Group: Ancient – Level: Mega – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Empress Haze, Dark Broom

A Babamon was among the Digimon at the fortune-telling festival, and some were also present at the Autumn Leaf Fair when the DigiDestined visited it. At least one of them was still at the fair when the DigiDestined later returned to evacuate it and protect it from the Royal Knights. As seen in “A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon,” “Bizarre Bazaar” and “All Aboard The Tag Team Express.”

Name: “Baba” is Japanese for “old woman.”



Digimon Frontier episode #43

English version written by Steve Blum

The three SkullSatamon brothersWhen the Village of Flames comes under attack from a SkullSatamon, the DigiDestined race to defend it, only to arrive just too late to stop the absorption of most of its data. Before they can even fight SkullSatamon, who splits himself into two, then three, they have to win over the disenchanted inhabitants of the village, who side with EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon in battling the villains. The victory is short, however, as Crusadermon appears and scans the remaining data of the Flame Terminal.

Episode Trivia – Although being “bad to the bone” is a common expression to describe an evil person, given that this episode is written by Steve Blum, who has a history of musically-themed episode titles, this one’s probably a reference to the George Thorgood and the Destroyers song, “Bad to the Bone.”




Group: Ghost - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Dark Claw, Evil Charm

A few Bakemon showed up at the fortune-telling festival, and more of them were visiting the Autumn Leaf Fair when the DigiDestined dropped in. As seen in “A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon” and “Bizarre Bazaar.”

Name: From “obake,” the Japanese word for “ghost,” which itself comes from the suffix “O,” and the word “bake,” meaning “to undergo change.”




BakumonGroup: Animal – Level: Rookie – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Nightmare Syndrome, Deleting Virus

Although it’s not a topic that tends to come up in conversation, Digimon tend to owe their specific characteristics to the origin of the data that comprises them. In the case of Bakumon, it is the data from computers at a sleep research institute that makes up this Digimon, who, tainted by Cherubimon’s evil, attacked the DigiDestined in his own way, by using his Nightmare Syndrome attack on Tommy in the TV Forest. Trapped in a nightmarish trance, Tommy saw his friends as enemies, and Lobomon was forced to fight him to protect himself. Agunimon flushed out the lurking Bakumon, who tried to manipulate his mind as well, but Agunimon was able to overpower him and purify his data. Tommy was freed from his trance, and Bakumon used his powers to give all the kids sweet dreams.

More Bakumon were subsequently seen at the fortune-telling festival, and at the Autumn Leaf Fair, including one serving food to J.P. at the eating contest. One was later shown being evacuated from the fair when the DigiDestined were preparing to defend it from the Royal Knights.

A Bakumon first appears in “Welcome to My Nightmare.” Its voice is supplied by Crispin Freeman.

Name: From “Baku,” Japanese for “tapir,” a mammal native to Asia and the American continent, believed in Japanese mythology to eat dreams. Bandai of America refer to this Digimon as Tapirmon, and that was the name that was used for the character in season 2 of the series.



Group: Machine – Level: Champion – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Cool Running, Emergency Break Spark

A diminutive Trailmon who silently carried the DigiDestined through the desert towards an oasis, until they suddenly found themselves caught in the middle of a scuffle between some Human and Beast Digimon. When the Lost Island appeared in the sky and ploughed into the ground, Ball and the kids were sent flying, and while the kids woke up on the island, Ball was not seen again.

Ball appears in Island of Lost Digimon, which is not in continuity with the series.



BaromonGroup: Wizard - Level: Armour - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Meteor Dance, Scarlet Hair

A historian of sorts for the Digital World, Baromon approached the DigiDestined after they defeated Cherubimon to warn them of the impending resurrection of Lucemon. His initial methods did not exactly invoke trust from the kids, as he barred their way with his Meteor Dance, to make them listen to what he had to tell them. When they Spirit Evolved to attack him, he revealed his true intent, and took them to an underground tunnel where the recorded history of the Digital World’s played out before them with narration from Baromon, who revealed Lucemon’s involvement in the corruption of Cherubimon and his plan to rebirth himself. When Lucemon’s newest servants, the Royal Knights, then attacked, even the most powerful evolutions of the kids could not defeat them. Baromon stepped forth and called down his Meteor Dance, but the combined power of the Royal Knights easily shattered his attack and destroyed Baromon, who died protecting the kids from the attack.

Baromon appears in “It Cant Be! Lucemon Reappears.” His voice is supplied by Neil Kaplan.

Name: From “Barong,” the king of spirits from Bali mythology. Bandai of America refers to this Digimon as Baronmon – Baromon is his Japanese name, used for the dub.



Beanstalk VillageA small village populated by Mamemon located not too far from Steel Town. Not long after the Mamemon settled on the site, it was briefly visited by Katsuharu and his friends, who planted the final bean of the harvest as a symbol of their friendship with the Mamemon before they left. The bean grew into a huge beanstalk, giving the village its name, but when the Royal Knights arrived to scan the village, they found that the beanstalk had “locked” the data of the village, leaving them unable to scan it unless they could find the key to the lock. Capturing Katsuharu and his friends from Steel Town, believing them to have the key, they brought them, along with Tommy, to the village. Eventually, the other DigiDestined arrived, and began battling the Royal Knights, forcing the Mamemon elder to reveal the location of the key to save them – a golden pod at the top of the beanstalk. Dynasmon shattered it, undoing the lock and scanning the data of the village. The Mamemon, however, survived, and vowed to start over again, using one the beans from the pod to plant anew.

