CalmaramonGroup: Sea Animal – Level: Hybrid – Type: Variable – Attack Techniques: Titanic Tempest, Acid Ink
Calmaramon is the Beast Warrior of Water, created when Ranamon Slide Evolves using the Beast Spirit of Water. While she appears humanoid from the waist up, Calmaramon’s entire lower half is a huge, grotesque, squid-like form, complete with deadly tentacles with which she can lash or crush her opponents. She is also not limited to an aquatic environment – using her two main tentacles as legs she can walk on dry land, but seems a bit ungainly. She can vomit streams of viscous, acidic ink from her mouth.
The fact that Ranamon had been unable to locate her Beast Spirit while Grumblemon and Arbormon already had theirs led to Ranamon receiving Calmaramon torso close-uplectures from Mercurymon on the subject, driving her to search for it – finally, during a battle with Kazemon, she sensed the Spirit’s presence, and located it in a wrecked ship on the ocean floor. As Calmaramon – a Beast form so disgusting that it even alienated her loyal Toucanmon fan club – she proved more than a match for Kazemon, but failed to claim victory when she lost control of her Beast Spirit and flung herself over the horizon. After a brief training session (which nearly demolished the villains’ headquarters), she renewed the hostilities, only this time, Kazemon had located her own Beast Spirit, and as Zephyrmon, proved to be a match for Calmaramon. Once again, Calmaramon lost control of her Beast Spirit and whirled off into the distance.
Ranamon next assumed the form of Calmaramon to fight off an attack by the DigiDestined shortly after Takuya returned from a brief trip back to Earth. Having harnessed the power of the elements to strengthen themselves, the DigiDestined left Calmaramon and Mercurymon with no option but to retreat.
A short time later, when Mercurymon assumed his Beast form of Sakkakumon and trapped the DigiDestined within his massive body, Ranamon co-ordinated a strike on Zoe when she was separated from her friends. After a failed attempt to twist her mind with a tainted apple, Ranamon resorted to more physical means of conflict, and Calmaramon and Zephyrmon came to blows again – with Zephyrmon claiming the definitive victory as she scanned the Beast Spirit of Water, reverting Calmaramon back into Ranamon, who Kazemon then destroyed, loading her human Spirit.
Calmaramon first appears in “Beastie Girl.” Her voice is supplied by Peggy O’Neal.
Name: From “calamari,” an Italian word meaning squid, prepared as food.

CandlemonGroup: Fire – Level: Rookie – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Lava Loogie, Paraffin Paralyser
Candlemon ElderWhen attempting to traverse a cavern on the way to the Forest Terminal, the DigiDestined encountered a tribe of Candlemon, who were unconvinced that they possessed the power of the Legendary Warriors. The elder of the tribe pretended to welcome them in with a ceremony, but during the ritual the Candlemon exposed them to the fumes of burning sleeping clover, incapacitating Bokomon and Neemon, and forcing the kids to flee into the nearby river. Drawing the attention of the Candlemon patrolling the river’s edge, Takuya became Agunimon, but found that his fire-based attacks had no effect on his opponents. When Tommy discovered the Spirit of Ice and entered the fray as Kumamon, one of the Candlemon Digivolved into a Wizardmon, but with Kumamon’s help, Agunimon was able to penetrate his illusions and defeat him, scanning his Fractal Code. The Candlemon elder, now convinced that the kids held the power of the Legendary Warriors, apologised for testing them, and allowed them to traverse the canyon, via the bridge that Wizardmon’s Fractal Code created.
Multiple Candlemon were later seen at the Autumn Leaf Fair.
Candlemon first appear in “Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire.” The Candlemon elder is voiced by Michael McConnohie, while the other two prominent Candlemon in the episode are voiced by Tom Fahn and Robert Martin Klein.
Trivia – The Candlemon elder asks of the kids: “Please, be our guest,” a reference to the Disney film, “Beauty and the Beast,” which features a living candelabra, Lumiere, who sings a song titled “Be Our Guest.”
Name: From “candle.”

"Can't Keep A Grumblemon Down" “CAN’T KEEP A GRUMBLEMON DOWN”
Digimon Frontier episode #10
English version written by Seth Walther
When Koji leaves the rest of the group to makes progress of his own, Bokomon and Neemon follow him, and they all stumble into the middle of a Gotsumon’s attempt to protect his village from Gigasmon. With the Gotsumon’s help, Koji discovers the Beast Spirit of Light, and becomes KendoGarurumon, defeating Gigasmon despite Koji’s struggle to control the Beast Spirit’s power.
Episode Trivia – The title of this episode is derived from the traditional saying, “You can’t keep a good man down.”

