon had also begun to appear all over the world, and Izzy set about trying to contact the other DigiDestined in other countries. Joe was relegated to ordering sandwiches while the others sent e-mails. With everything arranged – including the restoration of the old Digimon’s ability to go Ultimate thanks to a power boost from Azulongmon’s Digi-Core, courtesy of Gennai – the kids set off across the world, to round up the wild Digimon in other countries. Joe and Cody went to Australia, where they met up with an Australian DigiDestined, Derek. They rounded up a bunch of aquatic Digimon, then Zudomon, Submarimon and Coelamon – the Digivolved form of Crabmon, Derek’s partner – took down a Scorpiomon and sent them all back to the DigiWorld.
Joe returned to Odaiba with the others, only to discover that evil Digimon known as the Daemon Corps had appeared there, searching for Ken. Zudomon battled one of their numbers, SkullSatamon, alongside the other Ultimates, but they were defeated. They gave up their power to go Ultimate once again, to power up Imperialdramon, enabling him to Mode Change and destroy SkullSatamon.
A little while after this, Joe and the other DigiDestined, sans Tai and Sora, kept watch at Highton View Terrace for the children Oikawa had implanted with Dark Spores. When they showed up, Oikawa opened what he thought was a portal to the DigiWorld, but instead proved to be a doorway into another dimension, through which he, his followers, and the new DigiDestined travelled.
Joe and the other DigiDestined then headed for the summer camp where they had first been sucked into the DigiWorld – with the Highton View Terrace gate sealed by BlackWarGreymon, this was the only other nearby gate. The Digimon of all the world’s DigiDestined congregated on the site of the battle between MaloMyotismon and the other Digimon, and, acting like beacons, opened the portal, and pulled their DigiDestined partners into the DigiWorld. There, the power of their dreams destroyed MaloMyotismon’s body, and Imperialdramon’s Giga Crusher atomised his spirit.
Three months later, when it was discovered that Diaboromon had survived his battle with Omnimon four years beforehand, Joe was once again too caught up with his schoolwork to respond to Izzy's summons immedaitely. When Armageddemon appeared in Tokyo Harbour, Ken and Davis were on their way there when they enountered Joe, who was looking for them, to give them his bike so they could get there faster. Davis pointed out that there were two of them, and Joe tried to get another passer-by to lend her bike to them. Joe and this girl seemed to get friendly quite quickly, as they both then watched the battle between Armageddemon and Imperialdramon Paladin Mode together.
Twenty-five years into the future, the portal to the DigiWorld remains open, and Gomamon is still at Joe’s side. Joe has finally become a doctor, but it’s not quite what he expected – he’s now the first doctor for the DigiWorld, treating sick and injured Digimon (he was seen treating an Ogremon in the montage sequence). He is married, with a son, who has a Bukamon for a partner (though nothing was ever said of his wife).
Chronologicaly speaking, Joe first appears in "Digimon: The Movie." He first appears in the series in "And so it begins..." His voice is supplied by Michael Lindsay. Joe’s limited involvement in the second series of the show is due in part to the fact that in Japan, his seiyuu (Japanese voice actor) is one of the bigger, more expensive names in the industry. As such, even when Joe appears, he doesn’t say much (look at “Oikawa’s Shame,” for example, where he doesn’t say a word), because it’s expensive.

Digimon Adventure episode #50
English version written by R.D. Chamberlain and John Ludin
While Tai and his crew battle LadyDevimon, Joe realises that it's time he followed his own path, and sets out to find Matt.

JoseJosé is Gennai’s Mexican counterpart. When Matt and Ken were in Mexico City, attempting to enter the Mayan Ruins to round up the wild Digimon inside, they were turned away by the guards. José arrived to distract the guards with a little flashy martial arts display, dubbing himself “José the Magnificent,” allowing Matt and Ken to get inside the Ruins. Shortly thereafter, he met up with them inside, and produced the laptop that had the Digi-Port opened on it, to send the Digimon back to the DigiWorld.
José appears in “Digimon World Tour, Pt. 3.”
Name: Unlike most of the other duplicates, José does not appear to be named for anyone specific to his country, but has instead simply been given a rather generic Mexican name.

