Digmon Adventure episode #20
English version written by Michael L. Reynolds and Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
Tai saves Sora from the clutches of Datamon, then Greymon Digivolves to MetalGreymon for the first time to finish off Etemon, opening up a portal to the real world, through which he and Tai are sucked.
Episode Trivia - The title of this episode spells MetalGreymon incorrectly, as "Metal Greymon," putting a space between the two words. The episode also aired with another erroneous title, "The Earthquake of Metalgreymon," failing to capitalise the 'G' in MetalGreymon.

EbidramonGroup: Sea Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Twin Scissors, Lobster Step
The first Ebidramon the kids encountered was under the control of one of the Digimon Emperor's Dark Rings. While the DigiDestined were on a mission to destroy a Control Spire in the frozen North of the DigiWorld, Cody and Armadillomon remained behind with Joe and Gomamon while the other went ahead, to let Cody recuperate from a fall into a freezing river. While in a cave, Joe and Cody were attacked by the Emperor and a Shellmon, but Digmon took him out. The Emperor then summoned Ebidramon, and Digmon took him on, but thankfully, the other kids destroyed the Control Spire, allowing Gomamon to Digivolve to Ikkakumon, to help battle Ebidramon. Oddly, Ikkakumon apparently destroyed the Ebidramon with his Harpoon Torpedo - although Ebidramon should have been freed from the Ring with the Spire's destruction.
When Digimon started to appear in the real world, an Ebidramon was seen attacking a cargo ship on the news. The DigiDestined headed off to various spots around the globe to round up the wild creatures, and Joe and Cody ran into an Ebidramon - possibly the one who attacked the ship, possibly not - when they were in Australia. They found Derek, an Australian DigiDestined, being menaced by an Ebidramon, a Shellmon and a Gesomon, but Ikkakumon and Armadillomon scared them off with thoughts of sea-food!
Ebidramon first appear in "Old Reliable," making it the first brand new non-DigiDestined Digimon introduced in Digimon Adventure 02.
Name: From "ebi," the Japanese word for shrimp.

Digimon Adventure episode #34
English version written by Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
Wizardmon recovers the eighth Digivice, discovering that Kari is the Eighth Child, and that Gatomon is her Digimon, but is soon attacked and defeated by Myotismon during an attempt to steal her Crest from him, allowing Gatomon to be captured.

Digimon Adventure episode #31
English version written by Rebecca Olkowski and John Ludin
The Kamiyas' cat, Miko, takes the eighth Digivice from their apartment, and Izzy detects it’s signal – but while searching for it, is menaced by DemiDevimon and Raremon. After Kabuterimon destroys Raremon, the Digivice is stolen by a magpie.

ElecmonGroup: Mammal - Level: Rookie - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Super Thunder Strike, Body Attack
Elecmon lives in and guards Primary Village on File Island. While good-natured at heart, he's quick to act and sometimes doesn't think things through. His powerful electric attack is sure to give opponents a charge!
T.K. and Patamon were the first to encounter Elecmon. After the kids were split up and sent to separate chunks of the shattered File Island by Devimon, T.K. and Patamon found themselves in Primary Village, where Patamon told T.K. about Digi-Eggs and Baby level Digimon. Elecmon was busy fishing in a stream a little ways away, and when he returned, he immediately saw T.K. and Patamon as intruders, and attacked them. Patamon and Elecmon fought, but T.K. made them stop, and suggested they have a tug-o-war instead. Patamon won, and Elecmon realised they weren't bad guys after all. He allowed them to stay in Primary Village (although the stay was cut short by the arrival of the Black Gear-infected Leomon, the other kids coming to T.K.'s rescue, and the final battle with Devimon). Elecmon then helped the kids build a raft to take them to the continent of Server.
When the kids had to return to Earth to stop Myotismon's plans for conquest, the evil Dark Masters arose and conquered the DigiWorld, reformatting it into the massive Spiral Mountain. Primary Village was relocated to the mountain's peak, but was decimated and tainted with evil by the Dark Masters. No Digimon could be reborn there until the Dark Masters were defeated. Dissention in the ranks of the DigiDestined had resulted in the group splitting up, and Joe and Mimi came across Elecmon among the ruins of Primary Village. He agreed to help them, and aided them in battling the Vilemon, minions of the last Dark Master, Piedmon. After his defeat, the reunited kids were pulled into battle with Apocalymon, the DigiWorld's ultimate evil. Turning his Total Annihilation attack against him, they destroyed him, resulting the DigiWorld's restoration to normalcy. As the world began to reformat itself, a hail of Digi-Eggs rained down in Primary Village - all the Digimon who had died during the conflict were reborn to live life again. Elecmon would go on to care for them, to see to it that they grew up, and that the DigiWorld was repopulated.
Four years later, several other Elecmon were seen at different times. An Elecmon was seen being chased through a forest by the Digimon Emperor. It was captured, and fitted with a Dark Ring, and then forced to fight another Elecmon. Multiple Elecmon were seen being freed from the Emperor's dungeons in his fortress some time later.
Later on, when BlackWarGreymon was thundering his way through the DigiWorld, seeking a worthy opponent, an Elecmon was seen in a forest the dark Digimon was passing through with several Baby level Digimon. While this might seem to imply that this was the original Elecmon that the kids met during their first adventure, it does not make sense, as that Elecmon and his Baby Digimon live on File Island, and that scene did not take place there.
At least one of the unnamed French DigiDestined had an Elecmon for a partner. An Elecmon - possibly that DigiDestined's partner, possibly not - was seen when MaloMyotismon was infecting both Earth and DigiWorld with darkness.
Elecmon first appears in "DigiBaby Boom." His voice is supplied by Michael Sorich.
Name: From the word "electricity," in reference to his electric powers.

