Digimon Frontier episode #12
English version written by Seth Walther
Grumblemon and Agunimon face offBeetlemon and KendoGarurumon are forced to fight the out-of-control BurningGreymon, but it takes a moment of kindness from Tommy to help Takuya reign in the Beast Spirit’s power. Subsequently, while walking through the forest, the team are attacked by Grumblemon, and Takuya faces off against him. With both combatants switching from Human to Beast forms, Takuya is able to control BurningGreymon and defeat Grumblemon, taking the Beast Spirit of Earth for himself, and reclaiming Tommy’s Spirit of Ice. However, before Zoe’s Spirit of Wind can be recovered, Grumblemon recovers and flees to regroup with his fellow evil warriors.
Episode Trivia – This episode takes its title from the Hunter S. Thompsom novel, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” “Los arboles” is Spanish for “the trees,” of which there are many in this episode.
FlamemonGroup: - Level: Rookie – Type: Variable – Attack Techniques: Baby Salamander, Fire Tail
Having been transported to the Dark Terminal during the DigiDestined’s battle with Duskmon, a dejected Takuya opted to return to Earth aboard the DarkTrailmon. However, on the trip back, his body underwent a mysterious transformation, reverting him into Flamemon. Arriving back in Shibuya, Takuya fled from a vision of Duskmon and ventured into the town, drawing a lot of unwanted attention and forcing him to flee from the crowds. Arriving at his house, he realised that he had arrived on Earth before he had originally departed for the Digital World, and attempted to stop his past self from reaching the train station in time in hopes of changing history and returning his life to normal. Pursuing him across the city (and even pushing himself out of the path of a truck), Flamemon was eventually afforded the opportunity to restrain his past self and stop him from boarding the Trailmon, but at last realised that it was a selfish act, and that he could not abandon his friends by doing so. Subjected to another vision of Duksmon, Flamemon refused to run, and struck out at the spectre, dispelling it. DarkTrailmon appeared before him again, and, finally understanding the seriousness of the task ahead of him, Takuya boarded the Trailmon and returned to the Digital World, transforming back into Agunimon on the trip.
Takuya transforms into Flamemon in “Home Again, Takuya Returns.” His voice is still supplied by Michael Reisz.
Name: From “flame.”
The Spirits of FlameThe Spirits of Flame were left by the departed AncientGreymon, in the care of Ophanimon, who then scattered them, along with the others both she and Seraphimon possessed, across the Digital World to hide them from the grasp of Cherubimon.
The Human Spirit of Flame came to reside in the Village of Flames (the region of the Digital World embodying the element of Flame), which also happened to be the arrival point for Takuya and his friends, the DigiDestined children summoned by Ophanimon to protect the Digital World. The village was under attack by Cerberumon, who was seeking the power of the Spirit for himself, and during the ensuing chaos, Takuya’s D-Tector revealed it’s precise location. Its power repelled Cerberumon, preventing him from obtaining it, and Takuya then took it for his own, transforming into Agunimon and defeating Cerberumon.
The symbol of FlameAfter the revelation that there were two Spirits for each element, Bokomon brought the kids to Shamanmon for assistance, only for Grumblemon to attack. The Beast Spirit of Flame was revealed to have been contained within Shamanmon’s temple when its power consumed him and turned him into BurningGreymon. Unable to control the feral power of the Spirit, he went on a rampage, forcing Takuya to take the spirit to stop him. Takuya was then transformed with the same results, until a moment of kindness from Tommy helped him to reign the power of the Spirit in.
Subsequently, the Spirits of Flame were used together to allow Takuya to Fusion Evolve into Aldamon, with the Spirits of Wind, Ice, Earth and Wood to facilitate his Unified Spirit Evolution into EmperorGreymon, and with all the other Spirits in the Ancient Spirit Evolution into Susanoomon.
The Human Spirit of Flame first appears in “All Aboard.” The Beast Spirit of Flame first appears in “A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon.”
The Trailmon terminal for the Village of Flames and it’s surrounding area, which was also the arrival point for Takuya and his friends when they first came to the Digital World. After a few initial battles in its vicinity, the DigiDestined departed the area, only returning much later when it came under threat from Lucemon’s minions, the SkullSatamon Brothers. By the time the kids returned, the forest surrounding terminal had been obliterated, and the surviving Digimon had retreated to the terminal. In the ensuing battle between the SkullSatamon and EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, the location of the terminal’s Fractal Code was revealed, and although the SkullSatamon were stopped before they could scan it, a swift strike by Crusadermon saw the terminal’s data absorbed.
The Flame Terminal first appears in “All Aboard.”
Group: Wizard - Level: Armour - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Fire Cloud, Magic Ignition
Assorted FlameWizardmon were among those fighting on the side of the Human-type Digimon in the war on the Lost Island.
FlameWizardmon appear in “Island of Lost Digimon, which is not in continuity with the series.
Name: From "flame" and "wizardmon." This Digimon does not have an official American name - his Japanse name is "FlaWizarmon," which I have adapated into "FlameWizardmon," - on the basis that "Fladramon" and "Flamon" became "Flamedramon" and "Flamemon," and "Wizarmon" became "Wizardmon." Makes sense, yes?

