The Human Spirit of EarthThe Beast Spirit of EarthThe Spirits of Eath went left by the departed AncientVolcamon, in the care of Cherubimon, who used them to create his servant, Grumblemon, the Legendary Warrior of Earth. With the Human Spirit of Earth giving him his Grumblemon form, the Beast Spirit The symbol of Earthallowed him to Slide Evolve into Gigasmon. He was in possession of both Spirits when he first encountered the DigiDestined.
 During a battle with BurningGreymon, Gigasmon was defeated and Agunimon took the Beast Spirit of Earth from him. Grumblemon’s subsequent attempts to reclaim it met with failure, and when he was defeated in battle by MetalKabuterimon, Beetlemon scanned his Fractal Code, destroying him and taking the Human Spirit of Earth for himself. Subsequently, J.P. transferred the Human Spirit to Takuya, who used the Spirits of Earth alongside the Spirits of Flame, Ice, Wind and Wood in his Unified Spirit Evolution into EmperorGreymon. Later, they were used with all the other Spirits to create Susanoomon.
The ten elements are also represented by certain regions of the Digital World, though it is unclear which region represents Earth.
The Spirits of Earth both first appear in “A Molehill Out Of A Mountain.” EbiBurgermon
Group: Food – Level: Rookie – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Fresh Shrimp, Hot Cutlets
This little Digimon was encountered by the DigiDestined serving snacks on Buffalo as he took the kids towards the Rose Morning Star. The starving Zoe lacked the money to buy anything to eat, so when Buffalo stopped to enter the Great Trailmon Race, Zoe leapt at the chance to participate, believing the grand prize to be a cheeseburger. It wasn’t, as it turned out – as EbiBurgermon helped to explain, they had actually won a trip to Hamburger Digimon Village.
EbiBurgermon appears in “Trailmon vs. Trailmon.” Her (?) voice is supplied by Mona Marshall.
Name: From “ebi,” Japanese for “shrimp,” and burger.
ElecmonGroup: Mammal - Level: Rookie - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Super Thunder Strike, Body Attack
Elecmon could be seen in the village where the DigiDestined met the KaratsukiNumemon, at the fortune telling fair, and the Autumn Leaf Fair during both the DigiDestined’s first visit, and their return trip to protect it from the Royal Knights. Before this second visit to the Autumn Leaf Fair, however, the DigiDestined returned to the Village of Flames to defend it against the SkullSatamon Brothers – but they arrived too late, as only the Flame Terminal remained, housing groups of surviving Elecmon, Biyomon, Poyomon and Pagumon, who didn’t believe that the DigiDestined could do anything to help them. However, when they saw EmperorGreymon and MangaGarurumon fighting for them, they all joined the fray, with the Elecmon targeting one of the SkullSatamon with a combined Super Thunder Strike to prevent him from scanning the terminal’s data. The distraction gave EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon the upper hand, allowing them to destroy the SkullSatamon, but then Crusadermon appeared and scanned the terminal, forcing EmperorGreymon to carry the Elecmon to safety.
Elecmon first appear in “A Molehill Out Of A Mountain,” but play their most important role in “Bad To The Bones.” The lead Elecmon in “Bad To The Bones” is voiced by Michael Sorich, resuming the role from season one. Additionally, in the show’s opening credits, a group of Elecmon are seen with Koji and J.P., including a one-eyed Elecmon elder wearing a jacket, carrying a spear.
Name: From “electricity.”
EmperorGreymonGroup: Dragon Warrior – Level: Hybrid – Type: Variable – Attack Techniques: Dragonfire Crossbow, Pyro Dragons
EmperorGreymon is the Unified Spirit Evolved form of Takuya, using the Spirits of Flame, Wind, Ice, Earth and Wood. In addition to his great physical strength and flight ability, EmperorGreymon’s primary offensive weapon is his sword, which can summon streamer of fire from beneath the earth, and can convert into a crossbow to fire flaming projectiles.
With the DigiDestined unable to defeat Cherubimon at their current level of power, Ophanimon bestowed upon Takuya and Koji to ability to Unified Spirit Evolve, using the power of all the other Spirits. In the forms of EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, they routed Cherubimon, who fled to his mostly-destroyed castle and increased his own powers by compressing and absorbing all the data he had gathered from the Digital World. In this new, enhanced state, he proved to be more than a match for his two opponents – it briefly seemed that EmperorGreymon’s Dragonfire Crossbow had obliterated him, but he was no powerful enough to completely regenerate his body. Eventually, EmperorGreymon was able to stab his sword into Cherubimon’s forehead, shattering the sphere of compressed data, and then used his D-Tector to purifying him.
