Group: Angel – Level: Champion – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Baptême d’Amour, La Pucelle
When the DigiDestined found themselves stranded on the Lost Island, they were immediately caught up in the middle of a war between the island’s two factions – the Beast-type Digimon, led by Hippogryphomon, and the Human-types, led by the elegant D’Arcmon. D’Arcmon preached a message of peace, decrying the violent actions of the war, but as things escalated, she urged her followers to fight in the name of peace, although she was nowhere to be seen in the ensuing battle. The reasons behind her contradictory actions soon became clear when Zoe and J.P. discovered that she and Hippogryphomon were, in fact, the same being, and, with her deception revealed to both sides both, she shed her disguise, and revealed herself to be the villainous Murmuxmon, who sought to use the Fractal Code yielded by the deaths in the war to revive the ancient evil, Onismon.
D’Arcmon appears in “Island of Lost Digimon, which is not in continuity with the series. Her voice is supplied by Tara Platt.
Name: From the French hero, Joan d’Arc, or as you might know her better, Joan of Arc.

The Dark Area
An sphere of nothingness at the core of the Digital World, where the Legendary Warriors imprisoned Lucemon.
Lucemon is shown trapped in the Dark Area in “Cherubimania,” and it is identified by name in the following episode, “It Can’t Be! Lucemon Reappears.”

Digimon Frontier episode #21
The DigiDestined face DuskmonEnglish version written by Seth Walther
The DigiDestined engage Duskmon in battle, but are dealt a shattering defeat that forces them to withdraw and create a new strategy. Takuya and Koji clash over what should be done, but when Duskmon tracks the kids down, the battle begins anew, ending abruptly when Duksmon goes into convulsions after injuring Koji, blanketing the battlefield in a darkness that transports Takuya to the Dark Terminal.
Episode Trivia - As with episode #28, “Darkness Before the Dawn,” and the season 2 episode, “The Darkness Before Dawn,” this episode gains its title from the saying, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”
The temple-like gateway to the Continent of Darkness. As seen in “From Dawn To Duskmon.”
Ausramon demands Tommy's Spirit“THE DARK HEART OF FRIENDSHIP”
Digimon Frontier episode #25
English version written by Terri-Lei O’Malley
Separated from his friends inside Sakkakumon, Tommy is attacked by Asuramon, who attempts to disguise himself and masquerade as Tommy’s friend in attempt to obtain his Spirit. But Tommy’s memories of his brother help convince him that Asuramon is not his friend at all, and he defeats him in battle. Meanwhile, Koji faces and a defeats a similar challenge in the form of Karatenmon. 
Digimon Frontier episode #28
Mercurymon is helpless before Aldamon's powerEnglish version written by Seth Walther
Within Sakkakumon, Takuya clashes with Mercurymon, who uses Seraphimon’s Fractal Code to transform himself into ShadowSeraphimon and deals a ferocious beating to both of Takuya’s forms. Takuya is only saved by a power boost from Seraphimon’s egg, which endows him with the power of Fusion Evolution, which he uses to become Aldamon. As Aldamon, he defeats ShadowSeraphimon and reclaims Seraphimon’s data – allowing his egg to hatch into a Patamon - and then destroys Mercurymon, taking the Human Spirit of Steel.
Episode Trivia - As with episode #21, “Darkest Before Duskmon,” and the season 2 episode, “The Darkness Before Dawn,” this episode gains its title from the saying, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

The Dark Gate and the Continent of Darkness
The region of the Digital World that represents the element of darkness, which is largely a mystery, due to the disappearance of all the Digimon who have ventured into it. As the home of the Rose Morning Star, the DigiDestined had to cross the continent to reach it, though it was a trip fraught with danger and battles with Cherubimon’s minions.
The Continent of Darkness first appears in “From Dawn To Duskmon.”
