GabumonGroup: Reptile - Level: Rookie - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Blue Blaster, Horn Attack
Gabumon Digivolves from Tsunomon, and is the Digimon partner of Matt of the DigiDestined. Like Matt, Gabumon is mellow and "cool." He is a reptile-type Digimon, but he wears a coat of fur apparently taken from his Digivolved form of Garurumon. He only takes it off in extreme circumstances, and never lets anyone see his real face. Despite his gentle disposition, Gabumon's Blue Blaster attack - where he shoots a burst of blue flame from his mouth - is a powerful force.
Gabumon first Digivolved to his Champion form of Garurumon to protect Matt from Seadramon. When the kids were separated by Devimon, Matt and Gabumon found themselves in an icy region of File Island. Matt insisted on looking for T.K., and almost suffered exposure. Gabumon saved him by taking off his fur coat and using it to keep him warm. Tai and Agumon then showed up with Frigimon, and helped the duo defeat the Black Gear-infected Mojyamon. He Digivolved to Garurumon again to fight Devimon alongside the other Digimon.
After Matt found his Crest, the Crest of Friendship, the group split up following Tai's disappearance after the battle with Etemon. Matt and Gabumon found themselves working in Digitamamon's diner with Joe and Gomamon. Matt's anger at Joe - caused by accidents perpetrated by DemiDevimon - prevented his Crest from glowing, but when Tai returned, it's glow did too, and Garurumon Digivolved to WereGarurumon.
Gabumon went back to the real world with Matt and the other kids to battle Myotismon. Gabumon (who had apparently gained more control over his Digivolutions by this point, as he would only revert to his Rookie stage after becoming an Ultimate) became friends with Matt's father, who was surprisingly blasé about the existence of Digimon. In the final battle with VenomMyotismon, Gabumon Digivolved to MetalGarurumon for the first time.
Gabumon went back to the DigiWorld with the others to battle the Dark Masters. While the kids were caught up in a battle with Puppetmon and his Garbagemon, Gabumon followed a morose Matt into the forest. Matt had begun to doubt that he had any purpose as part of the team, and was tricked into fighting Tai by Cherrymon, another of Puppetmon's minions. Gabumon promised that he'd stand by Matt, no matter what - and wound up fighting WarGreymon! The fight was stopped, but Matt decided to temporarily leave the group. Gabumon accompanied him, and continuously tried to tell him that he was an important part of the team, but Matt didn't listen. Gabumon helped free Matt from a mysterious darkness that was feeding off his depression, and they then rejoined the team, to battle and defeat Piedmon and Apocalymon.
Eight months later, Gabumon joined in the battle against Infermon on the Internet. He Digivolved to MetalGarurumon, and he and WarGreymon battled the villain, but they were defeated when he Digivolved into his own Mega form of Diaboromon. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon tracked him down, but were defeated again by the huge number of copies he had made of himself. Re-energised by e-mails from all over the world, the two heroic Digimon fused together into Omnimon, and destroyed Diaboromon.
In May 2000, Gabumon lost the ability to Digivolve to Ultimate when Matt and the other kids gave up the powers of their Crests to seal the DigiWorld off from evil.
Four years later, when the Digimon Emperor was in the process of conquering the DigiWorld, Gabumon was captured and held at a small village called Santa Caria. He escaped, but was thrown over a cliff by RedVegiemon. He managed to alert Matt and the new DigiDestined to the situation, and helped them get into the village, so they could destroy the Control Spire there. With the Spire gone, Gabumon was able to Digivolve into Garurumon to finish the battle.
A little later, when MetalGreymon fell under the power of one of the Emperor's Dark Spirals, Garurumon was called in again to help battle him.
Some time after that, Gabumon showed up again, along with Agumon and Tentomon to set the Emperor's base aflame, providing enough of a distraction to allow the new DigiDestined entry.
Gabumon did not show up for quite a while after this - he next appeared when the DigiDestined were trying to stop BlackWarGreymon from destroying the Destiny Stones. He alerted the kids to one of the Stones' location, and relayed a message from Agumon about BlackWarGreymon's soul-searching.