Digimon Adventure 02 episode #9
English version written by Seth Walther
Ken decides to run away from home, and fully become the Digimon Emperor. Occupying the DigiDestined with a squad of Meramon, the Emperor captures Greymon with a Dark Ring, and tries to make him Digivolve into MetalGreymon - only to have him become SkullGreymon! When SkullGreymon's energy expires after battling the Emperor's DarkTyrannomon, he reverts to Agumon, but is taken away by the Emperor for further use.
Episode Trivia – The title of this episode comes from the fairy tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Group: Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Koko Crusher, Cable Crusher
Endigomon is the Champion form of Kokomon, the estranged Digimon partner of Willis, a DigiDestined from Colorado. His abilities include extending arms, rapid-fire energy-blast projectors built into his midriff, and the power to transform into mist.
After the defeat of Diaboromon, the virus that had created that villain somehow made it's way into the real world, where it targeted Willis, infecting Kokomon, and taking him away from Willis. Over time, Kokomon Digivolved into Endigomon, and sought out Willis repeatedly, telling him to "go back to the beginning." While vacationing in New York, T.K. and Kari witnessed a battle between Endigomon and Terriermon, Willis's other partner. Terriermon was no match for the monster, but when Willis stepped into the middle of the fight, Endigomon disappeared apparently unwilling to hurt him.
While T.K. and Kari were en route to Colorado in pursuit of Willis, Endigomon attacked their train and stopped it in it's track, warning them not to interfere. Meanwhile, Willis had met up with Davis, Yolei and Cody, but he, Davis and their Digimon wound up left at the roadside as Yolei and Cody caught a lift. There, they were attacked by Endigomon, prompting DemiVeemon to become Veemon, then Flamedramon to battle him. When Endigomon turned onWillis, Terriermon Digivolved into Gargomon for the first time, and beat Endigomon back.
The following day, after the team had regrouped at Summer Memory, Willis's family's vacation home, Endigomon reappeared, as Willis had resolved to face him in a final confrontation. But as the battle began, Endigomon Digivolved into his Ultimate form of Antylamon, then, after a brief skirmish with the Armour Digimon, became Kerpymon, his Mega form. Things looked bleak, until Veemon and Terriermon used the power of the Golden Digi-Eggs to become Magnamon and Rapidmon, and destroyed the virus within Kerpymon. Kerpymon reverted to his Vaccine form, and then deleted, but not long after, he was reconfigured as a Digi-Egg.
Endigomon appears in
"Digimon: The Movie," but is not referred to by name - like all his forms, he is just referred to as "Kokomon." His attacks were amended from the names given to them by Bandai (Howling Destroyer and Long Arm Grabbing) to reflect the single name he has, and his connection to Diaboromon, in the movie. His voice is supplied by Paul St. Peter and Wendee Lee.
Many changes were made to the portion of the movie in which Kokomon appears in the American version. Check out the "Kokomon" and "Willis" entries to read more about these.
Name: From "Wendigo," a native American forest spirit which can transform into mist, being where that power of Endigomon's is derived from.

Digimon Adventure 02 episode #1 (season premiere)
English version written by Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
Tai, T.K. and Kari are summoned to the DigiWorld to battle the mysterious Digimon Emperor. Three new Digivices appear, and three new DigiDestined are chosen - the first of their number, Davis, accompanies the group into the DigiWorld, where he find the Digi-Egg of Courage, and meets his Digimon, Veemon, who uses the egg to Armour Digivolve to battle a Monochromon who is under the Emperor's power.

