On this page, you can read various interviews I've conducted with voice actors and other people associated with the American incarnation of Digimon.

Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Voice of Sora
(March-April 2005)
Michelle Ruff
Voice of Lopmon and Zoe
(June 2004)
Melodee Spevack
Voice of LadyDevimon and Crusadermon
(May 2003)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Voice Director and Story Editor,
voice of Rika's mom and Ophanimon
(September 2002)
Dave Wittenberg
Voice of Henry
(August 2002)
Steven Jay Blum
Tamers writer, voice of Guilmon, Kenta, Yamaki and many more
(May 2002)
Mona Marshall
Voice of Izzy and Terriermon
(April 2002)
Wendee Lee
Voice of 01 T.K. and more,
voice director for 01
(March 2002)
Derek Stephen Prince
Voice of Ken, Veemon, Impmon, and more
(Dec 2001)
Richard Epcar
Voice of Myotismon and Etemon
(Dec 2001)
Jeff Nimoy
Writer, story editor, director,
voice of Tentomon
(Oct 2001)
Lex Lang
Voice of WarGreymon
(Oct 2001)

Neil Kaplan
Voice of Hawkmon
(Sept 2001)

Dave Mallow
Voice of Angemon
(July 2001)


I'm always hoping there'll be more to come!