Shortly after that, Gabumon the other original Digimon were brought into the real world to celebrate Christmas with their partners, beginning with one of Matt's concerts. However, Digimon began to appear in the real world, and a group of them attacked the concert, meaning Gabumon and the others had to Digivolve to take them out, with some help from the new kids' Digimon.
Gennai then arrived in the real world, and gave all the original Digimon a power boost from Azulongmon's Digi-Core, restoring their lost ability to Digivolve to Ultimate. Gabumon then went with Matt, Ken and Wormmon to Mexico to round up wild Digimon there. They met with a young DigiDestined girl named Rosa, and Gabumon became WereGarurumon for the first time in a long time to help Stingmon, and Monochromon (the Digivolved form of Rosa's Gotsumon) round up the Digimon and send them back to the DigiWorld.
Gabumon returned to Odaiba and Digivolved to Ultimate to help the other Ultimate battle SkullSatamon, one of the minions of Daemon, an evil Digimon who had come to the real world in search of the Dark Spore. The Ultimates were defeated, and sacrificed their ability to Digivolve once again in order to power up Imperialdramon, allowing him to Mode Change to his Fighter Mode and destroy SkullSatamon.
A little later, Gabumon and the other Digimon were seen assembling tiles over the Highton View Terrace gateway in the DigiWorld, attempting to seal it. When BlackWarGreymon sacrificed his life, he energised the gate, and locked it, preventing entry into the DigiWorld.
Gabumon reappeared in the DigiWorld when MaloMyotismon was attempting to infect both it and Earth with pure darkness. He, along with all the other Digimon, and all the Digimon of the world's DigiDestined acted as beacons, drawing their DigiDestined partners into the DigiWorld, where the power of their dreams destroyed MaloMyotismon for good.
Three months later, when it was discovered that Diaboromon had survived the battle four years beforehand, Agumon, Gabumon, Tai and Matt ventured into the Internet once more to confront him. Agumon and Gabumon became Omnimon, and destroyed Diaboromon with help from Angemon and Angewomon, but he lived on as millions of Kuramon, who entered the real world and became Armageddemon. Omnimon was no match for Armageddemon, and after being defeated, separated back into Agumon and Gabumon as his energy transformed nto a holy ring, which became the Omega Sword and transformed Imperialdramon to his Paladin Mode, enabling him to defeat Armageddemon. It appears that the Digimon's ability to Digivolve to Ultimate and beyond has been restored by the time of this movie, given that Gabumon and Agumon could form Omnimon, and that Gatomon can become Angewomon.
Twenty-five years later, the gate to the DigiWorld remains open, and Gabumon is still at Matt's side. Rather unbelievably, they have become astronauts, and were part of the first manned - and monned! - mission to Mars.
Gabumon first appears in "And so it begins..." His voice is supplied by Kirk Thornton, except in "Revenge of Diaboromon," where Jeff Nimoy fills the role.
Name: From the Japanese word, "gabugabu," meaning guzzling.

GarbagemonGroup: Mutant - Level: Ultimate - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Junk Chucker, Dirty Saucer
The Garbagemon are minions of Puppetmon, the Dark Master of the digital forest. They are armed with cannons of some form, which fire sludge. In the original Japanese version, what is referred to as 'sludge' in the American version is most evidently faeces. The trash cans that they ride around in apparently have some form of vacuum capabilities. When the kids escaped Puppetmon's wrath for the first time, he pursued them into the forest, and, while Matt was separated from them, had the Garbagemon attack them. The kids' Champion Digimon destroyed three, but three more showed up. Lillymon destroyed one, and MetalGreymon used his Giga Blaster attack to take out another. The remaining one was destroyed by MetalGarurumon.
The Garbagemon appear in "Trash Day."
Name: From the word "garbage."

GardromonGroup: Machine - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Grenade Destroyer, Warning Laser
The first time the kids saw Gardromon was when a mysterious entity from the DigiWorld's past showed them images from history. Piedmon used a small army of Gardromon and Mekanorimon to destroy the enigmatic group that protected the DigiWorld when he attempted to steal the Crests. According to Izzy and the Digimon Analyser, Gardromon have armour made of solid iron.