Digimon Adventure episode #40
English version written by Rebecca Olkowski and John Ludin
The kids return to the DigiWorld, to discover that it has been conquered by the Dark Masters in the years that passed while they were gone, and reformatted into Spiral Mountain. They face off against the Dark Masters, but are soundly defeated by all four – only Chuumon’s sacrifice and the timely arrival of Piximon saves them.

EtemonGroup: Puppet - Level: Ultimate - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Dark Network, Concert Crush, Monkey Claw
Etemon is one of the other evil Digimon the kids were assigned to fight by Gennai. He controls the deserts of Server, and his servants include several Gazimon, Kokatorimon and Tyrannomon. Etemon craves the spotlight, and delights in singing (poorly) - his Concert Crush attack prevents Digimon from Digivolving. It should be noted here that his Dark Network attack is NOT the same thing as the actual Dark Network (for which there is a separate entry) - while his Dark Network attack is simply a ball of dark energy, the other Dark Network is an actual computer network that runs across all of his land, which he uses to monitor his domain.
The kids first encountered Etemon soon after arriving on Server. They came across a village of Koromon, which had been taken over by Pagumon. Gazimon quickly alerted Etemon to their presence in the village, and Etemon attacked, blaming them for recent disruptions in his network. The kids fled, but were trapped in a cave. However, the rear wall of the cave was actually Tai's Crest in disguise, and when he claimed it, the kids were able to escape through the rear of the cave.
The kids continued to wander the desert, trying to get away from Etemon, as Tai tried to use his Crest to make Agumon digivolve to the Ultimate level. Etemon attacked the kids again, trapping them in a coliseum, and pitting them again an evil Greymon under his command. Agumon digivolve to Greymon to battle him, but was too weak. Tai tried to make him digivolve again, but he had not mastered true courage, so it failed to work. When he tried to force the process, it became corrupted, and Greymon became SkullGreymon. Etemon made himself scarce when his Greymon was defeated.
When the gang came across a cruise ship in the middle of the desert, they ran afoul of Kokatorimon, who alerted Etemon to their position. However, they managed to escape the feathered felon's clutches, destroying his ship in the process. Etemon later sent Tyrannomon to attack the kids when they inadvertently revealed to him that they were hiding out in Piximon's training ground.
When Izzy latched his computer up to a terminal of Etemon's network, he received an e-mail from someone Etemon was holding prisoner in his pyramid. The person promised that if they freed him, he'd lead them to Sora's Crest. The kids infiltrated Etemon's pyramid when half their number lured him out and into battle with their Digimon. The kids discovered that the prisoner was Datamon, who had long ago been defeated in battle by Etemon and imprisoned in the pyramid, forced to run his network. He was the one responsible for the disruptions that Etemon had blamed the kids for. The kids freed him, as Etemon arrived. Datamon turned out to be no better than Etemon, as he captured Sora and Biyomon, taking them to a hidden chamber inside the pyramid. Again, the kids tracked him down, and, as Tai freed Sora, Etemon smashed his way in, and began battling with Datamon. Datamon dropped computer viruses into the nexus of the Dark Network, turning it into a black hole, which began to suck in matter. Etemon somehow became bonded to the Network, and used its power to attack the kids. Tai, having mastered true courage by saving Sora and standing up to Etemon, used his Crest to digivolve Agumon to MetalGreymon, who used his Giga Blaster attack to destroy Etemon and the Network. This opened up a dimensional rift, through which Etemon, Tai and MetalGreymon were sucked.
While Tai and MetalGreymon (now reverted to Koromon) found themselves back on Earth, Etemon's digital information was scattered across digital limbo - the void where all Digimon's information goes when they are destroyed. Etemon refused to be reformatted as a Digi-Egg, and fought the process, causing his information to spliced and mixed into a new form. He sent the remains of the Network and himself crashing back to the DigiWorld, which had now fallen under the control of the Dark Masters, and emerged from the wreckage as the new, more powerful MetalEtemon!
Etemon first appeared in "The Dark Network of Etemon." His original body was destroyed in "The Earthquake of Metal Greymon.” He returned as MetalEtemon in “Etemon’s Comeback Tour.” His voice is supplied by Richard Epcar.
For more information, see: MetalEtemon.
Name: Likely from the Japanese word "etekatte," meaning to do things at your own speed, your own way, for your own convenience.

Digimon Adventure episode #46
English version written by Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
While Tai and the others infiltrate Puppetmon's mansion, Joe and Mimi run into Ogremon, and are attacked by the recently-returned, even more powerful MetalEtemon!