FloramonGroup: Vegetation - Level: Rookie - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Rain of Pollen, Stamen Rope
While on the way to the Forest Kingdom, the DigiDestined split up to take alternate routes, with Zoe and J.P. winding up in Breezy Village, where the Floramon inhabitants welcomed them in for lunch. Although their method of producing soup turned the kids’ stomachs, they still helped to refurnish the village, which had been wrecked by the Mushroomon Brothers, who soon turned up to put a stop to their good work. In the disturbance that followed, Zoe discovered her Spirit, which transformed her into Kazemon, and, with the help of Lobomon, the Woodmon that the Mushroomon combined into was defeated. Rid of Cherubimon’s influence and with Breezy Village restored to its original beautiful state, the Mushroomon and Floramon began to work together again.
More Floramon could later be seen at the village where the DigiDestined encountered the KaratsukiNumemon, as members of Ranamon's fan club and at the Autumn Leaf Fair during both of the kids’ visits.
Floramon first appear in “Kazemon Kicks It.” The two speaking Floramon from this episode are voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Philece Sampler.
Name: From “flora,” meaning plants.
The region of the Digital World embodying the element of Wood, and containing Seraphimon’s castle. After arriving in the Village of Flames, the Forest Kingdom’s Trailmon terminal was identified by Ophanimon as the next location the DigiDestined were to visit, though it took them a while to make it there, clashing with Grumblemon along the way. They later returned to defend it against the Royal Knights, but they failed, and the region’s data was scanned by Dynasmon.
The DigiDestined arrive on the outskirts of the Forest Kingdom in “Welcome to My Nightmare,” and enter it in the following episode, “Can’t Keep a Grumblemon Down.”

Forest Terminal
The Trailmon terminal for the Forest Kingdom. It was the point of arrival in the Digital World for many of the children summoned by Ophanimon, including Katsuharu and company, and the next location the DigiDestined were directed to after arriving in the Village of Flames. The terminal, along with the rest of the Forest Kingdom, later fell victim to the Royal Knights.
The kids arrive at the Forest Terminal in “Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell.”