The Celestial DigimonWith their demise, the ten Legendary Warriors entrusted their Spirits to the three Digimon that they had chosen to restore peace to the Digital World, and rule over it – Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon, the Celestial Digimon, who the Digital World’s three moons were subsequently named after. And for a time, peace did indeed reign, until Lucemon exploited an internal conflict between the Celestial Digimon, taking control of Cherubimon and setting him against the other two. Seraphimon was badly wounded in Cherubimon’s initial attack, and Ophanimon was forced to give herself up to save his life. She returned Seraphimon to his castle, where she placed him in stasis to heal, and scattered the five Spirits in their possession across the Digital World, before being taken by Cherubimon’s minions, created through the power of the Spirits in his possession, to Cherubimon’s castle at the Rose Morning Star. Imprisoned there, she called on human children from the real world to come to the Digital World and use the power of the Spirits to battle Cherubimon’s force.
A short time after the coming of these DigiDestined, Seraphimon awakened, but was defeated in battle by Cherubimon’s minions, and had his Fractal Code absorbed by Mercurymon, reverting him to a Digi-Egg that eventually hatched into a Patamon, who accompanied in the kids on the remainder of their journey, which eventually led them to the Rose Morning Star, where Ophanimon sacrificed herself to help them defeat Cherubimon.
Later, after the DigiDestined helped relocate the Village of Beginnings to the Ophanimoon, the Digi-Eggs left by Cherubimon and Ophanimon hatched into Salamon and Lopmon, so that even after all they had been through, the Celestial Digimon could be reunited. Together in this form, they were able to generate an energy force that they used to shape protective prisms, and to propel the shattered chunks of the moons through space.
When all hope seemed lost in the final battle with Lucemon, visions of Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon appeared to the DigiDestined to spur them on.
The first of the Celestial Digimon to appear is Seraphimon, in “Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell,” though Ophanimon’s voice is heard as early as “All Aboard.”

Group: Dark Animal – Level: Ultimate- Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Emerald Blaze, Portals of Darkness
This bestial creature was the very first Digimon that any of the DigiDestined had to fight after their arrival in the Digital World. Tearing through the Village of Flames, Cerberumon absorbed much of its data in his search for one of the ancient Spirits, and Takuya soon found himself in his way. When the Spirit was located, its power momentarily repelled Cerberumon, and transformed Takuya into Agunimon, who proceeded to battle the canine Digimon. Using his Portals of Darkness technique, Cerberumon opened a gateway into a sub-dimensional pocket of darkness, where he and Agunimon battled, but Agunimon was able to overcome him, destroying him and scanning his data. Then, he rendered the Fractal Code that Cerberumon had consumed, restoring the Village of Flames.
Cerberumon appears in “All Aboard.” His voice is supplied by Steve Kramer.
Name: From “Cerberus,” the legendary three-headed hound that guards the gates of Hades in Greek mythology.

Group: Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Solar Ray, Jet Gallop
Having failed in his first attempt to hold up the DigiDestined, Sagittarimon didn’t take things lying down, quickly putting together a small army of Centarumon to help him renew his thievery attempts. The Centarumon proved no match for the kids’ Spirit Evolved forms, and when Saggitarimon was defeated, they allowed the Centarumon the option to flee, rather than fight on – and option that they gladly availed themselves of.
Centarumon appear in “The Bully Pulpit.” Their assorted numbers are voiced by Tom Fahn and Dave Mallow.
Name: From “centaur,” a half-man, half-horse creature from Greek mythology.

