"Runaway Digimon Express" Japanese movie poster

This is not intended to be an absolute, exact to-the-letter translation of the original Japanese movie script, but rather, an English language adaptation that is written to have its dialogue sound and flow better, and in some cases, to better reflect the personalities of characters, than a by-the-numbers direct translation would. But don't worry - I haven't changed anything. Everything that's in the Japanese movie is represented here. It's just part of my attempt to make it all easier for you out there to read, understand and appreciate.

If you WANT an absolute, exact to-the-letter translation of the original, then download the Wolf Pack Productions subtitled version of the movie. It's the top-quality translation upon which my adaptation is based.


As the Toei Animation logo appears on screen, a metallic crash can be heard, and the screen cuts to black. Through the black, two angry red eyes glow, and the camera pans up to a light, which clicks on, illuminating the darkness.

At a train station, Rika and her mother are arriving to wait for a train. Rika is talking on her cell phone.

Rika: I told you, watching cherry blossoms is DUMB! They're not even in full bloom yet!

Takato is on the other end of the phone.

Takato (on phone): Uh, no, no, that's not what I meant... y'see...

Rika: What, then?

Rika's mother sets down a package she's carrying, and looks up at her daughter, worried.

Rika (into phone): What? What do you mean, "my family already knows?" You've got to be kidding!

Rika glares at her mother, and she looks away, apologetically.

Cut to Takato, on the other end of the line. He hasn't spoken for a little too long.

Rika (on phone): Hey, gogglehead!!

Takato jumps and almost drops the receiver.

Takato: Um... well... ah... you're always so busy...

Guilmon pops his head out of a large cardboard box sitting on the ground next to Takato.

Takato: And today IS your...

Guilmon: Takato!

Takato yelps and jumps onto the box, shoving Guilmon back inside it as a woman walks past and shoots them a strange glance.

Takato: *whisper* I told you to hide!

Cut back to Rika.

Takato (on phone): Guilmon...!

Rika: Listen to me, gogglehead -

Rika pauses. She has a look on her face that makes it clear she's a little embarrassed but not entirely unhappy about the situation, but she's not going to let Takato know that.

Rika: - it's obvious.

Sharply, we cut to a train's wheels, hurtling along a track at high speed.

Cut back to Rika.

Rika (into phone): So stop it, okay?

Rika's mother turns as she hears the sound of an approaching train, and we cut back to the speeding wheels. Rika is startled as a massive blue-grey train comes hurtling through the station, and she turns just in time to see it roar past her. She runs to the end of the platform as it goes past, and stares after it. She then turns and runs out of the station.

Rika's mother: Rika! Where are you going?

Roll opening credits. Stock footage from the Tamers series opening of Takato, Henry and Rika is shown.

- - -


English Language Adaptation by Chris McFeely

Original Japanese Translation courtesy of Wolfpack Productions
Translators: SpicyMarmalade & Akaru

- - -

As the train - by all appearances, a steam-driven locomotive - thunders through the city, technicians in the station become aware of the situation. Rika runs up through the station, and Renamon appears and vanishes again as she follows Rika. In the city, Takato looks up and sees the rampaging train on a news report, on a video screen on the side of a building, and then runs off.

As the locmotive pulls up beside a bullet train, and overtakes it, a passenger on the train spits out his coffee in surprise when he sees him. Rika and Renamon continue running, as meanwhile, Henry, Suzie, Terriermon and Lopmon are on another train. Suzie and the Digimon are looking out the window as the train screeches to a halt to allow the locomotive to drive across its path up ahead. In another train station, guards stop more people from entering.

At Rika's house, Calumon is helping Jeri to ice Rika's birthday cake, while her grandmother works away in the background. Jeri wipes icing off of Calumon's face, but then turns and sees the news report on the train on the television.

In a shopping mall, MarineAngemon spots the same news report on a wall of TVs, and squeals at Kenta, who can't see because he's carrying a large stack of presents. He drops them and pushes through the crowd to look at the screens.

In the playground, Guardromon holds a box as Kazu puts his cards into it, then they both look up when they hear the train's train whistle. Guardromon's jets fire up and he flies off, following Kazu, who is on foot.

Another train finds itself heading straight towards the hurtling locomotive - the point is changed just in time to allow it to veer off onto another track just before they collide.

End opening credits.

- - -

Takato clambers up a flight of stairs in a railway station. When he gets to the top, he leans over the railing and calls down.

Takato: Hurry up, Guilmon!

Guilmon runs up, startling a couple in the corner of the stairwell.

Takato runs down another flight of steps onto the train platform, and Guilmon slides down the railing. Takato looks down the tunnel, and sees the train approaching.

Takato: Guilmon!

Guilmon turns.

Guilmon's Digivolve to Growlmon sequence plays.

Guilmon: Guilmon, Digivolve to...

Growlmon: ...Growlmon!

Growlmon slams his feet down and stands in the middle of the tracks, bracing himself as the speeding machine rushes towards him. Takato holds up his Digivice, and gets a readout.

Takato: Locomon... Machine Digimon... Ultimate level! That's no train... it's a Digimon!

Locomon slams into Growlmon, who struggles to hold him back. Pedestrians watch from the ground below the railway bridge, and a child watches from a window close by. His mother is too busy with her baby to notice, of course.

Growlmon: Where do you... think... you're... going?!

Locomon: I have to hurry... I have to keep running!

Locomon's whistle sounds and more smoke shoots from his stack and he pours on the pressure and tries to move on.

Takato: He's so powerful...

Pedestrians run screaming from under the bridge as Locomon overpowers Growlmon, and sends him crashing through the rails on the bridge's side.

Takato: Growlmon!

Growlmon crashes into the street below, and Takato, acting quickly, jumps off the platform and runs toward Locomon, managing to jump onto his last car before he picks up enough speed. As Locomon moves forward, Takato calls down to Growlmon

Takato: Growlmon!

Growlmon: Takato!

Takato: Go warn the others! We need all the help we can get!