However, will the fall of one evil, another soon took its place, as the Royal Knights, minions of Lucemon, began to harvest the Digital World’s data for their master. In the DigiDestined’s first conflict with them, EmperorGreymon faced off againt Dynasmon, who would become his regular opponent in subsequent battles, and was defeated.
The DigiDestined and Royal Knights next clashed in Beanstalk Village, where EmperorGreymon again fell to Dynasmon’s Dragon Thrower, allowing the Knights to scan the village. In the following confrontation at the Village of Beginnings, EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon held off the Knights while the other kids moved the village’s Digi-Eggs to safety, and eventually took so much damage that they reverted back to human form.
EmperorGreymon vs. DynasmonWhen the Village of Flames came under threat from the SkullSatamon Brothers, EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon again entered the fray, and EmperorGreymon used his Pyro Dragons to destroy their opponents, after a helpful intervention from the village’s inhabitants – unfortunately, Crusadermon then appeared and scanned the remaining data.
While attempting to defend Seraphimon’s castle, Takuya led Zoe and Tommy into the bowels of the castle to locate its Fractal Code, only for them to be followed by Dynasmon, resulting in another battle between him and EmperorGreymon, in which Dynasmon claimed victory not by defeating him, but simply by targeting the Fractal Code with his attack, scanning the castle.
The DigiDestined’s next manoeuvre saw them arrange a co-ordinated defence of the Autumn Leaf Fair, where EmperorGreymon engaged Crusadermon in a swordfight, switching opponents for once, and then grappled with Dynasmon. Then, Crusadermon held off both EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon while Dynasmon reassembled the fair’s shattered Fractal Code, allowing her to scan it. And it was more of the same in the battle to save Ophanimon’s castle, where EmperorGreymon lost a fist-fight to Dynasmon, and as a result, the castle’s region – the last surviving area of the Digital World – was lost.
When the kids next faced the Royal Knights on the Ophanimoon, it proved to be their last evolution into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. Crusadermon’s doubts over Lucemon’s honesty had weakened the Knights, allowing them to finally be defeated, as EmperorGreymon’s Pyro Dragons went head-to-head with Dynasmon’s Breath of Wyvern, and emerged victorious. But before EmperorGreymon could purify the Knights’ data, Lucemon appeared and took it for himself, evolving into his Chaos Mode, defeating EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, and destroying all three of the Digital World’s moon.
EmperorGreymon first appears in “Takuya and Koji’s Evolution Revolution.” His voice is supplied by Dave Wittenberg, who took the place of Michael Reisz – the normal voice actor for Takuya and his Digimon forms – due to Reisz’s concern that his voice could handle another roaring character (although ironically, EmperorGreymon turned out to not roar that much at all).
Name: An emperor is the male ruler of a empire. “Grey” is presumably derived from a misspelling of “great.”
Digimon Frontier episode #50 (season finale)
Written by Seth Walther
As the Legendary Warriors look on, the DigiDestined evolve togetherPursuing Lucemon back to Earth, the DigiDestined are cut down by his power, and all seems hopeless – until the spirits of the Legendary Warriors and Celestial Digimon appear before them and spur them on to fight. They all combine together into Susanoomon, and destroy Lucemon’s Wild Mode, but his Larva Mode survives, only to be destroyed by a series of blows from each of the ten warriors. The data of the Digital World is released, and the kids are forced to say hasty goodbyes to their friends as they return to Earth just before the portal closes. A communication from Loewemon lets Koji know that Koichi is still alive, and they rush to the hospital, where Koichi recovers as the light of their D-Tectors fills the room, converting back into cel phones as their adventure ends.
Episode Trivia – the title of this episode is in direct parallel to the title of the first episode, “All Aboard!”, keeping the train symbolism of the series. The final screen of the episode also contains the text, "the end," never before done and indicating that this is more than just the end of a season. Also, in a wonderful nod to the vEtemonery beginning of the Digimon animated series, Susanoomon utters the line, “And so, it ends!”, in reference to the title of the very first Digimon episode, “And so it begins…”

Group: Puppet - Level: Ultimate - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Dark Network, Concert Crush, Monkey Claw
An Etemon was among the Digimon seen at the fortune telling fair, and multiple Etemon were also at the Autumn Leaf Fair during the DigiDestined’s first visit, with some of them still there when they returned to protect it from the Royal Knights. As seen in “A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon,” “Bizarre Bazaar” and “All Aboard The Tag Team Express.”
Name: Likely from the Japanese word "etekatte," meaning to do things at your own speed, your own way, for your own convenience.


Group: Mythical Dragon - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Vee Laser, Critical Crunch
When Bokomon related IceDevimon’s history, an ExVeemon was among the Digimon who were shown capturing him. As seen in “Ice Ice Baby.”
Name: "V" is short for "victory,” but the original of the "X" is unsure – it may stand for “extreme,” or it may mean "eXceeding Veemon," or something similar.