Davis's D-3The D-3s are the Digivices of the new DigiDestined. According to Izzy, they have three settings - Digital, Detect, and Discover - hence their name. The D-3s belonging to Davis, Yolei and Cody were released from the Digi-Egg of Courage when it was touched by Tai upon his return to the DigiWorld, and shot through the Digi-Port. Davis was in the computer room when they emerged, and got his immediately, and used it to travel into the DigiWorld with T.K. and Kari.
The next day, Yolei and Cody were able to use their D-3s to travel into the DigiWorld and find their Digimon and Digi-Eggs. When T.K. and Kari discovered their own Digi-Eggs a little later, their own original Digivices morphed into D-3s.
The Digimon Emperor also had a D-3, which he used to broadcast power to his Control Spires. It The Digimon Emperor's Dark D-3had originally been a regular Digivice, but when he travelled to the DigiWorld for the second time, infected by a Dark Spore, he dipped his Digivice into the Dark Ocean in the World of Darkness, transforming it into a black D-3.
It was later revealed that only D-3s were able to open the Digi-Port to the DigiWorld. When the kids use them to do so, they say "Digi-Port, open!" but it is unlikely that this is a necessity, as the portal opened without them saying it to start with. The D-3s, like the old Digivices, have the tracking facility that allows them to detect other Digivices, and also pick up the signals emitted by Digi-Eggs. When a Digimon Armour Digivolves, the power of the Digi-Egg in use is sent to the D-3 by the D-Terminal in which it is stored, and released through it, allowing the Digivolution to take place. When the new Digimon were finally able to normally Digivolve into their Champion forms, the D-3s acted just like regular Digivices during the process.
D-3s first appear in "Enter Flamedramon." Izzy dubs them "D-3s" for the first time in "Guardian Angel."

DaemonGroup: Evil - Level: Mega - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Evil Inferno, Evil Flapping
The origins of the malevolent Digimon called Daemon are shrouded in mystery. Possessed of the ability to open Digi-Ports whenever he wants, Daemon commands a squad of powerful Digimon, dubbed the Daemon Corps, and is thought by many to have some connection to the enigmatic World of Darkness.
Daemon was aware of the Dark Spore within Ken Ichijouji, and sought to use the construct for his own purposes. He, LadyDevimon, SkullSatamon and MarineDevimon appeared in Odaiba, and began searching for Ken. After Imperialdramon destroyed SkullSatamon, Daemon appeared and demanded that Ken come with him. Arukenimon then appeared with a truckload of kidnapped children, and told Ken that if he went with her, she would release the captives. He complied, but once inside the truck, Ken was confronted by Oikawa, Arukenimon and Mummymon's creator, who copied the Dark Spore within Ken, planning to implant it inside the kidnapped children. LadyDevimon and MarineDevimon were destroyed by Silphymon and Shakkoumon, but Daemon pursued the truck, forcing it to stop, and demanding Ken be handed over. Oikawa was about to comply - having no longer use for the boy - but the other DigiDestined and their Digimon arrived and commenced battled with the villain. Their attacks were unable to defeat him, but they kept fighting. As Daemon was able to open Digi-Ports on his own, sending him the DigiWorld served no purpose - but then Ken used the dark power that was still buried within him to convert a Digi-Port into a gateway to the World of Darkness, though which Daemon was cast. Daemon did nothing but laugh as the portal closed around him.
Daemon did not return - it is thought that his continued existence is required to maintain the balance of light and darkness in the universe.
Daemon first appears in "Invasion of the Daemon Corps." His voice is supplied by Bob Papenbrook.
Bandai packaging and trading cards show that Daemon has another form - a demonic beast - that did not appear on the show.
Name: "Daemon" (pronounced "Day-mon") is an archaic alternative spelling of "demon" - and Daemon's original Japanese name is "Demon." The name on Bandai's materials is "Creepymon," but this awful name was thankfully changed by Saban for the show to one more reminiscent of his original.

Digimon Adventure episode #11
English version written by Michael L. Reynolds and John Ludin
Joe and Sora are captured and almost eaten by Bakemon, but are saved by Joe's mind-over-matter chants and Ikkakumon and Birdramon.

The process by which Agumon became a viral version of MetalGreymon, which involved the Digimon Emperor using his Dark Digivice to power up the Dark Spiral holding Agumon, giving him the ability to Digivolve. Agumon skipped out Champion level when he Dark Digivolved, and went straight to Ultimate - it's not known if this is inherent in the Dark Digivolve process.
Dark Digivolving occurs in "The Captive Digimon."

Digimon Adventure 02 episode #45
English version written by Alan Smith
Oikawa duplicates Ken's Dark Spore and prepares to hand him over to Daemon, when the other kids and their Digimon appear to hold Daemon off. Ken uses the dark power that remains deep inside him to convert a Digi-Port into a gate to the World of Darkness, through which Daemon is sent.
Episode Trivia - Upon this episode's first screening in the US, it was combined with "Duel of the WarGreymon" to make an hour long special which acted as the second part of "The Battle For Both Worlds."

The Dark Masters are four Mega level Digimon created by Apocalymon - MetalSeadramon, Puppetmon, Machinedramon and their leader, Piedmon - many years ago. When a Koromon and Parrotmon were transported to Earth by a dimensional rift, the mysterious group charged with protecting the DigiWorld (of which Gennai was a part) observed the situation that ensued, and decided upon the eight children who viewed the battle to be the new DigiDestined. They began to create Digivices, Tags and Crests for them, so they could save the DigiWorld from evil in the future, but the Dark Masters got wind of their plan. In a brutal attack, Piedmon killed all of the group and stole the Crests. Four Earth years later, the Crests were spread out across the DigiWorld - it is not clear how this came to be.
Prior to the coming of the DigiDestined, the Dark Masters battled and defeated the Harmonious Ones, the four guardians o the DigiWorld, sealing them away. The DigiDestined soon arrived, and battled and defeated Devimon and Etemon. In the many years that passed in the DigiWorld during the few days that the kids returned to Earth to stop Myotismon's plans for conquest, the Dark Masters emerged again took control of the entire DigiWorld, reforming its digital matter into the massive Spiral Mountain. The kids returned to the DigiWorld to battle the Dark Masters, but in their first fight with them, they were severely outmatched. They were only saved by Piximon. The kids then began to climb Spiral Mountain, battling each of the Dark Masters in turn, with help from their old Digimon friends. The Dark Masters were each defeated in turn, and the kids then had to fight Apocalymon himself.
The Dark Masters first appeared, obviously enough, in "Enter The Dark Masters."