- - -

In another station, Henry and Suzie's train calmly pulls in, and as the doors open, Suzie jumps out.

Suzie: We're here!

Lopmon and Terriermon try jumping out to, only to wind up landing flat on their faces. Suzie points at something.

Suzie: The twain for Yamanote's this way, Henwy!

Henry: We've got to go back to Shinjuku first.

Suzie: Huh? We're not going to pick up Wika yet?

Henry: Either way...

A loudspeaker announcement interrupts Henry.

Announcer: We are sorry to announce that some trains on the JR line have been temporarily cancelled.

Henry rides an escalator down. Terriermon and Lopmon walk on the handrails.

Terriermon: What should we do now, Henry?

Lopmon slips, and runs in place trying to get balance.

Henry: We can get back to Shinjuku on the Marunouchi line from Ochanomizu.

Lopmon bumps into Terriermon and nearly knocks him off the end of the escalator.

Terriermon: Works for me!

Behind Henry, Suzie rides the escalator down... sitting on a step.

Suzie: Aww, we have to walk?

- - -

Locomon thunders onward.

Takato opens the door to the last carriage, and steps inside. It's a normal-looking steam train carriage.

Takato: Looks pretty old in here...

Takato walks out the other end of the carriage, but when Locomon hits a bump, he jumps back inside and sits down on a seat. He opens a window and looks out at Locomon himself.

Takato: Something must've gotten him mad... I've gotta get to his engine and stop him...

- - -

Rika, meanwhile, is running along the side of a road, and vaults over the guardrail, sliding down a grassy embankment on her bank. Once at the bottom, she jumps up and keeps running, then stops to look through the rails on her right, at the train tracks below.

Rika: It hasn't come through here yet!

Rika turns and runs up a flight of steps. Renamon phases in beside her, moving up the steps in leaps, keeping time with Rika.

Renamon: What do you intend to do, Rika?

Rika: I'll figure that part out later!

Rika reaches the top of the steps, and stops to let a car drive past, but runs on the spot until the road is clear, and then carries on across.

Rika: But there has to be a way to stop it, and I'll find it!

Renamon pauses a second before carrying on after Rika.

Renamon: (a single, short laugh to herself) As usual.

- - -

Henry is walking up a hill. Behind him, Terriermon flies into view.

Terriermon: Henry, we've got a problem!

Suzie is sitting in the middle of the sidewalk, whining - but not crying - rather loudly.

Suzie: Aah! I'm hungwy! My feet hurt! I'm tiwed! Henwwyyyy! I'm thirsty, Henwy!

Henry quietly walks over to her, turns around, and crouches to allow her to climb onto him for a piggyback. She does so, and smiles as he stands up.

Henry: There, does that feel better?

Terriermon climbs up onto Henry's shoulder.

Henry: Uh, Terriermon...

Terriermon: A-heh...

Lopmon climbs up onto his *other* shoulder.

Henry: Lopmon...!

Lopmon: *sing song* Sor-ry.

Lopmon slides down.

Suzie: What's THAT?

Suzie points, and everyone looks up to see a dark purplish-black cloud swirling in the sky some distance ahead.

Terriermon: It's over Ichigaya...

Lopmon: A gate to the Digital World!

Suzie: Did Wocomon make that?

Henry: Wherever it came from, we've got to do something about it!

Henry, still carrying Suzie, starts running in the direction of Ichigaya. Lopmon runs on the ground beside him, and Terriermon jogs along the railing on his other side.

Terriermon: Big problems...!

- - -

At a level crossing, red lights blink to signify the approach of a train. A woman holds her dog's leash, as the dog barks at the oncoming train... which turns out to be Locomon.

At the central control station of the railway station, operators are monitoring the situation.

Operator: It's no use... that one train just isn't stopping!

Head Operator: But why not?!

Operator: All I know is, it's dangerous!

Head Operator: (with grudging acceptance of situation, gives orders to operators) We're going to have to stop all other trains! (to self) But... what could have caused this...?

Behind the operator, on the other side of the room, the doors slide open, and the silhouetted form of Yamaki steps through. The head operator turns.

Head Operator: This is a restricted area!

Yamaki: Not to me. (beat) From this point on, I'm taking control.

- - -

Henry continues to run to Ichigaya, still carrying Suzie. Terriermon and Lopmon fly on either side of him.

Terriermon: Henry, what exactly do you plan to DO?

Henry: (panting as he runs) The Yamanote line... and the Kanjoh line... are belt lines. Because of Locomon, the whole train network is in danger!

As Henry speaks, we cut to a computer display of the city's train lines, tracking the movement of Locomon. Yamaki studies it silently, with the head operator behind him.

Yamaki: Hmn. A spatial warp is gathering in the sky over Ichigaya. Interesting.

Head Operator: Wh-what should we do, then?

Yamaki turns away from the operator, and puts his hand to the headset he's wearing.

Yamaki: Yamaki.

Cut to the interior of the Hypnos control room, where Riley and Tally are in their seats.

(Chris's Note - musta got rebuilt after the D-Reaper absorbed it.)

Riley: Computer link established. Proceeding with scan.

Riley taps keys.

- - -

Kenta is walking near to some railway tracks, carrying a mass of gift-wrapped packages. MarineAngemon floats beside him. Kazu comes running up to him, with Guardromon flying at low-level behind him.

Kazu: Hey, Kenta!

Guardromon lands, and Kazu takes a moment to breathe.

Kazu: We've been looking for you guys everywhere!

Kenta and MarineAngemon look at each other. MarineAngemon begins flapping his arms hysterically and gibbering - he's just spotted Guilmon dragging his exhausted body up the sidewalk towards them. Guilmon flops down at the their feet.

Kazu: What's wrong, Guilmon? You okay?

Guilmon: Tried my best... but that Locomon's... too strong!

Kazu: Where's Takato?

Guilmon: He's on Locomon.

Kazu & Kenta: ON LOCOMON?!

- - -

We cut to Takato, who's climbing a ladder onto the top of Locomon's fuel carriage. He crawls across the coal the carriage is full of, and jumps down into the "engine room" inside Locomon himself.