The corrupted Human and Beast Spirits of DarknessThe purified Human and Beast Spirits of DarknessThe Human Spirit of Darkness, left by the deceased AncientSphinxmon, was among the five Spirits entrusted to the care of Cherubimon, before he was tainted by the dark aura of Lucemon and turned to evil. In this new, viral state, Cherubimon found Digimon hosts for the other four spirits in his possession, but could not achieve success with the Spirit of Darkness, as all his test subjects were reduced to insane, wraith-like shells. When Ophanimon called the DigiDestined to the Digital World, Seraphimon responded in kind, summoning the spirit of Koichi Kimura to the Digital World, and bestowing upon him the Spirit of Darkness, which he had tainted with his own power, turning Koichi into Duskmon.
Following a series of battles with the DigiDestined, including his own brother, Koji Minamoto, Duskmon was given the Beast Spirit of Darkness by Cherubimon, and transformed into Velgemon. However, Koji was able to defeat his brother and free him from the Spirits’ influence, restoring him to normal. Koichi was then able to purify the spirits, and unlocked their true power, becoming Loewemon and JagerLoewemon. Subsequently, the Spirits of Darkness were used in conjunction with the The symbol of DarknessSpirits of Light, Thunder, Water and Steel to give Koji the power to Unified Spirit Evolve into MagnaGarurumon.
In the battle against Lucemon, Koichi apparently met his end, and the Spirits of Darkness were taken in by Koji, then used together with all the other Spirits in Ancient Spirit Evolution, creating Susanoomon.
The ten elements are also represented by certain regions of the Digital World – darkness is embodied by the Continent of Darkness.
Duskmon first appears in “Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles,” but we do not see the Human Spirit of Darkness until “O Brother, Who Art Thou?” The Beast Spirit of Darkness and Velgemon also first appear in this episode.
The Trailmon terminal for the Continent of Darkness. When Duskmon went into spasms after injuring Koji in his second confrontation with the DigiDestined, he unleashed a wave of darkness that consumed the entire area, and somehow transported Takuya to the Dark Terminal, where DarkTrailmon took him back to Earth a short time before he left, to renew his desire to fight on and save his friends.
The Dark Terminal first appears in “Darkest Before Duskmon.”
Group: Machine – Level: Champion – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Cool Running, Emergency Break Spark
While multiple numbers of the other kind of Trailmon were encountered by the DigiDestined, only one of this eerie and mysterious breed was ever seen, returning Takuya to Earth after he was transported to the Dark Terminal following the kids’ second battle with Duskmon. After his experiences back on Earth, Takuya returned to the Trailmon station, and boarded DarkTrailmon once more, who returned him to the Digital World.
DarkTrailmon appears in “Darkest Before Duskmon” and “Home Again, Takuya Returns.” His voice is supplied by Dave Wittenberg (who supplies all the Trailmon voices), and is styled on the voice of HAL 9000 computer from the Stanley Kubrick movie, “2001: A Space Odyssey,” as he shares HAL’s distinctive circular red “eye.”
DatamonGroup: Android - Level: Ultimate - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Nano Swarm, Data Crusher
Having stolen four of the DigiDestined’s D-Tectors, two Toucanmon quickly made for the Autumn Leaf Fair, where they traded the devices with a Datamon merchant in exchange for a primitive video camera. Soon after, Tommy arrived in the shop, and impressed Datamon with his skill at a video game – but that didn’t make Datamon want to give him back the D-Tectors. While Tommy was searching for something to trade, he saved the Toucanmon when they fell into icy water, and his deed was captured on the video camera. Meanwhlie, Datamon’s examination of the D-Tectors led him to transfer the Beast Spirit of Ice, which Tommy had won from the video game, into Tommy’s D-Tector, when Arbormon made a noisy arrival, having captured the Toucanmon and insisting that Datamon trade the camera back for the D-Tectors. Datamon witnessed the recording of Tommy’s heroic actions and refused to hand the D-Tectors over, prompting Arbormon to become Petaldramon and smash his shop to bits. After being blasted by Petaldramon, Datamon handed the D-Tectors over, allowing Tommy to become Korikakumon and defeat Petaldramon.