Beanstalk Village is briefly glimpsed in “The Bully Pulpit,” then appears fully in “Jerks And The Beanstalk.”



BearmonGroup: Animal – Level: Rookie – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Bear Fist, Bear Roll

Bearmon is one of the Beast-type Digimon who live on the Lost Island, where his race constantly warred with the Human-type Digimon also living there. His elder brother, Grizzlymon, is one of the leaders of the Beast army. However, Bearmon hates the fighting, because he is best friends with Kotemon, one of the Human Digimon.

When the DigiDestined arrived on the island, they were split up, and Koji and Zoe wound up in the Beast village, where Bearmon took care of them, telling them about the conflict. When they were reunited, the kids began to take sides themselves, each having seen the war from one side’s point of view. Bearmon and Kotemon revealed their friendship to the kids, and, as a ‘reward’ for not fighting amongst each other, took them to a cave they had found bearing the symbol of Onismon, the protective spirit of the island. They were found by Grizzlymon and Dinohyumon, who started to fight each other, only to be stopped by Koji and Takuya, then forced Bearmon and Kotemon to separate.

When the war reached a crisis point and a massive battle began, Bearmon and Kotemon helped Bokomon, Neemon and Tommy to reassemble the shattered hieroglyphics in Onismon’s chamber, only to discover that the ancient Digimon was not a protector at all, but an evil force – one which was then unleashed by Murmuxmon, who had fostered the conflict on the island to gather the necessary amount of Fractal Code. Kotemon begged for AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon to save them, only to be destroyed by a blast from Onismon. Bearmon screamed his name, and AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon were reborn, using their power to defeat Onismon and save the island.

In the wake of the DigiDestined’s departure, Bearmon was reunited with the reborn Kotemon. This scene took place in the Japanese closing credits, which were replaced with a new set of English ones for the movie's dub, hence the scene is missing from the English version of the movie.

Bearmon appears in “Island of Lost Digimon, which is not in continuity with the series. His voice is supplied by Wendee Lee.

When Bearmon appeared in the "Digimon World 3" Playstation game, however, he was named “Kumamon,” and as we all know, that name was later (or perhaps simultaneously) applied to Tommy’s Spirit Evolved form. This error was subsequently amended for the trading card game and the eventual release of the movie.

Name: From “bear.”



See SpiritsTommy Beast Spirit Evolves into Korikakumon



The process by which one of the Beast Spirits of the Legendary Warriors transforms and evolves another being. Beast Spirit Evolution produces stronger Hybrid Digimon than Spirit Evolution does, but the product is also somewhat uncontrollable, taking time to master.

Beast Spirit Evolution first occurs in “Can’t Keep a Grumblemon Down,” although Grumblemon mistakenly identified his Slide Evolution to Gigasmon as a Beast Spirit Evolution in “A Molehill Out Of A Mountain.”




Calmaramon confronts KazemonDigimon Frontier episode #15

English version written by Terri-Lei O’Malley

The DigiDestined fall prey to the hospitability of the Toucanmon, servants of Ranamon, who dupe the kids and steal all but Zoe’s D-Tector. Ranamon then arrives on the island to dispose of the kids, and during her battle with Kazemon, she discovers her Beast Spirit and becomes Calmaramon – but thankfully, her lack of control buys the kids time to escape.

Episode Trivia – The title of this episode is a reference to the band, the Beastie Boys.




BeetlemonGroup: Android – Level: Hybrid – Type: Variable – Attack Techniques: Thunder Fist, Lightning Blitz, Proton Slam

Beetlemon is the Warrior of Thunder, the Spirit Evolved form of J.P. using the Human Spirit of Thunder. Tough and durable, Beetlemon can generate and manipulate electricity in various ways, such as charging his fist with it, or shooting lightning bolts. The shielded wings on his back allow him the power of flight.

J.P. was the last of the five kids to find his Spirit, discovering it in the Kokuwamon factory while the others were battling the slave master, Snimon. J.P. attacked Snimon with a crane to help the others, and when Snimon severed the crane’s arm, it smashed open a wall, revealing the hidden Spirit. J.P. took the spirit for his own, and Spirit Evolved into Beetlemon, going so far as to do a little dance of happiness, having finally found his Spirit. He promptly thrashed Snimon, and scanned his Fractal Code.

J.P. next became Beetlemon to help Agunimon and Lobomon battle Grumblemon on the KaratsukiNumemon’s mountain. His Thunder Fist created a rockslide that temporarily swept Grumblemon away, but the battle had exposed the mountain’s Fractal Code, which Grumblemon scanned. When the mountain ceased to exist, the kids were sent tumbling down and were separated. J.P., Zoe, Bokomon and Neemon wound up at a small Digimon school, which Beetlemon and Kazemon saved from a flash flood.

Grumblemon’s repeated strikes at the DigiDestined saw J.P. become Beetlemon to battle him, though he then wound up having to fight Takuya when the boy was transformed into the raging BurningGreymon.Beetlemon does a happy dance!

During their time on the Lost Island, J.P. evolved into Beetlemon to draw the attention of the warring Beast and Human Digimon, so he and Zoe could reveal to them the deception perpetrated by their leaders, then leant his power in the battle with Onismon. These events are out of continuity with the series.