Digimon Adventure 02 episode #20
"The Digimon Emperor's Revenge," part two
English version written by Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
The Digimon Emperor wreaks havoc across the DigiWorld with his fortress and Kimeramon. The DigiDestined break in and battle his minions, until Wormmon, attempting to cause Ken's defeat, leads Davis to the fortress's power source - the Digi-Egg of Miracles, which turns Veemon into Magnamon!
Episode Trivia – The title of this episode is derived from the saying, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

See World of Darkness

Etemon's Dark Network is essentially a computer network that runs across the desert regions on the continent of Server, connecting all areas of Etemon's domain. There are numerous access terminals across the desert, one of which was tapped into by Izzy. Etemon and his Gazimon constantly monitor the Network for information. Even Kokatorimon's cruise ship was connected to the Network.
When the DigiDestined kids arrived on Server, they were set upon by Etemon, who blamed them for recent malfunctions in his Network. They fled across the desert, finding their Crests on the way, and running to several of his minions, including Kokatorimon and Tyrannomon. It was when Izzy tapped into the aforementioned terminal that he received a message from someone who purported to be imprisoned inside Etemon's pyramid, the nexus point for the Dark Network. The kids discovered that the prisoner was Datamon, who had been imprisoned there by Etemon after being defeated by him in battle, and was forced to run his Network. It was actually Datamon who had been causing the Network malfunctions. The kids freed Datamon, but he turned out to be just as evil as Etemon, and kidnapped Sora and Biyomon, taking them to another chamber in the pyramid, where he attempted to make a digital copy of Sora who could use her Crest and serve him. Tai saved Sora, and then Etemon smashed in. As he and Datamon fought, Datamon dropped computer viruses into the Dark Network, causing it to start to absorb matter. Datamon was sucked in and destroyed, but somehow, Etemon managed to merge with the Dark Network, boosting his power. Even that power wasn't enough to stand against MetalGreymon, however, who used his Giga Blaster attack to destroy Etemon and the Network.

Digimon Adventure episode #15
English version written by Michael McConnohie and Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
The kids arrive on Server, and come across a village of Koromon that has been overtaken by Pagumon, and are then attacked by Etemon and his Gazimon, who force them to flee, trapping them in a cave, where Tai finds his Crest.

See World of Darkness

See Dark Whirlpool

Dark RingThe Dark Rings were created by the Digimon Emperor, and are overly reminiscent of Devimon's Black Gears. The rings are capable of independent flight, and are outfitted with cameras, which transmit images back to the Emperor's throne room in his base. When a Dark Ring attaches itself to a Digimon, it takes control of their mind, placing them under the Emperor's complete control. The Emperor's shades are linked to the rings, and send orders directly from his mind to the minds of the Digimon, via the rings. Dark Rings are only powerful enough to control Digimon at the Champion level or below - the Emperor discovered this when he attempted to have Greymon become MetalGreymon while under the power of a Dark Ring. Greymon fought the power of the ring, and the Digivolving process, which corrupted and once again transformed him into SkullGreymon, who was unaffected by the ring. To capture Ultimate Digimon, the Emperor created the Dark Spirals.
Dark Rings first appear in "Enter Flamedramon."

Dark SpiralThe Dark Spirals are more powerful versions of the Dark Rings, created by the Digimon Emperor, which run on their own independent power source and do not need the Control Spires to power them. After his experience with SkullGreymon, the Emperor realised that Dark Rings were not powerful enough to control Ultimate level Digimon, and so created the Dark Spirals for that purpose. Agumon, held captive by the Emperor, had a Spiral attached to him, and was then Dark Digivolved into a viral version of MetalGreymon by the Emperor's D-3. This Spiral was destroyed by Raidramon, and so the Emperor developed a more powerful version, which was then seen to be used on Gorillamon, Digitamamon, Ninjamon, ShogunGekomon, MegaSeadramon and Dokugumon. The "Scubamon" in the World of Darkness were seen to have Dark Spirals attached to them, but apparently they were not real, and were merely used to dupe Kari into helping them so they could capture her.
Dark Spirals first appear in "The Captive Digimon."

The Dark Spores appeared when Ken and Ryo defeated Millenniummon, apparently released from the monster's body. The Spores then soared through the air, towards Ryo, but Ken pushed him out of the way, and one of the Spores struck his neck, sinking inside of him.
Some time after his brother Sam's death, Ken received an e-mail from Oikawa, a human who was aware of the digital world's existence, and knew of the Spore within Ken. Ken had forgotten all about the DigiWorld, but used the Digivice which had emerged from Sam's computer some years prior to return to the DigiWorld, but was sidetracked into the World of Darkness. Urged on by the power of the Dark Spore, Ken immersed his Digivice in the ocean, transforming it into the Dark D-3, and activating the Spore fully. Ken went on to the DigiWorld, and was reunited with Wormmon, but the Spore began to affect him. Ken, feeling guilt over Sam's death, because he had wished for him to disappear, wanted to be like Sam, so he could fill the void that had been left in his parent's lives - so, the Spore fulfilled his desires, making him a genius, like Sam had been, and augmenting his physical abilities. But, as the e-mail from Oikawa had said, Ken became apathetic towards society, and found the people of Earth below him. In the DigiWorld, he became the Digimon Emperor, setting about conquering it. Months later, he was restored to his normal self, but the Dark Spore remained within him.
Some time later, after the DigiDestined had rounded up all the wild Digimon that had made their way to Earth, the evil Daemon and his minions arrived in Odaiba, planning to find Ken, and use his Spore for their own purposes. Daemon demanded Ken come with him - but Arukenimon convinced him to come with her but showing him a truck of kidnapped children, saying they would be freed if he complied. Ken did so, but once inside the truck, he was confronted by Oikawa. Oikawa said the children did not WANT to be freed - they wanted to become like Ken had been. Oikawa copied the Dark Spore within Ken, planning to implant it within all the children. Daemon caught up with them, and Oikawa was willing to hand Ken over, no longer having need for him. However, the DigiDestined and their Digimon were able to repel Daemon back into the World of Darkness.
The children had been implanted with copies of the Spores, and they were already taking affect, fulfilling the children’s' own desires, making them like Ken - making them apathetic and vicious. The Spore within a girl named Noriko then flowered, and Oikawa absorbed it's power, enabling him to actually defeat BlackWarGreymon in battle. Oikawa brought then brought the children to Highton View Terrace, and attempted to open a portal to the DigiWorld. However, the portal took him, Arukenimon, Mummymon, the Spore-carrying children and the DigiDestined to a bizarre nightmare world, where the truth finally came out - the spirit of Myotismon had been within Oikawa for the last four years, manipulating his actions. Myotismon emerged, and then, as the Spores came into flower, he absorbed their power one by one, using the dark energy to transform himself into MaloMyotismon. MaloMyotismon attempted to spread pure darkness across the face of the Earth and the DigiWorld, but the combined power of the world's DigiDestined, and the power of their dreams, destroyed him for good.
The Dark Spores first appear in "Invasion of the Daemon Corps." Their original Japanese name is the Dark Seeds.

Digimon Adventure 02 episode #44
English version written by Rebecca Olkowski
Oikawa copies the captive Ken's Dark Spore, while Silphymon battles LadyDevimon and is forced to destroy her. Shakkoumon is also forced to destroy MarineDevimon, as Davis pursues Oikawa's truck.
Episode Trivia - Upon this episode's first screening in the US, it was combined with "Invasion of the Daemon Corps" to make an hour long special which acted as the first part of "The Battle For Both Worlds."