Not too long after, trio of other Datamon were seen in the employ of Mercurymon and Ranamon, attempting to remove the Spirits from the D-Tectors when they captured Tommy, Zoe and J.P. When Agunimon and Lobomon freed them, the Datamon quickly made themselves scarce.
Then, when the DigiDestined returned to the Autumn Leaf Fair to defend it from the Royal Knights, the first Datamon helped to construct a satellite relay that allowed them to view the Digital World from space and helped in the building of a snow catapult before being evacuated to safety. Datirimon
A Datamon first appears in “Bizarre Bazaar.” His voice is supplied by Tom Fahn.
Name: From “data,” meaning information.
Group: Micro - Level: Baby - Attack Technique: Bubble Blow
A Datirimon was among the Digimon at the fortune telling fair, and another could be seen at the Autumn Leaf Fair during the DigiDestined’s first visit. As seen in “A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon” and “Bizarre Bazaar.”
Name: The meaning of Datirimon’s name is unknown – it was created by a fan, chosen through a contest run by Bandai.
Group: Evil - Level: Rookie - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Demi Dart, Evil Whisper
A DemiDevimon could be seen among the Digimon at the fortune telling fair, and another one was in the crowd at the Autumn Leaf Fair. As seen in “A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon” and “Bizarre Bazaar.”
Name: Name: From the words "demi," meaning partially, or lesser, and "devil."

Group: Micro - Level: In-Training – Attack Technique: Petty Burning Fist
While riding in the Great Trailmon Race, Buffalo and Worm wound up racing through a tunnel filled with DemiMeramon. When Worm crashed, the DemiMeramon came in for a look, only to wind up igniting a leaking oil tank nearby, with the ensuing explosion blasting Worm out of the tunnel and allowing him to win the race.
DemiMeramon appear in “Trailmon vs. Trailmon.”
Name: From “demi,” meaning partial, or lesser, and “meramera,” Japanese for “to burn.” Deputymon

Group: Mutant - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Justice Bullet, Russian Roulette
A Deputymon was among the Digimon seen at the fortune telling festival. As seen in A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon.
Name: From
"deputy," a police rank.
Group: Bird - Level: Ultimate - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Royal Smasher, Beak Buster
Deramon proved to be regular faces seen in the DigiDestined’s journeys, with the major one they met running a restaurant at the Forest Terminal… a Deramonbad restaurant, which they quickly left, and which was visited soon after by the evil Legendary Warriors, hot on the kids’ heels.
Deramon were also visible at the at the fortune telling fair, at the Autumn Leaf Fair during both of the DigiDestined’s visits, as members of Ranamon's fan club, and at the Great Trailmon Race, where one of them was the former rider of Raccoon Dog, scared off at the prospect of racing against ShadowWereGarurumon. When Bokomon related the story of IceDevimon, Deramon were among the Digimon shown to have been his victims.
A Deramon first appears in “A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon.” The major Deramon noted above appears in “Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell.” His voice is supplied by Joe Ochman.
Name: From "derakkusu," the Japanese pronunciation of the word "deluxe."
Having been sealed away by Cherubimon in his castle at the Rose Morning Star, Ophanimon sent out a call to the real world, sending messages to many children through their cell phones that directed them to the Shibuya train station, where they were led to a subterranean Trailmon terminal that transported them into the Digital World. Ophanimon knew that only a scant few of the children would become DigiDestined, but she did not know who at first. With the destined children revealed, the other were directed to return home, although a few elected to stay and explore.
The DigiDestined comprise Takuya Kanbara, Koji Minamoto, J.P. Shibayama, Zoe Orimoto and Tommy Himi, with Koji’s brother, Koichi Kimura, later joining their ranks (despite not being one of the children chosen by Ophanimon, but rather having been corrupted by Cherubimon). Destiny has chosen them to wield the power of the Spirits left behind by the Legendary Warriors, which transform them into Digimon themselves to enable them to fight the forces of evil.