J.P. next became Beetlemon to battle the evil Legendary Warriors in Seraphimon’s castle, only to be defeated by Arbormon. The kids retreated via Trailmon, and wound up in an underwater cave, where J.P., as Beetlemon, battled with Grumblemon and his Golemon, then discovered his Beast Spirit, enabling him to become MetalKabuterimon and defeat and destroy Grumblemon.

J.P. was briefly left unable to become Beetlemon when his and the other boy’s D-Tectors were stolen by Toucanmon, but when they reclaimed them, Beetlemon made his next appearances during the Great Trailmon Race and to battle Petaldramon to save a Burgermon from his clutches.

J.P. next became Beetlemon after he, Tommy and Zoe were freed from Mercurymon and Ranamon, and, using the power of the elements to strengthen themselves, attacked the evil warriors and forced them back. Not long after that, the DigiDestined found themselves trapped within Sakkakumon and split up in his various spheres; J.P. was attacked by a Volcamon, and evolved into Beetlemon to defeat him, but was then confronted by a dark, shadowy version of himself, which matched his transformation into MetalKabuterimon, but which he was able to defeat with the support of his friends. The kids were then split up again, and after a while, J.P. found himself in a sphere with a Cherrymon, evolving into Beetlemon to defeat it, and then escaping Sakkakumon’s confines along with Zoe and Tommy. The three of them assumed their Digimon forms to try and shatter Sakkakumon’s spheres and free the others still within it on two occasions, but failed, Beetlemon battles a shadowy version of himself within Sakkakumononly to have them escape on their own. Sakkakumon himself then directly attacked the kids, sans Koji, and J.P. became Beetlemon, then MetalKabuterimon, then back to Beetlemon to battle him, only to discover that he had analysed and could use their own attacks, requiring the kids’ to combine their attacks to defeat him.

Beetlemon helped scout the way to Koji’s battle with Duskmon, and when Cherubimon trapped them, Beetlemon tried to use his powers to shatter the spires holding them, to no effect, before Patamon gave them the idea to tunnel out.

While investigating a Trailmon Graveyard, J.P., Zoe and Tommy came across an elderly Angler, who played them into taking care of him. As Beetlemon, J.P. put Angler right-side up, helped bathe him, and massaged him with a gentle Thunder Fist. Angler then began to take the kids, along with Koichi – Koji’s twin brother, who had been revealed to be Duskmon – towards the Rose Morning Star, but they were attacked by a projection of Cherubimon. J.P. became Beetlemon, even briefly wielding Korikakumon’s Avalanche Axes, but none of them except Koichi, using the purified Spirits of Darkness to become Loewemon and JagerLoewemon, could defeat him.

J.P. evolved into Beetlemon to battle the Phantomon guards at the Rose Morning Star, but once they entered, they were attacked by Cherubimon himself. While Aldamon and Beowolfmon struggled with Cherubimon, Beetlemon, Kazemon and Kumamon tried to free Ophanimon. Everyone’s D-Tectors were seized by Cherubimon, but Ophanimon regained them and gave Takuya and Koji a new power – using everyone’s spirits, they could evolve into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. J.P. gave the Spirits of Thunder to Koji, but regained them when he devolved, allowing him to still become Beetlemon, which he did during the battle with IceDevimon.

Beetlemon's Thunder FistWith Takuya and Koji using all the Spirits again for the final battle with Cherubimon, and many subsequently battles with the Royal Knights, J.P.’s ability to become Beetlemon became limited. He next became him with the kids were confronted by Baronmon, who revealed to them the impending revival of Lucemon, and then again during the battle with Sagittarimon and his Centarumon in Steel Town. While defending the Village of Beginnings, J.P. became Beetlemon and stood alongside all of the other Legendary Warriors, including the “evil” ones, who were temporarily restored through the combination of their Spirits and Digi-Eggs, and he later aided in the battle to protect Gotsumon from Knightmon.

Following Lucemon’s resurrection and his destruction of the Digital World’s moons, J.P. became Beetlemon to join the flight to the Dark Area and the battle with Lucemon. None of the kids could match his power, but Koichi’s sacrifice unleashed the power within Koji and Takuya to attain a new evolution – using all the spirits, the two boys combined into Susanoomon, who defeated Lucemon and scanned his good data. However, this left the evil data unrestrained, and it assumed the form of Lucemon’s Wild Mode and Larva Mode and headed for the real world. J.P. became Beetlemon to pursue him along with everyone else, but they were all cut down in transit. Upon arriving in the Trailmon terminal in their human forms, the kids began to lose hope – but then, the spirits of Beetlemon and the other warriors appeared before them and gave them the courage and power to fight on. All the kids and spirits merged into Susanoomon, and Beetlemon and all the other spirits manifested once more to deliver the final series of blows to Lucemon’s Larva Mode. With victory claimed, Beetlemon hurled J.P. through the portal back to Earth with a final handshake.

Beetlemon first appears in “All Aboard” as a brief flash of an image, superimposed over J.P., who first Spirit Evolves into him in “Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon.” His voice is supplied by Steve Blum, who also voices the shadow version of Beetlemon from “Alone But Never Alone.”

Name: From “beetle.”



BeowolfmonGroup: Warrior – Level: Hybrid – Type: Variable – Attack Techniques: Frozen Hunter, Cleansing Light, Beo Saber

Beowolfmon is the Fusion Evolved form of Koji, using the two Spirits of Light in conjunction. Armed with a massive blade weapon, Beowolfmon can generate pure light in various damaging forms. His left gauntlet contains a missile launcher which fires multiple miniature warheads.