Four years later, the new DigiDestined were attempting to destroy a Control Spire in a city full of Gardromon who had fallen under the influence of the Digimon Emperor's Dark Rings. Kari was inadvertently stranded, until Davis and T.K. came to her rescue, only to be confronted by Andromon, also under the Emperor's thrall. Fortunately, light from Kari's D-3 freed him, and he destroyed the Control Spire, planning to stay in the city to reprogramme the Gardromon, and watch over them.
Much later, a Gardromon was seen during the final battle with MaloMyotismon.
Gardromon first appear in "The Ultimate Clash." They first appear in real time in "Guardian Angel."
Name: From the English word, "guard," meaning protect. While their name is consistently spelt as "Gardromon" in Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02, Bandai spell it "Guardromon." This Bandai spelling has also been used for the Gardromon who appears in "Digimon Tamers."

GargomonGroup: Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Gargo Pellet, Bunny Pummel
Gargomon is the Digivolved form of Terriermon, the Digimon partner of Willis, a DigiDestined from Colorado. Gargomon is fitted with two high-speed machine-gun-like barrels in place of his forearms, and is, rather oddly, capable of flight.
On the run from Willis's second Digimon partner, Kokomon, who had turned rogue following his infection with the Diaboromon virus, while on the way back to Colorado, Willis and Terriermon encountered Davis, Yolei and Cody. Davis, Willis and their Digimon were inadvertently left alone on the roadside - and that's when Kokomon appeared. Veemon became Flamedramon to battle him, but was beaten down. At Davis's urging, Willis was able to activate his Digivice, and caused Terriermon to Digivolve into Gargomon for the first time. Gargomon promptly saw Kokomon off, and reverted back to Terriermon.
The next day, Kokomon appeared again near to Willis's family's old home, and Terriermon Digivolve into Gargomon to fight him alongside the other Armour Digimon. Kokomon Digivolved into his Ultimate stage, and hurled Gargomon across a river. Gargomon aimed his guns at him, but he simply sank beneath the water, and re-emerged in his Mega form, using his powers to De-Digivolve all the Digimon. Gargomon reverted back to Terriermon, and didn't appear again, as Terriermon Armour Digivolved to Rapidmon, and, along with Magnamon, saved the day.
Gargomon appears in "Digimon: The Movie." His voice is supplied by Michael Sorich.
Name: "Gargomon" is a corruption of his Japanese name, "Galgomon." A galgo is a breed of dog.

GarudamonGroup: Bird - Level: Ultimate - Type: Vaccine - Attack Technique: Wing Blade, Phoenix Claw
Garudamon is the Digivolved form of Birdramon, the Champion level Digimon partner of Sora of the DigiDestined. Birdramon first Digivolved to Garudamon when Myotismon first appeared to attack the kids. Sora, having a bad relationship with her mother, initially had tried to prevent Biyomon from getting close to her, in case their relationship wound up the same way. DemiDevimon had told her that her Crest would never glow because she didn't know what love was. Despite Sora's attempts to make it glow by proving her love for the other DigiDestined, it seemed DemiDevimon was right. When Myotismon attacked the team, Biyomon had been wounded by DemiDevimon's Demi Dart attack, but was determined to protect Sora from Myotismon. Sora's refusal to allow her to fight made her realise that she did know what love was, and that she felt it for Biyomon. Biyomon Digivolved to Birdramon, and then Sora's love allowed her to Digivolve to Garudamon to beat Myotismon back.
When the kids returned to the real world to stop Myotismon's plans to destroy the Eighth Child - the predestined eighth member of the DigiDestined - Biyomon accompanied her, and Digivolved to Garudamon several times to fight Myotismon's henchmen. Garudamon partook in the final battle with Myotismon. Biyomon then returned to the DigiWorld with everyone else and Digivolved to Garudamon for the first battle with the Dark Masters. She Digivolved again to battle Puppetmon and his mansion, and then again to battle Piedmon (wherein she was transformed into a key chain, but restored by MagnaAngemon)and Apocalymon.
In May 2000, Biyomon and the other Digimon lost the ability to Digivolve to Ultimate, when Sora and the other kids gave up the powers of their Crests to seal the DigiWorld off from evil.
