A small village nestled in a forest, populated by Burgermon. In his quest for the perfect burger, Petaldramon and his Chamelemon terrorised the village and kidnapped a master Burgermon chef, but unfortunately for them, the DigiDestined soon paid a visit to the village, having won a trip there in the Great Trailmon Race. While an oblivious Takuya  and Koji compete to make burgers of their own, Tommy, Zoe and J.P. liberated Burgermon with the aid of his children, the TorikaraBallmon.
The DigiDestined visit Hamburger Digimon Village in “You Want Fries With That?”

Group: Bird – Level: Rookie – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Beak Buzzsaw, Beak Pecking
Hawkmon were among the Digimon present during both of the DigiDestined’s visits to the Autumn Leaf Fair. As seen in “Bizarre Bazaar” and “All Aboard The Tag Team Express.”

Mr. and Mrs. HimiYutaka HimiKnown members of the Himi family include – Tommy, his brother Yutaka, and their parents.
It would be easy to accuse Mr. and Mrs. Himi of caring too much. As their youngest son, Tommy was coddled by them, and received everything he asked for, much to the chagrin of his elder brother, Yutaka. But it was not out of jealousy that Yutaka was hard on his brother; instead, he sought to make Tommy understand that real life did not work that way – that he would not always get what he wanted, and that he would have to do things for himself. It was this advice that allowed Tommy to see through the deception of Asuramon and defeat the villain.
Mrs. Himi first appears in “Welcome to My Nightmare,” when Tommy sees her image in the TV Forest. Her voice is supplied by Tifanie Christun.
Mr. Himi and Yutaka first appear in “The Dark Heart of Friendship.” Yutaka’s voice is supplied by Joshua Seth; Mr. Himi’s is provided by Neil Kaplan.
HippogryphomonGroup: Mythical Animal – Level: Ultimate – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Heat Wave, Sonic Voice
By all outward appearances, Hippogryphomon is the leader of the Beast-type Digimon on the Lost Island, but as the DigiDestined discovered when they wound up on the island, caught in the middle of the war between the Beast and Human-type Digimon, appearances can be deceiving. Like the Human leader, D’Arcmon, Hippogryphomon preached a message of peace, but as the hostilities escalated, he urged his followers to fight in the name of peace, although he soon vanished in the ensuing battle. The reasons for his mysterious, contradictory actions soon became apparent when J.P. and Zoe discovered the truth – both Hippogryphomon and D’Arcmon were the same being, and both were disguises of the evil Murmuxmon, who sought to use the Fractal Code yielded by the deaths in the war to revive the ancient evil, Onismon.
Hippogryphomon appears in Island of Lost Digimon,” which is not in continuity with the series. His voice is supplied by Wally Wingert.
Name: From “hippogriff” -  a mythological animal that is half horse, half gryphon (the gryphon – also spelled “griffen” -  in turn also being a mythical animal compositing a lion and an eagle).
Digimon Frontier episode #22
English version written by Michael Sorich
Arriving back on Earth aboard DarkTrailmon, Takuya discovers that he has become trapped in the form of Flamon, and that he has returned shortly before he departed for the Digital World. Pursued by a wraith-like version of Duskmon, Takuya attempts to alter history and stop himself from ever going to the Digital World, but comes to accept his fate, and faces up to Duskmon, returning to the Digital World, and to normal.
HoneybeemonGroup: Insectoid – Level: Armour – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Venom Powder, Honey Stinger
When Zoe encountered a trio of Honeybeemon within Sakkakumon, she had no way to know that they were members of Ranamon’s fanclub, who had been led to believe that Zoe was out to topple the object of their affections. Several attempts at capturing her failed miserably as the Honeybeemon wound up getting caught in their own traps, only to be freed by an unwitting Zoe each time. Thankful and smitten, the Honeybeemon presented her with an assortment of treats, until a vengeful Ranamon forced one of them to feed her a drugged apple that disoriented her. However, when Zoe was even able to overcome that, she and Ranamon battled as the Honeybeemon unconvincingly cheered for their mistress, before they were finally brave enough to stand up to her and support Zoe. As Zephyrmon, Zoe destroyed Ranamon and took the Spirits of Water and the Honeybeemon flew her out of Sakkakumon, proclaiming themselves her lifelong fans.
Honeybeemon  appear in “Zoe’s Unbeelievable Adventure.” Their voices are supplied by Derek Stephen Prince, Robert Martin Klein and Richard Cansino. Honeybeemon are the Armour Digivolved form Veemon of with the Digi-Egg of Knowledge.
Name: From the insect, the honey bee.
See Spirits
A new Digimon level classification, unique to those produced through Spirit Evolution. Different methods of Spirit Evolution – Beast Spirit Evolution, Fusion Evolution, Unified Spirit Evolution, and Ancient Spirit Evolution in order of ascent - produce increasingly more powerful Hybrid Digimon.
The first Hybrid Digimon to appear is Agunimon, in “All Aboard.”