GreymonMetalGreymon is the Ultimate form of Greymon, who in turn is the Champion form of Agumon, the Digimon partner of Tai, the leader of the DigiDestined kids from season one. Greymon first appears in episode 2, “The Birth of Greymon,” but does not reach the Ultimate level until episode 20, “The Earthquake of MetalGreymon.” This particular toy is cast from the same mould as it’s Japanese counterpart, as were all of the first-series US toys, meaning that it is largely of a higher quality than the second season figures.

The toy comes packaged in Greymon form. The Greymon form is very well moulded, with lots of detail, like scales and markings. Oddly - I assume it’s a US thing - the stripes on my Greymon’s chest and jaw aren’t coloured in blue the way they should be, like on the show. The markings for the stripes are there, but they’re just not coloured. Not that it’s is a great problem, though. Greymon is articulated at his shoulders, hips, knees and ankles, which is all you’d really expect a dinosaur to bend. It’s got one kibble problem, and that’s that you can see the edges of the MetalGreymon wings poking clearly through the tail. It’s a nice mode, though, and Greymon is a popular character on the show, being Tai’s Digimon, and kids should like this form.

MetalGreymonTo transform Greymon into MetalGreymon, first you open his chest and pull the helmet out. Then, you unfold his cyborg arm and rotate it so that it’s in the place of his real arm.You then swivel his chest around, then close his chest and clip the helmet over his head.You then extend his MetalGreymon tail out from inside him, and open his Greymon tail out against his back so it forms his wings. Then you rotate his ankles to give him a better standing angle.

This mode is a little less show accurate than Greymon, as he has some more kibble problems. The orange backs of his tail-halves which forms his wings are clearly visible, and so are his brown Greymon horns, which should be silver for MetalGreymon. He has articulation in the same places as Greymon, except he has two extra points on his cyborg arm at his elbow and wrist. An extra nice touch is that you can open his chest plate, to reveal his missile launchers, like in the cartoon. MetalGreymon is also popular in the show, so this toy, on a whole, is good for the kids.

While the transformation is not exactly ‘involved,’ it doesn’t need to be. It’s a nice mould, with lots of detail, which has had good attention paid to it. It's simple to work, so it's better for kids.
Rating: 3 out of 5