The power of Fusion Evolution was awoken in Koji by data from Seraphimon’s egg during his battle with Duskmon inside Sakkakumon. In his new forms, he clashed hard with Duskmon, as the forces of light and dark struggled against each other, and eventually exploded, hurling the two combatants out of Sakkakumon and far into the distance. Beowolfmon soon tracked Duskmon down and battled with him again in a cave, leading down into an underground reservoir. Cherubimon stepped in to attack Beowolfmon, and then bestowed the Beast Spirit of Darkness upon Duskmon, allowing him to become Velgemon, who defeated Beowolfmon.

Slowly beginning to understand the true identity of Duskmon, Koji became Beowolfmon again and confronted Velgemon, trying to learn the truth – and eventually, he did: Duskmon was his twin brother, Koichi. Shaken by this revelation, he was defeated by Duskmon, and reverted to Koji, but with the help of Takuya, he realised he had to fight his brother to save him, and became Beowolfmon again, defeated Velgemon, and took the Spirits of Darkness from him, restoring him as Koichi.

Koji next became Beowolfmon when the kids were attacked by a projection of Cherubimon on the way to the Rose Morning Star. None of any of the kids’ attacks did any harm, until Koichi used the purified Spirits of Darkness to become Loewemon and JagerLoewemon and destroyed the projection. Continuing on to the Rose Morning Star, Koji learned that Beowolfmon’s power was not enough to handle the real Cherubimon, and Ophanimon bestowed a new power upon him and Takuya – that of Unified Spirit Evolution, allowing them to use all the spirits to become MagnaGarurumon and EmperorGreymon, forms that they used to destroy Cherubimon.

Light and darkness clash as Beowolfmon and Duskmon battleBut the destruction of Cherubimon gave rise to the Royal Knights, servants of Lucemon attempting to bring about his rebirth. Koji became Beowolfmon for the first battle with the knights, going up against Dynasmon with Takuya.

More battles with the Royal Knights followed, eventually leading to the destruction of the Digital World and the revival of Lucemon. Koji’s next transformation into Beowolfmon came as they kids made their attack on Lucemon in his Chaos Mode to stop him from entering the real world. Unfortunately, the easily overpowered them, but Koichi’s sacrifice birthed a new evolution in Koji and Takuya, who combined into Susanoomon. As Susanoomon, they obliterated the dichotomous Lucemon Chaos Mode, but his evil data survived, taking the form of his Wild Mode, and heading for the real world. Koji became Beowolfmon one last time, as he and the other pursued their opponent back to Earth. Attacking him in transit between the worlds had no effect, resulting only in retaliation that caused the kids to revert to their human forms. Then, the spirits of the Legendary Warriors appeared before them, giving them the strength to fight on, to all combine into Susanoomon, and finally destroy Lucemon

Beowolfmon first appears in “Stuck In Sakkakumon With You.” His voice is supplied by Steve Staley.

Name: A misspelling of “Beowulf,” a famous 6th century Scandinavian hero whose adventures were chronicled in an epic poem that bore his name.


Group: Amphibian - Levek: Rookie - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Electric Shock, Beta Slugger
A Betamon was among the Digimon at the Autumn Leaf Fair during the DigiDestined's first visit. As seen in "Bizarre Bazaar."
Name: Either from the Japanese word, "betanko," meaning squashed, or "betabeta," meaning sticky.


The kids hear Seraphimon's taleDigimon Frontier episode #13

English version written by Seth Walther

The kids arrive at the Forest Terminal, where they discover Seraphimon’s castle and learn the full story of Cherubimon’s rise to power from the newly-awakened angel. The castle is then attacked by Grumblemon and his fellow evil Legendary WarriorsRanamon, Arbormon and Mercurymon. The kids are overcome by their opponents, and Seraphimon is reduced to a Digi-Egg when Mercurymon absorbs his data, forcing the kids to flee on Kettle the Trailmon, with Grumblemon and Arbormon hot on their heels...



BiyomonGroup: Bird – Level: Rookie – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Spiral Twister, Pecking Attack

A Biyomon was first seen at the Autumn Leaf Fair when the DigiDestined paid a visit, and some were later shown being evacuated from the fair when the DigiDestined prepared to defend it against the Royal Knights. Shortly before that act of defence, however, a large flock of Biyomon appeared, fleeing the wrath of a SkullSatamon attempting to locate the Fractal Code of the Village of Flames. The DigiDestined failed to arrive in time to stop him, and all that was left was the Flame Terminal, and the remaining inhabitants became disenchanted with the kids. A vocal Biyomon expressed her support for the DigiDestined, willing to at least stay with them and face defeat at their side, rather than running away. As the DigiDestined battled the SkullSatamon, who had multiplied himself, one of the Biyomon was forced to reveal the location of the terminal’s data, but was destroyed by a SkullSatamon anyway. This prompted all the other Digimon to join in the battle, with the Biyomon flock unleashing a combined Spiral Twister on a SkullSatamon, thought it was largely ineffective. The terminal was scanned by Crusadermon, but the Biyomon and the other Digimon were able to escape.

A Biyomon first appears in “Bizarre Bazaar.” Tifanie Christun supplies the voice of the lead Biyomon in “Bad To The Bones,” reprising the role from seasons one and two.