DigiDestined are first mentioned in “All Aboard.” In a difference to “Digimon Adventure” and “Digimon Adventure 02,” there is no indication in Digimon Frontier that there have ever been DigiDestined before Takuya and co., nor that there will be any more thereafter.
An acronym for “digital monster,” the creatures that inhabit the Digital World. Unlike other iterations of the Digital World, this one offers no explicit origins for the Digimon, so they may simply have evolved on their own (as opposed to through the power of people’s dreams, as in seasons one and two, or as the result of an artificial intelligence experiment, as in season three). Whatever their origins, their history is clear – and violent. In times past, a fierce war raged across the Digital World between the Human-type Digimon, and the Beast-type Digimon, eventually quelled by the coming of Lucemon, who brought peace to the world. But Lucemon became a tyrannical ruler, and so ten warriors stepped forth to oppose him, sealing him away in the Dark Area. In modern times, the animosity between both sides has diminished – except on the Lost Island -  but is still quietly ever-present, and was responsible for the internal conflict that tore apart the Celestial Digimon, which saw another brief battle between the Beast-type followers of Cherubimon and the Human-type followers of Seraphimon.
Digimon first appear in “All Aboard,” as you might expect.
The Japanese title for the fourth season of the Digimon animated series. As with Digimon Tamers before it, Frontier is set in a separate continuity from the other seasons of the animated series, which sees a new team of DigiDestined come to the Digital World. Empowered by the Spirits of the Legendary Warriors who protected the world long ago, they transform into Digimon to battle the forces of the evil Cherubimon, whose forces also use the Spirits to their own evil ends. The road is long and the battles are many, with allies met and lost along the way – but when Cherubimon finally meets his end, a greater evil arises: Lucemon and his Royal Knights, determined to eradicate the entire Digital World.
Digimon Frontier, for the majority of its run,  is profoundly light-hearted in tone, with a great sense of innocence that is welcome in the wake of the grimness of Tamers, and may have been a deliberate choice because of this. Directed by Yukio Kaizawa, the series comprises 50 episodes and the movie, “Island of Lost Digimon, which is not in continuity with the series. The first entire series to be dubbed under Disney ownership, it was produced by Sensation Animation (essentially the remnants of Saban, with Terri-Lei O’Malley continuing to produce and Michael Sorich joining Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as director), and first broadcast on UPN, before rejoining it’s brother and sister Saban shows on ABC Family.
The Digital WorldCreated in the early portion of the 20th century by the ABC and ENIAC computers, the Digital World is a parallel dimension that co-exists alongside Earth, tied to it, a physical embodiment of the world’s electronics network. Numerous Digital World realities grew out of ENIAC, each existing parallel with a separate Earth reality.
The history of this Digital World, which lacks any explained origins for its Digimon inhabitants, is one steeped in violence. In times past, Human-type Digimon and Beast-type Digimon battled in a war against one another that threatened the world. But the day came when the angel Digimon, Lucemon, descended from the heavens and brought the war to an end, uniting the Digital World under his rule. But as the adage says – absolute power corrupts, absolutely. Lucemon became a tyrannical ruler, and ten Digimon powerful Digimon took up arms to battle and defeat him. These ten Legendary Warriors were successful in their attempt to stop Lucemon, sealing him away in the Dark Area. As time went on, with the absence of a ruler for the Digital World, three Digimon were chosen to rule – Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon, the Celestial Digimon, who worked together to restore peace, and to safeguard the Spirits left by the deceased Legendary Warriors.
The structure of this iteration of the Digital World is somewhat different to others we have seen – while it remains comprised of data, all matter also possesses a Fractal Code, which gives the data its form. All regions of the world – each representing one of the ten elements embodied by the Legendary Warriors and their Spirits - are connected by a massive global transport system of Trailmon tracks, with each region having its own Trailmon terminal for the collection and depositing of passengers. The Digital World possesses three moons, one blue, one yellow and one red, which were dubbed the Seraphimoon, the Ophanimoon and the Cherubimoon, respectively, after the Celestial Digimon.