Four years later, on Christmas Eve, Biyomon and the other Digimon had their lost ability restored to them by Gennai, who gave them a power boost from one of Azulongmon's Digi-Cores. Biyomon then travelled to Russia with Sora, Yolei and Hawkmon, where she Digivolved into Garudamon, and battled a swarm of Flymon with help from Aquilamon, and the Russian DigiDestined Anna, Sonya and Yuri, and their Digimon. She then helped take down a squad of Mammothmon.
Garudamon returned to Odaiba to help out in the battle with SkullSatamon, one of Daemon's minions. However, she and the other Ultimate were defeated, and sacrificed their power again to energise Imperialdramon, allowing him to Mode Change to his Fighter Mode and destroy SkullSatamon.
With her power to go Ultimate gone once more, Biyomon did not become Garudamon again.
Garudamon first appears in "Sora's Crest of Love." Her voice is supplied by Melodee Spevack. Note that at no point during Digimon Adventure 02 do we get to see her Digivolution sequence.
Name: "Garuda" was a half-bird, half-human creature in Hindu mythology.

GarurumonGroup: Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Howling Blaster, Slamming Attack
Garurumon is the Digivolved form of Gabumon, the Digimon partner of Matt of the DigiDestined. Gabumon first Digivolved into Garurumon to save Matt from Seadramon. His Howling Blaster attack saw Seadramon off. Gabumon Digivolved again to battle the Black Gear-infected Andromon, and then later, to help Greymon battle Mojyamon after the kids were separated by Devimon. Garurumon took part in the final battle with Devimon, but he, like the other Champion Digimon, were defeated. Things looked bleak, but Angemon saved the day.
When the kids arrived on Server, Garurumon appeared once or twice to battle Etemon and his minions. When Tai was sucked back to Earth through a rift that opened after the final battle with Etemon, the group slowly began to drift apart, until Matt and T.K. were left alone with their Digimon. Arriving at a lake, Matt and Gabumon took a paddle boat out across it to search, intending to only be gone for a little while, but they found Joe and Gomamon, toiling in the restaurant of Digitamamon. Thanks to the machinations of DemiDevimon, Matt and Gabumon were roped into working there to - but when Tai returned, he and T.K. were able to implement DemiDevimon as the guilty party, and Matt's Crest began to glow, allowing Garurumon to Digivolve to WereGarurumon.
Garurumon continued to appear whenever Matt needed him, returning to the real world with the others to help stop the plans of Myotismon, Digivolving to WereGarurumon to battle the vampire overlord. Gabumon Warp-Digivolved to MetalGarurumon for the first time to help defeat Myotismon, and then went back to the DigiWorld to battle the Dark Masters. However, during their battle with Puppetmon, Matt was tricked by Cherrymon into fighting with Tai. Gabumon said he'd stand by Matt no matter what his decision was, and wound up fighting with WarGreymon. Matt and Gabumon left the group for a while, but rejoined to help them defeat Piedmon and Apocalymon.
Four years later, Gabumon called Matt and the new DigiDestined to the DigiWorld to help free a village named Santa Caria from the grip of the Digimon Emperor. In the battle there, the Control Spire in the village was cracked, and Gabumon was able to Digivolve to Garurumon and finish it off. Garurumon then decided to stay at the village to protect it.
A little later, when MetalGreymon fell under the power of one of the Emperor's Dark Spirals, Tentomon was dispatched to get Garurumon to help fight him. Garurumon arrived in the nick of time, but even he couldn't break the Dark Spiral. It was thanks to Raidramon that MetalGreymon was freed.
Garurumon did not reappear for some time after this, until Christmas, when Gabumon and the other Digimon Digivolve to battle the Digimon who had appeared in the real world and attack Matt's concert. Then, with his power to Digivolve to Ultimate restored (it having been lost previously in May 2000, when the kids gave up the powers of their Crests to seal the DigiWorld off from evil), he Digivolved into WereGarurumon in Mexico and teamed up with Stingmon and Monochromon (the Digivolved form of Gotsumon, the Digimon partner of Rosa, a Mexican DigiDestined) to round up the wild Digimon there and send them back to the DigiWorld.