Takato: The brakes have to be around here somewhere...

Takato looks around, but is hesitant to touch anything, because he really doesn't have a clue what's what.

Meanwhile, Locomon approaches a road bridge, just as Rika arrives on it. She looks over the edge, and see the train Digimon coming.

Rika: He's here.

Renamon phases in beside Rika.

Rika: Let's do it, Renamon!

Without even hesitating, Rika turns, runs to the other side of the bridge, and jumps off just as Locomon passes beneath. Renamon phases above her in mid-air and grabs her, landing smartly on Locomon's fuel carriage. Without missing a beat, Rika jumps to her feet and again, and drops down into the engine room, where she fins Takato still mulling over the controls.

Rika: What are you doing here, gogglehead?

Renamon phases in.

Takato: Rika! Renamon!

Rika: No time for chitchat.

Takato: Just saying hi...

Rika brushes past Takato and examines Locomon's controls. Takato produces a Modify Card.

Takato: I was gonna use this card, but... uh...

Renamon: Guilmon isn't here?

Takato: We got, uh, split up...

Rika takes the card from Takato's hand.

Rika: Not a bad choice. You mind?

Digi-Modify sequence.

Rika: Digi-Modify! Shellmon's Hydro Pressure, activate!

Renamon generates a sphere of water between her hands, which shoots out in a jet at Locomon's furnace. It's boiled immediately, filling the room with steam.

Takato: That's hot!

Renamon: Indeed. We're going to need more than water here.

Rika walks past Takato again.

Takato: Sorry...

Rika: Yeah, well, that's not all you've got to apologize for.

Takato: Wha-? Oh... uh... well... that's... um... y'see... the truth is, it was Jeri's idea to have a party, so I...

Rika: Yeah, yeah...

Takato: And you were all... busy, and stuff...

Rika: Oh, enough, already! Let's just concentrate on stopping this bucket of bolts!

Takato: Uh... right!

The sound of a motorcycle engine revving catches everyone's attention, and they look outside to see Beelzemon riding alongside Locomon on Behemoth.

(Chris's Notes - Beelzemon appears in his "flawed," incomplete form, with no wings and red eyes, and Behemoth is looking rather well, given that it was destroyed during the series.)

Takato: It's Beelzemon!

Beelzemon: Leave this to me!

Pulling further ahead, Beelzemon un-holsters one of his shotguns, and aims it right for Locomon's wheels.

Beelzemon: Double Impact!

The blast has no effect, so Beelzemon fires another round at Locomon's main body, with the same results. In response, a spherical section on the side of Locomon unscrews itself, and unfolds into a pointed spike.

Locomon: Wheel Grinder!

The spike lances out, and knocks Beelzemon off of Behemoth, causing him and the bike to roll off into the distance.

Takato: Beelzemon!

There's an explosion off in the distance as Behemoth explodes.

- - -

At Ichigaya, the rift is worsening, and a column of the purplish-black energy has now descended from the sky to ground level. A lot of distressed pedestrians look up and run around in a panic as purple lightning crackles around it.

At the Hypnos HQ, Riley delivers her report to Yamaki through his headset.

Riley: Computer analysis shows that quantum particles are forming at Ichigaya. At the current rate of formation, that rift will link the real and Digital worlds in no time!

At the central station, Yamaki listens.

Yamaki: So... we'll be able to send Locomon back to the Digital World if we can get him to Ichigaya.

Head Operator: That's impossible! We don't have any way to control that thing's movements!

Yamaki: Oh no?

Head Operator: Huh?

Yamaki: We need to change the destination and route manually. It's the only way.

Head Operator: But... where, exactly?

Yamaki turns, and rotates a computer scene around to face him and the head operator. He points at a station on it.

Yamaki: Right there - Yoyogi Station.

- - -

Henry and Lopmon run past the mouth of an alley, as Kenta and Kazu do the same in the foreground. Kenta stops, having spotted Henry, and Kazu backs up a few steps. Kazu runs down the alley and calls to Henry.

Kazu: Hey!

Henry: Guys! We've got to find a way to stop that Digimon!

Kazu: Takato's already on it!

Henry: Why aren't you with him, Guilmon?

Guilmon: Locomon's a lot stronger than Growlmon...

Henry: We have to hurry!

Kazu: In case you didn't notice, Chumley, Locomon's a lot faster than we are.

Henry: We'll use... that!

Henry looks through the wire fencing beside them, at an empty rail car sitting on the tracks.

Henry: Guardromon can use his jets to propel it.

Guardromon, who's carrying all of Kenta's packages, nods.

Guardromon: Leave it to me!

Kazu and Kenta finally noticed something.

Kazu: Hey...

Henry rubs the back of his head, and the camera pans down to show Lopmon at his feet.

Kazu: ...where's Terriermon?

Henry lowers his head in embarrassment as images of Terriermon and Lopmon dance in unison in the background.

Henry: I... um... kinda got mixed up...

- - -

We cut to a very unhappy Terriermon, sitting with his arms crossed and a frown on his face.

Terriermon: Aaagh! That Henry's got some nerve... thinking she was me!

We see that Suzie is sitting next to Terriermon, at a train station. She pats his head to calm him down.

Suzie: Don't worry, Tewwiewmon!

- - -

A manual operation is underway to redirect Locomon, with construction workers and vehicles adjusting the tracks and laying new ones. Yamaki continues to silently observe Locomon's progress on the computer map at the central station. An operator is on the phone behind him.

Operator: (into phone) What did you say? (to Yamaki) We have a problem! There are children on that thing!

Head Operator: That's impossible!

Operator: A station attendant saw them - there's no doubt about it!

Yamaki: (to self) Children...?

- - -

Sparks fly from Locomon's wheels as he continues to hurtle down the track. Inside, Takato, Rika and Renamon have moved into one of Locomon's carriages. Rika's cell phone rings in her pocket. She answers it - we as an audience don't hear anything on the other end, but Rika hands the phone to Takato. He's surprised, but takes it. He puts it to his ear, listening to someone the audience can't hear.

