HalsemonHalsemon is the Armour Digivolved form of Hawkmon, using the Digi-Egg of Love. Halsemon appears regularly in the first half of the second season, beginning with “The Digiteam Complete.” As with all the Armour Digivolving toys, rather than import the Japanese toy, which featured a Hawkmon figure who could be transformed into Halsemon by converting the Digi-Egg of Love (packaged with him) into armour, Bandai elected to create a new toy for the US, which transformed from the Digi-Egg of Love to Halsemon. And I can tell you right now, this was a bad move.

The toy is packaged in Halsemon mode. He has articulation in his shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, secondary wings and tail. He WOULD be show accurate, if he wasn’t a bright red colour. This is something which annoys me about Bandai - Halsemon is NOT RED. He is a dark reddish-brown. In the same vein as this, Bandai insists on colouring Tentomon bright red when he is a sort of reddish-magenta, Gatomon’s claw gloves yellow when they are yellowish-green, and WarGreymon’s skin creamy yellow when it is orange (except on the Digi-Warrior figure). While there is little actual detail on Halsemon in the show, the lack on detail on the figure makes it look Digi-Egg of Lovebland - they could at least have put in some “hair/feather” decals.

To “transform” - and that term is used VERY loosely - Halsemon into the Digi-Egg of Love, you remove his front legs and store them inside his hollow body, then push his body down to shrink it. You fold up his back legs, and twist around his wing-armour. And push down his ears and twist his tail around. That’s it.

Digi-Egg of Love
THIS is supposed to be the Digi-Egg of Love? Yeah, and talking monkeys might fly out of my armpit. It’s quite clearly, from any angle, just Halsemon squatting. From the back, it’s awful, and from the front, it might make a weaker man go blind. You can see his feet, butt and eyes clear as day from any angle, and it’s just UGLY, with the concave curves of the twisted wing tips not matching up with the rest of the wings.

A horrible Digi-Egg mode with a bland (yet otherwise okay, aside from the colour) Digimon mode, and an awful transformation. I couldn’t believe you had to actually remove his legs to do it when I first got him. He’s bad, kids. Do not buy this toy.
Rating: 1 out of 5