Garurumon Digivolve into WereGarurumon again to help in the battle with SkullSatamon, but was defeated. He and the other Digimon gave up their power to go Ultimate again to energise Imperialdramon, who was able to Mode Change to his Fighter Mode and destroy SkullSatamon.
Garurumon did not appear again after this.
Garurumon first appears in "Garurumon." His voice is supplied by Kirk Thornton.
Name: From the Japanese word, "garuru," meaning the sound of a growl.

Digimon Adventure episode #3
English version written by Rebecca Olkowski and J.M. Morris
Gabumon Digivolves to Garurumon for the first time to save Matt from Seadramon.

Digimon Adventure episode #27
English version written by Rebecca Olkowski and John Ludin
Gennai informs the kids of the predestined Eighth Child, and they attempt to infiltrate Myotismon's castle to prevent him from opening a portal to Earth, but fail.

GatomonGroup: Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Lightning Paw, Cat's Eye Hypnotism
Gatomon is the Digivolved form of Salamon, and is the Digimon of Kari of the DigiDestined. Initially, Gatomon was a malicious Digimon, but with aid from Wizardmon, she was restored to her true, benevolent self. Her Lightning Claw attack is one of the fastest in the DigiWorld. Because Gatomon reached her Champion stage naturally, she does not expend energy by remaining in this stage, like the other kids' Digimon do. She would initially revert to her Rookie form after going Ultimate, but soon gained more control over her Digivolutions, so she would only revert to Champion level.
When Gennai took the Digi-Eggs that would become the DigiDestined’s Digimon, to hide them from the Dark Masters, several years before the events that took place at the kids' summer camp, he accidentally dropped one, and it landed separate from the other seven. The egg hatched, and the Baby that emerged became Nyaromon, who grew up alone, and not with the other seven DigiDestined Digimon, as was to have been intended. Furthermore, because Kari had been sick with the flu when the other kids went to summer camp, she was unable to accompany them, and as such, was not sucked into the DigiWorld, and Nyaromon was left to wander the DigiWorld, eventually naturally growing to her Rookie stage of Salamon. It was while she was Salamon that Myotismon found her, and took her under his wing. With brutal conditioning, he beat the goodness out of her. She naturally grew into her Champion stage of Gatomon, and became one of Myotismon's lieutenants. She then accompanied Myotismon and his army in the assault on the real world in the search of the Eighth Child, the predestined eighth member of the DigiDestined. Due to Myotismon's conditioning, Gatomon could remember little about her life before working for Myotismon, and as such, had forgotten that she was actually to have been the Digimon of the Eighth Child - Kari. When Wizardmon found the eighth Digivice, he brought it and Gatomon to Kari, where the truth was revealed. When Wizardmon and Gatomon attempted to steal Kari's Tag and Crest from Myotismon, Myotismon captured Gatomon, planning to use her to identify the Eighth Child. Wizardmon and the Tag and Crest were thrown into Odaiba Bay. Myotismon then had Gatomon review the hundreds of captive children he was holding, to find out if one of them was the Eighth Child - which, of course, none of them were. However, shocked by all the evil Myotismon was perpetrating to find her, Kari gave herself up to save the city. Gatomon tried to deny that Kari was the Eighth Child, but the truth was revealed, and Myotismon prepared to destroy her. He was stopped when the kids arrived, with their Digimon in Ultimate form. Joe and T.K. had recovered Wizardmon, who gave Kari her Tag and Crest. Tai tried to give her her Digivice, but it was intercepted by DemiDevimon. When Wizardmon leapt in front of a Grizzly Wing attack from Myotismon meant to finish off Kari, sacrificing himself, Kai's Digivice began to glow, and DemiDevimon dropped it. Kari got it back, and Gatomon Digivolved for the first time to Angewomon, who went on to destroy Myotismon. Angewomon regressed back to Gatomon, having not stayed in her Ultimate stage long enough to expend too much energy, and then Digivolved back to Angewomon again to battle VenomMyotismon, reverting to Salamon afterwards. Gatomon then accompanied Kari and the other kids back to the DigiWorld. During the on-going battles with the Dark Masters, Gatomon, as Angewomon, had her first brawl with LadyDevimon, Piedmon's bodyguard, which ended when the enraged Angewomon destroyed her with her Heaven's Charm attack. After Apocalymon's defeat, Kari gave Gatomon her whistle, saying that she knew they'd see each other again.