ChamelemonGroup: Reptile – Level: Armour – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Tongue Lashing, Wide Eyes
Possessing extendable, prehensile tongues and a camouflage ability that allows them to vanish into thin air, the Chamelemon, acting as minions of Petaldramon, terrorised Hamburger Digimon Village, acquiring for their master a feast of burgers to sate his hunger. Capturing Burgermon, Petaldramon charged his wife and children with creating a better burger in order to see him returned, and the Chamelemon returned the following night to see what their efforts had produced – but in the interim, the DigiDestined had come to the village and made some burgers of their own, and Tommy’s burgers impressed them so much that the Chamelemon took Tommy, J.P. and Zoe to Petaldramon’s mansion. Burgermon’s children, the TorikaraBallmon, followed the Chamelemon to the mansion, but were captured by one of their number, forcing the kids into action. In their Spirit Evolved forms, they defeated the Chamelemon and Kumamon scanned their data, reverting them into Armadillomon.
The Chamelemon appear in “You Want Fries With That?” The lead Chamelemon’s voice is supplied by Richard Epcar. Chamelemon Digivolve from Armadillomon, using the Digi-Egg of Kindness.
Name: From “chameleon,” a breed of lizard characterised by its camouflage ability.
Group: Vegetation – Level: Ultimate – Group: Virus – Attack Techniques: Cherry Blast, Illusion Mist
While trapped inside Sakkakumon and separated from the rest of his friends, J.P. entertained thoughts of eating the cherries he saw in a nearby tree, until the tree turned out to be a Cherrymon that promptly attacked him. Quickly Spirit Evolving into Beetlemon, J.P. easily dispatched the Cherrymon, scanning its data.
Cherrymon appears in “Zoe’s Unbeelievable Adventure.” “Cherry Blast” is a new name for the attack called “Pit Pelter,” used by the Cherrymon in season one. His voice is supplied by Dave Wittenberg, in the style of famous actor Marlon Brando, as homage to the Brando-style voice used by Jeff Nimoy when he voiced the Cherrymon from season one.
Name: From “cherry,” a fruit.

Digimon Frontier episode #37
English version written by Steve Blum
Cherubimon absorbs all the captured data from the Digital World into his body, enhancing his powers, and takes on EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon in a pitched final battle. It takes all their strength to overcome Cherubimon’s new power, but EmperorGreymon is able to shatter the sphere of data and purify Cherubimon, restoring him to his original self before he deletes. But with one evil gone, a new one awaits its chance to arise…