Takato: Yamaki!

Yamaki: (one phone) I knew it had to be you. Listen carefully - this "Locomon" is heading for the Soubu line. We're planning to manually change his route to a different line at Yoyogi Station. You need to get off it as soon as you can.

Takato: Okay, I understand.

Takato hangs up the phone and turns to Rika.

Takato: Looks like Yamaki's got everything under control!

Rika: Hrmph! Doesn't change my plans.

Takato: But... Guilmon's not here, so...

Rika: What, you can't do anything for yourself?

Rika walks to the end of the carriage, and opens the door.

Rika: Grown-ups... I don't trust them.

Rika walks out the door and it shuts behind her.

- - -

Meanwhile, Henry, Kazu, Kenta, Lopmon and MarineAngemon have boarded the train car. Kazu leans his head out the window.

Kazu: This is your captain speaking... we are clear for take-off!

Guardromon fires his jets, and begins to push the car along the tracks. Guilmon stands at the side of the tracks and watches them go. After a second, he begins to tunnel into the ground.

- - -

Rika re-enters Locomon's engine room and grabs a wrench leaning against the wall.

Rika: Don't need any stupid grown ups to help me...

Rika lifts the wrench above her head, and is about to strike Locomon's furnace with it, when all of a sudden, the furnace doors snap open, and a mass of wriggling green tentacles bursts from inside it. Rika gasps in shock, as we quickly cut to an external shot of Locomon. Further down the tracks, Guardromon continues to propel the train car along.

Kazu: Come on, let's get the lead out, here!

Guardromon: It wouldn't kill you to say please...

Guardromon increases his jet power, and the car picks up speed, as the camera pans off to the right, and shows the swelling vortex above Ichigaya as it continues to grow in size.

- - -

A phone rings in the central station, and an operator grabs it. After a moment of listening, he speaks to Yamaki.

Operator: The workers need more time for the Yoyogi route!

Yamaki speaks into his headset, to Takato, on the phone again.

Yamaki: Takato, you don't have much time left.

We cut to Takato and Renamon, in one of Locomon's carriage.

Takato: (into phone) We can try to stop him again...

Yamaki: (on phone) Just do as I say and get off that train!

As Takato continues to talk, the carriage door opens, and Rika walks back in.

Takato: (into phone) If something happens, we can disconnect the carriage, and we'll be okay. (beat) Okay. (hangs up)

Takato turns as Rika walks up.

Takato: I bought us a little more time to try again. 'Sides, it'll be tough to get off at this speed.

Rika stops walking, wrench still in hand.

Renamon: Rika?

Rika starts to walk forward again. Takato begins to speak again, but his words are faint and echoing, as we hear them the way Rika perceives them.

Takato: Yamaki says there's a gate to the Digital World at Ichigaya, so...

Takato's voice fades out. Rika's eyes are glazed over as she continues to walk towards him. Her vision fills with grey mist that eventually fills the screen, and in the distance, a young child's voice can be heard singing.

Child's Voice: (singing) We're always together, and in the setting sun, we made our promises...

Rika wanders among the mist, which shimmers with blues and greens.

Child's Voice: (singing) Now it's there, so easily, and that feeling... please, tell me...

In the distance, something emerges from the shadows - it's herself, as a little girl, singing on a swing set, as a man stands beside her, swinging her.

Rika: ...DAD!

Suddenly, it's the older Rika herself sitting on the swings. She looks up at her father, and he smiles back down at her. She looks at the ground, and is silent for a moment.

Rika: ...I hate singing.

Rika begins to swing back and forth ever so slightly, and despite herself, beings to the sing the same song.

(Chris's Note - I am no musical wonder, but I've tried hard here to take the direct translation of Rika's song's lyrics, as per Wolfpack Production's sub, and modify them to fit the rhythm of the song better, and also to make a little more sense.)

Rika: (singing)
People govern each other's hearts,
Jumping as they come by...
Being there for just a moment,
Embracing so gracefully...
This kind of loss hurts
The most the first time...
Look beyond it,
Keep it in your pocket.

Rika smiles happily as the light of the setting sun flows over her. She jumps from the swings.

Rika: (singing)
I want to go walking...

Rika takes her father's arm, and they walk into the sunset together.

Rika: (singing)
We're always together, and
In the setting sun, we made our promises...
Lonely times, when we're apart...

Rika's hugs her father's arm, but then, her father pulls away, and walks ahead, away from her.

Rika: (singing)
That stretch of orange in front of me...

Rika's father begins to fade away, and disappears

Rika: (singing)
I'm all right... I'm sure I'll be...
With that setting sun... comes whispering...
Now it's there, so easily, and that feeling...
Tell me.

The vision lifts, and as Rika steps forward out of the camera, the scene has returned to Locomon's carriage. She walks between Takato and Renamon in silence.

Takato: Rika? Rika, are you okay?

Takato reaches for Rika's shoulder, then, suddenly, she spins around, and swings the wrench at him. He jumps back and manages to avoid the attack, then, as Rika swings again, Renamon leaps up as Takato runs under the wrench. Rika brings it down again, and shatters a seat, as Takato scuffles around on the floor.

Takato: Rika! What are you--?!

Renamon jumps between Rika and Takato.

Renamon: Stop this.

Rika, clutching the wrench in both hands, stares blankly at the two of them with dark eyes.

Rika: (dull voice) Don't try to stop me. I just want... to sing...

Takato: Rika?

Rika swings the wrench again.

- - -

Locomon continues to roll along the tracks. Up ahead, we see Guilmon's tail waving out of a hole in the middle of the tracks - he has tunnelled into Locomon's path. He lifts his head out of the hole and spots Locomon.

Guilmon: He's here!

Locomon rolls over the top of the hole, as Guilmon hides inside it. When Locomon's last carriage passes over the hole, Guilmon snags it with his tail, and is yanked out of the hole and dragged along behind Locomon.

Guilmon: Gooooot iiiiit!