In November 1999, Tai heard the noise of the whistle, and realised that a gate to the DigiWorld had opened. He communicated with Agumon, and Gatomon was also present, but the gate closed before Kari was there to see it. This was revealed in a Japanese audio drama released three years after season one ended.
In May 2000, Gatomon lost her ability to Digivolve to the Ultimate level when Kari and the other kids gave up the powers of their Crests to seal the DigiWorld off from evil.
Four years later, when the Digimon Emperor arrived in the DigiWorld, many Digimon fell under the power of his evil Dark Rings. One such Digimon was Unimon, who pursued Gatomon through a forest. In the ensuing scuffle, Gatomon lost her Tail Ring. Without it's holy power, her strength level was greatly reduced, to roughly that of a Rookie level Digimon.
When Agumon called Tai to the DigiWorld to help, Gatomon informed him of the situation. Tai sent an e-mail to Kari, who soon came to the DigiWorld with T.K. and Davis, one of the new DigiDestined kids. Kari and Gatomon were reunited.
A little later, after the new team of DigiDestined was fully assembled, when they were in battle with some Tyrannomon, Kari and T.K. found their Digi-Eggs. With the Digi-Egg of Light, Gatomon was able to Armour Digivolve into Nefertimon.
Gatomon would become Nefertimon to battle the opponents thrown at them by the Digimon Emperor. On one occasion, she and Kari were trapped in a Gardromon city, until they were rescued by T.K. and Davis.
Some time later, when Kari was transported into the enigmatic World of Darkness for the first time, Gatomon, Patamon and T.K. went after her. Somehow, in the World of Darkness, Gatomon was able to Digivolve into Angewomon to destroy an Airdramon, and fend off the "Scubamon" menacing Kari.
At some point between the discovery of the Digi-Egg of Friendship and the first appearance of ExVeemon, Gatomon went with Kari, T.K. and Patamon to America to visit Mimi, only to wind up witnessing a battle between two Digimon, with a young boy named Willis caught in the middle. They attempted to follow him back to Colorado, but their plans were derailed by Kokomon, one of the two Digimon from the battle. When they finally arrived at the site of the conflict between Kokomon and the other kids' Digimon, Gatomon (somehow) became Angewomon, and she and Angemon went on to Digivolve to their Mega forms of Magnadramon and Seraphimon to release the Golden Digi-Eggs and save the day. Note that this adventure is supposed to be out of continuity, but has been shoe-horned in by the dubbers. Gatomon's ability to Digivolve to Angewomon, and her ability to go Mega do not impact on the rest of the series.
After the Digimon Emperor's defeat, it came to light that Veemon, the Digimon partner of Davis, had a crush on Gatomon. It's not clear, however, if she actually knows about it.
Some time later, when the DigiDestined were on the trail of BlackWarGreymon, Gatomon recognised the area of forest they were in as the location where she lost her Tail Ring. The kids began searching for it, but Kari, Gatomon, Yolei and Hawkmon inadvertently stumbled into a phase warp which teleported them into the World of Darkness, along with Ken and Wormmon. They continued to search for the Tail Ring, to no avail, but were then attacked by a Blossomon. The Blossomon had been created from Control Spires by Arukenimon, and the absence of those Spires from the circuit which was causing the phase warp resulting in a doorway to the DigiWorld opening up again, allowing the Digimon to Digivolve and fight. When Yolei slapped some sense into Kari, who was almost hysterical after seeing the Dark Ocean again, Gatomon and Aquilamon DNA Digivolved into Silphymon for the first time, to destroy Blossomon.
Gatomon continued to combine with Aquilamon into Silphymon when power was required. She did so on all the separate occasions when the kids were trying to protect the Destiny Stones, and then again on Earth, to battle the Digimon who had appeared in Odaiba and attacked Matt's concert.