Name: A corruption of her original Japanese name, “Piyomon,” from “piyo,” the noise a bird makes.


The DigiDestined arrive at the Autumn Leaf Fair“BIZARRE BAZAAR”

Digimon Frontier episode #17

English version written by Seth Walther

The trail of the Toucanmon leads the DigiDestined to the Autumn Leaf Fair, where Tommy discovers that their D-Tectors have been traded with a Datamon merchant. His search for something to trade to get them back is in vain, but when he saves the Toucanmon out on the ice fields, Datamon is convinced he deserves to have them – just in time to let Tommy Beast Spirit Evolve into Korikakumon for the first time to battle and defeat Petaldramon. Meanwhile, Zoe wins the kids Trailmon tickets in an eating contest.



Group: Mammal – Level: Armour – Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Nose Blaster, Bullet Attack

Boarmon were among the Beast-type Digimon living on the Lost Island, who constantly warred with Human-type Digimon also living there. Notably, one of them participated in a kamikaze attack on the Human Digimon settlement with a Rabbitmon and an Oryxmon, destroying themselves to take out several of their foes.

Boarmon appear in “Island of Lost Digimon, which is not in continuity with the series. For his one line, his voice is supplied by Michael Sorich. Boarmon is the Armour Digivolved form of Armadillomon with the Digi-Egg of Courage.

Name: From “boar,” a male pig.



BokomonGroup: Mutant – Level: Rookie – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Fierce Escape Dash, Book of Knowledge

Bokomon is as hoity-toity a Digimon as you could want to meet, forever professing his great intelligence, and greatly disliking it when he is corrected or questioned. The self-titled “keeper of the book,” Bokomon constantly carries an encyclopedia-like tome that tells the history of the Digital World and contains the information that he’s always spouting, which somehow tucks completely away in the pink belt he always wears. He hails from the Village of Flames, and while he always seems exasperated by his erstwhile companion, Neemon, frequently snapping his elastic pants to silence him, the truth is, he probably wouldn’t know what to do without him.

Bokomon and Neemon encountered the DigiDestined when they arrived in the Village of Flames, just as Cerberumon attacked it in search of the Human Spirit of Flame. While fleeing from the canine monstrosity, they ran smack into Takuya, and Bokomon was most fascinated to discover that he was a human. After Takuya discovered the Spirit of Flame and used it to become Agunimon, then restored the Fractal Code of the portion of the village that has been destroyed, Bokomon put himself at the service of the kids, acting as their guide and informant in the Digital World, first telling them how Cherubimon’s evil and covered the world and of the nature of Fractal Code, and using his book to identify the kids’ assorted Spirit Evolved forms.

Bokomon, along with Neemon, went with the kids on their trek to the Forest Terminal, making them aware of the oddities and eccentricities of the Digital World, often acting as a source of information on new Digimon that they encountered.

While passing through the Candlemon’s valley, the group came upon inscriptions matching the symbols of the Spirits, and Bokomon took the opportunity to explain the history of the Digital World and the story of the Legendary Warriors.

After the battle with Grumblemon on the KaratsukiNumemon’s mountain, which resulting in the mountain being destroyed, Bokomon and Neemon wound up with Zoe and J.P., and came across a Digimon school, where Bokomon tried his hand at teaching – unfortunately, the pupils were more interesting in playing with the humans than listening to his stories of the Legendary Warriors.

Neemon and Tommy look on as Bokomon looks up Agunimon in his bookThe discovery of Beast Spirit Evolution led to the discovery of a fold-out page in Bokomon’s book – but since Neemon was the one who discovered it, Bokomon didn’t hesitate to take a few seconds to throw a few insults his way.

When Koji tried to get away from the group to make some progress on his own, Bokomon and Neemon snuck off after him, leading to another battle with Grumblemon, but also the discovery of the Beast Spirit of Light. Then, with the DigiDestined at something of a loose end, unsure of their next course of action, Bokomon took them to a fortune telling fair, to gain advice from Shamanmon, which eventually resulted in Takuya claiming the Beast Spirit of Flame.

During the adventure on the Lost Island, Bokomon was most concerned that they would, as the legends about the island stated, be unable to return to the Digital World from it. He later translated the inscriptions in the cave of Onismon, revealing a prophecy that exposed the true nature of the island’s so-called protector, and the deception wrought by the “leaders” of the opposing Beast and Human Digimon armies. These events are out of continuity with the series.

When the kids finally made it to the Forest Terminal, and battled the evil Legendary Warriors at Seraphimon’s castle, Seraphimon himself was reduced to a Digi-Egg in the fight. After they escaped from the castle, Bokomon took ownership of the egg, keeping it tucked in his belt at all times and generally mothering it, but also using it as an excuse to not get involved in the Great Trailmon Race.

After a brief visit to Hamburger Digimon Village, where Bokomon and Neemon were caught being judges in the kids’ hamburger-making contest, and had to suffer Koji and Takuya’s vile creations, the group ventured on into the Dark Continent, where a series of battles with Duskmon resulted in Takuya being temporarily returned to Earth, and the others split up. Bokomon and Neemon were attacked by a Sepikmon, but saved by the returned Takuya, who then freed the other captive kids.