Cherubimon (Virus)Group: Angel – Level: Mega – Type: Virus/Vaccine – Attack Techniques: (normal) Storm of Judgement, Lightning Spear, (enhanced power) Terminal Judgement, Thousand Spears, Lightning Blast
With the demise of the Legendary Warriors, Cherubimon, along with the other Celestial Digimon, Seraphimon and Ophanimon, was chosen to restore peace to the Digital World. As the only Beast-type Digimon in the governing triumvirate, Cherubimon was charged with the protection of the world’s knowledge and legend, and was also given five of the Spirits left by the Legendary Warriors to guard. And the Digital World was restored to peace… though it would not last, as Cherubimon increasingly found his views contradicting those of his fellows. Cherubimon saw the Digital World as a wild place, with an inherently chaotic nature, and made the debate one of Human versus Beast. Departing from the debate anger, he later eavesdropped on a secret meeting Cherubimon (Vaccine)between Seraphimon and Ophanimon, but misunderstood their intentions, thinking they planned to undermine him, when they only sought a way to reconcile their views with his. And in this moment of rage, considering Seraphimon’s laws fit only for Human Digimon, he vowed to give the Beast Digimon a new system of order and was touched by the dark aura of Lucemon, the evil being sealed away by the Legendary Warriors, who saw an opportunity to use Cherubimon to his own ends. Cherubimon was transformed into a dark shadow of himself, a Virus type, who amassed an army of Beast Digimon and led them in an attack on Seraphimon’s palace, decimating his Human-type followers and felling Seraphimon, declaring himself the new law of the Digital World. Ophanimon was forced to give herself up to Cherubimon to make him spare Seraphimon, who she secreted back to his castle and placed in suspended animation to heal, before scattering the five spirits that had been in their care across the Digital World.
Unbeknownst to himself, Cherubimon acted as Lucemon directed, sending out minions to harvest the data of the Digital World, which could give Lucemon back his freedom. Amongst his servants were those that he sought to create through the power of his five Spirits, but although he was able to find Digimon hosts for the Spirits of Earth, Wood, Water and Metal, creating Grumblemon, Arbormon, Ranamon and Mercurymon, his experiments with the Spirit of Darkness bore no fruit, as no Digimon could fuse with it’s power. The other four warriors, meanwhile, saw to transporting Ophanimon into captivity in Cherubimon’s castle at the Rose Morning Star. From there, she reached into the real world and summoned human children to the Digital World to be the DigiDestined, who would wield the power of the Spirits and defeat Cherubimon’s evil.
Cherubimon was not unaware of this, and so, when Koichi Kimura, the brother of Koji Minamoto, one of Ophanimon's selected children, fell down a flight of stairs in his pursuit of his brother, rendering himself comatose, Cherubimon reached out to his spirit, bringing it to the Digital World, where he gave Koichi the Spirit of Darkness, tainted with his own dark powers, turning him into Duskmon.
Cherubimon refrained from involving himself personally in the conflict for some time, dispatching his minions to deal with the DigiDestined. Although they succeeded in destroying the healed Seraphimon and reverting him to a Digi-Egg, the first of his four warriors were eventually all defeated and destroyed by the DigiDestined, leaving only Duskmon, to whom Cherubimon then gave the Beast Spirit of Darkness, turning him into Velgemon. But through sheer determination, Koji defeated his brother in battle and took the Spirits of Darkness from him, returning him to normalcy. Koichi then joined the kids on the last leg of their journey to the Rose Morning Star, but on the way, Cherubimon created a massive projection of himself to block their path, derailing their Trailmon and proving impervious to their attacks. It was then that Koichi freed the Spirits of Darkness from Cherubimon’s influence, unlocking their true power, becoming Loewemon and JagerLoewemon, and destroying Cherubimon’s projection, enabling the DigiDestined to complete their journey.
Cherubimon compresses the gathered dataOnce at the Rose Morning Star, after hearing the tale that had led to the Digital World’s current state from the captive Ophanimon, the DigiDestined were confronted by Cherubimon, who summarily defeated them in battle and claimed their D-Tectors. Faced by Ophanimon, a blast from her Eden’s Javelin made Cherubimon briefly revert to his Vaccine self, but he quickly transformed back, focusing his hatred on Ophanimon, blaming her and Seraphimon for making him what he had become. Ophanimon offered to use her powers to save him from his darkness – and she appeared to do so, but in reality, reclaimed the D-Tectors, returning them to the kids, and awakening a new power in them – Unified Spirit Evolution, allowing Takuya and Koji to become EmperorGreymon and MangaGarurumon. The ensuing battle proved them to be more than a match for Cherubimon, who retreated to the core of his castle and instigated his final plan – compressing every ounce of data that his minions had gathered into one sphere, Cherubimon absorbed it into himself, giving him complete mastery of the Digital World’s reality. Growing to a massive size, he faced off with EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon once more, with enhanced versions of his regular attacks being the least of his powers, which extended to such feats as regenerating his decimating body and rending open space to transport the castle from ToyAgumon’s island to the battleground for the purpose of dropping it on top of MagnaGarurumon. As the duo surged through a wave of this Thousand Spears, MagnaGarurumon was cut down, and EmperorGreymon finally claimed victory by shattering the sphere of data in Cherubimon’s forehead with his blade and using his D-Tector to absorb it all. Cherubimon reverted to his Vaccine self once more, and then into a Digi-Egg, which floated off to the Village of Beginnings.
A short time later, after the DigiDestined helped relocate the Village of Beginnings to the Ophanimoon, Cherubimon hatched from his Digi-Egg in his Rookie form of Lopmon. The image of Cherubimon then appeared to the DigiDestined along with the other Celestial Digimon and the kids’ Digimon forms to spur them on to face Lucemon in final battle.
Cherubimon is first mentioned in Lobomon: Warrior of Light,” accompanied by an illustration in Bokomon’s book. Cherubimon himself first appears, in a shadowed silhouette, in “From Dawn To Duskmon,” when he also first speaks. His first clear appearance is an image of him in “My Brother In Spirit,” and his projection appears in “Ne’er The Twins Shall Meet,” but it is “Operation: Rescue Ophanimon” before Cherubimon fully appears in the flesh. His voice is supplied by Paul St. Peter, reprising the role from “Digimon: The Movie.”
Name: From “cherubim,” an order of angel from Christian belief. Bandai of America call this Digimon “Kerpymon,” but his original name was retained for the dubbed version of Digimon Frontier to properly preserve the way the Celestial Digimon reflect the three highest orders of angel – Seraphim (Seraphimon), Cherubim (Cherubimon) and Ophanim (Ophanimon).

The Cherubimoon

The Digital World’s red moon. When Lucemon destroyed the Ophanimoon, the resultant shockwaves reduced both the Cherubimoon and the Seraphimoon to rubble.
The Cherubimoon first appears in “Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire.” It is destroyed in “The Brothers Yin and Yang.” It is never identified by name in the American version.