Then, Gennai gave all the original eight Digimon a power boost from Azulongmon's Digi-Core, restoring their lost ability to Digivolve to Ultimate. Gatomon went with Kari, Izzy and Tentomon to China to round up the wild Digimon there, and Digivolved into Angewomon along the way. In China, they met with the Poi Brothers, and then moved on to the India/China border, to help a girl named Mina get a large group of Digimon across the border so they could be sent back to the DigiWorld.
Gatomon returned to Japan, and became Angewomon to join in the battle against SkullSatamon, a minion of Daemon's, after a brief rematch with LadyDevimon. SkullSatamon defeated all the Ultimates, who were forced to sacrifice their power again in order to energise Imperialdramon, so he could Mode Change and destroy SkullSatamon.
Gatomon merged with Aquilamon again to destroy LadyDevimon, and then join in the battle with Daemon himself. She became Nefertimon to pursue Arukenimon, Mummymon and Oikawa when they attempted to make their getaway during WarGreymon and BlackWarGreymon's duel.
When Oikawa attempted to open a portal to the DigiWorld, and the kids followed him through it, Gatomon was the first to recognise the voice which proved to belong to the instigator of the events which had plagued them since the beginning - Myotismon! The dark lord's data had been within Oikawa for the past four years, manipulating him, and chose that moment to emerge, and use the power of the Dark Spores to transform himself into MaloMyotismon. He subjected the kids to illusions of her greatest desires, but Gatomon and Raidramon managed to free Kari from her's. The kids then used the power of the dimension to grant wishes of their own - and all their Digimon Digivolved into their separate forms at once! Gatomon, Nefertimon, Angewomon and Silphymon all joined with the other Digimon in battling MaloMyotismon. When he fled into the real world, only the "true" incarnation of Gatomon could pass on through, so Silphymon went in while the other avatars faded away.
After MaloMyotismon was destroyed, Gennai appeared and gave Gatomon her Tail Ring back. He explained that it had to be kept from her - if she had it, she would not have been able to Armour Digivolve, or DNA Digivolve. Also, it kept the darkness of the Emperor's old base in check, and gave everyone the power to DNA Digivolve. Myotismon also noted that the Dark Spirals were based on it, but it seems more likely that he meant Dark Rings. That is not to say that Myotismon had the Tail Ring all that time - most likely, he had information on it from when Gatomon was one of his servants, and had it implanted in Ken's head.
Three months later, when it was discovered that Diaboromon had survived the battle four years beforehand, Omnimon battled him on the Internet once more. Gatomon became Angewomon, and she and Angemon held the villain down, enabling Omnimon to destroy him. However, he lived on as millions of Kuramon, which entered the real world and became Armageddemon, who was then destroyed by Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. It appears that the Digimon's ability to Digivolve to Ultimate and beyond has been restored by the time of this movie, given that Gatomon can become Angewomon, and that Agumon and Gabumon could form Omnimon.
Twenty-five years later, the portal to the DigiWorld remains open, and Gatomon is still at Kari's side.
Gatomon first appeared in "The Gateway To Home." Her voice is supplied by Edie Mirman.
Name: From the Spanish word, "gato," meaning cat, although, technically, as she is female, is should be "gata.".

Digimon Adventure episode #32
English version written by R.D. Chamberlain and John Ludin
While a search for the Eighth Child begins in earnest, Gatomon takes an unhealthy interest in Kari. Meanwhile, Mimi and Sora are attacked by SkullMeramon, but MetalGreymon sees him off.

GazimonGroup: Mammal - Level: Rookie - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Electric Stun Blast, Pitfall
The first Gazimon the kids encountered were servants of Etemon, and helped him to run and monitor his Dark Network across the deserts of Server. They constantly delivered reports of goings-on to him, and acted as his groupies when he was set to sing.
The Gazimon first appeared shortly after the kids arrived on Server. They were staying in a village of Koromon, which had been taken over by Pagumon. During the night, the Gazimon alerted Etemon to the kids presence in his domain, and he quickly arrived to attack, blaming them for recent disruptions to his network. The kids managed to escape. Every time the kids encountered Etemon thereafter, he was invariably accompanied by one or more Gazimon, cheering him on or aiding his plot in some way. When venturing into Etemon's pyramid, the kids were fortunate enough to avoid detection by the Gazimon, but Tai's foolhardiness resulted in their being discovered.
