DigmonDigmon is the Armour Digivolved form of Armadillomon using the Digi-Egg of Knowledge. Digmon appears regularly in the first half of the second season, beginning with “The Digiteam Complete.” As with all the Armour Digivolving toys, rather than import the Japanese toy, which featured an Armadillomon figure who could be transformed into Digmon by converting the Digi-Egg of Knowledge (packaged with him) into armour, Bandai elected to create a new toy for the US, which transformed from the Digi-Egg of Knowledge to Digmon.

The toy is packaged in Digmon mode, with no assembly necessary. The Digmon form is excellent, perfectly show-accurate in detail - although his drill-tips, rounded down for safety, obviously, have been rounded a little TOO much, and I feel that the yellow colour of the plastic used in the toy is a little on the creamy side for Digmon. Digmon has points of articulation in his shoulders, two joints in his elbows, in the shoulders and wrists of his secondary arms, on his hips, shoulders and ankles, and a swivelling neck. The leg joints - on my Digmon, anyway - are rather loose, which makes getting him posed at his full height a little tricky. Also, the wings on his back are coloured the same creamy yellow as the rest of him, instead of the clear colour they should be. These wings are held in by a single peg with no locking mechanism, and call fall off at a moment’s notice. But other than that, Digi-Egg of KnowledgeDigmon is a sturdy, solid toy, which the kids will assuredly love for this mode alone.

To “transform” - and I use the term loosely - Digmon into the Digi-Egg of Knowledge, you remove his arm guards, and set them aside. You open the compartment on his back - this compartment is prone to popping off, but I’ve discovered that if you actually remove his wings before opening it, this is less likely to happen - and fold his primary arms inside, and close it up again. Twist his head around 180 degrees, push his nose-drill in, and compress his legs. Then, fold up his secondary arms, snap the arm guards together and attach them over the secondary arms.

Digi-Egg of Knowledge
This mode is pathetic. It is simply Digmon with his arms tucked in and his head turned around. It bears almost zero resemblance to the Digi-Egg on the show. Also, we can now see why the wings are yellow - so that they fit in with the rest of this mode, being, as they are, on full display. When viewed from the back, it is weak. When viewed from the front, it is terrible - you can see Digmon’s eyes, and it’s hard enough to cover up his secondary arms effecively with the guards. None of the Digi-Egg modes have any play value, and when they are of his quality, they don’t even make nice display pieces.

Digimon’s kinda hard to give an overall grade to. As a transforming toy, he’s very poor. The Digi-Egg mode seems to have had no care given in regards to it, but the Digmon mode is well moulded and great to look at and play with. I guess, grading on a curve, he gets:
Rating: 2.5 out of 5