Locomon's run continues, as he rolls past a group of workers. After he passes, they step out onto the track, and one of them speaks into a walkie-talkie.

Worker: It's coming through Yoyogi now... huh?! There's another train following it!

The workers rush off the track as Henry and co. rocket past in their train car, hot on Locomon's trail. The workers watch it go, and Lopmon and MarineAngemon, sitting on top of the car, wave to them.

Lopmon: See you later!

- - -

Back in the train station where Suzie and Terriermon are waiting, Suzie jumps out of her seat as she hears a train coming.

Suzie: It's here!

Suzie waves her arms and squeals as the train approaches.

Terriermon: Get back, Suzie, that's not... safe!

The train - Locomon, of course - shoots past, the rush of air knocking Suzie over on top of Terriermon. Once he has passed, Suzie gets up, and Terriermon scratches his head with an ear.

Suzie: That was Wika!

Terriermon: Aw, there's no way she was...

Suzie: Takato, too! And Wenamon!

Terriermon spazzes out.

Terriermon: Waaahh! Big problems, big problems, big problems!!

Terriermon stops spazzing long enough to spot the approaching train car.

In the car, Henry calls up to Lopmon, on the roof.

Henry: We'll let you off here, Lopmon!

Lopmon: Gotcha!

Lopmon is nearly blown off the top of the moving car as she stands up, but MarineAngemon pushes her forward to stop her. As the car rushes through the station, Henry reaches an arm out the window.

Henry: Terriermon!

Terriermon extend an ear.

Terriermon: 'bout time!

Henry grabs Terriermon's ear, and pulls him onto the car as it rolls past. Suzie watches in surprise, and Lopmon flies down to her in the car's wake. Suzie grabs her out of the air and hugs her.

Suzie: I missed you, Wopmon!

The train car hurtles on, and through it's windshield, Henry spots Locomon ahead.

Henry: We've caught up!

Over on Locomon, Guilmon hauls himself up onto the platform on the end of the last carriage. Kazu waves as their car rolls past.

Kazu: Hey, Guilmon!

Terriermon: We're goin' on ahead!

Guilmon waves back.

Guilmon: Hey guys! (stops waving) I have to hurry and find Takato! Pyro Sphere!

Guilmon blasts the door of the carriage off, and enters.

Guilmon: Takato!

Terriermon, MarineAngemon and Kenta stare with sweatdrops on their heads at the black smoke rising from the back of Locomon thanks to Guilmon's attack.

Kenta: You think Guilmon's gonna be okay?

Kazu: No trouble for him! How'd he get on that thing, anyway?

Suddenly, a window on one of the carriages shatters, and Renamon comes crashing out of it, looking considerably battered and worse for wear. Everyone gasps. Guardromon, reacting quickly, releases the train car and flies over to grab her in both arms before she hits the ground.

Guardromon: I've got you!

Guardromon lands on top of the car.

Kazu: Renamon? What happened to YOU?

Renamon: R...Rika...

- - -

Back inside Locomon's carriage, Rika smashes seats and walls as she swings the wrench repeatedly at Takato, who only just manages to keep dodging.

Takato: Rika, stop it!

Rika silently approaches him, trailing the wrench along the ground.

Takato: Rika!

Takato makes a break for it, pulling the carriage door open and running out. He trips and falls on the connector that links the carriages. Rika takes a few more swings at him and he scurries out of their way. The wrench snags the guard rope, and smashes the handle off the next carriage's door, stopping Takato from getting into it.

Takato: Ah, no!

Instead, Takato climbs up the ladder beside the door, heading for the roof of the carriage. He only just manages to pull his feet out of the way as Rika strikes the ladder's rungs with the wrench. Takato clambers onto the roof, and Rika... hovers up after him. Rika's cell phone rings in Takato's pocket. It is of course, Yamaki. A split-screen ensues.

Yamaki: Takato, what's going on there?

A purple laser beam shoots from Rika's direction and destroys the phone. Inside the carriage below, Guilmon looks up as a hole appears in the room from the beam.

Takato: Rika, what's happened to you?

Rika: I wont let you... stop me...from singing...

Takato: We're all gonna wind up in the Digital World with Locomon if you don't snap out of it!

Takato ducks as Locomon goes under a bridge, and sees Guilmon in the carriage through the hole in the roof. Guilmon waves up.

Guilmon: I found you, Takato!

Takato: Guilmon!

The train car containing Henry and co. pulls up alongside Locomon.

Kazu: What are those two *doing* up there?

Guilmon is busy sniffing the air, and doesn't se Kazu and Terriermon waving at him frantically from the car.

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

Guilmon blasts a hole in the carriage.

Kazu: Aw man...

Terriermon: Rika!

The hole Guilmon blasts exposes the green tendrils that previously emerged from the furnace. They phase in and out of view, but are clearly connected to Rika. Suddenly, a set of ten, spindly spider-like legs materialise out of thin air around Rika, emerging from her back. Takato gasps, and we can see that the legs are connected to a slimy, greenish sac on Rika's back.

Renamon: Rika!

Henry scans the creature with his Digivice, and gets a read-out.

Henry: Parasimon... a parasite Digimon! But why...

Terriermon jumps forward and points at Locomon.

Terriermon: Look there!

The true Parasimon materialises on top of Locomon himself, his tentacles waving in the air, as he chuckles to himself.

Henry: Parasimon is controlling Locomon! He's responsible for all of this!

Locomon: I have to hurry... have to keep going!

Takato stands up.

Takato: Let Rika go!

Rika: I want... to sing...

- - -

Back in the central control station, an operator reports on Locomon's progress.

Operator: It's just passed Shinagawa Station.

Operator #2: The new line at Yoyogi is almost ready!

Yamaki calmly flicks his lighter.

Head Operator: Mr. Yamaki, sir... there's no more time...!

Yamaki: We can't wait... but I trust those kids...

- - -

Back with everyone else...

Takato: Open your eyes, Rika!