A few months later (DigiWorld time), two Gazimon were seen near the shores of a lake, plotting to get back at the kids for destroying Etemon. However, before getting revenge, they decided to eat - inadvertently consuming the Mushrooms of Forgetfulness. They promptly forgot who they were and what they were doing.
Four years later, a village named Santa Caria, which was populated with Gazimon, was taken over by the Digimon Emperor. Gabumon called Matt and the new DigiDestined in to help, but they fell afoul of RedVegiemon. When Garurumon destroyed the Control Spire there, the Gazimon were only too happy to accept his offer to stay and protect the village.
Also, several unnamed European DigiDestined were shown to have Gazimon for partners. At least one Gazimon (one of the Europeans' ones, no doubt) was present during the final battle with MaloMyotismon.
Gazimon first appear in "The Dark Network of Etemon." The Gazimon who wears sunglasses is voiced by Michael Sorich.
Name: “Gazi” is another way of writing “gaji,” which comes from “gajigaji,” a Japanese word for the sound of eating.

GekomonGroup: Reptile - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Symphony Crusher, Tongue Attack
The Gekomon live in a castle with the Otamamon, where they tend to their master, ShogunGekomon. ShogunGekomon had fallen into a deep sleep three hundred years prior, and the Gekomon and Otamamon were desperate to wake him up. Apparently, only a singing voice as wonderful as his could do the job - and when DemiDevimon told them about Mimi, they quickly found her and brought her to their castle. After she realised how eager the Gekomon were for her to sing, Mimi began to make excuses so she didn't have to sing - and the Gekomon couldn't do anything about it! She soon had them treating her like a princess, catering to her every whim. When Tai and Joe showed up to try and get her to return to the group, she refused. When they tried to trick her, she was so angry that she locked them in her dungeon. With a little unseen help from Sora, they got her to sing her song, awakening ShogunGekomon. However, ShogunGekomon was angry at having been roused from his sleep, and it took MetalGreymon to subdue the monarch.
When the kids returned to Earth to halt the plans of Myotismon, the Dark Masters arose and conquered the DigiWorld. The Gekomon's palace was destroyed, and many of them were killed, including ShogunGekomon. One Gekomon and one Otamamon hid out in the ruins of Digitamamon's diner, until they were found by Joe and Mimi, and agreed to accompany them on their way. By the time Mimi and he assembled mini-army of Digimon reached the site of the battle with Piedmon, dozens more Gekomon and Otamamon and joined them, and helped them battle the Vilemon. When Piedmon, and then Apocalymon were destroyed, presumably all the deceased Gekomon were reborn at Primary Village.
Four years later, all the reborn Gekomon and Otamamon unfortunately fell under the control of the Digimon Emperor. They attacked Mimi, Yolei and Hawkmon in the Night Forest, but they were saved by Palmon, and freed when the Control Spire in the area was destroyed.
Later, the Emperor set up another Spire in the village where they Gekomon and Otamamon were now living under the rule of the reborn ShogunGekomon. They saved the DigiDestined from the Mushroomon and Floramon who had fallen under the influence of the Emperor's Dark Rings by taking them to an underground hide-a-way, but then, ShogunGekomon was captured by a Dark Spiral, and the DigiDestined had to subdue him and destroy the Control Spire to free him.
After the Emperor was defeated, the Gekomon and Otamamon were seen helping Kari and Gatomon to water and fix up the field areas of the DigiWorld. A Gekomon was also seen much later, during the final battle with MaloMyotismon.
The Gekomon first appeared in "Princess Karaoke." Dave Mallow supplies the voice of the "head" Gekomon.
Name: From "gekogeko," the Japanese word meaning the sound of croaking.

Digimon Adventure 02 episode #23
English version written by Jeff Nimoy and Bob Buchholz
As he sleeps, Ken dreams of his past and the events that led up to his becoming the Digimon Emperor - the death of his brother, Sam, and his first trip to the DigiWorld. When he wakes up, he travels to the DigiWorld, where he finds Leafmon, the reborn Baby form of Wormmon.