"The baby's coming!"Bokomon and Neemon avoided being drawn into Sakkakumon, but the kids weren’t so lucky, and the two Digimon could do nothing but sit and wait until Tommy, then J.P., and then Zoe finally fought their way out. Koji and Takuya were still trapped within the beast, and to claim their victories, they required a new power – that of Fusion Evolution, given to them by the energy of Seraphimon’s Digi-Egg, which had a decidedly “shocking” effect on Bokomon, who went into convulsions as the egg prepared to hatch after Takuya reclaimed Seraphimon’s data from Mercurymon and returned it to the egg. And hatch it did, into a Patamon, outfitted with a copy of Bokomon’s belt, and thinking of him as his “papamom.” Bokomon mothered Patamon just as much as he had the egg, though it was a bit harder, since Patamon could fly away if he felt like it – which he did at one point, forcing Bokomon and Neemon to go off into the forest looking for him, which led them to the site of Koji’s latest battle with Duskmon.

Following the revelation that Duskmon was, in actuality, Koji’s twin brother, Koichi, who was then freed from the corrupted power of the Spirits of Darkness, the group headed for the Rose Morning Star to free Ophanimon from Cherubimon’s clutches. Between battles with Cherubimon, the kids were confronted with IceDevimon, whose history Bokomon nervously revealed from his book. Then, using the power of Unified Spirit Evolution, Takuya and Koji destroyed Cherubimon.

The fighting was not yet at an end, however – the destruction of Cherubimon gave rise to the Royal Knights, servants of Lucemon, attempting to bring about his rebirth, as Cherubimon had been manipulated into doing. The knights cut a swathe of destruction across the Digital World, scanning much of its data and sending it to Lucemon in the Dark Area at the world’s core – Bokomon was most distressed to learn that his home, the Village of Flames, was in danger from the villains. When the group arrived there via Trailmon, Bokomon was relieved to see it intact... a relief that lasted only seconds, as it disappeared before his eyes, scanned by a SkullSatamon, leaving only the Flame Terminal. Despite fighting a fierce battle alongside the rest of the village’s inhabitants, the DigiDestined were unable to prevent the Terminal being scanned.

Bokomon and Neemon helped to organise the evacuation of the Autumn Leaf Fair when the Royal Knights targeted it, and Bokomon attempted to comfort Koichi when it was discovered that he existed only as a spirit in the Digital World, only to be sworn to secrecy by the boy, who didn’t want the others to know.

Bokomon says his goodbyesEventually, Lucemon was reborn, and the Digital World and even its moons were destroyed. The villain was defeated by the combined form of Koji and Takuya, Susanoomon, but as per Bokomon’s speculation, only his good data was scanned, and the remaining evil data assumed Lucemon’s Wild Mode and headed for the real world. The kids pursued, but were attacked in transit, and, after arriving at the Trailmon terminal, they were consumed with despair – but then, the Spirits took form and appeared before the kids, giving them the courage to fight on. While the kids accepted this with ease, Bokomon and Neemon were shocked by the appearance of the Spirits. As the kids all merged into Susanoomon, and attacked Lucemon, Bokomon and Neemon watched, sheathed in a protective bubble by Patamon, Salamon and Lopmon. When victory was at last claimed through the combined might of all the Spirits, the portal to the real world began to close, and the spirits hurled the kids through it, and the reality of the situation suddenly dawned on Bokomon, who had to be held back by Neemon to stop him from going through the portal into a world he could not survive in. As the kids vanished, Bokomon vowed to write down their adventures, so that everyone would know of their story, and their legend.

Bokomon first appears in “All Aboard.” His voice is supplied by Brian Beacock, starting out with a very high-pitched voice, but gradually deepening, until Bokomon had adopted what would be his normal speaking voice by “The Odd One Out.”

Name: Unclear, but a possible variety exist. It may be from either the Japanese words “bokoboko” (meaning to hit something hollow), or “bokoru” (slang for beating someone up), or it may be as simple as a misspelling of “book.” Also, the possibility exists that it’s a pun on “Bokonon,” the name of a character from “Cat’s Cradle,” a 1963 science fiction novel by Kurt Vonnegut. In the book, Bokonon creates a religion, Bokononism, and the holy text of this religion is the Books of Bokonon, hence the seeming connection to our book-bearing Bokomon.



Group: Micro - Level: Baby - Attack Technique: Bubble Blow

Lots of Botamon were seen and cared for by the DigiDestined at the Village of Beginnings, along with lots of other young Digimon. When the village was scanned by the Royal Knights, the DigiDestined helped to relocate the Digimon and Digi-Eggs to the Ophanimoon, the Digital World’s yellow moon.

Botamon first appear in “Glean Eggs And Scram.” Additionally, three of them are seen hatching from Digi-Eggs being held by Zoe, Tommy and a Gekomon in the show's opening credits.

Name: From the Japanese word, “bota,” meaning rocks dug up during coal mining.

A small village in the shade of a massive tree, populated by Floramon, and formerly Mushroomon, known to be a popular tourist spot in the Digital World. It's likely that it occupies the region of the Digital World which embodies the element of Wind. When the Mushroomon were corrupted by Cherubimon's evil, they turned on the Floramon, wrecking the village, but when Zoe and J.P. arrived, they befriended the Floramon and started to help rebuild, enraging the Mushroomon, who attacked again. When Zoe found her Spirit in the branches of the tree, she became Kazemon, prompting the Mushroomon to combine into Woodmon, who defeat her, but was then in turn defeated and purified by Lobomon, reverting the Mushroomon back to their old selves.
Breezy Village appears in "Kazemon Kicks It."