Digimon Adventure episode #8
English version written by Dayna Barron and John Ludin
The kids find a mysterious mansion, and are set upon by Devimon who breaks File Island into segments and separates the kids across them.

ExVeemonGroup: Mythical Dragon - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Vee Laser, Critical Crunch
ExVeemon is the Digivolved form of Veemon, the Digimon partner of Davis of the DigiDestined. Veemon first Digivolved into ExVeemon to protect Davis from Tortomon. Davis had been attempted to trick Veemon into Digivolving into the Champion level, which he thought might make Kari like him more. However, the tricks wound up angering Tortomon, who chased them across the DigiWorld until Davis and Veemon reached a dead-end on the top of a cliff. Veemon finally Digivolved into ExVeemon and threw Tortomon off the cliff, but the hard-shelled Digimon survived the fall and even laughed.
ExVeemon assisted in the rebuilding of the Punimon village, but when the Control Spire there was reactivated, Veemon could not Digivolve. ExVeemon joined in the battle against Okuwamon, and argued with Stingmon as Davis fought with Ken - Davis was attempting to convince Ken to let the other kids help him. When Ken and Davis's hearts were focused on the same goal, the incredible happened - and ExVeemon and Stingmon DNA Digivolved into the awesome Paildramon!
ExVeemon appeared again in Giga House, where he had to protect Davis, Ken and Cody from Stingmon and Digmon, who had their minds taken over by music from Arukenimon's flute. He De-Digivolved to Veemon, but then re-Digivolved to merge into Paildramon and deal Arukenimon a severe thrashing. ExVeemon battled BlackWarGreymon with the other Champions, and then merged into Paildramon, only to be taken down by the dark Mega. He appeared briefly when Davis and the others were searching for Ken, Kari and Yolei, who had stumbled through a phase warp into the World of Darkness.
ExVeemon merged with Stingmon into Paildramon again to battle Arukenimon and Mummymon when they were trying to destroy the first Destiny Stone, but he and Silphymon were unable to stop BlackWarGreymon from shattering it. ExVeemon appeared briefly and merged again to fight Arukenimon and Mummymon after BlackWarGreymon destroyed another stone and was temporarily warped into Kyoto in Japan. He merged again to try and stop BlackWarGreymon from destroying the fourth stone, but he and Silphymon were again defeated. Even MagnaAngemon could not stop him. He combined with Stingmon yet again to protect the fifth stone, but that attempt also failed, as did the attempt to protect the sixth stone, even with the help of Ikkakumon and various underwater Digimon. He merged yet again to try and defend the seventh and final stone, but he and Silphymon got some extra help with Angemon and Ankylomon finally DNA Digivolved into Shakkoumon.
ExVeemon was present at the Christmas battle to merge with Stingmon again, and then Paildramon Mega Digivolved into Imperialdramon during battle with Mummymon. Imperialdramon airlifted the kids to different locations around the world so they could round up wild Digimon appearing there. ExVeemon joined in the battle at Rockafeller Centre against a Cherrymon, then returned to Odaiba, and merged and Digivolved into Imperialdramon, only to be paralysed by SkullSatamon, who beat the other Digimon around. The Digimon gave their power to Imperialdramon, who Mode Changed into his Fighter Mode. When Ken was saved from the clutches of both Oikawa and Daemon, ExVeemon became Imperialdramon Fighter Mode again to help cast Daemon into the World of Darkness.
ExVeemon was present when the kids arrived in MaloMyotismon's dream dimension, and, powered by Davis's courage, attacked the fiend alone. MaloMyotismon subject the kids to illusions of their greatest dreams, but Davis didn't not have any desires, and was able to free the other kids from their illusions, and use the dimension to fulfil a dream of his own - Veemon then Digivolved into all his separate forms at once! Veemon, Flamedramon, Raidramon, ExVeemon, Paildramon, Imperialdramon, and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode joined all the other Digimons' forms in attacking MaloMyotismon, but when he crossed the border to the DigiWorld, only the "real" incarnation of Veemon could cross over, and so Imperialdramon Fighter Mode went across, while the ExVeemon avatar faded away.
Three months later, when Armageddemon appeared in Tokyo Harbour, Veemon quickly Digivolved to ExVeemon, then merged with Stingmon to form Paildramon and Imperialdramon.
ExVeemon first appears in "Davis Cries Wolfmon." His voice is supplied by Derek Stephen Prince.
Name: Definition is unsure - original Japanese name is "XV-mon," and we know the "V" is short for "victory." The "X" may simply come from the X on his chest, or it may mean something like "eXceeding Veemon," or something similar.