Eventually the time came when the Human versus Beast debate, quietly simmering under the surface over time, eventually resulted in an internal conflict in the Celestial Digimon, turning Cherubimon against his fellows when he was corrupted by Lucemon’s influence. The Digital World erupted in violence again as Cherubimon critically wounded Seraphimon and captured Ophanimon, and his minions, created through the power of the Spirits in his possession, began to raze the Digital World, gathering data for their master. From her prison, Ophanimon summoned the DigiDestined to the Digital World, who used the power of the Spirits to stop Cherubimon’s crusade.
Following Cherubimon’s defeat, however, Lucemon’s servants, the Royal Knights, began to collect data for him, and, unbelievably, succeeded in scanning the data of the entire Digital World, completely destroying it, and even its moons. Thankfully, when he was defeated by the DigiDestined before he could do the same to Earth, all the data he had absorbed was released, recreating the Digital World.
The DigiDestined first arrive in the Digital World in “All Aboard,” and its history is partially covered in “Lobomon: Warrior of Light,” then expanded on in “Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire.” Digitamamon
Group: Perfect - Level: Ultimate - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Nightmare Syndrome(r), Hyper Flashing
Multiple Digitamamon were in evidence at the fortune telling fair, and at the Autumn Leaf Fair on both of the DigiDestined’s visits. As seen in “A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon,” “Bizarre Bazaar” and “All Aboard The Tag Team Express.”
Name: “Digi” is from “digital,” and “tama” comes from “tamago,” the Japanese word for “egg.” “Digitama” is the Japanese name for a Digi-Egg.

Group: Insectoid – Level: Armour – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Gold Rush, Rock Cracking
A Digmon was among the Digimon at the Autumn Leaf Fair during the DigiDestined’s first visit, and another was present at the Great Trailmon Race. As seen in Bizarre Bazaar” and “Trailmon vs. Trailmon.”
Name: From “dig.”
DinohumonGroup: Wizard – Level: Champion – Type: data – Attack Techniques: Lizard Dance, Akinakesu
Dinohyumon is the second-in-command of the Human-type Digimon on the Lost Island, first encountered by the DigiDestined as he routed a Beast-type Digimon attack on the Human-type settlement, and set off in pursuit Hippogryphomon, leader of the Beast-types. D’Arcmon, the leader of the Human-types, attempted to stop him, but he proceeded to lead an attack on the Beasts’ village, forced to flee as the only survivor when the Beasts turned their weaponry on them.
Later, when attempting to separate Kotemon and Bearmon, Dinohyumon clashed with Grizzlymon, his opposite number from the Beasts’ side in a fight that was soon halted by Takuya and Koji. Shortly after this, in preparation for the impending climactic battle, Dinohyumon requested that Takuya fight on the Humans’ side as Agunimon, which he agreed to do as part of a plan by the kids to stop the fighting. During the ensuing fight, D’Arcmon was nowhere to be found, but the reason for this was soon exposed as J.P. and Zoe drew everyone’s attention and revealed that D’Arcmon and Hippogryphomon were the same being. Dinohyumon challenged them, but Takuya countered by asking him where D’Arcmon was, and the truth stood revealed – both the leaders were aliases of the evil Murmuxmon, who had engineered the war to resurrect Onismon. Spurred on by Kotemon’s sacrifice, Dinohyumon led the Humans in an alliance with Grizzlymon and the Beasts, as they all combined their weapons to weaken Onismon, allowing AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon to destroy him. Following the battle, Dinohyumon and Grizzlymon apologised to the DigiDestined for their actions, and thanked them for restoring peace to the island.
Dinohyumon appears in “Island of Lost Digimon, which is not in continuity with the series. His voice is supplied by Doug Erholtz.