Koji makes a promise to KoichiDigimon Frontier episode #48

English version written by Terri-Lei O’Malley

Lucemon’s destruction of the Ophanimoon strands the kids in space, slowly being carried back by Lopmon, Salamon and Patamon. Koji and Koichi are offered a chance to talk about their parents, and Koichi makes Koji promise to visit their mother. Then, in battle with Lucemon in the Dark Area, Koichi sacrifices himself, giving the Spirits of Darkness to Koji. The powers of light and dark are unleashed, and Koji and Takuya combine together, using the power of all the spirits, to form Susanoomon!




BuffaloGroup: Machine – Level: Champion –Type: Data – Attack Techniques: Cool Running, Emergency Break Spark

Buffalos are one of several breeds of Trailmon who traverse and transport passengers over the far-reaching system of train lines that spans the Digital World.

The DigiDestined’s first meeting with a Buffalo was a brief one, when one nearly ran them over shortly before their encounter with the enslaved Kokuwamon.

Some time later, two Toucanmon stole the DigiDestined’s D-Tectors and traded them with a Datamon at the Autumn Leaf Fair, then tried to leave on a Buffalo, only to be forcibly ejected on the ice field outside the fair when Buffalo realised they didn’t have tickets. Since there are multiples of each breed of Trailmon, however, there’s no way to know if this Buffalo is the same as the other that the kids encountered before. Zoe was able to win tickets for the kids, however, and they headed towards the Rose Morning Star on the same Buffalo, only to have him stop before they got there, so he could participate in the Great Trailmon Race. Buffalo was partnered with the cheating ShadowWereGarurumon and Dogmon, who proceeded to attack and sabotage all the other racers, until it was down to just Buffalo and Worm, being ridden by Takuya. In the final stretch, Worm channelled a burst of BurningGreymon’s flames, and used them to blast Buffalo clean off the track, and out of the race.

Shortly after the defeat of Cherubimon, when the Royal Knights began to gather more of the Digital World’s data for Lucemon, all the assorted Trailmon were unwilling to travel their routes and put themselves in danger. A Buffalo was among the Trailmon who refused to take the DigiDestined to Beanstalk Village, and was also one of the Trailmon who wouldn’t leave the safety of their station to help transport Digi-Eggs from the Village of Beginnings to safety. Thankfully, Zoe was able to convince them in the latter instance, and the Trailmon took the eggs to the safety of the Ophanimoon, the Digital World’s yellow moon. Lastly, a Buffalo was among the Trailmon who transported Digimon away from the Autumn Leaf Fair.

A Buffalo first appears in “Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon,” but one doesn’t speak until “Bizarre Bazaar.” Dave Wittenberg supplies the voice of all the Buffalos, and all the other Trailmon.

BukamonName: From “buffalo,” a wild horned bovine.




Group: Micro - Level: In-Training - Attack Techniques: Bubble Blow

Bukamon could be seen among the many Digimon at the Autumn Leaf Fair when the DigiDestined visited it, and at least one Bukamon was seen being evacuated from the fair when they return to defend it from the Royal Knights. As seen in “Bizarre Bazaar” and “All Aboard The Tag Team Express.”

Name: A corruption of his original Japanese name, "Pukamon," from the Japanese word, "pukapuka," meaning the sound of floating.





Group: Mammal – Level: Armour – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Tail Whip, Matador Dash

Bullmon were among the Beast-type Digimon living on the Lost Island, who constantly warred with the Human-type Digimon also living there.

Bullmon appear in “Island of Lost Digimon, which is not in continuity with the series. Bullmon is the Armour Digivolved form of Wormmon, using the Digi-Egg of Hope.

Name: From “bull.”




Digimon Frontier episode #40

English version written by Seth WaltherKatsuharu and co.

After returning from the Seraphimoon, the DigiDestined find themselves in Steel Town, where they encounter Sagittarimon, who attempts to rob them, but is scared off by the appearance of an Angemon, along with four other kids – Katsuharu, Teppei, Chiaki and Teruo. These four kids – who were among the many brought to the Digital World by Ophanimon, and insisted on staying – immediately clash with the DigiDestined, who think they should return home, but even Angemon can’t change their minds. Sagittarimon then returns with a small army of Centarumon, and the DigiDestined reveal their Spirit Evolution powers to save the day. The victory is cut short by the arrival of the Royal Knights, who destroy Angemon and scan Steel Town, leading Katsuharu and co. to realise that they need to return to Earth to stay safe.

Name: The title of this episode is a turn of phrase which essentially refers to a higher power exerting itself over those below it. The term was coined by President Theodore Roosevelt, using "bully" not in a negative sense, but to describe things of an awesome or magnificent nature.