Rika does not react, but a cluster of the tentacles hovers in front of her face and sparks with purple energy. Then, they lance forward, and shoot an energy bolt at Takato, who dives to the side, then again, twice more.

Henry: Takato!

Takato falls off the roof of the train, but grabs on with one hand. His body flaps in the strong wind as Rika approaches.

Renamon: Stop it, Rika!

- - -

Construction workers rush to clear the track.

Worker: Standing by!

Back at central control...

Operator: Yoyogi, standing by!

We see that a new length of track has been hastily lain, to divert Locomon's path.

Head Operator: It's following the route at Yoyogi!

- - -

Guilmon hauls himself up onto the roof of the carriage, coming up behind Rika, and he sees the tentacles connecting to her.

Guilmon: Rock Breaker!

Guilmon slashes at the sac on Rika's back with his claws, and it ruptures, spraying goo and falling off her. The spider legs shatter and Rika immediately collapses.

Guilmon: Takato!

Guilmon reaches to help Takato up.

- - -

At central control...

Yamaki snaps his lighter shut.

Yamaki: NOW! Change the point!

A worker hears the instruction on his walkie-talkie.

Worker: Changing the point now!

Another worker pulls a level, and the track points realign, directing Locomon along the newly-lain track. On top of him as he speeds by, Takato gets back up onto the roof.

Takato: Thanks a lot, Guilmon!

Takato spots Rika, unconscious.

Takato: Rika!

As Locomon shakes, Rika begins to slide towards the edge of the roof, just as she starts to wake up. She begins to pick up speed...

Takato: RIKA!

Rika scream as she falls off the carriage.

Takato: RIKA!!!

Takato dives forward and grabs her hand, struggling to stop her from falling as she hangs over the side of the roof.

Rika: Takato!

Abruptly, parts of Locomon begin to retract, and new pieces appear across his metal form. As many parts slide around, large spiked wheel emerges from his front, and large pipes emerge from behind. It is a Digivolution, but a very mechanical one - rather than simply morphing as other Digimon do, all the changes Locomon undergoes are mechanical, visible ones, as he transforms into his new form.

Locomon: Locomon, Digivolve to...

GrandLocomon: ...GrandLocomon!

Kazu: He's more than meets the eye!

Henry: He Digivolved!

Kenta scans GrandLocomon.

Kenta: GrandLocomon... a Mega Virus Digimon! Bad news!

Henry: We have to hurry... or we're all going to end up in the Digital World!

Takato still struggles to hold onto Rika, unable to pull her back up alone.

Rika: Let me go! If you don't, we'll BOTH-

Takato: (interrupting) No way! I'm not gonna let that happen! Why do you always have to SAY stuff like that? Don't give up!

Guilmon pulls on Takato, trying to help him pull Rika up.

Renamon jumps onto the roof of the train car.

Renamon: Come on, Guardromon.

Guardromon: Righto!

Guardromon kicks up the pace once again, getting the train car close enough to GrandLocomon's last carriage so that Renamon can jump to it. Once inside, she opens a window, and leans out it.

Renamon: Rika!

Rika: Renamon!

Takato: Hurry up, Renamon!

Renamon takes Rika, and pulls her in through the window to safety. Rika falls onto her, then rights herself. She and Renamon look at each other silently for a moment, looking a bit awkward, then the carriage jolts and they don't have to worry about it anymore. The locking clamp disconnects, and all the carriages are separated from GrandLocomon, who begins to speed on ahead.

Rika: Cut ME off, will he?

Renamon: Wait, Rika...!

Rika runs to the end of the carriage, and Renamon ties to stop her, but drops to one knee as pain from her injuries halts her in her tracks.

On the roof, Takato and Guilmon start running towards the end of the carriage.

Takato: Let's go, Guilmon!

Rika runs into the next carriage along, but as soon as she gets inside, she's grabbed by more tentacles. She struggles, but is pulled inside. Takato and Guilmon reach the end of the carriage just in time to see this.

Takato: Rika!

Takato jumps onto the roof of the next carriage and starts to run, as the tentacles pull Rika through the carriage below them, and on through the next one, towards GrandLocomon.

Rika: Takato, help me!

Takato: Rika!

Takato and Guilmon jump to the next carriage.

Takato: Faster, Guilmon!

Takato jumps down and enters the door of the next carriage, runs through it, and jumps from it to the next one. In the middle of his jump, Guilmon jumps off the roof of the carriage, and they meet each other halfway.


Biomerge Digivolution sequence.

Guilmon: Guilmon, Biomerge to...

Gallantmon: ...Gallantmon!

Gallantmon lands on GrandLocomon's fuel carriage, having cleared the leap from the disconnected carriages to the Digimon himself. Parasimon has also dragged Rika onto the carriage with his tentacles.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): Let Rika go!

Parasimon waves Rika through the air.

Rika: Takato!

Parasimon: You look tasty...!

Parasimon's tentacles reach for Gallantmon, but with lightning-fast moves, he slashes them to bits. He lunges forward, but more of Parasimon's tentacles bar his way, and he blocks them with his shield. When a final push, he breaks through, and cuts the tentacle holding Rika clean off. She flies back into Renamon's waiting arms, and Renamon pulls the remaining piece of tentacle off her.

Rika: Thanks!

Gallantmon: This is all because of Parasimon...

Parasimon flails his severed tentacles around, gibbering.

Gallantmon: Locomon... Rika... he took over both your minds! But... because of that, we got to hear a beautiful song...

A little tiny blush appears in Rika's cheeks as she hear this, but rather than look away, she stares ahead.

Gallantmon leaps at Parasimon and delivers a shattering kick to the creature, fracturing his exoskeleton. A slash of his sword delivers more damage, then he lands back on his feet again.

Gallantmon: So his is just our way of saying...

Gallantmon & Takato: ..."THANK YOU!"


Gallantmon thrusts his lance right into Parasimon's one giant eye, and the creature convulses in spasms as disgusting greenish-brown fluids gush the remains of his eye. He continues to cackle insanely.