Name: An odd corruption of his Japanese name, "Dinohumon," which comes from “dinosaur” and “human." Logically, one would assume that the "yu" in "Dinohyumon" would be pronounced as it is in "Kyubimon," resulting in "Die-no-hyoo-mon," a pronunciation that is no different from that of "Dinohumon." However, in the one instance the character is referred to by name in the movie, his name is pronounced with a hard Y, as "Die-no-HIGH-yoomon."Dobermon
Group: Animal – Level: Champion – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Grau Realm, Schwartz Strahl
A Dobermon was among the Digimon at the Autumn Leaf Fair when the DigiDestined first visited. As seen in “Bizarre Bazaar.”
Name: From “Doberman,” a breed of dog.
DogmonGroup: Puppet – Level: Champion – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Ultra Bite, Jesting Howling
Dogmon is ShadowWereGarurumon’s partner and lackey, who rode Buffalo alongside him during the Great Trailmon Race. Throughout the race, Dogmon used his cartoonish powers to sabotage the other racers, blowing up a canyon bridge, shredding Franken’s brakes and blasting Worm off the tracks – but despite all of that, Worm and Takuya were able to win the race. Some time later, when the DigiDestined attempted to defend the Autumn Leaf Fair against the Royal Knights, ShadowWereGarurumon and Dogmon were among the Digimon there, who attempted to push to the head of the line for Trailmon evacuation, only to be reprimanded by Zoe.
The first Dogmon to appear, however, was the one among the Digimon at the fortune telling festival.
A Dogmon first appears in “A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon.” ShadowWereGarurumon’s partner Dogmon first appears in “Trailmon vs. Trailmon.” His voice is supplied by Michael Sorich, in the style of Muttley (Don Messick), the canine sidekick of the villainous Dick Dastardly in the Hanna-Barbara cartoon, “Wacky Races” (since the episode in question is about a fairly wacky race).
Name: From “dog,” naturally. Although he is referred to in dialogue by this name, the name on his Digimon Analyser screen is “Doggymon,” the name given to him by Bandai of America, Dolphmonwhich was used in the Digimon Tamers series.

Group: Sea Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Pulse Blast, Dolphin Kick
Although the DigiDestined did not encounter any Dolphmon in the course of the adventures we saw, the creatures do appear in the show’s opening credits, with Takuya, Bokomon and Neemon riding on their backs.
Name: From “dolphin,” an aquatic mammal.

Takuya's D-TectorD-TECTOR
When Ophanimon sent out the call for children to come to the Digital World, she did not know which specific children would be the DigiDestined. This question was soon answered, however, when the cell phones of the destined children transformed into D-Tector Digivices, through which Ophanimon was able to continue her communication with the kids.
The D-Tectors possess the ability to scan, absorb and render Fractal Code, and to store the Spirits of the Legendary Warriors, and are used by the DigiDestined to activate their Spirit Evolution by scanning them across the palms of their hands. They were briefly stolen by a group of Toucanmon for Ranamon, only for them to wind up trading them at the Autumn Leaf Fair, where Tommy was able to reclaim them from a Datamon merchant. Cherubimon later stole the D-Tectors in the course of his battle with the kids, but Ophanimon deceived him and got them back.
When their adventure was complete, and the DigiDestined returned to Earth, the light of their D-Tectors filled the hospital room as Koichi returned to consciousness, and then they reverted back into cell phones.
D-Tectors first appear in “All Aboard.”
Dukmon's Deadly GazeGroup: Evil - Level: Hybrid – Type: Variable – Attack Techniques: Deadly Gaze, Lunar Plasma
Stalking in the shadows, striking in silence… where there is darkness, Duskmon is there. This Legendary Warrior of Darkness, formed from the Human Spirit of Darkness, is the most mysterious and deadly of all Cherubimon’s minions. An expert swordsman with the twin crimson blades he can extend from his forearms, Duksmon is also capable of projecting energy beams from his hands and the assorted eyeball-like protrusions over his body.