DarkTyrannomonGroup: Dinosaur - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Technique: Fire Blast
The first DarkTyrannomon the kids encountered was one of Myotismon's minions. He first appeared when Myotismon's armies emerged to swarm Odaiba in the search for the Eighth Child, the predestined eighth member of the DigiDestined. Matt's father and his friends had a close run-in with him, but escaped unharmed. DarkTyrannomon reared his head again when the captive populous of Odaiba attempted to escape from the convention centre where Myotismon had imprisoned them. Togemon battled him, but was outmatched, when Mimi's father crashed a van into him, but didn't do any damage. DarkTyrannomon was all set to finish off Mimi's parents, when Mimi's Crest began to glow, allowing Togemon to Digivolve to Lillymon. Lillymon used a flower chain to suppress the computer virus inside DarkTyrannomon, rendering him harmless. Then, Myotismon showed up and blasted DarkTyrannomon back to the DigiWorld.
Four years later, DarkTyrannomon were seen under the control of the Digimon Emperor on several occasions. First, the Emperor called in a platoon of DarkTyrannomon to battle the rampaging SkullGreymon, who had overpowered one of the Emperor's Dark Rings. More were summoned to battle the DigiDestined's Digimon while the Emperor attached a Dark Spiral to Agumon. Later, when the DigiDestined discovered the location of the Emperor's base, a number of DarkTyrannomon were seen battling other Digimon outside of it.
At Christmas, a DarkTyrannomon and some Bakemon invaded the arena where the Teenage Wolves were playing, and another appeared in New York City shortly thereafter.
A DarkTyrannomon first appears in "Flower Power."
Name: From the words "dark" and "Tyrannosaurus," a type of dinosaur.

The Dark Whirlpool, as noted by the Digimon Emperor, was created by the presence of an evil Digimon. The Emperor brought his fortress inside the Whirlpool, but was pursued by T.K., Pegasusmon and Tentomon. Wraith-like images swirled in the air around them, and Pegasusmon told T.K. not fear, although he and the other Digimon nearby, including Wormmon, could feel an evil presence within the pool. Venturing inside the Whirlpool in a Mekanorimon, the Emperor confronted the presence in question - Devimon! Devimon told the Emperor to beware the darkness, but he paid no heed, and harvested some of Devimon's data for use in the creation of Kimeramon.
Later encounters with the same feeling and energy that the kids experienced within the pool makes it clear that the Dark Whirlpool was some form of gateway into the World of Darkness - it was most likely only temporary, to lure the Emperor in to attempt to prevent him from his plans to control the forces of darkness.
The Dark Whirlpool appears in "An Old Enemy Returns."

See World of Darkness



One of the three Digimon classifications. Digimon of the Data type are commonly harmless, who don't make battling a major part of their lifestyle, and exist to carry out a certain job or function.
Compare: Vaccine, Virus

DatamonGroup: Android - Level: Ultimate - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Digital Bomb, Data Crusher
Datamon is a good example of why you should never judge a book by it's cover. He's small and harmless-looking, and he approached the kids claiming to be good, but in reality, he's packed with power, and evil through and through!
Long ago, Datamon battled Etemon, but was defeated. Etemon captured the damaged Datamon and sealed him inside his pyramid, forcing him to run his Dark Network. As time went on, Datamon slowly repaired himself, and began to take partial control of Etemon's Network. When the DigiDestined arrived on Server, Etemon blamed them for recent malfunctions in his network, when in reality, it was Datamon who was responsible. Datamon sent the kids an e-mail through Izzy's computer when it was latched up to an access port for Etemon's Network, and told them he was being held prisoner in the pyramid. He promised that if they helped free him, he could take them to Sora's Crest. The kids formulated a plan, and snuck inside the pyramid, breaching the chamber where Datamon was held. Just as Etemon barged in, they succeeded in freeing Datamon, but he immediately turned on them and captured Sora and Biyomon. Taking them to another chamber deeper inside the pyramid, Datamon set about attempting to create a digital duplicate of Sora, who could use her Crest, but would be under his control. Tai was able to save her, allowing her to recover her Crest from Datamon, when Etemon smashed his way in again, and engaged Datamon in battle. Datamon then dropped computer viruses into the Dark Network (presumably this was his Digital Bomb attack), which began to suck in matter, eradicating it. Datamon was sucked into the Network and destroyed.
Datamon appears in "The Prisoner of the Pyramid" and "The Earthquake of Metal Greymon." His voice is supplied by Eddie Frierson.
Name: From the word "data," meaning information.

The Data World is the world between Earth and DigiWorld, a form of limbo, where the digital information of deceased Digimon is sent upon their death. Once there, it is reconfigured into a Digi-Egg and then deposited in Primary Village. The DigiDestined were sent to the Data World when Apocalymon deleted their digital bodies, but they were able to reconstitute themselves.

DatirimonGroup: Micro - Level: Baby - Attack Technique: Bubble Blow
Datirimon is the Digimon partner of Oikawa. When he was younger, and in communication with the DigiWorld, along with Cody's father, Oikawa met Datirimon, but when his connection to the DigiWorld was removed, he forgot about him, thanks in part to his possession by Myotismon. When MaloMyotismon was defeated, Cody dragged Oikawa to the edge of the portal to the DigiWorld, where Datirimon appeared, and greeted Oikawa, who began to remember that he had a Digimon all along. Oikawa then sacrificed himself to restore the DigiWorld to normal. What became of Datirimon is unknown - what he may Digivolve into remains just as unknown. While Oikawa did have a Digimon partner in Datirimon, he was not, repeat, NOT, one of the original five DigiDestined.
Datirimon appears in "A Million Points of Light." His voice is supplied by Dorothy Elias-Fahn.
Name: Datirimon's original Japanese name is Pipimon. His American name was chosen as the result of a contest held by Bandai.

