CyberdramonCyberdramon is Digimon partner of Ryo, the "legendary Tamer." He first appears in 3.28, "Blame it on Ryo," and, at the time of this writing, has yet to Digivolve to his Mega form of Justimon in America - which makes you wonder why Bandai have chosen to release the toy already.

This toy comes packaged in Cyberdramon mode, and cuts an impressive figure. The moulding is deliciously detailed - every tiny ridge in the pipes and cables that appear across his body, every tiny hinge along his fingers, all the little tears in his wings - they're all visible. He is lacking in a little paint - the grey pipes under his armpit and at his elbows, and if you're really nitpicky, the white on his teeth - but the sheer unadulterated quality and attention to detail that has gone into this mode's mould overshadows that. I particularly love the intelligent designing in his legs - his knees can bend backwards, and the kneecaps slide to fit around this, while there's an extra extendable joint lower down, so you can bend his leg the other way, to give him his animalistic digitigrade legs. The two solitary bits of kibble on him are Justimon's arms, which are folded up against his back, and are barely visible from the front. He has articulation in his neck, shoulders, elbows (two joints), hips, upper legs (horizontal turning), knees, secondary knees, and a little in his ankles. Also, each of his four wings can rotate in any direction thanks to dual hinges connected each of them to the body. He's also a very solid toy, with no loose parts.

To transform Cyberdramon into Justimon, first you fold back Cyberdramon's ears, and then turn his head around. Then, you open his chest, and fold out Justimon's head, and fold Cyberdramon's head down into the now-empty chest and close it. Next, you Justimonstraighten out his knees and compress the secondary joint, then you rotate the blades on Cyberdramon's arms 180 degrees, then rotate the arms themselves forward, and swing all four arms up. Then, you pull up on his torso, which unlocks the wings from their position, and enables you to swing the entire brace that they're attached to around to the other side of the toy. Once it's there, you lock the torso back in position, holding the wings in their new location. You swing the arms back down and rotate Justimon's arms forward into position. Finally, you connect the wings together, and folds then against Justimon's back, covering Cyberdramon's arms.

The transformation is overly simplistic - something that I don't commonly like with a toy - but Justimon makes just as an impressive figure as Cyberdramon. The moulding on this mould is just a nice, with all the winkles in the fabric of his costume visible. Cyberdramon's wings become his scarf/cape, and so are not kibble, and they in turn successfully hide the only two pieces of kibble that there are, Cyberdramon's arms. Justimon does have some problems, though. First, the paint problems - they're strange, in that all the parts of his legs that are supposed to be blue are the same black as Cyberdramon's legs. Technically, it's about as bad a problem as making Taomon's sleeves entirely white, but because the white details on the legs have been done in, it doesn't look as bad. Plus the blue that's used elsewhere on the toy is quite dark, so I didn't actually notice that his legs weren't painted that colour for a while. Another little problems is Justimon's "ears" - they're made from a soft, flexible plastic, but the thing is, because they're bent and curved around his head when it's inside the chest in Cyberdramon mode, they've become permanently curled. It's not a big problem, but still...

Justimon with Trinity ArmAlso, the toy comes packaged with a second arm for Justimon. Justimon's arm can assume three modes - the normal five-fingered hand, a blade, and the extra-long three-fingered, bulky arm. The normal arm and the bulky arm are the ones included. To change his arm, you simply pull off his forearm, and pop the other arm on in its place. This is a great little extra feature that didn't have to be included, but it was, and that just makes me happy. Bandai done good.

Yes, the toy IS just another "turn me around" transformation figure, but it's very slickly done. It's attractive, detailed, solid, fun, and just an all-around good toy.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5