ChiakiWhen Ophanimon sent out the call to bring children to the Digital World, she could not know which children would be the chosen ones, the DigiDestined. And so many other children were brought to the Digital World, including the young girl named Chiaki. When all the other kids were returned home following the selection of the DigiDestined, Chaiki, along with three boys named Katsuharu, Teppei and Teruo, could not be persuaded to do so, and so Ophanimon appointed an Angemon to see that they came to no harm during their stay in the Digital World
The precise activities of Chiaki and her friends before meeting up with the DigiDestined are undocumented, but it is known that they spent some time in a Mamemon settlement, befriending the Mamemon, and, before leaving, helped to plant a beanstalk.
When the DigiDestined arrived in Steel Town, they were confronted by Sagittarimon, who was chased off when the kids and Angemon intervened. Following the subsequent explanations, an argument ensued between the children, as the DigiDestined told Chiaki and the others that they should return to Earth, though Angemon soothed things over. Enjoying a rare moment of downtime, Zoe and J.P. helped Chiaki and Teruo in the garden they had made, but things took a turn for the worse when Sagittarimon returned with an army of Centarumon, forcing the DigiDestined to reveal their Spirit Evolution powers to Chiaki and the others. Sagittarimon and his minions were defeated, but the Royal Knights arrived immediately thereafter, destroying Angemon and capturing the kids, taking them to the Mamemon settlement, now called Beanstalk Village, mistakenly believing that they knew the location of the key that would unlock the village’s data and allow them to scan it. The DigiDestined pursued, and in the course of the following battle, the elder Mamemon was forced to reveal the key’s location to stop the violence; the village was scanned, but its inhabitants and the kids were saved by the DigiDestined. The elder Mamemon convinced Chiaki and the others to return home, and they departed on Worm.
Chiaki first appears in “The Bully Pulpit.” Her voice is supplied by Tifanie Christun.
 It has been theorised that Chiaki and her friends may have been conceived as a new holders for the Spirits of Earth, Wood, Water and Steel – if true, Chiaki would be the logical candidate for the Spirits of Water.

Group: Micro - Level: Baby - Attack Technique: Bubble Blow
Multiple Chibomon were among the young Digimon tended to at the Village of Beginnings, including when it was relocated to the Ophanimoon. As seen in “Glean Eggs And Scram” and “When Knights Fall…”
Name: While it may immediately appear to be derived from "chibi," the Japanese term meaning small, it's actually a corruption of his Japanese name, "Chicomon," which may come from the Spanish word "chico," meaning "small."

Group: Animal - Level: Rookie - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Cheese Bomb, Whisper Voice.
Multiple Chuumon were among the Digimon at the village where the DigiDestined met the KatatsukiNumemon, one of them was present at the fortune-telling fair, and two of them – one accompanied by a Sukamon – were present at the Autumn Leaf Fair during the DigiDestined’s first visit. Two Chuumon were also seen amongst those evacuated when they returned to protect it from the Royal Knights. As seen in “A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon,” “Bizarre Bazaar” and “All Aboard The Tag Team Express.”
Name: From the Japanese word, “chuuchuu,” the sound of a mouse squeaking.

Group: Micro – Level: Baby – Attack Technique: Bubble Blow
A Conomon was among the young Digimon attending Togemon’s Digimon School., and many of them were among the babies at the Village of Beginnings. Once the village was relocated to the Ophanimoon, Cherubimon’s Digi-Egg hatched into a Conomon, which immediately Digivolved into a Lopmon. As seen in “The Odd One Out,” “Glean Eggs And Scram” and “When Knights Fall…"
Name:  Probably from "cone," referring to the conical spikes on his head, though it's also a corruption of the Japanese name, "Cocomon," from "cocoa," the bean from which chocolate is made.