DavisDavis Motomiya is a member of the DigiDestined, partnered with Veemon and holder of the Digi-Eggs of Courage and Friendship. Davis is the self-proclaimed leader of the new team of DigiDestined, but he is far from being the sharpest tool in the box, and often finds himself the butt of others' jokes. He goes to the same soccer club as Tai, and has a serious crush on Tai's sister, Kari, which she knows about, and uses to tease him. Davis's connection to Digimon and the DigiWorld began in the summer of 1999, when he, his sister June and his parents were among the people held prisoner at the convention centre by Myotismon when he was searching for the Eighth Child. In the original planning packet, Davis was one of the children who had seen the Greymon/Parrotmon battle at Highton ViewTerrace, but this was later changed.
Four years later, Davis, like all the other non-DigiDestined people on Earth, had his memories of Myotismon's invasion and the battle with Apocalymon suppressed. All he knew about Digimon and the DigiWorld was what Tai had told him - but that was destined to change. When the Digimon Emperor began his conquest of the DigiWorld, Agumon summoned Tai to help, who discovered the Digi-Egg of Courage. When Tai touched it, it released three new Digivices - D-3s - which travelled to the real world, to be received by Davis, Yolei and Cody - the new DigiDestined. Davis travelled through the gate to the DigiWorld with T.K. and Kari, and met his Digimon, Veemon. He proved to be the only one who could lift the Digi-Egg of Courage, and then used it to Armour Digivolve Veemon into Flamedramon to battle a Monochromon which was under the influence of one of the Emperor's Dark Rings. The next day, Yolei and Cody came to the DigiWorld with Davis, T.K., Kari, Sora and Izzy, but Davis and Veemon were captured by the Emperor. Yolei and Cody found their Digimon and Digi-Eggs, and freed Davis.
Davis effectively dubbed himself the leader of the new group, but few of them actually listened to him - he and Matt clashed when the older boy came to the DigiWorld with them following a distress call from Gabumon. Later, when Kari was stranded in the city of the Gardromon, Davis and T.K. argued violently about how to save her.
A little later, Davis was playing in a soccer match against the famous Ken Ichijouji, and wound up injuring him. The Digimon Emperor then tortured Davis, threatening to feed the DigiDestined to Deltamon - but in a scuffle, Davis saw a familiar cut on the Emperor's leg - he was really Ken!
When the Emperor kidnapped Agumon and Dark Digivolved him into a viral version of MetalGreymon, Davis could not bring himself to attack the Digimon who he considered to be his friend. Veemon came under threat from his inaction, and when Davis realised that he had to be cruel to be kind, the Digi-Egg of Friendship activated, and Veemon became Raidramon to free MetalGreymon.
Davis continued to go on all the group's adventures, even travelling to America with the other DigiDestined to help Willis, a DigiDestined from Colorado, battle his rogue Digimon partner, Kokomon. Davis and Willis used the Golden Digi-Eggs, released by Seraphimon and Magnadramon, to Armour Digivolve Veemon and Terriermon into Magnamon and Rapidmon to defeat Kokomon. Note that this adventure is supposed to be out of continuity, but has been shoe-horned in by the US translators.
When the DigiDestined discovered the Digimon Emperor's base and made it their mission to destroy it, Davis wound up being left behind as everyone followed the base out across the sea. Davis used a floating island to catch up and help transport the Emperor's rescued captives to safety. Davis and the rest of the team then managed to infiltrate the base, but were defeated in battle by the Emperor's creation, Kimeramon. Davis attempted to locate the engine room, and was led there by Wormmon, the Emperor's partner, who was equally determined to stop his mad plans. Davis discovered that the base's power source was the Digi-Egg of Miracles, which he used to Armour Digivolve Veemon into Magnamon. Magnamon then defeated Kimeramon, and Davis and the other made the Emperor realise that Digimon were real, living things, not just computer data. Stunned, the Emperor reverted back into his true personality.
While rebuilding the DigiWorld after the Emperor's defeat, Davis tried to make Veemon Digivolve into his Champion form by pulling tricks on him. However, his tricks led to them being chased by an aggravated Tortomon, but Veemon finally was able to Digivolve into ExVeemon to see him off.
Later, Davis attempted to convince the others to let Ken help them in their work. Davis said it was if the Digi-Egg of Miracles "told" him Ken could be a good person - but none of the others believed him. Nonetheless, Davis summoned Ken to help them prevent the reactor of his old base exploding - but during a battle with Okuwamon, who had been created by the mysterious woman plaguing the team, ExVeemon and Stingmon DNA Digivolved into Paildramon. Ken's Crest of Kindness failed to stop the reactor's explosion building, but then Paildramon destroyed the reactor's power source, saving the day. Davis still could not understand why Ken would not join the team.
Summoned to the Giga House by the mysterious woman, the DigiDestined were attacked by insectoid Digimon under her control, and Davis, Ken and Cody wound up trapped in a Dokugumon's web. They escaped, and managed to free Digmon and Stingmon from her control, and she revealed her true form - Arukenimon, a Digimon! She and her partner Mummymon defeated Paildramon, and escaped.
Davis and the others then battled Arukenimon's latest creation, BlackWarGreymon, numerous times, working to prevent him from destroying the Destiny Stones. The power of the kids Digivices, when used on the last Destiny Stone, freed the mighty Azulongmon, who explained the reasons behind Davis, Yolei and Cody's becoming the new DigiDestined, and warned the kids to be beware of a greater enemy. He also told BlackWarGreymon that all living things have a purpose, and the misguided Digimon set off to find his.
Davis then accepted an invitation to Ken's Christmas party, along with all the other kids, and even suggested a game of strip poker. However, the fun was cut short when a Control Spire appeared in the city along with some wild Digimon, and they had to battle them and destroy it. Spires began appearing all over Earth, as Arukenimon opened all the Digi-Ports. During a battle with Mummymon and Arukenimon, Davis and Ken came under threat, and Paildramon Mega Digivolved to Imperialdramon. Then, Davis travelled to America, where he teamed up with Mimi, Michael and the other American DigiDestined to battle a Cherrymon in Rockafeller Centre, while the other Japanese DigiDestined headed off to other spots around the world, taken by Imperialdramon. When they all returned to Tokyo, their job done, they discovered that an evil Digimon named Daemon and his minions had come to Earth and were searching for Ken, planning to use the Dark Spore within him for their own purposes. Ken was taken away by Arukenimon, Mummymon and their creator, Oikawa, who copied Ken's Spore and implanted it in other children, as Davis pursued the truck he was in. Daemon appeared and demanded Ken be handed over, and Oikawa was about to do so, when the DigiDestined arrived to battle the dark Digimon. Ken had to call on the dark power that remained within him to convert a Digi-Port into a gateway to the World of Darkness - it appeared that he would not be able to do it, but Davis and the others showed their confidence in him, and offered the power of their hearts. Daemon was banished.
When BlackWarGreymon returned, determined to destroy Oikawa, Imperialdramon and WarGreymon battled and defeated him. When he was fatally injured by a blast of dark energy from Oikawa, who had absorbed the dark power from a flowered Dark Spore, he used the last of his energy to seal the gate to the DigiWorld at Highton View Terrace with his body. Oikawa tried to open the portal to the DigiWorld, and Davis and the others followed them through, but they, Oikawa, Arukenimon, Mummymon, and the children infected with Dark Spores wound up in a bizarre alternate dimension, where the truth came out - Oikawa was possessed by the spirit of Myotismon, who had been manipulating him for the last four years. Myotismon emerged from Oikawa's body, and absorbed the power from the Dark Spores, turning himself into MaloMyotismon. Bending the dream dimension to his will, MaloMyotismon subjected the DigiDestined to illusions of their greatest desires - but Davis had no desires, and was able to free the other kids from their illusions. In the process, he used the dimension to make a dream of his own come true - and Veemon Digivolved into all his different forms at once! The other Digimon did the same, and MaloMyotismon fled into the DigiWorld, where he began to infect Earth with darkness. The children who had been infected with Dark Spores believed it was all over - their hopes and dreams meant nothing. But Davis and the other convinced them to believe in their dreams - Davis even talked about a dream of his own; to own a noodle cart! The other kids began talking about their dreams, and the power of hope began to weaken MaloMyotismon, destroying his body. Imperialdramon then destroyed his spirit with his Giga Crusher attack. Oikawa sacrificed his life to restore the DigiWorld to harmony.
Three months later, it was discovered that Diaboromon had survived his battle with Omnimon four years beforehand, and that he had used the time in between to reproduce as millions of Kuramon. Davis was on his way to soccer practise when Izzy called him to fill him in on the situation, but on the way, he met some kids who confused him with talk of jellyfish, not knowing the truth. The Kuramon were transmitting themselves into the real world through e-mail, so while Tai, Matt and Omnimon headed into the 'net to battle Diaboromon, the other kids were sent on the trail of the Kuramon - Davis and Ken located several, including a large cluster on a train. When Davis learned that Kari, T.K. and their Digimon had gone to help Omnimon, he demanded that he go as well. He begged to borrow a laptop computer from a nearby civilian, and instructed Yolei to open the gate for him. However, he had played right into Diaboromon's hands - when Yolei opened the gate, it was opened wide enough for all the Kuramon to travel through it into the real world, where, in Tokyo Harbour, they all merged into the monstrous Armageddemon, who quickly defeated Omnimon. Davis and Ken eventually reached the harbour, where they then struggled to reach their partners through the crowd of spectators. Davis screamed out in anger, and the crowd parted, allowing them to get to their partners, and have them evolve into Imperialdramon. Omnimon gave Imperialdramon his energy, transforming him into his Paladin Mode, and he discorporated Armageddemon with his Omega Sword. The kids then used their Digivices - and the other spectators their cell phones - to capture the Kuramon, and after the battle was done, Davis remarked how tired he was.
Twenty-five years into the future, the portal to the DigiWorld remains open, and Veemon remains at Davis's side. Davis has accomplished his dream - and more! He started out with a simple noodle cart, but slowly, his business grew, and he now owns a chain of "Noodle, Noodle, Come Get Your Noodle" businesses all across the world! He is a millionaire (possibly even a billionaire), and he and Veemon have even appeared on the cover of TIME magazine! He is married, and as a son (though the identity of the mother is unknown).
Davis first appears in "Enter Flamedramon." His voice is supplied by Brian Donovan.