Parasimon: I did it... I did it! GrandLocomon... you will keep running... forever!

The giant mouth in Locomon's abdomen opens wide, and from within, a metallic barrel can be see, which then shoots a beam of light into the gateway at Ichigaya.

Rika: The digital gate!

- - -

In Hypnos HQ, alarms blare.

Riley: We have a code red! Multiple Wild Ones are Bio-Emerging!

Yamaki picks up the news on his headset.

Yamaki: What did you say?!

- - -

Suzie watches things from afar, still at the train station she was left at.

Suzie: What's that over there, Wopmon?

Lopmon looks up and walks over.

Lopmon: Looks bad...

- - -

Henry and co.'s train car pulls out ahead of the disconnected carriages.

Terriermon: BIG problems! Lots of Digimon are coming through!

From the rift, dozens of Parasimon start emerging, sailing down to the ground on strands of spider-like webbing. They all giggle madly, and as they hit the ground, they attack whatever they see first, grabbing pedestrians with their tentacles and landing on vehicles.

Henry: I get it... this was his plan all along!

Terriermon: Say what?

Gallantmon: Locomon was trying to save himself by heading back to the Digital World...

Rika: But that's just was Parasimon wanted him to do!

Takato (inside Gallantmon): So he could send the signal to invade the real world!

Rika & Henry: NO WAY!

Biomerge Digivolution sequences.

Henry & Rika: Biomerge, activate!

Terriermon: Terriermon, Biomerge to...

Renamon: Renamon, Biomerge to...

MegaGargomon: ...MegaGargomon!

Sakuyamon: ...Sakuyamon!

Sakuyamon and Gallantmon land on MegaGargomon shoulders.

MegaGargomon: Let's head 'em off at the pass!

MegaGargomon fires his jets, and flies across the city, zooming directly towards the portal. His feet slam into the ground hard as he lands, with Parasimon scuttling around his ankles. Gallantmon and Sakuyamon drop from his shoulders and immediately tear into the Parasimon, ripping them to pieces. Their disgusting fluids splatter over the street. MegaGargomon opens up all his hatches, unleashing all his weapons barrels.

MegaGargomon: MEGA BARRAGE!

Dozens of missiles streak through the air, targeting the swarm of Parasimon that still continues to descend out of the portal, blowing them out of the air. MegaGargomon starts firing his wrist cannons, sweeping them across the ground, and shredding multiple Parasimon with the blasts. His missiles continues to fire, and more and more Parasimon explode... but for all that are destroyed, more continue to pour out of the portal. Their mad laughter continues.

Sakuyamon and Gallantmon continue their up-close approach, as Sakuyamon hacks at tentacles with her staff as Gallantmon spears Parasimon right through with his lance.

Gallantmon: So many...

- - -

In Hypnos HQ, an new signal appears on their data grid.

Riley: What's going on? What is that?

Tally: It's coming through!

- - -

Inside the vortex between the real and Digital worlds, a streak of white light comes shooting through.

On Earth, the three Biomerged Digimon look up as they sense its approach.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): What's that?

The streak shoots out of the column of energy, spins around, and lands on MegaGargomon's shoulder - it's Justimon!

Justimon: Hey guys!

Terriermon: Justimon!

Gallantmon: It's Ryo!

Sakuyamon looks away.

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Hmph!

More Parasimon continue to emerge from the portal, and Justimon leaps off of MegaGargomon, diving down and slamming his fist into one that's about to attack Sakuyamon, frying it with a Justice Burst.

As Parasimon get on the track in front of it, the train car containing Kazu and Kenta comes to a halt. A Parasimon lands on the top of it, partly crushing it, and causing the two boys to bail out hastily. Kenta lands flat on his face.

Kenta: Ow...

MarineAngemon flies around frantically, and then flips back around.

MarineAngemon: Kahuna Waves!

MarineAngemon's bubble attack shoots up at the Parasimon on top of the train car, striking it in the centre of its eye. It shimmers and disappears from existence, allowing us to see behind it, where Guardromon defends Kazu against two more of the creatures.

Guardromon: Guardian Barrage!

The two Parasimon explode.

The Parasimon have spread out into the city, reaching at least as far as the train station where Suzie and Lopmon are, as Suzie slowly, fearfully walks backwards away from one, with Lopmon protecting her - but there's one behind them as well. Suddenly...

Beelzemon: Corona Blaster!

Beelzemon, now in his Blast Mode, takes out the two Parasimon with two quick shots, and lands beside the platform. Suzie runs up to him and hugs him.

Suzie: Beelzemon!



Justimon smashes his giant robot arm into the ground, creating shockwaves that rip up the street and take out a cluster of Parasimon. Gallantmon hacks his way through a tentacle attack and impales another Parasimon. Justimon and Sakuyamon pair up back-to- back as Parasimon surround them.

Justimon: There are just too many of them...!

Sakuyamon: It's impossible...!

They dive out of the way as a mass of tentacles hits the spot where they had been standing. Justimon isn't fast enough, though, and one hits his back, forming a sac like that which had been on Rika, but Gallantmon acts quick and slashes it off. He turns, only to be caught up in another stream of tentacles, which he hacks at - but while he's doing that, another Parasimon jumps onto his back and starts wrapping its tentacles around his head.

Sakuyamon: Gallantmon!

Sakuyamon is about to run to Gallantmon's aid, but is caught in a tangle of tentacles from several Parasimon. Justimon falls to the same fate, and MegaGargomon is swarmed by the creatures. Gallantmon's situation is no better.

Gallantmon: (struggling) We'll... never give up...!

Gallantmon & Takato: We'll never stop... fighting...!

We see Takato inside Gallantmon, and a red light erupts from Takato's floating form. Gallantmon disappears in a flash of this red light, destroying the Parasimon clutching onto him. A beam of scarlet light shoots up from the spot that Gallantmon's standing on as the Parasimon watch, and from the light... Gallantmon Crimson Mode emerges!

Henry and Rika gasp.

Rika: Pretty...

Gallantmon's sword forms in the air in front of him, and he seizes it.