CrusadermonGroup: Warrior – Level: Mega – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Spiral Masquerade, Fist of Athena, Scarlet Tempest, Laser Lattice
Although she professes to be “The Indifferent Warrior,” Crusadermon seems anything but, finding beauty in many things, not least of all herself, and the acts of destruction that she and her fellow Royal Knight, Dynasmon, commit in their master Lucemon’s name. Her form is decorated with deadly, razor sharp ribbons, which she mentally manipulate, and which can harden to form a sword-like blade in her hand, neatly coupled with her shield, which she can seal around her hand and generate an energy burst delivered with a shattering blow. She is commonly seen with what appears to be a simple rose, but which can be transformed into a blinding storm of whirling petals at her command. Additionally, she is capable of moving her body at exceptionally high speeds, and can project an energy net from her palm.
Following the defeat of Cherubimon, the Royal Knights began the accumulation of data for Lucemon, serving him in exchange for the key to the real world, so that they might rule it. In their first clash with the DigiDestined, Crusadermon easily defeated MetalKabutermion, Zephyrmon, Korikakumon and JagerLoewemon, and then went up against MagnaGarurumon, who would prove to be her most frequent opponent in the following battles. During the fight, she attempted to stop Dynasmon from unleashing his Breath of Wyvern attack, but failed, as the attack devastated the area and blasted the DigiDestined to the Seraphimoon.
In the kids’ absence, the Royal Knights continued to plunder the Digital World’s data, and soon came to Steel Town, where the DigiDestined had also landed upon their return to the planet. There, Crusadermon entrapped Katsuharu and his friends in her Laser Lattice, and held the DigiDestined off with her Scarlet Tempest as they took the captured kids to Beanstalk Village, mistakenly believing that they knew the location of the key that would enable them to unlock the village’s data and scan it. Crusadermon threatened to scan Katsuharu’s Fractal Code, but the arrival of the DigiDestined stopped her, and once again she faced off with MagnaGarurumon, briefly gaining the upper hand in the battle by threatening Koichi. Help from the village’s Mamemon allowed him to be freed, but then Dynasmon located the key and scanned the village, allowing the Knights to claim victory.
 The battles against the Royal Knights continued apace, with their next target being the Village of Beginnings - where even the combined power of the ten Legendary Warriors failed to prevent the village from being scanned – and then the Village of Flames, which Crusadermon scanned after the SkullSatamon failed to.
When the Knights targeted Seraphimon’s castle, Crusadermon successfully formulated a plan to shatter the barrier surrounding it, and then engaged MagnaGarurumon, aided by Meteormon, in a swordfight. With Dynasmon’s scanning of the castle, Crusadermon cut down Meteormon, reverting him to Gotsumon, then departed to scan the remaining two areas. The DigiDestined reached the first area, the Autumn Leaf Fair, ahead of them, managing to evacuate the occupants and scramble the fair’s Fractal Code, but when the Knights arrived, Crusadermon destroyed a Pteramon, a Gryphonmon and a GranKuwagamon that attempted to stop them. Crusadermon tangled with EmperorGreymon, though she took a few ineffectual hits from the other kids’ snow catapult in the process, then switched opponents, turning on MagnaGarurumon. The snow catapult made her attack go wild, and the resultant explosion exposed the other kids’ Fractal Code – except for Koichi, Crusadermon's Scarlet Tempestwho could not explain why this was so. But Crusadermon had the answer – Koichi had no Fractal Code because he had no physical form, existing only as a spirit in the Digital World. Crusadermon then attempted to hold off both EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon as Dynasmon assembled the fragments of the fair’s code, which Crusadermon then scanned.
With only one area remaining to be scanned, the Knights returned to Lucemon’s side, where Crusadermon restated their desire for the key to the human world to him, only to be chastised for her doubts by both Lucemon and Dynasmon. In the ensuing battle for the data of Ophanimon’s castle, Crusadermon defeated MagnaGarurumon in hand-to-hand combat, then scanned the castle, completing their destruction of the entire Digital World.
Lucemon was reborn, and the DigiDestined were forced to retreat to the Ophanimoon. Crusadermon repeatedly requested the key of Lucemon, who promised he would give it to them upon the kids’ destruction. Crusadermon pressed the issue, only to have Lucemon lash out at the Knights, and to have both him and Dynasmon chastise her for her doubts once again. Arriving on the moon, the final battle between the Knights and EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon began, but soon, the deciding factor became apparent – Crusadermon’s doubts had poisoned Lucemon’s faith in them, and their strength had decreased as a result. A point-black attack from MagnaGarurumon finally defeated Crusadermon, exposing her Fractal Code, and Dynasmon then fell to EmperorGreymon. With the Royal Knights defeated, EmperorGreymon was about to scan their data – until Lucemon suddenly appeared and took their data for himself, allowing him to Digivolve into his Chaos Mode.
Crusadermon first appears in “It Can’t Be! Lucemon Reappears.” Her voice is supplied by Melodee Spevack.
In the original Japanese version, Crusadermon (there called RhodoKnightmon, also translatable as "LordKnightmon") was, in fact, not female, but an exceedingly effeminate male character.
Name: A “crusader” can refer to one who vigorously works for a cause, but its original use is a more fitting one for Crusadermon – one who engages in a holy war.