Digimon Adventure 02 episode #22
English version written by Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
The DigiDestined set about rebuilding the DigiWorld, but during the work, Davistries to make Veemon Digivolve into his Champion stage. His tricks wind up annoying Tortomon, who chases the two of them, until Veemon finally does Digivolve into ExVeemon to send Tortomon packing.
Episode Trivia -
This episode featured notable edits, specifically, of Tortomon urinating. Davis and Veemon actually interrupted him while he was doing so, and that's why he chased them. Davis did ask him to wash his hands, because it's just good hygiene. The title of this episode is derived from the fable, "the Boy Who Cried Wolf," though it first aired with the misspelled title "Davis Cries Wolfman."

DeltamonGroup: Composition - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Triplex Force, Serpent Bite
Deltamon was a slave of the Digimon Emperor, under the power of a Dark Ring. The Emperor had several of his Bakemon slaves disguise themselves as the DigiDestined, making Davis think he had captured the real DigiDestined. The Emperor made Davis chose one of them to be spared from Deltamon's hunger, but Davis tried to sacrifice himself. Fortunately, the DigiDestined showed up in time to reveal the truth and destroy the Control Spire, freeing Deltamon - but Davis had made a shocking discovery: the Digimon Emperor was really Ken Ichijouji!
Deltamon appears in "Ken's Secret."
Name: Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, represented by a triangle.

DemiDevimonGroup: Evil - Level: Rookie - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Demi Dart, Evil Whisper
DemiDevimon is a servant of Myotismon, and is adept at cunning and treachery. He's a convincing liar, without remorse for his actions.
DemiDevimon made his first appearance while Tai was missing after the battle with Etemon. Without Tai's leadership, the DigiDestined group slowly broke up, until Matt and T.K. and their Digimon were the only ones left together. Matt and Gabumon took a boat across a lake to see what they could find, and came across Joe, working in the restaurant of Digitamamon, trying to pay off a debt. Matt wound up being consigned to the same fate when DemiDevimon began causing accidents, making it look as though they were Joe's fault. Matt and Joe had to keep working to pay the damages, plus Matt grew angry at Joe, preventing his Crest from glowing. DemiDevimon then went off to inform a group of Gekomon and Otamamon about Mimi and her singing voice, telling them she could surely wake up their sleeping ruler, ShogunGekomon. The Gekomon and Otamamon found her and brought her to the castle, but Mimi soon had them treating her like a princess. She was more than a little spoilt, and it prevented her Crest from glowing. After dealing with Sora by telling her that her Crest wouldn't glow because she didn't know what love was, DemiDevimon turned his attention to Izzy, and managed to have him trapped in Vademon's dimension. Leaving him there, DemiDevimon then went back to the lake, where he met up with T.K. and Tokomon, and tried to convince T.K. that Matt wasn't coming back out of choice. Tokomon thought he was a liar, and wound up arguing with T.K. T.K. left with DemiDevimon, but then, Tai returned, but was duped by DemiDevimon too. With a little help from Sora, lurking in the background and trying to help the other kids to prove that she loved them, Agumon was able to prevent T.K. and Tai from eating the Mushrooms of Forgetfulness that DemiDevimon tried to make them eat. Tai, T.K. and their Digimon set out across the lake and found Joe and Matt, and were able to reveal that it was DemiDevimon causing the accidents at the restaurant. Matt's Crest began to glow, and Gabumon Digivolved to WereGarurumon to deal with Digitamamon. As the kids divided up again to go looking for the others, DemiDevimon quickly returned to Vademon, and tried to get him to swap Izzy's Tag and Crest for a portion of his curiosity. Fortunately, while he and Vademon were occupied, Tentomon was able to snap Izzy out of the trance he had been put in, and then Digivolved to MegaKabuterimon to deal with Vademon. Immediately thereafter, Izzy met up with Matt and T.K.. Joe and Tai, meanwhile, had come across Mimi, and, after a lengthily bit of convincing, with a little unseen help from Sora, they convinced her to sing her song and wake up ShogunGekomon.
Myotismon was greatly displeased with DemiDevimon's failures to prevent the Crests from glowing, and then attacked the kids himself, but was held off by Garudamon. DemiDevimon then recruited a selection of Digimon as part of Myotismon's army - but his selections of Numemon, Vegiemon and Chuumon and Sukamon were upstaged by the much more powerful Digimon collected by Gatomon, Myotismon's other lieutenant. DemiDevimon then accompanied Myotismon in his assault on the real world in his search for the Eighth Child, the predestined eighth member of the DigiDestined. Wizardmon was able to dupe DemiDevimon when he found the eighth Digivice. DemiDevimon used his sleep wave attack to subdue the captive populous of Odaiba, and also attempted to aid Myotismon when the kids' Digimon Digivolved in the final battle with him by intercepting the eighth Digivice as it was tossed to it's owner, Kari (Tai's sister). However, when Wizardmon sacrificed himself to save Kari's life, her Digivice began to glow with power, forcing DemiDevimon to drop it. Tai caught it and tossed it back to Kari, enabling Gatomon, who had been proved to actually BE Kari's Digimon, to Digivolve to Angewomon and finish Myotismon.
However, Myotismon was not destroyed, merely discorporated, and immediately began reconstituting himself by having his bats convert the bodies of his fallen followers into energy to power him, then corralling together to form his new body. DemiDevimon was also absorbed to be a part of this new body, as Myotismon became VenomMyotismon. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon went on to defeat him.
DemiDevimon first appeared in "Forget About It!" His last appearance (not necessarily considered as his death) was in "Prophecy," when he was absorbed by VenomMyotismon. His voice is supplied by Derek Stephen Prince.
Name: From the words "demi," meaning partially, or lesser, and "devil."