Duskmon’s story begins with two human children – Koji Minamoto and Koichi Kimura, fraternal twins separated when their parents divorced, each growing up without any knowledge of the other’s existence. But when Koichi learned of Koji’s existence from his dying grandmother, he located him, and slowly attempted to work up the courage to approach him, eventually making his move when he happened to spy him on the subway. Koji, however, had received a summons to go the Digital World from Ophanimon, and was in a determined hurry, not hearing Koichi’s calls as he descended via elevator to the Trailmon terminal beneath Shibuya. Koichi attempted to follow by running down the nearby stairs – only to trip and fall, striking his head on the ground, rendering himself comatose. But where the flesh was weak, the spirit was willing… and so Cherubimon brought Koichi’s spirit to the Digital World, promising to free the darkness in his heart, and fused him with the Human Spirit of Darkness. Thus, Duskmon was born, unaware of who he was and what he had been.
Duskmon refrained from directly involving himself in his brethren’s attacks on the DigiDestined children, of which Koji was one, but when they entered the Continent of Darkness, he struck, destroying his own team-mate, Arbormon, for losing his Beast Spirit in the process. Unable to injure Duskmon, the kids were forced to retreat, but he soon tracked them down and the battle was renewed, until Koji intercepted an attack meant for Takuya. Injuring the brother he could remember nothing of, Duskmon went into convulsions he could not explain, releasing a blanket of darkness that consumed the area and transported Takuya to the Dark Terminal, leaving the others to be captured by Mercurymon and Ranamon, and later freed. Duskmon and Beowolfmon square off
Duskmon reappeared some time later to battle Koji once more when he and the other kids were trapped inside the massive form of Sakkakumon. Demanding to know who Koji was and why he felt a connection to him, he invaded his mind and saw his memories, feeling his own emotional pain. During the ensuing battle, the power of Fusion Evolution was awoken inside of Koji, and he become Beowolfmon, the ferocity of their battle exposing images of their human selves – the image of a boy who looked so like him appearing before Koji startled him enough for Duskmon to get the upper hand, blasting them both out of Sakkakumon and across the dark continent. Duskmon fled, but Beowolfmon pursued, and was lured into a subterranean battle, into which Cherubimon himself intervened when Beowolfmon got the upper hand. With Beowolfmon incapacitated, Cherubimon reminded Duskmon of when he, as Koichi, first came to the Digital World, allowing him to once again immerse himself in the darkness of his heart, and then bestowed the Beast Spirit of Darkness upon Duskmon, transforming him into Velgemon. As Velgemon, he battled and defeated Beowolfmon, but the light from his D-Tector brought back more of his memories, forcing him to flee to contemplate what he had learned. Reverting to Duskmon, he consulted with Cherubimon, who used his memories to taint his mind again, convincing him to fight his brother to punish him for living a life he believed to be happy.
And battle him he did. Switching back and forth from Duskmon to Velgemon during the fight, he finally revealed to Koji that he was his brother, and told him the truths their father had kept hidden from him. Knowing this, Koji was unwilling to fight his own flesh and blood, and had to be convinced by Takuya’s struggle with Velgemon to once again become Beowolfmon and finally defeat him, taking the Spirits of Darkness from him and freeing him from Cherubimon’s influence, at least restoring Koichi to normalcy.
In a subsequent battle with a massive projection of Cherubimon, Koichi unlocked the true power of the Spirits of Darkness, using them to become Loewemon and JagerLoewemon.
Duskmon first appears in “Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles,” but does not speak until “Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell.” His voice is supplied by Crispin Freeman.
Name: From “dusk,” the darker stage of twilight when the sun begins to set.
DynasmonGroup: Warrior – Level: Mega – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Dragon Thrower, DNA Disintegrator, Breath of Wyvern
Dynasmon’s title of the Passionate Warrior could not be more fitting, as there is no better way to describe the fervour with which he fights and commits destruction alongside his fellow Royal Knight, Crusadermon, in the name of their master, Lucemon. His massive winged frame is imposing enough, but in addition to his tremendous physical strength, he can also absorb energy and return it with destructive force through the gems in his palms, and summon a destructive energy aura, which takes the form of a massive dragon.