June MotomiyaJune Motomiya is the sister of Davis, of the DigiDestined. June is seventeen, and comes off as something of a ditz, but she is actually a fairly intelligent and determined girl. She is good friends with Yolei’s elder sister, Momoe, who she in the same class as, and they often hang around together, going to concerts – particularly concerts by Matt’s band, the Teenage Wolves, as June is a big fan of theirs. To start with, June had a huge crush on Matt – she first met him after one of his concerts early on in the school year, and got him to sign her shirt. T.K., Matt’s younger brother, was there at the time, and she had him sign it as well, on the premise that he was “cute.” Matt and T.K. had to run off after getting an SOS from Gabumon.
June next appeared when Matt had to go to the Motomiya apartment, to explain that Davis would be late home – in reality, Davis was in the DigiWorld, trying to rescue Kari from the city of Gardromon. June answered the door, and when Matt gave his explanation, June realised he was lying. She promised she wouldn’t tell her parents, if Matt promised to go out with her. Matt dumbly agreed, wondering how that had happened. June later made reservations at Moreali’s, the most expensive restaurant in town.
During the summer, June suspected her entire family was going nuts when she heard the sounds of Davis and DemiVeemon laughing in the bathtub, and her parents guffawing at something on television.
A little later, after the kids had discovered the location of the Digimon Emperor’s base, they all planned to go into the DigiWorld and stay until the Emperor had been stopped. The older kids went on a camping trip as a cover for them, but June found out about it, and attempted to tag along. She arrived as Matt, Tai and Izzy were climbing into Matt’s dad’s SUV, and Matt had to trick her – telling her he had a present for her, he instructed her to close her eyes... and when she did, he jumped back into the car, and ordered his dad to drive off!
Dismayed, but none the wiser, June then missed the bus, and eventually wound up hitchhiking to the campsite (though the dub changed it so she got a lift with grandparents). However, when she arrived, it turned out she was at the wrong site!
June finally managed to make her way to the right site, prompting horrified looks from Matt, Izzy and Tai. June wondered where Davis and the others were, and Izzy ran off into the woods, pretending he had gone to look for them, when in actuality, they were still in the DigiWorld. At that moment, the Digi-Port opened, and they emerged with a crash – which Matt attempted to pass off as the noise of a wild animal, to scare June away. Davis and the other emerged from the forest, and he indignantly demanded to know who invited June, to which she joyfully chirped: “Matt did!”
On the way back, Davis refused to let her come in the car, and she had to take the bus. Matt’s father instructed him to take the bus with June, and despite Matt’s abject screams, June happily accepted the idea.
June next appeared just prior to when BlackWarGreymon was about to start destroying the Destiny Stones, with something of a problem - she had a pimple. An unsympathetic response from Davis led to her delivering a slap to his face.
When Davis brought Ken home to stay the night. June and her parents were star-struck in the presence of the former celebrity.
Later, June was at the Teenage Wolves Christmas concert, with Momoe (marking the only time the two “best friends” are ever actually seen together). The concert was disrupted by a DarkTyrannomon and some Bakemon, and amidst the chaos, June waited for Matt to save her. Instead, Matt rushed to Sora’s aid. Shocked, hurt, and angry, June renounced her affection for Matt.
A little while later, after the defeat of the Daemon Corps, when Joe’s brother, Jim, gave Davis a lift back to his apartment, June saw him, and immediately developed another crush on him. Davis was surprised at this, and June explained her reasons, claiming, “Younger men are too much trouble.” She then danced off, commenting that she liked the sound of “Mrs. June Kido.”
June and her parents were then present with all the other kids’ family members, at the summer camp during the final battle with MaloMyotismon.
In March of the following year, a new evil arose in the DigiWorld, and June, Jim Kido, and Yolei's two sisters all became DigiDestined to combat it - a precursor to the future where everyone on Earth has a Digimon partner. This was revealed in a Japanese audio drama CD released two years after season two ended.
June first appears in “Iron Vegiemon.” Her voice is supplied by Peggy O’Neal.

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