DemiVeemonGroup: Micro - Level: In-Training - Attack Technique: Pop Attack
DemiVeemon is the In-Training form of Veemon, the Digimon partner of Davis of the DigiDestined. DemiVeemon is fun and excitable, with a serious love of candy. DemiVeemon first appeared when Veemon came to the real world for the first time along with the other new DigiDestined and their Digimon - Veemon automatically reverted into DemiVeemon, and stayed that way until he and the others returned to the DigiWorld the next day, automatically Digivolving back into Veemon upon arrival.
DemiVeemon continued to be Veemon's default form while on Earth, easily hidden due to his small size. While in America with the other kids, searching for Willis, a DigiDestined from Colorado, DemiVeemon Digivolved into Veemon and then into Flamedramon to battle Kokomon, Willis's rogue Digimon partner. Note that this adventure is supposed to be out of continuity.
DemiVeemon again Digivolved in the real world when Wizardmon's ghost was causing trouble at the Odaiba TV station - he and the other Digimon didn't know that it was Wizardmon, and Digivolved to prepare for battle, but fortunately didn't have to fight.
Later, when all the Armour Digimon were defeated in battle with Kimeramon, they were so badly injured that they reverted to their In-Training forms. DemiVeemon accompanied Davis on a search for the engine room, which proved to contain the Digi-Egg of Miracles - it's energy allowed DemiVeemon to become Veemon again, and then to Armour Digivolve into Magnamon. After destroying Kimeramon, Magnamon reverted back to DemiVeemon.
After ExVeemon and Stingmon DNA Digivolved into Paildramon, they separated into Chibomon and Leafmon. After a night's sleep, Chibomon Digivolved back into DemiVeemon.
DemiVeemon continued to act as Veemon's default form in the real world, until Digimon began appeared all across the world. Paildramon Mega Digivolved into Imperialdramon, and then carried all the DigiDestined to different locations around the world, before separating into Veemon and Wormmon and helping to clear out the wild Digimon in their respective locations, before returning to Odaiba to battle the Daemon Corps, then help WarGreymon battle BlackWarGreymon and go on to fight MaloMyotismon.
In March of the following year, when Diaboromon returned, having reproduced as millions of Kuramon which were entering the real world, DemiVeemon went with Davis, Ken and Wormmon to track them down. When a large Kuramon cluster emerged on a train, DemiVeemon Digivolved to fight, much to Davis's anger.
Twenty-five years in the future, Davis's son has a DemiVeemon for a partner.
DemiVeemon first appears in "The Digiteam Complete." His voice is supplied by Derek Stephen Prince.
Name: From "demi," meaning "half," and "Vee," being a phonetic representation of "V," for "victory."

Departure for a New Continent"DEPARTURE FOR A NEW CONTINENT"
Digimon Adventure episode #14
English version written by Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
After beating Devimon, the kids meet Gennai for the first time, and head off to Server to battle other evil Digimon, meeting Whamon and Drimogemon and finding their Tags along the way.

DeputymonGroup: Mutant - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Justice Bullet, Russian Roulette
Deputymon is a rootin', tootin' hombre of a Digimon, and is partners with Starmon. When Starmon fell under the influence of a Dark Ring, he imprisoned Davis, Cody, Yolei, Sora and their Digimon, but then Deputymon showed up. When he proved to the kids that he didn't have a Dark Ring on him, they hoped he would release them - but he only released the girls and their Digimon, wanting them to play cards with him. Before the card game could get started, however, Starmon showed up and he and Deputymon had a western-style showdown. Starmon's Meteor Shower technique felled Deputymon, but shortly, after the Control Spire was destroyed and Starmon was freed, he popped up again, and he and Starmon played cards with the kids.
Deputymon appears in "The Good, The Bad, and The Digi." His voice, supplied by Dan Lorge, is a caricature of John Wayne, the legendary western movie star.
Name: From the word "Deputy," a police rank.

DeramonGroup: Bird - Level: Ultimate - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Royal Smasher, Beak Buster
The first Deramon the kids encountered was one of Puppetmon's playmates, who commonly hung around with Floramon. He made a brief appearance when T.K. escaped from Puppetmon during the kids' first meeting with him, then he and Floramon encountered the rest of the DigiDestined after the group had divided up. Deramon gave the kids a tour of Puppetmon's mansion, and agreed to help the kids fight him by firing a cannon at him. When Puppetmon threatened them, Deramon and Floramon fled, and were not seen again.
Four years later, several Deramon were seen being held prisoner in the Digimon Emperor's dungeons, and more were seen fleeing in panic shortly thereafter as Kimeramon razed a town.
Deramon first appeared in "Playing Games," but was not referred to by name, and did not get a Digimon Analyser screen until "Etemon's Comeback Tour." His voice is supplied by Doug Erholtz.
Name: From "derakkusu," the Japanese pronunciation of the word "deluxe."


Derek is the Australian DigiDestined encounter by Cody and Joe, who is partnered with a Crabmon. While on the beach, Cody and Joe saw Derek, who was wind surfing, come under attack from an Ebidramon, a Gesomon and a Shellmon. He escaped them, but they were then all attacked by a Scorpiomon, who was seen off when Submarimon and Zudomon teamed up with Coelamon, Crabmon's Digivolved form. Derek then reappeared when MaloMyotismon was infecting Earth and the DigiWorld with darkness, to join the other DigiDestined of the world in uniting against the villain.
Derek appears in "Digimon World Tour, Pt. 2" and "A Million Points of Light." His voice is supplied, fittingly enough, by Derek Stephen Prince.

Digimon Adventure 02 episode #34
English version written by Seth Walther and Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
BlackWarGreymon continues his assault on the Destiny Stones, but Angemon is able to use the power of one of the stones to Digivolve into MagnaAngemon. MagnaAngemon has BlackWarGreymon on the ropes, until the misguided Digimon destroys the stone, making MagnaAngemon revert.