Rookie and Champion BurgermonGroup: Food – Level: Rookie/Champion – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: (Rookie) Delicious Patty, Green Pickles (Champion) Delicious Patty, Spicy Onion

The unusual Digimon known as Burgermon hail from the Seraphimoon, the blue Digital World moon, and come in two varieties, Rookie and Champion. Several Burgermon of both types came to the Digital World itself and set up Hamburger Digimon Village.Burgermon (mama)

When Takuya and Worm won the Great Trailmon Race, they won a trip to the village for the kids, but upon arrival, they discovered that one of the Burgermon, famed for his burgers, had been captured by Petaldramon and was being held hostage by him. While Takuya and Koji were caught up making their own burger, Tommy, Zoe and J.P. were captured by Petaldramon’s Chamelemon minions after they tasted Tommy’s own delicious burger recipe. At Petaldramon’s mansion, they were jailed along with the missing Burgermon, who was impressed by Tommy’s burgers, and set about making them to appease Petaldramon while the kids Spirit Evolved and broke out, switching to their Beast forms when Petaldramon himself arrived and attacked them. During the fight, Burgermon tossed a burger made with Tommy’s recipe into Petaldramon’s mouth, and he loved the taste so much, he stopped fighting to eat the whole batch, allowing everyone to escape.Burgermon (papa)

As a result of their first battle with the Royal Knights, the kids were blasted to the Seraphimoon, where they met more Burgermon and learned that they came from the moon originally. After several failed attempted to get back to the Digital World, the kids discovered a rocket half-buried in a crater – it had previously been used as a test prototype for the craft that took some of the Burgermon to the Digital World. With some help from the other Digimon on the moon, the kids righted and refurbished the rocket, and returned to the planet.

A Burgermon was among the Digimon seen being evacuated from the Autumn Leaf Fair, when the DigiDestined were attempting to protect it from the Royal Knights. Shortly thereafter, Lucemon’s destruction of the Ophanimoon created shockwaves and debris that destroyed both of the other moons, including all the Burgermon and other Digimon on the Seraphimoon.

Burgermon of both varieties first appear in “You Want Fries With That?” The father Burgermon in this episode is voiced by Joey D’Auria, while the mother Burgermon is voiced by Barbara Goodson. The Burgermon from “The Man In The Moon Is You” are voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Joe Ochman, Peggy O’Neal and Philece Sampler.

Name: From “burger,” as in “hamburger.”



BurningGreymonGroup: Dark Dragon – Level: Hybrid – Type: Variable – Attack Techniques: Pyro Barrage, Wildfire Tsunami

BurningGreymon is the Beast Spirit Evolved form of Takuya, using the Beast Spirit of Flame. His forearm-mounted cannons can flaming energy bursts, and he is capable of generating enough fire from numerous orifices on his body to sheathe himself entirely, which he can then project upon his enemies in waves – and should these fail, as one of the must feral, uncontrollable Beast Spirit forms, the massive BurningGreymon always has his great physical strength and claws. His huge wings make him capable of flight.

Takuya was not the first to assume the form of BurningGreymon. When Grumblemon and his Golemon servant tracked the DigiDestined to a fortune telling festival, Shamanmon, one of the seers at the festival, was consumed by the power of the Spirit, hidden within his own temple. He was transformed into BurningGreymon and dispatched both Grumblemon and his minion, but then turned on the DigiDestined themselves. When Takuya realised what had happened, he saved Shamanmon by taking the Spirit for himself, in turn transforming into BurningGreymon. Takuya proved unable to control the Beast Spirit any more than Shamanmon had, and turned on his friends, only halting when Tommy was able to calm him down and allow Takuya regain control of himself. He was subsequently able to become BurningGreymon and defeat Grumblemon in battle, stealing the Beast Spirit of Earth from him.
During the adventure on the Lost Island, Takuya became BurningGreymon amidst the climactic battle between the Human and Beast Digimon, attempting to put a stop to the fighting. He Slide Evolved into Agunimon to deliver the final blow to the war's architect, Murmuxmon. These events are out of continuity with the series.

Takuya next became BurningGreymon during the Great Trailmon Race, assuming his form to propel his Trailmon, Worm, out of the tunnel they were trapped in with a jet of flame. Worm channelled a Wildfire Tsunami and blasted their opponent, Buffalo, clean off the tracks.

When confronted by Arbormon in the Dark Continent, Takuya became BurningGreymon and battled him along with the other kids’ Beast forms, but the fight was cut shot by the appearance of Duskmon, who destroyed Arbormon for losing the Beast Spirit of Wood. Duskmon then attacked the kids, but the BurningGreymon's Wildfire Tsunamiover-confident Takuya quickly learned that BurningGreymon’s power was no match for the warrior of darkness. The kids were forced to withdraw, and Takuya lined up a new offensive strategy, which resulted in Koji getting injured – which provoked a pained response from Duskmon, who shrouded the landscape in darkness, somehow resulting in Takuya getting temporarily sent back to Earth, where his experiences strengthened his resolve to fight.

Takuya’s next battle as BurningGreymon was against Mercurymon, within Sakkakumon. The villain had taken the form of ShadowSeraphimon, and, having already defeated Agunimon, made short work of BurningGreymon. Takuya was only able to claim victory when the power of Fusion Evolution was awakened within him by Seraphimon’s egg, and he became Aldamon.

With the acquisition of this new power, and later, the power of Unified Spirit Evolution, it was not necessary for Takuya to become BurningGreymon again for quite some time – in fact, he would only appear once more. BurningGreymon’s last appearance saw him carry Koji, Tommy and Koichi across a body of water, which led them into battle defending a Gotsumon friend of Koji’s against a horde of Knightmon.

BurningGreymon first appears in “A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon,” both as Shamanmon – voiced by Beau Billingslea – and Takuya – voiced by Michael Reisz. Dave Wittenberg provided his voice in "Island of Lost Digimon."

Name: Obviously, from “burning,” and “Grey” apparently comes from a misspelling of “great.”