Gallantmon soars directly into the seething energy column emanating from the portal, and flies up inside it, heading to its core.

Gallantmon & Takato: FINAL JUSTICE!

Gallantmon hurls his sword, crackling with crimson energy, into the heart of the rift. A red-white energy trail is left in its wake, and it strikes its target with a flash, resulting in a giant beam of energy shooting back down, through the rift, until it hits the streets below, radiating out across the city in waves. Parasimon scream as they are caught in the wave, and destroyed. Tentacles disappear from around the other Digimon, freeing them.

(Chris's Note - I would be remiss if I didn't point out that this scene contains THE biggest bit of fanservice EVER on Digimon, as Sakuyamon's breasts bounce quite noticeably when the tentacles vanish from around her. It's actually very un-Digimon-like.)

With a few more shrieks, the last of the Parasimon vanish, and Gallantmon lands on the street in front of his allies. Behind them... Locomon pulls up.

Sakuyamon: Locomon?

As Locomon begins the speak, the red glow that has filled his eyes all this time fades as Parasimon's control at last leaves him.

Locomon: Gotta hurry... gotta keep running!

Locomon trundles past the other Digimon, and enters the portal just as the last of its energy fades, closing the gate. Guardromon flies up, carrying Kazu, Kenta and MarineAngemon.

Kazu: Crazy guy... just wants to keep on running, doesn't even have time for a chat!

- - -

The sun starts to set over the city. At Rika's house, the planned festivities continue as intended.

Jeri: Happy Birthday!

Party poppers are popped, spraying ribbons and confetti. The ribbons land on Rika's head, but she's already frowning silently, and doesn't remove them.

The camera pans across the room - everyone's here, include Rika's mother and grandmother, and Impmon, who's sitting on the table, stuffing himself with food while no-one else is eating. Calumon squeals in excitement. Kazu and Kenta, who popped the poppers, laugh and "dance." Takato looks embarrassed on their behalf. We see Rika's cake.

Jeri: C'mon, blow out the candles!

Takato tries to remove the ribbons from Rika's head. She silently leans forward and blows the candles out. Everyone cheers.

Suzie performs karaoke, with Lopmon and Terriermon dancing on either side of her in unison - Terriermon looks just fine, but Lopmon's sweating and having trouble keeping up. Impmon's head pokes into the scene from off-screen a few times, not impressed with the display.

(Chris's note - in the Japanese version, Suzie sings "The Biggest Dreamer." I'll just leave that as it is for this script, but for the sake of fun, let's imagine she sings the dub Frontier theme. ^^)

Kazu and Ryo sit cross-legged, with drinks in their hands. Calumon flies past with a tray, with a glass of orange drink on it.

Kazu: So, y'know, bein' a Tamer means you gotta responsibility to people, an'...

Calumon flies back with a tray of empty dishes.

Takato helps Jeri clean up some empty dishes in the kitchen.

Impmon swipes a piece of cake right out of Guilmon's hand. Guilmon puts his own hand in his mouth before he realises it's gone.

Suzie wraps up her singing. Terriermon strikes a pose, but Lopmon just looks exhausted, then jerks when she realises she should be posing as well, and does so.

Suzie: Thank you, thank you! Now it's Wika's turn!

Ryo: Ah-WHA?! Rika?!

Kazu: Give us a tune, Rika! C'mon, let's hear it!

Takato appears in the doorway behind Takato, sweatdropping in shock.

Takato: Aah! Don't ask her to do that!

Rika silently sips her drink, then stands up and walks out of the room.

Kenta: Guess she doesn't have my talent...

Rika's mother raises her hand in excitement.

Rika's mother: Then I'll do it!

Calumon flies up next to Takato, carrying a plate.

Calumon: Hey, what's wrong with Rika?

Calumon spots a bit of food still on the plate, and gobbles it up. Takato walks after Rika.

Rika's mother sings, as Suzie looks up at her, and then grins happily at the song.

(Chris's Note - in the Japanese version, she sings "My Tomorrow." Again, leaving that as is.)

Takato walks along the outside of Rika's house. He sees her through a window, sitting in a doorway around the corner. He turns the corner.

Takato: Rika...

Renamon phases in behind Takato. He turns to look at her, and she nods at him. Takato turns around, and he and Renamon walk away, back down the hall, leaving Rika alone... with the setting sun... and her memories.

As Rika silently watches the setting sun, the song she sang before, "Promise of the Setting Sun," plays.

The credits being to roll, and after another moment, Rika stands up, and walks back inside.

- - -

Images in the credits include:

The Wong family in a state of disarray as Henry and Jaarin chase after Suzie, who is marching through the house with Lopmon and Terriermon following her, except Terriermon has trodden on Lopmon's ear.

The Matsukis outside their bakery, as Takato and Guilmon announce to the crowd around them that Guilmon Bread is now on sale.

Kazu, Kenta, Guardromon, MarineAngemon, Ayaka, Miki and the nameless third girl (brown bowl cut, cream dungarees) together. Ayaka is tossing MarineAngemon into the air, as both she and Miki are overcome by his cuteness, though Kenta and MarineAngemon are looking rather distressed. Kazu shows Guardromon off to the third girl, who looks a bit freaked out.

Rika, her mom, her grandmother and Renamon, walking under the blooming cherry blossoms. Her mom is walking ahead of everyone, arms spread and twirling among the falling blossoms.

The Katou family, with Masahiko wearing Jeri's puppet. Calumon, however, has lost his grip on a bucket of water he's holding, and its contents are flying towards the unwitting Jeri's head.

Yamaki on a road bridge in the evening, leaning on it's railing, his lighter lit. Riley stands some distance behind him, watching him.

Locomon on the Digital World's desert plain, along with a Kiwimon, a Jagamon, a Doggymon, a Gekomon, and Otamamon, and some DigiGnomes.

And finally, a group shot of Takato, Henry and Rika, their Digimon and Calumon. The camera pans up the image, coming to rest on a final image of the cityscape through some tree leaves.