Destiny StoneThe Destiny Stones are mystic artefacts which keep the DigiWorld in balance. Mummymon knew of them, but Arukenimon didn't. At his behest, they investigated the first stone, and Arukenimon created Knightmon, who broke the stone's seal. This caused BlackWarGreymon pain, and he abandoned the conversation he had been having with Agumon to search out the cause of his pain. He destroyed Knightmon, and the Destiny Stone, then made it his mission to destroy the others.
After the next stone was destroyed, reality warped, briefly teleporting BlackWarGreymon and some other Digimon into the city of Kyoto in Japan. The warp effect soon faded, and he returned to the DigiWorld. The DigiDestined defended the next Destiny Stone, and Angemon used it's power to become MagnaAngemon, but to win the battle, BlackWarGreymon simply destroyed the stone, cutting off MagnaAngemon's power. The DigiDestined attempted to hide the next stone, but BlackWarGreymon easily found and destroyed it. They then hid the next stone underwater, and despite resistance from Ikkakumon, MegaSeadramon and the Dolphmon, and some forceful words from Cody, BlackWarGreymon parted the waters and destroyed the stone.
The final stone was discovered in a natural spring - but oddly enough, it's power was transforming the spring into a broth that Digitamamon was using in his noodle soup at his Chinese restaurant. The DigiDestined and BlackWarGreymon converged on the stone, and Angemon and Ankylomon DNA Digivolved into Shakkoumon to help hold BlackWarGreymon off, while the DigiDestined tried to move the stone to safety using their D-3s. The light from their D-3s freed the mighty Azulongmon from the prison he had been put in by the Dark Masters, and he quickly ended the conflict.
After later revelations, in retrospect it was clear that Arukenimon and Mummymon had desired to destroy Destiny Stones to throw the DigiWorld out of balance, so that their creator, Oikawa, could enter the DigiWorld, as he had always desired.
A Destiny Stone first appears in "If I Only Had A Heart." Their original Japanese name was the Holy Stones.

DevidramonGroup: Dragon - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Crimson Claw
The first Devidramon the kids encountered were servants of Myotismon. He used them to pull his flying coach, and also stationed them as guards of the portal to Earth, both while he was present in his castle, and while he was on Earth. They would appear to be frozen as statues for the majority of the time, coming to life only when Myotismon required them. They have a hypnotic stare.
Four years later, a Devidramon was seen under the control of the Digimon Emperor, during Magnamon's battle with Kimeramon. Wormmon manoeuvred the Devidramon between the two battling Digimon, but it was swatted aside by Kimeramon, and was later seen flying off over the horizon of it's own accord. Another, much larger one was seen in New York some time later when Digimon were appearing all over Earth.
The first Devidramon to appear was seen pulling Myotismon's coach in "Sora's Crest of Love." The Devidramon were not referred to by name (and also didn't get a Digimon Analyser) until "The Gateway To Home."
Name: "Devi" is short for "devil," and "dra" is short for "dragon."

DevimonGroup: Evil - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Touch of Evil, Evil Wing
Devimon was the first of the powerful evil Digimon overlords that the kids encountered while in the DigiWorld. Despite only being at Champion level, Devimon is incredibly powerful, and holds sway over the Black Gears, which allowed him to all but conquer File Island.
After having several run-ins with Black Gear-infected Digimon, the kids arrived at Infinity Mountain, atop which was Devimon's temple. The kids were unaware of this fact as they scaled the mountain, and came across a mysterious mansion. After eating and relaxing there, they were immediately set upon by Devimon, who split them up and tore File Island into separate chunks, sending each of the kids to different portions of the island. He constantly kept watch over them and used his Black Gears to convert Digimon to evil and have them attack the kids. Knowing that the legend of the DigiDestined dictated that the smallest would destroy him, Devimon sent Leomon, his most powerful Gear-infected servant, to destroy T.K. and Patamon. The other kids arrived in time to turn the power of their Digivices on him and force the Gears from his body. Leomon then explained the Legend of the DigiDestined to them, and they agreed to try to destroy Devimon.
Climbing Infinity Mountain again, the kids arrived at Devimon's temple. Reacting quickly, he absorbed a large number of the Black Gears into his body, allowing him to grow to an immense height and increase his power. He easily bested the kids' Champion level Digimon, and then turned his attention to T.K. and Patamon, picking them up in one hand and preparing to crush them. Before he could, however, Patamon Digivolved to Angemon for the first time. Using the power of the kids' Digivices to boost his own, Angemon used his Hand of Fate attack to destroy Devimon utterly. Just before his digital matter was completely destroyed, Devimon warned that there were other evil Digimon, even more powerful than him. He told the kids that they hadn't won at all.
Devimon was proven to have a link to the enigmatic World of Darkness four years later. When the Digimon Emperor discovered the Dark Whirlpool, he theorised it was created by an evil Digimon, and dispatched a number of Mekanorimon into the pool to search out this source of evil power. The robotic Digimon were sucked into oblivion, and so the Emperor piloted a Mekanorimon into the whirlpool on his own -and came face to face with Devimon, very much alive. Devimon gave him a cryptic warning - "Beware the darkness" - as the Emperor harvested his data, and integrated it into his genetically engineered Digimon, Kimeramon. However, the dark data caused Kimeramon to rebel against the Emperor, as Devimon's haunting voice hung in the Emperor's head, taunting and subjecting him to terrifying visions.
As the World of Darkness remains largely obscure, it is hard to explain Devimon's reappearance. One theory is that the World of Darkness may be where evil Digimon go to be reborn, as it is known that the Dark Whirlpool was a temporary gateway to the World of Darkness. This would explain Devimon's continued life.
Devimon first appeared in "Evil Shows His Face." His voice is supplied by Tom Wyner. He was destroyed in "The Legend of the DigiDestined."
Name: Derived from the word "devil."

DiaboromonGroup: Unidentified - Level: Mega - Type: Unidentified - Attack Techniques: Web Wrecker, Cable Crusher
Diaboromon is the Digivolved form of Infermon, the Ultimate stage Digimon who grew from the Digi-Egg created by Willis, a chosen child from America, when it was attacked by a computer virus on the Internet. Having already defeated MetalGreymon and MegaKabuterimon, Infermon Digivolved to Diaboromon to battle WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, who had to stop him from consuming information on the Internet, and prevent a nuclear launch he had initiated in America from striking Japan and wiping out the DigiDestined. Diaboromon easily overpowered the two Digimon, who's connection to the Internet was slowed down as a result of hundreds of e-mails sent by children watching around the world, allowing Diaboromon to defeat them. As they lay weakened, the energy from the e-mails which were sent to bolster them re-powered them, allowing them to Digivolve together, into one, newer, more powerful Digimon - Omnimon! Diaboromon and Omnimon battled, but the agile evil Digimon was too fast for Omnimon's Supreme Cannon attack. With only ten seconds left until the nuclear launch, Izzy hit upon the idea of re-routing all the kids' e-mails, to slow Diaboromon down in the same way they had been slowed previously. Frozen in place, Diaboromon could do nothing, as Omnimon impaled him through the head with his Transcendent Sword attack, destroying him, and terminating the missile launch with less than a second to go.
However, Diaboromon had not been completely destroyed. Over the next four years, he reconstituted himself, and began to reproduce, in the form of millions of Kuramon. Transmitting them through e-mail, Diaboromon sent the Kuramon to Earth, where the new generation of DigiDestined rounded them up, as Tai, Matt and Omnimon headed into the Internet to battle Diaboromon again. Angemon and Angewomon came along to aid them, and held Diaboromon long enough for Omnimon to impale him once more. Diaboromon was destroyed, but just beforehand, Davis had played right into his hands - having learned that Kari had gone into the Internet, he had demanded Yolei open the gate for him to follow and help, but in doing so, the gate was opened wide enough for all of the remaining Kuramon to enter the real world through it. In Tokyo Harbour, they merged into Armageddemon, who was subsequently defeated by Imperialdramon Paladin Mode.
Diaboromon first appears in "Digimon: The Movie." His voice is supplied by Paul St. Peter. He reappears in "Revenge of Diaboromon."
Name: Diaboromon is a corruption of his original Japanese name, "Diablomon," which is derived from the Spanish word, "diablo," meaning "devil."