Following the defeat of Cherubimon, the Royal Knights began to amass data for Lucemon, in exchange for the promised key to the human world. As they tore across the Continent of Darkness, their first clash with the DigiDestined ensued, during which Dynasmon felled Beetlemon, Kazemon, Kumamon and Loewemon with one blast. And easily held off the attacks of Aldamon and Beowolfmon, absorbing their energy and redirecting it back at them, returning them to their human state. When they then Unified Spirit Evolved, Dynasmon battled with EmperorGreymon, who would become his most regular opponent. He then unleashed his Breath of Wyvern attack, which blasted the DigiDestined all the way to the Seraphimoon.
In the kids’ absence, the Royal Knights continued to plunder the Digital World’s data, and soon came to Steel Town, where the DigiDestined had also landed upon their return to the planet. After Dynasmon destroyed Angemon, the Knights captured Katsuharu and his friends, mistakenly believing that they knew the location of the key that would unlock the data of the nearby Beanstalk Village. Dynasmon brutalised the village’s Mamemon elder to attempt to force the information from them, but the arrival of the DigiDestined saw Dynasmon occupied in another battle with EmperorGreymon, before the elder Mamemon finally revealed the key’s location. Dynasmon located it, and scanned the village’s data.
Dynasmon prepares to transmit data to LucemonThe battles against the Royal Knights continued apace, with their next target being the Village of Beginnings - where even the combined power of the ten Legendary Warriors failed to prevent the determined Dynasmon from scanning the village – and then the Village of Flames. When the Knights targeted Seraphimon’s castle, Dynasmon focused on shattering the barrier protecting the castle, succeeding in doing so and razing the castle to the ground, only to be confronted by EmperorGreymon once again. During the course of the battle, Dynasmon managed to destroy the statue containing the Fractal Code, allowing him to scan the region.
With only two regions remaining, the Knights then targeted the Autumn Leaf Fair, which the DigiDestined reached first, evacuating its inhabitants and scrambling its Fractal Code. When the Knights arrived, a small group of other Digimon attempted to fend them off, only for a Zanbamon and three Airdramon to meet their ends fighting Dynasmon. Switching opponents for once, Dynasmon tangled with MagnaGarurumon, then tackled EmperorGreymon, moving their fight to the centre of the fair, where the explosions proceeded to uncover a fragment of the fair’s code. Realising that it had been segmented, Dynasmon uncovered the remaining pieces of code while Crusadermon held off both their opponents, and then assembled them, allowing Crusadermon to scan the fair.
With only one area remaining to be scanned, the Knights returned to Lucemon’s side, where Crusadermon restated their desire for the key to the human world to him, only to be chastised for her doubts by both Lucemon and Dynasmon. In the ensuing battle for the data of Ophanimon’s castle, Dynasmon defeated EmperorGreymon in hand-to-hand combat, and Crusadermon scanned the castle, completing their destruction of the entire Digital World.
Lucemon was reborn, and the DigiDestined were forced to retreat to the Ophanimoon. Crusadermon repeatedly requested the key of Lucemon, only to have him lash out at the Knights, and to have both him and Dynasmon chastise her for her doubts once again. Arriving on the moon, the final battle between the Knights and EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon began, but soon, as the Royal Knights began to lose, Dynasmon realised why the balance of power had changed – Crusadermon’s doubts had poisoned Lucemon’s faith in them, and their strength had decreased as a result. When MangaGarurumon felled Crusadermon, an enraged Dynasmon unleashed his Breath of Wyvern, but was overcome by EmperorGreymon’s Pyro Dragons, and finished by a slash of his blade. With the Royal Knights defeated, EmperorGreymon was about to scan their data – until Lucemon suddenly appeared and took their data for himself, allowing him to Digivolve into his Chaos Mode.
Dynasmon first appears in “It Can’t Be! Lucemon Reappears.” His voice is supplied by Derek Stephen Prince.
Name: From “dynasty,” a multi-generational period of time throughout which one family or group maintains power.