Snimon's Fractal Code is exposedThis iteration of the Digital World is physically somewhat different from those seen in the past. While all matter remains comprised of data, it also possesses a Fractal Code, which is what gives the data its shape and form. If the code is scanned, or “digitized,” then the data is “unlocked,” and can be manipulated or absorbed – a frequently-perpetrated action, be it by Cherubimon’s servants and the Royal Knights, who absorbed data, or even by the DigiDestined, who took the data of defeated opponents. Conversely, if the Fractal Code is “rendered,” it restores the data’s physical form and “locks” it back into place – an action occasionally taken by the DigiDestined to restore data that their opponents had already stolen.
Fractal Code first appears in “All Aboard.” In the original Japanese version, it was slightly-less-than-imaginatively named “DigiCode.” It’s not entirely clear why the dub changed it (which is the case with many names from Digimon Frontier), but it is worth noting that’s it’s probably for the best, since “DigiCode” is already the name of the symbol language introduced back in season one. However, Fractal Code was referred to by its original name in the eventual dub of "Island of Lost Digimon."
FrankenGroup: Machine – Level: Champion –Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Cool Running, Emergency Break Spark
Frankens are one of several breeds of Trailmon who traverse and transport passengers over the far-reaching system of train lines that spans the Digital World. A universally-shared trait amongst Frankens is an insultingly sarcastic deadpan wit.
A Fraken first appeared transporting Koji Minamoto to the Trailmon terminal at Breezy Village, and later, one participated in the Great Trailmon Race, also partnered with Koji, but since multiples of each breed of Trailmon exist, it’s impossible to tell if this is the same Franken he had ridden on previously. During the course of the race, Franken’s brakes were sabotaged by Dogmon, causing him to roll uncontrollably downhill and off a cliff. Kumamon’s attempt to save him caused both himself and Angler to fall as well, but they were caught and saved by KendoGarurumon.
Subsequently, a Franken transported the DigiDestined towards the Rose Morning Star, but refused to proceed beyond the entrance to the Continent of Darkness, dumping them out to walk the rest of the way.
Shortly after the defeat of Cherubimon, when the Royal Knights began to gather more of the Digital World’s data for Lucemon, all the assorted Trailmon were unwilling to travel their routes and put themselves in danger. A Franken was among the Trailmon who refused to take the DigiDestined to Beanstalk Village, and one of them transported the kids to the Village of Beginnings. However, a Franken was also one of the Trailmon who wouldn’t leave the safety of their station to help transport Digi-Eggs out of the village to protect them from the Royal Knights. Thankfully, Zoe was able to convince them in the latter instance, and the Trailmon took the eggs to the safety of the Ophanimoon.
FrigimonA Franken first appears in “Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire.” Dave Wittenberg supplies the voice for all Frankens, as well as all Trailmon.
Group: Icy - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Subzero Ice Punch, Snow Ball
Frigimon were visible at the Autumn Leaf Fair during both of the DigiDestined’s visits, and several were also watching at the Great Trailmon Race, where one was the former driver of Mole, who preferred to abandon the race rather than compete against ShadowWereGarurumon. As seen in “Bizarre Bazaar,” “Trailmon vs. Trailmon” and “All Aboard The Tag Team Express.”
Name: From "frigid," meaning cold.

Digimon Frontier episode #20
Duskmon confronts the DigiDestinedEnglish version written by Michael Sorich
On their way to the Rose Morning Star, the DigiDestined are abandoned by Franken at the entrance to the Continent of Darkness, which they warily enter on foot. Before long, they are engaged by Arbormon, and successfully manage to defeat him and take his Beast Spirit. However, the final evil warrior, Duskmon, then appears and destroys Arbormon for his failure, then turns his attention to the DigiDestined…
Episode Trivia – From a reversal of the expression, "from dusk till dawn," which many will recognise as the title of the 1996 comedy-horror movie starring George Clooney.

Koji Fusion Evolves into BeowolfmonFUSION EVOLUTION
A form of Spirit Evolution that uses both Human and Beast Spirits at the same time, creating a new, more powerful Hybrid Digimon that is a fusion of the two produced by the individual spirits. Koji was the first to achieve this, thanks to an infusion of power from Seraphimon’s egg, becoming Beowolfmon while battling Duskmon. The egg also gave power to Takuya not long after, who became Aldamon and defeated Mercurymon.
Fusion Evolution first occurs in “Stuck In Sakkakumon With You.”