Dien is the Vietnamese DigiDestined boy partnered with a Gorillamon who was seen helping to round up the wild Digimon who had appeared in Asia.
Dien appears in "Digimon World Tour, Pt. 1.” His name is never given in dialogue, and comes courtesy of Megchan and the Japanese "Digimon 02 Memorial Book."

DigiBaby Boom
Digimon Adventure episode #12
English version written by Mark Ryan and John Ludin
T.K. and Patamon find themselves in Primary Village, learn about Baby Digimon, and have a minor scuffle with Elecmon.

Digi-Code is a collection of seemingly meaningless symbols created by the Japanese minds responsible for Digimon, which appears at various points during Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02. Each symbol translates into a Japanese character. A few of the many, many places you can see Digi-Code are:
- In the green bar at the bottom of all 02 Digimon Analyser screens (where it translates as the Digimon's name)
- On Parrotmon's bracelets
- On Digivices
- On Omnimon's sword
- On Dark Rings
- On MagnaAngemon's ribbons
- and a lot more besides. For a key to translating DigiCode, click HERE. This key shows each symbol, the Japanese character it represents, and the romanisation of the Japanese character (how is it spelt using the English alphabet). This code does not contain information for translating into English.

"The DigiDestined" is the name given to a prophesied group of children who will come to the DigiWorld to save it from destruction. To be DigiDestined is not simply to have a Digimon partner, but to be chosen to defend the DigiWorld from evil.
According to Gennai, there were actually five original DigiDestined years before the eight children we know were ever born. There are new DigiDestined for every generation, to battle the forces of evil in the DigiWorld. The eight DigiDestined of this generation were selected when they witnessed a battle between a Greymon and Parrotmon, and the mysterious group of which Gennai was a part that was charged with protecting the DigiWorld created their Digivices, Tags and Crests for them. The group was wiped out in a brutal attack by the Dark Masters, but Gennai survived, and secreted the objects away, (except the Crests and Tags, which were stolen by Piedmon) all across the DigiWorld, so that the Dark Masters could not find them. When Devimon began his conquest of the DigiWorld, the time had come for the DigiDestined to be summoned, and Tai, Sora, Matt, Izzy, Mimi, Joe and T.K. were brought to File Island.
Each of the DigiDestined children carries with them a Digivice, an ancient symbol of power. The kids we know later obtained their Tags and Crests. The children possess the power of Digivolution - the ability to make Digimon Digivolve in times of need. A Digivice will Digivolve a Rookie Digimon to Champion, while a Tag and Crest will combine with the Digivice to Digivolve a Champion to Ultimate.
Devimon targeted the kids for destruction because he knew that they were the DigiDestined even before they did. Myotismon was in search of the Eighth DigiDestined Child - who was actually Kari, Tai's little sister, who had not come to the DigiWorld with the other kids because she had been sick - in order to destroy her and become the ruler of both Earth and the DigiWorld. After being defeated by Apocalymon, the kids realised that it wasn't the Crests that had the power - it was inside of them, and had been all along. When they defeated Apocalymon, the DigiWorld was cleansed of evil, and began to reformat itself, meaning the DigiDestined had to return to Earth.
Azulongmon and the other Harmonious Ones - the guardians of the DigiWorld - had been sealed away by the Dark Masters, and attempted to free themselves using the power of the DigiDestined's Crests. After the battle with Diaboromon, Gennai called the DigiDestined back to the DigiWorld, and had them release the powers associated with their Crests, creating a seal, protecting the DigiWorld from evil. However, shortly thereafter, Ken Ichijouji came to the DigiWorld, and, infected with a Dark Spore, steadily began to transform into the Digimon Emperor. The power from the Emperor's Control Spires kept the Harmonious Ones trapped, and they needed to recruit three new DigiDestined to help stop the Emperor and free them.
The three children they chose were Davis - because he had been among those held prisoner at the convention centre during Myotismon's invasion of Earth - Cody - who had been on board the plane saved by Garudamon and MegaKabuterimon after VenomMyotismon's defeat - and Yolei - who had sent e-mails during the battle with Diaboromon. The Harmonious Ones created Digi-Eggs and new D-3 Digivices for them and selected Digimon with the power of Armour Digivolving to be their partners. They were joined in battle by the older T.K. and Kari.
As this new team's adventures went on, it was discovered that there were DigiDestined in other countries all across the world. The first one the kids encountered was likely Willis, from Colorado, America, who had two Digimon partners, once of which, Kokomon, had become infected with the Diaboromon virus, and had to be stopped. Next, the kids met Michael, from New York, who was friends with Mimi, who had a Betamon as a partner.
Some time later, when Digimon were rampaging around the world, the kids had to travel to other countries to stop the chaos. In New York, Davis, Mimi and Michael teamed up with Steve, Phil, Maria and Lou, as well as Tatum while in China, Kari and Izzy met the Poi Brothers and then Mina on the India/China border. In Sydney, Australia, Cody and Joe met Derek, while Tai and T.K. encountered Catherine in Paris, France. Matt and Ken met Rosa in Mexico City, while Sora and Yolei teamed up with Anna, Sonya and Yuri. It is known that there are numerous other DigiDestined across the world - multiple unnamed French and Australian DigiDestined were glimpsed briefly and Yuehon, a female Chinese DigiDestined, showed up twice, briefly, accompanied by a Vietnamese boy named Dien in her first appearance. All these international DigiDestined teamed up again when MaloMyotismon was infecting Earth with darkness. During that conflict, the children who had been hosts for the Dark Spores became DigiDestined too, as D-3s and Digimon partners appeared for them.
Twenty-five years into the future, it is noted that everyone on Earth has a Digimon. However, this does not mean that everyone on Earth is DigiDestined.
The kids learned the basic story of the DigiDestined prophecy from Leomon in "The Legend of the DigiDestined." They realised that the battle between Greymon and Parrotmon was the key factor in their being chosen in "Return to Highton View Terrace." They finally learned the complete truth about their being chosen from a mysterious entity from the DigiWorld's past in "The Ultimate Clash."